Wishes Fulfilled

By gs6gs6gs6
published May 9, 2006

Mick is a pervert who uses a wishing stone to humiliate Craig and his wife.

Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this story. It contains graphic sex and should not be read by those who find such aspects objectionable.

This story belongs to me and should not be used commercially without my permission.

I write for my own enjoyment and am sharing this with other members of the MC community after spending the last few years being entertained by numerous authors, too many to mention here.

Any feedback is appreciated. It can be emailed to me on gs6gs6gs6@yahoo.co.uk.

Wishes Fulfilled By gs6gs6gs6


Cheryl gazed longingly into Craig’s blue eyes. It was her 25th birthday and after a romantic candlelit dinner for two they were back in each other’s arms at home. They kissed passionately. Craig’s strong arms making Cheryl yearn for more. They were the dream couple.

Craig was 27 years old, 6ft2" tall with dark hair and a body that anyone looking at could tell he worked out. Cheryl was 25 years old, 5ft8" with shoulder length black hair, deep brown eyes, smooth white alabaster skin that showed she was of Asian descent, lovely big lips and an amazing figure that turned heads wherever she went.

They had met at work where they headed up their respective departments. It was love at first sight. Anyone who knew them knew they were perfect for each other. It had not taken long for them to become an item and then move in together.

Now after three years together they were due to get married in a month’s time.

“I love you,” purred Cheryl as she felt Craig’s body against her, “I can’t wait to be your husband.” Craig held her tighter, “I love you too,” he responded.

Unfortunately for Cheryl and Craig life was just about to deal them a cruel twist of fate… CHAPTER TWO

Mick leered at the photo of Cheryl as he wanked his 4-inch cock. His mind was filled with dirty fantasies involving Cheryl being his sex slave. In his fantasies he was fucking Cheryl with a huge 12-inch cock making her scream out his name, telling him what a whore she was and begging for his cum.

As he fixed his eyes on Cheryl’s body, especially her amazing 36D tits his cock could take no more. Taking aim he covered yet another of the pics he had of Cheryl.

“Oh fuck yesssssssss, take it Cheryl you slut,” he moaned before sitting back and admiring his work. It was yet another cum pic to add to his collection.

Mick was a dirty pervert. He loved wanking and more specifically he loved wanking over Cheryl. He lusted after Cheryl so much, just the thought of her made his cock hard. Unfortunately for Mick, Cheryl was way out of his league. He was 50 years old and looked like the dirty old man you meet in pubs on their own. He had never had a meaningful relationship in his life and the only sex he’d had was what he had paid for.

Mick believed all women were sluts, there to be lusted after and wanked over which is what he spent most of his time doing. He wanked 4-5 times a day at least, most of them involving Cheryl. He had even made dirty, perverted comments to Cheryl at work. Something he had been warned not to do, he was now on his final warning.

Because of this Cheryl hated Mick, as did Craig. The feeling was mutual, there was no man Mick hated more. He wanted to put the arrogant wanker in his place as he strutted around with Cheryl on his arm openly showing their affection for each other.

This was all a pipe dream for Mick, however life was about to play him a very fortunate hand… CHAPTER THREE

Mick’s cock stirred as he eyed Cheryl up and down, his eyes finally resting on Cheryl’s tits. He was undressing her with his eyes. He wished she was wearing a more revealing outfit, Cheryl was always business like in the way she dressed, but she still looked stunning. Cheryl felt so exposed, she knew what he was doing and wanted to tell him to fuck off but the last thing she wanted was another confrontation.

Mick’s mind wandered, he was thinking of all his dirty wank fantasies. He desperately wanted to bend Cheryl over her desk and fuck her cunt or slide his cock between her succulent tits. All day he struggled to concentrate. By the end of the day he was feeling so horny he had to do something about it. Mick headed to one of his favourite haunts, a tiny cinema in Soho, the red light district of London. The cinema showed graphic porno films and was frequented by dirty men just like Mick.

It was to prove the best decision Mick would ever make.

Mick paid his entrance money and went to sit down, there were nine other men in the cinema all with their cocks out and wanking themselves as they watched the porno on the big screen in front of them. Mick started watching as the horny slut getting fucked screamed out loud. He quickly got hard. Mick took his tiny cock out and started wanking it, imagining the girl on the screen was Cheryl.

Suddenly a sexy figure appeared in front of the screen. She was stunning, 6ft, long black hair, big but firm tits and with distinctive Mediterranean skin. Mick blinked, she had appeared as if from nowhere.

“Well hello guys,” she said, there was a quiet mumble from the crowd. “Oh I’m very sorry to shock you but I am about to make this the greatest day of your life.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Shouted one guy from the audience.

“Oh I don’t blame you for being cynical, but I have ten very special necklaces here, one for each of you. Each necklace gives you ultimate power, the ability to alter reality.”

“Fuck off,” said another guy, “we just want to watch the film.”

“Well have it your own way,” replied the women as she walked up to me, “but you want to try it don’t you Mick?”

“How did you know my name?” Responded Mick, “I’ve never met you before in my life.”

“That is correct but I have special powers Mick, so go on take a necklace and put it on, then try wishing for something you want.”

Mick took the necklace guardedly. He was sure this woman was some kind of crank but he had nothing to lose. He put the necklace on and looked at the woman again. He felt rather foolish. “How do I use it?” He asked.

“Just rub the necklace and wish for something, anything you want. Make sure you say it out loud,” the woman added.

Mick thought about what to wish for, there was so much but everything escaped him until he looked down at his cock. He smiled to himself. Why not? He thought.

Mick began to rub the necklace, “I wish I had a huge cock that is 12 inches when I’m hard,” he said out loud so the whole audience could hear. There was some muffled laughter but then the necklace glowed, Mick looked down and there it was, amazingly he had a 12 inch cock.

“Fuck me,” he shouted, “it fucking worked.” Mick took hold of his big cock and looked at the woman.

She smiled, “See I told you it would, like I said it has special powers.”

All the other guys were crowded around looking at Mick and his newly acquired huge cock.

“But how?” Asked Mick, “and why us?”

“Ah there is a whole under world out there that you don’t want to know about, you were chosen because all you guys need a break in life. It is so unfair the way women tease you with their sexy bodies then expect you to act like you aren’t looking. Go on, Mick,” she added, “go on your way, the power is yours to use and abuse as you wish, I’m sure these other guys are anxious to try these necklaces out for themselves.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Mick uncontrollably. “I will not waste this power, Cheryl is going to get what is coming to her.”

With that he left the cinema and walked around London contemplating his newly found power. He decided to have some fun with it, testing out its limits, if indeed it had any limits. He saw two horny 18 year olds walk down the street, “I wish you were dressed as cheerleaders and were lesbian lovers,” he said. The necklace glowed and they were each wearing sexy cheerleader outfits walking arm in arm down the road.

Mick continued to change women around him as he went home, sometimes making them lust after guys they would not normally look at, sometimes making them dress like sluts, sometimes making them lesbians. By the time he got home he knew this was no gimmick, the necklace actually worked.

Mick’s dirty little mind was in overdrive. He knew exactly what he wanted, he was just struggling to come to terms with the fact he could actually make it happen. He was pretty sure he could make Cheryl lust after him straight away, but that would be too easy and too pain free for Cheryl. After years of being teased by her hot body it was time for revenge. He wanted Cheryl to realise the power he could have over her and probably most of all he wanted to make Craig suffer.

Mick hatched his devious plan. He stripped naked, rushed to his bedroom and got all his pics of Cheryl out. He began wanking his cock, it felt so good. He was so big, his hand pumped his cock hard as he fantasised over fucking Cheryl knowing now it would become reality.

He thought of Cheryl and Craig at home. He had once overheard Cheryl while speaking to one of her friends saying Craig was very big in the trouser department, nine inches he had heard. The thought made him sick, Craig did not deserve a nine inch cock and from tonight he would no longer have it.

Mick rubbed the necklace, “I wish Craig had a tiny cock, only three inches when hard.” The necklace glowed. Mick let out a sinister laugh, “that will teach the arrogant git,” he said to himself, then he settled down to wank himself off over Cheryl. CHAPTER FOUR

Craig and Cheryl sat arm in arm at home both oblivious to the events going on that would have such an impact on them. Craig’s arms were around Cheryl as she laid back on him.

Cheryl looked back at Craig, “Come on, let’s go to bed, I want to make love to you again so much.”

Craig stroked Cheryl’s hair, “Let’s,” he said allowing Cheryl to get up and following her up the stairs. They both got ready for bed, Cheryl wearing a sexy bra and knickers while Craig was in his boxers shorts. Cheryl loved Craig in boxers, it showed off his rippling chest. She walked up to him and their lips met. They kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity, but every kiss was heaven for Cheryl. She finally broke the kiss and stood inches away from Craig.

Slowly Cheryl slipped off her bra and then her knickers. There were no words, there was no need for them. Craig took in Cheryl’s unparallelled beauty once again, he could never get tired of her body. He felt that familiar stirring once again and removed his boxer shorts.

It took a double take to realise something was not right. But as Craig looked down he realised his cock was smaller, much smaller.

“What the fuck?” Craig said, struggling to comprehend what was happening.

“Shit Craig, are you alright?” said Cheryl, concerned at the reaction of the love of her life.

“How can this happen. My cock has more than halved in size,” exclaimed Craig while wanking it, desperately trying to get it back to its original size.

“Here let me have a go,” said Cheryl anxiously. She took hold of Craig’s cock and wanked it but no matter how much she wanked it Craig’s cock would not respond.

“It’s no good,” said Craig, “the moment is gone, I’ll sort it out tomorrow.”

Cheryl took hold of Craig and kissed him again. “Don’t worry Craig, I love you so much.”

Cheryl and Craig settled down in bed together and fell asleep in each other’s arms totally unaware that Craig’s little problem was down to Mick. The problems however were only just beginning. CHAPTER FIVE

Mick woke up early, he had to put the next part of his plan into action. He sat up in bed and rubbed the necklace, “I wish Cheryl wears high heels, stockings and suspenders, her sexiest bra and panties, a low cut top and a mini skirt to work today.” The necklace glowed, Mick got up and began getting ready for work. CHAPTER SIX

Approximately five minutes later Cheryl got up, she headed over to her wardrobe and looked at her work clothes but for some reason unknown to Cheryl, she did not feel like wearing them today. No today Cheryl fancied a change. She wanted to look really sexy. She grabbed her sexy black top, a sexy mini skirt then went to her underwear drawer and got her sexy black bra and sexy black lace panties. She also got a pair of stockings and suspenders and headed to the bathroom where she showered and then got ready.

When Cheryl had finished getting ready she looked at herself in the mirror. She knew she looked good. She smiled to herself and went into the bedroom where Craig was now up.

He looked at Cheryl, she looked beautiful but he was shocked. Cheryl never usually wore an outfit like this to work.

“Wow Cheryl,” he said, “you look great but are you sure you want to wear that outfit to work?”

Cheryl thought for a moment, yes she did. “Yeah I do Craig, I just feel like dressing up today.”

“No problem Cheryl, I mean you look beautiful” said Craig trying to be understanding, “but you know Mick will be even worse than his lecherous self.”

The image disturbed Cheryl but her mind was set, “I know, but I can handle Mick. Sometimes a girl likes to dress sexily.”

“Well you certainly did that,” said Craig kissing Cheryl before they both headed off to work. CHAPTER SEVEN

Mick was already at work as Craig and Cheryl entered. He was waiting for it but seeing Cheryl walk in made his cock even harder. Cheryl looked so horny. The outfit showed her amazing figure, her lovely big tits, her sexy ass and long legs. “Fuck me,” Mick muttered to himself as he followed Cheryl’s body all around the office.

Mick could not concentrate on his work, in fact he did not want to concentrate on work, he just wanted to leer at Cheryl’s body. He kept fantasising over fucking her for the first time and how hot it would be. He was tempted to do it there and then but this slow humiliation was much more fun.

During the course of the morning Cheryl caught Mick leering at her body as she walked past him. Mick’s eyes were fixed on her breasts. It made Cheryl feel so uncomfortable and she thought to herself how foolish she had been to wear such a sexy outfit to work. She gave Mick a filthy stare that left Mick knowing in no uncertain terms that she did not appreciate being gawped at before storming off in the opposite direction. Mick smiled to himself. It’s going to get much worse than that Cheryl he thought. CHAPTER EIGHT

Later on in the day Mick had to go and see Craig in his office regarding a work related matter. As they talked Cheryl entered the room, she wanted to confirm when the next group meeting was and also their plans for the evening.

Mick kept his eyes firmly on Cheryl’s body as Craig and Cheryl discussed going out for another romantic meal. Craig could not believe how openly Mick had been staring at Cheryl and as she left the room he looked at Mick, “Cheryl’s body is not there for you to stare at like she is some piece of meat,” Craig said angrily.

Mick smiled, “Well she seems to have it on show today for us guys to leer at. I can’t help it, she makes my cock so hard.”

“That’s disgusting Mick, I don’t want to hear you use that kind of language, you’ve already been warned for the way you treat Cheryl,” Craig responded. Mick smiled again, “Well I’m sure she makes your tiny 3 inch cock hard.”

Craig’s attention was jolted, “What?” He replied as he thought back to the previous night.

“Oh don’t think I didn’t know about your little problem Craig, you see I was the cause of it,” said Mick revelling in the shock etched on Craig’s face.

“What the fuck are you talking about Mick?” Enquired Craig, not wanting to give anything away but desperate to find out how Mick knew.

“You won’t believe this Craig but I can assure you it’s true, you see last night I was in a cinema in Soho watching a porno movie,” began Mick.

“Fucking pervert,” said Craig.

“Yes, you’re right Craig but anyway I and nine other blokes were given this necklace,” Mick continued as he showed Craig the necklace hanging around his neck. “It has special powers Craig, it actually grants wishes.”

“You have fucking lost it Mick,” Craig said laughing out loud.

“Yeah that’s what I thought when I was given it but it works, that’s why last night I wished your cock would be a tiny 3 incher, what does Cheryl think of it?” Asked Mick.

“You are making this all up Mick, if it grants wishes fucking prove it,” challenged Craig. He knew Mick was making this up, yes he found it difficult to explain how he knew about his cock but there was no such thing as magic.

“Ok,” said Mick as he rubbed the necklace, “I wish you had ten copies of the porno mag Asian Babes in front of you on the desk.”

Craig saw the necklace and glow and then as if from nowhere ten copies of Asian Babes appeared on the desk in front of him.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed, “How did you do that?”

“He!He!” Mick chuckled, “I told you it worked Craig. And I intend to use it to my advantage, that’s why you now have a tiny 3 inch cock.”

“You wanker Mick, you can’t do this, you can’t have that much power. What are you going to do?” Enquired Craig now tinged with a little fear. He still did not completely believe Mick’s ludicrous proclomation but the copies of Asian Babes in front of him made him feel very uneasy.

“Well you will have noticed that Cheryl has dressed in a very sexy low cut top and mini skirt today. I think you will find that her outfits become even more revealing over the next few days. She’ll become a bit of an exhibitionist in fact,” explained Mick.

“Fucking tosser,” replied Craig.

“Oh that’s just the start of it Craig, by the time I’ve finished with her Cheryl will be my sex slave, she’ll do anything for my body, she’ll lust after me so much and be my dirty little whore. I can’t wait to get hold of her body Craig,” said Mick. You could hear the pleasure in his voice as he told Craig that he was going to fuck his fiance.

“Never Mick, Never,” responded Craig. Mick had pushed him too far. “Cheryl hates you and will never go near you. I won’t let it happen Mick, you can’t change how people feel about one another.”

“I can and I will Craig, I’m going to make Cheryl think you are the most repulsive, ugliest guy she has ever met. She’ll hate you even more than she hates me at the moment.”

“Fuck off Mick, I’m going to fucking get you for this. I’ll tell Cheryl and we’ll go to the police. You are a fucking disgusting man,” slammed Craig.

“You won’t be able to Craig,” said Mick rubbing the necklace, “I wish that you won’t be able to inform or talk to anyone about my special powers.” The necklace glowed as Mick continued, “There, now what have you and Cheryl got planned for tonight?” Asked Mick.

“We’re going out for an Italian meal Mick,” responded Craig.

“He!He!, not anymore you’re not, I think Cheryl will get a sudden urge to go out and get some more clothes that show off her amazing body. And I got you those porno mags for a reason Craig as you’ll find yourself feeling very horny in Cheryl’s absence,” instructed Mick.

“Fuck off Mick, I’m not a pervert like you. I don’t need to use dirty porno mags,” said Craig as Mick left the office.

Craig took a huge breath then hid the porno mags. He had to tell Cheryl, he walked the short distance to her office. She would not believe what he had to tell her.

“Hi Darling,” he said.

“Hi gorgeous,” replied Cheryl, “What can I do for you?”

Craig tried to tell Cheryl but no words came out of his mouth. All that occurred was an awkward silence.

“Are you alright?” Asked Cheryl.

“Yeah, are we still going for dinner tonight?” Asked Craig, he would approach the problem from a different angle.

“Yeah, of course, we’ve got a table booked at 7, why?” Cheryl responded.

Craig breathed a huge sigh of relief, Mick had been wrong, he could not control other people.

“Oh I was just checking, I’m having a bad day and I really want to be alone with you tonight,” said Craig.

“Me too,” said Cheryl but then she paused. “Oh no Craig, can we postpone tonight, it’s just I have to go shopping to get some new outfits.”

Craig was aghast, this could not be happening he thought to himself.

“Why do you need to go shopping Cheryl, you have enough clothes at home. Can you go tomorrow night?” Craig pleaded.

“No Craig, I REALLY want to go tonight, I’m getting tired of my current clothes, I need a change. We’ll go to dinner tomorrow night, ok” explained Cheryl.

Craig was distraught, Mick had been right and Craig was beginning to panic, he desperately wanted to warn Cheryl but no matter how he tried he could not.

“Ok,” he finally agreed, “I’ll see you when you get back, don’t spend too much.” Craig kissed Cheryl, she smiled, “I won’t, Love you,” Cheryl responded, Craig felt mildly comforted. “Love you too,” he added before leaving the office.

As he walked out he saw Mick who was smiling, “What’s wrong Craig? Cheryl changed your plans for tonight. Oh well, you’ll have to spend it wanking off over hot Asian sluts.”

“Fuck off,” Craig said before storming back into his office.

Cheryl reflected, why had she changed her mind, why did she want to go shopping so desperately. But she did. In fact she could barely wait until the end of work. As soon as the day was over Cheryl was out of the door and made a trip to the shops.

At first Cheryl decided she needed more underwear, but she did not want to get her usual functional bra and knickers. Cheryl wanted to get skimpy underwear, the skimpier the better. All of her bras she purchased were two sizes too small but as she tried them on Cheryl thought her breasts looked better and they were so much more comfortable.

Cheryl also bought panties, very tiny ones. Many of them were thongs. Cheryl never liked thongs before but she knew now she looked much better in them. As Cheryl tried the underwear on she began to feel sexy, she kept looking at her body in the mirror thinking how lucky it was that she had a figure where this underwear looked so good.

Cheryl then moved onto another shop where she bought even more outfits. All of the outfits were more revealing than Cheryl’s current clothes. Usually Cheryl hated showing off too much of her body as perverts like Mick just leered at her and made her feel uncomfortable but today Cheryl wanted to show off her body. The outfits she bought were all low cut, all showing off her big and firm breasts and the skirts were micro in length. Cheryl also bought stockings and suspenders and numerous pairs of high-heeled shoes.

Cheryl went to pay for the outfits but as she walked past the school uniform section a strange urge overtook her. Cheryl wanted to buy school uniform, she changed direction and picked out the sexiest combination possible and tried it on. She felt so naughty but she knew she had to get it. Cheryl added it to her collection and then bought all the outfits. She had never spent so much on clothes in her entire life but somehow she felt she needed them.

Cheryl left the store and was about to head home when she saw a sex shop with a French Maid’s outfit in the window. She smiled to herself, Why not? She thought, I’ve already got a school uniform and I need more uniforms in my collection. Cheryl went into the sex shop, she’d never been in one before in her life. She looked around at the dirty men in there, they all noticed her and were eyeing her body up, wondering what she would buy.

Cheryl got hold of the French Maid’s outfit, then she grabbed the nurses uniform before finally getting the cheerleader’s outfit. She also couldn’t resist getting some of the sexy underwear for sale in the shop. By now Cheryl was feeling extremely sexy, she caught a glimpse of the porno movies on sale. She found herself moving towards them. Cheryl had never watched a porno before, she found them degrading and insulting but now she was looking at them with more than a twinge of interest. Two dvds particularly caught her eye, “Sluts in Uniform” and “Sexy Secretaries.” Cheryl smiled to herself, why not? She thought again as she picked them up to buy them.

Cheryl looked around, the eyes of the guys in the shop were all fixed on her. She could feel her face go red in embarrassment but she just could not control her desire for the sexy uniforms or the porno movies. Cheryl went to the counter to pay for everything. All the time the guy serving Cheryl leered at her undressing her with his eyes, probably imagining her in the outfits she was purchasing. Cheryl felt like telling him to piss off but she was the one buying the outfits and the pornos. She paid for them as quickly as possible and then headed for home. CHAPTER NINE

Craig worked later than usual as Cheryl was going out, but eventually he packed up taking the porno mags with him to dispose of and headed for home. He got himself a bite to eat and then showered. It was as he showered that he began to feel horny. Craig began to wank his cock, it may only have been three inches but it was still good to wank. Oh man Craig felt so horny, he wanted to wank off over a hot slut. Then he remembered the porno mags. He also remembered Mick’s prediction earlier in the day. Craig tried desperately to resist the temptation but it was too much. He felt so horny and needed to wank himself off to some hot slut in a porno mag.

Craig finished his shower, got the porno mags and started looking through them. This was so hot he thought, so many hot Asian babes to choose from but there was one hot slut that made him particularly horny. Lucy had long black hair, brown eyes and lovely big tits. Craig wanked his cock hard, he was imagining fucking Lucy, his eyes fixed on her pics. This was such a great feeling he thought. Craig wanked his cock harder and harder, feeling his hard three incher. It was too much and as he took aim at Lucy’s pics. He wanted to cover her tits. With one final wank Craig’s cum hit Lucy’s pic.

“Oh fuck yessssssssss,” moaned Craig, “you are such a horny slut Lucy,” Craig said as he admired his work. He still felt so horny. Over the next two hours Craig proceeded to wank himself off many more times over the hot sluts especially Lucy. Eventually he tidied up, hiding the now sticky porno mags away and settled down to wait for Cheryl. Craig began to feel embarrassed over his wank session. Why had he felt so horny? Mick had been right about the necklace and he feared what was going to come next. He tried to think of a way to stop Mick but he was out of ideas.

Craig’s chain of thought was interrupted by Cheryl’s arrival back home. “Hi darling,” said Cheryl as she walked into the lounge. “Hi Cheryl,” responded Craig, “Did you have a good time? Wow how much money did you spend?” Asked Craig looking at the amounts of bags Cheryl was carrying.

“Oh not too much,” said Cheryl lying. “It doesn’t look like that,” joked Craig, “well let’s see then what did you buy?”

“Oh not now Craig, I want to surprise you with them when I wear them,” said Cheryl defensively, “I’m just going upstairs to sort the outfits out.”

With that Cheryl disappeared upstairs to sort out her clothes and to hide the porno films. She rejoined Craig and they settled into each other’s arms, “What have you been doing while I was out shopping?” Asked Cheryl.

“Oh nothing much,” replied Craig, “just watching TV.” Craig added not wanting to tell Cheryl of his long wank session.

Cheryl looked into Craig’s eyes, “I’m sorry about dinner Craig, we’ll go tomorrow. I don’t know what got into me, I just desperately wanted to go shopping tonight.”

Craig tried once again to say it was due to Mick’s necklace but no words came out, “That’s alright Cheryl,” he ended up saying.

“I love you Craig, I love you so much,” added Cheryl. The words sent a thrill through Craig’s heart. “I love you too Cheryl, I never want to let go of you.”

Craig and Cheryl kissed passionately again. Buying all the sexy outfits had made Cheryl feel sexy, and she wanted to make love to Craig, “Come on Craig, let’s go upstairs now, I’ll make it up to you for missing dinner.”

Craig was exhausted from his wank session, made his excuses, “Ummmmm Cheryl, can we not make love tonight, I’ve had a tough day, I just want to hold you tonight.”

“No problem,” replied Cheryl, slightly disappointed at having no release from how sexy she felt.

Craig and Cheryl went to bed and feel asleep in each other’s arms. CHAPTER TEN

Mick went straight home after work. He had just had the most unbelievable day and now he was feeling horny. He was going to spend the whole evening wanking over Cheryl. He got his collection of pictures out and began wanking his huge cock imagining Cheryl out shopping at that very moment buying all those sexy outfits. These outfits she would end up modelling for Mick, Mick thought about Cheryl in a French Maid’s outfit, in school uniform, in a nurses outfit and as a sexy cheerleader.

The fantasies made Mick so horny. In just two days time he would have Cheryl’s body for real. It was difficult to wait but the whole plan was worth it. As he fixed his eyes on Cheryl’s pic he told her what he thought of her.

“Go on Cheryl, you whore, you love that don’t you, take my huge cock you slut,” he mouthed. He could hold back no longer and covered yet another pic of Cheryl.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssssssss Cheryl you slut,” he said as he felt his cum shoot all over Cheryl.

Mick looked at his cock, he wanted it hard again straight away. No problem he thought to himself. He rubbed the necklace, “I wish I was hard whenever I want to be and I wish I could control when I and anyone else cums.”

The necklace glowed and Mick willed his hard again. In an instant it was, he smiled to himself, that’s better he thought as he targeted yet another Cheryl pic.

Mick spent the entire evening wanking. It was his best wank session ever and by the end of the night he was desperate to get to work the next day. Mick put his pics away and headed for bed. CHAPTER ELEVEN

Mick woke up early again the next day. It was time to put the next stage of his plan to work. He rubbed the necklace, “I wish Cheryl would wear five inch high heels, a sexy bra and thong that she bought yesterday, a very low cut top and a micro skirt that she bought as well to work today.” The necklace glowed. And like the previous day Mick got up to get ready for work. CHAPTER TWELVE

Five minutes later Cheryl stirred, she got up and selected her underwear. It was a skimpy bra and sexy thong that she purchased the previous evening. Then she went to her wardrobe and picked out a very low cut blue top and a micro skirt. Cheryl showered and then put on her new outfit. She looked at herself in the mirror. There was a seed of doubt, surely this outfit wasn’t appropriate for work Cheryl thought, but she looked good in it and really wanted to wear it. She had a great body, why shouldn’t she show it off. Her mind made up, Cheryl headed back to the bedroom where Craig was now awake.

He took one look at the outfit and had to do a double take. What was Cheryl thinking? She couldn’t possibly wear that to work.

“Cheryl,” said Craig, “you cannot wear that to work, you just can’t.” Craig pleaded. He had a good idea who was responsible for it but the thought of the guys leering at Cheryl in that outfit made him angry.

“Why can’t I?” responded Cheryl. “I like the way I look, I like to look sexy.”

“Cheryl, if we were going out after work, I would love what you are wearing but it just isn’t appropriate, I mean when have you ever worn a skirt so short and that top barely covers your breasts,” Craig continued.

“I know it’s more revealing than my usual outfits but that’s why I went shopping last night. I want to dress up a bit more,” said Cheryl.

“But you know what Mick is going to be like, his eyes were literally out of his head yesterday and that outfit is much more revealing,” Craig argued.

“Oh Craig, I’m not going to change my dress for Mick. I’m not going to give him that power,” Cheryl said ironically. "If he crosses the line we can sack him anyway. Now come on, you need to get ready or we’ll be late for work.

Craig agreed reluctantly and they headed off to work. CHAPTER THIRTEEN

Mick could not believe his luck, Cheryl’s outfit was amazing. He leered at her hot body. Cheryl’s tits were barely constrained in her top and the skirt showed off her sexy legs and ass. As Cheryl strutted around in her five inch heels all the guys could not stop looking. Mick’s cock was so hard.

By mid-morning he decided to talk to Cheryl in her office. He made up a reason and went to see her. Mick’s eyes never left Cheryl’s body. She looked so horny and Mick imagined her bent over the desk begging for his cock. Cheryl could see Mick leering at her. She wanted to tell him to fuck off and stop treating her like a piece of meat but she resorted to folding her arms to stop him openly staring down her top at her breasts.

Mick left the office smiling, Cheryl’s body fixed in his mind. He decided to go and taunt Craig, going into his office.

“Morning Craig,” he said brightly, “so did you have a good wank session last night?” Mick mocked.

“Fuck off,” responded Craig.

“Oh there’s no need to be so rude Craig,” said Mick.

“I don’t have to answer your fucking questions Mick,” added Craig.

“Yes, you’re right Craig but I can change that,” said Mick with a huge grin on his face. He rubbed the necklace, “I wish Craig was forced to answer every question I ask him truthfully,” the necklace glowed.

“So did you have a good wank session last night then Craig?” Repeated Mick.

Craig looked at Mick, he wanted to tell him to fuck off again but he felt a strange sensation, “Yeah it was great, I wanked off for two hours.” As soon as he said it Craig regretted it, “Oh fuck,” he said out loud.

“Oh good, I’m glad Craig? Did the copies of Asian Babes help out?” Continued Mick.

“Oh yeah, I covered them in my cum especially one model, Lucy. She is so horny,” Craig answered.

“Nice to hear Craig,” replied Mick, “I had a great wank session over Cheryl last night imagining her as my sexy slut.”

“I’m fucking warning you Mick, stop talking about my fiance like that,” Craig hit back.

“I can’t help it Craig, she looks so horny in that outfit today showing off her tits and ass, I bet every bloke is going to wank over her today. Did she buy it last night?” Asked Mick.

“Yes, she must have,” replied Craig, “and I’m warning you Mick, stop leering at my fiance. Cheryl does not appreciate being gawped at like she is on show.”

“Yeah I noticed that just a minute ago. A pity really, a body like that should be on show for us blokes, especially me,” Mick continued. “I know I’ll do something about it,” said Mick smiling.

He rubbed the necklace, “I wish Cheryl would become an exhibitionist, unable to resist showing off her body in skimpy outfits. I wish that whenever a bloke leers at her tits she would push them out subconsciously for us blokes to ogle.”

“There, that’s better,” said Mick, “I think I’ll go and see your fiance again now.”

“I hate you Mick,” Craig responded, to which Mick just smiled and left the office. He headed straight for Cheryl’s office.

“Hi Cheryl, it’s me again,” said Mick as he took in her body again, especially those tits. Cheryl looked at Mick, she wanted to tell him to fuck off and stop staring at her breasts but for some reason she pushed her breasts forward a little so Mick could check them out. Mick did not need an invitation. He openly stared down Cheryl’s top at her tits. Cheryl could see it but there was nothing she could do about it. Mick smiled and continued talking, all the time taking in Cheryl’s ample charms. He could have stayed there all day but eventually dragged himself away.

Cheryl looked at her body. She loved the reaction she was getting and she definitely loved her new outfits. In fact she couldn’t wait to try the other more revealing outfits on. Cheryl got an urge to walk around the factory floor. She usually tried to avoid going into the factory as it was full of lecherous men but the idea of being eyed up by these dirty old men suddenly appealed to Cheryl.

Cheryl entered the factory, as soon as she did she could feel all the eyes of the blokes on her. You could almost hear the intake of breath from the guys as they admired Cheryl in her sexy outfit. Cheryl knew she should have felt disgusted but the attention only seemed to encourage her. She strutted around adding an extra sway to her walk that was only accentuated by the five inch heels she was wearing. Cheryl was also pushing out her breasts making sure every guy was eyeing them up.

Cheryl felt so guilty, she was so glad Craig wasn’t there as he would have been going mad but she couldn’t control herself. Showing off her body to these guys felt so good.

Mick had seen Cheryl walk towards the factory. Intrigued by how the blokes would react, he had followed all the time checking out her sexy ass. He watched as Cheryl bought the factory to a standstill. Every guy leered at her no doubt fantasising what it would be like to fuck her.

As Cheryl walked around the factory she dropped her pen. She was careful to bend down and pick it up without revealing more than she already was in her outfit. Mick smiled to himself as he had another wicked idea. He rubbed the necklace again, “I wish Cheryl would only be able to bend from the hips, and I wish she would drop the pen again in front of me and then bend over to accidently show me her tits.”

Cheryl carried on walking around, when she caught sight of Mick just in front of her. She wondered what he was doing in the factory as she felt his perverted eyes on her body. Then Cheryl dropped her pen again, “Oh shit,” she said as she tried to bend from her knees but somehow she had forgotten how to. She found herself bending from the hips.

Mick leered at Cheryl’s tits in front that were barely concealed by her sexy black bra. He was fantasising over getting hold of them and mauling them as Cheryl moaned in pleasure. He could also see every other guy in the factory checking her tits out. He knew they would be fantasising over Cheryl as soon as they could. Cheryl picked the pen up, she could not help but notice Mick checking her out, she gave him another dirty look but Mick just smirked. Both he and Cheryl knew she had given him a great view of her breasts.

Mick didn’t want to stop there, rubbing the necklace again he was about to make another wish, “I wish Cheryl would drop the pen again and bend over in front of me to accidently show her ass.”

Almost on demand Cheryl dropped her pen again. “Oh fuck,” she said to herself as she bent over. This time her ass was facing Mick and as she bent from her hips Cheryl’s micro skirt rode up to reveal her tiny thong and sexy ass. Once again Mick fixed his eyes on Cheryl, imagining he was pounding her ass. He couldn’t wait to show her what a slut she could be. The blokes in the factory clearly could not believe what they were seeing. The normally conservatively dressed Cheryl was in a low cut top and micro skirt and bending over in front of them so they had a great view of her tits and ass.

Cheryl picked the pen up again and once again spotted Mick leering at her. She was angry now as well as embarrassed and stormed past Mick, “Pervert,” she said before leaving the factory to return to her office.

Mick returned to his desk. This really was proving even better than he could ever have expected. He had seen more of Cheryl’s body than he ever thought likely and the main course was still to come.

It was time for Mick to execute the next stage of his plan. He rubbed the necklace, “I wish Craig would feel horny until the end of the day over the porno mags he wanked over last night. I wish he will have an overwhelming desire to visit the sex shops after work to buy more porno mags and films and then visit a seedy strip joint where he can wank off to the dancers.”

The necklace glowed, Mick laughed to himself, that was Craig dealt with he thought, now for Cheryl. Mick rubbed the necklace again, “I wish Cheryl will feel extremely horny when she gets home tonight and will have an overwhelming desire to masturbate as she watches the porno films she bought yesterday.” Mick paused, he was enjoying this so much, “I wish that Cheryl’s mind becomes really dirty as she masturbates and that her language becomes extremely vulgar only using words like tits, ass and cunt. I also wish that Cheryl will fantasise over me, having the dirty fantasies that I have involving her. I wish Cheryl gets hornier than she ever has done while fantasising over me and has her most powerful orgasms ever. I also wish that Cheryl shaves her cunt tonight as she fantasises.”

The necklace kept glowing, Mick sat back and thought of the effect the wishes would have on Cheryl and Craig. “That will teach you, you sexy cockteasing slut,” he said. CHAPTER FOURTEEN

Craig sat in his office, he was working hard when suddenly he thought of his wank session the previous night. Man that was hot he thought, the sluts in the mags were so hot. He had Lucy’s body firmly pictured in his mind and he felt his cock harden.

Craig knew he had work to do but no matter how hard he tried to concentrate on it images of Lucy and the other sluts kept reappearing. He played with his cock discreetly beneath his desk. He could have wanked it there and then.

As he thought about Lucy riding his cock as her tits bounced up and down in front of him, Cheryl entered his office. Craig shuffled in his seat uncomfortably.

“Hi darling,” he said desperately trying to bring his mind back out of the gutter.

“Hi Craig,” said Cheryl, “I was just checking that you had booked the restaurant for tonight.”

Craig thought about dinner. Just minutes earlier he had been desperate to go to dinner with Cheryl but he knew he would not be able to concentrate over dinner. He felt horny and he had to do something about it.

Craig had to think quickly, “Oh Cheryl, I totally forgot, can we take a raincheck on dinner tonight, the football is on TV and a few of us guys are going out to watch it. I’m really sorry.”

Cheryl frowned, “After all the fuss you made yesterday, you are doing the same to me today.”

“I know Cheryl, and I’m really sorry but we will definitely go tomorrow, I promise,” said Craig.

“Well, ok, I suppose I deserve it after yesterday. Have a good night anyway, don’t drink too much,” teased Cheryl. She came up to kiss Craig. Craig did not want to move from his chair for fear of showing his hard-on.

“I won’t, see you later love, have a nice evening,” Craig said.

He was relieved as Cheryl left his office, Craig gave his cock a feel through his suit. “Oh yesssssss,” he said, “I’m so fucking horny.”

Craig did no work for the rest of the day. All he could think of was going out later on. He had a desperate need to go to some sex shops where he would stock up on some new porno mags. He hoped he could find some more with Lucy in.

At the end of the day Craig left quickly and headed for Soho. He felt a surge of excitement as he went into the first sex shop. He could not believe his luck. There were so many porno mags there and porno films.

Craig looked around taking in the amount of wank material. He could have got his cock out and wanked it straight away but he had to resist the temptation. All he knew was that he had to buy as many porno mags and films as possible.

Craig took his time, moving from sex shop to sex shop. He could not believe his luck as he found many copies of Asian Babes featuring Lucy. He bought every single one of them, each time he would get a sneak peak of Lucy. She was so horny he thought to himself.

Craig also bought porno films, he was tempted by films with Asian sluts and lesbians. He’d never bought a porno film before. In fact up until tonight he thought they were degrading to women but now he wanted to see these horny sluts performing in front of the camera.

After he’d bought his collection of porno mags and films Craig was so hard. He needed a wank desperately. Craig felt so dirty, he’d walked around Soho with Cheryl before and spotted the dirty old perverts. Both he and Cheryl had joked about them thinking how sad they looked. Now Craig was one of the dirty perverts.

It was no use Craig needed relief, he found a public toilet and locked the door while reaching for a pic of Lucy. He got his tiny cock out and began wanking it. It felt sooooooooooo good to Craig as he fixed his eyes on Lucy’s body. He fantasised over sliding his cock into her huge tits. He wished his cock was nine inches like it used to be, that really could have fucked Lucy’s tits.

Craig began to fantasise over fucking Lucy. He built up his rhythm, he was having trouble keeping his voice down as he got closer and closer to cumming. Finally it was too much, with one final wank he let go of his jism. It felt amazing. Craig smiled to himself, although he felt so dirty he loved the feeling. He came out of the toilet still feeling horny and decided to find a seedy strip joint.

Craig had no trouble finding a seedy strip joint in Soho. He paid his money and walked in, looking around at the horny women. At that time Cheryl was the furthest person from his mind. Craig took his time, checking every hot slut out. So many of them were hot and Craig checked everyone out, leering at their bodies unashamedly.

One particular woman took his eye. Her name was Maria, she was 5ft7", Asian looks, with long black hair and brown eyes. In addition she had lovely big tits that she was showing off in a low cut purple top. Craig undressed her with his eyes, he had to have a dance with her. He walked over and asked Maria for a dance, she nodded and led him to a quiet corner of the club, where she began her routine. Craig sat back and watched, Maria had such a sexy figure. He was already hard as Maria removed her top to show off her tits.

Craig fixed his eyes on her tits. They were so big with lovely nipples. He fantasised over getting hold of them. Maria smiled as she teased Craig, it was obvious he was very turned on. As the dance ended Craig knew he wanted it to continue. He paid more money and Maria continued to dance for him. Craig was so horny. He watched Maria dance as he fantasised over fucking her. He carried on paying for dance after dance, paying out so much money on her.

Eventually Craig stopped paying for dances with Maria and went back to check out the other sluts. He watched jealously as other punters paid for Maria to dance. Later on he could not resist having another dance with her.

Craig walked over to Maria and asked for a dance. Maria smiled clearly making her money for the evening. Craig watched Maria strip, his cock was so hard at this point especially as Maria cupped her tits and slid a finger down in between her cleavage.

After a few dances Maria moved up close to Craig, “You know if you pay extra we can go somewhere private and you can wank off over me as I dance.”

Craig’s eyes lit up, “Oh yessssssssss,” he mumbled.

“Follow me,” said Maria as she led him to a separate room. There were other dancers there all performing. Craig looked around and saw that each guy had his cock out and was openly wanking over the dancer. The whole scene felt so erotic as he sat down.

“Enjoy,” said Maria as she continued dancing. Soon Craig had his eyes fixed on Maria. He felt his cock harden. Maria smiled as she danced, bending over and cupping her tits. She looked at Craig’s crotch. Craig could hold back no longer, he unzipped his trousers before he pulled down his boxer shorts to display his three inch cock.

He felt so embarrassed as Maria looked at his cock. He knew she was thinking how small his cock was. He used to love his nine inch cock but now he was so tiny. Maria continued dancing and Craig wanked his cock.

Craig had never given any thought to cheating on Cheryl before. Up until the previous night all his fantasises involved Cheryl as well, but at that moment he desperately wanted to fuck Maria.

“Go on,” said Maria, “wank your cock for me.”

Craig needed no second invitation, he wanked his cock harder and harder as Maria danced more and more provocratively. He was close to cumming. Maria moved up close, “Cum for me,” she whispered. Craig felt his cum rising and moaned, “Oh yessssss, Maria, yesssssssss.” He let go of his jism for the second time that evening. Craig felt so good. He looked at Maria who smiled.

“Oh thank you Maria,” said Craig, “that was so good.”

“That’s ok,” replied Maria, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Oh I did Maria, so much,” said Craig paying Maria her money as he continued leering at her tits.

Craig left the club to head for home. As he reflected on the night’s events he became very embarrassed. He’d spent a small fortune on porno mags, films and on a stripper. Why had he felt so horny? He’d lost control of his desires. He felt so guilty, he desperately had wanted to go out with his beloved Cheryl but somehow his mind had been changed. Craig was pretty sure that Mick was responsible for making him do such perverted things but there was apparently nothing he could do to stop him.


Cheryl left work on time and headed home. She was slightly disappointed that her and Craig were not going for dinner but now she planned a relaxing evening at home. When she got home Cheryl got herself something to eat and then prepared to get in the shower.

Cheryl stripped off her sexy clothes and looked at her body in the mirror. She smiled to herself, Cheryl loved showing off her body. She stepped into the shower and felt the warm water run over her body. As the water ran over her breasts Cheryl began to feel sexy.

Cheryl cupped her breasts, “Ohhhhhh yesssssssss,” she moaned, they felt so good. Cheryl felt so sexy, she felt like masturbating. Suddenly a naughty thought entered her mind, she could watch the pornos she had bought the previous day. It was a great idea, Cheryl could not wait to put them on. She finished in the shower quickly and dried herself, then without putting any clothes on Cheryl retrieved the dvd’s from their hiding place.

Cheryl loved strutting about the home naked, her new exhibitionist streak saw to that. She settled in front of the TV deciding to watch ‘Sluts in Uniform’ first. She put the dvd on and settled back to watch it. Cheryl was delighted as the first scene involved a slut with large breasts dressed in a French Maid’s outfit. She began to imagine it was her in the new French Maid outfit she had bought the previous day.

Then a hot stud appeared, clearly wanting the slut in the French Maid’s outfit. Soon he was groping her breasts, Cheryl did the same imagining the hot stud was doing the same to her.

“You’ve got great tits,” the stud said to the slut in the dvd. Cheryl looked at her breasts, still groping them, rougher than she usually liked. Hot studs called them tits and right now Cheryl felt like a slut. A sudden realisation hit her, she was not groping her breasts, Cheryl was groping her hot tits. The word breasts disappeared from Cheryl’s vocabulary.

“I love my big 36D tits,” she said out loud as she tweaked her erect nipples. This felt amazing. If only it was the hot stud in the dvd she thought to herself.

By now the hot stud was fucking the slut hard, Cheryl’s hands roamed her body, she felt so turned on. They drifted towards her vagina and she began to gently finger it.

Cheryl watched the porno as the guy pounded the slut hard from behind, she was screaming out loud now, “Go on fuck my cunt, fuck it hard with your big cock.”

Cheryl looked down at her vagina, fingering it. It wasn’t a vagina, sluts had cunts that could be fucked hard by hot studs and Cheryl was a slut. The use of vagina left Cheryl, from now on it was her cunt. Yeah, she thought that was much better.

When men leered at her body they weren’t looking at her breasts and vagina, they were leering at her tits and cunt. Cheryl eased first two then three fingers inside her cunt. The porno had moved on by now and was showing hot cheerleaders teasing a group of guys with their dancing. Soon they were stripping out of their sexy uniforms and getting fucked one by one by the horny guys.

Cheryl tried to imagine Craig fucking her hard, but Craig didn’t fuck Cheryl, Craig and Cheryl made love. Cheryl usually loved fantasising over her and Craig making love but right now she wanted to be fucked.

Cheryl searched for an image of someone fucking her, then it hit her. It was like a thunderbolt. Mick would fuck her. Cheryl tried to fight it. She hated Mick, he was a dirty, perverted, ugly old man. But the way he leered at her body Cheryl knew that when he wanked off over her she would become his horny slut and he would fuck her hard just like she wanted.

The image became stronger, she thought of the way Mick kept checking out her body, especially with the outfits she had been wearing for the last couple of days. Cheryl remembered the way he had checked out her tits and ass when she had bent down in the factory earlier that day. She knew he would be wanking over that tonight. Cheryl wondered how big Mick’s cock was. I hope it’s big she thought, I love the idea of a big hard cock wanking over me.

Now Cheryl had a vision of Mick wanking his cock over her. She imagined him having a ten inch cock. Oh that looked so good, Cheryl thought, much better than Craig’s tiny three incher. Cheryl began to fantasise. She was bent over the desk naked while Mick wanked his hard ten incher. He was leering at her in the same way he had done today at work, but now he was in control.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt so hard Cheryl,” he said.

This made Cheryl really horny. She was fingering her cunt hard now and groping her tits. “Oh Mick,” said Cheryl out loud in the privacy of her own home, “fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am.”

She watched as one of the cheerleaders got fucked hard from behind and imagined Mick teasing his hard cock inside her wet cunt. Cheryl’s fingers worked frantically on her cunt as she played with her clit.

She began to fantasise over Mick pounding her cunt, she teased her body back against Mick to feel the force of his fucking as Mick fucked her harder and harder. At the same time she imagined Mick groping her big tits that swung freely with the force of his fucking.

“Oh Mick,” Cheryl moaned as the speed of her finger fucking increased. She was bucking her body up and down as she fixed the image of Mick fucking her body. “Oh Mick, fuck me like the whore I am, oh yessssssssss Mick,” Cheryl panted.

Cheryl was close to cumming and she knew it, her clit felt on fire. She kept thinking of Mick fucking her like a whore. Her orgasm rose from within, she felt her hips buckle as she humped her cunt hard with her fingers. Cheryl shut her eyes with the intensity as her cries became louder, “OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS MICK, CUM FOR ME, FILL MY CUNT, OH YESSSSSSSSS,” Cheryl fantasised.

Cheryl’s climax seemed to last forever. Eventually Cheryl felt herself recover. “Wow,” she said, “that felt so fucking good.” Cheryl licked her cunt juices as she continued watching the porno. Two nurses were in the middle of getting it on with a hunky doctor as Cheryl groped her tits. She’d never felt so horny before in her life. Cheryl felt so fucking dirty but at the same time it felt so right. She was a dirty little slut who loved getting off on pornos as she imagined a dirty, pervert fucking her and she had never had such an intense orgasm.

Cheryl moved her fingers back to her cunt, still filled with images of Mick in her head. She fixed her eyes on the porno, turning the volume up so she could hear the sound of the fucking even clearer. Cheryl looked at the two nurses and saw their cunts were shaven, then she looked at her own cunt. She wondered what it would look like shaven and as she looked back at the sluts getting fucked, the urge to shave it overwhelmed her.

Cheryl rushed upstairs to get her shaving equipment and proceeded to shave her cunt as she watched the porno. It wasn’t easy to concentrate on shaving her cunt while being so horny but the thought of Mick fucking it kept her going. When she had finished Cheryl admired her work, easing her fingers along her now bare cunt. She loved having it on show.

Cheryl spread her legs wide apart and plunged her fingers back into her cunt. She watched as a geisha girl served a hot stud on the dvd. Cheryl imagined it was Mick she was serving, having to do anything he said. Mick wanted Cheryl and Cheryl knew it. She was his sex slave. In her fantasy Mick told Cheryl to strip for him. Cheryl had to obey and she imagined putting on a dirty little routine for Mick. By now Mick had his hard cock free and was wanking it. Cheryl was down on her knees.

“Suck my cock bitch,” Mick commanded in Cheryl’s mind. Cheryl took her fingers from her cunt and sucked on them imagining it was Mick’s cock. Oh she’d love to have had a huge ten inch cock in her mouth right at that moment.

In her dirty fantasy Cheryl then jumped on top of Mick’s cock while thrusting her tits into his face. Mick could not help but lick them. Cheryl cupped them and licked her nips, imagining it was Mick’s tongue on them.

Cheryl went back to fingering her cunt, her cries once again becoming more frantic. “Oh Mick, feel your hard cock in my cunt, fuck yessssssssssss, I’m your horny fucking sex slave,” Cheryl moaned. She was close to her second orgasm. With her legs splayed apart her fingers pumped her clit. She imagined Mick also getting close, “Oh Cheryl you slut I’m going to fill your cunt with my cum.”

“CUM FOR ME,” begged Cheryl, “FILL YOUR FUCKING SEX SLAVE WITH CUM.” Cheryl cried out loud hoping the neighbours wouldn’t hear her moans.

Cheryl’s second orgasm hit her hard. She thought the first one had been powerful but the second was even more forceful. As she recovered again she kept her fingers inside her cunt. This felt so good that she did not want it to end.

Cheryl sat back and continued to watch the porno, they had now moved onto four sluts in school uniform, all being eyed up by some hunky guys. Cheryl thought of herself in the sexy school uniform she had just bought, wearing a black bra with the a number of buttons open on her shirt so the guys could see it clearly. She also imagined having no panties on. What a slut I am, Cheryl thought to herself.

The image of Cheryl teasing Mick in her uniform made her feel horny, especially as she imagined bending over in front of Mick as he leered at her tits or letting her skirt ride up so he got a great view of her sexy ass.

Cheryl was already fingering her cunt again but as she thought of teasing Mick with her ass, she moved a finger to her ass and pushed it inside. She squirmed a little. It felt so dirty but she loved the feeling. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss, " she moaned.

Cheryl got down on all fours and fingered her cunt and ass as she watched the porno. All four sluts were getting fucked hard. Cheryl was fantasising over Mick getting his dirty way with Cheryl in her school uniform. She still had her skirt on but it had ridden up as Cheryl offered Mick her cunt again.

Then she watched as all four sluts begged to be fucked up the ass in the porno. At first it shocked Cheryl, she’d always thought it was disgusting before but at that moment she felt so horny and slutty she would have done anything and the now the thought of Mick fucking her ass was turning Cheryl on.

Cheryl watched fascinated as each slut was fucked relentlessly up the ass in the porno. They seemed to be loving it so much. I wonder what Mick’s ten incher would feel up my ass Cheryl thought. Cheryl pushed a couple of fingers into her ass while the other hand fingered her cunt. She pictured Mick’s face in her mind as he moved in on her ass, the ultimate proof that she was his slut.

“Fuck my ass Mick, pleassssssssssse fuck me like the fucktoy I am,” pleaded Cheryl. She watched as a huge cock pounded the ass of one of the sluts in the porno and fantasised it was Mick’s cock entering her own hot ass. She squirmed even more as she thought about it, Mick spanking her as he fucked her ass.

Cheryl was moving in rhythm with Mick’s fucking in her mind. “Oh fuck yessssssssssss,” she moaned, “I’m a dirty fucking whore Mick.” Mick fucked Cheryl’s ass hard as Cheryl pushed back against his hard cock. Cheryl looked at the porno, the sluts had the look of total lust on their faces and Cheryl knew she looked the same.

The dirtier the fantasy the hornier Cheryl became. She fingered her cunt and ass with wild abandon. Why did Craig never treat her like a slut, she thought. She was a whore and needed to be treated like one. Cheryl was close to her third orgasm now, as she fingered her cunt and ass.

“Fill my ass Mick,” she begged imagining he was still pounding her ass, “make me your dirty anal whore.” Cheryl’s body shuddered again with even more intensity. She felt hornier than she had ever felt before. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK MICKKKKKKKKKKK, YESSSSSSSSSSSS FILLLLLLLLL ME.”

Cheryl climaxed again before laying down on her back and fingering her cunt again as she watched the porno. Over the course of the next couple of hours Cheryl orgasmed many more times. All the dirty fantasies she had involved Mick treating her like a slut. At the end of it she collapsed exhausted from how powerful her orgasms had been. Cheryl knew Craig would be home soon and she did not want him to see her masturbating over porno films.

As Cheryl recovered she began to feel guilty. She did not know what had come over her that made her feel so horny. She also felt so guilty for masturbating over Mick. She hated him, he was a pervert but she had felt so horny that she wasn’t thinking straight.

When Craig came home Cheryl rushed up to him and they kissed passionately. Both felt awful for what had occurred that evening and they were both reassured by the pleasure of being in each other’s arms again.

They got ready for bed and feel asleep in each other’s arms both very much in love. Little did they know but by the same time the following day Cheryl would feel very differently towards Craig…


Mick rushed home yet again. He felt so fucking horny. As soon as he got home he stripped naked and got the pics of Cheryl out. It was the last evening that Mick would have to resort to wanking his cock over Cheryl. Tomorrow he thought Cheryl would be his slut and he would be able to fuck her cunt just like he had always fantasised over.

Just the thought of it made Mick really hard. He imagined Cheryl dressed as a cheerleader, as she danced for him, her huge tits bouncing up and down. Mick rubbed his cock over Cheryl’s tits in the pic he was wanking over.

“Oh yeah, you’re going to love me fucking your tits you cockteasing whore,” he moaned. Mick kept pumping his cock imagining it was sliding between Cheryl’s tits. His eyes were fixed on the pic. Cheryl’s tits were so perfect, Mick wanted to cover them. He was close to cumming and with one final wank he spilt his jism all over Cheryl’s pics particularly taking aim at her tits. “Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss take my cum you horny bitch,” he muttered as he looked at his work.

Cheryl looked so good covered in cum thought Mick. He could not wait to cover Cheryl’s tits in his cum and then watch her lick it off them.

Mick thought about his wish earlier and then thought about Cheryl at home at that very moment feeling hornier than she’d ever felt before. He imagined Cheryl watching her porno films while playing with her tits and cunt, her language getting more and more vulgar. But what really made Mick hard was thinking of Cheryl having dirty fantasies over him. He thought about the shock Cheryl would feel over masturbating over Mick but how she could not resist. He wondered what dirty fantasies Cheryl would be having, he knew they would be filthy as he had wished for it.

Mick leered at Cheryl’s body again, he started to fantasise Cheryl was dressed in school uniform with a tiny skirt and no panties. He thought about Cheryl teasing him by unbuttoning her shirt so he had a great view of her skimpy bra that barely concealed her heaving tits and wearing no panties so that every time she bent over Mick could see her cunt and ass.

Cheryl was such a cocktease but soon Cheryl would be begging for Mick’s cock. Mick was fantasising Cheryl bent over begging for him to fuck her ass. He imagined sliding his 12 inch cock in and hearing Cheryl scream. Fucking Cheryl’s ass would be the ultimate humiliation for her, the ultimate sign of his power.

Mick was wanking his cock furiously now as he fantasised over fucking Cheryl’s ass hard. He imagined groping her huge tits as Cheryl screamed out his name. Mick was panting loudly now repeating Cheryl’s name as he kept calling her a dirty whore. He was close to cumming again all over her sexy pic.

“Go on Cheryl, you’re going to be my fuck-toy now,” said Mick as he spilt his jism all over Cheryl’s pic.

The rest of the evening was spent in the same way Mick had spent many other evenings, wanking over Cheryl. The fantasies were all filthy. Mick loved making Cheryl act like a dirty slut in his mind and the fact that he knew from the following day Cheryl would be his dirty slut made his wank fantasies even better.

Mick wanked his cock until he was too tired to do it anymore. He could not wait for the following day, he knew that in under 24 hours time he would be fulfilling his ultimate fantasies by groping Cheryl’s amazing body and fucking her hot cunt. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN

Mick woke up early. This was to be the greatest day of his life and he knew it. But first he had an entire day at work. He thought of Cheryl’s outfit the previous day and smiled. Today he thought he would make her outfit even more revealing.

Mick started rubbing the necklace again, “I wish Cheryl wears a really low cut top to work today and a tiny micro skirt. I also wish that Cheryl decides not to wear a bra or panties as she loves showing off her body so much. In addition I wish that Cheryl wears five inch high heels.”

The necklace glowed and Mick thought of Craig’s reaction to Cheryl’s latest revealing outfit. He got ready for work thinking constantly about how hot Cheryl would look. CHAPTER EIGHTEEN

Cheryl woke up shortly after Mick. She went to her wardrobe and picked out a blue low cut top that was even more revealing than the top she wore the previous day. Cheryl also got another of her micro skirts that she now loved to wear.

After getting her clothes Cheryl went to get her underwear but as she did Cheryl had second thoughts. Why did she need to wear a bra? Cheryl knew her tits were so firm that she did not need to wear a bra and the one’s she liked were so flimsy that they gave virtually no support anyway.

Cheryl decided that a bra was not necessary. It also struck Cheryl that if she wasn’t going to wear a bra she might as well not wear any panties. Cheryl went to the bathroom to get changed. She put on her top and skirt and then looked at herself in the mirror.

Cheryl knew she was sex on legs. Her outfit barely concealed her tits, ass or cunt. Cheryl loved showing off her body. There was a slight doubt in Cheryl’s mind that this outfit was too revealing but there was an overwhelming urge to exhibit her body. Cheryl loved to tease. She headed back into the bedroom where Craig just stopped in pure shock at her outfit.

Craig looked Cheryl up and down. She looked so slutty, almost unrecognisable from the classy way she usually dressed. She wasn’t even wearing a bra to keep her large breasts contained. Craig knew full well who was responsible for Cheryl’s outfit. Mick’s words reverberated in his head… ‘I think you will find that her outfits become even more revealing over the next few days. She’ll become a bit of an exhibitionist in fact.’

Craig did not know what to do. He knew Cheryl was unlikely to change her mind as Mick had compelled her to wear her outfit but he had to try.

“Cheryl, what on earth are you thinking not wearing a bra to work? Your breasts are virtually falling out of that top,” suggested Craig.

Cheryl looked down and smiled, “I didn’t want to wear a bra today Craig. I love showing off my tits in this skimpy top.”

Craig did a double take. Cheryl never used the word tits, they were always breasts. Trying to regain his composure Craig continued to persuade Cheryl not to wear her outfit.

“And that skirt is so short Cheryl, all the guys will be able to see your knickers,” Craig argued.

“No they won’t Craig,” Cheryl replied, “I’m not wearing any panties, when I bend over they’ll see my cunt and ass.” Cheryl bent over slightly to show Craig and he watched her tiny skirt ride up her legs.

Craig was appalled, he knew Cheryl hated the word cunt. She thought it was disgusting but now she was using it in casual conversation.

“And why are you using those disgusting words Cheryl, you hate people being vulgar,” Craig said.

“I can’t help it Craig, I love showing off my body and when guys leer at me they are looking at my tits, ass and cunt,” responded Cheryl.

Craig gave Cheryl a look of concern, now more than ever he wanted to tell her what was going on. He wanted to tell Cheryl the reason for her outrageous behaviour but he couldn’t.

Cheryl went up to Craig seeing his concern, “I’m sorry Craig,” she said, “but I’ve hidden my body away for too long, I just want to show it off a bit more at the moment. Please be understanding.”

“I guess I’ll have to try darling,” Craig agreed, “but it’s just so difficult seeing all those blokes leering at you like you are a piece of meat, especially that wanker Mick.”

Cheryl felt a twinge, she liked being stared at like a piece of meat she thought but she embraced Craig, “Oh don’t worry about them Craig, I still love you more than anything in the world.” Craig responded, holding Cheryl felt so good. A love like this he thought could never be broken, however by the end of the day he would be proved very wrong. CHAPTER NINETEEN

Cheryl strutted into work as Mick waited for her. Mick eyed her body up and down. Cheryl’s tits were almost falling out of her top and Mick was fantasising over getting hold of her pleasure mounds.

“Morning Cheryl,” said Mick as he moved up to Cheryl, “great to see so much of your hot body on show for us guys today. I trust you’ll be giving the guys in the factory plenty of wank material for later.”

Cheryl looked at Mick. She cringed in absolute embarrassment at the memory of masturbating over Mick fucking her the previous night. How could she, Cheryl thought. He was so ugly and perverted but at the same time Cheryl felt herself push her tits out so Mick could check her out even more, something he clearly was doing.

“Fuck off you dirty fucking pervert,” replied Cheryl, “my tits are not on show for you Mick.” Cheryl then stormed into her office leaving Craig with Mick.

“Nice to see your slutty little fiance not wearing a bra or panties, just the way hot little whores should be,” taunted Mick.

“I know you’re responsible for this Mick and I’m going to make sure you suffer for this, you disgusting wanker,” responded Craig before heading to his office.

Mick smiled and went to his desk. He loved taunting Craig, he was usually so sure of himself and seeing him scared of Mick’s powers was all Mick had ever wanted.

Mick watched Cheryl move around the office all morning. He loved seeing her micro skirt ride up and reveal her sexy ass. Mick fixed his lecherous stare on Cheryl, he could not wait to fuck her ass later on that day, especially after Cheryl begged him he thought.

After Cheryl had made Mick’s cock hard, he could not resist going to see Craig again. “What the fuck do you want now?” said Craig as Mick entered his office without knocking.

“That’s no way to talk to the person in control of your actions is it Craig?” Mocked Mick.

“That’s not funny Mick,” Craig responded.

“Oh no, well why don’t you tell me how you felt last evening at work then?” Enquired Mick.

“I felt so horny Mick, thinking of Lucy in Asian Babes, my cock was so hard I decided to go to Soho to get some more porno mags,” responded Craig automatically to Mick’s question.

“You dirty pervert,” teased Mick, “what would Cheryl think of you. Did you enjoy going into the sex shops?” Continued Mick.

“Oh yeah, they were all so hot, they had so many hot porno mags and films. I bought so many of them, including everyone with Lucy in,” replied Craig.

“Hot,” agreed Mick, “did you wank over Lucy?” Mick asked.

“Yeah, I couldn’t help myself, I went into a public toilet and wanked myself off over her,” Craig revealed to Mick.

“That’s very dirty Craig, did that make you feel horny?” Mick carried on probing.

“Oh yeah, I decided to go to a strip club afterwards I felt so horny,” Craig answered.

“Wow, were there many hot strippers there?” Mick enquired.

“Yeah, there was one stripper, Maria who was so fucking horny. She’s Asian, with long black hair, an amazing figure with great tits, she made me so hard,” Craig revealed.

“She sounds great,” agreed Mick, “did you have many dances with Maria then?”

“Loads, I spent so much money on her. My cock was so hard as I just leered at her body. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to grope her tits so much. After a while Maria offered to take me to a private room where I could wank off to her as I watched her dance,” Craig said.

“Mmmmmmmm,” said Mick, “did you cum in front of Maria then?” Probed Mick.

“Yeah, I felt so horny as she bent over real close and cupped her tits, saying ‘cum for me.’ I came so hard for her,” confirmed Craig.

Mick smiled, “Was it embarrassing when Maria saw you only had a tiny 3 inch cock?”

Craig cringed, “Yeah, totally humiliating. I could Maria looking at my cock thinking how tiny I was. I desperately wanted my 9 inch cock back to show off in front of her.”

“Oh pity,” mocked Mick, “still glad you know what it feels like to be a tiny dicked pervert. You’re going to have to get used to that Craig.”

“Fuck off Mick,” said Craig. He hated answering all Mick’s questions but he couldn’t help himself.

“No way, I’m enjoying this far too much,” responded Mick, “so what do you think of Cheryl’s outfit today then?”

“I think it looks slutty Mick, it’s way too revealing. I know you made Cheryl wear it Mick and I don’t fucking like it,” stormed Craig.

“Oh that’s a shame Craig because I do like it, I like it a lot actually. She’s a real exhibitionist isn’t she Craig, but then horny sluts like Cheryl should show off their bodies,” Mick suggested.

“When this is all over I’m going to make you pay for this so much Mick, you’ll regret this forever,” Craig threatened.

“I don’t think so Craig. You see tonight, I’m going to make Cheryl think you are the ugliest most repulsive guy she has ever met and I’m going to make her a dirty fucking slut who lusts after me so much that she will do anything to please me. Her body will be mine to control,” gloated Mick.

“Fuck off Mick, just leave my room now before I do something you might regret,” slammed Craig.

“I think you should be more welcoming Craig. You see a little later on you’re going to invite me for dinner at your place to talk about work,” Mick said smirking.

“Never Mick, you’re not welcome in our house EVER,” Craig stormed.

“We’ll see,” said Mick before leaving Craig’s office. Mick went back to his desk, continuing to leer at Cheryl’s hot body. Later in the afternoon, he reached for his necklace once again. Mick rubbed the necklace, “I wish Craig would invite me over for dinner tonight because he wants to discuss work.” Mick paused as the necklace glowed, he then rubbed the necklace again, “I wish Cheryl would wear her French Maid’s outfit to serve dinner tonight with no bra or panties.”

The necklace glowed even brighter as Mick smiled to himself, he could see Cheryl strutting about in her outrageously revealing outfit and started to imagine how she would look dressed up as a French Maid. His cock was so hard.

Craig sat in his room looking at the sales figures for work, in particular he looked at Mick’s figures. They were significantly up on usual and way ahead of the rest of the team. He wanted to know why, suddenly an idea hit him. If he was to find out he should invite Mick over for dinner that night. In that way he could ask him how he had achieved the results and try to implement the same systems for the rest of the team.

Craig got up to invite Mick for dinner. There was some doubt in his mind. He hated Mick and he knew he would spend the evening leering at Cheryl but he had to talk about his incredible sales figures.

Craig approached Mick, “Hi Mick,” he said.

Mick was openly looking at porn on the internet but somehow Craig didn’t care. “Hi Craig, what can I do for you?” Mick asked.

“Well Mick I was just looking at the sales figures for last month and I saw that you had an incredibly good month and I was wondering if you wanted to come round for dinner tonight with Cheryl and myself. We could discuss how you have done it and try to improve everybody else’s results,” Craig suggested.

“Hmmmmm let me see, tonight,” said Mick, “I don’t think I have anything planned,” Mick teased. He had everything planned for tonight he thought and it all involved Cheryl!

“Yeah I can make it Craig, thanks,” said Mick.

“Great, shall we say 7 at our place,” Craig said.

“Fine with me,” agreed Mick.

“Ok, I’ll just tell Cheryl. We were supposed to be going out for dinner tonight but I’m sure she won’t mind postponing it again,” Craig told Mick.

Mick smiled, “Tell Cheryl to wear something sexy for me.”

Craig gave Mick a filthy look, all the doubts about inviting him round came back but he had to discuss Mick’s sales figures.

Craig entered Cheryl’s office, “Hi darling, how are you doing?” Said Cheryl flashing Craig a sexy smile.

“I’m fine,” said Craig. “Ummm Cheryl, I was just speaking to Mick. He’s sales figures for the month are amazing and I invited him around tonight to explain them and see if we can get the rest of the team to get the same results.”

“Mick,” said Cheryl, “that pervert, do you really want him in our house?” Enquired Cheryl.

“Hmmm,” replied Craig, “I know he’s an annoying pervert Cheryl but I just can’t ignore his figures this month. If the rest of the team match him we’ll have our best year ever. Is it ok if you prepare dinner for all of us.”

Cheryl looked doubtful but Craig flashed his sexy smile and she knew she couldn’t refuse, “Ok then Craig but you owe me for this, you’ll have to treat me to dinner tomorrow.”

“Consider it done,” said Craig. For some reason he was pleased Cheryl had given in to his request. “I’ll see you later then gorgeous.” Craig and Cheryl kissed each other, looking into each other’s eyes. “I love you,” said Cheryl as Craig left the room to return to his office. He smiled, hearing Cheryl utter those words made Craig feel complete.


Craig and Cheryl travelled home together. Cheryl prepared the food then went upstairs to get showered and changed. As she opened her wardrobe Cheryl thought about what she should wear. She was serving the food Cheryl thought to herself so therefore she should wear servant’s clothes. Cheryl saw her French Maid outfit and smiled. It was perfect Cheryl mused before grabbing it and heading for the shower.

Cheryl got out of the shower and put on her French Maid’s outfit. She wore no bra or panties, Cheryl did not feel the need. She looked at herself in the mirror, Cheryl felt so sexy. Her tits were practically falling out of her top and the skirt was so short she would no doubt be showing off her cunt and ass whenever she bent over.

There was a doubt in her mind as to whether she should wear such an outfit with Mick coming for dinner. He was such a pervert after all and Cheryl knew Craig would not be happy with her outfit but it just felt so right. Cheryl went down the stairs and into the kitchen where Craig was keeping an eye on the dinner.

“Hi darling, how’s it going?” Said Cheryl strutting in with her five inch high heels on. Craig turned around to see Cheryl dressed up as a French Maid.

“Fuck, nooooooooooooo Cheryl, you can’t possibly wear that, not with that dirty pervert Mick coming round,” Craig pleaded.

“Oh Craig, don’t be such a prude. I thought as I was serving you tonight I should wear servant’s clothes. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun,” explained Cheryl.

“But Mick will see you dressed up in a fantasy outfit, I mean where did you get that?” Asked Craig.

“In a sex shop Craig but that doesn’t matter, I don’t know I just feel like wearing it tonight,” replied Cheryl. Craig knew exactly why Cheryl felt like wearing it, once again he felt so helpless. He knew there was nothing he could say to change Cheryl’s mind.

Just then the doorbell rang, it was obviously Mick. “I don’t like it Cheryl but I guess I can’t stop you. Just don’t go flaunting your body in front of the dirty pervert.”

“I won’t darling,” agreed Cheryl as Craig went to answer the door.

“Hi Mick come on in,” said Craig.

“Hi Craig,” replied Mick following Craig into the living room.

Cheryl entered the living room and stood on parade for Mick, “Bonjour Mick,” she said teasingly.

Mick just leered up and down Cheryl’s body. Perfect he thought to himself. Cheryl’s tits looked amazing barely constrained against her top and her long legs looked great in her tiny skirt and five-inch heels.

Cheryl could not help pushing her tits out for closer inspection, something Mick did without any invitation. Craig noticed this and clenched his knuckles trying to withhold his anger.

“Hi Cheryl, great outfit, nice to see you dressing up to show off your hot body,” said Mick.

Cheryl felt embarrassed. She couldn’t resist teasing Mick with her body but at the same time she thought he was a dirty pervert and she hated him. She did not know what was making her act like an exhibitionist but she knew she couldn’t stop it.

“This is for Craig, not you Mick, now what do you want to drink?” Asked Cheryl.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine Cheryl,” requested Mick. Cheryl nodded and went to get the drinks leaving Craig and Mick alone in the living room.

Mick sat down, “Mmmmmmmmm, Cheryl looks hot Craig. She’s such a cockteasing slut isn’t she,” mocked Mick.

“Fuck off Mick, don’t talk about my girlfriend in that way otherwise I will chuck you out,” warned Craig.

Mick smiled, “I don’t think so Craig. The fun’s just beginning.”

Cheryl walked back into the room carrying a bottle of wine and three glasses. She put the glasses down on the table in front of Mick then bent over pouring the wine out. Cheryl’s cleavage was now clearly on view for Mick. Cheryl’s tits were big and Mick looked straight down her huge cleavage. He lusted after Cheryl’s tits so much and could not wait to get hold of them.

Cheryl got up and turned to Craig giving him a glass before bending over and pouring his drink slowly. Mick saw Cheryl’s skirt ride up her legs. He feasted his eyes on her sexy ass. It was so hot and Mick was fantasising over fucking it, a fantasy he knew that would come true in the next couple of hours.

Cheryl strutted out of the room back to the kitchen. Mick looked at Craig again, “No bra or panties again either Craig. Cheryl’s determined to put on a sexy little show for me.”

“I know you’ve made her wear the outfit Mick, I wish you’d just leave Cheryl alone,” said Craig with a tinge of desperation in his voice.

Mick laughed, “No Craig, you’ve got it wrong, it’s me that gets the wishes.”

Just as Craig was going to continue arguing with Mick, Cheryl called out that dinner was ready. Craig got up with Mick following into the dining room and sat down. Cheryl brought out the food, once again bending over in front of Mick. Mick made it absolutely obvious he was checking out Cheryl’s ass as her skirt rode up her legs.

Craig, Mick and Cheryl sat down to dinner. All the time Mick was checking Cheryl’s body out. He was teasing himself, he knew he was minutes away from having Cheryl lust after him but was dragging it out until dinner was finished.

Craig could see Mick blatantly checking out his girlfriend but every time he caught Mick’s eye he just smiled and ogled Cheryl even more blatantly.

Craig and Cheryl finished dinner rather swiftly, trying to get the evening finished as quickly as possible but Mick took his time. Eventually he cleared his plate.

“Have you finished now?” Asked Cheryl.

“Yes I have,” confirmed Mick. Cheryl got up immediately and bent over to collect Mick’s plate. It was time to take the master plan into the final phase thought Mick. He saw Cheryl’s skirt ride up and began to stroke her lovely long legs.

“Mmmmmmmmm, such a hot set of pins Cheryl,” said Mick.


Cheryl slapped Mick hard across the face before going into the kitchen.

Craig got up to escort Mick from his home but Mick just smiled at him while rubbing the necklace, “I wish Craig would sit down and stay sitting down until I tell him to move,” said Mick. Craig saw the necklace glow and tried to move forward, he tried so hard, but the compulsion to sit down was too much.

Craig sat back down and shouted at Mick, “YOU FUCKING WANKER, HOW DARE YOU TOUCH CHERYL UP LIKE THAT.”

“I’ll be doing much more than that to Cheryl in a moment,” said Mick.

Cheryl re-entered the dining room, “What the fuck is going on here? Mick get the fuck out of our house,” stormed Cheryl.

“I don’t think so Cheryl, why don’t you tell the sexy little slut what’s going on Craig?” Mocked Mick.

“I’m not a slut,” responded Cheryl while Craig tried to explain Mick’s powers to her but as usual there was no way to get the words out.

Mick laughed, “Oh sorry Craig, you can’t tell Cheryl what’s going on. I better put that right for you.” Mick rubbed the necklace, “I wish Craig is able to tell Cheryl about my powers.”

“Mick has a necklace that makes his wishes come true,” blurted out Craig.

“What?” Said Cheryl, “What are you talking about Craig?” Enquired a shocked Cheryl.

“The necklace that Mick has, he had it given to him at a seedy cinema in Soho. It grants wishes, it’s why I have a tiny cock now and it’s why you are dressing up in such revealing outfits,” Craig explained.

Cheryl looked bemused, it was too much to take in, “But that’s ridiculous Craig, there’s no such thing as magic.”

“Oh there is Cheryl,” said Mick rubbing the necklace, “I wish you’d realise the effects of my wishes on you.”

There was a moment of realisation that became apparent on Cheryl’s face, “Oh fuck, no,” she muttered as the memory of her strange behaviour over the last couple of days dawned on her.

Cheryl looked down at her French Maid’s outfit, it looked so slutty. Cheryl remembered everything from the last couple of days so vividly. She remembered her desire to dress in more and more revealing outfits, she remembered Craig’s cock shrinking to three inches, she remembered her long and dirty masturbation session over Mick and she remembered her language becoming crude and vulgar.

Cheryl saw Mick leering at her body, it made her so angry, “YOU FUCKING DIRTY, PERVERTED WANKER MICK,” Cheryl shouted, “HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME ACT LIKE THIS, I HATE YOU SO MUCH.”

“He!He! Cheryl,” mocked Mick, “it’s been so horny watching your outfits get skimpier and skimpier, showing off more of your hot tits, ass and legs. I can’t wait to get hold of them.”


Cheryl went to sit on Craig’s lap. Craig held Cheryl in his strong arms. It was even more reassuring than usual for Cheryl. She felt so safe with Craig close to her.

“Leave you alone Cheryl, with you looking so sexy, you must be joking,” boasted Mick, “I may be the ugliest, most repulsive guy you have ever met right now Cheryl but very soon you’ll be my sex slave, lusting after my body. I’m going to turn into a slutty little Asian whore who’ll do anything to pleasure me and I’m going to make you think Craig is even more ugly and even more repulsive than you think I am now.”

Cheryl looked at Craig, how could she ever find him ugly she thought. He was perfect in every way, “You are seriously deranged Mick. You can’t change the way people feel about one another, Craig and I love each other, we will be together forever.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, how sweet, well I wish you’d kiss each other passionately to show me your love for each other,” said Mick.

Craig and Cheryl looked deep into each other’s eyes, “I love you so much Cheryl,” Craig said brushing Cheryl’s cheek. They lent in to each other feeling their hot breath and began to kiss more passionately than ever.

Craig held Cheryl tight against him as Cheryl melted in front of him. Both Cheryl and Craig could have stayed there forever but eventually they had to stop. Mick watched intently, usually seeing Cheryl and Craig show external signs of affection pained him but he knew this would be Cheryl’s final act of love for Craig.

“How did that feel Craig?” Asked Mick.

“It was amazing as usual Mick, Cheryl is the most beautiful girl in the world,” said Craig.

Cheryl smiled, hearing Craig say she was beautiful always sent a shiver through her.

“Well she definitely makes my cock hard,” said Mick.

“Fuck off Mick,” responded Cheryl.

“But now Craig and Cheryl is the moment I have waited for, I’ve wanted this ever since I first saw you together and I have fantasised over it so much. I’m going to make Cheryl think you Craig are the ugliest most repulsive guy in the world,” boasted Mick.

Cheryl and Craig clung together, their hands gripped each other tightly. They thought there was no way Mick could break them up but the events of the last few days made them doubt their own instincts.

Mick began rubbing the necklace again, his eyes were fixed on Craig and Cheryl. “I wish Cheryl thought Craig was the ugliest, most repulsive guy in the world, 100 times uglier and repulsive than me.” The necklace glowed, Cheryl felt a sensation run through her. She looked to Craig for comfort but she found no comfort. Craig was different, he was so ugly. Cheryl’s expression changed, she loosened her grip on Craig’s hand then jumped away. “AAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH,” Cheryl screamed, “GET OFF ME YOU UGLY SHIT.”

Craig looked at Cheryl and saw the change happen right in front of his eyes. The look of deep, intense love that was there just a moment before was gone. Craig was distraught. He did not believe Mick could change the way Cheryl felt about him until now. The proof was there right in front of his eyes.

“What’s going on Cheryl?” Craig pleaded, “we love each other remember, you just told me there was nothing Mick could do to separate us.”

“EWWWWWWWWWWW, that’s so gross Craig. I could never love someone as ugly and repulsive as you, it makes me sick just thinking about it,” responded Cheryl. The coldness in her voice cut right through Craig.

“But Cheryl, can’t you see it’s Mick’s necklace that has made you feel this way. We’re engaged to be married next month,” continued Craig trying desperately to get through to Cheryl.

“We’re not engaged anymore Craig,” said Cheryl throwing her engagement ring at Craig, “Look at yourself, you’re a fucking ugly loser with a tiny cock. I’m way out of your league.”

Craig wanted to get up and move close to Cheryl to argue his case but he was stuck in his chair. He could see Mick watching with the smuggest smile he’d ever seen.

“What are you looking at you fucking wanker?” Craig launched into Mick.

“He!He!,” laughed Mick, “You Craig. Finally the arrogant wanker who has treated me like shit for so long has got his just desserts. Cheryl hates you now Craig, no longer will you get to hold her sexy body. Instead it will be me Cheryl lusts over.”

“No Mick, you can’t. Not my Cheryl. Please don’t do this to her,” pleaded Craig.

“I’m not your Cheryl, Craig and you can fuck off as well Mick, you’re almost as ugly and repulsive as Craig. I’d never go near an ugly pervert like you,” argued Cheryl.

“Oh you will Cheryl, in a few moments you’re want to fuck me more than anything else in the world. After years of teasing my cock with your sexy body, getting me hard and forcing me to wank off over you, I’m going to turn you into my lust driven whore who will fuck me here right in front of your ex-fiance,” boasted Mick.

“Never Mick, I hate you,” stormed Cheryl but Mick was already rubbing the necklace. “Get ready for a lifetime of serving my cock Cheryl. I wish you’d turn into my lust driven whore just like I have always fantasised over. I wish you’d be my sex slave who’d do anything to pleasure me, I wish you’d lust after me 100 times more than anyone has lusted after anyone before.”

The necklace glowed and a wave of desire hit Cheryl. She looked at Mick, no longer was he the ugly 50-year-old dirty pervert, he was the hunkiest stud Cheryl had ever set eyes on in her life. Cheryl remembered her dirty fantasies of the previous night and desperately wanted to fulfil them, she could feel her cunt become wet. Cheryl wanted to fuck Mick more than anything else in the world.

The expression of Cheryl changed instantly, she smiled sexily at Mick, “Oh Mick,” said Cheryl breathing heavily, “I want you so much. You’re such a fucking hot stud” Cheryl cupped her huge tits, pushing them out towards Mick. He was fixing his eyes on Cheryl, the moment he had waited for had arrived, Cheryl lusted after him.

“Cheryl, stop it, you’ve always hated Mick, you’ve always thought he was an ugly, fucking pervert,” pleaded Craig.

Cheryl gazed at Mick, how could she ever find him ugly she thought to herself. He was perfect for a lust driven slut like herself, “It’s you I fucking hate Craig. Mick’s a fucking hunk who makes my cunt so wet.”

Mick laughed, “Did you hear that Craig? It’s me Cheryl lusts after now. I think Cheryl should compare our bodies,” said Mick rubbing the necklace, “I wish we were both naked with hard cocks.” The necklace glowed and suddenly Mick and Craig were completely naked. Mick was proudly showing his huge 12-inch cock while Craig was still sitting down with his tiny 3 incher on display.

Cheryl stared lustily at Mick’s huge cock. She had never seen a bigger cock in her life. She could not believe her luck, not only was Mick a hot stud he had a huge cock as well. Cheryl was clearly drooling over it as Mick wanked it, “Do you like it Cheryl? It’s 12 inches,” said Mick.

“Oh Mick, it’s fucking massive,” said Cheryl licking her lips at the prospect of getting hold of it. She thought of her masturbation session of the previous night, she had imagined Mick having a 10-inch cock but she could not believe her luck at having a massive 12 incher hard for her body. Cheryl could not resist Mick any longer, she swayed sexily up close to him, and as she stood inches in front of him Cheryl let her sexy French Maid’s outfit fall from her body.

For the first time Cheryl’s body was on show for Mick and it was even better than he imagined. Her 36D tits, her curvy body, her long sexy legs and shaven cunt were begging to be fucked. Cheryl’s nipples were hard and erect showing Mick how turned on she was. Cheryl could feel Mick’s eyes piercing through her body. She knew she was on show for him and she could see from his huge cock that he approved of what he saw.

Cheryl felt so dirty, she would do anything to turn Mick on, the filthier she acted the better she felt. Cheryl cupped her tits in her hands loving the feel of them, “Yeah go on Mick leer at my titties. These are the 36D’s you have fantasised over for so long. They belong to you now.”

“Cheryl, don’t you dare act like a slut for Mick,” interrupted Craig, “he’s a fucking wanker who has changed the way you think about him.”

Mick was rubbing the necklace already, “I wish you’d keep quiet Craig unless Cheryl or I ask you a question. I want you to watch your ex-girlfriend be my horny fuck-toy. I wish Cheryl would get turned on taunting you about lusting after me and performing for me in front of you.”

Craig tried to respond but once again no words came out, Mick glanced briefly to see his reaction and smiled before returning to leering at Cheryl’s body. Cheryl was even more turned on than before, she saw her ex-boyfriend staring at her clearly angry at her strip show. Who was he to get angry, Cheryl thought. He was a repulsive tosser who never treated her like the slut she was.

Cheryl pushed her tits up close to Mick, “Go on Mick grope my tits,” she teased.

Mick smiled, this was the moment he had waited for. He wrapped his hands around Cheryl’s huge tits, groping them hard. Cheryl felt Mick’s strong rough hands maul her tits and moaned in pleasure, “Oh fuck yessssssssssss Mick, fucking maul them harder, oh yesssssssssssss.”

Mick responded, taking hold of Cheryl’s tits hard in his hands, cupping her pleasure mounds. He then tweaked her erect nipples hard, moving them up and down with his fingers. Cheryl let out little yelps as Mick teased her nips. They were so sensitive to his touch. Mick moved his head closer to Cheryl’s 36D assets. Cheryl could not resist cupping them hard around his face, “Oh Mick get your tongue to work on my tits,” she pleaded.

Cheryl pressed her tits hard against Mick. Everywhere he looked he was surrounded by Cheryl’s titty flesh. He started to lick and suck on Cheryl’s huge tits. Mick was determined to cover every inch of Cheryl’s 36D tits. As he licked all over her amazing tits he thought back to how many times he had ogled them fantasising over getting hold of them. Now his fantasies were coming true.

Mick took his time, teasing Cheryl with his tongue while groping her tits at the same time. He worked towards her nipples as he heard Cheryl moan in appreciation. Mick flicked his tongue over Cheryl’s nipples, he looked up at the lust in her face. Cheryl smiled, “Oh fuck lick my nipples Mick, you’re making me feel so fucking horny.”

Mick carried on licking and sucking at Cheryl’s nipples. Cheryl was so turned on she had to finger her cunt. “I’m so fucking wet,” she said as she pushed first two then three fingers in. Cheryl switched between fingering her cunt and tasting her own juices. Mick glanced over at Craig who was being forced to watch his ex-girlfriend’s tits getting ravished by Mick.

“Tell Craig how much you love having your tits licked and sucked by me Cheryl,” suggested Mick.

Cheryl looked at Craig, “Oh I love the way Mick gropes my huge 36D tits Craig. He treats them so rough, just the way a huge pair of tits should be treated. He’s making my cunt so wet.”

Craig tried to speak but no words came out, all he could do was listen to Cheryl’s words. Mick took his chance to making Cheryl moan even more as he gently bit on her erect nipples. It was too much for Cheryl, “Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss you fucking hot stud, I have to fuck you.”

Cheryl pushed Mick back into his chair and straddled his body. He hands groped his amazing chest before she kissed him passionately. Then Cheryl pushed her tongue deep into Mick’s mouth as Mick responded. He ran his hands over Cheryl’s perfect body.

“I want your hard 12 inch cock in my cunt Mick, I want to fuck you like the slut I am,” pleaded Cheryl.

Mick smacked Cheryl’s hot ass eliciting a yelp from Cheryl, “Come on you slutty little whore, get your hot cunt onto my huge cock,” demanded Mick.

Cheryl smiled, she felt like Mick’s piece of meat. That feeling made her feel so hot and horny, she was desperate to put in a great performance. Mick smacked Cheryl’s ass again, leaving a print of his hand showing.

“I’m your slutty Asian whore,” moaned Cheryl as she moved her cunt onto Mick’s cock, while shoving her huge tits into his face, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MICK, YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY CUNT,” moaned Cheryl as she built up her rhythm.

Mick felt Cheryl’s tits bounce up and down he grabbed hold of them in his hands. Being fucked by someone with as hot a body as Cheryl felt amazing. “Go on Cheryl, ride my 12 incher hard, show me what a dirty slut you are.”

Cheryl moved up and down on Mick’s cock relentlessly and she could not help screaming out as loud as she could, “OH FUCK MICK, GROPE MY TITS HARD, I’M YOUR SLUTTY ORIENTAL WHORE NOW.”

Mick was letting Cheryl do most of the work while he groped her tits hard, but now he decided on a change of pace. He got hold of Cheryl’s body and yanked it off his cock before forcing her back on the table.

Cheryl looked up at the hunk standing over her as she spread her legs wide apart while fondling her huge tits. She wanted Mick’s cock more than anything she’d wanted before.

“FUCK ME MICK, FUCK MY HOT ASIAN CUNT, I NEED IT SO BAD,” moaned Cheryl. Craig sat just inches from his ex-girlfriend, he felt so helpless. He could not believe his sweet, perfect Cheryl was acting and talking the way she was. Mick saw the pain on Craig’s face, the scene made him feel so content. Fucking Cheryl in front of Craig turned him on even more, he reflected that it was probably similar to how Craig felt when he and Cheryl used to showcase their relationship to everyone, only this was much more satisfying. He could not help winding Craig up even more.

“How are you feeling now Craig seeing your precious Cheryl get a good hard fucking from me?” Teased Mick.

“I feel awful Mick and so helpless. I can’t believe you have made my precious Cheryl act like a slut,” replied Craig.

“Cheryl’s body was made to be fucked like a slut Craig, not treated with respect like you did. Cheryl was made to be a whore weren’t you Cheryl,” said Mick.

“Oh yes Mick, I’m a dirty Asian whore, my body was made to be fucked by hot studs with huge cocks like you,” panted Cheryl.

“Did you ever fuck Cheryl like this Craig?” Mocked Mick.

“Never,” replied Craig, “when Cheryl and I made love it was special Mick. It was an expression of our love for one another.”

“He!He! How touching,” goaded Mick, “So did Cheryl mind you having a tiny three inch cock then Craig?”

Craig got angry, “I didn’t have this three inch cock until you changed things Mick. I had a nine inch cock that Cheryl loved.”

“That’s not how Cheryl remembers things Craig. I wish she’d forget all about you having a nine-inch cock Craig. I wish she’d only remember you having a tiny three incher that you could never pleasure her with leaving her frustrated and desperately wanting to be fucked by a stud with a huge cock,” teased Mick.

Cheryl eyed Mick’s huge cock. She licked her lips, spreading her legs even wider, “Go on Mick, give me your 12 inches. I need you to fuck me so hard like a slut should be fucked.”

“Oh yeah Cheryl, I bet this is even better than being fucked by Craig’s nine inch cock,” taunted Mick.

Cheryl looked at Craig scornfully, “Nine inch cock Mick, don’t make me fucking laugh. In his fucking dreams, look at his tiny three-inch cock. That could never pleasure a horny slut like me, I had to fantasise over hunky studs with huge cocks to get myself off. You are such a fucking loser Craig.”

“Did you hear that Craig, you’re a fucking tiny dicked loser and always have been,” said Mick as he teased his 12 inch cock along Cheryl’s cunt lips, now you’re going to watch your precious ex-girlfriend get the fucking she needs."

“Take this Cheryl,” warned Mick as he rammed his cock deep into Cheryl’s cunt.


Mick continued to pump Cheryl hard, her legs were spread wide apart as Mick held onto them as he fucked Cheryl.

“FUCK MY HOT ASIAN CUNT MICK, I’M YOUR DIRTY FUCKING ORIENTAL FUCKTOY, SHOW ME WHAT A WHORE I AM,” pleaded Cheryl now lost in absolute lust as Mick pounded her hot body.

Mick felt so powerful as he made Cheryl scream so loud. He loved the way her tits jiggled as he fucked her. “You’re my fucking dirty whore Cheryl, feel my cock in your cunt. You’re really getting what you fucking need now Cheryl.”

Cheryl tried to keep her eyes open so she could watch Mick’s hot body fucking her hard but occasionally she had to close her eyes as pure lust took over. She began to grope her tits hard, pulling at her erect nipples.

“I AM MICK, I’M GETTING FUCKED BY THE HOTTEST STUD EVER WITH A HUGE COCK, OH I WANT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME MICK,” continued Cheryl as she thrust her body back against Mick who was humping her hard.

Mick carried on pounding Cheryl’s cunt. He’d waited so long for this moment, he was going to take his time and enjoy it.


Mick knew Cheryl was close to a massive orgasm but she could not cum until Mick let her. She was desperate to be filled with his cum and Mick was getting carried away with fucking her amazing body.

“Oh Cheryl, you slut, take my cock,” he moaned, “I wish when I say cum for me you have the most powerful orgasm imaginable.”

“OH MICK, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, FILL MY HOT CUNT,” screamed Cheryl. Mick surveyed his hot slut as he fucked her relentlessly, now was the time he thought.

“OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS CHERYL, CUM FOR ME,” he panted as he let go of his jism.

Suddenly the whole of Cheryl’s body tensed, her hips buckled as she felt Mick’s cum hit her cunt. It was like a switch went off inside her body, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK MICK, FILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL MY CUNT, OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS,” Cheryl screamed at an outrageously high level. Her orgasm seemed to last an age as she felt Mick’s cum pulsing inside her.

Mick pulled out of Cheryl’s cunt and leered at his work. In the past he had covered numerous pics of Cheryl but now he had fucked the real thing. “Oh Cheryl, you’re my fuck-toy now,” he gloated.

Cheryl got up slowly and smiled at Mick, “Oh thank you Mick, thanks for choosing me as your fuck-toy. I’m so fucking lucky. You fucked me so fucking good, my cunt got the pounding it deserved.”

Cheryl kissed Mick passionately as their hands explored each other’s bodies. Mick’s cock was already hard again and Cheryl felt it pressing against her. She knew exactly what she wanted to do next. “Sit on the chair Mick,” she instructed.

Mick did as Cheryl said waiting for her to make the next move. Cheryl got down on all fours her huge tits swaying beneath her. She eyed Mick’s huge cock hungrily. “I have to suck your huge cock Mick, I have to feel it in my mouth,” said Cheryl as she crawled over to Mick.

Cheryl’s head was level with Mick’s huge tool. She drooled yet again taking in its size. She knew she was a slave to Mick’s cock, she would have done anything for his cock to fill any hole in her body.

Cheryl’s brown eyes stared lustily up at Mick awaiting his approval. “Suck my cock bitch,” Mick commanded.

Cheryl licked along Mick’s huge shaft taking in her own juices at the same time. She felt so fucking dirty but she loved it. This was how she was meant to be. “Oh yes Mick, it feels so good to lick,” moaned Cheryl as she lapped her tongue over his hard cock.

“I’m going to take all 12 inches in my hot mouth Mick, I’m going to deep throat your cock like a fuck-toy should do. You make my cunt so fucking wet,” said Cheryl.

Cheryl began to take in Mick’s cock inch by inch. Her perfect cock sucking lips wrapped hard around Mick’s firm tool. Mick shut his eyes and took in the pleasure of Cheryl sucking his cock. She was a natural but then she had to be considering her obsession with Mick’s 12 incher.

Cheryl’s slurping noises got louder and louder as she took each inch of Mick’s cock in. After what seemed an age to her she took in Mick’s final inch and her mouth was stuffed full of 12 massive inches of cock.

Cheryl moved her tongue about on Mick’s cock. Her moans were muffled by Mick’s huge tool as she fingered her wet cunt. Mick opened his eyes to admire the sight of Cheryl with her mouth full of his cock. Her brown eyes stared up at him and showed him how much she was enjoying it.

Craig could only watch as Cheryl gave Mick the most amazing blowjob ever. Mick smiled at Craig again. “Cheryl’s great at sucking cock Craig but then she should be after she has teased it for so long,” said Mick.

Craig gave Mick another filthy look but was unable to say anything, Mick continued to mock Craig, “But then I bet she’s glad to suck on a 12 inch cock rather than your pathetic specimen of a cock.”

Cheryl nodded while keeping Mick’s cock firmly in her mouth as Mick got hold of the back of Cheryl’s head and grinded her mouth hard against his cock. Cheryl’s head moved about frantically as her tongue lashed Mick’s cock.

“Did Cheryl ever swallow your cum Craig?” Enquired Mick.

“No, never, she thought it was degrading to women, she hates swallowing cum, she can’t stand the taste either,” replied Craig.

“He!He! Not anymore Craig,” said Mick, “I wish Cheryl loves swallowing cum, I wish the taste of my cum is her favourite taste in whole world.”

Cheryl renewed her tongue-lashing of Mick’s cock as pre cum seeped from the tip. Mick began to fuck her mouth hard, making Cheryl’s head move around on Mick’s cock. She was fingering herself hard now with three fingers forced into her wet cunt. Cheryl knew Mick was close to cumming and desperately wanted his cum.

Mick moaned in pleasure as Cheryl sucked him, “Oh yessssssss Cheryl,” he panted, “take my cum, take my hot cum in your mouth.” Suddenly Mick’s jism hit the back of Cheryl’s throat. Instinctively Cheryl began to swallow trying to taste every bit of Mick’s cum as his cock pulsed more and more into her willing mouth.

Eventually Cheryl pulled away from Mick’s cock, the last drops of cum covering her mouth and dropping down onto her tits. Cheryl smiled, “Oh thank you Mick, your cum tastes amazing.” Cheryl licked around her lips at the remaining cum on her then scooped up the last remaining drops from her tits and licked off her fingers.

Mick watched his slut covered with his cum. Cheryl looked so fucking horny and he had now fucked her cunt and her mouth. However there was one hole left he knew he had to fill. The thought of it had made him hard ever since he first saw Cheryl strut around the office. It would be the ultimate humiliation and the ultimate sign of his power.

Cheryl smiled, “Oh Mick, you’ve made me feel like the whore I am. But there’s one place where a dirty whore should be fucked.” Cheryl bent over the table, running her hand past her cunt onto her hot ass. “I want you to fuck my hot ass Mick, make me your Oriental anal whore,” moaned Cheryl.

Mick studied Cheryl’s tight, slender ass. He wanted nothing more than to fuck Cheryl’s ass and now she was pleading for him to fuck it.

Craig looked at Cheryl bent over the table offering Mick her ass. He was appalled. The Cheryl he knew before would never have contemplated such a disgusting sexual act. Mick saw the look on Craig’s face.

“Did you fantasise over fucking Cheryl’s ass Craig?” asked Mick.

“Never Mick, it’s so degrading Mick, I would never humiliate Cheryl like that,” responded Craig.

“Oh yeah, that’s what makes it so hot. So how do you feel now seeing your precious Cheryl pleading for my cock up her hot ass?” Continued Mick.

“It feels awful, it’s breaking my heart watching you change Cheryl. I just don’t know what to do about it,” said Craig.

“Oh pity Craig. I would say I feel sorry for you but I don’t. After you have treated me like shit since you’ve known me. Now it’s my time, I’ve got my revenge and I’m going to make sure you suffer,” goaded Mick.

“Now sit back and watch while Cheryl begs for me to fuck her hot ass, I’m going to enjoy this,” added Mick. “Now Cheryl, time to really show your ex-fiance what a slut you really are and beg for me to fuck your ass.”

Cheryl smiled shaking her hot ass while fingering it. “Fuck my ass Mick, pleasssssssssssse fuck it, make me your anal fuck-toy,” begged Cheryl, “I want you to fuck my slutty Asian ass.”

Cheryl turned to Craig, “I’m such a dirty fucking whore now Craig, I want to be Mick’s sex slave being fucked in every hole.” Cheryl smiled at Craig, she loved showing him what a whore she was, knowing he would no longer get her hot body. “He’s going to stick his huge 12 incher in my ass Craig and make me squeal like a slut. At last a hot stud is giving me the seeing to I need.”

Cheryl fingered her ass with first two then three fingers as Mick wanked his huge cock. “Stick your huge cock in here Mick, I’m your Asian slut, my body is made for fucking, give it to me Mick, I need your cock in my ass, just like you have wanked over.”

“Oh Cheryl, you’re really going to get a good hard ass fucking, you’re such a dirty slut,” said Mick moving closer to Cheryl and rubbing his cock against her ass.

Mick slapped Cheryl’s ass hard, “Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssss Mick,” moaned Cheryl.

“That’s for being a cockteasing whore Cheryl, strutting around expecting us not to leer at your fucking hot body,” said Mick.

“Pleasssssssssssse fuck my ass Mick, show me what’s like to be fucked like a slut, I’m your Oriental fuck-toy now,” continued Cheryl.

Mick grabbed hold of Cheryl’s huge tits and then slid his cock into her ass. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Mick, yessssssssssssss,” moaned Cheryl as she felt 12 inches of hard cock slide into her.

“Oh fuck Cheryl, you’re ass feels great, take my cock like a dirty Oriental fuck-toy should do,” instructed Mick.

Cheryl grinded her ass back against Mick to get the full force of his cock fucking her. She felt so complete, she was a whore and she loved having her ass fucked by a stud like Mick. It was up to Cheryl to perform for him so he’d do it again.

“OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS POUND MY HOT ASIAN ASS MICK, OH YESSSSSSSSSS YOUR 12 INCHES FEELS SO FUCKING HOT,” Cheryl screamed as she began to get carried away with the force of Mick’s fucking.

“Oh you fucking slut Cheryl,” Mick loved telling Cheryl how dirty she was as he slapped her ass hard again.

“SPANK MY ASS MICK, SPANK ME WHILE YOU FUCK MY ASS HARD,” pleaded Cheryl who was now getting carried away with force of Mick’s fucking. Mick alternated between spanking Cheryl and groping her huge tits. Cheryl carried on screaming as Mick fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked before.


“You’re my dirty sex slave Cheryl,” said Mick, “you love serving me, making my sordid fantasies come true.”


“Yeah that’s it Cheryl, show Craig what a slut you are,” mocked Mick as he got close to cumming. He carried on pounding Cheryl’s ass hard, he was about to fill it up with his hot cum.

“FUCK ME MICK, MAKE ME YOUR ANAL CUMSLUT,” screamed Cheryl. Mick knew it was time to fill Cheryl’s ass.

“Cum for me Cheryl,” instructed Mick, “cum like you’ve never cum before.”


Cheryl’s whole body shook with the intensity of her orgasm, as she felt Mick’s cum fill her ass. Mick was moaning as he felt jets of cum pulse from his huge cock.

“Take it Cheryl, you slut, you’re my cumwhore now,” Mick watched as his greatest fantasy came true.

“OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS, I’M YOUR CUMWHORE MICK, YOUR DIRTY FUCK-TOY,” squealed Cheryl. Mick pulled his cock from Cheryl’s ass as Cheryl collapsed onto the table still fondling her tits.

Mick stood back and surveyed his work, in the past it had just been a photo of Cheryl he had covered in his cum but now he had the real thing.

Cheryl got up and smiled at Mick, “Oh thank you Mick, thank you for giving me the fucking I needed,” she said as she pressed her body against him. “I’m such a dirty slut aren’t I?”

“Yes Cheryl, you are a filthy whore, with a fucking amazing body,” agreed Mick as he groped her body. He had so many more filthy fantasies to fulfil with Cheryl’s hot body.

Mick looked at Craig who was horrified at just having seen his ex-fiance fucked up the ass by Mick. Mick loved humiliating Craig, “Wow Craig what a fucking hot ass Cheryl has got. It felt so good pounding my 12 incher into it.”

“Oh yeah Craig,” agreed Cheryl, “I love being fucked up the ass by Mick. I was born to be his slutty whore.”

“How do you feel about that Craig?” Asked Mick.

“I hate it Mick,” replied Craig, “I won’t let you get away with this, you can’t change my Cheryl like you have done.”

“Oh I can Craig, Cheryl’s my fuck-toy now aren’t you Cheryl?” Mick continued while still groping Cheryl’s body.

“Oh yeah I am Mick, I’m your hot Asian fuck-toy. I’m your dirty cumslut Mick,” moaned Cheryl.

“Well Craig, it’s time the next part of my plan, I’ve not finished with you yet, is that ok?” Mocked Mick.

“No it’s not Mick, just let Cheryl and I get back to normal please,” pleaded Craig.

“Never Craig. Not after the way you treated me while you were with Cheryl. You thought I was an ugly, dirty pervert didn’t you?” Questioned Mick.

“You are Mick, you’re a filthy, disgusting wanker,” said Craig. “You treat women like second class citizens, it’s appalling.”

“Yeah well Cheryl teased my cock for so long with her sexy body and now I’m going to let you find out what it’s like to have sexy women like Cheryl find you repulsive even though you’re desperate to fuck them. How does that sound Craig?” Continued Mick.

“I’d never be as filthy or disgusting as you Mick. Women should be treated with respect,” Craig argued.

“Not anymore Craig,” Mick teased as her rubbed the necklace, “I wish you’d be just as filthy and disgusting as me Craig. I wish you’d love wanking your cock thinking up dirty wank fantasies. I wish that you’d lust after Cheryl more than any other girl and that you have loads of dirty wank fantasies involving her. I wish you’d be really jealous of me fucking Cheryl with my huge cock.”

The necklace glowed, Craig felt a strange feeling run through him. He looked at Cheryl, she was naked and looked as horny as ever. Craig felt his tiny cock stir, he could not resist wanking it. “Oh Cheryl,” he moaned, “you are so fucking horny.” Thousands of dirty images entered his head, he wanted to fuck Cheryl so much, not make love but fuck her, fuck her so hard she screamed like a slut.

Craig took hold of his cock and wanked it, he imagined it was him fucking Cheryl on the table just like Mick had done earlier. “Oh yes Cheryl, I want to fuck you so much, I want to hear you scream like the horny slut you are while I grope your hot tits.”

Cheryl and Mick stared at Craig as he got more and more carried away. Mick fondled Cheryl’s tits, sending shivers of excitement through Cheryl’s body. “Oh yeah Craig, Cheryl’s 36D tits feel so good, she loves me fondling them, don’t you Cheryl?” Mick teased Craig.

“Oh yesssss Mick,” Cheryl moaned, “my tits were made to be fondled by hunks like you.”

“Oh yeah, and you love teasing ugly perverts with tiny cocks like Craig don’t you,” said Mick.

“I can’t resist it Mick, go on Craig,” continued Cheryl, “wank your tiny cock over my hot body. Imagine you’re fucking me hard. You’ll never get to fuck me again Craig so that’s all you can do now.”

Cheryl fingered her cunt as Craig pumped his cock harder and harder until it was too much, he let out a final moan as he fantasised over filling Cheryl with his cum, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss Cheryl.” He then came all over the floor before settling down and admiring his work, “Oh man that felt so good Mick, thanks for letting me wank off in front of Cheryl, she’s so fucking horny.”

“No problem Craig, I know it must be difficult to control that dirty little mind of yours when you’re near Cheryl, she has such a fucking hot body,” Mick said as he groped Cheryl’s ass, “in fact Craig you can stay here with us all the time. In that way I can constantly taunt you that I get to fuck Cheryl’s body as much as I want. I wish you lived in the spare room in a den of porn full of your favourite wank mags and porno films. I wish your most prized possessions are your cum pics over Cheryl. Of course I wish I lived here as well with Cheryl serving my every need.”

Once again, the necklace glowed, Mick smiled. “That’s better, well Craig thanks for an entertaining evening. I have to say I enjoyed it very much and I know Cheryl did as well. But we need to get to bed, I sense that Cheryl wants another good hard fucking and I know you’ll want to watch a porno before you go to bed. See you tomorrow Craig.”

With that Mick and Cheryl headed for the bedroom. Craig fixed his eyes on Cheryl’s hot ass wishing it was him who was just about to fuck Cheryl, the thought made him so horny. He couldn’t wait to get to his room for another hot wank session.

He headed for his bedroom. It felt so right to him. It was covered with pics of horny celebs and hot porno models including loads of Lucy. Craig picked out a porno film and sat down to watch it, holding his 3-inch cock in his hand. CHAPTER TWENTY ONE

Cheryl looked up at Mick, he was such a hot stud she thought to herself. She felt so lucky that he chose to fuck her and as she drooled over his cock again she knew she had to fuck him again that night. She picked out some skimpy, sexy red lingerie that she bought in the sex shop just a couple of days previous and went into the bathroom to get dressed up for her stud.

Cheryl looked at herself in the mirror. Her tits were barely held in by the top but she knew that was the way Mick liked to see her. Cheryl walked into the bedroom where Mick was on the bed waiting for her. Cheryl saw Mick check her body out, his eyes moving up and down in appreciation of her stunning form. She loved the way he leered at her tits. Cheryl flashed her sexiest smile, “So you like my outfit then stud?” Teased Cheryl.

“Fuck, yeah Cheryl, why don’t you give me a closer look at it,” said Mick playing along.

Cheryl moved slowly, she loved acting like Mick’s sex object. She moved onto the bed on all fours and smiled, licking her lips. Cheryl’s tits were barely held in by her skimpy underwear and she could see Mick eyeing her tits once again.

Cheryl crawled up close to Mick and started to kiss him, immediately Mick groped her tits through her skimpy top. Oh that felt so good she thought to herself. Mick could play with her tits all day and she wouldn’t get tired of it. Mick felt the same way. Cheryl’s 36D tits were perfect. They were big and firm with lovely bullet like erect nipples.

Cheryl straddled Mick and teased her top off, “I don’t think I should hide these away from you,” she said.

Mick ogled Cheryl’s tits as Cheryl cupped them, “Oh no Cheryl, tits like that should be on show for me.”

Cheryl moved her tits over Mick’s face as he reached up with his hands to grope them. He worked his rough hands all over Cheryl’s tits, as Cheryl tongued him hard. She could feel Mick’s hard cock pushing against her, a feeling that made her even hornier than she was already.

Cheryl shook her tits hard as Mick mauled her pleasure mounds. She slipped off her underwear and eyed Mick’s huge cock, “Fuck I have to have that in my cunt,” Cheryl said almost without thinking. Instinctively Cheryl moved her cunt to the tip of Mick’s hard cock.

“I want a good hard fucking Cheryl,” instructed Mick. Cheryl couldn’t help but obey, she rammed her cunt onto Mick’s cock and began to ride him hard. Her moans got louder and louder as her tits bounced furiously up and down. Mick had hold of her hips as he watched Cheryl do all the work.

Cheryl threw her her head back in sheer lust as she groped her tits, she loved performing for Mick, “FUCK YEAH MICK, YOUR COCK IS POUNDING MY CUNT, WATCH YOUR FUCK-TOY PERFORM FOR YOU, I NEED YOUR FUCKING COCK.”

Meanwhile Craig was in his room wanking his cock over the hot porno action he was watching. He began to hear Cheryl screaming and he knew Mick and Cheryl must have been fucking. He got horny at the thought of a hot slut like Cheryl being fucked. He began to fantasise that it was him fucking Cheryl. He so wanted to grope her tits again. Craig reached for a picture of Cheryl and switched between leering at her hot body and at the porno. He was so jealous of Mick as he could hear Cheryl’s screams getting louder.

Cheryl moved up and down on Mick’s huge 12 incher. She’d never felt such a sensation before, her cunt was filled with a massive cock. She wondered how she coped with Craig’s tiny 3 incher before. By riding Mick she control the pace of the fucking. Cheryl grabbed hold of the bed stand behind Mick, forcing her tits into Mick’s face.


Mick responded with his tongue working it all over Cheryl’s tits before he licked and sucked hard on her nipples. Cheryl carried on the pace of her fucking.


“That’s because you are dirty Cheryl, a dirty slutty whore who loves my cock in her mouth, cunt or ass,” said Mick pausing briefly from sucking Cheryl’s tits.

Cheryl moved back astride Mick as he mauled her tits, “YEAH I’M A DIRTY, SLUTTY ASIAN WHORE MICK, FUCK YESSSSSSS, I’M GOING TO RAM YOUR 12 INCHES INTO MY CUNT,” pleaded Cheryl as she bounced up and down even harder, her cunt had never been penetrated so much before. Now she desperately wanted to have it filled with Mick’s cum.


“You’re a dirty fucking whore Cheryl, made to take my 12 inches, go on Cheryl, I want to hear you scream my name,” instructed Mick.


Craig listened jealously as he covered his first pic of Cheryl, he admired his work, she looked even hotter covered in his cum, “Oh fuck yes Cheryl, you’re such a horny fucking bitch,” said Craig out loud.

“Take my cum Cheryl, take it all into your cunt,” said Mick, “ohhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss Cheryl.”

Mick’s cock pulsed hard and began filling Cheryl, his cum filling Cheryl as it triggered another massive orgasm for the horny slut.

“FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, MICKKKKKKKKKKK, FILLLLLLLLLLLL ME, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” Cheryl could feel the jets of cum fill her. She knew she had pleasured Mick and his cum was her reward.

Cheryl collapsed onto Mick, “Oh thank you Mick, thank you so much for making me your slut.” Cheryl rolled over letting Mick use her soft titty flesh as his pillow.

“You’re such a hot fucking slut Cheryl, I’ve fantasised over you being my sex slave for so long and now my fantasy has come true. You’re going to make a great fuck-toy,” said Mick.

Cheryl looked at Mick, in just 24 hours her life had changed forever, she was so hot for Mick she’d do anything to please him, she loved her new life as his slut. CHAPTER TWENTY TWO

Craig woke up early on Saturday morning and went to make himself breakfast. He was delighted as he entered the kitchen to see Cheryl clad in only a skimpy black bra and tiny thong that really showed off her ass.

Craig just stood and leered, “Oh fuck me Cheryl, are you wearing that to turn me on?” Craig asked.

“No I am fucking not Craig, this is for Mick,” retorted Cheryl.

Craig fixed his eyes on Cheryl’s tits, “Oh shame because you look so fucking horny Cheryl, I’ll just have to wank off over one of my pics of you.”

“You do that Craig,” said Cheryl, “you get your tiny 3 inch cock out and imagine doing anything you want with me, but I’m going to surprise my hunk of a boyfriend with an early morning blow job.”

Craig watched Cheryl leave the room, his cock was already hard. He rushed to his room and got some pics of Cheryl before going to the lounge and putting a porno film on. He was going to have a nice, long wank and he could not wait.

Craig started his wank session, he had so many dirty images of Cheryl in his head. His session continued for what seemed like an age when Mick interrupted.

“Hiya Craig,” said Mick, like he was greeting him at work.

“Hi Mick,” responded Craig.

“So who are you wanking over then?” enquired Mick.

“Cheryl of course,” answered Craig, “she’s so fucking horny. Her tits and ass are fucking amazing.”

Mick sat down, “Yeah they are Craig,” agreed Mick.

Craig seized his chance to question Mick over Cheryl, “She was really screaming last night wasn’t she.”

“Yeah she was, Cheryl was so hot last night. Do you want me to tell you about it?” Asked Mick.

“Oh fuck yes Mick, that would be so hot,” said Craig unable to contain his delight.

“Well Cheryl was desperate for a good hard fucking last night so she dressed up in some really skimpy red lingerie. Cheryl got onto the bed on all fours, she kept licking her lips really suggestively as I fixed my eyes on her tits,” started Mick.

Craig pictured Cheryl on all fours with her tits nearly falling out of her top, “Oh fuck yesssss,” he moaned as he wanked his cock.

Mick continued, “Then Cheryl came up real close and we began to kiss. As soon as I could I got hold of her tits and started to grope them, Cheryl loved it and I knew she couldn’t resist it. She straddled my body and said ‘I shouldn’t hide these away from you,’ before she showed her tits to me. Cheryl cupped her tits as I leered at them. Cheryl has the most amazing tits ever, I know every guy at work would love to get hold of them.”

“Oh yeah, they are perfect,” said Craig, “you must have groped them.”

"Yeah I did, I grabbed hold them real rough, just as Cheryl likes it and mauled them, tweaking her nips. They were so hard. As I groped them I teased my hard cock against Cheryl, I know she can’t resist my huge cock. She was moaning so much before she gasped ‘Fuck I have to have that cock in my cunt.’

She was out of control, so I told her she had to fuck me real hard. I wanted the horny little slut to do all the work," Mick carried on, having great pleasure in describing every detail of his sex session with Cheryl to Craig.

“Oh Mick, I love the way you treat Cheryl like your slut, making her fuck you,” said Craig so jealous of Mick’s body and his huge cock.

“The cock teasing whore deserves it Craig, she rammed her cunt onto my cock and began riding me real hard. I just sat back and watched Cheryl perform and man can Cheryl perform. Her tits bounced up and down as she rode me and you could see her getting hornier and hornier. I love it when she does because her language gets so dirty, she kept telling me that she was my fuck-toy,” said Mick.

“Fuck me Mick, how do control yourself with such a horny bitch like Cheryl telling you she is your fuck-toy, I’d cum straight away,” admitted Craig as he wanked his cock struggling to resist cumming.

“I just can Craig, I guess having a 12 inch cock helps and you have to show the horny bitch who is in control. It makes her work even harder,” teased Mick.

“Oh yeah, what did she do?” Asked Craig eagerly.

“Cheryl grabbed hold of the bed stand and pushed her tits into my face, she told me to suck on them, so I got my tongue to work. I licked and sucked all over her 36D tits before I got to work on her nipples. I knew that would drive Cheryl wild. She drove harder onto my cock as she screamed out ‘Suck on my titties, you make me feel so fucking dirty.’ I love it when Cheryl gets dirty, so I told her what a dirty whore she was and how much she needed my cock in her cunt, mouth or ass,” continued Mick.

Craig wanked his tiny cock as he looked at a pic of Cheryl, he was imagining sucking on her nips as she pushed her tits hard against his face, “fuck yesssss, those tits are fucking amazing,” moaned Craig.

“They are fucking amazing, especially when Cheryl started riding me again, her tits were bouncing up and down furiously as she rode my cock harder and harder. I had to get hold of them as Cheryl told me what a ‘dirty Asian whore she was’ and that she was going to ‘ram my 12 inches into her cunt.’ I knew she was desperate for my cum,” Mick wanted to tell Craig exactly how dirty Cheryl was.

“Fuck Mick, keep going, this is so hot, tell me what it’s like to fuck Cheryl’s hot body,” pleaded Craig.

“Cheryl kept screaming louder and louder, telling me what a whore she is and how much she needed my cum. She kept repeating my name, she was my whore. I could hold back no longer and I filled Cheryl’s cunt with my cum as she had a massive orgasm,” said Mick before being interrupted by Craig’s moans.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk Cheryl, yesssssssssss take my cum you dirty whore, oh fuck yessssssssssssss,” moaned Craig as Mick’s description of his sex session with Cheryl became too much for him. Craig’s cum covered another Cheryl pic. He loved seeing Cheryl covered in his cum.

Craig looked at Mick and smiled, “Oh thanks Mick, that was so fucking hot. You really fucked Cheryl like the horny slut she is,” said Craig.

“Oh yeah, with her body she needs to be fucked hard,” agreed Mick.

To Be Continued?

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