New York Magazine Sex Diary 2

By Hypnothrill -
published December 16, 2018

This week: an office manager who’s fantasizing about cheating on his wife. Male, 42, Long Island, straight.

{Author’s note: Here are the Friday and Saturday entries into this diary. Stay tuned for the final diary entries in three days time. And please, guys, if you’re enjoying the story, tell me in the comments section about the scenes or lines that turn you on! My last few stories have gotten relatively few comments and relatively few readers, and it’s bumming me out!}

Day Three

5:50 a.m. I’m up before my alarm this morning, so I just turn it off and let the wife sleep in. Then I head into the shower for a good long self-pleasuring session. Normally, I just focus on my dick, but today I’m pinching my nipples and playing with my balls as I imagine the scene from the threesome video again. Only this time I can picture the other guy very clearly. It’s Dan. Dan’s the one egging me on to face-fuck the chick. And it’s Dan’s hard dick rubbing up against mine as the chick swallows both our cocks at the same time. And it’s Dan’s orgasm face that I envision as I blow my own load hard against the glass shower door.

10:00 a.m. Thank God It’s Friday is all I can say. I’m having too much trouble keeping my mind on work today, I’m so fucking horny. A few times I even open up my laptop when no one’s around and sneak some quick peeks at PornHub. And apparently I’m not the only one feeling horned up today. I had to get Dan’s signature on some files, so I went to the room where Dan was having a consult with a patient, and when I opened the door, I saw the patient there down on his hands and knees, sucking Dan’s cock. I stared at it for a while, impressed by how much bigger Dan’s penis got when it was fully hard. Then I muttered out an apology and shut the door.

3:00 p.m. Dan stops by my office to apologize for his “unprofessional behavior” this morning. Next time, he’ll make sure to lock the door, he says. I’m having trouble focusing on his words; I’m getting too distracted by how good he smells. Like sweat and sex and manliness, just radiating from him like heat from a furnace. I tell I’m it’s no problem and lean forward, hoping to get more of that wonderful smell and maybe flirting a little, then reach out and rub his pec. Dan sighs and says that feels good, then asks me if I could rub his shoulders for him. Before I know what I’m doing, I’m behind Dan, giving him a deep shoulder massage, feeling his bulging traps. I just hope he can’t feel the bulge I’ve got in my slacks right now. After I finish, he invites me to the Super Bowl party he’s throwing on Sunday. I can’t wait!

7:00 p.m. Skipped the gym today, and instead I’m having dinner with an old college friend of mine, Colin. It’s good to catch up; I haven’t seen him in a couple of months, and I know he’s been going through some rough patches ever since his divorce. As we’re talking, Colin keeps getting messages on his phone. I ask him about it, and he says that’s just guys hitting him up on Grindr. I raise a quizzical eyebrow and ask since when does he have a gay hook-up app on his phone. Just since yesterday, Colin says, but already he’s hooked up with 4 guys. He even gave a blow job to one of the waiters in the men’s room before I got here.

Unbelievable! I always thought Colin was as straight as they came. Still, it was good to see his dry streak has ended and he’s finally getting some ass on the regular. That gives me a sense of hope, at least. As we chat, I wonder what Colin would be like in bed. Back when we shared a room in college, I remember seeing the big bulge in his underwear. I bet he could make a guy really happy with that thing.

Colin catches me staring at him and puts his hand over mine, smiling as he looks deep into my eyes; I’d never noticed what a beautiful aqua blue his eyes were. We sit there holding hands for the rest of the meal. At one point, we lean forward, and it feels like we’re about to kiss, but we don’t. We do share a long, lingering hug outside the restaurant though. Actually, it’s more like we’re feeling each other up, as my hands wander down to his surprisingly firm ass, and I can feel his erection pressing against my thigh. We have to do this again soon, we both agree.

9:30 p.m. It feels like there’s something in the air tonight, something that’s making guys extra horny. Maybe that’s just Friday night in New York for you. On the train home, I watch these two businessmen making out. Their hands are all over each other, and then one guy puts his hand down the front of his buddy’s suit pants. I should have done that with Colin, I think with regret.

10:00 p.m. Trying to get my mind off my dick, I sit down and watch some TV. There’s still that annoying static on the screen, but I find that it doesn’t bother me so much anymore. After 30 minutes of Sportscenter, I’m so horny from watching all those fit athletes run around that I have to take my laptop into the bathroom and jerk off. This time, I start browsing the gay porn videos on PornHub until I come across one with a beefy stud who reminds me of Dan. I only last 5 minutes until I blow a huge load.

Day Four

7:00 a.m. Wake up with a big boner. Normally I’d work this off in the shower, but this morning, I’m heading to the gym, so I figure I’ll just take my shower there. So I throw on some sweatpants (no underwear), spend a couple of minutes in front of the mirror admiring the bulge I’m showing off, and then head out the door to my gym. That’s the one nice thing about having a membership at a big chain gym—they have so many branches that I can work out near the office on weekdays and back home on Long Island during the weekends.

8:00 a.m. The gym’s pretty busy, a lot more guys than you’d expect at 8 on a Saturday morning. I have to wait a bit to use some of the machines I want, but that’s okay; it gives me more time to scope out some of the hot guys here. And I can see some of them are checking me out as well, which makes me feel pretty good. Seeing all these hot guys around makes me think of Dan, so I text him to let him know I’m thinking of him and can’t wait for his party tomorrow. He texts back and tells me he’s at the gym, then sends me a gym selfie and he’s in this little tanktop and soccer shorts and he’s looking fiiiine! So I send him a selfie back, and pretty soon, we’re texting back and forth, daring each other to show off a little bit more in our selfies. And so after he sends me a naked locker room selfie—and goddamn does Dan’s hard dick make my mouth water—I head into the locker room too, pull off my tanktop, pull down my sweats so my hard dick springs out, and take a selfie of my own. Luckily, a lot of other naked guys are standing around the mirrors with their phones doing the same thing, so it’s not too awkward.

Eventually, I figure that I need to get back to my workout, so I find an open elliptical machine under one of the TVs that’s tuned to CNN. If I can squint hard, through the static, I can just see the headlines scrolling on the screen. After about 20 minutes of that, I’m so horny I have to get off the elliptical and head for the locker room, the big tent in my sweatpants leading the way. I figure I’ll just jerk off in the shower again, but as I strip off and stuff my clothes in my locker, I feel a hand reach out and grab my hard-on. It’s this big bearded guy who was checking me out earlier on the gym floor, and now he’s naked and his thick dick is sticking straight out. I reach over to grab it, and he gestures to me to follow him. Without saying a word, we both end up in the sauna, right next to a bunch of other guys who are either making out or sucking each other off. We start off just stroking each other’s dicks, but pretty soon I can’t help rubbing his furry muscular chest, and then I’m burying my face in his sweaty chest hair, and my tongue is moving down his torso, and soon I’ve got his thick cock in my mouth. For the first time in my life, I’m sucking on a man’s cock. And it tastes incredible. The blowjob I’m giving must feel incredible too, because before long, he’s pulling out and blowing his load all over my face. I don’t last much longer, and I shoot my cum all over his hairy legs. Afterwards, we kiss, and he licks some of his cum off my lips and chin, then we head for the showers and wash each other clean. Who knew that a manly man like that could be so tender?

1:00 p.m. I’ve got the afternoon to myself today. My son’s at a “foam party”—whatever that is!—in the city, and my wife’s out with the girls, so I’ve got the house to myself for the day. Even after all the fun I had this morning, I still feel a little frisky, so I decide to set up a Grindr account. Hey, if Colin can do it, so can I! I strip down to my underwear and take a pic that doesn’t show my face—I’m a married man, after all, so I need to stay discreet—then quickly write a profile. It looks like practically the whole neighborhood is on this thing; there must be at least 50 guys on Grindr right now in a 1 mile radius, and a bunch of them start sending me messages like, “Hey sexy! RU DTF?” I’m not quite sure what that means, but I figure they’re asking if I’m Disease-Free, so answer back, “Yeah, I’m DTF,” and I start getting a bunch of dick pics. I figure it’s only fair to reciprocate, so I take out my phone and snap some shots of my own hard-on.

2:00 p.m. Eventually I start chatting with this young guy who’s got the most amazing body, a swimmer’s build with a thick bubble butt and thighs he claims came from playing lots of soccer. And what a dick! In the pic he sends me, it’s pointing straight up, and comes right up to the middle of his 8-pack abs. I know he’s too young for me—his profile says he’s only 20—but how can I resist that dick? So I send him my address and tell him to come over. He’s silent for a minute, then writes back that he’ll be right over.

2:15 p.m. I hear a knock on the door, and open it to find my Grindr hookup. To my surprise, I recognize him; it’s my son’s friend Trevor, who he played soccer with back in high school. But I don’t even care right now; Trevor’s a grown man, and what’s more, he’s a fucking stud! We’re making out and ripping each other’s clothes off before he’s even halfway in the room.

Trevor keeps calling me “Daddy,” and that shouldn’t turn me on, but it does. He keeps moaning, “Oh, yeah, just like that, Daddy” as I deep throat him and gag on his long cock. And then he begins whimpering, “Fuck me, Daddy! Breed your boy’s hole!” He doesn’t need to ask me twice. In no time, I’m fucking him bareback, doggystyle. Fuck! I’d forgotten how good it feels to fuck a tight ass. The wife doesn’t like anal. We do it once a year at most, usually on my birthday.

Afterwards, Trevor tells me I popped his anal cherry, and that he’s glad his first time was with me because he always respected me growing up. We cuddle naked on the couch for a bit, then Trevor asks if we can watch some TV. I struggle to find anything that we can watch through the thick static on the screen, but Trevor doesn’t seem to mind, so we just stare at the static on the TV for a while until Trevor says he has to go. From the hard-on he’s sporting, I can tell how he’s planning on spending his afternoon, fucking his way through the neighborhood. Oh, to be 20 again!

4:00 p.m. I decide to do some chores around the house, fix a leaky faucet, replace some fuses, that sort of thing. Before it gets too dark, I decide to face the cold and get rid of the fallen tree branches in the yard. Over the fence, my next door neighbor Karl sees me and asks if I need any help, and then one thing leads to another and pretty soon Karl and I are inside ripping off each other’s clothes. Karl kneels between my legs, and I think he’s going to suck my dick, but instead he goes straight for my ass. He’s working his tongue in there deep, and he even slips in a finger or two.

“I didn’t know you were into this sort of thing,” I tell Karl, moaning as his finger starts to massage my prostate. He’s always seemed like such a conservative guy: an accountant, father of four, teaches a Sunday school class at his church. He tells me he just got into assplay recently, like yesterday. He thinks he saw a show about it on TV or something, and it just sounded like fun. Well, I’m certainly having fun, and as Karl wiggles his finger in just the right spot, I shoot my third load of the day. After Karl blows his wad all over my chest, he pulls his pants back on and tells me he has to go; he’s making dinner for the family tonight, and his meat needs time to marinate. I see him out, thankful I’ve got such a good fucking neighbor right next door.

8:00 p.m. My wife’s finally come back from her day out with the girls. Apparently, they did a lot of shopping, because she comes back with bags from Victoria’s Secret and a shop called Adam & Eve. It looks like spending time with the girls wore her out; she seems tired but happy. She asks what I got up to today, and I make up a little lie about just sitting at home and watching TV all day. If only she knew!

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