The induction into Tranter Academy continues

By the guardsman
published June 28, 2014
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Tim’s induction into tranter Academy continues.

Tim was slowly becoming more and amore awake and started to remember. The man from Tranter Academy with the golden boy coming to his house. The golden boy way very polite and looked really sharp in the black bowler head with the thin red stripe, a black pea coat with silver buttons and red leather lining, red leather gloves. For a moment Tim looked down to the perfectly spit shined and polished leather dress shoes.

“Thank you for inviting us Mr. Williams, we are here to talk about your sons school prospects”

Upon entering the boy removed his hat, bowed slights to Mrs. Williams. Removing the bowler you could see a neatly side combed slicked haircut.

Tim came back to the present as he felt his handler rubs his pubes and checked them getting them shaved right.

“OK boys once again here, its not yet as smooths as we like it”

As he directed them to various parts of his body. His handler rubbing his hand all over Tim’s body to make sure they felt smooth to him. The constant stroking and manipulation in his private parts made him become more and more erect. He blushed as he was looking down on his body getting first leathers up and then shaved.

“No worries Tango-Alpha after the shaving we will shower you, we just don’t want to get punished for not doing it properly.

Cold water was splashed into his face an body. He was finally awake and shivering.

“Bring me the towels November-Papa, so we can rubble him dry”


Both boys in their tight black clothing rubbed him dry. Tims eyes fell on the black boots, black leather pants and the broad black belt. Both didn’t wear any shirts so he could see both of them wearing a black Y-front upper body harness that certainly accented the muscles in their chest and shoulders.

“Is that to your satisfaction upper class man Uniform-Charlie?” Said one of his cleaners with slight mockery.

“Yes it is student November-Papa”

He notice how his hands were attached again to the steal chain around his wrists and his and the leash to the belt of his handler.

“Still feeling groggy, Tango-alpha?” That was obviously addressed to him.


“Its the drugs you got at induction, but it will go away, no lets see that we get you kitted out!”

The handler yanked the leash and pulled him out of the white tiled washing room onto the linoleum floor. It was cold and Tim felt himself shiver.

He was taken into another room, a man in a white hospital gown awaited them.

“How is it going Uniform-Charlie?”

“Sir, thank you very well, sir”

“Bringing me the new rookie”

“Fresh out of the shower, Sir.”

“Put him on the dental chair.”

The leash tucked and his hands were unclipped from the belt as he lay down on the chair.

“its more comfy that way Tango-Alpha, besides you will be secured, no need to fear”

Tims right arm was shackled to a stir up, a leather belt went over his chest, two more secured his legs and another shackle is left arm. A hard plastic application with a spike pushed uncomfortably into his ears.

His handler tried to comfort him by holding his hand.

The doctor pulled a swivel chair close and started working on this chest.

“Lay still”

“What are you doing”

“You are getting your permanent infusion set”

Tim was still not feeling really there.

“My what?”

“Think of it as your little helper to support your education”

Uniform-Charlie eagerly answered: “I have one, too”

“How is yours doing?”

“Sir, fine, no problems, sir”

“Good to hear that, are you taking your meds regularly?”

“Sir, of course, Sir”

“How do you feel, boy?”

“Sir, good, however since the increased growth hormone dose I have more acne, Sir”

“Mhh, I know the side effect, but we want you to to be huge and brawny, you just have to live with that, if its getting to bad, see me for something for your skin.”

“Sir, thank you, Sir”

The doctor continued but Tim couldn’t see what he was doing, as any movement of his head was severely constricted by the ear clamp.

“OK, I’m done, I’ll get my assistant for fitting him out”

The doctor left the room and Tim felt his handler gently stroking his shoulder. After some time another kid with short cropped blond hair, two shaved lines on his side in a white tight hospital smock came in.

“Hi Uniform-Charlie, long time not see.”

“Ah good to see you Uniform-Kilo. Oh you got two stripes. When did you get promoted?” Said Uniform-Charlie, as he pointed towards the two shaved stripes on Uniform-Kilos otherwise short brown hair.

“Yes helping out with the doc has put me on the right track, lets get started with your fella”

Uniform-Kilo started spraying a cold antiseptic on Tims upper shoulder blade.

“No need to worry, rookie, you are just getting your dots”

The tattoo needle started getting in and a single dot followed by a dot and a dash was tattooed in.

“OK here we are done, but some ointment on it the next days, now lets kit him out down”

Uniform-Kilo sprayed Tims genitals and penis with the same antiseptic fluid and put a condom catheter onto Tims Penis leashed the line through a leather plastic contraption and locked it tight around the balls.

Uniform-Charlie touched it.

“Can you feel anything Tango-Alpha?”


“Very good – Ok lets take him to the fitters for the rest of the school uniform”

Both youngster helped Tim to sit up and and reattached his arms to the metal belt around his belly and then the belt with the leash to his handler.

“Come on rookie”

It was colder on the floor and only a flickering neon-light gave the corridor a dull illumination. Tim shivered against as they walked to Uniform Distribution Room.

As they stepped in Tim got a glimpse of a student in the school uniform.

“Ok here we go: 7 black longjohns, 7 black longsleve undershirts, 7 pairs of black socks, one pair of leather gloves, 3 handkerchiefs, 8 cm leather belt, Y-front upper body harness in black, set of towels,” for a moment the student distributer waited and held a form with a clipboard to Tims face. “Sign you’ll get the pants and jacket as soon as we have you measured, I’ll just stamp in your ID. No worries Tango-Alpha has a short morse code just dash point dash”

Tim signed and waited on the leash.

“Come on, get into your undies, Tango-Alpha”

Tim put on the longjohns, the socks.

“No the underwear is for later.

The cold rooms started to feel much better.

“Ok lets measure the rookies feet for the boots and then we get him his pants and jacket”

At the end of the session in the warehouse Tim had his black leather pants with a thin red stripe, a black tight fitting jacket, a motorcycle helmet black with a thin red stripe with his dash point dash designation clued to the back, 2 black base caps with thin red stripes and his morse coded designation sewn in at back, personal hygiene kit, a folder, a pencil and a notebook, all in the same black red stripe design, all with his morse code identity affixed.

“Ok this is your training kit and how you are fully stuffed out, rookie”

The quartermaster students said.

“Oh and welcome to Tranter Academy”

Tim stood and had a short flasback. He was sitting at home with his parents at the coffee table, drinking something his mother had brought with an adult and a very polite and attentive young man dressed in an impeccable black suit, crisp white shirt and black and red striped school tie. Neat and straight side combed 1940s style haircut, with a winning smile.

“This is Charlie, he is one of our students and accompanies me, so we have someone available from the student body to talk to those thinking about coming to us”.

The tight suit framed Charlies well exercised and athletic physique, he sat ramrod straight and nodded attentively.

“Tranter Academy has given me so much and I have developed physically and mentally, Sir.”

“Charlie is member of the swim team, the debating society, he helps in the student union and as many of our students is expected to score highly in his university admission tests”

“That is correct, Sir. In the beginning I was doubtful to join up, but now I will really miss it, when I leave. Maybe I can add some time as a student teacher, Sir.”

He remembered looking into the brochure the adult had brought him: all male student body, development of body and mind, pristine landscape away from distractions, concentrating on the students not on fancy housing.

Tim came back to the present when his handler twisted his nipple.

“You behave and get docile real quick, understand? Otherwise I’m gonna get my ass tanned. And if I have to pay the price, I’m coming after your ass”

The quartermaster student looked up: “Don’t be afraid, it’s his job to bring you in line. Here take this bag and put your stuff into it. You will eventually enjoy it.”

They kept walking out of the basement of the building, up a metal staircase into what had to be the third floor.

“Come on rookie, you want to met your new roommates and see where you bunk from now on?”

He hoped to see Charlie who had made him sign up to the academy there, remembering the conversation he had with him when they were at his parents house:

“You promise I won’t have to do anything I don’t want to do?”

“Sure Tim, when you come to us I’ll guide you ever step of the way. I can even put in a for a bunk assignment with you”

“Hmmm, I am not sure yet”

“Just sign here, we’ll work out all the details up at the academy”


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