Sir Nick and the SM Policeman

By translated by chester
published December 30, 2009
6612 words

Translation from the German: A policeman is rude and hypnotized into submission

Sir Nick and the SM policeman

by Sir Nick

Sir Nick and the SM policeman


This story is about a police officer, Daniel Uhrmann. Just fresh from the police academy he came into the patrol and he wears his broad shouldered uniform proudly. He is a policeman through and through. This 6’3 tall and well-trained young man looks damn hot, and he exudes a machismo that seeks its equal. I was able to admire his perfect body a few times a week in the shower at the gym, where he goes at least 4-5 times a week. I can tell you he’s an impressive guy.

Now, as for me, I am Sir Nick and I live and work in a medium-sized city in Germany. I am in the top 30 businesses and earn my money with my own little hypnosis practice. I’ve been taught a special type of hypnosis by my ancestors. This very strong hypnosis makes it possible for me within a short time to quickly put my patients in a deep trance state just using eye contact. Most forms of hypnosis can affect people only up to a certain point. With my special technique I can do anything to influence and change whatever I want. Anything is possible!

The road

I do not usually make home visits, but with one of my longtime patients I could not refuse doing this favor. My good friend Hannes must travel for a week and have his “I do not smoke” brush up session. Yes, I earn my money this way, but do it more to help people than for the cash. Yes, I was already pretty late, even though I had taken the express highway to make it in time for the appointment in the neighboring village. It is only about 5 miles but it is nice straight line, which naturally invites speeding. So I drove fast, too fast, and just saw the cop car sitting at the side of the road. And since I had already been speeding, I pulled over to the right and waited for the police. There was Officer Daniel Uhrmann and a senior colleague. But it was Daniel who came to me at the window and said in a very arrogant tone: " Well, my dear man, it is possible that you were traveling a little fast? "

Completely annoyed by the whole situation, I replied without thinking: “Well, my arrogant young bastard, I stopped for you in a hurry, and would also appreciate if I could get out of here quickly as well.” I’ve always had a problem with authority.

He shouted to his colleague: “Hey, we’ve got an important asshole here. He’s in a hurry and has no time to be stopped by us bastards.” Then he turned back to me. “Please give me now your driver’s license and vehicle registration,” I pulled out both and handed them over to Daniel with the comment: “What a joy to meet you again!”

“Oh, we have a little comedian, do we?.” He threw me against the car hood, and went slowly to the patrol car to check my papers. I felt like I had to wait forever. Eventually, he came back and gave me back my documents. " Can I pay my speeding ticket right here on the spot, or should it go through the mail? Will I have enough to cover it?"

“The speed limit here is 60 miles per hour. We have clocked you at a speed of 80 miles per hour. That means you are going twenty over the speed limit. They have just raised the cost of speeding, so that you will have to pay a $330 with three points taken away. Oh yes, and we won’t even charge you for your talking rudely to a cop and resisting arrest,” which was said again in this arrogant tone.

I bit my teeth and paid my punishment. As he was leaving, I could not hold it back, and called after him: “Why don’t you go after real criminals for a change!”

I only got an answer: “Better be good from now on!”

What an arrogant asshole! I hate these guys. Now it was clear to me, this bastard had to pay for what he had done and said.

The Gym

After I had finished my remaining appointments, I realized I had held in my pent-up anger over the incident. The best way to get it out of my system would be to go to the gym. So that’s what I did. After warming up 20 minutes and doing one hour of weight training, I was about to go on to endurance training, when I saw him - he arrogant police officer Daniel Uhrmann- on his way to the locker room. Now my interest was piqued. I looked around and noted that not much was going on. There were only three more men here who had just arrived. So I had a good chance to get Daniel alone. I went into the locker room and straight to my locker when I saw that he recognized me. "So. have you finished your shift, have you? Sorry about before. " I actually wanted to apologize for my bad behavior. That sarcasm is really is not my usual style.

" No problem. It is something we are all accustomed to. No one is pleased getting a speeding ticket. " As he answered me he looked me straight in the eye. I maintained eye contact, and Daniel could not stop looking. After 5 seconds he was ready. “And the fine is also one of the less …”

“Sleep!” I said and snapped my fingers. His head fell on his chest, his arms dangled down and he was in a trance. Now I can start the programming.

“Daniel can you hear me?”


"Daniel, I want you concentrate on my voice. You love hearing my voice. You hear nothing more than my beautiful soothing voice! Do you understand that? "

" Yes, beautiful voice. " His voice sounded very tired.

"Daniel listen carefully! You can trust me. Everything I tell you, it’s true. You know that you can trust me. If I say something, you will not have to think about it, but just do it because you trust me, yes. You’ll do everything I command, with pleasure! There’s nothing better than to trust and obey me. Do you understand? "

" Yes. "

"You are now just in a deep trance! You like this feeling very much. Only I can put you in this state. Whenever I use the word “womanizer” , you will immediately return to this wonderful state of yours. Do you understand that? " -


“Repeat the word with which puts you back in this great state!”


"Very good. When I count from 10 down, you’ll wake up and you feel comfortable. You will remember nothing. Do you understand? "

" Yes. "

"Good. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, "I again snapped my fingers.

Daniel looked at me a little strangely and asked, "What did you say exactly? I was briefly distracted. "

" I was saying something about a you being a womanizer! " I looked again around the locker room, while his head fell back on his chest and he was in a trance. Everything went according to plan. He had no chance. Well actually he had never had.

"So Daniel, now I will ask you a few questions that I want you please answer fully and truthfully! Do you understand? "

" Yes. "

“Do you have a clean uniform at your house?” -


“If you were to go home now, would there be someone there?” -


“Good, Daniel. I’m going to count down again from ten, and when I get to zero, you will not remember anything from back here. You’ll take your things and remember you came back here to change. You will now behave normally and go home. There, you’ll shower yourself thoroughly, shave and put on your uniform. In your pocket you find a business card. You will well remember the address and then destroy the card. You’ll go to that address at midnight and ring the doorbell. You’ll not tell anyone where you are going. If anyone asks, you will invent an excuse. Do not drive with your car, but go on foot. You will not know why you are going there, but you will only know that you have to do it. Do you understand?”

" Yes. "

“Excellent.” I slipped him my business card in his duffel bag and began to count. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0,” Daniel looked confused again, but took his leave fast. He dug up all his belongings and left the locker room. I went back into the training room and ended my endurance training in peace. At ten o’ clock I reached my house and started to prepare everything. My anticipation grew from minute to minute. And then it was finally over.

The Cellar

Daniel came exactly as ordered, on time at midnight. He rang the bell and when I opened the door, he stood in his uniform. I could hardly wait. I said quickly enter the word “womanizer” and ordered him in. I brought him directly to my basement. Below, we could begin.

"From now on, you will address me as master and end every sentence with Master! Do you understand? "

" Yes, master. "

"Answer the questions that I ask you now truthfully, and let nothing go! Do you understand that? "

" Yes, Master! "

"Good. Have you told someone that you’re here now, or has someone seen you? "

" No, I said it to no one, and in the middle of the night I saw not a soul, sir. "

“When do you have your next appointment or when you are expected to return?” -

"My girlfriend has gone to her parents and will not be back till next Sunday. I have the whole weekend off. So I have to start again on Monday by 6 o’clock for the night shift at the police station, master!

“Very very nice, then we have plenty of time for your workout!” Wow, that went better than planned. I could not help but grin. “I continued.” Do you have any injuries or illnesses? "

“No, I am healthy.”

“That is, no, Master!” I snapped. “Uh … Yes, Master!” he cried quickly.

"That should not be too difficult for you.. Do you know why you’re here? "

" No, Master. "

"When you have your uniform on, you are very arrogant and rude! That’s not very nice and angers people. You should not be saying anything insulting. Do you understand? "

" I do not know, Master. "

"From now on, you will address people with respect and kindness, if you wear the uniform. Do you understand? "

" Yes, Master! "

"As a punishment for your insolence so far, I will now punish you a little. I’m going to turn on music. You’ll dance to the music and strip to it. "

" Yes, Master. "

I sat in my comfy leather chair and turned on the music system with the remote control. Once Daniel heard the music, he began slowly making waist circles.

He took off his jacket. Oh man, the shirt he had on clung tight on his strong chest. He could do really well as a stripper. You could not tell it was his first time. Then he slowly took off his tie and let it fall beside him. I opened my pants and grabbed my cock. Once it was free, I did not have long to wait. It was hard as stone. Daniel unbuttoned his shirt. “Very slowly.” I said to him and he pretty much took his time. When he took off his shirt, he threw it towards me. No question, he had already seen or done this before. His hairless body was adorned by a 8-pack of large muscles. He was the handsomest man in the whole world. With his belt, he took no time. He had hardly opened it, when his whole pants with the belt landed on the floor. He just slipped off my shoes and then he kicked off his pants with his right foot. Now he stood there and only had the white socks and underwear on. His 10" long cock was clearly visible. And even his socks flew through the air. He did it really well. He pulled one side of his little underwear down, so you could see a bit of his pubic hair. Then he turned around and showed me his hairless tight ass. He then pulled his underwear down completely and now I could enjoy him in all his glory.

I was so horny but had to pull myself together, so I did not cum. I said: “Kneel down!” Daniel immediately fell on his knees and stared at me. “Come crawling to me!” Daniel came up to me on all fours, and was now only inches away from my cock. “Your master has a lollipop for you. You love lollipops. You really want one. What you like best is the liquid cream in the middle. Daniel licked his tongue over his lips.” Open your mouth. I’ll give you your lollipop. " I bent a little and slipped my cock inside his mouth.

Immediately, he began frantically to suck and lick. “Yes … it is good … enjoy your Looollllllliiiii Ppppooooopppp ….” I moaned. "I reached onto his thick, dark hair and pressed his head further down on my cock. Now it was deep in his throat and I fucked him. I fucked him hard in the mouth. I felt my cock throb. I was coming right away. “Yeah …. Just you get your cream …” I screamed. And then it was time. I splashed my big load of cum deep into his throat. He sucked on and on until I had not a drop more in me. I said “Stop!” And he pulled his head away from me. He fell backwards and lay on the ground.

I got up and went to my closet. I took out a leather collar and cock ring. I put the collar on Daniel and then ordered him. “Get up!” I grabbed his balls with one hand and she squeezed a little. With the other hand I jerked his cock a few times. Then I pulled the cock ring over it. I squeezed his balls through it and now it sat just like a cock ring should.

I stood up and said to him: "Now I toss a coin and before you say heads or tails, if you have chosen the side that shows up, you have won. What do you choose? "

I took a euro coin from my pocket and waited for his answer.

" I take … " He could not decide. After I had allowed him to think, he could not answer that question without help. I helped him a little.

“If you watch guys play this game, what side is selected the most often?” He thought for a moment and then replied: “Heads, Master.”

I tossed the coin into the air. When it came up on the floor Daniel stared at it. It was tails. “Well Daniel, I’m sorry, you lost.” I said. If he had had luck on his side, I would have allowed him to enjoy the next few hours. Now his ordeal will be much greater. Too bad for him.

Now I prepared him for the awakening. “Sit down here in this special chair.” Daniel took the Patz special gynecologist’s chair. You could adjust it in all possible directions and in all possible positions. First, I took his legs which I strapped into the provided leather strap . Next, his arms came into the Arm Strap. Well, there was a belt around his belly, which I very firmly buckled. Bondage! Now to my toys. The dental gag. This is really just a wire frame that holds the mouth open. “On the mouth!” I ordered him and now I placed the gag in his mouth. Then I fastened the gag with the straps on the back of each other. Now Daniel could not close his mouth, which gladly he would have done, too. Then I attached Daniel’s collar to the chair and he was completely helpless. He was ready.

"Daniel, when I count down from one to zero, you will wake up from your trance and you will not remember happened here today. You will not not know how you came here alone, nor why. Do you understand that? "

" Yes, Master. "

I went to the door and started counting. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” I turned off the light and left the room. I left the door open a crack and said, “0”. Then I closed the door and went upstairs. He would have a few minutes to simmer down. He did not deserve anything different. Once upstairs, I went on with my plan. Suddenly an idea shot through my head. Oh, yes. This idea would be much better than it already is anyway. I picked up the phone and conducted a brief interview.

Round One

Daniel did not know what hit him. He could hardly move. He was firmly strapped to some sort of chair. He felt cold and then suddenly he realized that he was naked. He was bare and could not move. Now he became aware of the jaw pain from the frame. He did not know what it was, but he could not close his mouth. Daniel was confused. He did not know where he was, how he got here, how come, and who had done this to him. A strong anger rose in him that got stronger by the minute. He would wait and arrest the people who had done this to him. He just had to get out of this chair. He flexed all his muscles and pushed with all his might against the chair and his ankles. But against the chair and the shackles he had no chance. It took him a few tries before he could realize it. He would have to wait, wait for a mistake to be made by his abductors. Then he would start to arrest them. Well, if he had only known that I never make mistakes, and he had not had the slightest chance! And he never had.

I undressed. I left only my underwear, socks, and my leather boots. I took a clown mask out of my my chest. Actually it is a commercially available mask, made to entertain children, but in this case I would be the one to be entertained. He will get no joy from the mask, however. So I went downstairs and walked into the basement.

Daniel reared up and screamed as much as he could with the wire frame. “Who are you, damn it? I’ll get you all. You’re dead men” I silently walked up to him and leaned forward so his head was only inches from my head. After a short period of silence I said" Boo! " Nothing more.

Daniel was so frightened that he didn’t make a single sound more. First, I pressed the lever for the seat back and then the crank for the headrest. Now he was in the perfect position for what would come now. He lay on his back and his head was placed deep behind his neck. It was almost a right angle. He moaned: "Let me go … What do you want from me … What have I done to you … "I was silent. I took off my underwear, waving my stiff dick in front of his head. Then, I did not hesitate for long. I took a further step toward Daniel and pressed my 10 inch cock through the wire frame deep into his throat. He choked and gasped, but he could not close his mouth. His whole body tensed up. I ran my cock in deeper and deeper. He choked and gasped. Tears ran down his forehead and got lost in his hair. I had so far been attacking fairly. My cock was now stuck in his throat so deep that my balls touched the wire frame. I leaned forward a little and rubbed my hands on his nipples. I rattled in my pelvic thrusts, I rolled his nipples between my finger and my thumb back and forth. I kept fucking him, and tried to cum, but after 5 minutes it was time. “aaaahhhhh Jaaaaaa …. ….. ohhhhh …” I shot my entire load deeper into his throat. I pulled out my cock and rolled back the headrest. He moaned and when he realized what it was running down his throat he felt sick. He choked and tried again to spit my semen, but he did not succeed, it was just too deep in him. I put the seat back to its starting position so that Daniel had resumed a sitting position. I said: “Did you find Round One fun?” When he almost started to cry again I left the room and turned the light off. Daniel whimpered and was desperate! He could do nothing against this torture. He had no chance . But he was still quite sure that would get his chance.

Round Two

I took off my clothes and put on normal clothes. Jeans and T-shirt. Then my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was Todd. Todd was one of my other slaves. I said just be code word “poker player” and steered him in. I had him get undressed on the couch and sit down. I had telephoned him and ordered him here. I would still need him. I will now make all preparations for the worst torture which I could inflict on a macho heterosexual. I took the video camera and a tripod out of my closet. I put it on the living room so that the couch was exactly centered. Up here, everything was prepared so I made my way into the basement.

I went into the basement and turned on the light. After a brief irritation Daniel looked at me in shock. "So you are behind it. I’m going to kill you, “he screamed at me. Without saying anything back to him, I went up to him and removed the dental gag. He stretched his mouth and then closed it.” You bastard! “Why do they do this to me?” he asked.

“If I leave you now to get up and just go, would you still want to kill me then?” I could not resist this little game. “Would you let me go, then?” He pondered and then he said a short hand, “Yes.”

I undid the buckles on his waist and loosened the collar of his chair. He stared at me in bewilderment. He could not believe that it would be so easy. But he thought no more about what had happened him. What only came to mind was how he could overpower me and what he would do with me. I opened the leather strap on his right hand and went over to the door. Daniel responded quickly and freed himself with his free hand. He got up and stood there now. Now he was sure he would have control. He had been trained in combat and was able to do karate. I made no attempt to flee.

He scoffed: "And what now. How are you going to die. Do you actually think I would let you do that with me and then just go away? "

I smiled at him and said to him:" Well actually I was thinking just that. It would be better for you, trust me! " He stared at me confused. He had not expected me to say that. But the whole evening had been so crazy, because almost nothing could be shocking after what had happened. He continued to move slowly and come toward me. The 5 feet that still lay between us became less and less. He was still cautious. But when he was only 4 feet from me he got the idea to leap, like a snake. I realized this quickly and quietly remained there, and I just said “womanizer” and everything was clear. Daniel was only inches away from me and stood rooted to the spot. He stumbled slightly but remained standing. He was deep in a trance like never before.

“You wanted me not really do anything, slave?” I asked.

"Yes, master. I wanted to knock you out, Master. "He answered in a calm monotone voice. "But, but, nevertheless a slave must never hurt his master ! Do you understand that? " I told him.

“Yes, Master!”

I continued. “You understand that I must punish you, right?”

He replied, “Yes, Master, I understand,”

“Good, but we’ll get to later. Now, follow me!” I said, and walked up the stairs. He followed me without another word. I went into the living room where Todd was still waiting on the couch. I commanded, “Sit down next to Daniel.”

“Yes, Master.” He answered, and sat down.

"I’m going to make a small film about you. When you see the little red light on the camera, then you will say your complete name and speak to the camera. When that has finished, you will have sex together. “I told them exactly what each mn has to do, and how it should proceed. Then there came a special statement.” Daniel, you will like it and you will have the best orgasm, that you ever had. It will be so much better than any sex act with a woman. You’ll love Todd and you will lose any thoughts of a woman. “Do you understood this?”

“Yes, Master.”

I sat on a chair that was standing right in front of the couch and pressed the Rec. button; as the red light lit up, the show began.

Todd spoke the first words. “My name is James Todd”

Then Daniel looked directly into the camera and said: “I am called Daniel Martin Uhrmann.”

Then they turned away from both the camera and began to tenderly kiss each other. Daniel grabbed Todd’s hair and went to intense kissing. After some time, Todd put his head slightly down and Daniel stroked his neck. Todd really enjoyed it. He put his head back and began to softly moan. Daniel kissed down and came to Todd’s nipples. He drove his tongue around them and sucked on them. Now he glided down and kissed Todd’s six-pack and his belly button. For Todd, the heat was rising rapidly. His cock was stiff and Daniel was nearer and nearer to cumming. Daniel came up and kissed Todd’s lips. Todd then pushed him back down. This time, he went down on his cock. Daniel understood what was happening and began to lick Todd’s cock on the outside. He looked happy and took to his task unconditionally. Now he took the balls in his mouth and sucked on them. Then he took him completely into his mouth and slid up and down … Todd happily hit the roof. It was shortly before his orgasm, and he groaned softly. He enjoyed it very much. Todd once again grabbed Daniel’s hair twice and I pulled his head completely on his cock and then pulled him away. Daniel lay on his back now. Todd went near the sofa and took a bottle of lube and a condom from a small table. Daniel spread his legs and presented his asshole. Todd smeared some lubricant on his fingers and penetrated him. But only with one finger. Slowly and carefully he slid in and out. Daniel moaned softly and through him went a warm good feeling. His cock had now also become stiff and slowly rose from his body.

And then Todd took his second finger and pressed him to do so. Daniel’s moaning grew louder and louder. Todd decided that it was time enough and slipped the condom on the cock. He grabbed Daniel’s cock and began to jerk off while he pressed his cock into Daniel’s hole. Daniel was now screaming, but he did not know why. Was it because of the pain of defloration or because he was so horny like never before. He knew he really should not, but he gave himself up completely. As Todd had his cock fully inside, he slowly began to slide in and out too. Daniel felt the pressure on his prostate and Todd met his g-spot. Even more, there was the stimulation wank by Todd, on his cock. Daniel groaned with lust: “Fuck me …. Ahhh …. Yes …… fuck me ….” He was now completely in ecstasy. It simply overwhelmed him. It was more than he had ever experienced in his life. He wanted to be present in no other place than here. Todd pulled out his cock from Daniel and sat on the sofa. Daniel stood and knelt over Todd. He grabbed Todd’s cock and put it back into his anus. So he rode Todd and fucked himself. Todd leaned back and let Daniel do the work. He could not be any harder than he was. Daniel wanted it hard. He sat almost completely still on his lap and allowed the cock to penetrate him completely. He enjoyed it. After a while they were both just about to explode. Daniel stood up and leaned forward to Todd . Daniel squirted his sperm in Todd’s face. Then Todd bent down and kissed Daniel. He licked all his cum again. Then it was my turn. I fucked Daniel a few times in his mouth and then came on Daniel’s face. And again Todd licked the sperm again from Daniel’s face. Then he fell back into the couch and kissed him passionately.

I finished the recording and told Todd and Daniel to shower themselves.

The Finale

After I had showered I had Daniel fastened firmly back in his chair in the basement. Once I had ensured that everything was all right, I told Todd he should wait outside in front of the cellar door at my signal. I arranged the chair so that Daniel had to look closely at the TV. Then followed the final instructions. "If I have counted down from ten to zero, you will wake up. You shall remember nothing that has happened in the last few hours. You’ll close your eyes as long as you can, and you will be only allowed to blink briefly. You will feel tired still. You’ll still be totally in love with Todd, but you will no longer remember him. Once you see him again, your love will be again fully ignited. It will confuse you, but you can not defend yourself against it. Do you understand? "

" Yes, Master! "

I paused and wondered if I had thought of everything. It should not go wrong now, and nothing more needed to be done. I put the camera on the floor next to the TV and joined them. I briefly tested if everything worked, and went back to Daniel. I slipped a large leather gag in his mouth and left him purring. I went to the door, turned off the light and counted through the gap to 0. I waited a few seconds and pushed open the door to the basement with a flourish.

“Hello Sunshine” I said sarcastically. Daniel then tried desperately to free himself from the chair. I took the gag out of his mouth and of course he immediately began to scream.

"You pig …. let me go …. What do you want from me?? " I left him alone for a while until it got on my nerves.

“Shut up, or you’ll get it again in the kisser!” The anger in his eyes screamed, I will kill you "… "

Yes, well that’s what makes me totally hot. I asked him: "Well, have you enjoyed the last hour? “Did you have fun?” He began to scream again.

"What a joke! Maybe it is fun for you to have me bound! But enjoy it now because it won’t last long. "

My grin grew wider." What we had before. Do you not remember? I had released you, and look at yourself, you’re back here! "

“NEVER!” LET ME GO AGAIN AND I’LL SHOW YOU! " He screamed. This screaming was getting on my nerves. But I was almost ready.

"I want to introduce you to someone. You actually know him already but I have a feeling that you will you not remember him. Todd you come, can in. Please? "

The door from the basement door opened and Todd entered. He was dressed again and walked over to me." Daniel’s first instinct was to call for help because he realized that this Todd had been part of the group who had tormented him. But then Todd came into view and he looked at him. Daniel looked confused. He stared at Todd, and his eyes softened.

He asked who he was?

I answered him: “This is Todd, you know him!”

“No, I do not know him.” I looked at him quizzically. “Can you really not remember?”

“NO! Damn it!”

Now it was my turn. I stood behind Daniel and put the gag in his mouth again. "That’s strange. I thought, as you two had become so close that you would never forget him. "

I took Todd a little away, and turned on the TV. I pressed play and said," Enjoy! " Todd and I went to the side and sat on the leather armchair. Daniel looked confused. He could not believe what he saw. He was completely confused. He found it repulsive, but in another way, he found Todd suddenly very attractive. His cock was getting stiff. When Daniel fucked him in his ass, tears rolled down his cheeks. He was so disgusted and could not really look him in the eye. He had to endure the entire movie. When the film was finished, Daniel had a full-grown cock. I gave Todd a sign and he went to Daniel. He kissed the tears away and began to blow Daniel. Daniel fought against it, but had to abandon the previously disgusting lust. His whole body twitched and he came. Todd sucked it out of him, stood up and walked to the side.

I went to him and said: "I’m taking out the gag. Then you can ask your questions. If you yell or just not behave, you will continue to be tormented. And you won’t, right? "

I took out the gag and off we went." What have you done to me? I would never do such a thing."

I leaned forward and looked him straight in the eye now. "I have hypnotized you. I have made you my slave. I can make you do what I want. You can not defend yourself. You need to learn the consequences if you are stupid! Have you learned your lesson now and will you be friendly in the future with your fellow man? "

He looked so confused. His mind was racing. He could not explain the whole thing. But he had suffered enough and so he said:" Yes, I learned my lesson! Please let me go! " I was still staring into his eyes and replied: "Well, if you’ve really learned, then you can go. I do not want you arresting my little womanizer! "

All the tension drained from his body." Daniel listen to me! " I said. "When I have counted down from ten to zero, you will wake up. You will not see Todd or myself. You will go home. You will remember nothing that happened here today. Once you leave my apartment now, you can not remember what it looks like. Once you’re home, you will forget where my house is. You’ll put yourself to bed and sleep. When you wake up tomorrow you feel as rested as ever before. You will feel comfortable. You will go tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon to the city hall. You will sit in front of the hall on a bench and enjoy the beautiful day. Eventually, Todd will show up and ask you for the time. You’ll find yourself instantly falling in love with him and will begin to battle out the struggle of love against reason. The more often you see Todd, the more you feel the call to have sex with him. Your feelings towards your wife, however, remain the same. Eventually you will give yourself Todd. You will have an affair with Todd. You will not separate from your wife. How long this all takes, we will leave your stability. Have you understood everything? "

One last time, Daniel said monotonously and tired:" Yes, master , I understand everything! " I started to take off his the bonds and gave him a kiss. I helped him sit up straight and began to count. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0” I joined Todd in the other corner of the cellar and looked at him. He looked around, confused. He scratched his head and put on his uniform, got dressed and left my house.

I would later have a lot of fun with Daniel and Todd, that was for sure. I looked forward to his internal fight and was curious how long he would stay away from Todd.

I gave Todd the command to go to the town hall, and as often as possible, and to go quietly into Daniel’s vision. Then I sent him home. I cleaned up the basement and took the videotape from the recorder and labeled it with Daniel. I put it in my hidden shelf beside the other cassettes. Here were already a lot of tapes next to each other and they are different stories.

Do you want to hear them?


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