Gay New World

By Ollie369
published February 21, 2012

Britain in the year 2031. There’s a new world order: Queer

Like always, I threw my school satchel on the floor and made myself comfortable in front of the wall screen. I flicked through the channels with the dildo remote. Nothing on as usual, just the same old daytime stuff: UK‘s Biggest Dicks, Glee: The Next Generation and an all new QWO adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. I stopped when I got to Pride and Prejudice. Five years ago, we had studied the book at school, before the QWO had started really cracking down on straight literature. It’s not safe to fixate on old fashioned literature at all. The QWO don’t like it: particular when the novel in question promotes heterosexual values. While I read it, I could picture myself as proud Darcy sweeping up my girl, her soft breasts bouncing against me….

I’ll always be grateful to Mr Daniels for introducing me to the hidden world of straight literature. Unfortunately we never finished Pride and Prejudice because two weeks later Mr Daniels was arrested and all copies burnt. None of us ever saw him again. It’s a shame, he was a great teacher. I guess he was sent to one of the forced labour camp in Wales or a Re-Education Centre (REC) for Sexuality Conversion Therapy (SCT). It’s forbidden for anyone to promote heterosexuality anymore. Offending men are almost always sent to their local REC for the mandatory therapy. The majority of women now live in Breeding Clinics throughout Britain, apart from the few gifted female academics or scientists. The QWO are determined to stamp out heterosexuality once and for all: so for the last fifteen years it’s been a class A gender crime for a man to engage in sexual behaviour with anyone other than a mature adult male.

So anyway back to Pride and Prejudice. Our next teacher, Mr Khan wisely consulted the approved literature list when picking our next novel: The Naked Civil Servant. I couldn’t stop obsessing over Pride and Prejudice though. I really wanted to know how it ended. Did Elisabeth and Darcy put aside their differences and get it together? What happened to Mr Bingley and Jane? Unfortunately the recent zero tolerance crackdown means that nowadays it’s nearly impossible to get anything not QWO approved. I just turned eighteen last Tuesday and I’m old enough to remember when you could buy a Playboy centrefold off the black-market for only five new pounds. No one dares to defy the QWO these days. I watched a few minutes of the television drama unfolding in front of me. It wasn’t the same, they’d changed too much of the story. The Elizabeth Bennett I’d fantasised about wasn’t Edward Bennett, a six footed ruggedly handsome heart throb: voted “Rear of the Year 2031” by the readers of Gaytime Digest. I switched off the wall screen with a sigh, just as Mr Darcy and Edward Bennett started rutting in the gardens of Pemberley. It just wasn’t the same with two guys. I heard the front door slam in the hall.

"Hey Dad, I shouted.

He came into the room carrying a large bag of groceries.

“Hey Will, the shop has oranges again. A shipment must have made it through. How was school?” He said walking across the cramped living room to the open planned kitchen. He began storing the perishables in the cryo-unit

"Not bad, I said glumly. “Except Hugh Stanton asked if he could blow me in the boy’s toilets”

“I hope you said yes!”

“No Dad, I said no way, because I really want to be under suspicion as a gender traitor. Of course I let him blow me! I didn’t have much of a choice; every boy in school fancies the arse off him. It would look too strange if I rejected him”

"Good, said Dad sitting down next to me. “Isn’t it the Ricky Martin Dance tonight?”

The Ricky Martin Dance was the final school run social event before the end of term. It would be my last dance before I left school.

“Yeah, Steve’s my date. You know he’s been in love with me for years. He deserves my body tonight”

Dad expelled a heavy sigh and placed a fatherly hand on mine.

“I know you find it hard sometimes William, to get as excited about cock as you should. I know that you have always been a little straighter than most. But do you think it was wise to accept a date with Steve? It’s obvious that an extremely handsome boy like you must have dozens of date offers for tonight. How will it look when you walk into the hall with Steven Pegg, when you could have your pick of sexier and more experienced boys? What if Oxford hears about this? Your future there could be jeopardised”

My blood went cold. Oxford was my escape, my refuge from the world. At Oxford, you were an academic; all they expected from you was to devote your life to study and research. Gender conformity was a lot less rigid; men and women sometimes even worked in the same buildings! I had even read rumours on the net, that the University employed unprocessed gender criminals: straight men and women who were convicted degenerates but were allowed to remain how they were. According to one forum I was on: sexual re-education while effective in correcting sexual abnormalities, also damages the higher reasoning areas of the brain. QWO wanted their best scientists and most gifted academics to remain at the top of their game, so they left their minds alone and compromised by isolating them from the general populace.

“Sorry Dad, I never thought about it like that. I should go and cancel it with Steve…”

“No son, it’s too late. Go with Steve but make sure you blow and fuck some other lads too”

I groaned softly. Dad looked at me sternly.

“Always remember Will the safest strategy in life is to blend in, you don’t want to stand out in any way. That’s why I chose Simon as a partner… after your mother….”

I flinched, Dad never usually mentioned Mum. They had got married before it had been deemed a gender crime for men to sleep with women. Instead of divorcing and living separate life’s, like the new laws demanded, they had stayed together. Mum and Dad had defied the QWO, and they both paid the price. Mum was imprisoned in a breeding centre and Dad was given eighteen lashes in public square. He was fortunate that the 2014 riots had burnt down the re-education centre that year; otherwise he would have been processed. We had all seen the pious converts that emerged after years of re-education. Formerly fiercely straight men transformed into the model queer citizens: either becoming fanatical Enforcers or entering a religious order dedicated to celebrating the superior male organ: like the sacred Order of Phallus. Dad’s official partner, my “co-dad” was a great guy called Simon. I knew they loved each other. They got on well and made each other laugh but I also knew that if Dad had the choice he would have Mum back in an instant. Maybe if Simon had a choice he would pick a woman too but they made do with each other and their time together had created a powerful bond between them. It might not be sexual but it was honest. Dad smiled sadly and tousled my hair. He went back to the kitchen to work on dinner.

I went up to my bedroom and changed out of my flimsy school uniform. I couldn’t wait until I wouldn’t have to wear this thing anymore. I hated it. I was blessed or cursed with a naturally statuesque and muscular body. The tight figure hugging uniform hid nothing from the appreciative male gaze of my classmates and teachers. I was aware how striking my body was, especially coupled with my boy next door face and dreamy blue eyes. Last year, my Spanish teacher while blowing me: wouldn’t stop caressing my washboard stomach. He kept remarking that I had the softest skin he’d ever touched. I was the envy of my friends; hardly a day went by when I wasn’t propositioned by attractive men. It didn’t seem to matter where I was: at school, at the mall, eating out. Unless the person was particularly ugly or old I knew it was too risky to say no. It would be suicide to turn down sex with another conventionally attractive male. My school was particularly traditional in this regard: the school motto is “With Cock comes Knowledge” for goodness sake. Suddenly the base of the holocomm in the corner started blinking and a life-size holographic representation of my best friend Steve was projected onto to the rug. I turned away from the wardrobe. I was still buck naked of course but modesty was another old world value that was quickly fading away.

“Hey mate!” said Steve, his voice sounding slightly tinny due to the broken left speaker on the base of the holocomm.

“Hey, I said attempting to put a smile on my face. All the thinking about the past had got me down. Too much dreaming about Pride and Prejudice I bet!”

“Hot body”, said Steve appreciatively. “it’s been forever since I’ve seen you in the buff. Watch out you’ll make me cum before we‘ve even get there!”

"Thanks, I said wanly. It might sound arrogant but I get tired of people praising my body. It’s not like I did anything to get my physique or my face. "You’re looking pretty fuckable yourself, are those new hot pants?

He looked better than he usually did but oh dear poor Steve. He’s a moderately attractive guy but he never makes the most of himself. He was always ordering the latest fashions off the net, without even considering how they might look on him. For instance, he just didn’t have the arse to properly fill out those hot pants. Plus he was wearing a thong. No kid in our school would be caught dead wearing a thong these days, not since the teachers started wearing them.

Steve and I shot the shit for a little while longer. I promised to call for him about 7pm and looking ecstatic about the evening ahead he signed off

I planned my outfit for tonight. I chose a low cut white vest, allowing full view of my man cleavage, grey trousers that accentuated my ass and crotch and my new brown leather loafers. Sexy but classy, I reasoned.

Dad and Simon waved me off from the door, wishing me “cock speed” as I left. Steve lived close by, across the river in a neighbouring estate. As I crossed over Liberace Bridge I noticed with dismay that the river had burst its banks again. That was the third time in a month. The sea seemed determined to reclaim more land from us. More and more of London was disappearing under water each year. Maybe the QWO were right when they said that global warming was a punishment for the gender crimes of a decadent past.

I was a little nervous when I reached the Garland Estate. The area had a bad reputation and could get pretty rough. A small gang of chavs stood beside the main door of Simon‘s building. As I walked closer they watched my approach impassively. They all looked about my age and were wearing various combinations of classic chav wear: baseball cap, trackie bottoms, hoodies and ugly jewellery. They were passing around a double strength can of cosmopolitan mix. The oldest looking chav, a shaven headed boy with pouting lips: cocked a dark eyebrow suggestively at me, obviously asking if I was interested in him. I pretended to miss his cue and proceeded to walk past him.

"Ere you, he shouted drunkenly. “Think your better than me or summat?”

I ignored him and continued to the door.

“Wait just a minute boy” said an older more mature voice.

I froze. Shit! I turned round and yes a QWO Enforcer emerged from the shadow of the building. The man, who must have been in his thirties was dressed in his vocation’s traditional black leather bodysuit and carrying a ceremonial truncheon shaped like a cock. Somehow I managed to not pee myself and instead twisted my face into a nervous accommodating smile.

“Err hello officer”

“You seem to be in a bit of a hurry boy…”

“Yes well, I have my senior dance tonight and…”

He studied me coldly. A fleeting look of hatred crossed his face

“I see…and there’s no time in this busy schedule of yours to help those less fortunate. No time to give something back to the community. Well I must say I am very disappointed.”

He pointed his finger at the chavs, who were quietly watching the exchange between us.

“This poor boy, only wanted a bit of cock and you would deny him that?? Are you a deviant? A pussy lover? A fornicator of FEMALES” he spat furiously at me, his face crimson. “Do you wish to lie in sin with big titted harlots? YOU DISGUST ME BOY!!”

I shouldn’t have even tried making excuses. Every Enforcer without exception was a ruthless, orthodox bigot. They used their almost limitless enforcement powers to apply the fundamental laws of Queerness to every aspect of life. To make sure they stayed this way, the QWO only permitted its most fervent believers (people who had spent years in conversion therapy) to become enforcers. It sort of explained that common streak of insanity that ran through their profession. Conversion therapy had forever damaged their brains, now all these husks could do was sadistically smote heterosexuals. What awful luck to run into an Enforcer!

“Please, I’m sorry, I…”

The Enforcer had pulled a data pad from his top pocket and was resolutely completing a “Community Disturbance Citation”. If he posted that on the web, that would mean the end of Oxford. I’d be lucky to escape a Re-education centre!"

There was only one thing to do. I walked over to the group of Chavs, aware of the Enforcer’s beady eyes trained on my back. I started fondled the chavs cock through his filthy trackies. The boy smirked and leaned nonchalantly against the wall. I noticed out the corner of my eye that the enforcer had stopped writing. I lowered the boy’s trackies, and surprise surprise he wasn’t wearing any underwear. With my breath caressing it, his swollen dick grew and the head popped out the foreskin, shiny with anticipation. I tenderly scattered kisses on his ball sac and sunk my nose into his pubic hair. I wanted the enforcer to think I was enjoying it and not just trying to save my own skin.

“Come on mate, said the boy impatiently. Swallow it!”

I dug my fingers behind his ass and pulled his hard on towards my face. The bitter rod pressing against my lips, opening wide I let it enter me and diligently worked it with my tongue. My fingers played with his arse, daring my fingers around and into his wrinkled pucker. The poor guy can’t have had many good blowjobs because I had him trembling and groaning in no time at all. I decided to flash my secret weapon. Still suckling on his wet shaft, I stared up at him from my submissive position, my limpid blue eyes both innocent and naughty. That got to him! With a grunt he gripped my head and began working his dick in and out my mouth, faster and faster he went until with a growl he splattered the inside of my mouth with semen. Panting heavily, he withdraws from my mouth and patted me on the shoulder.

“Thanks mate. You’re alright by me. Come on”

His gang followed them as he walked around the building. I coughed as I tried to not let any of his cum dribble through my lips. I mastered his load with some effort, my mouth and lips now feeling unbearably sticky With a gulp I finished it, no doubt the Enforcer would take it as an insult if I spitted out the chav splooge. I walked back over to him, trying not to look too confident but from the mess of his uniform I was sure I was home free. The Enforcer’s dick was hanging semi hard out his fly and fresh cum trickled down his right hand. He sucked his fingers thoughtfully.

“That was very enjoyable young man, thank you. I think we can forget about this”. He deleted the citation and stored the device back in his pocket. “You are obviously not a gender criminal but be warned how easily uncharitable behaviour can be misconstrued as an offence. I’ll let you go….once I’ve tasted those sweet lips”

He leaned forward and clamped his mouth to mine; our tongues duelled, his arms reaching for my arse. He was squeezing my arse so much, I worried he wanted to fuck me. We properly would have progressed to fucking if not for the emergency call that came through on the Enforcer’s radio.

"Oh cock, he mumbled glumly, as he listened to the callout. “I’d better go, be good now. Cock Speed.”

He slapped my arse for good measure and stormed over to his hover bike. Immediately after he flew away: Steve came running out the tower block. He must have been in the foyer waiting for me.

“Oh my Cock, Will I saw everything. I thought the Enforcer was going to report you and then after the Chavs went I thought he might fuck you!”

“Yeah, that was my worry too” I said stretching my sore jaw. The night hadn’t even started and I was already sore from sexual activity. What would I be like by midnight?

“They say Enforcer are very rough”, said Steve as we walked to the school. “Have you ever been with one?”

“No, I’ve been lucky”

Steve giggled uncertainly. He didn’t have a bad bone in his body but Steve always got uncomfortable at any hint of unorthodoxy. He surprised me though by huddling closer and lowering his voice to a serious whisper.

“I know what you mean, my cousin Sammy… An Enforcer wanted to fuck him up the arse. Sammy tried to explain he was always a top and never a bottom…but the guy didn’t listen…”

“What happened?” I said whispering back. It was so rare for Steve to want to discuss any of the negatives of our society.

“He forced him. He fucked his arse with no lube and then he sodomised him with his truncheon. Will, he was bleeding so much…”

"Oh my Cock, I said horrified. You didn’t usual hear about things like this. Enforcers were generally considered above the law so the press never reported on anything they did. Even the families of the people involved kept quiet, in fear of being targeted by the QWO.

We arrived at the school gates. Dance music could be heard booming from the main hall into the night. I think we both needed a moment after that terrible story. We sat on the playground wall and I took a cigarette out my pocket. We passed it between us, not saying anything. Turning to look at Steve I felt a surge of feeling for him. It wasn’t lust or desire but something deeper…compassion.

Bending forward, I pushed a strand of blonde hair away from his upturned face and then I delivered a tender kiss to Steve’s parted lips. For a moment, we both lost ourselves in the act but Steve broke away. He was almost in tears.

“Why Will, why did you do that?”

Now it was my turn to look surprised.

“Why did I kiss you? I would have thought that was obvious. You’re my date…and my best friend. Why not?”

Holding my chin, he softly reciprocated the kiss, his tongue like a silky flame. His other hand dropped to my crotch, feeling for an erection that wasn’t there. He pulled back and sighing placed my own right hand on his growing bulge. I could feel it throbbing, tightly stuffed under his purple hot pants, stiff and straight.

“That’s why Will. I know you don’t love me…at least not in the way I love you. It’s not your fault; I know you’re different from other boys. I think even without our education and the government hormones they put in the cheese. I would still be queer and you would still be straight.”

I was in shock. I thought my straightness was well hidden but how hidden could it be if my best friend had known the truth for years.

"Steve, I started hoarsely. “I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”

“It won’t”, said Steve matter of factly. You are so special to me Will"

“I could…I mean we could have sex if you want. I don’t mind”

Steve smiled weakly and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Oh Will that wouldn’t work either. I’m greedy you see: I want it all. I’d want my lover to love me back. I think I deserve that”

Will realised he understood only too well. What if Elizabeth Bennett had married Mr William Collins, not out of love for him but for another sort of love entirely? She would have sacrificed a life of happiness because of a love for her family, her parents her sisters and her home. Both boys hugged. It felt like their friendship over their years had been leading up to this moment. Now finally they were equals.

“Shall we go in my lady” said Will taking Steve’s hand.

"Why thank you sir, said Steve, back to his old happy self. His eyes twinkling merrily as the two mates linked arms.

Will stubbed out the cigarette and they walked across the playground to the hall. Unbeknown to them, two people had heard ever single word they’d said. A burly auburn haired boy and a skinny brunette stood up from behind the Rhododendron bush, where they had been fucking. Tad Holbrook (auburn haired) had just been in the process of orgasming inside his moaning partner when they had been interrupted by a most interesting conversation. So it seems like Her Lady of Gaga High had itself a couple of degenerates: one gender criminal and one queer traitor. Tad was certain that his father: Minister Holbrook of the Queer World Order would be very interested in this pertinent bit of information.

The story continued with Part 2

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