What's That Smell?

By AgainstMyWill published April 19, 2010

Danny’s new job as a teacher seems to be going well, until…

What’s That Smell?

Danny had just started substitute teaching at Exeter Academy, a boys’ prep school, and couldn’t have been happier. His friends from the master’s program were struggling to scrape by, and Danny had come into the favor of the headmaster at the prestigious school. Substituting first, he said, but as soon as a full-time position opened up, it was as good as Danny’s.

That knowledge made it a bit easier to bear the unpleasant life of a substitute. The kids were unruly and tested Danny every time he taught, poking and pushing to see how far they could go, how soft he was, and they found all his buttons and pushed them. It was worse than a torture chamber, these boys, but Danny just kept closing his eyes and chanting in his head, “Just a few more months, just a few more months.”

Davis, the headmaster, called Danny into his office one day to talk.

“Look, Danny, I know you’re a substitute, but I hear the boys have been giving you an especially hard time.”

“Yeah,” Danny shrugged, not looking Davis straight in the eye, “It’s a little rough sometimes, I’m not so good with discipline.”

“Well, it takes time, but once they respect you, it’ll be a lot easier. I’d start by showing you mean business. Announce you’ll be holding detention for anyone caught misbehaving in any way, and then stick to your guns. You’ll see, they’ll whine and moan but they’ll come around.”

“Thanks, Sir,” Danny added, smiling a bit and looking up to meet the man’s gaze. They shook hands and Danny walked back to class, his posture a little more upright, a little more spring in his step.

“Alright, listen, guys,” Danny announced, in a louder, commanding voice, as he strode back into his classroom. The boys all took notice, a bit surprised by the new air of authority Danny brought with him. “You guys have been getting away with murder in here, but it’s time for it to end,” Danny continued, “So anyone who breaks any rule at all today, expect to stay here after classes end and write a 500-word essay explaining what you did wrong.”

The room erupted in a chorus of groans and complaints. “Teacher, it’s not fair!” they whined. Danny paid them no heed and continued conducting class.

Just as the headmaster had predicted, the boys soon realized Danny wasn’t playing around and were better-behaved than ever before. So well-behaved they were that Danny excitedly realized as the 5-minute bell sounded that he wouldn’t even have to stick around for the detention after all. Even the thread had done the job.

That is, until he turned around to face the class, a minute before class ended, and from the front row, Curtis, a freshman boy, crumpled up a piece of paper and, unmistakably, in plain sight, threw the balled-up paper directly at Danny. It hit him square in the forehead. Curtis smirked.

“Testing, eh?” Danny asked, a bit flustered and getting angrier as he spoke, “Well, I wasn’t joking. You’re going to be here writing that essay while your classmates are off enjoying their afternoon outside on this beautiful day. I hope you’re happy!”

Curtis just sat with that smirk painted right on his face.

After classes ended Danny sat at his desk, sighed loudly, awaiting Curtis’s appearance for detention. Why couldn’t he have left well enough alone? Now Danny had to cancel his own afternoon plans biking with his girlfriend so he could babysit this snot-nosed little punk. The doorknob rattled, and Danny looked up as Curtis walked into the room, still wearing a faint smirk.

“Curtis, come on, man, why did you have to do that? Did you really think I wouldn’t follow through on detention?”

“No, I knew you would,” Curtis said confidently, to Danny’s surprise.

“Well, then, I don’t understand. Don’t you want to play outside?”

“Nobody else misbehaved so I knew I’d be the only one here,” Curtis said.

“I still don’t really understand. Is there something you want to talk about?”

“No, not yet,” Curtis said, and sat down at the same desk he took during class, front and center.

“Well, get started so you can get out of here. 500 words on why you shouldn’t throw trash at your teacher in class.”

Curtis obediently pulled out paper and pencil and sat concentrating. Danny just sat reading a novel, the room silent except for the ticking of the standard prep school wall clock and the scribbling noise of graphite on paper.

“I think I’m done,” Curtis finally spoke up, “But I need you to check something for me. Can you come read this paragraph?”

Danny stood up from his chair and walked over, impressed that Curtis would ask for help, and happy to be making a connection finally with one of the students. He sat down at the desk right next to Curtis and leaned over to read the paragraph in question. But as he glanced at the page he saw that most of it was just unintelligible scribbling. Where Curtis was pointing he’d written, in large block letters, “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?”

Danny reacted with a start, ready to yell at the boy for his insubordination. “What is this?” he began.

But as he opened his mouth to utter those words with an angry sneer, Curtis quickly stood and turned to face away from him, so the seat of his pants was right in Danny’s face. And then he farted.

It was one of the loudest, longest farts Danny had ever heard, worse than any faked hand-in-armpit or mouthed fart noise, Curtis’s uniformed ass let loose with a wet, gassy explosion. Danny barely had time to process what had just happened when it hit him.

The smell was mind-blowingly intense. Danny’s nostrils filled up with the stench of the raunchiest fart he’d ever smelled in his life. He couldn’t imagine what Curtis had eaten earlier for his farts to smell like this. Danny went to pinch his nose shut but it was too late. He’d already breathed in deeply and then, gagging from the odor, gulped a mouthful of the putrid air down through his mouth. He was coughing too hard to even bother trying to hold his nose.

Curtis turned around with that characteristic smirk on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Teacher, I sure didn’t mean to do that.”

Danny recovered his breath and sat wheezing for a moment, trying to decide what he was going to do to discipline this disgusting and disobedient young delinquent, until Curtis asked, “How’d it smell, teacher? Did you like that smell?”

Danny started to look up at Curtis in disgust for what could only have been an incredibly smug question from a kid who already knew he was in deep trouble. But before his mouth could form any words, a peculiar thought entered Danny’s mind, and before he even realized what he was doing, Danny opened his mouth and said, “I loved the smell.”

Curtis’s smirk grew wider. “Of course you did. Why don’t you get a bit closer this time? I think you need some more.”

Curtis turned back around and squatted just a bit, sticking his butt back towards Danny’s face. Danny’s head was spinning at what was going on. He remembered being horrified, but that horror was fading and in its place was a real desire to keep sniffing Curtis’s farts. Eagerly, he thrust his face forward against the fabric of Curtis’s pants.

Curtis let loose with another fart, this one maybe even louder, a blast of wet, moist gas spraying right against Danny’s eager, waiting face. As soon as he heard the wet farting noises start, Danny started inhaling deeply through his nose and didn’t stop until Curtis was done letting loose.

Danny couldn’t believe how hot it was, smelling the freshman boy’s fart. It stank disgustingly, but he could feel the stench dripping down his nostrils and at the base of his tongue and throat where he inhaled it and he wanted more. It just smelled so dirty, and made Danny feel so good. What was happening to him?

Curtis craned his neck to look behind him. “Still want more, don’t you?”

Danny nodded, “Yes, yes, I do.”

“Why don’t you tell me what you want?”

“I want to sniff your farts, I want to smell your dirty butt.”

Curtis smiled approvingly. “I know you do, teacher. I knew the moment I saw you that you were just another disgusting dirty piggy, and I’m right, aren’t I? Tell me what you are.”

“Yes,” Danny blurted out, his cock hardening in his teaching uniform briefs, “I’m a disgusting dirty piggy. Can I please smell your butt now?”

Danny heard the clinking of the boy’s belt buckle and then Curtis’s pants dropped to the floor. The freshman was wearing only his pair of standard-issue white boy briefs, but up the crack was a wide streak of dark brown. Danny’s eyes went wide as he found himself getting even harder.

“Take them off, piggy,” Curtis ordered. Danny’s hands reached out and grabbed the sides of the briefs and tugged them down to the floor. Looking back up he saw the boy’s bare ass looming directly above and in front of him, smooth and full, inviting him to explore the dark crack between the two cheeks. Danny could barely contain himself. He’d never done anything like this, but after breathing in those two farts it was like something broke loose inside his head, and now he couldn’t help himself.

“I’ve got another for you,” Curtis said, interrupting his dreamlike stare, “But you’ve gotta get that nose all the way up in my hole if you want it. I want to get enough farts in you to keep you brainwashed for at least a few days.”

Danny barely even listened to the boy’s words, he was too eager to smell more of the young student’s stinky fart gas. He thrust his face forward into the boy’s ass. In the boy’s ample crack, his two cheeks were warm and wet and stank even worse than the farts. Danny wedged his face in between the two slimy, sticky cheeks and finally managed to tilt his head back and press his nostrils directly against Curtis’s puckered asshole.

When Curtis felt his teacher’s nose at his asshole he smirked again and scrunched his face up with concentration, summoning as much intestinal gas as he could to pump straight into his now-enthralled substitute teacher’s brain. And when he let loose it was with a slow, steady pressure. Danny felt the hole open just a bit against his nostrils and started inhaling, sucking in foul air directly from his young student’s asshole. Curtis kept steadily squeezing out the fart until Danny stopped inhaling, and then let his teacher exhale, and continued.

By the time he finished, a few minutes later, he stood up and looked down at Danny, sitting dumbly on the floor, face beet red and mouth twisted into a huge, stupid grin. Picture perfect. Curtis pulled out his camera from his backpack and snapped a few good shots of his brown-nosing new toy.

“I think I’m done with my essay, teacher,” Curtis said aloud, laughing a bit, “Let’s go back to your place now. Take me to where you live.”

Danny stood up, a bit floaty, and Curtis yanked his stained, dirty briefs and pants back up, slung his backpack over his shoulder, and followed his teacher out of the classroom. On the way out the headmaster spotted the two of them, and smiled.

“Told you it’d help,” he said to Danny, who groggily nodded. David seemed not to notice. Then to Curtis he said, “See, young man, now you’ve learned your lesson, haven’t you?”

“Oh, yes, headmaster,” Curtis sweetly replied, “I won’t do it again.”

The headmaster smiled, pleased, and walked off as Curtis escorted the dazed substitute teacher turned fart-sniffing boy-butt-lover back to his car.

Curtis ordered Danny to stop at a drugstore on the way back to his apartment. They walked around the store, Curtis throwing random items in the shopping cart, until he escorted Danny to the cashier where Danny bought them all. The cashier looked at them strangely, but Danny was in no condition to notice. Curtis just smiled, and on the way out the door he grunted a little bit and let rip with a nice, big fart. A little something for the cashier to remember him by.

By the time they’d gotten home, Danny had recovered enough to be able to speak and walk in a straight line, but was very much still under the influence of Curtis’s enslaving, stinky farts.

“First things first,” Curtis began, “Take off all my clothes.”

“Can I smell another one of your farts?” Danny asked, excited.

“You fucking sick pig, you’ll smell my farts when I tell you to.”

Danny bowed his head in shame and began stripping the boy’s clothes off. When he finished, Curtis grabbed the old briefs, stained brown up the crack and various shades of yellow all across the front pouch, and jammed them into Danny’s mouth. Danny was only too happy to open his mouth and let the filthy underwear in. Curtis pulled a roll of duct tape out of their bag of purchases, tore off a strip, and taped Danny’s mouth shut completely over the briefs.

Next, Curtis stripped off Danny’s clothes and made the teacher lie down on his back on the carpet. Danny’s cock was bright red and stiffly erect as he laid there under the orders of his freshman student, with the boy’s filthy underwear jammed and taped shut in his mouth, his saliva soaking it slowly and then seeping onto his tongue and down his throat. He was in heaven. Every time he thought about what was going on, he was shocked, couldn’t really believe what was happening, but the naughtiness of it all, the absolute depravity of what he was being made to do got him even harder. Danny wondered if he could cum just lying there, thinking about it.

But before he could really concentrate on it, Curtis wandered back over with a big sack of fluffy diapers they’d picked up at the drugstore earlier. “Let’s get you started now,” he said, unfolding one of them and sliding it under Danny’s bare butt on the ground.

“But where’s the fun in starting with a nice clean diaper? Let’s get you started right,” he said.

Curtis straddled Danny’s hips and slowly squatted down over the mind-fucked teacher’s red-hard cock. As he lowered his asshole onto the stiff fuck-pole, Danny almost instantly came, filling his student’s ass with a huge load of cum that promptly leaked out and down his pole. But his cock didn’t soften and Curtis didn’t make any move to get up. Instead he kept sinking down the pole with his ass, smirking and staring Danny right in the eyes as he did. He sunk all the way down so his stinky cheeks were resting down on Danny’s pelvis, and then began to lift himself off slowly.

Danny couldn’t sit up enough to see his cock, but the sounds and smells hit him almost immediately. Far stronger than anything he’d yet smelled today, the odor assaulted his nostrils and made him even harder, poking further up the boy’s ass. And the sounds! As Curtis slid his ass up, his hole stretching out over Danny’s cock shaft, he let loose a chorus of wet, loud, abrupt farting noises.

Danny felt warmth on his groin and finally thrashed around enough to lean his torso up so he could see what was going on.

His hard cock was coated with brown shit from the boy’s ass, like his cock had just gotten an inch bigger and thicker all around, a huge fudge-covered fuck-pole, and it stank like, well, shit. Some of it had run off over his balls and groin. Curtis felt Danny’s cock get impossibly harder just as he had pulled out to the tip, and he grinned again and dropped his body, fast, down on the shit-coated fuck-pole. The thick coating of shit slid off and onto Danny’s legs below, but as Curtis lifted off the coating was replaced again, with more. Danny stared, wide-eyed, at this insane scene unfolding before him, but the stench was permeating his brain even more and he shot another load into the filthy young boy’s ass.

Curtis milked Danny’s cock with his asshole for the next hour, slowly sliding up and down, leaving a wet pile of shit larger and larger in the open diaper every time he slid back down. For his part, Danny was near conniptions, spasming and cumming in the boy’s ass every few minutes. Even with the powerful stench of the boy’s shit destroying his mind, eventually Danny couldn’t help but notice how much his orgasms were starting to hurt, how his balls were tight and empty, and through his gag of dirty boy’s underwear and duct tape he started to whimper and scream for Curtis to stop.

After pulling a few more dry orgasms out of the now-howling Danny, Curtis stood up, looked at his handiwork, and then grunted a bit as he voided the rest of his inexplicably-still-full bowels onto Danny’s prone form. Most of the massive dump landed where the diaper would cover it over, but some of it splashed up on Danny’s torso and further down his legs. Curtis shrugged and hefted the front of the extremely full diaper up and over, dropping it wetly onto Danny’s crotch, and pinning it shut, sealing the unbelievable quantity of shit in against Danny’s crotch.

“Bye-bye, baby,” Curtis cooed at his mind-fucked teacher lying on the floor. He reached down and ripped off the tape and pulled out the underwear, now sopping wet, the stains all running together. “Does baby want a kiss?”

“Yes, please,” Danny said.

Curtis moved towards his mouth with his lips, but then pulled back with a grin and a wag of his finger. “No, no, baby doesn’t kiss me on the mouth.” He stood over Danny’s face and squatted down over his lips. Danny watched the shit-smeared asshole descend towards his face and in his diaper he got hard again despite himself.

“Kiss it nice and good, clean it up for me, baby,” Curtis ordered.

The boy stopped squatting when his filthy ripe ass was just an inch or two above Danny’s mouth. He relaxed his asshole and Danny saw it gape open and his own residual cum mixed with the rest of the boy’s shit dripped wetly out of his wide-open hole into Danny’s mouth.

“I know you like this, you disgusting fucking baby,” Curtis said, “Now eat it up!”

Danny got even harder hearing the insults and the degradation and craned his neck up so his tongue would reach. Greedily he licked down the shit off the boy’s ass and when he’d finished licking his ass and sucking and probing his hole with his tongue and mouth, he licked his lips.

“That’s a good baby,” Curtis said, squeezing the full diaper where Danny’s cock was straining against the fabric.

“Tomorrow you’ll put on whatever clothes will fit over this diaper, but you are not to change it or take it off, even if you shit in it more, even if it starts leaking, do you hear me?”

“At school? I don’t think - I mean, I can’t…”

“Yes you can, dirty baby,” Curtis hushed him, “You know what that smell did to you? Anyone close enough to you to guess you’re wearing a diaper won’t be able to do anything about it. Their brain will turn to mush just like yours.”

“And besides,” the boy continued, massaging his teacher’s cock through the diaper, “We’ll get to have naughty, dirty fun with the other students and teachers. Isn’t that exciting?”

Danny screamed aloud in pain as he had his tenth wracking, dry orgasm of the night.

Curtis slid the saliva-soaked dirty briefs back on and then his uniform, and walked out the door with a wave.

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