Slack Class (Chapter Two: Lesson Plan)

By SinisterIntentions
published June 20, 2013

The first nerd goes in for his one on one advising with the coach

Part Two: Lesson Plan

Jeff was nervous as he walked down the stairs and into the basement of the college’s gym. He wanted to take time later in the week to study for his first anatomy quiz of the semester, so he had booked the earliest appointment with the coach, two scant hours after the lecture was originally set to end. As the first student to get his personalized fitness program, he had no idea what to expect. He grudgingly imagined it would involve lots of cardio. At 210 lbs on his 5’10'' frame, Jeff was definitely in need of some sort of modifications in his life to be healthier, but his constant studying for his pre med classes and weekend tabletop gaming sessions didn’t leave him any time to go to the gym.

Not that he felt it would do him much good. He had a plain face with long black hair, glasses, and thin lips that made him look like something upsetting was happening to him. To try to cover it up, he always wore a shapeless hoodie to make him look more normal. He needed to wash his face more often, as he often had a faint oily sheen on his forehead from eating too much junk food while up late studying. He felt that even if he had a better body, he would still be too unattractive and timid to get a girl.

Maybe this program might actually work thought Jeff. That would be excellent if he got to lose weight in addition to getting his easy A, all without having to spend five days a week sweating all over exercise equipment, graded on his assuredly lackluster performance. These thoughts meandered through his head as he approached Coach Hartsfield’s door and knocked.

“Come in Jeff”

At first Jeff was surprised that the coach had known his name, as he was usually shy and quiet in public, but then he reasoned he was simply reading it off the schedule where he had signed up earlier. It sounded kind of muffled, as though the coach was talking from a great distance away.

Jeff walked into what looked like a surprisingly austere office. It looked small, with a few chairs by the door for waiting students, a water cooler in the corner, and a door opposite the one he entered. Most of the office was taken up by a large, square desk with a big leather reclining swivel chair behind it and a stool in front of it. Coach Hartsfield was sitting behind the desk, reclining slightly and looking at Jeff with a gleam of anticipation in his eye. Jeff walked in and seated himself uncomfortably on the wooden stool and looked across at the coach. From where he stood, he felt like a naughty child being brought up before a principal for a lecture.

“All right Jeff, so what I want to do here today is to go over some biochemical principles with you and see if there any simple ways you can change your lifestyle so you can be fit. One of the biggest ways your body regulates itself is through hormones, which can do everything from alter metabolic rates to changing muscle growth and even sexual arousal.”

Jeff felt a little uncomfortable from the last comment, and tried not to blush. He felt very awkward talking about any components of sex to another person, and he tried not to let it show.

“Basically, for you we need to look at several changes you could make and several…naturally occurring substances that could improve your lifestyle. I am sure you are plenty smart, so I won’t have to explain everything. Since this could take a bit of time to go over, I suggest you grab a glass of water while I grab some diagrams for you.”

This seemed reasonable to Jeff, and he walked to the corner of the room and grabbed a paper cup from the side of the water cooler. The machine made its characteristic glug glug noise as water poured out into the paper cone, and Jeff took a sip before sitting back down on the stool. The water had an odd taste to it, something that Jeff couldn’t quite place.

As the coach pulled out a manila folder and started to talk about hormone composition, Jeff had trouble paying attention. It seemed the room had gotten warm, and he noticed there didn’t seem to be any vents or fans in the office. After a few minutes, he became so hot he finished his water and got up to get another cup. After another several minutes, that cup was empty as well and Jeff could not seem to understand anything the coach was saying. It was as if his head was packed full of warm cotton, preventing any coherent or rapid thought. It kind of reminded him of being drunk, except things felt slower and calm.

As Coach Hartsfield noticed Jeff had downed his second cup, he purposefully slowed his talking, and started spouting nonsense about chemical regulators, to check if Jeff was still paying attention. Getting a halfhearted nod from him, the coach realized Jeff was completely zoned out and in a pliable state of mind. Finally he though. Talking about protein receptors and peptide bonds was boring him to death as well.

“Hey Jeff, how are you feeling?”

“Pretty good coach. Kinda tired, but I am still focused. Finish talking so I can get those herbal pills you mentioned and be on my way.”

“Ok son, but you know what? Now I am thinking those might not be the best things for you. I want to explore something more radical and dynamic.”

“Like what”

“You smell that?”

Jeff began to notice an odd, enticing smell in the room that he had not noticed before. It smelled like sweat, but stronger and headier.

“Yeah, it smells weird and familiar, but in a good way. Does that make sense to you coach?”

“You bet your ass it does. It is one of the best fucking smells in the world.”

“What is it?”


And with that the coach stood up and pulled down his athletic shorts. He was not wearing a jock or underwear, so his cock and balls sprang out when his pants hit the ground.

“It’s my ball sweat. More specifically, the pheromones and aphrodisiac compound that I drank earlier”

Jeff didn’t respond, he just looked at the coach’s package. His cock was an impressive eight inches and quite thick, with a dark foreskin covering the head. He had a nice brown bush around it, long but not an untidy jungle. But the thing that really caught Jeff’s attention was the coach’s nuts. They looked to be the size of billiards balls, hanging low in his sack. The nuts were quite hairy, and looked like succulent fruit to Jeff. He could see a sheen of sweat covering the coach’s junk, and when he inhaled he was hit with an even stronger dose of whatever he smelled earlier.

“Looks like you are pretty much a mindless drone now. I prepped a couple batches of unique hormonal treatments earlier today that I discovered doing my undergraduate research. There are two types, the ones that are temporary and wear off in a few hours, but can be mixed with anything and still be potent and undetectable. And another kind, which when ingested directly can cause some permanent changes. I put some of the temporary ones in my cooler, and by now you’ve drunk enough to where you really are not capable of any independent thought. You are pretty much just a receptacle for sensory information. But that is just the beginning of the fun.”

“I used two temps on myself earlier. One for this magnificent sack, the other so my nut sweat will be intoxicating to anyone else. I can see that you can’t really hear me know, but humor me anyway.”

It was true. Jeff could only focus on the coach’s sack. Fuck, did it smell good. I wonder if the coach will let me bury my nose in his nuts. Maybe he will just drape his sack over my face and I can get a big whiff of it. God, this is hotter than any jack off session I’ve ever had. Jeff continued to stare at the coach’s package as the coach took slow strides towards Jeff’s unmoving body. His hard cock started leaking pre as the coach got turned on by the mindless lust from the nerd in front of him.

“I can see you obviously want this”

The coach palmed his balls and held them up. Jeff leaned forward breathing deeply fromhis nose.

“But not just yet. See, I told you that you wouldn’t have to work out to make the fitness changes for this class. Oh, you are still gonna make some changes all right. It is just not gonna be from exercise.”

With that, Coach Hartsfield took a small bottle with neon blue liquid in it out from a drawer in his desk. He unscrewed the lid, sighed lustily, and knocked back the contents of the vial.

“Now this one is a hybrid class of hormones. This lovely batch will mix in with the sperm in my balls, and give it unique properties. In a few minutes, my huge nuts will swell up with thick, nutritious cum. And you are gonna drink it all down, boy.”

Jeff couldn’t really understand what was happening, but the pleasure centers in his brain made him not care. All he could do was try to stand up from the stool. He wanted to smell that heavy sack. To have the coach run it over his body, so he would smell like that too. He wanted to take a sack bath, to rub those big hairy nuts all over his body until he reeked of that sweat just as much as the coach did. As he made a slow, unsteady move forward, a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Before you get any of this, take those clothes off.”

Jeff happily complied, pulling off his dark hoodie, and then his t shirt underneath it. His torso looked flabby and smooth, since Jeff also had relatively no body hair other than his pubes and pits. Then Jeff pulled off his tennis shoes, then his jeans, tossing the clothes onto one of the guest chairs by the door. Lastly his boxers came off with just a slight hesitation. Soon Jeff was standing naked and panting with lust before the coach. He had a short, trimmed bush with a rather mediocre endowment, certainly nothing compared to the coach’s splendor. His ass was likewise flabby and looked like it was far more accustomed to being parked in a chair that out in the open where other people could see.

“Shit, looks like I got more work to do here than I thought. Better give Mark a call in.”

The coach pressed a button on his phone, then told the other person on the line to come into his office through the back way, and to take a green and a purple, then wait five minutes and come in. After that, the coach took off his shirt and rolled his shoulders, stretching his massive frame free of its confining cloth prison. Fully unclothed, Coach Hartsfield looked like a bodybuilding porn star. He had huge biceps, pectorals that began to just out from his chest, and a hard six pack with perfect definition. His whole body was covered in a light dusting of brown hair from the neck down, and it was all glistening slightly with the sweat. He had modified this room years earlier so that with the simple push of a button, it would swelter like a sauna, making everyone in it sweat like a dog after fifteen minutes.

The coach reveled in the fact that he had this zoned out nerd before him, fully undressed, willing to do anything told to him, and hornier than he had ever been in his life. Jeff’s four inch cock was almost as hard as the coach’s, but nowhere near as wet. The coach rubbed some of his pre on his fingertips, and then stuck them inside Jeff’s mouth.

“Taste that? I bet it tastes like fucking nectar to you, doesn’t it? So fucking sweet and erotic, you could drink this stuff for days and still want more.”

If the ball sweat was like a sensory overload for his nose, then the taste of the coach’s pre was that for his taste buds. Without being forced or coerced, Jeff ran his hands along the coach’s cockhead, sucking on his own digits for all traces of the delicious substance.

“Fuck, that is one of the hottest sights in the whole fucking world. This, this moment, where you little nerds willingly submit to those who are bigger, stronger, and better than you. Look at you, your body is nothing but malleably clay, your mind an empty vessel. I am gonna mold you then fill you up, sure as sex. Not only that, but you are gonna love every second of it. It is gonna be the best thing that ever happened to you. Fuck!”

With that, the coach put his hands on Jeff’s shoulders and pushed him to the ground, so that his face was level with his cock. It didn’t take more than a gentle hand on Jeff’s head guiding him to his prize to get him to take the first three inches of the coach’s dick into his mouth immediately.

“Shit, you are so fucking eager to suck me off. Whoa, careful there, no teeth. That’s it, move your mouth like that. Fuck! Try swirling your tongue more, that’s it. With some practice, I bet you can become a grade A cocksucker in no time.”

Jeff worked at the coach’s cock clumsily, his zeal compensating for his lack of experience. He got about five inches in, then couldn’t seem to go farther down. He figured this was far down as he could go, and happily continued sucking off the coach. With one hand on the ground to steady him, Jeff used the other to slowly massage the coach’s swollen nuts. He began moaning in pleasure as his efforts were rewarded with more precum from the coach’s cock.

“Nobody is gonna hear you, the walls and door have cork in ‘em to muffle the noises you sluts start to make when you start the transformation process. Ooooh, fuck, there you go, now you are getting the hang of it. You feel that? My cock is leaking like a faucet. That pre is gonna coat your throat, making it so that you can go farther and farther down on me.”

Jeff found that the more he sucked, the more delicious pre he got, the more of the coach’s thick cock he could fit down his throat. His moaning began making his throat muscles twitch vibrating the coach’s cock for even more pleasure. Soon Jeff was going all the way to his pubes, and getting rewarded by a huge whiff of nutsweat. This pushed him into overdrive, sucking and messaging the swollen testicles as the coach continued to talk dirty to Jeff.

“You like that feeling, a big thick dick in your mouth? Yeah you do, you fucking love it, I can see it in your eyes. You never were this content studying or doing research as you are right now, with your head bobbing up and down on my meat. Fuck, lick my nuts now. Feel those big hair nuts, nice and full of cum. You have been making them nice and tender, they are filled to burstin’. And it is all gonna go in your fat little tummy. Not that is gonna stay that way for long.”

Suddenly the coach pulled Jeff’s suckling mouth off his weighty balls and placed it back on his dripping cock.

“Fuck, I am close. Keep going, fuck. Shit, look at that. This whole time your cock is so fuckin’ hard, like this is the most erotic thing you can think of. Oooof, just like that. Uuugh!”

As the coach began to cum, Jeff felt the coach’s hands mash his nose into the coach’s pubes, letting the cock fire deep within him. After the first ten seconds Jeff began to feel like he just ate a good meal. After twenty he began to feel slow and torpid, coming down off his chemical high. After thirty seconds, Jeff felt like he was no longer swallowing, almost like the coach’s cream was being pumped directly into his stomach. Finally, after almost a minute, Coach Hartsfield pulled his sticky cock from Jeff’s mouth like a pacifier from a nursing baby.

“Holy shit, look at you. God, I love this part.”

Jeff looked like he had had a fire hose shoved down his throat and turned on, like in a cartoon. His stomach was horribly distended from all the cum, which he still felt had been the single most delicious and satisfying thing he had ever eaten. Jeff just sat down on his ass, looking like he had gained 40 pounds, all in the gut. The coach reached down and slowly began messaging Jeff’s gut, like he was mixing it all up in Jeff’s stomach.

“What a good student, you really milked me good there. Not many first-timers can make me shoot like that, even after I drink some of the blue. Gotta hand it to you Jeff, looks like you will be getting you’re A”

All throughout the message Jeff’s cock had not gone down, and it was leaking continuously. The coach’s hands felt like the best thing on his skin, better than when he felt up Sally Moore at his senior prom. The tactile sensations, coupled with the immense feeling of contentment of fullness from being filled up like a water balloon caused Jeff to begin drifting off in a languid state of bliss. He just lolled his head, and laid on his back on the cramped floor of the coach’s office, getting off on the feeling of just being pumped full of creamy cum.

After ten minutes of feeling this euphoria, Jeff began to feel a tightness in his chest. It was though his stomach was beginning to compress all the boy batter inside his guts, pushing it down and into the rest of his body. Soon his biceps, pecs and calves began to tingle too.

“Looks like the hormones are starting to kick in. These boy are gonna be permanent. The mixture of my copious amount of cum and the chemicals are spreading throughout your weak, flabby body. They are starting to make you into a man.”

Jeff began writhing on the ground, the feeling of peace and contentment suddenly shattered. He was beginning to feel his mind clearing, but was too preoccupied with the crawling sensation under his skin. It was like the time stepped on and nest, but less acute. It was as if ten thousand tiny ants were walking from his stomach to the rest of his body. Jeff could feel his gut began to shrink, and for a moment felt a twinge of regret. He doubted he would ever feel the same sensation of drinking what had to have been almost two gallons of cum, feeling it fill his stomach up in ways he never knew he could feel before. Now that feeling was replaces by anxiety and fear, as his gut began rapidly shrinking and he could actually see the muscle, fat, and skin began to writhe on his body.

He felt a sudden stinging in his chest, and curled up into a naked ball, trying to shield himself from some sort of invisible pain. The writhing and stinging began to spread, and soon he felt a shooting pain in his gut, followed by a tingling sensation. He looked down, and was aghast. Where his previously flabby gut, accrued from hours of inactivity, used to be was a taut six pack. Jeff watched in amazement as the fat and cum he had been filled with began transforming into muscle. His skeleton didn’t change, so he did not get taller, but now Jeff had what had to be as much muscle as some of the football players he saw earlier in class. When the tingling had stopped, Jeff was almost 200 pounds of lean muscle, with the densest muscled in his thighs and calves. Although he could not see it, his ass had grown large and firm, a perfect bubble butt.

“Fuck, this is amazing. I feel better than I have ever felt before coach. Shit, I feel like I could bench a truck right now.”

“Easy there son, that was only stage one. The first permanent set of hormones will make you good and fit, converting excess fat to muscle. The downside is it shaves about 40 points off your IQ, but it seems like you like the change.”

“Wait, what do you mean stage one?”

With that, the back door to the coach’s office opened, and in sauntered Mark. He was completely naked as well, his soft cock hanging at about 5 inches, with what had to be almost 250 pounds of muscle on his 6’3'' body. He lacked the definition that the coach had, having more of a muscle gut, but he was hairier than both other men put together. He had a thick pelt of black hair covering his body, which seemed a stark contrast to his shaved head and face.

“It means this is only just beginning bitch.”

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