Real Change Takes Time Pt. 2

By SloChangr
published December 9, 2018

James gets an new app on his phone that let’s him make changes to himself and his roommates

Hi all. Wrote this back to back with the last one, but I think it’s still pretty open with where it can go. I will happily consider any suggestions in the comments. Enjoy.


Real Change Takes Time Pt. 2

I go back into my room knowing I was ready to change my bros. I only wanted the best for them since I loved them so much, and I just wanted us to be closer than ever.

I go into the app and select their profiles and change straight to 100% gay. I was going to dive in and just do it.

I select changes and the screen popped up that said this will take -21 years, 9 months, and 29 days. Did you accept these changes? I selected yes.

I didn’t change myself this time so I was able to see the changes and memories forming around me. Slowly my room changed slightly as I saw more gay paraphernalia openly sitting out now. I had a dildo sitting on my bedside table that was usually under a locked box in my closet. There was a harness sitting in my closet. Some restraints even showed up under my bed. I go back out and I see the two guys I love the most in my life. I remembered all the times we’ve had between us. When we were freshman, nervous, still trying to figure each other and ourselves out. Not wanting to admit to each other that we were harboring crushes. And then that time Stan came back to our room a little tipsy and slid into my bed by accident and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Especially the one time sophomore year I came back and I found Dave completely naked with his head back enjoying the pleasure he was getting from Stan working his mouth on Dave’s thick cock. They were shocked and embarrassed and scared of what I was going to do, but then I walked over to them, stripping my clothes off, making out with Dave and Stan sucking my hardening cock. We didn’t do much after that since we knew we were all living with each other and didn’t want to make it weird. But after we finally admitted that we liked it and wanted to live with each other again junior year we all knew what was going to happen.

Junior year we moved into this very apartment. We still worked out in the mornings, went to class during the day, and usually worked out again in our apartment at night, but now it was different. We would workout naked. Some times getting so horned up we would start hooking up mid workout. Some times it was me and Dave, other times Stan and me, or all three. The best times were when I would get back to the apartment and see they were already going at it and would just strip and jump right in. We would all wrestle for power when hooking up. We were all kind of tops and so anal didn’t happen too often. But boy did we suck each other’s cocks all the time. I would wake up in Dave’s bed still cuddling from a session the night before and trace my tongue down his rock hard body and find his cock. The best part about living with your bros is getting easy access to cock whenever you wanted.

When I looked out they were still working out, naked this time. Their muscled up bodies glistening with sweat as they lifted.

Dave noticed me and looked up from his weights. “Hey sexy, thinking about joining me in the shower after I finish this workout.”

“Of course babe” I replied, walking over to him giving him a long kiss.

“Don’t forget about me cutie!” Stan interjected. I walked over to him and tug his chubbed cock from watching me and Dave make out.

“Of course buddy I would never forget about you” I said. He moans as I started to jerk him off more. His sweat and precum working as lube.

“Haha let the man work,” Dave chuckled, “We can get back to this later in that shower” He said with a wink.

“Fuck man I just want your tight ass right now” as Stan grabbed my muscled ass.

“Stan you know I don’t usually bottom” as I continued to stroke him.

“Why do you have to be such a tease then, walking around showing off that butt” he halfheartedly moans.

“Stan you’re the one who likes a few finger’s up there the most. Why don’t you bottom then? Plus you have the smallest cock out of the three of us.” Dave cheekily reminded him

“You know I like that Dave, but I still just don’t like to bottom as I do top. And it’s not about size man it’s about how you work it. You should know I’ve had you moaning before.”

“Well we’re still SOL as we have been these past years. Unless someone’s changing soon” Dave chuckled picking up his weights again.

“Fine, fine, I know. Hey guys, why don’t we take a pic of us. We haven’t had one of us in awhile.”

Stan finds his phone and hands it over to me. I stretch out my arm making sure to get all of our muscles in the pic. Stan squats down to fit inside of the photo, his face next to both mine and Dave’s thick cocks, which have gotten pretty hard. Dave starts twisting his body to get his cock to start slapping his face jokingly. It’s not long before Stan has Dave’s long and thick uncut cock in his mouth and I snap the photo. Looking at the photo you can see us smiling bros, my arm is around Dave’s waist. Dave has my ass in his hand. Stan is looking up at the camera trying his best to smile with a hard cock in his mouth. We all look hot. I love my bros so much.

Dave pulls out of Stan’s mouth and although both of them were disappointed, he was disciplined enough to get both of them to start working out again.

I sneak away thinking about how I can change my bros just a little bit more to make all of us happier..


I go back into my app and pull up my bro Stan’s profile. He already likes a few fingers up his ass so what’s wrong with making he a full-blown bottom? It wouldn’t be much different than he already is. And I’ll make sure to put it so he is his happiest with a cock up his ass. What’s wrong with making my best bro feel amazing. I go through his profile and make sure I set it all up correctly. I set his pleasure to maximize from being penetrated. I set his recovery time to short so he would be able to take Dave’s cocks and mine often. I may have decreased his pleasure from his cock just a little bit and decreased its size. But that’s only because I love my bro and I don’t want him to feel bad about have such a nice cock but unwilling to top us. Now he’ll mainly get his pleasure from taking cock and not feel bad about it at all. I select changes and the screen popped up and asked when I wanted to make these changes. I decided to have it start this past month so it wont be a huge shift in dynamic between us, but moving forward we would really enjoy using his ass. I selected -1 months and hit change.

This time when I came to I heard grunting from outside. I peek out my door and I see Dave’s raw cock slamming Stan from behind. He noticed me and looked up from pounding ass. “Hey sexy, thinking about joining me soon? I think Stan would like that.”

All I could hear was Stan moan between thrust in agreement

“Of course babe” I replied, walking over to him giving him a long kiss.

Dave gently slides out of Stan’s ass and offers me to take his place. I was staring at Stan’s gaping ass waiting to be refilled by my cock thinking about the changes I just made. We had been following everything the same as before. Dave, Stan, and rooming and working out together and finally starting to hookup. We never really did anal very often until Stan last month sat us down and said that he was starting to get more interested in anal, specifically being bottom. Dave and I were reluctant at first since we knew for years he wasn’t interested, but now he was offering it up. Once we saw how much pleasure he got from it, it kind of became a regular thing. There was less sucking each other off and more passing around Stan until we were both spent. I became more dominant towards Stan both in bed and in general. Trying to lift more than him and show off for Dave. Both of us trying to show off which one of us could give more pleasure to Stan.

Now in front of me was Stan’s hole waiting for my cock to enter him. I slowly slid in, but knew I made this ass ready for taking cock. I was thrusting in him, making out with Dave who was jacking off the whole time. My cock felt so good in him I was lost in ecstasy feeling my cock in his ass. I wished I could have done this years ago. In fact I slid out of Stan, him whimpering at the exit of my cock, and went to grab my phone in my room.

When I come back Dave is finishing up inside of him leaving his hole full of cum for me to finish off next in.

“Fuck man I’m going to shower. Stan why don’t you help start to clean me up.” Dave moves around the couch to the front sticking his long cock in Stan’s face. I move to takes Dave’s place and easily reinsert my cock in Stan’s cum filled hole. Stan dutifully take’s Dave’s cock. Phone in hand I decide to take a pic to remember my bros by.

“Hey guys smile for the camera!” I say holding my outstretched muscle bulged arm.

In the photo you can see me and Dave smiling tag teaming our best bro Stan. One cock in his mouth, the other in his ass. We’re all muscle gods at this point focusing on getting to the gym and getting our cock in Stan. Stan looks happy too. At least his cock indicates it. You can even see the string of precum in the photo coming off his comparatively smaller cock. We all look like really close bros who love working out and banging our friend.

“Make sure you send that one to me. I’ll definitely want that as my phone background” Dave pulls his cock from Stan’s mouth and leaves the room giving me Stan’s full attention.

“You want this cock baby?”

“Yes. James. Please it feels so good when you’re inside of me.”

I ramp up my fucking even harder. It feels so fucking good I don’t even realize what I’m doing next. I go into Stan’s profile and start changing a few more things. I set his cock back to its original size 4 inches, increase his sensitivity on his prostate, and make his hole easier to take cock by being self-lubricating. I make him just a little dumber too so he doesn’t know much else other than going to our business classes and taking our cocks. I just want my bro to feel so good. And he can do that by making me feel good so then I’ll make him feel good. The logic doesn’t really make sense to me anymore and I can barely think while pounding Stan’s ass. I guess lowering my IQ has clouded some of my judgment when I make the changes for -4 years. I accepted the changes and the entire room changes..


My mind comes back to reality and I realized what’s happening. Changing Stan to being more submissive the past month had unintended changes in me. My dominant side came out. And it was my dominant side that just turned my best bro into a bottom slut for me and Dave to use the past four years. And now that it’s been four years as our bottom, a lot has changed between us.

I look up and I still see the lifting equipment, but I also see a sex swing in the corner of the room. I look down and see my whimpering bro now fucking himself on my cock as I had momentarily stopped thrusting. Fuck his ass is still so good. I looked at him fucking himself on me and see that his dick is definitely smaller, but raging hard, and his body seemed a bit smaller. I guess Dave and I started to fuck him so often he didn’t even have time to workout in the gym. Oh well. I groan as all of these memories came flashing back. Freshman year instead of Stan drunkenly getting into bed with me and saw him impaling himself on a dildo. Sophomore year instead of him sucking Dave off, I saw Dave pounding him balls deep in his bed. We therefore started all hooking up sophomore year now, not junior. I remember we would come back from classes and just fuck Stan and if we were tired instead just have him suck us off. It completely changed our dynamic. Dave and I, The Tops, would hang out a lot more with each other than we would with Stan. We would also get to talking more often to each other because usually Stan would be preoccupied with one cock in his mouth and the other in his ass, which gave us time to catch up with each other on how our day went. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all still really close bros and love each other. It’s just that some times Stan is too dumb to keep up with Dave and me so we just hang out without him.

I hear Dave come up from behind us bent over the couch. “Hey baby,” he gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “I was wondering if after finishing up here you wanted to catch a preworkout dinner with me. There was a nice restaurant downtown I’ve been wanting to try.”

“Of - ugh- course - ung - babe” I manage through grunts.

“Hey babe, we should take a cute couples pic.” Dave pulls out his phone and wraps his arm around me. I pause fucking Stan for a moment to look up in the pic. My boyfriend Dave looking as sexy as ever with a cute smirk on his face. Me smiling like an idiot next to my boyfriend I love and cock balls deep in Stan’s ass. And Stan who’s not as much in the photo, but you can clearly see his ass and small dick hanging down in the photo. I’d assume he’s smiling too given how much pleasure I’ve been pounding into him.

He gives me a slap on the ass. “I’ll definitely want that as my phone background” Dave states and walks away. I guess he and I are dating now. Stan is kind of just our resident bottom we use for sex. I kind of feel bad for icing Stan out like this, but look how happy he is. His cock is leaking right now. And his ass is so tight I don’t even think either of us could resist it if we wanted to. What can I say, no one ever said I was the brightest. It was such a good idea to make him our bottom I reassure myself..


I finish hard inside of Stan’s well-used ass. It’s so easy to just slip in and use him as needed now. We all take a shower to wash off the sex and sweat on our bodies. Especially focused on soaping up Stan’s ass to tease his hole for another fucking. We would rub his ass with soap, gently moving closer to his hole teasing it. We would slide our hard cocks along his crack humping him, but never putting it in. When we finished up the shower. Dave and I got out and went out to dinner leaving Stan to himself in the apartment. He would probably be occupying himself with his homework because it takes him so long to do it. Or maybe we’ll come back and find him with a dildo in his ass waiting for us to return.

I realize that this was the first time I’m leaving the apartment since all of these changes began. I can barely even remember what my old life was like having gone through so many iterations of my new life with my sexy boyfriend Dave. Walking around town it doesn’t seem like there’s much else different. Why would us three changing make too huge of a difference anyways? We enjoyed a nice meal together and head over to the campus gym.

At the gym I definitely noticed a difference. Everyone recognizes us. Huge guys I would always see at the gym minding their business in my old life would come over to greet Dave and me while we were working out. They all knew Dave and I were dating and only opened up to Stan, but that didn’t stop guys from propositioning us almost every time we went to the gym together. It didn’t help to see Dave in his stringer tank and booty shorts squatting. I realized from all the changes I just felt so much more comfortable. And confident. No, cocky. Dave and I would strut around the gym knowing we owned this place. People would move off machines for us or stare lustfully across the room. Dave and me would just knowingly smirk at each. We could have any guy in the room that we wanted. But we’re bros and we loved each other and no one could get between my bud and me.

Standing over Dave to spot him while he benched pressed turned me on so much. I know it did for Dave as well seeing his cock harden in his skimpy shorts. We usually have a designated break point mid workout where we get too worked up seeing each other lift and have to make our way to the locker room. I guess now was that time.

We reracked our weights and made our way over to the guy’s locker room. I remembered how this became such a regular thing for us that the staff knew which shower stall to block off for our use when we need it. Dave leads me into the stall holding my hand and opens it up. We weren’t going to shower yet, just needed a little bit of privacy.

Dave gets onto his knees and starts pulling at my equally short shorts. “Seeing you stand over me I kept trying to peek up your shorts. I swear I could see that you weren’t wearing anything under.” He pulls down my shorts and springs my hard cock out nearly hitting him in the face. “So I was right.” He chuckles as he brings his mouth onto my cock.

He begins to work my cock in his mouth as he knows all the best ways to get me off. To tease me and get me even more worked up. We’ve been doing this for almost four years now so he knows how to really get me going. And I do as well for him. I reach down and have easy access to his pecs. I start groping his hard earned chest and teasing his nipples lightly. He moans in return and works my cock even faster. Seeing my best bro work my big cock with everything he can gets me so close as I finish in his mouth, him swallowing it all. “Thanks for the protein shake. My turn to return the favor.” I laugh as he stands up and kisses me for a bit.

I slowly lower myself as he pulls off his too tight shorts so I am face to face with his uncut monster. I tease his cock a little bit, playing underneath his foreskin. I know how much he likes it. Before taking the entire cock all the way to his balls in my mouth. Plenty of practice has allowed me deep throat his veiny cock. He’s moaning as I work his cock using one hand to stroke and the other hand on his ass pulling him further into my mouth. Not too long after his legs are shaking next to me and I know he’s about to cum. I always find it so cute when Dave starts to get close his powerful legs start to flex and I know he’s about to climax. He unloads inside my mouth, a pretty big one too. Over the years our bodies have gotten used to constant sex so its no worry to go from fucking your bro to an hour later getting sucked off by the other one. I guess that was another unintended change, we’re horny as fuck and always ready to go.

I stand up and start to make out with Dave some more. “Alright man I think it’s time we get back to the gym.” Dave states disciplined as ever. “Oh yeah and you were telling me about some app you got on your phone earlier tonight? You said ‘I need to tell you about this bro you’re going to love this.’”

I froze as I realized that in my heightened relationship with Dave when Anne messaged me on Facebook I mentioned it to Dave. I remembered I hadn’t told him what it does, but he definitely knows something is on my phone. I guess I’ll have to tell him. He is my best bro after all..


Part 3 will come soon when I have some more inspiration or idea of where I want to take it next.

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