The Capture of Flame Boy

By sb jb mc
published January 29, 2014
9126 words

A hero and his friends are in danger of becoming mindless sex slaves by the evil villain the Enslave


The Enslaver has been conquering the City’s heroes for a few months now. His newest victim is “Flame Boy,” a blond haired hero with baby blue eyes. His hot muscular body helped him fight his crimes, along with the ability to light fires with his eyes when needed. He sported a faux hawk, and his costume consisted of a red skin tight spandex singlet

Our story begins…

The Enslaver and Raven were sitting in their lab discussing the plans to kidnap the twins.

“You see, by grabbing them, we will surely get Flame Boy here in no time. He’s the prize, whereas these twins will just be playthings.” No questions asked, the Enslaver’s diabolical plan would work.

The Enslaver stared at Raven, noticing how sexy his costume was. Raven was dressed in all black spandex, showing off his extremely muscular body. Raven was about six feet tall, with a light brown Latin skin tone. Every inch of his body had a muscle on it, as he was well into working out. He had deep brown eyes, and black short hair. His ass was firm, muscular, and turned on the Enslaver every day.

The Enslaver was pretty muscular, and had a very nice tan. He had rich blond hair and deep blue eyes. His costume consisted of black skintight spandex pants, and a navy blue muscle tank top, to show off his arms.

The Enslaver looks over at Raven, “bend over this table boy.”

Raven does as he’s told, still clothed with his ass sticking up in the air. The Enslaver handcuffs Raven’s hands to the legs of the table, and puts a ballgag in his mouth. He then pulls down Raven’s pants exposing his hot firm round ass. The Enslaver smacks it hard, “Yeah boy, that’s right, your ass is mine you whipped slave.”

The Enslaver pulls down his pants to expose his hard thick 9″ cock. He proceeds to lube up Raven’s ass and his cock and forces his cock in. Raven screams and moans through his ball gag as The Enslaver fucks him hard. Thrusting his body quickly and rough, he keeps going, playing the maniacal villain he is. He kept going faster and faster, watching his slave scream in ecstasy. Once it appeared The Enslaver had came, he stopped and pulled out. He smacked Raven’s ass again and grinned as he pulled his own pants back up after wiping off his cum and lube with a rag.

“You see boy, I own you. Every fuck brings you closer to me.” He grabbed the wet sticky foul-smelling rag and placed it over Raven’s nose and mouth. “This just proves it more boy, I own you, and you’ll go get those twins and that hero. I’ll let you even do some fucking. I know you’d like that boy wouldn’t you?”

Raven nodded as his eyes continued to flutter and roll up because of the smell on the rag. The Enslaver gave off an evil cackle.

Twins Aiden and Skylar walked into a locker room after just finishing working out. They were both dressed in basketball style shorts and tank tops. They were identical twins, and you could barely tell the difference between them. They were both tall, olive colored skin, standing about 5′ 10″. Both had brown hair, one was spiked, the other was a faux hawk. They both had deep green eyes. Their bodies were both slender, but muscular.

“That was a good workout, bro,” Aiden said to Skylar.

“I know, I’m glad I have a workout partner. We have to keep the same tone, in case, you know, we need to trade places.”

“Yeah, so I can screw your girlfriend?”

“Hey! No, that’s not what I meant… but while we’re at it… your girlfriend is pretty hot.”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough! I’m going to take a shower.” Aiden yanked off his tank top, and pulled down his shorts to reveal his white jockstrap. It held his package and ass together very nicely. He pulled the jock down, and then covered up with a towel as he left the room.

Skylar remained behind and began to strip as well to change into normal clothes. He was wearing the same white jockstrap as his brother as he stripped off his tank top and shorts. He left his jockstrap on as he admired himself in the mirror. Around the corner came Raven, dressed in a black tank top and long black tear-away pants. He was pushing a cart that would carry towels in it and smiled.

“Towel, sir?”

Skylar looked at him, “Sure! I could use a clean one. Thanks!”

Raven grabbed a towel and handed it to him, as he also grabbed a small cloth and quickly placed it over Skylar’s mouth and nose as he wasn’t looking.

Skylar screamed into the cloth and tried to get out of it. He was still only in a jockstrap, so his body looked hot struggling. You could see his arm muscles trying to pull Raven away, with no luck.

Raven whispered into his ear, “That’s it boy, it’s time for you to go to sleep. Don’t fight it, just submit to the chloroform and sleep like a good boy. It’ll all be over soon. Just submit boy, submit.”

Skylar kept screaming into the rag and struggling until his body began to go limp, and his eyes began to flutter. Slowly his eyes rolled back into his head as Raven kept talking.

“Good boy, that’s it. See, it’s almost over. I hope you enjoy nap time hot stuff.”

Raven smiled as he watched Skylar go completely limp in his arms. He admired the stud, wearing only a jockstrap, and began to get him ready for transportation. He grabbed Skylar’s tank top and used it as a gag to cover up his mouth. He grabbed the rope he had in the bottom of the cart and began to tie his arms behind his back, and his feet together. Raven then lifted the still sleeping stud into the towel cart, and covered him with towels. He looked around and grabbed some of their clothes off of the ground and put them underneath the towels with Skylar. He then pushed Skylar and the cart toward the showers. He was ready for the next one.

Raven headed toward the showers, where he is pushing the towel car down the aisle between showers and stalls. He smiles as he ensures no one is around. He sees Aiden, naked washing himself in the shower. He pulls away Aiden’s towel when he’s not looking. After that, Aiden turns off the water and turns to reach for his towel as Raven is walking away.

“Excuse me! Do you have any clean towels? I seem to have misplaced mine.”

Raven smiled, “Sure thing sir” he started rolling back the cart toward Aiden, and handed him a towel. Aiden began drying himself off, as Raven grabbed the chloroform rag and clamped it over Aiden’s face. Aiden began screaming into the cloth, though no one was around. As Raven heard Aiden’s muffled cries, he began to smile and whisper into his ear, “Don’t worry boy, everything will be all right. Just succumb to it, just like your brother did.”

When Aiden heard that, his eyes opened wide as he tried struggling free. He couldn’t as Raven was built like a rock, and Aiden wasn’t. He kept trying until he finally felt the drug kicking in. His eyes started to flutter and he started to feel sleepy as he was being knocked out. Everything started to go black, as his eyes began rolling up and his body began to become limp.

Raven whispered more, “Good boy, that’s it, go to sleep now. Join your brother in nap time boy. I’ll bring you home to my master… Such a good boy… Nighty night.”

Raven lifted Aiden’s limp body and followed through the same process as he did with Skylar. He opted to grab Aiden’s jockstrap from the other room and use it as a gag on him. He then tied his hands and legs together, and put him in the cart as well, covering them both up with towels. For good measure, he attached a rag full of chloroform to their gags, so they’d continue to sleep until he brought them back to the base. He smiled as he started pushing the cart away.

Raven returned to the lab lifting Aiden and Skylar one by one out of the cart. He lifted Aiden up into his arms and then carried him over his shoulder. Both of his arms and legs were still tied, and gag still in place. As he placed him over his shoulders Raven grabbed Aiden’s firm round ass and smacked it a few times. “Mmm nice ass boy,” he said to himself as he carried him across the room to a dentist’s chair. He laid him down face down on the flat chair as he untied his arms and massaged his ass a bit. He flipped him over and strapped him to the chair across his legs, pelvis, and chest. He cupped the naked boy’s sack and stroked his cock a little before going back for Skylar. He repeated the same process with Skylar, but opted to leave his jockstrap on.

“Master will be proud,” he thought out loud as he started rubbing Skylar’s package. Raven continued to admire the twins until his master came in.

“Very good work boy!” The Enslaver grinned, “Gagged, tied, and almost naked. Just how I like them.”

“I thought you would be pleased master.”

“Very pleased. Now, we get to wake them up and let them realize what a predicament they are in.”

The Enslaver began removing the cloth chloroform rag that was bundled into their gags. He ensured their gags stayed on, before trying to wake them up. Once their gags were secure, he started tapping both twins on their cheeks.

“Wake up boys.”

Slowly their bodies began to liven as they began to wake up. They started squirming around a little bit before realizing they were bound and gagged still. Once they regained full consciousness they began to scream into their gags.

“Screaming won’t do you any good boys, hate to break it to you.”

They kept screaming and trying to get loose.

“You two are worth a lot to me. You see, I’ve been tracking your best friend Flame Boy for months now. I’ve wanted to add him to my collection of slave heroes. You’ll recognize Raven here, your kidnapper. Too bad you’d never have known it was him.”

Both twins’ eyes opened wide. They were shocked. They wanted to speak, but neither could.

“Well, at least I got two nice twin hunks. You see, I’d have just grabbed one of you, but I like both in one package. I could use two new slaves. I sold the rest of the heroes off except Raven here.” He cackled.

Both twins tried struggling to get loose. Neither succeeded.

“Just give up. We have you both strapped in tight. Besides, you’re both about to become my favorite toys.”

The Enslaver smiled as he was standing between them. He started putting on a lotion onto his hands and began stroking their cocks. Both of their cocks began to grow.

“That’s it boys, get hard for me. Eventually you’ll succumb to me. You’ll be mine. All mine.”

As he continued to stroke their cocks, their eyes began to roll back as if they were being pleasured. Their bodies were reacting to the pleasure he was giving to them.

“Mmm that’s it boys, enjoy it much? That’s because my hands are moisturized with a lotion that brings cocks to life. You should be enjoying some unexpected pleasure. Every hand job makes you weak, as I convert you to my toys.”

Aiden and Skylar started moaning louder and louder. Raven continued to watch. His eyes were fixated on their cocks, and his masters raging hard on in his skintight pants.

“Raven, remove their gags. I want to hear them scream.”

Raven walked over and began to remove their gags. As he did, each twin moaned loudly. They were in pure heaven, just from a hand job.

“Good, now put on the milker.”

Raven reached over and placed a tube at the tip of each boys raging hard cock. It attached easily and clamped onto the head of each cock.

“Good boy, now go wait. You know what to do from here.”

The Enslaver began stroking their cocks harder and faster. They moaned louder and louder. Their bodies were spasming in pleasure, until they came. Aiden came first, with his whole body trying to sit up as he came. He couldn’t, so his cock just shot, and shot, and shot into the tube. He moaned and panted with every shot. Skylar went through the same process, as he came as well. Both twins panted and moaned until they finally finished spasming from their orgasms.

“That’s it boys, good job. How did that feel?”

Aiden replied half robotically, “good…”

Skylar didn’t fall under his control just yet, “Let us out of here you sicko.”

“Not just yet Skylar. You’re both destined to be mine.”

“We will never be your slaves!”

“You must underestimate the power of the mind. You see, soon, you’ll be my slaves and worship me and my cock.”

The Enslaver grabbed the back of Skylar’s neck and pulled their heads close together. “You see, I will win. Watch me.” He reached in and kissed him on the lips, despite protests from Skylar.

“Raven! Take care of them. We need to prepare for Flame Boy’s arrival.”

Raven smiled as he walked up to each boy and began to throw a mask over their face connected to a tube. He attached it over Skylar’s mouth and nose first, then setup the one over Aiden’s mouth and nose.

“I hope you enjoy your nap. It’s a little chloroform mixed with the scent of your own cum. This should help you have some sweet sexy dreams.” The Enslaver cackled afterward.

Both twins tried to break free and get the mask off, but as Raven turned it on, they slowly began to smell the gas. Both of their cocks began to rise, as their eyes began to flutter and their bodies started going limp. Raven and The Enslaver left the room to go prepare for their next steps as the twins slept.

The Enslaver and Raven went to The Enslaver’ office. “Why don’t you have a seat over here Raven?” The Enslaver pointed at the couch in his office. Raven did as he was told, and sat on the couch. The Enslaver then tapped Raven’s forehead and said “Sleep boy.” Raven’s eyes slammed shut and his body went limp as he crashed onto the couch.

The Enslaver smiled as his studly slave bodyguard slept soundly under his control. He was under his hypnotic state, where he would do anything he wanted. Raven was always under his hypnotic spell, but now was the time The Enslaver could reprogram any part of him.

“Listen Raven, I want you to help me take care of Flame Boy once and for all. These twins will tell us where he lives, and you will go and grab him. You must go when he is sleeping. You know exactly what to do. You’ve taken many of your own down before haven’t you boy?”

“Yes master, many heroes down.”

“You know what your reward is?”

“No master.”

“You get to fuck Flame Boy.”

The Enslaver watched as the smile on Raven’s face grew. His already skin tight pants began tighten around his crotch as his cock grew.

“That’s it boy, just imagine fucking that hunk Flame Boy.”

Raven smile kept getting larger. “I want to now master.”

“I know you do, but you have to wait just a little while longer. First we must enslave him like the others, then you can fuck him.”

“Thank you master. I will help.”

“I know you will boy, I know you will.” The Enslaver cackled and the scene was done.

Back in the lab with the twins… one was still in their jockstrap with their cock hanging out. Both were having their rock hard dicks milked by a tube, and both were still breathing chloroform mixed with their cum. The Enslaver walked in and smiled, “Ahh, the pleasure of exciting the mind.” He walked over and turned off the machines pumping and sucking, so he could wake them up and talk to them.

A few minutes after the machines were turned off, the twins began to awake. The Enslaver stood between them and grinned. “Nice to see you awake boys, I hope you enjoyed your dreams.”

Skylar and Aiden both had a twinge of fear in their eyes, but they both knew they enjoyed the dreams. The Enslaver had successfully converted their minds to love the smell of cum. That was just step one.

“I know you both love the smell of cum, don’t you?”

Both of them shook their heads.

“No, let us go you freak!” Aiden screamed out.

“Wait till Flame Boy gets you!” Skylar shouted.

“Oh, pity boys. You think he’s going to get me? More like I’ll be getting him.” The Enslaver laughed. “And I know you love the smell of cum. I’ll prove it to you, you cum sluts.”

Both of them kept screaming obscenities at him and tried to get loose. He grabbed two rags and placed some of their own cum that was milked from them on the rags.

“Quit yelling, why don’t you two just show me how much you love this smell boys.” He slowly waved the rags over their faces.

“No! NO! N…” Skylar screamed. He slowly began to smell it knowing it smelled good. The change in his face was subtle, but noticeable. He went from shaking his head from side to side to slowly trying to smell the rag.

Aiden went through a similar procedure.

“That’s it boys, enjoy that.” He lowered the rags closer to their mouth and nose so they could continue to smell it.

"Now who’s going to give up Flame Boy’s location first?’

Both of them shook their heads carefully so the rags didn’t fall off their face.

“Really? Let’s try this then.” He removed both rags and held them far away.

“Give it back!” they shouted.

“Mmm obsessed with it now aren’t we boys? This is how I enslave men like you. It doesn’t take much but some cum and a little mind changing. I’ll give you your rags back if you tell me where Flame Boy lives.”

“Never!” Skylar shouted trying to fight the urge.

“He lives…” Aiden started.

“NO!” Skylar yelled over at him.

“He lives…” Aiden was on repeat. He couldn’t say it, but he wanted to. He wanted the sweet smelling rag back. He wasn’t sure what was happening to him. His mind was scattered. He kept hearing Skylar’s cries, but wanted to ignore them.

“That’s it boy, tell me where he lives.”

“He lives at 1414 Mulberry Lane… Number 12.”

“NOOOOOO!” Skylar began to cry. He was fighting hard.

“Good boy Aiden.” He placed the rag back on Aiden’s mouth and nose and Aiden’s eyes rolled up into his head in ecstasy. “Now if only your brother was that cooperative.”

“Never!” Skylar tried so hard to get out of his straps. He couldn’t break free.

“Listen boy, you will submit. It’ll just take a lot of extra work. For now, I’m going to go ahead and give you back the thing you want most in this world… this rag.”

The Enslaver placed the rag back over Skylar’s mouth and nose and smiled. “Enjoy it pretty boy, enjoy the smell of your sweet cum.”

Skylar’s body began to become relaxed and his eyes began to flutter and roll back into his head. The Enslaver cackled as he knew they were ready for their next phase to become slaves. He began to pour another liquid onto the rags over their mouths and noses. He also placed headphones over their ears and brought down a screen with a spiral continuing to spin over their faces.

“Enjoy boys.” He walked out of the room.

Raven was outside waiting for his Master. “What now Master?”

“Go get Flame Boy. I want him here to witness his friends become slaves.”

“Yes Master!” He left.

The Enslaver began to cackle. “Flame Boy, you will be mine soon.”

Across town, Raven entered the apartment complex, dressed in normal clothes. He knocked on the door for Flame Boy’s apartment waiting for an answer. When no one answered, he picked the lock and let himself in. Once inside, he started searching around to ensure that this was Flame Boy’s house. He smiled when he figured out that it was. He found a trinket that he recognized from the days they worked together a few years ago. He heard someone coming, so he quickly ran to hide.

Flame Boy walked into his apartment dressed in a navy blue business suit. He took off his jacket and tie and left them at the coat hanger at the door. He looked around. He felt a strange presence, but figured it was nothing. He walked toward his bedroom and began to undress.

He sighed loudly, as if he had had a long day. He pulled off his shirt as Raven peered around the corner ever so subtly as to not be noticed. Flame Boy’s red singlet costume was underneath his suit. Flame Boy pulled off his pants to reveal his muscular legs. His singlet’s pant legs went down to just above the knees. Every muscle and curve in his body was visible in his skin tight suit. His cock looked hard. He was staring at himself in the mirror and smiled. “Man I love this suit.” He smiled as he began to walk into the bathroom. Raven knew he had to strike soon, or else his master would be upset. Flame Boy turned on the shower. Raven debated… “Naked or in suit?” He preferred naked if he could, but he figured in suit would be just as hot. He tip toed over to the bathroom doorway, and peeked in, in hopes that Flame Boy wasn’t looking his direction. Flame Boy had his back turned toward Raven doing his thing. Raven was staring at his ass. He kept staring until he realized now was the best time to strike. He grabbed the cloth he had prepared with chloroform and ran up to him as quickly as possible and clamped it over Flame Boy’s mouth and nose.

“What…. MMMMMPPPHHH!!!” Flame Boy cried out.

“Nighty night Flame Boy!” Raven laughed.

Flame Boy kept trying to break free, but Raven’s grip was too strong. One of Raven’s arms was over the rag, and the other was holding Flame Boy’s arms down until he started to become limp, then he reached for his dick. “Mmmm the prized possession. You’ll be a sex slave soon Flame Boy.”

Flame Boy’s cries were still muffled, as his body slowly became limp, and his eyes began to roll up into his head. When he was fully limp, Raven placed his limp body on the ground with his ass up. He dragged him out into the living room where he left his bag. He grabbed a needle and injected Flame Boy’s ass with a shot. “That should subside your powers in case you wake up.”

He then grabbed ropes and handcuffs and began to tie his legs and arms up. He kept staring at Flame Boy’s round perfectly plump ass, and smacked it a few times. “Mmm, such a sexy man, Master will be pleased.” Raven picked up Flame Boy and carried him over his shoulder to the car. He held his legs with one hand firmly placed on his ass. Once he was at the car, he put a gag in Flame Boy’s mouth, and placed a cloth full of chloroform as part of it to keep him asleep.

Raven smiled as they drove off back to headquarters. Once he got back, he carried the limp, sleeping Flame Boy in over his shoulders again. The Enslaver heard Raven come back.

“Master! Master! I have him.”

“Good boy. I knew we’d get him. Oh in costume too, even better.”

“Yes Master, just no mask. He was changing from his ‘normal’ self to Flame Boy.”

“Oh well. The mask would have been useless anyway. You’ve done well boy. You’re reward will come in due time.”

“Thank you Master. Where do you want him?”

He pointed over at another dentist’s chair. “There, please.”

“Yes sir!” Raven slowly placed Flame Boy’s limp body on the chair, and left his arms tied behind his back. He strapped him into the chair so he could not escape. He then walked away.

The Enslaver smiled as he looked down at Flame Boy. “Ahh, what a sexy hero. Probably one of the best. Glad I get to keep you to myself.” He started grinning. “Now, let me check on those twins.”

The Enslaver left and headed toward the twins in the other room. They were still going through the phases of their induction. He waited around to see how they were progressing before going back over to Flame Boy.

He removed the chloroform rag off of Flame Boy’s mouth and nose, and then waited for him to wake up.

Slowly Flame Boy began to become slightly conscious again. He realized he was bound, gagged, and strapped to a chair and instantly began to struggle to get out. He tried crying for help but his cries were muffled through his gag.

“Nice of you to wake up Flame Boy. Welcome home.”


“I know, I know, this isn’t your home, but it will be. You see, I’m your worst nightmare. I’m the Enslaver!”

Flame Boy’s eyes opened wide, as he kept screaming out.

“You’ve heard of me I see. Well that’s good. Most heroes don’t get to stick around. You see, I’ve sold most of them off to the highest bidders. You, I’m keeping for myself. I kept Raven too, as he was who captured you. I also have your two twin friends. They’ll be staying with us too. I’ve always wanted twins.” He laughed.

Flame Boy’s cries were muffled, but he was screaming out. He wanted to break free. He was trying to use his powers, but he couldn’t.

“You see boy, I found something that would subside your powers for 24 hours. And we’ve already used it on you. Don’t worry, I’ll keep giving it to you until you submit to me.” The Enslaver cackled. “For now though, I think it’s time to give you a nice taste of your own medicine.”

The Enslaver reached down toward Flame Boy’s cock and began to stroke it through his costume. Flame Boy’s expression was priceless. He was showing that he enjoyed it, yet hated it at the same time. He wanted to pull away, but he was horny. He didn’t know why he was horny, but the Enslaver did. It was planned.

“Mmm that’s it boy, get hard for me. I know it feels good. I can see it on your face. You’re fucking horny aren’t you? Good Flame Boy, get that cock hard.” He started rubbing Flame Boy’s nipples with his other hand. Flame Boy started moaning loudly, he was thoroughly enjoying this.

“Such a good hero.” He watched as Flame Boy’s dick grew to its full, hard, 9 inches. “What a nice cock you have here boy. So thick, so long. Mmm.” The Enslaver knew he needed to get this hero naked soon, but he didn’t know how to pull off his costume without untying him. He couldn’t risk it, so he tried to see what he could do.

Flame Boy’s cock was hard as a rock. He was so horny he wanted to cum. He wanted more. He imagined one of the twins sucking him off, a thought that had never come across his mind before. He kept moaning, and at one point he moaned out “Skylar.”

“Ahh, want the twins don’t you? Hah! You’ll get to play with them soon you stud. You keep thinking those happy thoughts. Just breathe in this cloth, and imagine it smells like your hot twins.”

The Enslaver placed a cloth full of chloroform mixed with the twin’s cum over Flame Boy’s mouth and nose. “That’s it boy, breathe it in deeply. Remember what it smells like. Keep that cock nice and hard for me boy.” The Enslaver saw a small wet spot around Flame Boy’s dickhead. He knew it was precum and he was ready to blow, but he wouldn’t cum yet. He smiled as his work gets better with every capture. Slowly Flame Boy’s body became limp again and his eyes began to flutter and roll back into his head. He fell deep asleep.

“That’s it boy, nighty night.”

The Enslaver smiled as he admired his new possession. He left him alone while he slept, so that he could head over to the twins to check on them. He walked into the room with the two naked twins on their chairs tied down, with Raven in his own trance hovering over them. The Enslaver smiled as he thought “well I guess Raven fell victim of the spiral again.”

He looked over at his slave, wearing his skin tight black costume from neck to toe. Raven’s cock was thick and hard. He checked on the progress on the twin’s mind control tape. It was way past done. He decided it was best to wake them all up. He turned off the spirals, and turned on the lights. He slowly pulled off the headphones off of the twins.

“Wake up boys.”

All three boys woke up. Raven came back to his normal state. “Oops! Sorry Master.”

“It’s okay Raven, you probably needed that a bit.”

The twins weren’t allowed to speak until they were spoken to, so Raven and the Enslaver removed their gags, and the cum-soaked cloth.

“How do you feel twins?”

“Good Master.” They said in unison.

The Enslaver smiled, “That never gets old. Now boys what are you?”

“We are here to service and please our master.”

“Good boys. Now how are you going to please your master, Skylar?”

Skylar smiled, “by doing anything he wishes.”


Aiden looked down at the Enslaver’s cock, “by servicing him.”

The enslaver smiled. “Good boys. Raven, go ahead and let Aiden out. He looks… Hungry.”

Raven unstrapped Aiden, and untied him completely. Raven stared at the boy’s naked body and smiled. He helped him out of the chair. Skylar turned his body so he could watch what his brother was doing. Aiden got out of the chair and stared at his new master.

“Go ahead boy, you know what to do,” the Enslaver spoke.

Aiden smiled. He reached over and started rubbing the Enslaver’s cock through his skin tight pants. He began to pull them down, releasing his cock. Aiden got down on his knees and started licking the tip of the Enslaver’s cock and then licking down his shaft.

Raven and Skylar were just watching as they couldn’t do anything.

Aiden kept licking his master’s cock up and down over and over. He looked up at his master’s face with an expression of lust and desire, while his master had the look of pleasure and ecstasy. Aiden continued to please his master by sucking on his long thick cock.

“Good boy Aiden, keep sucking my cock. Raven, get naked and stand next to me. Skylar, you suck Raven’s cock right next to your brother here.”

They all did as told. Aiden kept sucking away at his master’s cock, and Skylar and Raven obeyed their master’s wishes. Raven stood tall, muscular and naked, with his cock already hard. Skylar got down on his knees next to his twin and began to suck Raven’s thick cock. Raven began to moan and groan in pleasure. Both Skylar and Aiden were massaging the ass of their receiver. Both twin’s cocks were hard as rocks. The Enslaver smiled as he enjoyed his work. These twins were one of a kind. He was ready to cum, and he knew Raven was too. He also knew that he’d get more out of these boys a little later. He devilishly smiled and turned his head toward Raven and whispered “cum slave, cum.”

Both Raven and the Enslaver shot their loads into the twins’ mouths. The twins took it down their throats. Their gag reflexes were no more, as they swallowed shot after shot after shot. The twins kept sucking away, until they were told otherwise. “Okay boys, that’s enough for now. Stand up.”

They stood up. Fully erect, and looking hot.

“Good boys, now, go ahead and suck each other off in a 69 position. I want you both to cum at the same time, so when you both know you are ready, go ahead and do it.”

“Yes sir!” they said in unison.

Aiden laid on the floor, as Skylar hovered over him. They both began to suck the other’s cock. Aiden massaged his brother’s ass forcing him to want to orgasm faster. Aiden was ready before he even laid down. Once Skylar was ready, they both came, and they swallowed their loads. They panted until Skylar collapsed to the side of Aiden, done shooting and tired.

“Good boys,” the Enslaver said. “Now, Raven, show these boys to their room for now. I need to prepare Flame Boy. I’ll call you in if I need you both.”

The Enslaver went into the room with Flame Boy, and untied him to move him around. He hung chains from the ceiling, for his arms to be cuffed, and his legs would be cuffed to the ground. The Enslaver pulled off the super hero’s singlet skin tight costume to reveal a matching red jockstrap underneath. He left that on, before tying him up. He smiled at his limply hanging hero, and removed the chloroform and cum soaked rag from his face, but leaving his gag on.

“Just a few more steps Flame Boy and you’ll be mine,” he cackled as he walked away.

Flame Boy awoke slowly a few minutes later. He was still lightheaded from the drugs, as he slowly looked around at his surroundings. He realized how he was tied, and was not happy. He became angrier when he realized that he was stripped of his costume, except his jockstrap. He also was incredibly horny, and wanted his cock to be taken care of by anyone at the moment. He was alone, and tried to remove his hands or legs from the chains, but couldn’t. He screamed for help, with no answer but an echo. He felt trapped, lonely, horny, and angry.

All of the sudden in the corner of the room he spotted two shadows coming toward him. Two men.

“The twins!” he thought to himself. “They’ll get me out of here!”

As they came into the light he realized they were both dressed in plain white jockstraps.

“What the…” he said out loud.

“We are here to pleasure you,” they said in unison.

“Let me out of here!”

“We cannot. Obeying strict orders.”

Skylar smiled as he kneeled down in front of Flame Boy’s crotch. Aiden walked around to the backside of Flame Boy and stood behind him.

Aiden reached his arms around Flame Boy rubbing his chest, pecs and playing with his nipples. Skylar started digging his face into Flame Boy’s crotch, kissing all around his jockstrap and grabbing his ass. Slowly Flame Boy felt his chains going lower. He was being lowered a bit, but not enough to get free. Aiden bent Flame Boy’s body over at a slight angle so that Aiden’s dick rested between Flame Boy’s ass cheeks. Skylar began removing his jockstrap with his teeth and licking Flame Boys hard cock.

Flame Boy began to moan, and screamed out “stop guys… stopppp.” They wouldn’t stop. Aiden ripped Flame Boy’s jockstraps waistline straps, and rolled it up into a ball. He then shoved it into Flame Boy’s mouth as a gag and tied over a tank top that was lying around to hold it in place.

“That should shut him up while we fuck him.”

Flame Boy screamed into his gag.

Skylar kept sucking on his cock, as Aiden lubed up his cock and Flame Boy’s ass, ready to penetrate the hero. He slowly slid his cock right into Flame Boy’s tight asshole and began fucking him hard. Skylar kept his head in one spot, allowing the force of Aiden’s fuck job to push Flame Boy’s cock in and out of his mouth. Flame Boy moaned and groaned in pleasure and pain. He was furious, yet incredibly turned on.

The entire time Flame Boy’s mind was confused did he enjoy this, or was he upset and mad? It felt great all around, but he couldn’t tell how he truly felt. His mind was becoming clouded. He couldn’t let his guard down, yet he was. He wanted them to keep fucking him and blowing him. He wanted more. He started moaning louder and louder, and feeling the pleasure of the twins. Rather than screaming for them to stop, he started enjoying it. He began to scream into the gag “more, more.” His mouth still gagged with the taste of his own crotch and precum. They kept going… for a long while.

The Enslaver was watching from afar with Raven. “These twins are doing great, aren’t they boy?”

“Yes Master, they are.”

“I can see Flame Boy succumbing quickly. He will be mine, all mine.”

“Yes Master, all yours.”

“You want to get in there don’t you boy?”

“Yes Master, I do.”

“Go get them. You know what to do.”

“Yes Master.”

In the other room, as Flame Boy was still getting fucked and sucked, he saw a shadow appear out of the dark. Raven joined them. He walked up to Flame Boy with a rag in his hand. He placed the rag over Flame Boy’s mouth and nose. This wasn’t chloroform, this was a rag full of an intoxicating drug mixed with the twin’s cum. It would make him succumb further and further into ecstasy, in hopes that he could just go through the hypnosis tape and be under the Enslaver’s control. Although by now Flame Boy should have came, he couldn’t. He didn’t know why, but Raven did. He knew that the only way Flame Boy could cum would be when he hits what the Enslaver called “full ecstasy.” It was a state of mind when there is no fear, no pain, just full sexual pleasure and desire. This rag would help him get there. Flame Boy continued to get fucked and sucked, as he kept breathing in the fumes of the rag. Slowly, his moaning became louder, and louder, as Raven whispered to Skylar “get ready boy.”

Then it happened. Flame Boy’s mind hit full ecstasy. There wasn’t a thought in his head but full desire of wanting to be fucked and sucked. His body began to spasm, as his eyes rolled into his head. He began to cum into Skylar’s mouth. Skylar swallowed a load or two, but then placed a tube nearby on his dick quickly to finish the job. Skylar smiled as he grabbed Raven’s ass. Aiden continued to fuck the hero, and Raven continued to hold the rag there until Flame Boy was done. Slowly the hero finished his body spasms, and load shooting, and became calm. Aiden pulled out, and Raven took off the rag.

Flame Boy sat there, panting loudly, tired. His body was sore, his cock was milked dry, his ass hurting, and his mouth still full. His head rolled forward as if he had just fallen asleep. Slowly his arm chains began to rise to lift him back into a full standing position. Raven handed Skylar and Aiden a rag full of chloroform. They smiled, and slowly took turns putting Flame Boy to sleep.

“Such a good hero, I hope you have sweet dreams,” Skylar said.

“Nighty night hunk,” Aiden said.

Slowly, Flame Boy’s consciousness disappeared into thin air. He was still in full ecstasy, as he slowly fell asleep. His body fell limp, his eyes closed shut, and his naked body hanging by chains.

Aiden and Skylar left the room, only to be put to sleep by the Enslaver. Raven waited a little while before heading out to see his master.

“Good job boy.”

Raven looked down at the sleeping twins and grabbed them one by one, carrying them over his shoulder to a bed in another room. Once they were put away, the Enslaver smiled.

“One last step for Flame Boy and he’ll be all mine.”

The next day, the Enslaver went in to check on Flame Boy. He was still sleeping with a rock hard cock. The Enslaver smiled, “I knew full ecstasy would break him.” He had just a few hours before his powers would return, so he had to move quickly. He slowly set everything up and began to wake him up. Flame Boy awoke to a blank screen in front of his limp body. He slowly regained his mind and began to try to scream.

“You’ll never get away with this!”

“I already have boy. I already have.”

“Let me out of here. I swear when I regain my pow… Mmmph MMMPHH”

The Enslaver covered Flame Boy’s mouth with a gag. “That’ll keep you quiet. Why don’t you enjoy listening to the sound of my voice and watch the screen.”

He placed headphones on Flame Boy’s head, and turned on the always spinning spiral. He added a rag full of sweet smelling cum and a drug that helps him relax to his gag.

“That’s it Flame Boy, just watch the spiral and listen to the voice.” He smiled, and smacked his ass as he walked away. He watched as Flame Boy’s body began to succumb to the voice in the headphones. He was slowly being put under the Enslaver’s control. He gave off an evil grin as he watched Flame Boy begin to become sleepy in front of the spiral. His body, his mind, his everything would slowly fall under his spell.

About an hour later, the Enslaver decided to return to check on the boy. He had about an hour until Flame Boy’s powers would return, and if he wasn’t fully under his control, he’d be giving him another sedative right now. He walked in to find Flame Boy sleeping peacefully, body fully limp in front of the spiral on the screen. He turned everything off, and removed the headphones, gag, and rag and began to speak to his new slave.

“Slave, wake up.”

Flame Boy’s body began to liven. He began to stand up straight as his head jerked back to a normal position from hanging loosely. His body tensed up as if he were a soldier in the army.

“At ease slave. Tell me boy, what is your purpose?”

“I am here to please my master. I will serve him completely and do anything and everything he asks of me. I am his slave.”

“Good boy, now what is the one thing your master wants more than anything in this world?”

“Master wants me to pleasure him sexually. He loves it when his slaves please him in a sexual manner.”

“And what are you boy?”

“Your sex slave, master.”

“Such a good boy.” The Enslaver patted him on the head.

“What is your identity boy?”

“I am Flame Boy, former hero. I worship my master as if there is no other being on this Earth. I will never use my powers for anything unless my master asks.”

“Such a good boy. I am going to release you. You will do everything I say, understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good boy.”

“I will release you, and I want you to inject this into your butt cheek. It will continue the subsidization of your powers for another 24 hours. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

The Enslaver released one arm, so that Flame Boy could inject himself. This was his test to ensure that a hero was completely under his command. If he wasn’t, he would hesitate. Flame Boy did it without any resistance.

“Great job boy. Now, I’ll continue to release you.”

He released all of the chains from Flame Boy, and he was now free to roam.

“Flame Boy, you’ll find your costume over there. Feel free to put it back on. We have some fun to have.”

Flame Boy walked over and grabbed his costume and put it back on… with a new jockstrap waiting to put on under his costume, as his old one was ripped. He began to get dressed, and then followed the Enslaver to another room.

In that room was Raven, Skylar and Aiden. They were lying on the bed naked, and asleep. The twins were tied to the ends of the bed, with their arms tied to one corner, and their legs tied to another. There was a slight gap between them where Raven was lying, so he was enjoying them. Flame Boy walked in and saw them all lying there and was turned on.

He looked over at his master waiting for instruction.

The Enslaver smiled as he saw the raging hard on in Flame Boy’s costume. “Good boy Flame Boy, they look sexy lying there naked and tied don’t they?”

“Yes Master, very much so.”

“Well, go get them boy. You take one, Raven will take the other… I’ll watch until I’m ready to jump in.”

The Enslaver watched his new slave walk in his costume. Although he had just put it on, it was purely for the Enslaver’s pleasure. He liked watching his boys in their skin tight costumes walk around, watching every muscle flex in the spandex of their costume. Flame Boy slowly stripped down, as the Enslaver enjoyed seeing his body naked, and in a jockstrap. Flame Boy stripped completely naked before tapping Raven on the chest to wake him up. Raven smiled as he realized his former hero colleague was now about to be his new best friend. Raven rolled over to let Flame Boy get between him and Aiden. All four naked men were lying on the bed, with the twins still sleeping, and tied. The former heroes turned the naked twins on their sides so that each hero could shove their rock hard cocks into their twin’s nice tight asses. Both heroes were now lying back to back. They both slowly slipped their cocks into each twin causing them to wake up slowly and begin to moan in pleasure.

The Enslaver grinned, as he worked to untie the twins. He watched his fallen heroes slowly begin to fuck their twin. Once he was done untying them, he spoke.

“Heroes, I want you to slowly turn these twins so they can face each other while you fuck them. Try to do this without removing your cocks from their ass.”

Both heroes nodded as they attempted to accomplish this task. They slowly started rolling the twins up and over their body as their body turned. The twins did what they could to help these muscular men lift and turn their bodies.

Once this task was done, the heroes began to fuck their victim again. The twins, now facing each other were beginning to tug at the other one’s cock, and began to make out. They were horny, and enjoying being fucked.

The Enslaver heard a lot of moaning, and groaning from all four parties, as he worked his own cock through his tight leather pants.

All four boys were enjoying themselves as they continued to fuck and get fucked. Both twins continued to make out with one another while playing with their cocks.

“Flame Boy, pull out and come over here. Raven, you get both now.”

Flame Boy pulled out of Aiden and left the bed. Raven smiled as now he had his chance with both twins. Aiden came around to behind Raven and slid his cock into Raven’s muscular tight ass. He moved with Raven’s body as he fucked Skylar simultaneously.

Flame Boy was now bent over a table with the Enslaver beginning to tease his naked body with his cock.

“Such a good slave Flame Boy. Time for you to please your master.”

He positioned himself in front of Flame Boy’s mouth, and Flame Boy knew it was time to suck his master’s cock. He licked the tip of his cock and began to bob his head up and down the large cock in front of him.

“Oh yeah Flame Boy, suck that cock.” The Enslaver was pleased with how well he was sucking cock already. His work was genius. He was happy to have a fallen hero as his slave. His muscular body, his big cock, his tight ass.

Flame Boy was grabbing the Enslaver’s ass to use it as leverage for sucking his cock. He was still bent over a table ready to be fucked by the cock he’s sucking. Slowly the Enslaver pulled out ready to fuck his new hero turned slave. He walked around and slowly slid his cock into the hero’s asshole. Flame Boy moaned loudly as his masters cock went in.

The Enslaver started off slow, and went faster and harder. He fucked him hard, but he didn’t last long. His cock was worked up from the amount of pleasure he’d been experiencing with all of these boys. Once he came, he pulled out.

“Such a good slave. I’m glad you now know your place in life you hot stud.” He cackled.

Master was right, Flame Boy thought. He knew his new place in life, to be next to his master and please him sexually, all of the time. His new life would be amazing!

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