Part 3

By Absolute Master published December 6, 2018
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The master just keeps getting crueler...

They hardly had the strength to stand when we got to the bedroom, but they carried me straight onto the bed nonetheless, and undressed me at my command. Dalton revealed the other three as Brody, Charlie, and Austin, all in uniform, all out of breath, all waiting on their chance to come at me and take me out, but I ain’t havin’ it. I hadn’t shaken my hard-on since downstairs, but I still had one nut left to bust fore’ I “cleaned up” for the night. I laid my hairy self down and relaxed on my hands. I was sweating all over in that pizza uniform, almost stickin’ to the bed, but at least I didn’t hafta use lube! “Come take off your pants ride my dick, Charlie, I wanna cum straight up that ass!” “As you wish, Master,” he said lifting his shirt over his head and pulling the sleeves from his ripped arms. It was his backside that impressed me most though, just a plump bubble butt ripe for the taking. I was so busy leaking precum, I almost forgot the rest “You three, face the wall. Dalton, get hard and stick your dick in Brody’s ass. Brody, get your dick hard and stick your dick in Austin’s ass.” Without hesitation, my puppets danced for me, undoing the fly of their pants, and pulling down their jockstraps. It didn’t take long for them to sprout some erections and plant ’em in each others butts. When they were all squeezed together, I said the magic word: “Piss.”

Yellow streams of soda-ridden urine flooded their assholes until they leaked to the floor and onto their legs. Austin simply stood still, shamelessly letting his piss hit the hardwood. Good enough for now, I thought. Meanwhile Charlie climbed on the bed, squatted down, and with a look of sheer begging in his eyes, managed to hesitate just a little. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down on my dick, letting my forest of pubes tickle his butt, moving up and down, up and down on me. I leaned my head back moaning in bliss as he wore himself out bouncing up and down. In a moment of pure heaven, I launched my seed up his ass.

Worn out and fresh outta orgasms, I figured I’d hit the bricks for the night. “Go ‘head and lick up yer mess boys, then get to sleep. No need for pillows or nuthin’ just use the floor.” At that, the trio collapsed straight into their own mess. Dunno when they finished but they dozed off for sure. Lemme tell ya, it was the best sleep i’d had in my life dreamin’ of all the ways I could screw with these boys,and the morning got even better. After a little playtime, my boys were sure as hell awake. I sent them out shopping for me at the nearby pet store. Told ‘em to buy themselves the smallest cages and collars they could fit into, and some nasty dog food. ‘Cept for Dalton who I sent out to buy some cock rings and butt plugs.

Guess Paxton and Stokes just fell asleep, but they still hadn’t moved an inch. “Up boys.” Paxton stood up with some nasty lookin’ pants and Stokes took in a full breath of fresh air with some mess all over his face. “Tell me Stokes did ya like that?” I asked with a smirk. He shook his head. “So yer done mouthin’ off right?” He nodded aggressively. “Come with me then.” I walked him to the couch and told him to get on all fours, then rested my chubby little legs on him and looked around for the remote. I saw it on the coffee table but I was so comfortable on my leg rest. “PAXTON!” I yelled into the other room. He came runnin’ over, a little squishy sound in his pants, “Yes, Master.” “Bring that remote to me.”

“Right away, Master.” I clicked the TV on, leaned back and enjoyed the show. “Paxton, get me a beer.”

“Yes, Master.” Great, now lick my feet clean. Kid was shocked. I dunno why he was so surprised, but that wasn’t gonna stop me. I pulled apart my toes and he knelt down and got to work, cleaning e’erywhere from the soles to the toenails. I tell ya what, I ne’er new I was so ticklish down there. I must’a kicked Paxton in the face a dozen times, but the boy sure didn’t miss a beat, slurpin’ up my filth. Right as Paxton was finishin’ up, Dalton ’n the other boys rang the doorbell. “Stokes, be a dear and get that won’t you. I’m… AHHH, I’m loving this foot job!” I told him.

“Right away, master,” he said, still hot with Paxton’s dump. He welcomed the boys in and they lined up in front of me in their ten-hut positions. Dalton put down his butt-plugs and cock-rings while the other boys dropped their cages, or their new beds I guess. “Good boys, now Dalton, come suck my dick, I’m getting horny again,” I demanded, spreadin’ my legs, lettin’ my bush air out. “Anything to please you, Master,” the boy said. He crawled over and wrapped his lips ‘round my johnson. “Now I want all you boys to take a cock ring and a butt-plug. You will keep the butt-plug in ‘less I tell you.” I wasn’t sure what the boys were thinkin’ but I was already in heaven with Dalton’s tongue swirling around my throbbing veins. “The cock rings are stayin’ on forever. AH AH AHHH,” I moaned as I busted down Dalton’s throat. “As y’all can see,” I said catching my breath, “I’m the only one who needs to get off in this house. As for the cages, you boys will place them at the foot of my bed. I want y’all on call if I ever take a late night dump, ‘cause I’m sure as hell done buyin’ toilet paper. Now chop-chop. With a unified “Yes, Master,” My slaves suited up, shoving the plugs in dry and slippin’ on their rings. When I walked to my bedroom, I saw their cages lined up in front of my bed, licking my lips in delight.

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Category: brainwash   Tags: #piss #scat #forced #feet #anal
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