My boss's secretary

By Keeky published May 2, 2009
Guy gets invited to have sex with his boss's secretary
Her name is Suzie. She's a secretary. Everyone thinks she's really hot, but she only has eyes for our boss, Mr burrows. She was here when I joined and has never been especially friendly, despite my best efforts to get her attention. But even so there is something about her that really gets under my skin. And, try as I might to accept that she isn't interested in me I just can't help watching her as she works.

It wasn't as if we wouldn't make an attractive couple. She's in her early twenties, like me, she's slim, like me, blonde, like me. I think we were made for each other. I guess she doesn't think so. Whenever she goes into Mr Burrows's office and closes the door they could honestly be doing anything. And, quite often, Suzie comes out looking really flushed. I have to admit it, I'm jealous.

There she goes. Her phone has buzzed. She answered and she's away into his office. Ahhh. Deprived of my chance to sneak glances at my beautiful Suzie I guess I have to get on with my work. These ad rates aren't going to work themselves out. How much space can this client afford anyway?

Still no sign of Suzie coming out. Oh! Excuse me that's my phone. An internal call. Mr Burrows! You want to see me? Now? But I thought ... Oh nothing. I'll be right there.

I knock and enter Mr Burrows office. "Come in Steve and close the door," he says. I'm in and the door's closed. It's a big office. Mr Burrows is behind his desk. On the other side of the room there is a conference area, a table and six leather and chrome chairs. Suzie is on her hands and knees on the table! She doesn't look around at me but keeps her eyes down. Mr Burrows tells me to sit down opposite his desk.

"Steve," says Mr Burrows, "Suzie says you have been watching her. Is that correct?" I don't know what to say. I'm embarrassed. I say nothing.
"Come now Steve," says Mr Burrows, "you're not calling Suzie a liar are you? I cannot believe that Suzie would lie to me." Then he smiles at me. Not a cold smile, a real smile. "Steve," he's really affable, "there's nothing wrong with looking at Suzie. I don't blame you. But I think you should know what you are looking at. Look at her Steve." I turn and look. "She is beautiful isn't she Steve?"
I say "Yes, very beautiful". I try to make it sound like I'm complimenting her but she's on all fours on a table with her ass in the air and we're talking about her like she isn't even there. I don't feel good about it.
"Go and take a closer look," says Mr Burrows. I look at him. "Go on," he says. "Go over to her. Take a really good look."
I get up and walk over to Suzie. I stand facing her, though she still doesn't look up. I smile and say, "Hi Suzie." She doesn't answer. Mr Burrow's says, "She won't answer you Steve. You'll only answer me, won't you Suzie dear?" Then Suzie says, "Yes, Mr Burrows."
I don't like this. But Mr Burrows is my boss and her boss. She doesn't seem to mind and I want to keep my job. So I stay cool.
"Would you like to touch her, Steve?" asks Mr Burrows. I just look at him. "I said, would you like to touch her Steve?" He's still smiling, still affable. But I'm feeling more than a little nervous. "You wouldn't mind if Steve touched you, would you Suzie?"
"No Mr Burrows," says Suzie. There's nothing in her voice to give me a clue about how she feels about this.
"Touch her Steve," says Mr Burrows. His tone is so startling I immediately raise my hand and brush Suzie's cheek.
"Excellent Steve", he says. "Isn't her skin soft?"
It is soft. I say, "Yes, Mr Burrows."
"Yes what, Steve?"
"Yes, he skin is soft, Mr Burrows."
"Feel her hair, Steve." I feel her hair. "Isn't her hair silky?"
"Yes, her hair is silky, Mr Burrows."
"Smell her, Steve." I smell her. "Doesn't she smell wonderful, Steve?" She smells wonderful.
"Yes, she smells wonderful, Mr Burrows."
"Feel he breasts, Steve." I look at her face. She doesn't look up at me.
"Suzie ..?" I say.
"She won't answer you, Steve. But you do want him to feel your breasts, don't you Suzie?"
Still she doesn't look up. But she says, "Yes, Mr Burrows."
"Feel he breasts, Steve." It's a command. I obey. I walk round so that I am by the side of Suzie. Then I reach out and take one of her breasts in my hand. She's wearing a push up bra. Her breast is real small and firm. As I squeeze it I feel her nipple stiffen. She moans quietly and arches her back a little more.
"She has fine breasts, doesn't she Steve?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows," I answer breathlessly. "She has fine breasts."
"And her ass, Steve. Feel he ass."
This time I obey instantly. I rub her ass through he miniskirt. It is round and firm, not soft like the other girls' asses I have felt.
"It is a wonderful ass, isn't it, Steve?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows, it is a wonderful ass."
"Feel it properly, Steve. Put your hand up her skirt."

I don't know why, I don't think this is really right but I can't seem to stop. My cock is straining to bust out of my suit pants but it is more than lust that is driving me on. I just can't seem to stop doing what Mr Burrows tells me. I put my hand up Suzie's skirt. I'm breathing hard. She's breathing hard. I can see that she's moving back and forwards as she pants but now I can't see her face at all. My hand goes up the back of her smooth, firm thigh and onto her smooth firm ass. I can feel that she's wearing a thong and so my hand is on her skin. I realise that I am soaked in my own sweat.

"You like the way he skin feels don't you, Steve."
"Yes Mr Burrows, I like the way her skin feels."
"You're burning with desire for her aren't you, Steve?"
"I'm burning with desire for her, Mr Burrows."
"Is she burning with desire for you, Steve?"
I don't know. "I .. I don't know, Mr Burrows."
"Well, you know how to tell don't you Steve? Touch her sex."
I look at him. "Touch her sex, Steve."
I reach between her legs. I find a hard penis pushing out her thong.
"Is her cock hard, Steve?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows. Her cock is hard." Something at the back of my mind is trying to tell me that something is wrong. But Mr Burrows is right. I am burning with desire for Suzie and she is obviously burning for me.
"Why don't you take her cock in your mouth, Steve?" Why don't I? I lie with my back on the table, my head between Suzie's thighs. I take her cock out of her thong.
"It's a beautiful cock, isn't it, Steve?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows. It's a beautiful cock."
"Take her beautiful cock in your mouth, Steve."
I take the tip of her beautiful cock in my lips and swirl my tongue around it.
"You can't remember ever having such a big, beautiful, delicious cock in your mouth, Steve. I can't remember ever having such a big, beautiful, delicious cock in my mouth. Actually I can't remember ever having any cock in my mouth, but that doesn't matter. This is the all-time best.
Suzie is moaning and rocking and pushing into my mouth. I make a pussy of my lips and tongue. Suzie groans as she comes into my mouth. I love it when the woman comes first.

"Suzie," says Mr Burrows, "take off Steve's clothes." This is so hot. I can't believe that Suzie has just fucked my face. And now she has taken off my tie and shirt and is unfastening my pants. Now she has all my clothes off.
"Steve, you are still burning for Suzie aren't you?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows. I am still burning for Suzie."
"You want her to fuck your pussy now, Don't you Steve?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows, I want her to fuck my pussy now."
"Bend over the table then Steve."
I bend over the table. Oh my God! The way she is pounding my pussy. She is the best fuck I have ever had. I knew she would be.

"Was that wonderful Steve?"
"Yes, Mr Burrows."
"Good. I'm so glad. I love to bring young people together. Now, you'd both better get back to work. Here, get dressed now." He hands me my clothes.
I'm in such a state I can't get my clothes on! I've managed to get my thong on, despite my cock still being like an iron bar, but I fumble with everything else. "Help him Suzie", says Mr Burrows. Suzie helps me with my bra, the buttons of my blouse and my miniskirt. My five-inch heels make me feel dizzy, I‘m so excited. "And her hair and make-up, Suzie," says Mr Burrows. He's so thoughtful. He's the best boss a girl could ever have.

I have to get back to work now. My name is Stephanie. I'm a secretary. Everyone thinks I'm really hot, but I only have eyes for my boss, Mr Burrows.

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