One of Us now, bro

By Rozza22365
published December 16, 2018

You get kidnapped by jocks afterschool and must suffer their plans

‘Ring’ the school bell rang for the end of the day

You get up out of your seat and rush out of the classroom, only one more day until the weekend.

“Hey” said Mike your best friend catching up to you as you walked out of school

“You excited for Saturday, so many announcements, all the super hero stuff and games. So cool” you said excitedly

“I can’t wait, I hope we don’t get too much homework tomorrow”

“It’s just math, we could do it in our sleep” said mike

“yeah I suppose. You want to come over tomorrow, we can do homework and then play games during the evening” you said

“yeah awesome” replied Mike

“See you tomorrow”

You saw Mike go and went on back to your house. However, you put your hands in your pocket to get out your notes for homework later on. You realize you have left them in your locker. You rush back to get them. As you enter the corridor, you see the last few people leave. You open your locker and look for the notes you can’t find them anywhere. You hear noises behind you someone walking but disregard it as finding your notes is more important. Someone stands in front of your locker, you can’t see their upper body just their legs as the locker door blocks it. You find your notes at the back and slam your locker door shut. You look at the guy in front of you. Big body build, wears a white T-shirt and black shorts, socks that go up to the knee’s and white and red trainers. His face had sharp features, clean shaven, green eyes, his was brown hair and had short sides which faded into the top and spiked up. That was Nick the leader of the jocks at school. Oddly he was looking at you, and scarier he looked mad.

“think you can talk shit about me and my bro’s, you fucking dweeb” he said angrily

“if this is about me going to Ms. Felix after last week, I…I…m sorry I didn’t mean and I won’t do it again” you say extremely frightened

“I don’t care fucking nerd” he finishes and proceeds to punch you in the stomach with incredible force, knocking you back and into the arms of someone else. They pick you by your legs and by your body. As you lie in their arms you keep blurring in and out of vision. The guy carrying you is big like Nick, but his facial features are different, he has a brown chinstrap stubble, his hair is short on the sides like every jock. But he’s wearing a backwards dark red jock cap. You recognize him as Jake another school bully jock. He’s speaking to Nick but you can’t make out what he’s saying. you enter a room and they lay you down on some benches before turning you on your belly. Your body is stripped down until you are naked. Then you suddenly awake as water is thrown over you. All the school jocks, including nick and Jake are staring at you now.

“Wake up fucking nerd” shouts Nick

The water you smell is intoxicating, wait what? Water doesn’t smell.

“What is this?”

“This boy is the teams collective sweat all put in to this bucket over the last week” said Nick

You try hold your breath but it’s impossible, you feel like you’re going to be sick.

“You see, last week wasn’t the only time you and your nerd friends insulted us behind our fucking backs. And we’ve decided we’ve had enough of your shit.”

“What are you going to do to me” you say fearful of any anger

“let’s just say it’s going to be a bit of an awakening”

“Please I will do all your homework and will never insult you again” you plead

The boys laugh at you.

“We don’t need your shit, dweeb, except for you to shut the fuck up” said Jake who took off his incredibly dirty jockstrap.

“I hope you like this, dweeb. Its fresh from five games and hours of training over the last four days”

You see him put it over your head and plead.

“No No No No No No N…” you plead quickly

He places the Jock strap over your head and gets some string tying the jock strap to your head. It covers your mouth. You try not to breath it in but it’s too much for you and give in letting the musky scent fill you head and body. The jocks pour the rest of the bucket of sweat of your body all over and then proceed to massage it in to your skin.

You look up to Nick, you can’t speak but your yes convey your emotion to him.

“Now let’s tie you up fucker so you don’t go anywhere” said Nick

The jocks tied your legs to a bar below the bench and your hands two the pegs above. You were stretched out and drenched in sweat. Tears fell down your face and you made obvious crying noises. The jocks still ignored you.

“well looks like your set for your night in the locker room fucker. Hope you enjoy your night and remember what happens when you fuck with the bro’s. Before I go though I will leave you something for tonight” said Nick

He got out a small audio playing device, he stuck the headphones in your ears and taped over them ensuring they didn’t fall out.

The jocks all left, Jake was last he locked back at you with his hand on the light switch and said.

“night night, don’t let the bed bugs bite” before switching off the lights leaving you in near complete darkness, the only light source was from the windows. You squirmed and made faint noises, due to the jock strap on your face, for the first few hours before you gave in. You began regretting what you said about the jocks. You started mentally creating your position socially below them, making sure that from now on you did as they said and accepted how they treated you. You looked down at the audio device. What was it for? You thought to yourself. Suddenly it came on and weird inaudible whispers where said. you couldn’t make any of it out. Slowly you became tired and felt sleepy. You shut your eyes allowing the musk and noises to work their magic on you.

You wake a few hours later. Still broken, still smelling musk from the jockstrap and sweat. Somehow it still smells fresh and new like you’re still smelling it for the first time. Your body feels different, numb. You look down and see that you are taller. Though still restrained, your feet have grown by double. Your legs look longer and muscly. Your cock has grown significantly, before you had 6-inch average, now you were 9 inch, no 11 inches. Your body has become fitter as well, before you had a small round belly with spots, now your torso was ripped slightly, it was still forming. Two massive pecs expanded until they dominated your upper body and below a 6 pack was forming, you saw each muscle pull in and the lines defining it come in to vision. You didn’t have the energy to look up at your hands that were tied. You took in all these new details but it took a while for you to figure anything out. What was this? You look over to the mirror in the bathroom and see your face. It had sharper details, no more spottiness. Your hair had changed too. Your sides had shrunk and turned short like all the jocks, it faded in to the top which was all spiked up like the jocks, you had light stubble over your face like the jocks. Your face was jock like and so was your body. You were quite literally turning into one of the bully jocks.

‘Oh god what have those fuckers done to me, when I get up I’m gonna… I’m gonna. Actually, I don’t what I’m going to do. Maybe play some football… no they need to pay for making me like this like them. for making me better, oh god what’s happening to my head’ your head was conflicting between staying a nerd and becoming a jock, though jock personality traits like over aggression took over.

You realized that the audio machine was brainwashing you of your nerdy thoughts and memories. You think to yourself in panic. You start doing math’s equations to maintain your sanity. You do simple addition and subtraction, and everything is fine. You start doing multiplication and everything is kind of fine, you take more time than usual to answer the questions. Then comes division, you do basic numbers, but after that you can’t do it, you keep trying remember but it becomes too much. You start tiring yourself out before, fatigue takes you. Before you sleep, you know that when you wake, you will be like them.


“What do you think the dweeb will be like?” said Jake excitedly

“If all went to plan, he should be one us” replied nick

“I don’t get it, why turn him into one of us? Why not prank him or beat him up?”

“cos we gotta show the nerds a new level torment we can do to them. Their used to being beat up and insulted, but changing one of their own in to one of our own, well that makes us scarier to them. Also, it fits as punishment for that nerd, he chatted shit about us many times, now he will treat us as his bro’s, he went to teachers and got us in detention and stuff, now he’s gonna be getting detention with us”

“I see, lets see him then”

The boys opened up into the locker. You were still tied up and sleeping.

“yo we got any more sweat to throw over him?”

“Nah threw it over him yesterday”

Nick lifted up your face gently and slapped you twice hard. You awake suddenly.

“get up fucker, you got a big day ahead of you” says nick untying you. Both Jake and nick fully untied you

“Wh…what happened to me bro’s” you say in your new deeper of voice

“We made you like us, before you were a nerd with nothing going for yourself, now you’re a superior Jock who can have any Girl or Boy in school, bro”

“but studying and tests”

“who cares, we got football and fitness”

“yeah right, thanks bro” your jock mind was now setting in taking over, as the rest of you was wiped out.

“see your one of us now, bro”

“Yeah… noo what am I saying I’m not one of you”

“Yeah you are bro, you just need a bit of help” Nick and Jake went into a big duffle bag and both got out cans of Lynx body sprays. They point it at you and begin to spray. The smell is strong working its way in your head, creating a fog that consumes all nerdy thoughts, knowledge and memories until your Jock personality is all that remains.

“How bout now bro”

“oh yeah that’s good bro’s no more dweeb shit for me” you replied in a cocky tone

“Yeah, bro put these on then we got one more test for you” said Jake

Nick leaves the room and Jake gets out some stylish trousers, a jockstrap, a white T-shirt. You put them on and look in the mirror.

“Fuck I’m so sexy bro, I can’t tell who to fuck with this bod first, Maybe Becky, the brunette with the big boobs, she’s fit as fuck. Always wanted to fuck a cheerleader captain”

Jake turns you around and puts a cap on your head and spins it around.

“There now you truly are one of us bro. Becky is fit I agree fucked that her many times, but she’s as loyal most girls in this school, they’re all sluts and hoes, just for fucking. But if they end up not being your thing and you want something more, you can always have me bro” said Jake looking at you admirably. He gives a wink and you give a big smile in return, you honestly don’t know who to fuck with your new body. Thin sexy sluts or a Big dumb bro like yourself.

“Now bro for your last test” Nick returned holding some nerd by his neck and threw him on the floor

“Oh no I’m sorry I didn’t mean it honest” pleaded the nerd

“This Shithead just fucking ratted out on Jason and got his phone confiscated, let’s see how you deal justice to those below you”

You become angry, you don’t know Jason personally, but he was your bro now, you had to keep an eye out for your bro and avenge them if necessary. The nerd turns to look at you

“No… no Oh my god what did they do to you, your one of them now”

“Fucking dweeb ratting on my friend you will pay for that” you said angrily

You begin to punch and kick, him feeling great as you do it. Hearing him squirm as you beat him avenging Jason. Nick and Jake smile at you admirably realizing you were now a full Jock like them, going to football practice and games, partying, screwing either girls or guys. You thought about Mike, he was going to be over tonight to do nerd shit, maybe Mike would benefit from a night in here too.

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