By Lee
published July 14, 2009

All you need to know, is that Matt Finch is a jerk.

Hey guys, just something short and sweet that I wrote in a night for you guys while I work on something a bit longer. Feedback appreciated.

Matt Finch was a jerk. A complete ass. Ask anyone at college, or at least any gay guy and most of the girls. At least the girls that weren’t swooning at his feet. But even they eventually realised he was a jerk after he’d had his fill of them. Half the guys sucked up to him, but I’m sure they thought he was a jerk secretly too. The other half either stayed out of his way or just rolled their eyes at him whenever he walked on by.

It was hard to pin-point the exact reason Matt was just a jerk, maybe his cocky and arrogant nature, the fact he thought he was God’s gift to the world, that everybody loved him. Or maybe it was his homophobia or just general intolerance for anybody who didn’t fit into his strict jock stereotype, anyone other than or a jock or unpopular was clearly below him and he could treat them like shit. He was good looking, I’ll give him that. He was quite tall, but not lanky. He looked strong. And his hands, I always noticed those. Big hands. A flop of wavy brown hair that he always pushed out of his eyes, even though it was barely long enough to be in them. Dark features, dark straight eyebrows, hazel eyes, all year round tan. Strong jaw, straight nose, the hint of freckles and sparkling teeth. Yes, he was beautiful really, and even though I know his face so well, it didn’t give me any pleasure looking at it. Because he was still a jerk. To be honest I could be here all day, going over and over different reasons, picking at every flaw he had and everything he did that annoyed me. But really, all you really need to know, is that Matt Finch was a jerk.

I suppose this whole thing began the day he gave me a nose bleed. He didn’t hit me hard, to be fair he probably only meant to hurt my dignity but it still pissed me off. He’d made some comment about me, not that it was anything new, making fun of me was one of his favourite pastimes. He just liked to feel like the big, strong powerful man I think, and I used to get so mad when he smirked down at me thinking he was dominating me somehow by his verbal abuse. Normally I just rolled my eyes and ignored it and just mumbled for him to “fuck off” under my breath. Today though he’d pushed me over the edge.

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to suck my cock? I thought you fags liked that? Yeah I bet you just wanna suck me off, but sorry I’m not into that sort of stuff. You don’t fucking touch me ever”

That was the really annoying thing about when he made fun of me, he didn’t just try and insult me, he used to always act as if I was hitting on him. I wasn’t for the record. Today I had just tried to squeeze past him when he was stood in the doorway talking to his friends. Big mistake, I should have known better really. All his jock friends started laughing and I felt really embarrassed. I still wouldn’t have normally said anything, only within the space of this week he’d reduced two of my friends to tears. One of my other gay friends, Tom, who he’d bully even more than me just because he was more flamboyant (I was lucky to be pretty straight acting, even though he knew I was gay), and then my friend Lisa, who he had seduced even though she knew he was a jerk then told his friends how easy she was after he slept with her. Girls always seem to be attracted to assholes. It’s why I never understood girls, why do they always have to throw themselves at someone they know is a jerk. Why do nice guys always finish last? Anyway, I digress; the point was that today was different. Today I turned round and hissed at him as vehemently as I could,

“You know not everyone loves you Matt. In fact most people pretty much hate you. To be honest, I’d rather turn straight than suck you off, and from how you go out of your way to act like such a big, masculine man, I’d say your trying to hide your own gay tendencies. Although considering how much you love yourself I’m guessing the only cock you’d be sucking would be your own, and from what Lisa tells me you must be very flexible to reach that! Jerk!”

There was a silence. I’d just been trying to embarrass him really, I didn’t think he was gay at all and from what I’d heard he had nothing to be embarrassed about downstairs. But it worked. A few of his friends started laughing, they were the ones who probably knew deep down he was a jerk and he turned red. That was when he hit me. And I fell backwards and tripped over a bag on the floor and landed straight on my ass while all his friends laughed at me and while he issued threats about never insulting him again and how big his cock was and how gay I was and blah blah blah…

It ended with me in my single dorm room, trying to get the blood stains out of the white t shirt I’d been wearing at the time. I went over a thousand different ways to get revenge in my head. I raged at how frustrating it was that I couldn’t actually do anything. And I got so mad about how he treated other people. Eventually I went on the internet to vent. And no, I did not search, revenge on Google. I went on a forum I sometimes visit, I wrote the whole thing about how much of a jerk Matt was, and what he did, and how I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t expect answers; I just wanted someone to bitch about him too. Most of the answers I got back were complete wash outs anyway,

“Go tell your teachers”

“Ignore him”

“Have an honest conversation with him to clear things up”

Like that would work. Really. They have never met Matt Finch. Anyway, it was a few hours later I got this random email with the title Matt Finch. It was from some randomer I’d never heard of but I opened it anyway expecting some late answer from the forum. It was some bizarre email though, someone had sent me from one of the forums:

Hello Friend,

I read your post about a certain unfriendly character who causes misery for yourself and others, and who you are powerless to do anything about.

We have decided to let you have 3 tokens to use on our specialist site. There is a link at the bottom of the email. Use them wisely and enact revenge.

It sounded really dodgy to me. And I still wasn’t sure if it was spam or not, but my computer was pretty guarded against viruses and to tell you the truth I was intrigued. Before I knew it I was loading up the webpage. Turns out, it was some freaky occult site which had spells specialised in “revenge and justice.” I browsed through for a while mainly out of amusement. There were all sorts of spells, spells to give people ill health, to turn them into the other sex, to make them fall in love with you, to make them your slave, to make them young or old or fat or bald, to make them animals, to make them dumb, to make them weak, to make them inanimate etc…

Basically a lot of crazy things you could apparently do to people. I found the perfect one though, a spell to make someone gay. I thought it was bollocks of course, but the idea made me laugh and the little button at the bottom saying “use for one token” enticed me enough to click. I had 3 anyway didn’t I? Anyway I clicked on it, and it put me onto some weird page. There was a picture of some weird symbol at the top and underneath it had instructions. Focusing on this symbol visualise the person you want to receive the spell. I was just glad I hadn’t paid anything for it.

Anyway, I’d come this far so I decided to go along with it, staring at the symbol on the screen I began to picture Matt in my head and all his annoying but beautiful features. As I did so my vision almost began to blur, almost as if it was moving but it wasn’t. Still I kept thinking about Matt and how much of a jerk he was. After about another 20 seconds the screen abruptly changed to a page which said, spell successful. What a con I thought, although I was slightly creeped out by how warm I felt, my forehead was almost hot to the touch. Maybe I was sick, who knew?

If I felt creeped out about that, I was even more creeped out the next day when Matt Fincher came out as gay. I didn’t hear it from him myself. One of my, Tom, just came running up to tell me that apparently he’d come out that day and told everyone he’d realised he was gay. I was freaked out, no lie. But, I’m a cynic, and I still found it hard to believe that some cheesy website had the power to change someone’s sexuality. Maybe it was just all I big coincidence, I sorta hoped so.

Later in that day I saw him in the distance, he looked no different I guess, but then again what was I expecting; bright pink tank top and hot pants? Still, it was all over the school that he’d come out as gay. Annoyingly, even though he’d come out things didn’t seem to have changed that much for him, he was still hanging around with mostly the same group of friends. I didn’t understand it, they’d always seem so homophobic but now only one or two of them kept their distance from him. It’s probably because half of them were only homophobic to keep him happy when he made fun of the gays.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone had been telling each other he had come out I wouldn’t have been able to tell he’d magically turned gay. I was still dubious about the website, but my laptop had run out of battery and I had “misplaced” the charger. Till I found it I couldn’t go back on and see if it was real. The first time I spoke to the new Matt was the next night when I went to the local gay club with my friend Tom. I don’t usually go unless I really want to pull but I’d gone along that night anyway because Tom had nobody else to go with. I wasn’t feeling in the mood that night so I just sat near the back on a table sipping my drink while Tom danced with a few guys. It hadn’t even finished my drink when someone came up from behind me,

“So you still wanna suck my dick eh? Cos I take back what I said about not being interested. Looks like you got a pretty little mouth”

I almost choked to death on my drink, I swear to god. I turned round to see him stood there, smirking down at me. It was just like when he took the piss out of me at college, only… more warped.

“Matt… What?”

“I think your pretty sexy now. I wouldn’t mind it if you did touch me a bit. Fancy a trip to the toilets.”

I couldn’t believe it. I guess the spell had done exactly what it said. Matt Finch was still a jerk; just now he was also gay. I guess there was just no helping some people.

“Matt. You may be gay now, but that still doesn’t mean I’m interested. I wouldn’t get with you if you were the last guy on earth. You’re a jerk. A completely, pretentious, cocky jerk, and you may have been able to pull girls, but I’m not some ditsy blonde who thinks that this time your being honest about wanting to settle down with me. Your just….ugh!”

And with that I stood up, downed my drink and stormed out the club. He looked slightly surprised as I left and I hoped I bruised his ego a bit. I walked the way back to the dorm rooms, it wasn’t too far and I wanted to cool off. I knew I left Tom but he was getting with some guys anyway and I would have just been the third wheel.

Next day however, Tom was banging on my dorm room door frantically. I opened to see him in a mass of tears. Guess what? Looks like Matt had gone over to Tom later and turned the jerk charm on. Looks like guys are just as bad as girls for it. They always go for the assholes. I don’t for the record, not to be bigheaded but I like to think I’m smarter than that. Well, Tom wasn’t very happy anyway, guess what, apparently Matt had promised him he liked him, then slept with him, then ignored him. Really, honestly, he makes me SO mad. Once a jerk always a jerk. Gay or not. I just needed to find my charger and find a spell to turn him into a chipmunk or something. But even then he’d still probably find a way to piss me off.

Anyway, I patted Tom on the back and reassured him all his friends loved him and Matt was a bastard then sent him on his way. Then I scouted around for my laptop charger. I found it in the last place I looked obviously, but at least I found it. I plugged it to juice up my machine then switched it on post haste. After logging in and clicking on my emails to get the link back up I was more than a little pissed to find out that the internet was down at the moment. I double checked my connection and after finding no fault decided to go down to the tech department to complain loudly until I got it back. On the way to their office I bumped into my favourite person. Matt Finch.

“Hey there good looking, sorry about last night, I just find you really attractive, and I wondered if maybe we could go out for dinner tonight?”

Oh god, does he really think I am that stupid.

“No Matt, you just want to pull me to prove to yourself that you can. But you can’t. I’m your untouchable. Never in a million years. Go away and stroke your ego on some easy gay guy. Or better yet, get him to stroke yours for you”

“I know you can’t resist me baby”

Gah. Ugh. He is SO frustrating. This time I just flipped him the bird and walked off alarmingly fast to the techies. There I had to stand in the boiling room, barely being able to hear their questions over the hum of the computers. Yes the internet had gone down. No I didn’t know when. Yes I had checked my connection. No I had not tried checking to see if the rest of my dorm’s internet was working. Eventually they reset the net connection for my dorm and told me it should be working now. Genius.

Sadly for me, I had not actually counted on the persistence and overconfidence of Matt Finch. While I had strolled off he had let himself into my room and undressed, in the aim of being sprawled out naked on my bed when I came back, because that horrific site would obviously just make me want to drop to my knees and worship him. What a JERK! Anyway, while he was lying on the bed getting bored of waiting and beginning to play with himself he heard the little beep from my laptop meaning the internet had been restored. As he had no respect for people’s privacy he walked over to it and peered at the screen. My emails had finally loaded up now that the internet had been restored and peering over the first thing he saw was an email titled Matt Finch.

After I had finished the trek over from the tech department back to my room I was greeted by two very unpleasant sites, firstly the naked Matt sat on my laptop on my desk and secondly the sight of the screen suddenly loading up a page that said Spell Sucessful.

Matt stood up fully naked in my room, his defined stomach had a fluffy treasure trail which lead to his already erect cock. I had only heard a few things about his cock and never really believed any of them, stuff like that would be the sort of stuff he’d probably have spread himself, but seeing it there, pointing up towards me it did look amazing. It was long, but not out of proportion, it looked thick and well, strong somehow. It had big vein which ran the length of it and the entire thing was nestled in a dark bush of hair. Two larger than average balls sat on either side of the base, those too covered in the same dark hair. It was frustrating that somebody as irritating as Matt Finch could have such an amazing cock. I’d already started moving towards it transfixed. The end of it was gorgeous, like a dark pink mushroom but it looked like it tasted delicious. The slit at the end was quivering and the tiniest bit of precum glinted at me like a diamond. By now I had already got on my knees to take a closer look and it was dangerously close to my mouth. Still though, I just wanted to get a bit closer, just to see it a bit more. I felt his big hand pull my chin up to look him in the eye as he stood over me.

“See I knew you wanted to suck my cock boy, you want take it all in your pretty little mouth”

Ugh. I hated how cocky he was, but…his cock just looked so delicious. Even though I didn’t like him, I didn’t want to move away from his beautiful cock. I was so close now I could smell the musky, sweaty scent coming from it and I could feel my self getting hard. Moving his hips forward he began to gently wipe his cock along my cheek, brushing against my lips. It was warm and soft and left a slightly wet trail. Instinctively I licked my lips, and despite things found that it tasted delicious. SLAP! He whacked his dick against my other cheek leaving a sticky patch against my cheek. It sorta pissed me off, but when he did it again I was sorta glad.

“Come on, you know you want it now boy. Open up”

I felt his big strong hand against the back of my head, pushing me forward. I knew what I was about to do, and it was going against everything I stood for, but, he was just irresistible. I opened my mouth and felt his thick member slide in between my soft lips. I felt the vein against the top of my mouth as it began to make its way inside. He was so thick I could barely breathe; his hard flesh filled my mouth and stretched out my lips. I was already ready to gag but being the jerk he was he pushed my head further along his cock until I had my nose pressed deeply inside his pubes. Instead of being mad though it just turned me on even more. I breathed in more of his scent and I could feel the tickle of his hairy balls against my chin. My tongue naturally began to massage as much of his cock as it could manage, despite the fact most of it was deep in my throat. Grabbing a bunch of my hair in his hand to keep my head in it’s place he drew out until I could almost breathe again, only to roughly shove his cock back deep in my throat. And that’s when he aggressively began to face fuck me, I’d expect only as much from someone like him, but I couldn’t help enjoy the way he was treating me. My throat and mouth began to get tired of being stretched by the huge pulsing member, but he didn’t stop till he got bored. Pulling out he wiped all my spit off his dick by using my hair as his own personal towel, the bastard. I didn’t complain. Then, without even speaking he pushed me onto my bed and forced me to my knees, my face in my pillow. I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t stop it and a part of me didn’t want too. I had been fucked before, but when his cock forced its way into my hole it felt like I was being split in half. Even as he was pushing in, my asshole could feel the bulge of his vein as it rammed its way inside me. He wasn’t gentle; he was fucking my ass as hard as he could. I could hear his body banging into mine, and feel the big cock as it rubbed inside of me. I turned my head so I was looking back at him as he fucked me on my knees, on my bed. He was smirking. The same smirk that he had whenever he had tried to embarrass me, whenever he was trying to show his dominance over me. It drove me nuts, but this time it also lit a passion inside me I couldn’t believe I felt for Matt Finch. I hated him, but I just wanted as much of him inside me as possible. I began to feel empty whenever he pulled his dick out of me, and felt complete when he stretched my hole to fill me with his cock. I began to push back, eager to make this bastard cum inside me. He didn’t cum inside me however, after looking me in the eye and smirking as he fucked me for a few more minutes, he suddenly pulled out and grabbed me by my hair to pull my face towards his dick. It gushed out like a fountain, soaking every part of my face. It was in my eyelashes, in my hair, my nose, all over my lips. I tried licking some up that was around my mouth, it was thick and warm, but the taste was addictive. Still holding my hair, his other hand picked up some of the cum with his fingers which he then shoved into my mouth for me to clean. I sucked on his long, strong fingers covered in the cum on my face as he just watched me with a smug look. I didn’t care, I just wanted as much of his cum as possible. When he was satisfied he just rubbed the rest of his cum into my face and hair which was now completely messed up and sticky from various juices. Standing up, he quickly got dressed and walked towards the door but not before turning to throw a towel at me.

“Yeah I knew you were just another slut for my cock. Clean yourself up boy.”

Then he turned and left. What a complete jerk. I came in my pants.


Matt Finch is a complete jerk. A total ass. I know he cast some kind of spell off that website on me, but I’ve never figured out exactly what it was. I would ask him, but we generally don’t speak much when we’re together, my mouth is usually preoccupied. I know you’d think I’d just go on and cast a spell to fix things but, Matt took my laptop, he said he needed one and to tell the truth, I sorta don’t know if I’d want to fix things. I mean, I know he’s a jerk and stuff, my opinion on him has never changed. But now, I just can’t resist him, he’s so addictive. I sort of understand all the girls that used to swoon for him when he was straight now. He constantly gets the gay guys now, he’s always sleeping around, despite the fact he’s still a bastard. I guess that’s why the guys at college are still friends with him as well, he’s still the alpha male jerk, gay or not, so they still suck up to him. Me? Well I don’t suck up to him, but I do really enjoy licking his ass, I mean in the literal sense here. I just love the feel of his hot, sweaty cheeks pressed against my face as I lick around his hairy crack. I always try and see how far I can get my tongue in his asshole. If I do really well he’ll fuck my ass till I cum in my pants. Right now though, I’m on my knees in front of him, looking up into his eyes as he smirks at me, knowing his dominance over me as I drag my tongue around his balls. It still annoys me, but it also increases my desire to give his tongue a nut bath and I increase my efforts. He still has one token left to use as well on that website. So watch out, because next time you guys are out and you meet some jerk, he just may be Matt Finch and he just may cast his spell on you.

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