I Love Him, But...pt 5

By EdIam
published January 11, 2012
2927 words

Both man have their plans. Who gets to play them out?

Continuation from the first four parts:

(mm, mc)

We both had less than two seconds to reach the Megawave first and all I could think of was whether or not he’d command me to stop. I hoped against all hope his mind was completely focused upon reaching his prize and not on commanding my assistance in his female fucking escapades.

As if in slow motion, we both extended our arms to the machine and with joy in my heart, I reached it first. Turning away from Ryan, as he was trying to reach around me, pressing his naked flesh against me, I heard him say, “Rob, give me the…” but before he could finish, I said the first thing that came to my head in near gibberish and it flew out of my mouth faster than he could say the last word, “Ryan, you’re my mindless slave!”

The room went instantly silent with only the sound of my rapid heartbeat and panting. Feeling Ryan’s chest upon my back and his limp dick resting between my ass cheeks, I slowly turned to see him.

His face was completely void of emotion, as though someone had sucked out his entire personality and left a shell consisting solely of his hot naked body before me. His arms drooped to his sides and it looked as though he could fall over at any minute. The eyes were what really struck me. They were staring straight ahead, looking through me rather than at me. His mouth hung ajar and a small bit of saliva was pooling around the corner of his right mouth. As I stared at what I’d created of my sexy straight roommate, the drool began to slide down the side of his chin.

I’d created a mindless zombie. A mindless zombie that would do my every whim. My first thought was to make sure he couldn’t command me anymore, but there really wasn’t any reason to change that. After all, he was mindless! What would he make me do? But I could ensure that he wouldn’t create a harem of female sex slaves.

Speaking through the Megawave, just to be sure it stuck in his head, I commanded, “Ryan, you can never touch or use my invention. You don’t even want to. The idea to use it will never enter your head. Do you understand?”

“Yeasth,” he emotionlessly slurred.

I pulled the Megawave from my mouth and looked at the time. 11:07 am. Time flies, I thought to myself. Setting my invention back down on the counter and finally feeling my body relaxing, I looked at my newly formed slave. This truly was the moment I had been waiting for! And I’d just stopped him from ruining the entire situation with my invention! But the fact that he wanted to use it in such a way had instantly changed how I felt for him.

I’d always loved Ryan for the kind hearted loving guy he was. But he’d just showed his true inner feelings. And those feelings were not the Ryan I thought I had known. I was still insanely attracted to him and I still loved him. Bud in that moment, the pedestal I had him on vanished. No longer was I so concerned with his relationship with Kyra or his future or how he turned out. He was just like every other straight guy I knew. And I wanted to punish him for it.

“Ryan, you can talk to me completely normally and you will act as you normally do. But you know you’re my slave. And you will do everything I ask you to do. You will feel unimaginably sorry for wanting to use the machine on all those women and you’ll beg for my forgiveness.”

Like electricity had flown through his body, he jerked and came back to life. “Oh Rob!” he sobbed as tears began pouring down his face. He lunged onto his knees and wrapped his arms around my legs, with my hard cock whacking him across the face. He looked up at me and wailed, “I’m so so sorry for trying to take your invention and using it on all those girls. I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t. I feel horrible for trying to do that to you. I’m so sorry, forgive me. Forgive me!”

And, honestly, I couldn’t help but forgive him. He wanted me to, so I did. My feelings for him had changed, but in that moment, he truly looked like he was sorry and because he commanded me to forgive him, I did.

“I forgive you, Ryan,” I said as I looked down at his heartbroken eyes, those eyes that I used to melt into. He kept his sparkling green eyes glued to mine as I reprimanded him, “You do need to be punished though. You know that right?”

“Yes. Yes I do. Do what you feel is right”

“Stand up slave. Go mindless again and stand in front of me. Now listen carefully. You will follow these orders.”

Ryan stood before me like a soldier awaiting his commands. Still naked, his hairy chest began to rise and fall slowly, calmly. His soft member draped itself on his testicles, soft for the first time in hours.

“Being my slave, you shall call me Master. I am your Master and you love me. You love me completely and fully. My happiness is your happiness and only I provide you with that feeling. You will act exactly as I ask you to, feel exactly as I ask you to, and say exactly what I ask you to. Do you understand?”

He smiled at me, feeling the first rush of responding to his Master. “Yes, Master.”

"When you do as I ask, you will feel happiness and arousal. It will turn you on to do as I wish. You will also remain hard at all times. I never want to see your cock soft again. Which will be easy, because just by looking at me, you feel more aroused than you have ever before. I am your life, your everything. And that includes your only source of sexual release. You will only be able and allowed to cum when I tell you. You will proudly present your hard cock to me at all times. "

As I spoke, I saw his eyes shift from a look of pure happiness to a look of pure lust. His cock hardened and got so hard, it didn’t even seem to bend to the left anymore! It was so hard, it was sticking straight out. He clearly had never reached this level of arousal before. And all from just looking at me. He thrust his hips forward a bit, clearly taking my command to heart. His face showed lust towards me and his smile showed pride in his hard member.

My mind was going a mile a minute. I knew I was saying all the pent up things I’d always wanted to say to him. I wasn’t even sure if they were coming out logically. I just knew that my mind had finally tapped into its fantasies with my sexy straight roommate and words I hoped were making sense just erupted from my mouth. Based on Ryan’s body language and achingly ramrod hard, thick cock, clearly it was working.

"Ryan, you have no interest in women. You are only attracted to me. However because I am your Master, you can a will have sex with other people if I command you to. You will make no decisions on your own. I will tell you what to do. However, you will remember your old self because I will ask you from time to time to revert to normal. Everything I’ve said now will still be in affect when you’re yourself. When I say that, you will still know that I’m your Master and you will still follow all my orders, but you will act as you used to. Do you understand?

Clearly going crazy with lust by staring at what he deemed to be his God, he replied, “Yes, Master.”

“Now worship me.”

Ryan dived upon me like he’d never touched anything before. Like this was the first time he’d ever been allowed to act upon a desire. His hands instantly because stroking my back, my chest, my arms, my cock…they wouldn’t stop feeling every part he could reach. His mouth was on my lips instantly, pressed against mine. His lips were surprisingly soft and moist as he tried to engulf my mouth with them. Hungrily, I responded and kissed him back. Our tongues invaded each other, swirling and exploring previously unexplored territory. I felt content in that moment, kissing my love while he vigorously felt all of me as much as he could.

As his hands continued to stroke and slide across every part of my body, he started slowly moving his head to the right of my mouth, still kissing and tonguing. He worked his way across my cheek and down my jaw line to my neck, where he nibbled and bite me. I just stood there and allowed him to his fun. With a shit eating grin on my face, I allowed my formerly straight best friend to grope my ass, my cock, my balls. I don’t think I could have stopped him if I wanted to, he was starving for my body.

He continued to suckle on my neck as both our cocks ached for release. He slowly moved his head upward and began to lightly suck and nibble on my ear, driving me wild. Still standing there, I moved my arms around his body and pulled him close to me. Our hard cocks smashed together. It was a glorious feeling to have his manhood and my manhood embracing one another. His hairy chest warmed mine and made my heart race. I could feel his pounding from pure love and lust. We were both in heaven. He, in a heaven I created for him, and me, in a heaven I’d fantasized of for years.

Still holding him close to me, he moved his mouth back to mine and we united once more. Tonguing each other yet again, I couldn’t believe how amazing this all felt. It was like a Hollywood movie or at least the XXX version of a Hollywood movie.

By this point, both our cocks had produced enough pre to completely wet the heads and each other’s stomachs. My hairless navel and his sticky hairy navel were rubbing against one another, spreading out juices across our abs. Pressed firmly against one another, he stroked my ass, felt for my hole and I massaged and kneaded at his muscular, sweaty back.

Pulling away for a second, I asked, “What do you want.”

Ryan responded, “You, Master. Nothing but you.”

Hearing what I wanted to hear, I launched myself back onto his eagerly awaiting mouth, which he accepted whole-heartedly. We stood there in our kitchen, making out, enjoying each other, and discovering one another’s bodies with our hands for what seemed like an eternity of bliss. Finally, ready for it, I said, “Ryan, bend over. I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to love it.”

Without even a moments hesitation, Ryan bent over onto his hands and knees before me. His ass was two smooth glorious orbs before me. I kneeled behind him, grabbed one cheek in each hand, and massaged him, feeling him squirm with anticipation under my touch. His cheeks were thick, but firm beneath my groping fingers. His back arched as I teased his ass-cheeks and I could tell his cock was in desperate need of release.

I took my pointer finger to my mouth, wetted it, and placed it between his two beautiful mounds and his asshole puckered and flexed at my fingers sudden presence. Lightly, I tickled his hole, letting him bask in my teasing. I started slowly forcing my finger into his hole, an entirely new experience for him. I felt a bit of resistance, but just kept easing my way in. Despite this being his first anal penetration, Ryan was enjoying himself immensely. His Master was going to stick his beautiful and perfect cock into him! In a way, Ryan felt like the connection between slave and Master was almost like becoming like his Master. If his Master’s cock was inside him, he was part of him!

I started easing my middle finger in beside my other when I felt his ass loosen considerably. He was getting more comfortable with this invasion and was ready for my cock to finally work its way inside of him.

Steading myself behind him, I pulled my fingers out of his ass and placed my throbbing mushroom head against his pleading hole. It was puckering and unpuckering as if his own ass was begging for my cock. I leaned against him, slowly at first. My cock very slowly started to break the barrier of his my straight slave’s asshole. I heard a slight gasp escape Ryan’s mouth as my head made its way in and as my shaft slowly began to disappear within his hungry hole, an orgasmic moan leaked from his trembling mouth. As he felt my pubic hair reach his ass, Ryan felt complete. He felt like he was an excellent slave. He had allowed his Master take him fully.

I started to slowly pull myself out, feeling the tightness around my dick: the amazing tightness of my heterosexual love’s ass. And then I started fucking him. In and out. As I didn’t need to savor all of this, I just wanted to fuck my slave and cum in his ass. I wanted to claim him as my property with my semen.

I quickened my pace and could see sweat appearing all over my beautiful and perfect slave’s back. I could feel sweat dripping down from my forehead, sliding down my nose, and dripping down, unto his ass. In and out and in and out, I fucked him. Ryan could only moan as my dick rubbed his prostate raw. He couldn’t cum and I didn’t want him to. This was all for me right now. I wanted to cum. Ryan, nay, my slave, would have to wait until later.

For fifteen minutes, I fucked Ryan. I had progressively quickened my pace and was growing exhausted. I was horny to the point to insanity and I had to cum soon. I felt my testicles start to churn as my semen prepared to launch deep into my beautiful Ryan’s colon. I felt my cock begin to swell and twitch and suddenly…

“Oh fuck! Oh God, yes…Yes!” I blew my load into Ryan’s ass. Load after load blew from my cock. I pulled my head back in pure orgasmic bliss. My feet curled in on themselves. I placed my hands on his back and leaned forward, unable to completely hold myself up as my knees turned to jelly.

Ryan just stayed there, supporting my weight, and as hard as he had been since first becoming my slave. He balls ached for release and his cock twitched noticeably every time his heart beat, but I wasn’t ready to let his cum out quite yet. I wanted my slaves next load to be unimaginably huge.

“How was that for you, slave?”

“That was fantastic, Master, I just want to lie here next to you after something that glorious.”

I should just lie here next to him. It just felt right to lie here next to him. And so I did.

I pulled my quickly softening cock out of his ass and told him to just lay next to me. My orgasm had wiped me out and I needed to relax for a moment, just feeling my slave’s body heat next to me.

“What are you thinking, slave?” I asked as I stroked his arm and he reached over to grab my balls.

“I think I love your body. I want to touch all of you and lick all of you. I just want you to let me touch you.”

I should just let him touch and lick me. It just felt right to let him touch and lick me. And so I did.

“What is your favorite part of me?”

“This part,” he said, as he placed my soft cock in his mouth, “Oh Master. Just sit back and relax and let me suck you for hours.”

I should just let him suck me for hours. It just felt right for him to suck me for hours. And so I did.

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