Mysterious Boyfriend X, Part Three

By Nocturne13
published April 14, 2014

Xander brings another jock under his control

Mysterious Boyfriend X, Part 3

Don’t miss part 2, which I think got lost amidst the previous site’s problems…

It was Saturday and I was laying on my bed reading. There was a knock on my door which kind of surprised me. My mom was downstairs getting ready to do her usual Saturday grocery trip. “Yeah?” I said. The door opened and Cody McKellen walked into my bedroom. He looked a little frazzled.

“Hey Allan, your mom said you weren’t busy,” the school’s resident hot ginger said. Well, hot ginger doesn’t really do Cody justice. He’s something like 6’3", dark red-haired and pale complected, but not the milk-white skin and orange hair of a pure Irish guy, like maybe he had one Italian or Latin grandparent. He had a nice patch of chest hair and a lot of muscles but not in that solid top-heavy way a lot of weightlifters are. He somehow kept himself looking lanky and bulgy at the same time and he kicked ass at rugby.

As far as I knew we were only the most casual acquaintances. Other than talking in class or loaning him my notes once, we had nothing to do with each other. Like Steve, he was someone I had oogled a few times over the years and–

Oh, shit. I had had that talk with Steve when I first met Xander and got outed to the school. I wonder if something had gotten back to him, something like I wished I had been blowing the hot jocks in school for years? Because certainly there was no other reason I could imagine the second hottest guy in school would be at my house, sheepishly coming into my bedroom.

“What’s up, Cody?” I asked hesitantly, slowly putting my book on the desk beside my bed. I was lying there on top of my twin extra-long bed, flat on my back and suddenly I felt a little bit exposed in my own room. Cody looked peaked, and he was sweating nervously. His athletic shirt/wifebeater was glued to his chest, drenched withsweat, the open neck showing off the hair on his big square pecs and the fabric hugging his torso. He also had on running shorts, so I guess he’d been out jogging and just happened to stop by my house after he’d had a punishing workout.

“I uh, I need your help,” he said nervously. He took a big deep breath. He stopped and put his right hand to his head like he was dazed and having trouble focusing. “You gotta help me Allan, Xander did something to me and it’s fucking me up. It’s fucking me up bad. I can barely think!”

“What’s going on?” I said. I was surprised to hear him mention my studly boyfriend. Xander had been fucking my brains out about every other day for the past … I wasn’t sure if it was a one or two weeks maybe two and a half, and it had been great though he seemed to be expecting something to happen. He certainly had some kind of strange power over me which inexplicably I simply accepted.

“I dunno, he did something to me, turned me gay. I was definitely straight before. Now all I can think about is gay sex, and him, it just hammers at me all the time and then after he fucks me my brain just turns off for a while and afterwards I can tell it doesn’t all come back. I feel like I’m getting stupider every time he fucks me and … and … I like it. I just want him to fuck my brains away so I’m nothing but his muscle slut. But I know, that’s not right. Help!”

My jaw dropped. That was a lot of how I felt about Xander when I was around him, and the sex was mind-blowing, but other than turning into a real lust-filled animal in his prescence I didn’t have any problems with my thinking after we were done. But, was that what Xander was expecting? He’d made some comments that didn’t seem to make sense about making me “last” a while but…

“Augh,” Cody said and stretched. “God I need to get off again,” he flexed and twisted, every muscle in his upper torso straining and bulging. “I just keep working out again and again to try to take the tension off, I’ve been pumped for days it feels like, and it’s not helping.” It was true, Cody was bulging like I’d not seen him before. He must have put on ten pounds of muscle since I last saw him in a gym class, and it looked like he’d just come from a massive workout. The shirt he was wearing wasn’t just glued, on now that I looked closer I could see the seams straining, and his exposed shoulders were huge and solid.

He grabbed the waistband of his shirt and pulled it up in one gesture, slowed by the tightness, peeling the sweat-soaked clothing with some difficulty. I heard seam stitching tear as he pulled it up. He’d upgraded from the six-pack he had last year to what looked like a real eight-pack. He didn’t have a treasure trail so much as a triangle of red pelt that emerged from the waistband of his shorts and covered half of his abs before narrowing to a point at his solar plexus, tapering up into a line of hair and then blossoming into fiery swirls covering both pecs.

“Xander’s not around today, he went on that field trip, and it’s killing me,” he said as he tossed the damp shirt aside. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his jogging shorts revealing a simple jock strap struggling to contain his huge half-hard schlong. “But you’re here, and I smell him on you. I smelled him IN you, yesterday. You can give me what I need in place of him, I know you can.”

By this point I had started to scramble to sit up. It’s true Cody was hot as fuck and my body was screaming SEX NOW GOOD YES but the suddenness of the situation was pretty weird. “Please Allan,” he said with a dazed look. “I need it, please,” he moved forward putting one knee on the foot of my bed, then another and beginning to crawl toward me, between my legs, completely lust-glazed. “You do like me don’t you? I always gave you a nice show after gym class. I wasn’t trying to tease you or anything I just thought it was cool you admired me.”

“You were giving me a show?” I blurted.

“Oh yeah for sure I took as long as I could putting on my socks and jock so you could admire the shape of my back, and check out my ass.” He put one hand on my leg and gently caressed upward, no hesitation or lack of comfort. It was an incredibly wanton gesture, unbelievable from a straight guy. “I’d have let you check out my front more but I didn’t know how to do it without seeming like I was flirting. So I just made a point to talk to you a few times after the shower while I was toweling off. You seemed even more uncomfortable with that, so I stopped. I should have come over and posed for you in private huh? Cuz man you saved my ass in history and geometry with your notes and all the times you helped me in class. So I told Ralph Hitchins if he gave you any more of that middle school bully shit I would beat the crap out of him. I’ve secretly wanted to be friends for a long time but I was just not sure how to do it with you being gay and hot for me.”

As if that confession wasn’t enough to send my mind reeling, he bent down and licked my inner thigh – since it was Saturday, I was wearing shorts too; so he had direct access. He just tounged all the way from the inside of my knee all the way to my crotch. He reached up and took hold of my shirt’s front edges and snapped them apart, sending buttons flying every where.

He looked up his eyes dark and glazed with lust. Talking seemed to take some effort. He said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll do anything you want but let me suck you until you cum. I need it, fast.” He buried his lips against my belly button and tongued the impression, his head resting on my lower abdomen. His hands fumbled with the button of my walking shorts and then he shucked them off me. At this point the image of this sexy beast worshipping me had pushed every other concern out of my head and my cock was raging. He pulled my briefs down too and with a snarl pounced on my cock, taking it whole. He crouched between my legs, supporting his upper body weight on the back of his arms which he placed beside my torso, so I could see his bulging biceps and run my own hands along his forearms and up onto them.

I swear he was humming in his throat. My cock felt like it was being assaulted by a swirl of tongues, the stimulation was incredible. And the noises he was making were exciting. Half desperation, half lust. I reached out and ran my hands over his red-auburn hair, down across the back of his neck and forward onto his cheeks feeling the hint of stubble. He broke off from his sucking and lifted his body up and slid forward, telescoping his upper bod across me like he was doing a pushup and brought his mouth to mine. His long, muscular tongue darted out and entered my mouth before our lips met and he crushed his body against mine. The swirls of hair bit into my soft flesh and scratched pleasantly as he moved into a better position and moved his hands around my shoulders. I would have done anything this hot man had wanted and I felt my hard cock slide between his legs. His rock hard muscles clamped tight on it and he undulated his torso in such a way to keep the stimulation going while he kissed me so hard I got light headed from lack of breath. He pinched my nipples hard once and then broke off the kiss, leaving me gasping as he ran his tongue from my neck past my own nipples down the center of my torso and to my cock. I hadn’t realized he had such a long tongue before and I almost thought it curled around my hard cock before he swallowed me whole again.

“Shit, I’m cumming,” I breathed out helplessly. I felt the suction on my cock surge and he buried his face into my crotch. I reached out and grabbed for his muscular shoulders but his hands grabbed my arms and pinned them down at my side. I exploded, blasting again and again and again, probably five big pumps in all. My vision dimmed to the point of going nearly black and everything seemed to be moving. Vaguely I was aware of Cody shifting his position on the bed, hauling himself up beside me on the side that touched the wall. I felt his strong arms clinging to me with desperate strength as the world slowly stopped spinning.

“Jesus I think I’m ok now,” he said mostly to himself. “Allan, Allan, that worked. I can think again and I don’t feel so dumb. A little, but not as bad as before. Though geeze, I am definitely still gay. I am totally enjoying snuggling with you now. Really a lot actually.”

“So, the emergency is over?” I asked.

“Yeah I think so. This morning it felt like my mind was being washed down a drain. It was no joke, I barely got here in time. I wanted to suck cock so bad I almost assaulted three different guys on the way over here. Not even hot guys, just I wanted cock so bad and it was hard to think.” He moved into a spooning position, and I could feel the side of his cock, almost escaped from his jockstrap, lying against my ass cheek. “So Xander did something to you too? But you’re ok?”

“Yeah he fucked me insensate and said I’m his now, and whenever he’s around it’s like he’s my god and master, but when he’s not it’s just - well, he’s incredibly hot and the sex is amazing and I want to get laid quite a lot. When he fucks me it feels like I’m turning into a sex beast but after we’re done it wears off.”

“It doesn’t wear off with me. Every time he fucked me I got dumber and hornier, and needed him to do it more. Like a drug that rotted my brain out.”

“Damn, man. How did this even happen?”


I’m not sure when it started. I just knew that about a week ago I started to wake up feeling like shit in the morning, but then I’d have gym and afterwards I’d feel great. I didn’t suspect anything but he was basically doping me. He started talking to me in the locker room after each class and when I mentioned I’d been feeling off in the mornings with a sorta-headache, he encouraged me to work out in my free period in the afternoon to take the edge off. I tried that and by that time of the day I was actually buzzed and it made the workout feel great. And then Wednesday happened…

I stayed late to screw around on the field with some of the guys and I helped clean the gear off the field after. I didn’t realize I was the last one there and I was on my way to the shower when I bumped into Xander coming out of the shower area. He started talking to me, all smirking and stuff and said I seemed like I was feeling pretty good. But I was having a little trouble following him because he just felt kind of fascinating. Suddenly he held up his hand and said “this is why you’re feeling so good.” And that’s when I smelled it. Smelled him. It just hit me, next thing I know I’m looking closely at his wet fingers and he pops them in my mouth. I wanted to complain but it tasted so good, sweet and I was sucking on them immediately.

“Congrats Cody you’ve been a good boy so far, I’m gonna tell you what’s going in,” Xander said. “I’ve been dosing your water bottle with my precum, which is kind of addictive. It gives you a great rush after you get your daily dose and I saw how pumped you’ve been lately. You feel a little crappy in the morning until you get your new hit, but hey it’s great for your afternoon workouts. Liking getting it straight instead of diluted?” He took his hand out of my mouth.

“Dude that’s weird and more than gay,” I protested. He smiled at me, really evilly.

“Yeah but you’re already an addict and you’re probably getting buzzed off those few drops you just sucked down. And look, there’s more where that came from,” at which point he dropped his towel and there was his half-hard cock with a drop of clear liquid at the tip. I knew then there was something really seriously wrong because his cock was hypnotic to look at. I felt him put his hands on my shoulders and push me down and I kneeled so I could see it closer. “Help yourself Cody, my cock is drooling just for you so suck it… unless you want that liquid to hit the dirty floor where you have to lick it up,” he said. And just then the precum started to drip like a leaky faucet so I dove on his cock and he just let it drain into my mouth. I must have gotten a tablespoon or two of precum."

“That’s a hell of a big dose of that precum,” Allan interjected.

I nodded and went on with my story. Xander pulled out of my mouth and I just sat there staring up at him. At that point I was thinking he was a real good looking guy with admirable muscles and such a meaty dick, but I wasn’t turned on to him for looks. But I felt … something. I felt like he had some power over me and it made me feel kind of hot to be kneeling there looking up at him.

“I’m gonna convert you now,” he said. I didn’t understand so he spelled it out. “I’m gonna fuck you like a bitch. I’m gonna cream inside you and afterwards you’ll be gay and you’ll love it. You’ll want me to fuck you over and over until you’re a mindless muscle slut. And you’ll beg me to.”

“No man, that sounds horrible,” I protested weakly, but I was buzzed. He kneeled down and pushed me to the floor of the locker room. Then he kneeled on my arms, pinning them and straddling my chest. His cock was hanging over me and I was hypnotized by it. It was still dripping precum. He leaned forward and put his hands on the ground above my head, his dick at my mouth and started to do half-pushups keeping his knees pinning my arms. It hurt and I gasped and his cock slid into my mouth and back out. He fucked my face and I just lay there and let him do it. Some part of me was already getting off on it and the things he said.

“Yeah you like that face fucking don’t you muscle boy. You open wide and let my slime coat your tongue and throat so you can take that big dick deep. You’re getting off on being bitched on the floor aren’t you. I can see you are you’ve already surrendured to me. You’re a good boy, a good muscle slut boy. Close your lips but watch the teeth. Start sucking on that cock you’re getting treated with. Suck on that precum it’s sweet like honey isn’t it. Yeah enjoy my cock, ginger bitch.” Of course he was dosing me more with that precum I was so high the room was spinning, I think my body even twitched a few times. He drew up and got off my arms but I couldn’t move them. He pulled my head up with one hand and started skull fucking me. I was completely helpless and completely hard. My heart was pounding and the blood was flowing so hard it felt like every muscle in my body was straining to flex, including my cock. “Enjoy your last moments being straight boy,” he snarled as I started to taste something other than that honey-like precum.

That was the moment I thought if his clear pre-cum could fuck me up like that, what would the real thing do? And that was the moment he creamed a load into my mouth and straight down my throat. I don’t know how I didn’t choke on it but my gag reflex seemed suppressed by his lubing pre-cum. I just lay there twitching and felt my mind change. I felt crushed under his amazing masculine power and at the same time super excited. Like I had been hollowed out and filled up with pure sexual lust. When I managed to focus my vision I saw him and thought he was the most desirable being ever, not just a guy whose looks I appreciated but someone I wanted. I saw him and I wanted him, I wanted him in me and I wanted him blasting me with his dominance and power.

He helped me up and lead me to walk over to the locker bench. I couldn’t really stay sitting up I was so dizzy so he just let me lay down. I felt feeble. “So Cody,” Xander said. “You’re gay now. Want me to fuck your brains out for real?”

“Yes, please fuck me,” I told him, and he chuckled. “Please Xander give it to me in the ass.”

“You’re already gay and my bitch. You want another dose of this magic cum and be even more hooked on me?”

“Yes pop my cherry and blast it in me, I need it, I need it…” I said.

He slapped me in the face with his cock, and painted my cheeks and lips with more of that addictive precum of his. It tingled and numbed my lips again and he made me suck just the tip of his cock. It didn’t even register how big it was I just sucked for dear life. Then he pulled out and moved to my feet. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and I just couldn’t resist. I swear he held his hand by his cock and the precum just flowed out like he squeezed a bottle of lube, his hand was covered in it. He slathered it on my asshole and started fingering me. My asshole started to feel tingly and a little numbed, and it got hard to move my body at all. It wasn’t very long until he shoved two then three fingers in me.

“Beg me,” he demanded. “Tell me you want to be my mindless sex slut. A muscle toy owned by my cock.”

“Yes please, fuck my brains away,” I begged him. “Just turn me into muscles for your sexual pleasure. Fuck me until I can’t think anymore and just live for your sex,” I pleaded. He put the tip of his cock to my asshole and part of me was screaming in fear but part of me was just begging him to do me, and that was the part talking. He suddenly shoved his way inside me and it didn’t hurt even though I felt like someone had rammed a baseball bat into my ass. He started fucking me hard but I was beyond really appreciating the sensations, and then he was orgasming again, just shooting into me again and again. Then I felt it, the icy numb sensation just shot through my body from the base of my ass outward. When it reached the surface of my skin I felt it flush so much it got hot, my nipples got hard, and when it hit my head everything spun. Suddenly being put down on the bench and fucked by that big stud seemed like the greatest thing in the world. I didn’t want to leave. I know I creamed again, I remember feeling my cum flying into the air like a fountain. My whole body orgasmed.

“Good muscle boy, good bitch boy,” he said and patted my head then started getting dressed and left.

I lay there on the bench for a long time, I couldn’t think or move, minutes passed where I was still stoned from the orgasm. When I finally got up my head was not right. Things were foggy and I wanted to get fucked again. My ass felt empty and I wanted ti filled again. I made myself shower off and go home but I felt so shitty the next morning my folks thought I was coming down with something. At school I almost creamed my pants when I bumped into him in gym class at 10. He whispered that he didn’t give me anything in the bottle today and the day got worse. He texted me at lunch to meet him in the small bathroom during my usual afternoon free period where I worked out and I did. He fucked me again and I could tell I got stupider that time and even more obsessed with getting fucked by him again, but the worst physical effects of the withdrawl wore off. He told me to be sure to keep up my extra afternoon workout and called me his muscle slut, which turned me on, and I worked out like a fiend. The workout endorphins felt amazing, it was like foreplay. I blew off my last class of the day and did a double workout instead.

He fucked me every other day for a couple days and taunted me that I was turned into his gay muscle sex toy. My school work dropped like crazy but I suppose people thought it was senioritis making me blow it all off. He wasn’t in school Friday but I passed you in the hall and I smelled you were like him somehow. I didn’t understand at first but this morning I woke up feeling so crazy horny and I knew I couldn’t get to him and I thought of you. Steve knew where you lived so I ran over here. I don’t know what he’s really done to me but the crazy thing is I love it. I love he’s basically cored my mind out and filled it with lust and it’s just … I want him to do it again. I just hope you can bring me back after. So he can do it again.


Cody’s story had left me stunned. Like him I was getting it about every other day from Xander, but I wasn’t having the withdrawl symptoms anymore and two days without anal was just annoying. “I guess we’re both kind of his slaves or sex toys. I still don’t quite get why he wanted to grab me when he has a hottie like you,” I said to him.

“Dude you’re super cute. Adorkable. I thought you were pleasant looking before but now I’m gay my perspective is hot geek,” he said earnestly. It was actually just what Xander said. I shrugged.

“Sorry my type is guys like you, big muscley studs with handsome square jawed good looks.”

“So you think I’m hot?” Cody said bashfully. “I’m just a beefy ginger…”

“Dude you are SUPER handsome as well as buff like whoa,” I said. “And your dick looks like it ought to be on a Brazilian porn star.” Cody chuckled, pushed himself up and levered himself over me and stood up beside the bed. He stripped his socks off and dropped his jockstrap. It was no joke, he was uncut and his dick really did have a sort of extra-plump banana shape to it. He looked at the mess he’d made of my clothes.

“Here, dude sit up and let me get that ripped shirt off you. And shuck your shorts and undies off, having them around your knees can’t be comfortable.”

“What for?” I asked.

“Don’t you want to fool around some more?” he asked perplexed. “I LIKE you and now I’m gay. I’m all muscles and chest hair and look at this big banana schlong I’ve got. I told you if you gave me your cum I’d do anything for you. You want to play with my muscles? You a bottom? I’ll fuck you hard or gentle, fast or slow. You want to fuck me? I’ll take it any way you want. You want me to pretend I’m in charge I’ll have my way with you and make you feel amazing.” He stopped for a moment and started flexing his arms and chest to show off his assets. “You want to call the shots I’ll put on a dog collar right now and bark. You can suck my dick if you want. Or I can snuggle with you and nibble on your neck while you read,” he said, finishing with some leg flexes. He gestured around. “You don’t want sex, I’ll clean your room. Bake you cookies. Do your chores. I’d offer to do your homework but you’re better off doing that yourself. But most of all, I want to make love to you again right now and take my time. If you don’t have a preference,” he paused bashfully and blushed a little, “I’d like to fuck you right now because I haven’t gotten to do that yet. And my dick is really big but if you can take Xander I think you can take me OK. Please, can I make you and me both happy?”

Who was I to say no to that?

“Ok Cody come here, we’ll kiss and cuddle and yes, I like to bottom so you can fuck me. You can fuck me hard. I want to feel your whole body–” he was already sliding back onto the bed with me and laying beside and half on top me, and he shut me up with a kiss. I started feeling his beautiful muscles and he took the cue, flexing the parts I touched. His biceps really were like rocks covered with a thin warm layer of flesh and his abs were braided like pretzels. Honestly he was about as hot as Xander if you remove the weird narcotic properties of Xander’s body fluids, and I knew him a bit better. After some initial foreplay he ran a trail of kisses across my chest and down my stomach. He still looked at me worshipfully, kind of the way I think I looked at Xander. That seemed weird, but I kind of liked it too.

“You showered this morning right?” he asked as he got lower and lower.

“Yeah just before you got here why?”

“Oh I’m gonna rim you before I fuck you,” he said nonchalantly. “I want you to feel GOOOOD.”

“Where did you pick up all these techniques?” I said amazed.

“I dunno, maybe Xander? I just have these instincts now,” he said. “And I swear I did not have a Gene Simmons tongue before this, unless I just never had reason to stick it out so far before. How do you like to get it?”

“I like to feel a little dominated,” I admitted. “And I like it hard and fast mostly, but do what you like.” He grinned wickedly and flipped me on my stomach. He backhanded my ass hard and then slapped each cheek a few times.

“My wish is your command,” he growled and pulled my ass into the air. He roughly spread my legs apart and then dove in, rimming me with that amazing tongue.

“Ugh, that is amazing,” I slurred. “That feels so good but do you want me to suck that big cock of yours to get it hard?”

“No need–unless you really want to?” he said pausing. I shook my head and he dove back in. My ass felt like a missle silo opening its doors. Everything felt open and free. My skin burned, my nipples were hard. His hands were so warm and he managed to touch me and caress my thighs while his tongue was buried in there. One hand reached my cock and balls and he did things with his fingertips on the tip of my penis while gently massaging the sack. He kept up the spit lubing for several minutes. “I’m ready to fuck you if you’re ready,” he said. I just made a pleasant moan into my pillow and he drew up.

I had a little shiver of fear. Despite how loose I felt he was really huge and I had asked him to do it rough. I felt him put the tip of his hard penis at my ass hole and shuddered with anticipation and a bit of fear. “Do you want it,” he whispered.

“I do,” I whispered back.

“Do you need it?” he teased me.

“I need it. Give it to me,” I said.

“Does this make you happy?” he asked.

“I’m happy, and I’m so horny,” I said. His tip stroked my asshole.

“I’m teasing you, is that driving you crazy?”

“Oh please, keep doing whatever you want it feels good,” I said, half wanting him to keep teasing me and half wanting him to ram me. He bent over, his chest against my back and grabbed my nipples, tweaking them hard.

“I thought I was as hard as I could get but you’re making me harder. You’re making me big and hard like stone,” he growled in my ear, then wrapped his arms around my torso. I felt his amazing tongue start into my ear and at the same time his penis seemed to rest at the very tip of my anus. And then I realized that with his arms around my body he had complete control and in that moment he slammed into me fully and I cried out. I saw stars and things went gray for a moment and then I realized he had actually only shoved the tip in and there was more and it was going in slowly.

“Oh god it feels so good,” I moaned as he slowly slid another inch into me, pinning me in place as he did so. He moaned in sympathy.

“My dick hurts its so hard,” he gasped. “The more you say you like it the harder my dick gets. I just want to fuck you and please you,” he said as he started slowly moving his torso in a gentle rhythm. “Yes, yes, that’s it, the more I please you the better it feels,” he said out loud. I swear I felt his cock swell in me as he said that.

“Allan, Allan I want you to feel amazing,” he said gasping as he did so as if the announcement triggered some kind of conditioned response that rewarded him.

“Cody I feel amazing. You’re so hot. This is like a dream come true. You’re so sweet and handsome and sexy and your cock is just amazing.” He started fucking faster as I spoke, turned on completely. His lips were all over the back of my neck. “This fucking is perfect Cody you’re so good at it.”

“Am I?”

“You are.”

“That makes me feel great. I just want you to feel great. This is amazing. I just want to make you feel happy and the more I admit it to myself the better I feel.”

I moaned in ecstasy as he switched up his motion with some circles. The rhythm was perfect and the contact with his hot muscled body was incredibly fulfilling. He just fucked and fucked and fucked. Minutes passed without a break, just variations in his position and rhythm. He brought me to the edge of cumming just from fucking and held me there, expertly jacking my cock and pulling the balls back down when they tried to rise to shoot. It must have gone on for fifteen minutes nonstop. He kept us in that same position and while I’d have liked to have access to his chest and mouth something about the back-hug pinning really turned me on too. It did have a bit of that being dominated feel even though I knew I was completely in control.

“Allan, Allan,” he finally gasped. I thought, this is it, he’s reaching his breaking point.

“What Cody my hot ginger stud man?”

“Can I … Can I be owned by you?”

“What?” I asked startled.

“This is what I want, it’s all the gay sex impulses combined, I just want to pleasure you and be with you. Please Allan, say I can be yours, forever.” In that moment I had a sudden insight into what had really happened to Cody and before I could reconsider I said it.

“Cody you are MINE!” and in that moment he screamed and came. I could feel it blasting inside me his whole body spasming. And in fact, I had a great deal of satisfaction at the thought of this ginger stud being my personal … something. But I was cumming too because my body was so in tuned with his fucking and he had been holding my orgasm back by holding my cock and balls and when he released it I blew together with him. He crushed me to his muscular body and again we shuddered in unity as our loads sprayed out.

As I started to black out from the sheer pleasure I held in my mind an awareness of what had happened. We collapsed on my bed, locked together and I floated in a black empty bliss of mindlessness. And yet, deep in some part of me the connections of logic were made. Xander had fucked us both, he’d called it imprinting. But whatever he did was so powerful it normally turned any man into a mindless sex slave. Somehow I’d resisted it despite repeated fucking, but Cody had started to melt down right away like normal. Still, somehow Xander’s cum in me had changed me and let me sort of reinforce the bonding part of the process without the brain degeneration. Xander bonded me, and I in turn bonded Cody. There was no going back, he couldn’t be turned straight again and trying to not have sex would probably have just made him a sex-starved zombie. Right now he was cuddling me and I think I heard him crying slightly and mumbling something about being really happy.

In fact, I might even need to keep sexing up Cody on a regular basis to keep him from degenerating. And I was ok with that because the truth was, I did like him and the thought of having someone who was “mine” all the time was pretty appealing. But who the fuck was Xander really? And why did he have this strange power to turn men into sex slaves? I remembered that dream I’d had when I first met Xander about a sort of sexual zombie apocalypse and I was a little scared. I lay there for a while enjoying his warm weight pressing down on me, his firm long muscular body laying against mine.

The door to my bedroom flew open and my mom announced, “Honey we’re having … sex? For dinner? I mean, STEAK. STEAK!”

“Hey mom can my new boyfriend stay for dinner?” I have no idea where the nonchalant response came from.

My mom’s jaw just worked wordlessly for a few moments while Cody clutched me fearfully. At least we were laying stomach down with him mostly on top of me so the view she was getting was basically his shapely naked ass and rippling back and and leg muscles. Finally she could speak again.

"Honey your dad and I knew you were gay but wow did you land a hunk. You boys just finish up and I’ll put some extra towels in the bathroom for our guest to shower up. She turned away and wobbled out of the room, closing the door behind her.

“Your mom seems really nice,” said Cody.

“Yeah she took that pretty well. Let’s give her a few minutes and then shower up. And once you’re all clean I’m gonna go down on you because I want some of that cock before dinner.”

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