I Love Him, But...pt 4

By EdIam
published January 5, 2012
3457 words

Things don’t go according to Rob’s plan in the kitchen…

I Love Him, But…pt 4

read the first three parts first or, hey, just dive right in! Whatever, :D

(mm, mc)

Arriving in the kitchen, I grabbed a bowl of cereal and Ryan grabbed a banana to snack on. Sitting at our table along the far wall of the kitchen, each of us on either end, I got a sudden urge.

“Excuse me, Ryan,” I politely requested. I left the kitchen and headed to Ryan’s room to grab the Megawave. Returning to the kitchen, I saw that Ryan was still peeling his banana.

“Ryan, I want you to act completely normal, but imagine the banana is my cock as you eat it.”

I knew full well that he still loved my cock, I made sure of that earlier. So if he loved the real thing, I couldn’t wait to have breakfast and a show as I watched him slowly devour his banana.

I sat at the other end of the table, eyes glued to my roommate. Taking slow bites of my cereal, I watched Ryan’s eyes turn from nonchalance to slight lust when he finished unpeeling his breakfast. I could tell he was already picturing the phallic fruit as my cock. Looking up at me, he smiled and in one swift motion, stuck the entire fruit down his throat, never breaking eye contact. I smiled back at him, letting him know I knew what he was trying to do. Happy with my reaction, he continued slowly licking at the sides of his meal, sticking it slightly in his mouth, and lapping at its tip. During all of this, his eyes remained focus on me across the table.

“Haha, you like that Rob?” he asked as he pulled the fruit out of his mouth one more time. “Just treating this fruit like I love to treat your dick.” He paused for a moment, looked at the fruit, and then looked back at me. “You know. We have quite an interesting friendship don’t we?”

I stopped scooping my breakfast into my mouth and replied, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you’re the only guy friend I have that I’m ok with blowing. In fact, I like to touch and see your cock. And I’ve never really had a nude Saturday before, other than having sex with a girlfriend on a Saturday. Knowing that you love me is fine, and I’m ok with that completely, don’t get the wrong idea when I say this, but I do kind of love your penis. Not you in a relationship way at all, I don’t want you to think that I’m emotionally invested in you, because I can’t date you and won’t feel that way for you ever, but man, I guess I just wanted to say that I’m happy we can be so comfortable with one another without any hint of a sexual or emotional relationship type thing happening. Just two guys who love each other as friends and also love each others penises in a completely nonsexual way. It just feels right. You understand what I mean?”

Hearing Ryan’s mind trying to cope with the unusual dynamic I’d created in our friendship was actually making my dick leak a little more. It seemed that no matter what I told him, his mind could rationalize it and still fit it into what we had been before. He could make sense of the most unusual things and be content and happy with it.

And then it finally hit me. My Megawave really gave me full control over other human beings. And that was my Eureka moment. The moment I knew that I could do anything with anyone as long as I had my Megawave with me. Could I actually do that to people? Was I able to use it on unsuspecting people? Well, right now, all I wanted was Ryan. My conscience was clear when dealing with him. And no one else was even nearly as enticing as the man pretending to suck my cock upon a banana before me.

Trying my best to contain my excitement, “Well, buddy, I’m glad you feel that way. I like it too. Just to be clear here: you’re straight but you love my penis?”

Still tenderly suckling the banana, Ryan said, “Yeah. I realize it’s a different friendship though. We’re just closer than most guys. It’s not like, hey, I want you to fuck me and be my boyfriend, it’s more like,” I could see his mind trying to find the right way to word his feelings, “um…I appreciate that you have a special and beautiful penis that I love and you feel the same way about mine. While I’m in love with Kyra and will probably marry her some day, I care deeply for you as a friend and really admire the wonderful cock you have.”

“That makes perfect sense to me, Ryan. And you have a beautiful and special and wonderful penis too. The best penis I’ve ever seen!”

“Thanks bud. I’m glad we can be this close with you understanding that I just can’t love you the way you may want me to, but our friendship means enough to both of us to keep on fighting through.”

With that, Ryan finished worshiping his banana and ate the rest. I finished my cereal and walked over to the sink. Taking a moment above the sink as I rinsed out my bowl, I felt a surge of joy in my heart. For once in my awkward life, I was in control. I was getting what I wanted and Ryan was within my grasp. I knew that it was a good idea to shut off my conscience for the day and I dreaded 9 o’clock, but even with my completely free and guiltless conscience, hearing Ryan’s true feelings, mixed in with his newly formed love of my cock, I knew I’d never be able to just take over his whole life. He was a great guy and Kyra really wasn’t a bad person. They were good together! I could never make him my permanent sex slave and probably couldn’t even make him my permanent boyfriend. But these next 11 hours or so? He could easily be a sex slave. That was perfectly fine with me.

“Serve me completely. You will serve me completely. You will do as I command. Do as I say. I command it. You cannot resist my control over you. You cannot change it. You can’t even try to change it. Bleep bloop bleep.”

I turned and saw Ryan messing with my Megawave, clearly trying to sound like some sort of robot. What a funny guy, I thought as I smiled at him. He really is the best friend a guy could have. And a new feeling washed over me right then. I felt a new kind of love for him. I knew that I would do whatever he asked no matter what. It just felt right! I mean, I did love him. But this was different. I felt subservient now; like I had to listen to his commands. He was mine for the day, sure, but if he wanted me to do something, why should I resist?

A tiny voice in my head said he used the Megawave on you, Rob. Change it back! Get the machine back! And while I agreed with the fact that I needed to grab the Megawave, I didn’t really see the need to change what he’d said. I mean, why should I? It just felt right to serve him completely.

“Ryan, give me my invention, dork.” I smiled at him .

He laughed at me and apologized, getting up to hand me my Megawave. I took it from him and as his hands freed, he suddenly wrapped his hand around my cock. “Now there’s my big buddy,” he joked.

Laughing, I grabbed his too, placed the Megawave on the counter and basked in the sexiness of just holding onto my friends cock.

Standing there in the kitchen, an insane amount of pleasure from everything that had happened started clouding my brain with completely sexual thoughts. I really needed to start fucking or getting fucked or even slightly simpler yet erotic things like messing with his ethics and his beliefs. I had to step this up! Getting hornier stroking and groping my friend, and knowing that time was getting shorter and shorter until the full release of the conscience blocking I’d performed, I pulled the Megawave to my mouth to finally create the sexual slave I’d been imagining since I’d started my session earlier this morning. But before I could talk, Ryan interjected, “You know, Rob. Obviously I’m still a bit horny. I mean I was getting hard in your mouth earlier and I did want seconds. So would you suck me off again?”

And just like that, all thoughts of sexually enslaving Ryan vanished. He wanted me to suck him off, I had to suck him off. It just felt right.

Without a hint of objection, I got right down on my knees and stuffed his nearly 9 inches back into my mouth. And I had to admit, I did feel right at home there. Enjoying the now familiar feeling of his slightly curved dick slamming into the left side of the back my throat was amazing. I was really enjoying this feeling of being stuffed by my manly love.

“Lick the bottom of my penis like you did earlier. That felt amazing.”

Instantly, I pulled his cock from my mouth and slid my head back to the underside of his pole. Trying my best to do it exactly like I had before just as Ryan had requested, I stuck my tongue out and tickled the edge of his hairy scrotum. I then traced his vein to the tip of his bulbous mushroom head.

“Yeah. Just like that. Do it again.”

And so I did. I repeated it as similarly as I could to my previous attempts. Tickle, trace, back to the head.

“Fuck yeah, do it again.”

And so I did. Tickle, trace, back to the head.

“Now suck my right testicle again.”

Still resting comfortable with his cock draped across the top of my face, lying directly over my right eye, I placed his right ball in my mouth and lightly suckled on his hairy scrotum. I slightly salty taste invaded my mouth. A mixture of sweat and cum from our previous session, I thought.

“That feels amazing. Rob, keep that up.”

Still suckling on my straight friends ball, I grabbed his cock with my free right hand and started to stroke. Slowly at first, just feeling his warm flesh on my hand again. Then I quickened the pace, all the while lightly suckling upon his amazingly tasty ballsack.

“Oh God, oh God, Rob. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum! Swallow it! You need to swallow it all!”

Pushing his testicle out of the forefront of my mind, I moved at light speed to the head of his cock just as it exploded with cum. I missed the first two shots, the first of which shot over my shoulder and onto the floor, while the second hit much of my face and chest, but managed to get my lips around his purple head in time to catch the next three. It was much more liquidy than his previous orgasm, but that made perfect sense to me. The last orgasm had to have depleted so much of his storage!

When he was finished, he started to relax and go limp in my mouth. I released him as he went and sat back down at the table. But I still had work to do. He had commanded that I swallow his semen. And I hadn’t done my whole job. So I tried to scoop what I could off my chest and eat it. With the more liquid textured semen, I traced with my finger and got as much as I could into my mouth. I greedily ate it. Most of the cum that had hit my face was by my mouth, so I swirled my tongue around feeling every single molecule of the semen attach itself to my tongue. Then I looked for the stray first shot.

Still crawling on my knees, I turned around and saw it, about a foot behind where I’d been: a yummy looking wet spot upon the floor.

I crawled to it like a predator after its prey. Sticking my face right into it, I started lapping it right off the floor.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Ryan asked with a slight giggle, yet clearly bewildered at my action.

I couldn’t take the time to respond. I had to finish every last part of his semen to ensure his command had been fulfilled.

Still laughing a little bit at the insanity he was witnessing, “Rob, tell me what you’re doing and why, right now.”

Luckily, even though I had to respond instantly, I had just gotten the final bit of semen off the floor. “I’m making sure to swallow all your semen, like you commanded me to do.”

Ryan just looked at me and laughed, “What? Commanded you? I was in the moment, sure, but that’s just how I get when I’m horny and about to cum. You didn’t really have to lick up all my semen. But man, it really looked like you took that to heart!”

Blushing at the realization that he didn’t really want me to swallow ALL his juice, I internally kicked myself at how much I’d just debased myself in front of him.

“Wait. You really did look like you felt like you had to swallow that stuff just because I told you to. What’s going on here, Rob?”

“Well, I did what you commanded. Is that weird? You told me to do something so I did it. It just felt right.”

He stared at me slightly sideways, “So, let me see, if I told you, say,” he looked around and then down at his feet, “suck my big toe right now. You’d do it?”

But before he’d even started to say, ‘You’d do it?’, I lunged at his toe. I was like a magnet onto metal. It was in my mouth before he could protest. The force at which I grabbed his foot and pulled it towards me mouth, and encased his big toe within my mouth. And I began sucking on it as though it were straw.

“Oh wow. Ok. Stop sucking my toe. Go back over where you were.”

I did.

“This is crazy, Rob. I’m so confused. Tell me how this happened! Tell me everything!”

And just like that, I had to. I told him everything. I told him about the Megawave, I told him about what I’d done to him. I even told him that I loved him enough that I had to do whatever he commanded me.

“So, let me get this straight,” Ryan said as he started pacing, still naked as the day he was born. “Your machine has made me think we should be naked, made me worship your cock, made me love your cock, and now you have to do whatever I tell you? And you made me tell you not to feel bad about all of it?”

“Pretty much, yeah. But that whole me doing whatever you tell me is more of a right thing to do than the machine. I mean, it just feels right.”

“So, none of this is really how I feel?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I replied, nowhere near as ashamed as I probably would have been just four hours ago.

“Well, I’ll give you one thing, Rob,” he stopped pacing and looked at me, “You’re a better inventor than you thought you were. Now, I’m gathering that these things you said shouldn’t be real, but they just feel right. I know I should probably be mad, but I know you love me very much and I know you’d never hurt me and beyond that, why didn’t we ever have nude Saturday as a rule before? It just feels right! And I can’t help but love your penis. Maybe you put that thought in my head, maybe you didn’t, but the fact is, man, I love your dick. And you can freely love mine. That’s all fine and good. That’s just our the way our friendship works. But what about this me commanding you thing? How do you feel about that?”

“It just feels right. I really don’t think it’s the same thing as what I did to you. I know you used the machine, sure, but it just feels right. So it has to be different,” I said matter of factly..

“There seems to be a lot of that just feeling right going around today. And,” he looked at the Megawave, “it seems like that thing is what we have to thank. But now I’m not sure what else I want to do with it. I mean, I could have sex with any girl I want…sure, I’d have to us it on Kyra too to make it ok, but that doesn’t bother me much. Man, I’ve told you about Professor Kagen, right? She’s hot! I could fuck her and not even worry about it, oh man, and I could have Kyra have sex with Professor Kagen too! I would love to make Kyra a lesbian. Maybe even a lesbian who only had sex with me when she wanted a guy. A lesbian obsessed with my dick but needing pussy everyday, oh and there’s Effie, she’s a 7 or 8. Or even Manda…”

As Ryan kept talking to himself about girls he’d like to Megawave, I realized I couldn’t let him do any of that. I couldn’t let him use my invention, especially if it was so evident that all he cared about screwing girls. True, my heart gave a little flutter at the idea that he didn’t love Kyra as much as I thought he did, but I never planned to use the Megawave on anyone other than Ryan and even then, I had to shut off my conscience in order to fully do it. I couldn’t let him use my invention for his own plans. Yes, I loved him and yes I’d obey him, but I had to find a way around that before he commanded me not to. And besides, why should a straight guy get to just fuck around with chicks. My invention was for me. A homosexual. The Megawave should only fuck with other guys…in a sexual way at least, I thought, remembering my slight changes to Kyra.

“…oh and I’ve always wanted a three way with Vikki and Valerie, those twins, haha. You remember them, Rob? Oh man, the possibilities with this amazing thing!” he stopped suddenly, realizing that I hadn’t been listening or responding. “Rob…?”

For what seemed like a minute, we stared at one another. Our brains were in unison. We both knew what the other was thinking and we both knew we had to make sure the other didn’t do what they had planned. And, he from just in front of the kitchen table at the far side of the room, and I from upon the floor I had not fifteen minutes ago licked clean, we both dived towards the Megawave.

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