New Master in the County. Ch2:A Bad day to be a hells angel

By Rough Master
published October 21, 2007

The Masters biker enslaves others

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New Master in the County.

Chapter 2.

A Bad day to be a hell’s angel.

Mack Weiss woke in his bed; his back was throbbing from the whipping the Master had given him. Mack had confessed things he would never had told anyone. The names of his fellow Hell’s Angels who were part of his gang, and their activities.

The Master had tortured him for his own amusement, Mack knew this. He also knew he had been broken and changed. He would do as told, and he was grateful to be able to do it for his Master. He looked over at the night stand; the bag with the devices was sitting on it.

Examining the contents of the bag Mack some how knew that the pills would produce a hypnotic effect that would last up to an hour in a victim. The pen like device contained ten Psychic Captivators, all programmed to convert and return the slave to the Master for processing. There were also 2 mp3 player devices and headphones he knew were for special cases.

The phone rang, and Mack leaned over the bed to grab it, letting out a groan from his back pain. The Master’s voice brought comfort to Mack and all his pain was soon forgotten. He had listened, and told the Master what he could get done today.

As he hung up, his bedroom door opened, and Mack’s 19 year old son, Kyle Weiss walked into the room, and froze when he got the sight of his father, naked in the bed, hairless and his hair cut into a flat top.

“Jesus Dad.” Kyle moved over to the bed, as Mack watched him come closer. Kyle looked at his dad and then asked, “What the fuck happened to your back???”

“It’s a long story son.” Mack looked down, “Just keep your mouth shut about it.” Mack leaned back on the bed and snuck the pen into his hand. “Is it that bad?”

Kyle sat on the corner of the bed, told his dad to roll over, and got a good look at his dad’s whipped back, it had huge red lacerations that were scabbing over, and healing nicely. “It looks like you where whipped.”

“I was son.” Mack sat up and moved closer to his son. “I got in over my head.” Mack acted like he was going to put his arm around his son’s neck and pull him close, but he pushed the button and shot the Psychic Captivator right into the back of his sons neck. “Now your in over you’re head son.”

“What’s happening?” Kyle tried to get up, to find his Dad yanking him on his back and getting on top of him naked, holding him down, while his head began to buzz. His mind was telling him to get up and run for his life.

His son was unable to stop him from ripping open his shirt and licking the poor boys nipples. Mack couldn’t help it, his Master had told him, and he could have the boys’ virgin hole for being converted. In fact he had ordered it to happen, and Mack was getting into it.

Kyle started to scream as his Dad yanked his shorts and underwear off. He felt his dads hand over his mouth, and then he heard his dad’s voice in his ear, “Silence slave.” Then he felt his dad’s hands grabbing his cock, and to his horror it was growing.

Mack released his grip, and started to suck his sons cock, it was smaller than his, but it was good and thick. Once the boy was good and hard, he lifted his sons’ legs, and went for the hole, cleaning and licking it he lost himself to the enjoyment of it.

The Psychic Captivator was buzzing away, changing the boys’ mindset, and controlling him, it was amplifying the physical stimulation Kyle was receiving. Kyle knew that he was about to be rapped, and it was his destiny, soon he would serve his Master.

Kyle’s hole slid open ad his dad started to rape him, he had no idea how much time had passed, it seemed like hours, till his dad grunted and shot a load deep into his hole. His dad pulled out, ordered him to lie down, and placed the headphones on and hit some buttons on the mp3 player.

Wiping his cock off on his sons ripped shirt, Mack turned and pulled out his clothes from his dresser, made a phone call and headed into the kitchen. He pulled a couple of beers out from the fridge, went to the couch and pulled out a metal box.

He cut a couple of lines of coke out on the mirror on the coffee table and rolled a couple of joints. He heard the motorcycle coming from a block away, and pull into his drive way. He put a couple of the pills into the beer, and set it by the mirror as his friend walked in the door.

Daryl Holt, walked in and plopped down on the couch, gabbed the open beer and took a drink. “Missed you the other night Bro, the bitch was pretty damn good.” Daryl smiled set his beer back down, lifted the mirror and the straw and took a line.

Mack looked over at his friend and lit one of the joints, “We need to talk about something.” Mack inhaled and passed the joint to his bud. “Were going to be making some serious money, how much can you get of this stuff?”

Taking the joint, Daryl smiled, “I can get a couple of kilos right now why?” He inhaled and held the smoke and exhaled, “You got a hot customer?”

Watching his bud slam the rest of his beer, Mack inhaled, and then continued, “Yes. Were going to be making money for my Master.” Mack passed the joint back, his friends eyes were glazing over, the drug worked quick.

“You’re Master?” Daryl took another hit of the joint, “This is good stuff my head is swimming. What do you mean your Master?”

Mack stood, “It’s not the pot or the coke, it’s the drugs in your beer.” He pulled his shirt off and unsnapped his jeans and dropped them, “You see last night, I was programmed to obey my Master, and right now you’re starting the same process.”

Daryl tried to move to get up, but he couldn’t. “Mack quit screwing around and get your clothes on.” His words were slurring. He watched his friend walk out of the room for a couple of minutes while his head spun.

Mack returned with the other mp3 player and headphones, he walked over to his buddy, "I am sorry for what its worth. That’s why I let you get high for the last time. "Mack placed the headphones on, and started the programming.

Music filled Daryl’s ears, it was soothing, and then followed by some high pitched tones, and then a voice speaking, Daryl couldn’t move as the voice began to instruct him. He found himself repeating what the voices were telling him.

Mack watched the new slave being programmed, he had no idea what he was learning, only that when it was over he would be an obedient slave ready to be programmed by the machines at the Masters. He listened to his buddy repeat his life was wasted, that he was a criminal, that he deserved his new life.

The bedroom door opened, and caught Mack’s eye, his son walked out naked, “I am ready to serve and obey.” He sounded monotone, “Please instruct me.”

“The Master will be along later this evening slave.” Mack stood, “Go shower and make your self ready for him. Return to your room and wait for instructions.” Mack watched his sons’ ass go up the stairs to the bathroom.

Mack returned his attention to his friend, he had been ordered to call him over because he physically met the requirements the Master was looking for. He didn’t understand why the Master wanted his first slave to be in great physical shape, with a large cock, and muscles.

Daryl fit the bill, he was in his early forties, worked out religiously, and had a nice fat cock that Mack had seen many times when they would double team some biker bitch. Daryl was a good friend, who just happened to be the main drug dealer in the gang.

It took about an hour for Daryl to open his eyes, he had been instructed, and he understood as he stood and stripped off his clothes, he was to serve the Master. His cock was rock hard as he knelt at his buds feet. “Please take me to my Master. I need him.”

Smiling Mack patted Daryl’s head, “He will come for you when the time is right.” Mack sat back into his chair and opened his legs, “Suck me.” Daryl didn’t waste any time going to work on his friends cock, he needed to taste it.

Mack pulled the slave off his cock before he shot, his Master had told him, not to fuck this one, or pollute him with his worthless cum. Mack ordered Daryl to clean his house while he waited for word from their Master.

The sound of the motorcycle coming up the driveway, made Mack jump for his clothes and pull them on, he ordered Daryl to go up to his sons room and to wait for instructions. The bike cut off just as Mack reached the front door.

Zack Avery was walking up on the porch, “Hey what are you up to?” He said as he brushed his riding chaps off with his hand. “I see Daryl’s here.”

“Yea he is upstairs sleeping one off.” Mike laughed, Zack was one of the newer members of the gang, he had only been initiated a couple of weeks ago, “You know how he parties.”

“Till he drops.” Zack laughed as he pulled off his sunglasses. He was young, only 25. He hadn’t had any problems passing the tests of the guys and joining the hells angels, but he knew he would be dead if they ever found out his was undercover and reporting back to the DEA.

Mack gestured for him to come in, and once he got behind the young biker, he pulled out the pen device and fired a Psychic Captivator right into the neck stem. Mack reacted by swatting the area thinking something stung him.

Zack made it to the couch, as the Psychic Captivator had lodged and started to program him. He fell into a seated position as his head buzzed, he tried to get back up, but his body wasn’t willing, “What’s going on?”

“Bad timing my brother.” Mack laughed, “Daryl and my son upstairs, waiting to be picked up for processing, you’ll be joining them.”

“Processing for what?” Zack was panicking, yet his mind was still buzzing. “Why are you stripping?” Mack had already shed his clothes, “My Master hates me in clothes, and I am a slave.”

Mack moved over to the couch, “Don’t fight it, you can’t in a few minutes your will and control will be gone.” Mack pulled off Zack’s shirt, “To bad for your girlfriend, but soon you’ll be swallowing cock like a pro.”

Zack didn’t even flinch as Mack started to suck on his nipples playing with them, while he waited for the Psychic Captivator to take full control. Mack unzipped Zacks pants, and found his cock responding to his caresses, Zack had no underwear on.

Enjoying playing with the helpless slave, Mack couldn’t help but stand and guide the slaves lips onto his cock, he was getting good and hard, he wanted to fuck, but something in his head told him to stop. His Psychic Captivator began to buzz and Mack pulled out and walked over to the phone.

It rang as soon as he got to it, His Master was on the other end, “I see you have activated a new slave. I’m getting his readouts now. You were instructed to bring me your Son and fellow bikers, why have you brought me another cop?”

“Master this is one of my biker bothers.” Mack stopped, “He is a cop?”

“Strip him, and have him ready for transport slave.” The Master hissed, “Don’t fuck around with him, I will handle it.” The Master hung up, and looked over at Jay Gordon, who had finished his programming.

“Slave bring me what you can on a officer Zack Avery.” The Master looked at the screen, “I’m not sure which agency he works for so go digging.” With out a word the slave left the room to get the information.

Mack turned back to the slave on the couch, he walked back over and sat down and waited for the processing to finish. The Master was programming the slave through the Captivator, and he knew that he would have some questions of his own when he was done.

An hour passed and the slave stood, stripped his clothing, turned and faced his ex-friend, “Zack Avery, Unit 28 Ready to serve.” He remained motionless, standing at attention.

“You’re a cop?” Mack asked as he stood and walked over.

“No. I am a Federal Agent.” Zack looked down, “My orders were to infiltrate the gang, find the dealers and suppliers, and bring you all down.”

Mack suppressed the urge to beat the cop and kill him where he stood, “How much have you told them?” Mack felt his anger dissipate; the device was controlling his emotions as well.

“They know I am in, but I didn’t report anything else as I have not discovered who is all dealing and where it is coming from.” Zack dropped to his knees and crawled over to Mack; he grabbed Mack’s cock and began to suck him off till he was good and hard.

The buzzing in Mack’s head went away as he bent the cop over the couch, and found himself fucking the cop. He had no idea of how long he was at it, but after he grunted and shot his load, he noticed number 2 in the doorway watching holding 3 collars and leashes.

Mack called the other two slaves down; his son had shaved all his body hair off, and looked like a young skin head. All three new slaves were lined up, collared, and lead outside to the van on leashes by number 02.

Once they were loaded, number 02 turned to Mack, “You will be contacted, for now resume your normal life and wait. No more conversions.” With that 02 got in the van and headed down the driveway, as Mack went in the house to dress for work.

The Master was reading the file his trooper had produced for him, the new slave that was on his way was a member of the Drug Enforcement Agency, undercover, and a rookie. He had gone from the Marine Corps straight into the DEA apparently with some help from his uncle who was also an agent.

He had a normal career and was a veteran of the Iraq war. His record showed an honorable discharge. The Master leaned back, something didn’t seem right, since he knew that the War needed men and a Marine getting out with out being pushed back into service with the reactivation clause of wartime was odd.

“Maybe it was his uncles’ pull.” The Master looked over at his trooper slaves who were both kneeling at his feet, “Go help number 2 when he arrives.” He barked as he turned back to the computer. The programming was going very well in the two that had the Captivators in them according to the screen.

The Master leaned back in his chair, he would have to program the agent leaving his memories and personality intact, and then he would stick him back to spy for him on the agency. It was worth the risk to the Master. The bikers’ son was going to end up being his chamber slave, to serve him.

The other biker the Master had enslaved was another story; he had ordered him not to be controlled by the captivator, because he was going to be a guinea pig. The Master had modified a couple of captivators and was going to attempt to resurrect another of the dead soldiers he used in the beginning.

His thoughts were interrupted, as slave Adam, walked into the room, and knelt, “Master the new slaves are here, and secured as you had ordered.” Adam bowed and waited for his instructions. “Good, you and the others continue to unpack my things while I handle this.”

The Master walked into his lab, the boy and the cop were on the racks, already secured and the goggles, electrodes and gags in place. The Master started their programming sequences, and walked to the center of the room where the other Biker, Daryl was hanging.

The slap across the face brought Daryl too, “What’s going on, why are you doing this??” The Master laughed as he walked around, “You’re a poor excuse for a human.” The Master pulled out the injector and placed it right on the back of the bikers’ neck and shot two Psychic Captivators into his skull.

“You see you have received some basic programming. When I am done you will be a new man.” The Master laughed, “Don’t worry; your sons will be dealt with.” He stopped, and watched the biker convulse as the duel signals began to program his brain.

The Master walked over to the computer, and checked the readings, the personality and memory downloads were going as planned. The screams of pain coming from the slave were comforting to the Master. Once the download was complete he pulled the chip, everything that was Daryl Holt was now copied and contained on a small usb storage device.

Double checking the readings, the Master pulled out another usb drive and inserted it. Screams filled the room again as he started the transfer of the data. He watched the readings and the physical reactions of the slave.

It only took about an hour for the upload, and the Master walked over and made some adjustments, and then started the finalization program. It took another hour for the programming to finish.

The other two slaves were still processing, the changes when the Master unhooked the devices from his great experiment. He had completed the upload and destroyed the psyonic Captivator that had the personality of Daryl Holt.

The slave opened his eyes, and the Master ordered him to identify himself, “Lt Commander Kevin Best. Marine special forces, project phoenix slave number 003.” The slave lowered his head, “How may I please you Master?”

“Remain still while I run some tests slave.” The Master walked over and picked up one of scanning devices to take readings, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Sir, being in the Lab at the base, Sir.” The slave looked up, “Sir, I remember the machines going crazy and an alarm, then nothing Sir.” The slave looked around the room, “Sir, New Recruits, Sir?”

“You could say that.” The Master liked what the readouts were telling him, “Let me explain the situation slave.” The Master paused, “Project Phoenix was terminated. You have been transferred into my command. You are proof of the success of the project.”

“Sir, I am Glad to serve you! I am Glad I am part of your success Sir!” The slave looked at his Master, noticing he seemed a little older than the last time he saw him.

“Slave you died in the original experiment.” The Masters voice was cold as he said it, “You were a loyal slave so I have restored you into a new body. You will adapt and not worry about it.” The Master put the device down, and unhooked the slave and brought him down to the floor.

The Master walked the slave over to a mirror so he could see his new body, “You’re the second one to cheat death.” The Master ran his hands down the slave’s body, “You will work hard to get this body as perfect as your last one.”

“Yes Master.” The slave looked close at his body and arms, “There are track marks Sir.”

“You will not notice the detox; the former owner didn’t deserve the gift of life.” The Master laughed, and walked the slave out of the basement, and took him to his bed room. It wasn’t long before the Master’s cock was deep inside slave 003, and he was making love once again to his favorite.

The Master finished fucking his slave, and allowed him to rest for a bit. He walked back down to the basement naked, and finished the sons programming, and the cops programming. They both had taken their orders well.

Slave Kyle was sent to the bed chamber to begin to clean, and prepare for the Master’s arrival. He also was to shave and clean the slave in the bed, and both were to be ready for the night that lay ahead.

The slave DEA officer, Zack, was taken by number 2 and shaved, and prepared. He was then taken back to slave Mack, and ordered to resume his normal life till he received further instructions. He was to report nothing on the gang, and to just act like he was spying.

The Master went up to his den, he summoned slave 027, Todd Lancaster. He had the slave bring him a cigar and his drink, a tumbler jack daniels. The Master took his drink, and ordered the slave to kneel.

“I have decided that you will serve me now as my body guard.” The Master smiled as he puffed on his cigar, “I also have a surprise slave.” The Master spread his legs, and pointed at his cock, and the slave jumped right into position and began to suck.

“I have restored slave 003 to life, he is in my bedchamber.” The Master pulled out, “Go up there and fuck him, and wait for me.” Slave 027 crawled out of the room, and ran up the stairs; he was really close to the slave 003.

The Master finished typing in his comments, and closed the files he had open. Securing his computers, he walked upstairs, opened his bedroom door to find both of his slaves in a 69 position sucking each other away like mad men.

His chamber slave had been shackled from his writs in the center of the Master’s bed room. The Master walked over to his closet and opened it, revealing on the closet door hooks with toys and devices on them.

Taking down a ball gag and a small black leather case, the Master gagged slave Kyle. He then opened the case and hooked up the small tens unit to the slaves cock, balls, tits and attached a metal probe into the slaves torn hole.

The Master smiled as he jolted the slave while watching his two marines fuck in the bed. He ordered them both not to cum, he wanted them to go for a long time, and to switch off and on when they got too close.

Slave Kyle screamed into the gag, he felt like his balls were going to fall off, as each jolt of electricity was stronger than the last. The Master had gotten a cat o’ nine tails, and had started flogging him. The Tens unit was set on automatic so he was receiving shocks timed to the flogging he was receiving.

The torture continued for over an hour, it ended when the slave felt his Master attatching a belt around his waist, with two handles on the side of his hips; he was lowered a little, and felt the metal plug being pulled from his hole.

With out lube, the Master shoved his cock into slave Kyle’s’ hole , used the handle bars to lift the slave up and down on his cock while thrusting, Kyle moaned into the gag, as he was being power fucked by his Master.

Slave Kyle awoke, the next morning he must have passed out from the torture and the hard fucking, he looked up, in the kingside bed his Master lay, with his two marine slaves, one on each side holding on to his Master.

Looking down, slave Kyle noticed the electrodes were still on and at some point his Master had attached a clamp around his balls, and weights were hanging, pulling his sack. Tears fell down his face, as he realized, he was indeed a slave now, and he would never again know the touch of his girlfriend, only the cold touch of his Master, and his cock expanded at the thoughts.

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