I Love Him, But...pt 6

By EdIam
published January 24, 2012
4029 words

Time flies when you’re having fun…

I was completely lost in the bliss of Ryan sucking and licking my cock. I just continued to lay back, my hands resting behind my head, smiling as I felt his tongue probing and wetting every part of my privates. I was oblivious to time; I just continued to bask in his worship of my dick and balls. Ryan, too, seemed lost in the glory of it all. My stiff cock remained hard the entire time, sticking straight up, and Ryan, despite licking the same spots over and over again, didn’t seem to get bored in the slightest. There didn’t seem to be anything else he’d rather be doing.

For hours, we both stayed there on the floor; naked, hard, and loving how blessed we were at that moment. It wasn’t until we both heard the knock at the front door that we both sat up, looked at each other, then to the clock.

6:04. Shit, I thought. That’s probably Kyra and her dad. I had just spent nearly 7 hours on the floor getting blown. I couldn’t believe Ryan and I hadn’t noticed.

Another knock at the door woke me from my stupor. “Ok, Ryan, act like your normal self. You’re still my slave, but you’re still Ryan. Remember: everything I say is true and nothing will seem weird in the least. Come with me.” I commanded.

We both stood up quickly and I grabbed the Megawave. We both headed towards the front door. Just as we reached the door in the living room, I heard a muffled female voice say, “They should be here,” and another knock on the door quickly followed. I opened the door.

There was Kyra, dressed up in a nice little blue dress, hair up, and more importantly, there was her father. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Her father blew me away. He was a 40 something year old wet dream. He was such a tall, dark, and handsome man. He had to be in his forties, with a college aged daughter, but looked to be about 35 at the most. He had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and slight laugh lines that made him appear even sexier and manlier. A full beard and mustache with beautiful lips that looked so kissable. He stood there, mouth agape at the naked men in front of him, in a sexy grey suit and tie. He was clearly in his best for his daughter’s boyfriend.

I wasn’t expecting her father to be so handsome! I was fully intending on telling them both to leave and come back another night so I could have more fun with my newly appointed straight slave, but right then, I was immeasurably happy beyond belief that I didn’t have a conscience. I was one lucky homosexual tonight. I was going to have fun with this daddy.

Kyra swept into the apartment and kissed her nude boyfriend, “Hi hunny! I was worried you guys weren’t here! What took you so long?”

Ryan started to answer, but I interjected, “We were just finishing up in the kitchen.”

Kyra’s dad stood in the entryway, still staring, unable to speak. I stared at him, taking in all his manliness overtaking my senses. Looking back at Ryan, I smirked a little, thinking about the possibilities.

“Am I missing something?” Kyra’s dad said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Daddy. Ryan, this is my dad, Joel. Daddy, this is my boyfriend Ryan and his roommate Rob.”

Ryan stepped forward, his hard cock leading the way, and extended his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. Kyra’s told me so much about you. It’s great to put a face to everything I’ve heard,” Ryan greeted him, smile glued to his face. I smiled too, but only because the situation was so hilarious and Joel seemed about ready to faint from shock.

Joel tentatively grabbed Ryan’s hand and shook it. “Um, yeah. Nice to meet you too. Uh, say? Why are you two naked. And, uh, hard?”

Ryan looked a little confused at the question. Kyra responded, “It’s just how they live, Dad. It’s not that weird. It’s just their thing.”

Joel, still uneasy and keeping his eyes pointed upward, replied. “Ok. But, maybe, could you put on some clothes for me? I’m a little uncomfortable being in a room with two naked guys. Especially when one of them is dating my daughter.”

Ryan looked at him with all seriousness and said, “I’m sorry, sir. I want to respect you, but I can’t do that. It’s nude Saturday and the rule is, you have to be naked.”

I smiled. Now it’s my turn to take charge. I put the Megawave to my mouth and said, “Ryan’s right, Joel. It’s nude Saturday and so all,” I looked to Kyra and emphasized, “men and only men who are in this apartment,” back to Joel, “must be naked. That’s just the rule and you’re perfectly fine with and accepting of that rule.”

Joel’s face instantly relaxed as the command oozed into his brain. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t even realize. Kyra didn’t mention that. That’s fine with me. I’ll respect your rules for Ryan. I’ve want to make a good impression with you too, Ryan.” He walked into the apartment and I closed the door.

Ryan, Kyra, and, most importantly, I smiled at his acceptance of our apartment rule. Joel started with his tie, “Do you mind if I put all my clothes here on the chair? Or…?”

I had a sudden idea so I said, using my Megaphone, “You should probably just throw it all away, after all, you’re going to be spending the night tonight, and you can wear some of my clothes tomorrow.”

“Oh of course, I’ll be staying here. No need for these anymore. Do you mind tossing these in the trash for me?” he said, handing me his tie and suit coat.

“No, not at all,” I replied, waiting for the rest of his clothes.

“You’re staying here tonight, Daddy? I didn’t know that. Um, ok.” Kyra asked, with her hand around Ryan’s waste.

“I just decided to, sweetheart. It just feels right.” He said as he finished unbuttoning his shirt revealing his manly, hairy chest. He clearly took fairly good care of himself. Well defined pecs and a firm, strong abdominal section. He wasn’t a muscle God by any means, but he very clearly worked out and ate healthy. His well-built T-shape attested to that. I couldn’t wait to see what that treasure trail led to.

“Yeah, Kyra. He will stay here with us tonight, and I’m sure you can call one of your friends to come and get you later and he can head out again tomorrow morning,” I said to her, remembering that she would believe whatever I told her.

“Ok, that sounds good! So, we having Chinese tonight? I’m starving!” Kyra said. I realized I hadn’t eaten since this morning and was rather hungry myself.

“Oh no, hun. I completely spaced cooking. I was busy with Rob all day,” Ryan said with a slight smile. “But don’t worry at all, I’ll call and order us some Chinese, it shouldn’t be more than a half an hour, if that’s ok.”

“Sounds fine to me,” Joel replied as he pulled his pants down. He had already removed his shoes and socks, handing them to me, and he added his expensive pants to the pile.

Ryan left the room to order the food as Joel took off his underwear without any hesitation, much to my delight.

He handed me his underwear as I gazed at his cock. Uncircumcised, neatly trimmed, treasure trail up his abs, soft, probably about 3 ½ inches. He had nice large, low hanging balls that cupped his soft penis delightfully. They were delicious looking. Why had this man wasted his sexiness on women all these years, Rob thought to himself.

“Thanks for understanding their rule, Daddy, but it is a little weird to see you naked like this,” she laughed, “No big deal though, I’ll respect their rules.”

“I’m sorry, Ky. But thems the rules. I should work on this belly a little more,” Joel said jokingly while sticking out his stomach and patting it. “You mind if we sit down and chat?”

“Not at all,” I said. I excused myself and went to the kitchen.

“Yeah, that sounds good. No, two larges,” Ryan said, still on the phone.

I shoved all of Joel’s clothing into the trash can, shoes and all, and returned to the living room.

As I entered, I put my Megawave to my mouth. “Why don’t you sit over there on the couch by me, Joel, and Kyra, you sit over in the chair across from us. Oh, and Kyra, no matter what goes on here tonight, nothing will make you uncomfortable. Everything will be completely normal to you. Understand?”

“Of course, Rob,” she replied while sitting in the chair. Joel sat on the right side of the couch and I sat in the middle. I clicked on the tv to have a little bit of background noise.

Ryan reentered the room. “I ordered us a couple orders of orange chicken and rice and crab rangoon. That ok with everyone?”

We all nodded in agreement. “Hey, Ryan, why don’t you come sit by me here while you get to know Joel?” I suggested.

Ryan sat next to me enthusiastically, happily following orders of his Master, though no one else in the room realized it. That made my exposed cock throb all the more.

Before they could start chatting, I put the Megawave to my mouth again, “Joel and Ryan, you both are a little nervous about meeting one another. So why don’t you both ask me to give you hand jobs to relax?”

The request took a second to process in Joel’s mind while Ryan just thrust his dick in my general direction as a hint, clearly used to my sexual desires at this point. Instinctively, I reached out and grabbed his cock and began stroking. Man, I thought, I could hold on to this thing forever. His warm manhood throbbed slightly the instant I wrapped my eager hand around his cock.

“Hey, Rob. I realize we just met and it’s a little forward, but I’m a little nervous tonight. I want to make a good impression on my daughter’s boyfriend, but man, I need to calm down. Do you mind giving me a hand job while we chat? That’d calm me down. Oh, and not in a gay way or anything, just to help another guy out.”

“Certainly, sir. As long as it’s not in a gay way,” I said with a devilish smile on my face.

While stroking Ryan with my left hand, I reached to Joel’s soft, uncircumcised dick. Putting it in my hand, I slowly began stroking it, paying mind to my straight slaves needs at the same time. I watched as Joel’s foreskin peeled back to reveal his cockhead. He was staying soft as I stroked, clearly taking a little bit of an issue with another man feeling his cock. That made it all the more fun for me to touch his manhood. But, like all men, eventually, the amazing feeling began to overwhelm him and his cock head began to creep out from his foreskin. His thickening cock began to firm underneath my fingers.

He kept thickening and growing, and actually started slightly moaning, as it finally stopped at an impressively thick and long 9 inches. His cock pointed straight up, it would rest comfortably on his chest if I hadn’t been stroking him. Slightly thicker and longer than Ryan, his dick was a beautiful pole. Veiny and hard as steel. His foreskin sheathed his cock head with every stroke, slowly helping to spread his pre down his dick. I was enjoying every moment of stroking the man I loved and the hottest man I’d ever met. How did I get this lucky?

I just couldn’t believe how gorgeous this man was! Hairy, manly, and a huge cock! I didn’t know what to do with him later; I just knew he had to enjoy my touch right now.

“So, Ryan,” Joel began, “How is school…mmmm…going?”

“Oh fine, sir. Dean’s list last semester.”

“Ryan’s been cast in the next musical too, Dad. He’s gonna be Billy Flynn in Chicago.” Kyra interjected with pride.

I moved my hand from Joel’s cock to his glorious testicles, just holding and petting them. They really were sizable “Oh..mmm…good for you son. When’s the show, I’d love to see…mmm…mmm…it.”

“Show goes up…oh yeah, Rob…on December 15.”

“What do you plan to do next year when…oh…you graduate?” Joel questioned.

“Have an internship for a theatre…in Virginia. Rob, quicken the pace a bit, would you? I’m gonna explode here soon.”

I slid my hand back up Joel’s shaft and I began quickening my pace with both of them, Ryan wanted it on him, so I guess Joel was going to get it too. I was really enjoying the feeling of the hot flesh in both my hands.

“You guys really seem to be bonding over there,” Kyra said with a smile.

“Yeah, sweetheart. I knew I’d like Ryan when you were desc…oooh God..ibing him. But his roommate here isn’t bad at all either.”

“Thanks, Joel, I appreciate that,” I said as I tightening my grip slightly and continued my stroking.

“Me too, sir. Thanks. Oh God, Rob…I’m gonna cum. Oh God…” Ryan hollered. And sure enough, I felt his cock begin to quake beneath my touch as semen that had built up from earlier today’s fucking and sucking exploded from his cock. I have no idea how his testicles were able to produce so much cum in such a short day, but gobs of it erupted onto his chest, his pubes, and my hand. It just kept coming and coming as I stroked him. “Dear Lord, Rob. Oh wow, oh wow,” Ryan gasped.

When he finished and his cock stopped spurting, I let go, hand covered in Ryan’s cum. “Ryan, why don’t you lick my hand clean?” Instantly, Ryan, grabbed my wrist and licked all the cum from my fingers and palm, not missing spot.

“Oh wow, guys. That’s a little weird. Why would you eat your cum like that, Ryan? Especially from your roommates’ fingers?” Joel asked with a look of disgust on his face.

“Daddy, it’s normal for them. Don’t question it! Don’t embarrass me!” Kyra exclaimed.

My hand now clean of my slaves spunk, I grabbed the Megawave, “Yeah, Joel. It’s perfectly normal to eat semen. In fact, why don’t you lick up the rest off of Ryan. It will really make you two feel even closer.”

Joel let the suggestion sink in and a look of realization dawned on his face. He stood up and kneeled in front of his daughter’s boyfriend and asked, “Would it be too much to ask if I could eat the rest of your cum? I think it would really make us even closer as father and future son in law.”

“Sure, Joel,” Ryan replied with a smile on his face. Joel instantly stretched over Ryan and started licking at the hair on his stomach, getting all the semen he could.

“Daddy! That’s so embarrassing!” Kyra screamed from across the room.

Confused, I looked at her. I clearly told her that nothing that went on tonight would bother her. What was going on?

Joel took a moment to ask his daughter, “What do you mean, sweetheart?” then he instantly dove back on, stuffing his mouth with Ryan’s pubic hair, sucking each hair clean.

“Daddy, don’t call Ryan your future son in law. Geeze, we’ve only been dating for a couple months.” Oh fuck me, I thought as I laughed out loud a little bit. It was such a joy to see how my new reality rationalized itself around me.

“Oh, Kyra. Don’t yell at your dad! It didn’t embarrass me at all. We’re going strong and I feel closer and closer to your dad tonight already. I don’t mind at all,” Ryan said as he smiled at his girlfriend while Joel hungrily licked Ryan’s still hard cock clean.

Joel, almost done licking up all the cum, looked up at Ryan and said with a laugh, “See, sweetheart. Ryan doesn’t mind at all. I think we’re gonna be great friends,” then he stuck his tongue out and licked the last remaining glob of cum from the underside of Ryan’s penis.

“Oh wow, sir. That’s a good spot there,” Ryan said. Smiling to myself, I realized he must have licked at Ryan’s vein. Ryan really did love getting licked there.

Joel laughed, “Now don’t go all gay on me here, buddy.”

Joel stood up and returned to his seat next to me, “Thanks for getting me all horny and hard, Rob. You really calmed me down. I don’t feel quite so nervous now.”

“No problem sir, but maybe,” Megawave up, “you should masturbate for us all. You know to finish yourself up. While you stroke, why don’t you tell us about your sex life? What you enjoy and such. In fact, I’m sure you’ll only be able to stay hard by telling us your fetishes and what really turns you on. I’m sure Kyra would love to hear all about it. The more sexual you are the better.”

Joel instantly grabbed his cock and began teasing himself. He placed one hand on his huge balls and the other on his shaft, stroking slowly and gently, regaining the hardness he’d lost while licking off Ryan’s cum. He truly did have an impressive tool. His cock head peaked back out looking very appetizing.

“If all don’t mind, I think I’ll set the scene here. It’ll help me cum if I talk about some sexual things. Fetishes and the like.”

“Oh no, Daddy. In fact, I’d love to hear it!”

“Ok, let’s see. Where to begin, where to begin. Well, after Kyra’s mom left me fifteen years ago, I’ve really gotten into assplay. I’ve had a couple women stick their fingers up there and lick my ass. And man, I love to fuck a woman in the ass. It’s gets my cock so hard to even think about it,” he said as he shook his cock to emphasize it’s hardness. His fingers that had been playing with his huge balls had crept downward to his perineum and his fingers began to stroke it, sliding closer and closer towards his ass.

“I also love a chick with big breasts. I’ve always been a boob man. Kyra’s mom’s were far too small. Sure, I thought I loved her, but man, she was like a size B. I love to titty fuck and, I know it’s not common, but I love to incorporate some bondage and ropes and clamps in my sexual encounters. Preferably, the chick is tied up and I just fuck her ass raw. I love a chick that’s slightly older than me, getting really down and dirty, but ultimately, letting me blow my load down her throat as she deep throats the shit outta my huge fuckstick here.”

“Oh wow, interesting,” Kyra said as she leaned forward, “I never knew that about you, Dad.”

Smiling, I said, “That is very interesting Joel, I just think you got a few details wrong.”

“What do you mean, Rob? Not to be rude, young man, but I think I know what gets my fucking monster here hard. And that’s tits, asses, and fucking hot chicks in the ass. So tight.”

Just as I’d done countless times now, Megawave up and, “Actually, Joel, I’m pretty sure you meant to say you realized you love having sex with other guys ever since splitting up with your wife. You love guys with big cocks, 7 inches at the smallest. You love to fuck and get fucked in the ass. And nothing beats a man trying to titty fuck you. You love having a cock rubbed against your chest and body. When you have sex with a guy, you love being tied up, letting the man totally dominate you. Especially those younger than you. You love a cock shoved in your throat and you can’t help but adore it when the guy lets you swallow his load. ‘The bigger the load the better,’ that’s your motto. Do you remember all that these past 15 years, Joel?”

I could see his face begin to change. Slowly at first, but eventually, his eyes moved down my naked body. Clearly, he was interested. His sexuality and sexual desires had been completely rewritten in a matter of moments.

“Oh yeah, Rob. My mistake. I don’t even know what I was talking about. Probably saying what Kyra thought I’d say. But you’re so right. Nothing beats getting fucked by a younger guy. I just love cocks rubbing me everywhere. I love cocks shoved down my throat while I’m tied up. And my cock responds to other huge cocks. Nothing below 7 inches though. I have standards.” Joel continued to stroke his cock. He had to be getting close to an orgasm. All this talk was clearly having an effect on him. “Man, I just want a cock to blow it’s load down my throat right now. Like I always say, ‘the bigger the load the better!’”

“So, Joel. Just to be clear, are you saying you’re gay now?” I asked.

“Yeah, Daddy. I didn’t realize you were gay!”

“No, no, no. No, Kyra, no,” Joel denied. “I’m not gay at all. I still like women just fine, I just found that after your mom left me, I really enjoyed sex with guys. It’s not a gay thing or even a bisexual thing. I just really like getting fucked by dudes and I only do it when I need to get my…oh…God…I’m gonna cum…oh Lord. Oh fucking Lord.”

And just as a geyser of cum began to explode from his cock, there was a knock at the door.

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