Jock recruitment

By Rozza22365
published December 10, 2018

Tyler wakes up in a locker room confused, but coach has plans for him and his friends

There was no light in the locker room, except for one light bulb hanging from the ceiling that flickered from time to time. Three boys remained of a group of at least 40. They had all chained to the benches, and were all drenched in sweat. At least a day had passed with them being there. The first boy, Tyler had slim body build and had black hair which had not been attended. Tyler was sitting down on the floor legs spread out. He had his head down and was crying softly trying to figure out what happened and what was going to happen to him. The second boy, Milo was curled up in the corner frightened to death, he was also a slim body build, who had curly brown hair and wore glasses. The third and final boy, Patrick was severely obese, he had ginger hair and was currently eating all three boy’s meals that were provided by their captors.

“Why do you eat so much?” Said Tyler

“because food is good, and tasty and lovely and everything to me” replied Patrick speaking with a full mouth

“Look at you though you’re a monster and you’ve definitely put on weight being here”

Patrick definitely had put on weight being there, since eating 15 trays of a weird pink mushy food.

“Oh looks like the love birds are at it again bro’s” said Jeff mockingly as he entered

“I’m not gay, nor is Milo or Patrick so stop saying it” said Tyler furiously

“Well not yet, come on then bro’s, Coach says the boys should be ready for dunking and fatso looks big enough” commanded Jeff to his other jocks who had all entered the room.

Two boys moved over to Milo and two went over to Tyler, the rest proceeded to try and lift Patrick up. The two boys at Milo and Tyler unchained them and then restrained them while bringing them into the next room. They were both brought before Coach. Coach was a big broad man in his mid-twenties, he had black hair which was styled as a thick comb over with buzz cut sides.

“well, well Tyler Goodhall and Milo Parsley, you two ready to be dunked….”

“I demand to know what is going on here” shouted Tyler even more furiously

All the Jocks in the room turned their heads to look at Tyler.

“What are you guys looking at, get back tending our new recruits.” Commanded Coach

“Ok Tyler, fine. I need more Jocks to get more funding for sports stuff. So far the deal is if I can find enough people for a football team, a soccer team, and a baseball team, the school will provide enough funding to build facilities for them on site. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough jocks for that so I’m gonna turn you guys and every other nerd into my new Jocks”

Tyler stood in confusion

“Don’t worry all we need to do is pop you in these plastic barrels and let you brew for a bit, and then once you get out, you get a free cap which we will give you and that will remove any bad nerdy thoughts. Now enough of that”

The coach looked at his clip board

“Milo I’m signing you up for Soccer by default but what do you think about doing football as well”

Coach lifted his head and looked at Milo

“ummm….” Said Milo quietly

“Great you will make a fine addition as quarter back and you can mid fielder for soccer. Tyler your being signed up for the same but I want you as the Lacrosse team captain as well”

“Sir I….”

“That’s good that you agree with me son, now boys these two need to be stripped down”

Immediately Jeff and three other boys proceeded to remove Tyler and Milo’s clothing. The boys wanted to do something but these jocks would knock them out instantly. Tyler looked over and saw Patrick fatter than usual sitting on the floor being given an odd red sweet by Coach, Jeff quickly slapped Tyler so he would look forward. Once all their clothes were removed they were given dirty musky jockstraps to put on.

“Ok boys you look ready to go”

“Sir…” Tyler and Milo said in sync

“Oh that reminds me I forgot one thing. Well you see I’ve got all these Jocks. Well they’re very straight and I can see that you both are also very straight too…”

“HUH I TOLD YOU I WASN’T FAG JEFF” shouted Tyler at Jeff

The room fell silent everyone’s eyes fell on Tyler.

“Bro, that’s like homophobic” Said Jeff

“You kept joking about it though”

“Joking bro, Joking. We maybe big buff bro’s but we’re not homophobes bro. Isn’t that right Tom?”

“Are saying Tom the Soccer captain is gay” Said Tyler butting in before Tom could speak

“Yes Tyler, Tom the Soccer captain is gay” replied Coach

“But I thought…”

“It doesn’t matter we will wipe out that homophobia from your head and well….”

“Well, what?”

“I need more diversity in the department and like…. well the school is 99% white, we got to make sure we can show some diversity, to get more teammates and more funding”

“what?” Tyler was still confused

“You and Milo are gonna be the new gay bro’s” Said Jeff sharply

“Thank you, Jeff. You are my best number 2”

“Thanks Sir” Jeff replied happily

“now that’s enough time wasted. Get these boys jocked up and then dumbed down”

Jeff and Tom moved to pick up Tyler. They both had a hand on his back and one his legs, they proceeded to effortlessly pick him up. Tyler began to panic and squirm.

“Ok guys. I know this is some sort of prank but I’m scared now. please put me down”

The boys ignored his plea’s.

“Ok I’m sorry I was Homophobic earlier Tom it wasn’t me I’m not like that but please I don’t want to be Gay it’s just not me”

The boys continued to ignore him. They reached the barrel. Inside was water with cum in it. It had a strong musky smell. Tom and Jeff lowered his legs into the water and slowly slid the rest of him in. The water was cold and deeper then Tyler expected. Once in Tyler was on his knee’s trying to stay above the water.

“P…pp…pp…please” cried Tyler one last time

“One hour that’s all bro” said Jeff

Jeff gave a big grin and put the lid over the plastic barrel, Tyler was now in complete darkness.


Patrick was sitting comfortably on the floor in utter bliss. He didn’t care that he was now unnaturally fat to the point he should be dead, but Coach gave him that magic red sweet and all his pains and worries disappeared. His breathing started getting heavier. Slowly his insides started feeling weird, like they were lighter and not attached to him. Suddenly he felt empty inside. He began coughing manically, he could feel something coming up and out of his mouth, he caught and pulled it out. In Patrick’s hand was a clean, brand new Soccer top. He felt slightly confused before his eyes suddenly closed. his skin felt all tingly for thirty seconds before being nothing. All thought and feeling that was Patrick had now stopped.


1 hour Later

As Jeff and Tom lifted the lid of the barrel Tyler shot out of it. He was terrified but also strong, much stronger than he was before. He looked down over his body. He was buff as fuck now. He had abs, a big chest, big hands with muscly arms. His legs were also way more muscly and even though he couldn’t see them, his feet felt bigger. Jeff held a mirror up to his face. His face was more jock like and his hair was now better, instead of being unstyled and messy, it was now spiked up with short sides.

“What have you done to me?” He said not realizing he had a new deeper voice

“Coach told you. We jocked you all up”

Tyler looked around and saw Milo. He too was now buff, and his hair was styled in the same way as his. Tyler was slightly excited about this as he didn’t think any different than before, maybe they weren’t gonna make him a dumb gay Jock and just buff him up and make him play some sports. In his excitement he looked for Patrick but couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Where’s Patrick”

“Over there, there and there” Jeff pointed to three different neat piles of sports kits on tables.

Tyler looked at Jeff confused.

“Really bro, and you thought I was the dumb one. We turned fatso into our new sports uniform. That’s why we fattened him up so much, so there would be enough for all of you”

Tyler focused on the piles of clothes, and entered a trance. How did this happen?, what was going on?

“Tyler, Tyler, TYLER” Shouted Jeff

Tyler snapped out of his trance and looked at Jeff. Jeff placed a cap on Tyler’s head. It felt weird at first, but a relaxed feeling came over him. Jeff spun it round backwards, the relaxed feeling became even better.

“Come on now Bro, out you get bro”

Tyler obeyed. Wait what? Tyler didn’t do shit for Jeff, Jeff was his intellec… his intel.. his in…., his Bro. Jeff and Tyler had always been Bro’s.

Slowly the cap on Tyler’s head drained away any of his intelligence.

Tyler thought of all the cool stuff he would do with his new body, how he could party with his bro’s, play sports, and serve Coach. Then he remembered about Lily, she was the fittest, coolest girl in the school and he wanted to…. to get to know her as a friend, as he remembered that he wasn’t in to chicks. He remembered that his first crush was Tom, the soccer team captain and another gay bro. He remembered being fully accepted by all the bro’s in the school and by Coach. And Coach, he remembered him as his king, Tyler would do anything, whenever Coach wanted no questions asked.

Tyler walked over and picked up his soccer uniform. It looked Spectacular. Woah that was a big word, looks like some big words haven’t been drained.

Tyler tightly readjusted his cap and squeezed out what little intelligence he had left.

He felt the big words go and got changed in to his new uniform and went out to start his football training. Life for Tyler was gonna be so much more Lit now.

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