Night sweats on Elm Street

By Stroppy Author
published December 15, 2018

A contractor buy a famous house

Night-sweats on Elm Street I am either the dumbest person in the world or the most enviable. I had just closed the purchase of my new West Hollywood home at 1428 North Genesee Avenue. Most would know it as the house from Nightmare on Elm Street. Creepy, I know but it really was in terrible shape and the city was selling it with the expectation of it being torn down and a fourplex being built. Oh hell no. I planned on maintaining the front exactly as is but refurbish the house structurally and internally. Who would mess with an icon?!

I had made several trips there before closing and I must say it did initially give me the creeps but I started having dreams about what the house would be. I even tossed it to the thoughts of all the hot neighbours I would have over. The day the house closed, I ordered a large dumpster and a few things I would need to open the walls and prepare it for demolition. I’m a contractor by trade so this is exactly up my alley.I had just finished up three projects at the same time. I gave my workers the next few months off though a few would come help me with my house. I was built but I surely needed help. My time-line was 6 months though I knew it should only take four. I just gave myself some leeway. I’m 32 and built like a brick shite-house. Good genes and good upbringing, I had worked out since High School and played football plus I helped my father on his projects until his passing then I took over the business. I had the additional benefit of a college degree so transferring my licenses was a breeze. The workers I chose were three of my best mates since eighth grade. I was best man at their weddings and subsequently each others support group when I came out and they each divorced. Indiana could be an unforgiving place so California it was.

I made my way room-to-room imagining what it like when it was built. It would take a few days for the city to get the original construction plans to me so I did a little exploration on my own. Some of the spaces just didn’t make sense. One closet was too narrow to be intentional. Another bathroom wall bumped out as if hiding a pipe or something. And floors sounded too hollow to have been properly insulated. I would address all of these things. After five hours in the house I decided to grab some dinner. Locking the door, I whispered “You’re mine, now baby. You’re going to be beautiful.” A warm breeze blew around I heard something whisper “No, you’re mine”. The door seemed to rush away from me it did in the movie. I felt like I was in a long hallway being pulled forward endlessly until I was suddenly in front of the closed, locked door. HAH! Boy my mind was on overdrive! That was so cool!!

As I exited my property I met a couple of my new neighbors. Doug and Jase were a handsome couple. Of course they were. West Hollywood: DuH! Doug was a trainer at the 24-hour fitness on the strip and Jase was an actor meaning he was a Bartender at Hamburger Mary’s. They greeted me most warmly and asked if I were the new owner. I said I was and introduced myself. “Geoff” I said. I was just about to grab a beer and supper, would they care to join. Jase said he was on his way to work but Doug said he had a few minutes.

We walked the 15 blocks with them pointing out Rock Hudson’s house on Laurel avenue and the “Schindler” house along with several other notable homes. I loved my new neighborhood. While walking they told me the last owner was a gay man who died of GRID (before it was known as AIDS). There were no services at the time so all of the neighbors took care of him, bringing food three times a day and made sure his house remained his, as people did on those dark days. He passed away in 1984 in time to see West Hollywood become America’s first Gay city. After he passed his partner remained there for another 15 years and when he passed, his new partner and their two “Boys” maintained the property but it’s sat empty for 7 years now. There have been a couple of incidents in that house. Straight men who had stayed there suddenly became flamboyantly gay and some just plain old disappeared. No deaths or anything awful but strange that any who stayed there became a gay mans wet dream. I LOVED that my house was notorious. I would surely advertise that if I ever decide to sell.

We arrived at Jase’s work. Doug stayed long enough to have a beer and I, a Hamburger. Tomorrow would be day one of demo but more an exploration and I would need my rest so I headed back to the In-Law studio I rented for the duration of the reno. That night I slept fitfully dreaming of men in the 1950’s. It was so realistic. Everything was suggestive. No overt sexuality, just men talking in whispers and following each other into dark places only to emerge a wee disheveled and quite visually satisfied. Wow.. a 50’s dream. Thats a new one for me. In my dream I had returned to the house. As I walked through I saw how it looked in the 70’s; Rob Paris pictures hung in the hall, Posters for COLT and the movie CRUISING hung in the bed rooms. Yvonne Elliman and Donna Summer were playing in the background. As I made my way through the house I found secret rooms hidden by sliding panels and closed niches. There was even a room with a sling clipped into eye hooks with a peg board behind it with toys of all sorts. I didn’t recognise some of them yet they were in my dream. Weird!

I woke the next day amused by my dream and grateful I wasn’t still in Bell bottoms and hair like Link from Mod Squad. I met my two friends, Alex and Darryl at the house. As I said, we had met in elementary school and been friends ever since. We had played football together but Alex maintained his body even after quitting. He was a regular at the gym and still played on the weekends. Darryl was my height; 6’ and 220 pounds. Though he had a bit of a beer belly he still had his way with the ladies. He was the least affected by my coming out. “Yeah” he said. “I knew that. so what was you going to tell me, you finally met someone?” . I had told them I was moving to California, saddened by the thought of separating from my best friends. They said it sounded like a good idea; would I mind if they came along?. Rent being so much more than the midwest they decided to share an apartment until they found something more permanent. God I loved these guys!

We met to do the initial assessment. The plan was to knock holes in the wall and look for major defects or load bearing walls. I was curious about the strange architectural mishaps so I started with the kitchen where I suspected some pipes hidden behind a box. I had just knocked a hole in when I heard Alex call me up to the attic. He and Darryl were standing over a hole in the floor grinning like cheshire cats. I asked what and they said "I think whomever lived here before hid some body parts but Darryl thinks he was a contractor who left his tools here. I looked down the hole and saw the largest stash of dildos, cock rings, butt plugs, sounds and bottles of real amyl nitrate. The thing was they were all shiny and clean as if just left, but the house had been empty for seven years.

Darryl placed his big paw hand on my shoulder and said “This home is perfect for you”. I grinned and said “Hey, whats mine is yours.. just dont bring them back clean, OK”? A chorus of Ewwwww" and we all returned to our work; me to my hole in the wall where I found another stash but of old 70’s porn. God they looked cheesy! Big old mustaches and hairy pelts popping out of too stiff leather. Flannel shirts that would now only be found on a Lesbian porn and such corny tool belts. " I’ll have to look through them all later" I smirked.

We found more things along the way; In the back of one closet was a hidden closet behind a false wall, just like in my dream. I opened it as I had in my dream fearing a dead body or something gruesome but to my surprise it led into that wall in the other bedroom I had thought was too narrow. I pulled the chain on a light bulb not thinking. I had de-energised the house but a series of bulbs illuminated. “Hmmm.. good thing I found this. Must be a second power source. One of us could have gotten hurt”. I took a moment and looked at the line of easily 100 pieces of leather; from Muir caps to dog collars, restraints and chaps. Boots to vests. There were nipple clamps, sounds and even more toys than we found in the attic. This area, I kept to myself and somehow I knew the house was pleased.

I decided to check out the tool shed in the back so I let everyone know and headed out back. There was the usual rusted assemblage of rusted tools and barrel mower but something caught my eye. The only colour in the black and white shed. A Brand New bright red Craftsman Tool chest on wheels. I had one of these in my workshop. I paid almost $2000 for it. This was in perfect condition and even had the padded drawer liners. I checked all 9 drawers which were empty but when I lifted the top, the lid was lined with every size ratchet and wrench in the American standard line up but there was a purple Crown Royal bag with something in it. I opened it and it was a Fisting dildo but Hollow. I looked at it and it seemed to be a glove with the fingers pointed out in case your own hand size wasn’t enough. “Double Ewwww”! Of course I put it on.

As soon as I had, the open end snapped closed around my hand and I felt a shiver and warmth spread through out my body. Fuck I was horny!!The rubber seemed to become warm and more flexible. “Hah”! I laughed half seriously to myself, “I have Freddy Krugers gay brothers glove”. I ran it along my face and chin and I swear to God it was warm like a real hand. I sucked on the finger tips and it felt just like my cock when I enter someone. God I’m going to have fun with this!

Alex called out that he needed a hand. Somehow the Glove became more latex like and I was able to pull my hand out and we three met in the living room. When Alex and Darryl tried to open the Master bedroom, the door was stuck. They didn’t want to damage the frame by forcing it and wanted me to give it a try. I walked right up, turning the knob and the door opened. I grinned at the two and said “It’s an ancient safeguard invented by the Pharohs.. kept the slaves from leaving the pyramids; they didn’t know you have to turn the knob”. They looked stumped but properly embarrassed. We broke for lunch when I saw Jase and Doug coming out of their house. We made introductions. Jase eye fucked my friends something fierce and they took it in stride. Doug was more subtle but you could see the videos running in his mind.

We headed to Jase’s work and had a couple of beers and burgers before returning to the house. The rest of the day was uneventful so we finished up and I headed home to make a list of supplied and sent out for bids on fixtures and appliances. It was only 8:pm but I was tired from a long emotional day so I headed to bed. I slept fitfully but deeply. At one point in my dream I was wearing the fist glove except my fingers opened up. I chased Alex and Darryl through the hallways of my house only it was finished and clean. Just as it had been when it was new. They were naked and running, terrified!

Alex ran into the guest room where I had found the hidden closet. He looked around but illogically, he lay down on the bed resting for a moment. The room was straight from Nightmare on Elm Street except it wasn’t Freddy’s glove pulling him through the mattress; it was my fist glove. I had pulled him through the mattress; his bear-body flailing. Then, instead of blood pouring form the hole in the mattress it was cum. Gallons and gallons of cum. I smelled it. The walls and floor were covered in cum.

Alex pulled himself through the hole in the mattress and slipping on the cum, he smelled the walls and tentatively licked them. Considering for a second, he began licking and sucking on the walls. Slowly all of the cum in the room coalesced and pulled all around him. He drank and licked and sucked as it made its way up his body. Easily 100 Gallons of cum was absorbed into his body causing him to bloat and grow. His hair became thicker and his hands maw like. His shoulders rolled and grew as his legs thickened. His balls became heavy grapefruit and his cock even regrew a foreskin. His lower jaw jutted out and gave him an angry square look. His face grew a thick beard and his hair shagged out. Alex’s brow thickened, as did his neck.

I watched through the mirror on the door. Alex’s eyes caught site of me. he turned to look at me. His big belly and gorilla pecs looked so enticing. My gloved hand started pulling his nipples through the mirror and he threw his head back an animal like growl. as his nipples became thick and puffy. His cock, now 14" drooled a steady stream of pre-cum which ran up to his mouth rather than down to the floor. I watched as he jutted his butt out and leaned forward. His arse grew two hairy basketballs complimenting his new 7’ frame. “Perfect” I thought then awoke. It was morning when I woke from that hot dream. I was sticky and crusted with cum. I hadn’t had a wet dream in years. I didn’t want to be late so I just washed my pits and ran the razor over my face.

I jumped in the truck and bought some donuts and a box of Starbucks coffee for the guys. When I pulled up Alex was himself just arriving. He looked tired as hell! Unshaven and hairier than I think I’ve ever seen him. I walked up holding the coffee and donuts. We all dug in. Alex seemed preoccupied but took the coffee. Sitting on the stairs leading in Alex sat next to me and suddenly looked up more animated than he had been. He leaned over and smelled me. Perking up I wondered if he smelled the dried cum. I’m thinking yes since his pants were tenting hard!

Darryl headed inside and I said I was going to check out the tool box in the shed. I was thinking of bringing it inside and locking it up. Alex followed me. I pushed the box out of the shed and we walked the box into the side entrance. Once inside I looked to see why it was so heavy and when I opened the top and the drawers. it was full of all the toys we had found in the attic and some of the items from the hidden closet. Alex’s eyes bulged. He slowly rubbed his crotch. I’ve seen Alex naked in the showers. He’s 6" max but today I could see his cock clearly outlined half way to his knees. He was rock hard. It was then that I noticed how tight his clothes were: the seams were stretched and ripping. He was hard staring at the toys and sweating a bit. Creepy!

We worked pulling siding and taking measurements. We removed and demolished all three bathrooms and even made a foray into the basement. That was a site. There were eye-bolts in the ceiling and on the walls with a peg wall that had obviously held tools of some kind. Funny thing was I could see how some of the sex toys profiles were penciled into the pegboard. Again, just like in my dream. We finished around 5PM and headed for a beer. Alex hadn’t spoken a word all day. I suggested he go back to the apartment and get some early sleep. Darryl and I looked at each other as he dragged off. Darryl and I stayed for one more beer before we headed off. I showered and hit the sack early myself, secretly hoping for another erotic dream. .

Again I fell asleep easily and again I was in the house; the basement to be exact. I had the tool box open and all the toys were neatly arranged. And tied up in rope woven to look like a spider web was Darryl. He was hot to look at. His build was ever impressive. His build masculine and impressive. He looked scared as I approached. I was wearing some of the leather gear I had found in the closet; My Muir cap, the leather vest, chaps and boots and a leather band on my left arm. Darryl looked so vulnerable it made me hard.

“Please Daddy.. I don’t understand what’s happening. Please don’t hurt me” he said. “Shhhhhh, baby.. Let Daddy give you what you need” I replied. Slowly I swatted his bum as the ropes pulled him up and flat into the web. The ropes spread his legs and raised his bum out to me. It was so beautiful. I kneeled down and started licking his hole. He was moaning and pleading with me, “Please… stop. I…I’m straight. I don’t want this…Ohhhhh..”. His protests were turning me on so much. I dug in and started tongue fucking him. I felt the normal ring give way but soon I started noticing my tongue was feeling the walls of his chamber. I pulled away and could see my tongue had grown. I had to be at least 8" and thick. I fed it back in and Darryl squirmed and struggled in his ropes; not to get away but to push his bum into me. My tongue felt his prostate and started teasing it. He was openly panting now.

I was frantic to be inside him. I stood and placed my rock hard cock at his entrance now dripping with my saliva and pre-cum. His breath was panting. he was stuttering “Pu..Pleaseeee…” I dont think he knew if he was begging me to stop or slide it inside him so I did! His head was half turned to me and his eyes flew open. The ropes moved his body around so I could fuck him in so many positions. One rope wrapped around his cock squeezing it and his balls. Another around his neck. I bit into the rope and Darryl cried out. The rope transmitted sensation. I grinned as I bottomed out in him. I started licking the ropes and sucking a hickey into one around his neck. Darryl was lost in the sensations as I nipped and licked as I started earnestly fucking him. One of the ropes lowered a paddle into my hand. Darryl was bent in half. My cock was growing inside of him.

I noticed the more I fucked, the longer my cock became. The ropes turned his body so his legs were bent straight back folding him in half. I could see my cock grow inside his body sucking his mass away from him. With each thrust his body became thinner; smaller while at the same time my cock was becoming longer and thicker. By now it was as round and thick as a baseball bat. I was so turned on! I felt his mass becoming mine as his body compressed in on its self. My arms were huge, my neck disappeared as my shoulders and lats bulged. My neck and back were rippling with power as I watched Darryl become a thin little twink. By now my cock was just below his chin. I was fascinated as I saw the thickness make bends and twists in his soft little belly until I heard a slight gag.

Darryls head lifted a bit and he opened his mouth into an “O” as I watched a reverse of someone giving head: My cock was coming out of his mouth. His eyes were wide in panic and arousal as more of my head came out of his mouth. I was slamming into his arse making my cock in his mouth poke out more and more. I leaned in closing my mouth on his sucking my own cock. The sensation was unbelievable. We moaned into each others mouth as I humped him. The only definition on his body were his erect nipples. I sucked myself off as his body flopped helplessly and limply. All of a sudden I came. I sucked in all of my cum knowing it was Darryl’s mass I was drinking in. Darryl knew this too. I watched as he pitifully tried to retain and drink in some of himself but I was ravenous. My body continued to grow but in a moment of compassion I realised and let Darryl take back some of the cum. He looked at me gratefully as his body took on definition.

He was now a think tight little gymnast. he had lost a full foot of height and at least 80 pounds of mass. He now had a six pack and a tight twinks arse. His skin was milky white and completely without hair except for his head and eye brows. He looked to be about 15. His nipples were pink and puffy against a lighter pink areola. His once proud 9" Italian sausage was a mere three inches above two cute little robins’ eggs. I ran my fist glove along it’s short shaft and his body convulsed in the unexpected pleasure. I suddenly woke up. It was morning and again I was covered in my own cum. Jesus, these dreams were wild! I again skipped my shower choosing to just wash up. As I dressed I noticed my shoes hurt my feet and my pants were too tight. I couldn’t button my levi’s: I just held them in place with my belt. I couldn’t button my shirt, it was too tight. WTF? I donned a sleeveless shirt open at the front. It is West Hollywod! I again did a drive through at Dunkin Donuts and got to the house.

Darryl was there in the front. He was sitting pensively on the front step. He looked pale and his clothes hung baggy on his frame. Strange. As I walked up I noticed he had a Hickey on his neck. Now THAT’S a coincidence! He didn’t make eye contact, merely mumbling " ‘mornin’. I asked where Alex was and he mumbled “in the house”. I asked if he were all right and he said “yeah.. bad dream”. As I walked by him he caught a whiff of my sweat and cum. His eyes perked up and he leaned in to me. Grabbing my leg he smelled my crotch. “What the hell man”? I cried out. He caught himself and blushed. I asked if he needed to take a day for himself but he continued sniffing and said “No Sir.. I’m Good”. Sir?

I walked n to the house and heard Alex in the kitchen. The tool box was open and he had placed the collar on himself. he looked so hot. His hair had grown an inch overnight. He looked as if he hadn’t shaved for a couple of days. His hands were thick as he pulled on his nipples and his body was noticeably hairier and thicker. He turned to look at me and his mouth was slightly open. He had the nipple clamps on and he blushed at being caught. I said “I know, right”? He smiled and took them off placing them back in their place in the tool box. He left the collar on and I didnt say anything. As he closed the drawer I noticed one of the butt plugs was missing. I looked at Alex as he walked away. bending over to pick up his shirt I heard him grunt and squat a bit.

Again, as was becoming a ritual, Doug and Jase were leaving for work. They caught site of Darryl and Alex and looked at each other. I rounded the building, locking the front door. When they saw me their mouths opened. “What the hell was with them”? I wondered. We headed towards hamburger Marys for a burger and beer. Alex just pointed to three items on the menu and grunted. Alex chose the Salad Nicois. I snorted a laugh and asked “trying to lose weight for the prom”. he looked at me with hurt in his eyes. Suddenly the music started playing and Darryls head spun around. “Oh Gawd, I LloveloveLOVE this song”. Before I could even react he had jumped up and began dancing and singing along:

At first I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinkin’ I could never live without you by my side But then I spent so many nights thinkin’ how you did me wrong And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along

The table gew silent as we watched my big strong Football buddy wagging his finger and giving a perfect head bob-Z-snap

And so you’re back, from outer space I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face I should have changed that stupid lock I should have made you leave your key If I’d have known for just one second you’d be back to bother me

We watched in awe as he made his way from table to table circling the heads of male customers with his hands and blowing kisses. Who was this man?! Doug and Jase just watched amused not knowing anything was wrong until they looked at me and saw my concern.

Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now. ’cause you’re not welcome anymore. Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye? Did you think I’d crumble? Did you think I’d lay down and die? Oh no, not I, I will survive Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive I’ve got my life to live, and I’ve got all my love to give. And I’ll survive, I will survive, hey hey

Darryl finished with a sweeping bow to the really too loud chorus of cheers and applause. He returned to the table blowing kisses to all of the people. Pausing to fan himself with his one hand and sipping an appletini another table had sent, finally said “OMG! THAT! WAS! FUNNN!” Alex looked like he should be wearing a towel, taking a hit of poppers and fucking the first bottom he could find. I could see his cock straining from my angle at the table. Jase and Doug were gushing over Darryls act. I just swallowed hard. We finished our beers, aaand one Appletini and headed home. I didn’t think I would sleep but in an instant I was back in the dream house.

This time I was in the drawing room. Jase and Doug were sitting on a round settee’. The room was decorated in the garish 70’s orange and green shag carpet and plush velour furniture. There was an old vacuum tube console TV playing typical “Barn yard” scene porn in black and white. They seemed amused. I entered the room and they both looked at me saying “Geoff.. Isn’t this dream wild? Look at the detail”. I corrected them; I said “My name is Chase”. They looked at each other and said: “Where’d you hear that name? That was the name of the previous owner who had all the sex parties”. “Hmmm” I said, “Imagine that”!

I sauntered into the room. I was wearing the leathers form the closet: A muir cap, Leather jacket, vest, Chaps, boots, gauntlets; the whole things! Doug obviously felt tension. I was circling the couch like a predatory animal. I had on one leather glove and my fister glove. Now all the fingers moved, but they didn’t look like fingers. They looked like little penis’s. I drummed them on the sofa back as I stalked my victims. The cool thing is each finger left a trail of pre-cum on the seat back. They seemed expectant. Not fear but anticipation. Jase stood and I pounced, or rather, my body pounced. I was just along for the ride enjoying the show. I felt the sexual thoughts of whomever was inside my body with me. We landed on Jase and I saw my furry paws push Jase down on the floor.

I looked down and saw my hands and arms were covered in fur. I was lupine. My claws extended and I shredded his clothes off of him. Doug stood up but my leathers flew off my body with a screeching sound. The arms and legs elongated and became leather straps. They wrapped themselves around Doug and pulled him back into the armchair he had been sitting in. The muir cap shifted and became a soft leather hood with mouth gag. A leather ball formed and forced it’s way into his mouth. Hands came out of the chair and gripped him tightly . His legs were lifted and another set of hands ripped his clothes off as well.

With Doug dispatched, I returned to Jase. He was face down on the ground so I lifted his body into a kneeling position. My cock had become the red rocket of a wolf. I looked up at a mirror and saw my 8 foot body covered in fur with a semi human face and elongated animals mouth. My long wolf tongue licked the back of Jases neck and face. He scrunched his eyes. I chuckled as I held his wrists and moved behind to tongue fuck my prey. I had him writhing and moaning so I moved again and lined my huge wolfs cock up with his arse.

In one bump I was in. No pain, no prep I was just inside him and my knot was swollen locked. Jase was panting and moaning "Oh god oh god oh god.. ahhh.. oh…. “. Doug was watching and I could see his lust kicking in. I bit down on Jases neck holding him position as I freed his hands and reached around. My claws pierced his nipples causing Jase to clamp down on me. I growled in pleasure. I could taste his blood where my teeth had lightly penetrated his muscles. My claws had pulled his nipples at least 6” from his body yet they didn’t tear. Jase was moaning and fucking back hard. I couldn’t last so I dumped a load in him. My knot had us locked together and he wasn’t going anywhere so I picked him up and we fuck-walked to Doug in the chair.

Doug’s bare arse was exposed and his pucker was so pink and sweet. Jase locked lips with it and began rimming his lover. Doug relaxed now that the sex was about him and moaned, flexing his hands. I kept bumping jases arse locked on to my cock. He was in obvious pleasure. I put two of my finger penises up to Dougs hole. The lube they made eased them into Doug’s hole. He closed his eyes and pushed out. I took the opportunity to focus on Jase. I started thrusting my still lodged cock into his bum, He turned to look at me but his neck didn’t stop in a half turn. His whole head was now facing backwards on his body. I was Doggy fucking him but looking him in the eyes. He was gasping in pleasure as I stuck my long tongue into his mouth. He swallowed my tongue and saliva. All the while I was finger-penis fucking his lover.

When I looked up at Dougs arse, all five fingers were lodged deep inside. My Fist glove started to merge again and I put my cone of fingers together and bumped my way inside his bum. Doug was moaning and cussing like a sailor. He urged and begged me to put it all in. I obliged. I was fucking Jase and fisting Doug. When Doug was close, I pulled out of Jase and focused on Doug’s arse. I felt myself being pulled into Dougs body. When I opened my eyes I saw Jase kneeling face down humping the air with his butt. I pulled him up into Dougs arms. To Jase I was his lover but really it was me, I longed for the passion he showed his lover. His kiss was communicative. I felt the intensity of their connection. My host felt the same. Whom ever the intelligence was that was orchestrating my dreams and with whom I shared bodies, I knew this is how he fed: off the passion and lust of men. If Freddy Kruger thrived on the fear generated by the kids in his dream world; Chase thrived on the lust and passion in his. I looked down and my body was still fucking Jase. I made eye contact with my body and realised it was Chase. He winked one of his lupine amber eyes and nodded at me. I was restrained in the chair sharing the mind and body of Doug. I realised this is how he and so many other neighbors had fun, since 1999. The leathers we wore was actually Chases lover semi-reincarnated as his fetish.

As soon as I had figured that out I woke up. Again, I was covered in cum. This time I showered before I dressed however none of my clothes fit. I didn’t think anything of it . I shrugged my shoulders as if it were perfectly normal to suddenly outgrow ones clothes. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out to my truck. It was an F250 Dually and for some reason I had to crouch to sit in it. I felt like I was in a Ford Ranger!. I drove to Breuger Bagels and ordered the bagels and coffee at the drive through. The boy in the window looked like he was going to crawl through the window, He was stuttering and drooling both. I held money up to pay and he said “Oh no Sir… It’s on me, Papi”. I jotted down my new address on one of the napkins and handed it to him. Winking, I thanked him and drove on. I arrived at hit the house at 8AM.

There on the step were Alex and Darryl. This time I saw it. Alex was bigger and hairier. He looked nearly animalistic. And Darryl was definitely smaller but seated next to the larger Alex he seemed truly twinkish. Alex had his arm around Darryl and Darryls hand was inside Alex’s crotch. The leather collar Alex had on yesterday was now around Darryls neck. They never noticed my truck pulling up. Their eyes were closed and they were leaned into each other. It was sweet, really.

As I approached they sat up and pulled away from each other. Please don’t" I said. That was such a lovely thing to see. I feel terrible breaking the moment". They blushed and I said " I’m really quite envious; you’re here discovering each other and I’m the one without a relationship and a big house and I would trade immediately". They embraced each other again. I suddenly realised I was dressed only in a towel so I let us in to the house and set out the bagels, spreads and coffee. Neither of us had noticed the kitchen was intact. There were avocado coloured appliances that looked new. The smell of fresh paint and curtains mingled with the coffee.

There was a tapping at the kitchen door. I opened it to see Jase and Doug. “Wow! Look at you guys” said Jase. I saw the changes in Alex and Darryl but what was he talking about looking at me. I moved to the foyer which was also in new condition. There was a full length mirror and I saw myself as if for the first time. I was huge! long soft hair covered my shoulders, chest and back. My face was hard and angular. Year had come off my face and I looked like a fresh and unshaven 20-something year old.

My arms and hands were also covered and proportionately huge. I looked like a cross between a Linebacker and a porn star. I pulled my towel away and looked at my cock, Somehow it had transformed into a virtual horse cock. As I looked and felt the arousal it lowered and lengthened, It’s soft brown and red colour softened as the skin stretched out to a foot; a foot and a half; TWO Feet! The head was cone shaped, pink and uncut and the weight felt SO GOOD! My Balls hung low and full. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled them a foot from my body and bent my knees as ‘feel good’ shot through my body. My mind was numbed by pleasure. Jase and Darryl had dropped to their knees as they started licking and sucking on whatever they could get in their mouth.

Doug spoke: “The house was waiting for someone like you, Geoff. Chase was waiting for you. The house sat empty because they knew someone like you would come along. We’ve all waited seven years for you. Welcome home”. At that moment I knew this would be my forever home. I offered the 800 square Foot basement to Alex and Darryl as a second Master Bedroom and somehow I knew the room would already be finished. There was no need to restore the house. Maybe change the carpet and some new colours but the house was indeed waiting for us and in perfect condition.

We spent the day shopping for new clothes for the each of us, then off to stock the house with food and drink mixers then Santa Monica Blvd to visit some bars! We returned home around 10PM. Jase and Doug followed us in to the house. Alex and Darryl were hand in and when there was a knock at the door and someone entered; A lot of someones. There was a line of neighbors; everyone who had cared for Chase and his partner and everyone who knew how to party in ’70’s style had shown up for an impromptu Welcome to the neighborhood party. There in the back was the young Latino from the bagel shop this morning. New blood. I knew the house was pleased. I love my new home.

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