Seduced by Sam

By JealousPervert
published December 8, 2018
2959 words

An afternoon of yard work results in something unexpected.

It was the summer of 1989. I was working as a waiter and doing whatever odd jobs I could find to save up money for college. I was washing a neighbor’s truck one stupid hot day, and with my Walkman on I didn’t notice that the neighbor’s neighbor had been trying to get my attention until he literally tapped me on the shoulder. Startled, I turned and accidentally blasted him with the hose.

“Oh, shit!” I yelled, yanking my headphones off. “Sir, I am so sorry!” He was an older fellow, bearded and a few inches taller than I was, and fortunately he hadn’t been wearing a shirt. The water dripped from his chest, which was covered in thick dark hair, and he wore a gold pendant that rested between his pecs.

“No problem,” he said. “My fault for sneaking up on you.” He chuckled and stuck out his hand, and we shook and he was strong. “I’m Sam.”

“Nathan,” I said. “Or Nate.”

“Nate,” he said, “I only came over because I’m going out of town next weekend and with work the way it is I’m way behind on yardwork. Saw you washing Tom’s truck and was wondering if you were free to help out. Got some grass to mow, weeds that need pulling, plants watered, that kind of thing. And a pool, too, you know how to clean a pool?”

“Yeah, my folks have one so that wouldn’t be a problem.”

“All right. You’ll find everything you need in the shed and I’ll pay you a hundred bucks. Maybe more, if you do a real good job.”

“Sounds great, Sam, thanks!”

I went back to my task, occasionally catching a whiff of something sweet, which I noticed was Sam’s pipe which he smoked while reading the paper on his porch. I would steal furtive glimpses every once in a while, thinking that he was handsome, what you’d call a “daddy” type and his pipe only added to the image.

The following Friday was full of storms, and even though I would have preferred to do Sam’s work that Saturday, I figured the yard would need a good day to dry out and headed over Sunday morning. I went into the shed and found a list of jobs, as well as a key to the house noting that I should help myself to some beer if I got thirsty, and it did not take long under the sweltering sun before I decided to take Sam up on his kind offer. I cracked open a beer from the fridge and took a look around his home. It was well-furnished and in good order. There was black, leather furniture in the living room as well as lots of books on history, psychology, and hypnosis. Was Sam a hypnotist, I wondered?

I admit, it wasn’t good manners, but I went upstairs to check out his office and bedroom. I don’t know why, but I did, and I could smell the lingering, smoky sweetness of his pipe. And on his bed there was a speedo and another note, which suggested that Sam had expected me to find it. It simply read:

In case you want to cool off and needed something to wear.

That was nice. Odd, maybe, but nice. Then, in his study – where the smoky smell was strongest, I found several more books. Gay books. Erotica specifically, with lots of pictures. I’d had no idea Sam was gay, too, but it did add more context to the speedo.

I finished my beer and went back to work, excited and a little freaked out. If Sam was gay, could he tell that I was gay? Was he being friendly by hiring me, or was there something more to it? I wanted there to be something more to it. Even though he was at least twice my age, I admired his looks and I began to imagine what it would be like to touch him, what it would be like for him to touch me. Or maybe I had it all wrong, and he was just another dude who needed some work done and happened to be gay.

Regardless, I worked my ass off. And it was thirsty work, too, but I really wanted Sam to be happy with my efforts. Maybe he’d hire me again? Maybe he’d even…

Fuck. I was tired, and probably a little drunk, but once I was done I did feel like taking a dip so I went back upstairs and put on the speedo, but not before I took another good look at Sam’s collection of gay “literature,” which featured a lot of leather. Sam probably had some leather in his closet, but I resisted the temptation to pry further.

The speedo hugged my nuts and my ass cheeks hugged the thong and I probably looked ridiculous but fuck it, his yard had plenty of privacy and I wanted to swim and I wanted Sam to know that I had worn it. If nothing else, it would be our secret. And maybe the water would cool off my boner. I swam in the newly-cleaned pool for a bit, helped myself to my fifth beer, and then I decided to relax in the hammock while I air-dried.

I fell asleep, and I dreamed of men in leather, and the next thing I knew Sam was looking down at me, stroking my chest and smoking his pipe. “Shhh,” he said in a low, sultry growl. “Came home early. Didn’t mean to wake you, but you looked so damn fine that I couldn’t resist.”

“It’s okay,” I said, mildly embarrassed and somewhat alarmed. Was this really happening?

He smiled around his pipe. “I see you found the speedo. Looks good on you, boy.” His hand wandered south, and my body reacted, giving him more encouragement.

I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “Sorry I fell asleep, but I think I did everything you asked.”

“Everything looks great to me,” he said. “It’s fine to sleep. Trust me, I know how relaxing that hammock can be, especially under the sun on a warm day like this one. My pipe isn’t bothering you, is it?”

“No,” I said. “I think it smells nice, actually.”

“It’s relaxing,” he repeated, still lightly stroking my chest and crotch. “I often come out here, smoke my pipe in the hammock, and just relax and let everything that bothers me just float away. Lemme show you something, Nate.”

He withdrew the gold pendant I had seen him wearing when I first met him, and he started to dangle it in front of me.

“A lot of people find it especially relaxing to watch this slowly move back and forth, back and forth, follow it with your eyes, that’s right, back and forth, so relaxing, very relaxing. You’ve worked so hard and you’ve done such a good job that you can relax now, relax in my hammock, in my hands, in my smoke, in my voice.”

He was hypnotizing me. I knew it but I didn’t have it in me to resist. Deep down, I wanted this. His touch, his closeness, the smell of his pipe, it was all so wonderfully relaxing. I could feel my eyes getting tired, could feel myself sinking, even as my dick strained against the speedo. I didn’t want him to stop touching me, and I was so warm and comfortable, and his voice was so persuasive as he said:

“Breathe deep, son,” he said. “Take it all in: daddy’s pipe smoke, daddy’s musk, filling your lungs and mind, rendering you so relaxed, so sleepy and helpless, but it’s all right because I’m right here and you feel safe with me. That’s right. Breathe it in deep, and let everything else just drift away as you close your eyes and breathe and float and sleep. Good boy, good sleepy boy, drifting down into a deep sleep for daddy. Feeling those eyelids getting so heavy now as I count down from five. When I reach the number 1, you’ll be deeply asleep and focused on my voice. 5… 4, going deeper… 3, 2, that’s right, you’re almost there… and 1. Sleep now, boy.”

My droopy eyes fluttered shut. It felt so good and natural to be directed and touched by this powerful man. “Feel your body getting more sensitive,” he urged. “Notice the hammock against your back, the warm air against your skin. Every touch is going to give you extreme pleasure as you become more sensitive, but no matter how good it feels you won’t cum until I say. You love my touch, you need my touch.” I don’t know how long I laid there while his hands explored my body. He rubbed the warm bowl of his pipe against my nuts and it felt so good, so amazing as his soft beard and lips tickled and sucked on my nipples. I was in heaven. I wanted more, I needed more.

“Now, boy, I’m gonna count to three and you’ll open your eyes. You’ll be able to talk, move, and follow what I say, but your mind will still be in a deep, relaxed, obedient state. You’ll obey my commands because it feels good to obey. Just let daddy do all the thinking for you. You’ll awaken from this trance only when I say, or if you are in a situation you don’t really want to be in. Do you understand?

“Yes,” I slurred.

“Good boy. 1… 2… 3.”

I opened my eyes. “Stand up,” he said, and helped me to my feet. “Follow me inside.” I floated behind him, up the stairs, into his bedroom. “Take off the speedo and get into the bed,” he said, and I obeyed. His bed felt so soft and cozy. My dick was at full attention as I awaited his next command. He disappeared into the closet, and a few moments later emerged wearing nothing but a leather harness and a cap. I absently noticed his cock was hard, too. I should have been nervous, but I was held firm in Sam’s spell.

He left the room and returned with a larger pipe, which he held in front of me. “Smell that,” he said, and I took a deep whiff of the tobacco in the bowl. It smelled woody and sweet. “I like to smoke this while I’m enjoying another man’s body. Would you like that, boy?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Good boy. Smoking a pipe or cigar is a very manly pursuit. Real men smoke, and I’m only into real men. Real men turn me on. You like real men, son?”

“Yes,” I said.

“That’s good. I’m gonna make a real man out of you today, son. And you’re going to remember this for the rest of your life. Real men turn you on, and real men smoke pipes or cigars. Whenever you see a man smoking a cigar or pipe, you’ll be turned on by it. Your dick will get hard whenever you see a fellow smoking a pipe or cigar, whenever you smell that manly smoke.”

He sat atop me, straddling me, my now-leaking dick pressed against his meaty shaft. “You ready to become a real man?”

“Yes,” I said.

He lit his pipe, the thick clouds dancing in the afternoon sunlight through the window. Then he inhaled deep and two massive jets of hot smoke poured from nostrils. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. He drew close, puffing cloud after cloud into my face, forcing me to breathe the smoke. Fuck, it smelled fantastic. Then he took a big pull, and a dense, white ball of smoke drifted from his lips and up through his moustache, and then he planted his lips over mine and fed me his smoke. I wasn’t completely new to smoking, and didn’t even cough as I took Sam’s fumes into my body and exhaled the cloud in the space between us.

“Fuck yeah,” he said, stroking both our cocks with one hand as he went back to feeding me his smoke. My head began to swim and my body started to tingle. I was so close to cumming but couldn’t, not without his permission.

He dismounted me and pulled me down to the edge of the bed. “Ankles up,” he said. “Spread those legs so I can see that sexy hole.” I complied, and he spat on his fingers and proceeded to rub them against my asshole. My body was still very sensitive and I quivered at the sensation. “You like that, huh?” he asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Yes!” I said.

“Play with your dick, but don’t cum,” he said, and I watched as he kneeled down and continued to rub by backside, occasionally blowing clouds of smoke around my ass and balls and teasing them with the warm, textured bowl of his pipe. I was almost painfully hard, and wanted to orgasm so badly, but he wasn’t finished with me yet. When I felt his beard and tongue licking and tickling my butt, I moaned “oh god, oh god,” because I was literally helpless with pleasure and only wanted more.

“Take this,” Sam said, handing me his pipe. “You know what to do.”

He continued to stroke and probe my ass with one hand and took my dick in the other, pumping it slowly as I put his pipe in my mouth and puffed luxurious clouds of smoke into the air. “That’s right,” Sam said, “smoke that pipe, like a real man. Play with those nipples now, that’s it.”

I did as he commanded, smoking and teasing my nipples like a perverted puppet. Sam observed with approval and said, “Fuck, I just love watching a man succumb to me, turning him on, making him ride the edge until he’s just a dumb, fucking animal. You love being my mindless, pipesmoking pig, don’t you?”

“Mmhrgh,” I grunted in delirious affirmation. Even though I was at the mercy of this man I barely knew, I had never felt so masculine. I was so glad to be gay, to experience such wild delight! But I had to cum. Sam was driving me crazy. I had to cum. I never wanted it to end. I had to cum.

But I couldn’t. My body was like a lightning rod, every nerve exploding. I was seeing stars.

“P-please,” I begged. “Oh god, please lemme cum, I can’t—oh, fuck, oh god!”

Sam stopped stroking my cock long enough to take his pipe from me, then he started up again, puffing and exhaling the smoke around my dick. The room was blanketed in a thick, fragrant fog that made the scene truly otherworldly. I was literally vibrating when he put the pipe back in my mouth so that he could lick and suck my penis. I couldn’t cum, I could only smoke and play with my nipples, and I writhed with overstimulation as Sam’s head bobbed up and down, hugging my cock with his skilled tongue and throat, his beard tickling my scrotum.

At last Sam eased off and started to jerk his own dick, and apparently my erotic torment really had an effect on him because it didn’t take him long to reach the point of release. “You can cum when I do,” he said, and no sooner had he finished the sentence did he begin to grunt and buck with climax. “Ffffffuuuck!” he bellowed, shooting his hot load across my chest. I gasped with the release of my long-delayed orgasm, taking in a final blast of smoke as my cock erupted like a geyser and showered us both.

“Ohhh,” I sighed, exhausted and limp as a wet noodle. Sam took the pipe from my jaw and finished up by licking the cum off my stomach, chest, neck, and chin. Then he kissed me, and I kissed him back, and he held me close in the afterglow for several minutes, stroking my hair and buttocks.

“You did so well today,” he murmured in my ear. “You made daddy very proud.” My heart swelled with pride and gratitude.

“Thank you, daddy,” I slurred. I was really wiped out, and kind of sad knowing that our time was drawing to a close.

“In a moment,” he said, “I’m going to help you to the shower, and as you rinse off you’ll gradually return to your normal state of consciousness. Fully aware, fully awake, and full of energy, and feeling good about our time together. You’ll find the money I owe you downstairs on the kitchen counter, and a cigar. Today you’ve learned the pleasures of the pipe, and if you want to learn the joys of a cigar, you’ll take the cigar, and return with it tomorrow night, knowing full well that I’m really gonna fuck your ass. The decision is completely up to you. But know that if you come back tomorrow, I’m going to hypnotize you again, and you will smoke that cigar, and we’re going to have a lot of manly, dirty fun.”

My cock grew hard again, and I knew exactly what I would choose, and what would happen. (Or so I thought, but that’s another story.)

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