Those Boots: The New QB

By PaisaGringo
published December 22, 2018

The boots strike again.

The sun was poking through the curtains onto Brian’s face as he woke up for the day. Every day he woke up he would check himself. “Was he? Yes, still Latino.” The world changed around him when he put those boots on that day. He and Juan were the most popular couple at school and they fucked like rabbits. Brian and Juan’s parents were accepting and were happy.

Football was even better. This change that happened helped Brian in the weight room and on the field. Although he was not the Quarterback anymore, doesn’t really work at 5’8”he put on intense muscle (he came in at 200 lbs these days). He was an All-State Running Back. His chest was fully developed and covered with hair. He made the ladies wet and even the straight men hard. His boyfriend Juan, being a Wide Receiver, kept up his name on the field and in the bed room. He also was an All-State player. The two were getting scholarship offers but made it clear they were a package deal.

Brian wore his boots everywhere. He even had a tejana now. His family, changed around him by putting on those boots, came to the US from Sinaloa, Mexico. The blaring corridos coming from his truck has he raced down the dirt roads of town seems to fit perfectly now.

He was late to football practice and he knew the coach would be pissed.

He got to the fieldhouse, raced in, and put on his practice uniform. He paused to look at himself in the mirror. His big arms, bubble butt, and bulge showed through. He smirked, grabbed himself by the crotch, and began to walk out to the field.

“Thanks for joining us, Brian. You’re 5 minutes late. You owe me 5 extra laps and 20 minutes on bench by tomorrow.” Coach yelled as Brian jogged passed. Brian didn’t mind the extra work, hell, it made him look good and play better.

After practice Brian and the team walked to the locker room to get showered and cleaned up.

“Coach,” Brian called out, “I’m going to do that 20 minutes now before I clean up and leave. Juan is going to stay with me. That OK?”

“Just get the shit done and stop being late. Got me?” Coach replied.

Brian and Juan entered the locker room/

Alberto watched the two walk by. He was lanky 6’2” and 180lbs and was the team’s kicker. He was only a sophomore and was just as awkward. He was Latino, but what everyone called a Guerro – basically a white Latino. He had blue eyes and reddish brown hair and his parents were from Jalisco. He was quiet, didn’t really know anyone, and just had moved to the area when school started. He was a soccer player, but in this part of Texas at least, football was the sport.

He walked by the Senior lockers hoping to catch a glimpse of Brian. Alberto would go home every night after practice and jackoff to his memories of Brian in the locker room. As he turned the corner, Brian and Juan were gone but he noticed Brian’s things and…those boots. Alberto chubbed up. He sat down at the bench and took Brian’s jersey to his nose. That musk made him so hard. He then grabbed one of the boots and checked them. The boots were his size. Fuck…

Alberto put one foot in the boot he had grabbed and then grabbed the other boot and put it on as well. He stared at the boots and smiled. His 7 inch cock was straining against his jeans at this point. He started to feel warm and flushed – it felt good. He massaged his cock through his tight jeans. He shot his load rather quickly which, due to the boots and the orgasm, knocked him out cold.

Meanwhile, Juan and Brian were taking their time in the weight room. Juan was spotting for Brian on the bench and in the middle of a rep, placed his hard cock on Brian’s face. Brian finished the rep and racked it, opened his mouth, and started to suck Juan’s dick. “Fuck, novio,” Juan mumbled “not in here…coach is still here and who knows who else.”

“Pinche puto!” Brian laughed in reply “Maybe you shouldn’t tease me with your dick then. What are we doing after here?”

“Let’s go out to the pasture, drink beers, look at the stars, and fuck.” Juan suggested.

“Skinny dipping?” Brian replied.

“Fuck yes, Brian” Juan laughed. The two kissed.

“Let’s get cleaned up and get some beers then.” Brian laughed.

The two moved out of the weight room and into the locker room losing clothes as they walked to the Senior lockers. However, the saw someone on the floor down the row where Brian and Juan’s lockers were…and Brian’s boots were on them!

“Bri, look…” Juan whispered.

“Oh shit! My boots!” Brian replied.

They ran over to see someone they did not recognize laying on the ground with the boots on. The guy was 6’, nicely muscled up, tight clothes, and hadn’t shaven in a few days it looked like. They looked at the bag by the teen laying down…which said Alberto.

“Fuck, I think that is Alberto, that new kid – the sophomore kicker.” Juan said startled.

“Looks like the boots aren’t done with changes. Let’s wake this fucker up!” Brian replied.

“Ey, Alberto man…wake up!!” the two repeated as Alberto came to.

“Ugh, what happened, ugh..” Alberto mumbled as he began to wake up. He looked up to see Brian and Juan completely naked and hovering over them. “Fuck, the boots!” he remembered…they were still on…

“Oh Shit Brian, Juan sorry… I dunno how…”

“Why do you have my boots on, Alberto? You don’t know what you’ve done, dawg!” Brian interrogated.

Trying to think up something Alberto replied as he took off the boots, “Oh man, I’m sorry, I thought these were my boots.”

“At the Senior Lockers,” Juan replied smirking.

“My clothes are on the floor too!” Brian realized while he tried to hold a smirk back.

Brian and Juan were getting a picture of what happened once they noticed the wet spot on Alberto’s jeans.

“Oh shit… ugh…” Alberto tried to come up with an explanation.

Brian and Juan looked down at the changed sophomore…or was he a sophomore anymore? They looked at the stud 6’ dark Mexicano at their feet.

“Brian, the boots put in work again!” Juan laughed.

“Yeah, dawg, looks like we got a Sophomore that we gotta take care of now” Brian replied

“I’m sorry guys…fuck…please don’t hurt me…” Alberto cried out.

“Hurt you dawg, have you seen YOU yet?” Brian laughed out

“What do you mean, please…” Alberto continued.

“We’re gonna help you up Alberto, don’t trip. But, you need to see what you look like right now.” Juan replied soothingly. Brian extended his hand out…

Shocked on how nice Brian and Juan were being about this, Alberto took Brian’s hand. Juan came to put his arm around Alberto’s back to get him on his feet.

“Man, I feel dizzy.” Alberto mumbled…

“Been there,” Brian laughed and looked at Juan. “Let’s get him to a mirror.”

Brian and Juan moved Alberto over to the mirrors in the shower room. The two checking out the sophomore and looking at each other with a smile.

Alright man, check yourself out and see what we mean…” Brian directed Alberto to a mirror.

Alberto walked over to the mirror and his eyes became big. His jaw dropped.

“What the…FUCK….!”

“Calm down dawg…it’s gonna be OK.” Juan replied…he felt like he had been here before.

“I’m… I’m…” Alberto stuttered

“A fucking stud!” Brian laughed.

“How the…” Alberto stumbled onto a bench behind him… who was that in the mirror??

“Alberto, you put my boots on…those boots…they change people…” Brian tried to explain, “They changed me…”

“For the better..” Juan interrupted as he smacked Brian’s ass.

Brian kissed Juan in return, “Babe…Alberto needs us, hold up!”

“Alberto, when you put on those boots, they changed you and your life around you…your parents only remember you as who you are now, same with the people at school…” Brian continued, “The only one who really remembers you as you before seem to be me and you. Juan knows I changed but doesn’t really remember everything. We think it’s because…”

“We fucked right after you changed?” Juan interrupted.

“Babe!” Brian laughed…

“You mean… this is me?!” Alberto was trying to keep up.

“Yup.” Brian replied…

“Looks like you have a crush on Brian too,” Juan laughed pointing to Alberto’s wet crotch…

“Oh shit, ugh…” Alberto tried to begin explaining….

“It’s OK dawg!” Juan laughed…I mean look at him, who wouldn’t Jizz themselves!” Juan laughed.

“Babe, lol, do you jizz yourself when you think of me?” Brian smirked.

“During Bio, fuck what a boring ass class.”

The three laughed…

“Alberto, do you like guys?” Brian asked

“Well, yeah…I just…not sure I’m ready to be out…” Alberto stuttered

“Oh, I’m sure you’re out now, Alberto. Those boots are gonna make your life a lot easier.” Brian replied, “I haven’t ever been happier. Where is your locker?”

“Over in the corner…with the kickers…”

“That doesn’t sound right…” Juan questioned.

“I agree, Juan, it doesn’t. I don’t think the boots want you to be a kicker. Let’s look at the lockers and find yours…”

The three walked around for a few minutes and Brian called out, “Juan, Alberto…I found it…over here with he undergrad offense.”

Juan and Alberto followed Brian’s voice to Alberto’s supposed locker…

Brian saw Alberto turn the corner to where he was..

“Hey Mr. QB…” Brian pointed…

“QB!?” Alberto looked…his name and position were on the locker.

“Open it…see what else is inside…” Juan suggested…

“Here is my wallet..” Alberto grabbed for it on the shelf…

“Check the permit…”

“Fuck! It’s me!” “18?” “Born in Guadalajara?”

“Check out your clothes, they’re changed too I bet…” Brian replied.

Alberto looked through his locker…no soccer shorts…just jeans, a button up, and boots…just like Brian’s.

“Holy shit… I’m …a paisa?” Alberto trying to put his world together replied.

“Ain’t nothing finer, dawg. Wow, another gay paisa. Welcome to the club dawg!” Brian shook Alberto’s hand.

“Brian, let’s invite Alberto to chill with us tonight.” Juan suggested.

“Thirsty much?” Brian laughed out loud “Maybe a good idea though, those jeans show everything off, Berto. Why don’t we get cleaned up, buy some beers and chill?” Berto’s dick hardened (and it was obvious to the three), “ugh sure…sounds…good.”

The three walked to the showers. Berto took the clothes he had on and looked at himself in the mirror…

“He’s hairy too, Bri…” Juan looked over as he got wet under the showers

“Look at that dick…it’s like 10 inches or something!” Brian noticed as he joined Juan.

“Fuck…, I’m hot!” Berto mumbled.

“Get your ass in here Berto, we wanna check you out.” Brian called.

Berto’s dick directed him into the shower to Brian and Juan. Brian started by giving Berto a kiss. Berto moaned. Juan reached out and grabbed Alberto’s new gigantic cock. Berto smiled.

“I’m in the shower with the stars of the football team…fuck…”

“Yeah we will…we got to celebrate man…” Brian laughed.

Juan bent down and took Berto deep into his mouth.

“Fuuuuuu…..” Berto’s eyes rolled back.

Brian walked behind Berto, crouched, and began to rim the QB’s ass.

Berto was in heaven…the two football stars were working on him…

“Fuck me, Bri –“ the words escaped the QB’s mouth.

“Was hoping for that…” Brian whispered in Berto’s ear as he lined up his cock on his virgin hole.

Juan got up and turned around and presented Berto his ass. “Cmon, Berto, give me that dick.” Alberto began to enter Juan as he felt Brian enter him.

The three moaned as they fucked under the shower. They got into a rhythm where Berto would pull out of Juan to only have Brian’s dick go deeper into him.

Brian reached out to Berto’s nip and squeezed.

“Ugh!” Alberto moaned loudly.

“Hardwired, just like me. You want my load, QB?” Brian whispered in his ear.

“Fuck…” That’s all Berto needed, he loved being talked to like that. He grabbed Juan by the hips and began pistoning his dick in and out of Juan’s hole.

“I’m gonna…ugh…” Berto moaned as he shot…

Brain could feel Berto cum and it sent him over the edge…

“Here you go QB…” Brian moaned.

Berto felt the giant load enter his ass.

“Will you three get cleaned up and leave already? Do you have to fuck after every Saturday practice?” Coach yelled from his office.

The three laughed.

“Sorry coach!” Brian yelled out…

“I don’t give a shit as long as you three keep us undefeated. I got shit to do…go home!” Coach yelled as he slammed his office door shut.

The three huddled…

“Did that just happen?” Berto asked

“Just? What do you think we do Saturday nights? Let’s get dressed.”

Berto walked over to his locker and looked inside. He put a jock on, the tight jeans, socks, wifebeater, and then…his new boots…they looked just like Brian’s. As he put them on, he moaned, they felt perfect on him. He looked up to see a black tejana and put in on. Brian and Juan walked over both also with black tejana’s.

“Looking good Berto! You ready for some beers?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, bro” Berto replied with his dick hardening.

“Does it ever get enough?” Juan asked

“I don’t know, is that a challenge?” Berto replied in a cocky voice.

“Ey, you’re getting more confident.” Brian laughed, “bout time QB.”

As the three left the field house, Brian grabbed both Berto and Juan by the ass. “Let’s get in my truck.” Brian stated.

There were three trucks in the parking lot. Brian’s Ram, Juan’s old Ford, and another…a Black 2007 RAM lifted and dechromed.

“That yours?” Juan asked Berto…

“Big dicks, big trucks” Alberto replied.

The three laughed as they peeled out of the parking lot.

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