Bus Episode

By Unknown
published June 7, 2005

A new allergy medicine has give man mc powers

Bus Episode unknown

The doctor looked at the bruises all over my face, concern casting a pall over his handsome visage. ‘‘How did this happen to you?’’ he asked. ‘‘Care to hear a story?’’ I rejoined.

I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. Everything had started that morning. I went to my allergist for some shots to help me with my sneezing (I’m allergic to dogs bigtime). My old medication had lost its effectiveness, so Dr. Michaels gave me a new drug. Normally, of course, I’m not thrilled to take new drugs, but after he told me there was nothing in the drug that wasn’t in bananas and milk, I thought ‘‘What the hey,’’ and proffered my arm. ‘‘Sorry,’’ Doc M. chuckled, ‘‘this goes in your thigh, in the front.’’ Well, this was an odd place for a shot, but who am I to argue? I shucked down my 501s and boxers. ‘‘Hold your penis to one side please,’’ said the doctor, and I pulled my soft 5-inch tubesteak to the side. Doc M. bent down, rubbed my thigh very near my balls with alcohol, letting me feel his hot breath tingle. I started to get a little hard, then he jabbed me with the needle, injected the shot, and stood up. ‘‘There shouldn’t be any side-effects with this drug,’’ he intoned, ‘‘but just to be safe, no drugs or alcohol for 12 hours.’’ ‘‘Sure thing doc,’’ I replied as I pulled up my jeans, rearranging my heavy balls and dick in my pants. They made a nice lump in my pants that I was pretty damn proud of! When I looked down, I could see a nice outline. I flexed my cum muscles and saw my dick shift in my pants.

I left the doctor’s office feeling pretty good, especially about the no side-effects part, ’cause the stuff I was on before always gave me the runs. Spying the bus I wanted nearing the bus stop at the corner, I sprinted to make it and clambered on board. As usual, the bus was almost empty. Except for the fat old crone driving, there was only one other passenger, a man sitting against a window near the back of the bus; he looked to be asleep, ’tho I couldn’t quite tell on account of his sunglasses. As I sat across the aisle from him, I deduced he was a marine, and probably on the way to the beach. His thick red hair was closely cropped, and he had the nicely muscled body of I would guess a 22-year-old who worked out a lot. He wore a purple tank top that showed a generous amount of red hair over a great hard chest along with white running shorts, slit up the side. I thought I could see a nice cock outlined in his pants, and wanted to see more, but I was suddenly sleepy, (‘‘No side-effects my eye!!’’) and I drifted off into zone land.

Suddenly, I heard someone’s voice in my head saying, ‘‘God what a stud! Look at the cock in his pants.’’ My eyes snapped open. I was still on the bus, and the man across from me was looking at me intently, his sunglasses gone. I realized my cock was at full 8" mast, snaking down my pants, and that it was plainly visible to the marine. Whose voice had I heard? I shifted in my seat, trying to get my cock to shrink, when I heard the voice again, ‘‘Shit he’s awake. Now he’ll probably move so I can’t see his dick. Damn.’’ A flash of realization hit me. I could hear the stud’s thoughts! Blushing, I glanced over at him, gave him a weak smile, grunted out a ‘‘Hi’’ and successfully maneuvered my cock away from my leg and back down the front of my crotch. Discreetly, of course! ‘‘Guess the show’s over,’’ came the words again, ‘‘back to sleep.’’ I watched across the aisle as the redheaded marine put his glasses back on his head, folded his arms over his chest, and appeared to go back to sleep. I snuck a peak at the well-packed crotch. It definitely looked larger than before, but the stud’s legs were tight together, so I couldn’t be sure. I wondered to myself, ‘‘Can I give thoughts as well as receive them?’’ Concentrating, I thought to myself, ‘‘Take off your glasses. You are incredibly horny. Close your eyes and play with yourself.’’ I heard the voice again, ‘‘God am I horny!’’ and watched with anticipation as the stud removed his glasses and then moved his trembling hand up under his shirt. I saw his hands linger at his nipples and saw him pinch himself. He spread his legs apart, and I saw a bulge re-emerging in his shorts.

‘‘Ignore me, the bus, everyone. Play with yourself. Take off your shirt,’’ I thought, concentrating. Off came the shirt, revealing a rippled abdomen underneath red fur. At the end of rock-solid pectorals stood two erect nipples. He pinched them, rolling them around his fingers. I heard him gasping for breath, and sweat started rolling down his forehead (I was feeling kinda warm too!!). I watched intently as his hand slipped under his short’s waistband to play with his cock. ‘‘Lower your shorts!’’ I commanded, and immediately, they were down around his knees, giving me a most scrumptious view of a thick, long (about 6-1/2 inches, I would guess) alabaster white cock sprouting from a sparse batch of fiery red pubes. My own cock was rock hard, struggling to bust the buttons of my 501s, and my own hands trailed absent-mindedely over my chest, circling my own erect nipples as his own freckled hand started to pump away at his cock.

Suddenly I felt the bus slowing, and pulling over to the side. ‘‘Keep masturbating,’’ I thought, focussing my thoughts towards the marine stud. I watched with a mixture of dread and anticipation as the bus slowed and another passenger boarded. ‘‘Jackpot!!’’ I thought, as Twinky the towhead, toting rollerblades, got on the bus. He was dressed in the normal rollerblade attire: black lycra bike shorts (I noticed his pair had a rip up the side of his left leg) and a bike shirt stretched taut across his young frame. Smiling to myself, I looked at the back of the bus-driver’s bald head, and, concentrating, thought, “Drive somewhere secluded.” I was rewarded by the bus making a U-turn, much to the consternation of the kid who had just boarded. I could see a look of puzzlement in his face as he gave the now stone-faced driver his fare, but presently he shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the back of the bus, where I sat. I quickly focussed my thoughts on the marine, closing my eyes to feign sleep as I did: ‘‘Make yourself presentable and close your eyes.’’ I heard the shorts come up – peaking out at across the aisle, I noticed there could be no mistaking the rock-hard cock under the thin nylon – and the shirt go on. I then listened for the twink’s thoughts, and they came through loud and clear! ‘‘Wonder where this bus is going…not that it matters, I’m just here to cool off God it’s hot outside, I’ll sit in the back, maybe take a snooze. Not many people how come the redhead is sweating so much?’’ – here I heard a gasp as the young man approached our row of seats – ‘‘Holy shit look at the cock on that guy, it’s gonna burst through his shorts he must be having a dream he’s asleep. Man I think I see precum soaking his shorts, God my dick is getting hard gotta look away. Nice jeans on this guy, he’s got a hard on, too. WHat the fuck is going on?’’ I started, and opened my eyes as the youngster took the seat behind me. We glanced at each other, then he looked out the window.

I looked at the marine stud across the aisle, cock plainly pulsing beneath nylon shorts, breath coming in short spurts. Closing my eyes again, I thought, ‘‘Seduce the rollerblader across the aisle, and ignore me.’’ Concentrating on the rollerblader, I thought, ‘‘Ignore me.’’ I now watched as the marine stood up, erect cock plain beneath his shorts. The rollerblader, whom I could see out of the corner of my eye, almost popped his eyes, and I saw his cock jump underneath the lycra shorts. I could hear his thoughts: ‘‘Holy shit, the dude got up. How can he not know his cock is poking almost through his fuckin’ shorts? God’’ – here he rubbed his crotch – '' this is making me horny! Ohmygod he’s gonna sit down next to me!'' Sure enough, the marine took the seat next to the rollerblader and sat with his legs slightly spread. His knee touched the rollerbladers, and I could see the sweat start to form on the rollerblader’s upper lip.

‘‘Howzit goin’?’’ asked the marine. ‘‘My names Lance. I couldn’t help but notice you sitting over here. That’s a wicked looking scrape on your leg. You fall while blading? I’ve got some ointment, you know, to keep stuff clean in my bag. You want I should rub it in?’’

''Uh–m, uh, sure. And, um, well, ah, my name is, um Scotty" stammered the rollerblader, extending his hand for a shake. Scotty’s lycra-covered crotch was expanding as he stared at Lance’s crotch. ‘‘What am I doing?’’ he thought. ‘‘Look at the body on this stud. God I am horny!’’ Lance had retrieved his backpack from his old seat, extracting a small tube of ointment, the top of which he unscrewed. Squeezing some onto his hand and placing his hand on Scotty’s trembling thigh, he said, ‘‘This stuff might sting a little,’’ and he massaged it into the angry red scrapes. Scott’s breathing was coming in shorter and shorter gasps, and I could hear him thinking, ‘‘Ohmanohmanohmanohman..GOD! this feels great. Shit my cock is getting hard, what is Lance gonna say?’’

‘‘I think you have some cuts kinda covered up by the lycra,’’ said Lance. ‘‘But heck, these are ruined anyway, so..’’ and with this Lance ripped the shorts right up the outer seam. Scott didn’t seem to mind, he was trembling all over and swallowing a lot. I saw sweat dripping off his chin, and nipples started to push through his tight biking shirt. Lance was continuing to massage ointment into Scott’s upper thigh, his thumbs very close to Scott’s throbbing, growing lycra-covered cock. At this point, Scott had his eyes almost closed, and was mumbling ‘‘Mmmmm’’. Then I heard him say to Lance, ‘‘That ointment feels great, nice and cool. Think you could put it on the tear in the back, too? I had a wicked wipe-out.’’ With that, Scott shifted in his seat and presented his tight young ass to Lance. I could see another tear across Scott’s ass.

‘‘This will be easier if I lower your shorts,’’ said Lance, and he pulled the lycra down over Scott’s ass. Two milky white bun cheeks, perfect except for an angry red scrape across them, pointed to Lance. ‘‘Why don’t you kneel on the bus seat and point your feet towards the aisle? I think that’ll make things easiest,’’ suggested Lance, as Scotty willingly complied. I could hear his thoughts: ‘‘God, his touch on my ass feels so good. I am so hard now’’ – I looked and saw an impressively sized cock poking out over the waistband of his shorts – ‘‘God, rub my ass, oh yeah, stroke it.’’

‘‘You’ve got a nice scratch, but I think this will take care of it. Shall I kiss it and make it all better?’’ queried Lance. Scott straightened, and turned, his hard dick poking above his half-pulled-down bike shorts. ‘‘Already feels great, dude,’’ said Scott with a smile, as he pulled Lance up to his lips for a kiss that left the two weak in the knees and shaking. As they kissed, I saw Lance’s hands kneading Scotty’s cheeks, then stroking the deep cleft between them.

‘‘Oh yeah,’’ Scott purred. ‘‘Stroke my ass.’’ Scott pulled down Lance’s pre-cum-soaked shorts, and then his own. The two hard bodies pressed together as they explored each other with their hands. Lance’s 6-1/2 inch dick was pushed out the side right in front of my eyes, so I took the time to examine it closely. It had a nicely flared uncircumcised head, and was about an inch or two in diameter. A single drop of pre-cum was dangling from a gaping piss-slit. Scott’s cock was longer, maybe as long as mine, and nice and thick. It was leaking pre-cum copiously, and was twitching. God this was a hot scene, so I finally released my cock from its denim prison and stroked it. I put both hands around the base, and squeezing them together, brought them up along my pole, shuddering from the intensity of the feeling. By this time, Scott and Lance had found each other’s nipples, which they were pinching and licking and sucking with abandonment. ‘‘I want you in my ass,’’ gasped Scott. A grin lit up on Lance’s face as he directed Scott to kneel on the bus seat, his ass hanging over the aisle. He pressed his face to Scotty’s crack and started licking and nipping around Scott’s hole, eliciting a series of moans, growls, and shimmies from Scott. Ecstasy was all over Scott’s face as he murmurred, ‘‘Oh yeah, eat my ass. Stick that tongue up, unngh, yeah, oh God yes, lick me out slurp away, oh God this is so soooo, God, yes lick my ass, unh unggh Yea Oh my God yes lick me stroke me. I wanna feel you in me. Fill me up. Yes yes yes oh my oh goD.’’

Lance had removed his spit-soaked mouth from Scott’s ass, and placed a single finger right at Scott’s ass opening. Scott backed up, his hole puckering as he pleaded, “Fuck me fuck me fuck me.” Lance slowly inserted his finger, then two more, into Scott’s hole as Scott writhed about in delirious ecstasy. “Oh God yes, fuck me split me apart I want to feel you in me.” Lance pushed in past two joints, then up to his knuckles as he probed the inner reaches of Scott’s ass. Suddenly Scott tensed and straightened, his cock hard against his stomach shot wad after wad of stringy white sperm through the air, splattering against the bus window and dribbling down onto the seat. After seven or eight spurts, he collapsed back onto his hands and knees, rocking slowly back and forth, his cock throbbing as Lance’s fingerfucking continued.

Scott reached back and started fondling Lance’s rock hard white tower of power and his heavy red-fuzz-covered balls. Presently, Scott grabbed the fat cock and aimed it right at his hole. Taking the hint, Lance removed his fingers with a squelchy slurpy noise, coated his cock with the liquid thereon, and aimed his love arrow at Scott’s winking, pulsing hole. Lance ever so slowly eased his throbbing dick into Scott’s ass, stopping after every inch to let Scott’s ass accommodate him. Soon, he was in up to the hilt, and started a gentle rocking motion that shook Scott’s body to its core. Scott whimpered out, ‘‘Oh GOD yes fuck me with your dick oh yes oh yes oh yes right there, God you feel so great, split me in two with your cock I love it I love you fuck me fuck me hard.’’ Lance slowly eased his throbbing near-the-edge cock out of Scott’s ass, then quickly plunged back into the hot steamy hole, pushing Scott’s head against the cum-splattered side of the bus. Scott raised his head, and circled it around, moaning from the special feeling centered in his gut. Lance’s dick had found his prostate, just as his fingers had, and his cock responded, arching high and hard onto his stomach. ‘‘Oh God yes, there it is, Fuck me with that cock, stick it in me, do me harder harder faster, let me feel it.’’ Now Scott started rocking his body back and forth, forcing Lance to speed up the fucking. I watched raptly as I saw Lance’s balls pull up into his body, his fingers grasping Scott’s back, muscles standing out, nipples erect, as he let out a shuddering moan, and I saw and heard his cock pump load after load into Scott’s quaking ass. After 15 or 20 seconds, he collapsed on top of Scott, kissing his back. I suddenly came with extraordinary force, cum shooting over my seat and landing on Scott’s back, where Lance promptly licked it up. I collapsed back into my seat, thoroughly spent. That’s when I felt a familiar tingle in my nose. I looked out the window. Holy Shit! The bus driver had found a secluded spot all right. It was a kennel in the middle of the woods. I looked through the fence. Dogs. Shepherds. Mutts. Spaniels. Dalmatians. I felt a sneeze building. Building. I tried to stop it. But it was coming, coming just as assuredly as I had just come. This sneeze could not be avoided, just as my orgasm would not be denied. I breathed in shortly. Another snort. Then an explosive sneeze.

It was deathly quiet on the bus. I heard Lance say, ‘‘What the fuck…?’’ and realized my hold on him and Scott, and the bus driver was ebbing. Lance pulled his cock out of Scott’s ass with an obscene ‘plop’. ‘‘Who are you?’’ he asked Scott, who’s cock stood straight out from his body. ‘‘The last thing I remember was…..YOU!’’ He turned to me, and I swallowed. ‘‘You made me do this…’’ Angrily, he grabbed me by the shirt, and backhanded me across the face. ‘‘Don’t you EVER do that again. If I were HIV+, I could’ve given this stud here HIV. Don’t let ME kill someone because of your sick,’’ here I got backhanded across the face again, ‘‘need to control people.’’ He grabbed me and threw me to the floor of the bus. As I lay there, pondering his words, I heard him gently asking Scott, ‘‘You okay man? Did I hurt you?’’

‘‘Hell no,’’ Scott replied with a grin. ‘‘I’m more turned on than I’ve been in my life. God that was fantastic. You know how to treat an ass. But it does leave me with a hard problem,’’ he said, giving his hard cock a stroke or two. ‘‘What’s say we pop this bus and find a place in the woods?’’ Lance had retrieved his clothes and slid them on.

‘‘Lead on,’’ said Lance, as they stepped over me and out of the bus, kicking my face as they left. I moaned.

Presently the bus driver walked back to my prone form. ‘‘You okay buddy? I don’t have the foggiest notion of where we are or how we got here, but I can take you where you want to go.’’

‘‘To the doctor’s,’’ I said. I felt a sneeze coming on. I popped another pill.


‘‘That’s how I got these bruises, doc.’’ I winced as he applied some betadine. ‘‘Any permanent damage?’’ I asked nervously.

‘‘Oh no, you’ll be good as new after a few days. No teeth loose, no broken bones.’’ Then I heard him think, ‘‘God what a body on this stud. What I wouldn’t give to blow him!’’ I looked at the doctor’s crotch and saw a mouth-watering bulge. I felt a familiar tingle in my tent….


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