Stone of Nanaya 5 - Ryan's Desires

By Melvillain -
published July 17, 2015

Overnight Ryan’s desires change Charlie and Tyler’s personalities and bodies in strange, unexpected ways

After about an hour of a threesome with Ryan and Tyler, Charlie fucking Ryan and Ryan fucking Tyler in a chain, he’d cummed who knows how many times. Charlie then finally managed to regain a corner of his mind. He couldn’t seem to stop his hands from pawing over his former roommate and crush or clear his mind of images of asses and the need and desire to own them all but he could at least think. Even trapped inside he could think.

A few things were obvious: First, that even though Ryan had the necklace now all the changes Charlie had made weren’t gone. Even if he was a cocky, alpha bodybuilder who loved both guys drooling all over his muscles he still seemed to have genuine affection for Charlie (he treated Tyler more like a fucktoy pet) and had a weakness for being topped by him. These new changes were like a mix-up of the two of their dirtiest desires.

Second, he might have to get used to Tyler as a gay boy. Without the necklace Ryan had remained horny and gay and now Tyler was even faggier than Ryan had ever been. Even though his body retained much of his jocky lean muscle he was swishing around the house and couldn’t help but flirt with both of them. He was begging for their cocks, rubbing his nipples and swaying his plump ass seeking attention like the worst slut at the bar. If anything he seemed dumber than before, barely capable of doing anything except getting dick. Hopefully if he could get the necklace he could reverse some of that but he doubted Lisa was every going to get her anniversary dinner.

Finally, it was obvious the stone’s changes went beyond just people. The apartment had re-arranged more and more to suit the sex den of three gay men. He knew it belonged to the three of them because Ryan kept referring to it as his apartment and Charlie found memories of him moving in flooding into his mind. More sex toys appeared and they even stopped their orgy briefly for some fancy protein shakes from what Ryan claimed was his sponsor. If Charlie got the necklace back it seemed like reality had warped into something different and he wasn’t sure those changes could return to normal.

Long after midnight chimed and Tyler passed out in a pool of their spunk after a rough double teaming, Charlie felt his own body slow down. He sat, spread legged on a chair while Ryan faced him riding on his cock. After a day of hard pounding sex this was practically old fashioned love making and Ryan’s deep kisses filled his heads with feelings of love. Even the old Charlie inside his head appreciated them.

Ryan hummed and sprayed one last load over Charlie’s already crusty chest hair “Mmmmm…what a day. You better finish up daddy you look like you’re about to pass out” Charlie grunted and gave what little jizz his oversexed body was capable of.

Ryan climbed off of him and planted one last kiss on his lips. “Hit the showers, champ. I love you” Charlie smiled as he watched Ryan scoop up Tyler , still sleeping from the floor and take him to his room. Maybe this wasn’t so bad?

In the bathroom Charlie saw his haggard face and body covered in bruises and hickeys. He’d had some fun but this lifestyle was not something he was accustomed to. His dick felt sore when the hot shower water hit him and it took forever to scrub the spunk out of his pubes and chest hair. He needed to stop this or it might kill him.

When Ryan walked in nude to brush his teeth, the sight of his ass again made Charlie’s cock stir but his body was too exhausted and he just brushed his own beside him. Ryan left into a third bedroom door that had suddenly appeared in their house and Charlie headed to his own room to pass out.

As his spent body slept though, Charlie found his old mind…his REAL mind could stay awake. So as his body dreamed of sex sex sex, he planned.

Charlie’s inner mind even fell asleep after a while but it snapped awake as the body did to the bright sunlight and a loud mechanical humming sound. The new mind seemed groggy and Charlie took advantage gaining some bodily control…but everything felt weird. Especially his face.

He reached up and felt straps around his face and a large hose running off a plastic mask around his nose. He ripped off the velcro strap and looked down at the strange clear plastic mask. The hose ran to a machine at his bedside labelled CPAP. Charlie had heard about those in anatomy class. They helped with sleep apnea. That made no sense though because those were for people who were….OH FUCK.

Charlie tried to leap out of bed but wasn’t prepared for his weight and fell back, the springs creaked loudly under him. He groaned and then gasped looking towards the ceiling. His room had changed just like the living room and now above his bed was a huge sex mirror. But what shocked him wasn’t the mirror, it was the gargantuan muscle bull reflected back at him.

Even when Ryan had grown to big proportions he looked nothing like Charlie did now. He had passed bodybuilder and become a Musclefreak who’d tip the scales at 300lbs at least! His massive body practically took up the entire queen mattress.

Charlie struggled and grunted but managed to roll onto his side and found himself propped way up by his wide, muscular shoulders.He was already winded and understood why he needed the breathing apparatus. He groaned when he saw the wall closest to his bed was mirrored and also reflected the beast in front of it. There was no escaping his new image and it wasn’t just his muscles that changed.

His haircut was never anything to speak of but now…well…it was gone. His hairline had receded up past the top of his head and he was left with quite a forehead that made him look a lot older than 22. His leathery , tanned skin didn’t help that fact either. In fact, his puffy eyes , bulging veins and newly widened jaw combined made him look like a severe HGH user who was deep into his 30s.

And after laboring into a sitting position, his body reflected the same information. Even under the intensified thicket of body hair he could see he was a real science experiment. His veiny biceps were as big as some people’s heads and his shoulders looked like they may have trouble getting through a door.

He struck a seated double-bicep pose and admired his own massive wide pecs and rippling abs but when he let go of the pose it was a different story. His stomach ballooned out into some cross between a beachball and a turtle shell. His meaty pecs rested on his muscle gut and fell a little to either side. He lifted up a bicep again just to confirm what he had seen: He had Ryan’s name tattooed on him. A few other tribal symbols and bands covered his arms. He didn’t even want to think what was on his back.

He noticed a musk in the room and looked around. Cologne, vials of muscle enhancers and lube dominated his bedside table. There was leather hanging up in his closet, free weights on the floor, and a professional nude photo of Ryan, ass first, hanging on his wall. There was no question this was the room of a Muscle Daddy.

He could feel a tight muscular ass underneath him and that combined with Ryan’s picture was making him horny. He could feel the other mind gaining control so he sighed a little when he looked at the sheet covering his crotch.

He hefted himself up to standing position, now towering at about 6’3. He dropped the sheet around his waist and gasped. His balls were now looking more like swollen oranges and while his dick hadn’t really gotten any longer, about 6 inches hard it seemed, it had certainly changed.

Gone was the sleek shaft he’d been ramming into Ryan yesterday. Now he had a thick uncut chubby about as big around as a beer can. He’d never had foreskin before and when he pulled it back and revealed his massive head he let out a pleased grumble. His new horny daddy brain took over and he immediately began attempting to stroke the massive shaft.

Charlie tried to regain any control but he could only watch in the mirror as his body flexed and contorted as he jerked off. The body went so hard he was already sweating. He lifted his huge arm up and sniffed his own armpit deeply. When his musk hit him it was too much and his big balls tightened, spraying a bucket of cum on the mirror as he let out a roar.

There was a knock on the door and a strange high voice he barely recognized as Tyler said “ You up daddy? Breakfast is ready!”

Now Charlie wasn’t in control his body moved with more confidence. It plodded around the room, each step thumping hard on the floor and shaking the loose furniture. He picked up a pair of XXL leather shorts that the old Charlie would have thought were comically large but now as he struggled to get them up his tree trunk thighs they seemed miniscule. It took a lot of grunting, leaning and sitting to get them up. His torso had trouble bending around his gut and his own giant arm reduced their mobility greatly. Once they were around his ass he also had to contend with packing his thick meat inside them.

As he did up the button he was puffing and sweating once more but his gut grumbled and he was driven out of the room as his mind filled with thoughts of food.

He stomped his way into the kitchen and found his mouth watering when he saw a table full of breakfast foods. Pancakes, fruit and protein shakes were covering the surface of the table but what caught his eye was the passive pile of bacon on a plate. He could see Ryan getting serviced in the living room out of the corner of his eye but his body craved food badly and even the old Charlie was pretty used to sexual sights by this point.

He stuffed fistfulls of bacon into his face, not giving two shits about the mess. His face and hands were greasy and he let it dribble down his chin in a way the old Charlie would have been repulsed by but inside his mind Charlie got the distinct impression his body no longer cared about what people thought of him.

As his belly began to fill the sexual side of his brain started to wake up again and Charlie’s leather shorts groaned against his cock. He couldn’t ignore the grunting across the room and turned towards Ryan and was taken aback by what he saw. In spite of all the gay sex he’d begged for in the past few days, it looked like Ryan was titfucking some curvy blonde bimbo.

The bimbo was on her knees cupping her c-cups around Ryan’s long dick, her french tipped nails digging into her tit flesh. She sucked 6 inches of his cock which cleared her cleavage like a pro.Ryan tugged on her long nipples and massaged their wide areolas.

She had a thin waist and wide, child birthing hips that would have most guys fighting over her. She also seemed relatively muscular which surprised Charlie but she must have been one of Ryan’s gym sluts. Charlie couldn’t see her face due to her long locks of bleached blonde hair but that and her bee-stung pink lipgloss covered lips were enough to tell him this was a basic college whore.

Ryan began to tense up and the girl started hoovering harder but he grabbed her hair. Even out of his control, Charlie’s big body gasped as Ryan pulled up the blonde hair and revealed the bimbo was Tyler. His features had softened and his lips looked plumped with collagen but it was definitely him. Ryan barked:“No. I wanna cum on your boi tits”

Tyler let go of his chest and what looked like tits settled instead into a huge pair of the roundest, plumpest pecs Charlie had ever seen. His nipples, which would have been fine on a girl, were massive and obscene on his chest. He’d never be able to wear a shirt without looking like a prize cow girl waiting to be milked. The image only got more disturbing to Charlie as Ryan sprayed all over Tyler’s tits and Tyler began twisting and groping himself, desperately trying to suck the cum off his own nipples.

Even though Ryan was gay some of his desires must have reverted back to straight because except for his vague masculinity , Tyler had become just another one of the bimbos who showed their tits to Ryan so he’d fuck them in the gym shower.

Tyler gave up sucking his nipple and instead looked up directly at Charlie scooping some cum off his tit, into his mouth while he squeezed his other pec. Charlie felt awful in his mind to have his old roommate reduced to this cheap manwhore but his body didn’t feel the same way. There was a pop and a rip as his chubby burst out of his flimsy leather shorts.

Ryan turned and laughed at Charlie “You like Tyler’s new look? I told him to watch out for the hormones in those steroids but you know how he just loves getting bigger.”

Charlie’s mind flooded with images of Tyler starting off like a regular jock then focusing on just training his chest. Obsession. His idols were Jakub Stefano, Alexei Lesukov and Pamela Anderson. He wa just pumping any way possible. He now could remember Tyler’s low cut shirts and how he loved getting stares and the occasional grope from even some straight guys.

In spite of his disgust Charlie felt his body rip off the shorts and begin stroking his fat cock, covering it in bacon grease.

“uh oh Ty” Ryan said, moving behind Charlie and rubbing his rippling muscles “Looks like Daddy likes the new you and wants to play”

Tyler stood and Charlie could not see he was wearing a microthong, which only seemed to turn his body on more. He had shrunk in height, now barely reaching below Charlie’s own pecs and sported a real hourglass figure with his legs tapering into thick thighs. He also looked terrified at the massive beast Charlie stroking his monster cock in front of him.

Charlie thought of himself trapped in his mind and could only imagine what that was like for straight boy Tyler, now an effeminate Tit Boi being used over and over. Charlie summoned some fight and managed to move his lips and grumble “I aint fucking no girl” in his booming bass voice.

Tyler gasped and squealed in rage “I , like, am all man” he said in a high-pitched valley girl voice. He pulled down his thong and revealed his package and Charlie’s eyes widened. The small cock from yesterday was now just a hairless one inch nub, barely more than a rigid head that looked like a clit. In fact, surrounded by his miniature deflated ballsack it looked more like he had an engorged pussy than a dick.

Charlie laughed a big, dominant guffaw and Ryan followed. Tyler blushed, covering his tiny cock. Charlie wondered if the original Tyler in his mind had known he’d grown that small or if this here was the ultimate humiliation: being called out by two hung musclemen and finding out you’re a true bitch for life.

Ryan walked up to Tyler, still laughing and squeezed one of his fat tits. “Don’t worry missy, you still have one asset that will drive Chuck here wild”

Ryan then spun Tyler around and revealed one of the fattest asses Charlie had ever seen on a normal sized guy. It was one of those big, jiggling asses from rap videos. Ryan gave one of the bowling ball-sized cheeks a smack and the flesh rippled.

“I’ve been training him so we maintain this phat booty just for you” Ryan said, rubbing Tyler who moaned and shook.

Charlie’s mind was gone back into the land of ass and he almost tripped over himself running to Tyler. It was comical but frustrating how much trouble he had maneuvering his bacon greased dick through the thick cheeks but after a minute of groping and slicking the ass itself up with grease he managed to wedge his girth inside Tyler’s tight ass who could only whimper ‘fu-fuuuck’ in response.

Gripping and slapping as he thrusted and rammed the huge ass on his dick Charlie was in heaven. Tyler was like a tiny ragdoll in his muscular arms and he soon lifted him by the tiny waist and fucked him like a human fleshlight.

Charlie found even his original mind going wild with horniness. Ass. ass. ass. Fat ass and muscle ass and he owned them both. He grabbed Ryan by the ass and brought him over, kissing him as he plowed Tyler. He struggled to not drift away but his mind was filling with thoughts and memories of him and his two boys. Alpha jock and submissive piece of ass.

Tyler pulled away from the kiss and smiled “Okay you two keep having fun. I’m going to hit the town and see if I can’t get some more hotties to worship all this” He flexed and Charlie felt like he looked hotter and sexier than ever before.

He pushed himself more into the forgiving ass below and Tyler looked back towards him. They locked eyes for a moment and Charlie remember how much they’d changed and realized he had to stop Ryan and get the necklace before he left the house and changed even MORE people.

…To be Continued with the FINALE….probably after the weekend….

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