The Bayside Grove Bandits

By TickledPink published December 6, 2018
Gareth Masters is ready for his debut Blokes Go Barmy shoot.

Gareth floated, unhappily, above the bar. He squinted at the patrons assembled and then back at the flyer he’d distributed. It was not the turnout he’d expected for his “Blokes Go Barmy” shoot. There were only ten people in the bar. Including himself AND the bartender. Nothing for it though. The shot was going to go ahead tonight. Maybe more people would show up during filming. If not, he’d just have to work the angles a bit, make it look a bit busier. He exhaled a protoplasmic sigh, and got to work.

Three of the Bayside Grove Bandits, the local footy team, had assembled at a small table near the bar. They were chatting over their beers, wondering why the rest of the team hadn’t showed yet. They’d seen the flyers up near the oval, the BGB night at the Giddy Brolga, but none of the other guys seemed to be here yet.

Of the three who had shown, there was Mike, tall, blond and well muscled, with a freckled face and grey eyes, Dennis, a slightly shorter, leanly muscled Asian man, black hair in an undercut, and Robin, the shortest of the trio, with dusty brown hair and brown eyes, a thicker build and a square jaw covered by thick stubble, verging on a beard. It was Robin who was currently loudly wondering where the other guys were.

“It’s weird right? The meetup was meant to be 10 minutes ago wasn’t it? This thing going to get started or what?”

The other two made non-committal grunting noises in reply, faces buried in their phones. Robin leaned back slightly in his stool, slouching over his beer. He looked at his phone again, checking the time. It was 12 minutes past the time the flyer had said. It was strange, he thought to himself why didn’t the captain just tell everyone to meet up? Why have the flyer at all? His train of thought was interrupted by the clinking of glasses on the table. The bartender had brought over three shots.

“Uh, we didn’t order these…” said Dennis, looking up at the bartender with confusion.

“It’s on the house, drinks for the next hour too.” The bartender replied. He seemed slightly out of it, but Robin wasn’t one to pass up free drinks, so he decided not to question it. When it seemed like Mike was about to ask a follow-up, Robin swiftly kicked him under the table, the shots sloshing from the movement. Nothing spilled though.

“Cheers!” Robin said, quickly seizing a drink before the bartender could come to his senses, “and another round of them too!” He finished quickly.

Robin looked at his friends expectantly, and they looked at him quizzically.

“It must be the meetup paying for them, get into it before the others get here and run it out.”

Convinced, Dennis and Mike picked up their drinks, and the three footballers clinked them together before downing their shots.

Gareth manouevered the camera over to the group of footballers downing their third shots, delivered to them by the suddenly very busy bartender. The group definitely had some potential for the shoot. He eyed the bag one of them had brought in, and poking a spectral eyeball through the fabric, found the man’s football uniform in the bag, along with a laptop and some other stuff. Possessed of an idea, Gareth whispered softly into the brown-haired man’s ear, possessing him with an idea.

Robin excused himself to the bathroom, taking his bag, he’d had a great idea that he couldn’t shake. Closing himself in a cubicle he opened up the bag he’d brought and pulled out his uniform. Originally he was going to leave the bag in the office today, but he’d left it in the car, and by the time he’d remembered he was already at the pub. But that, it turned out, was a lucky break. Shucking his shoes, he quickly stripped down. Picking up his football gear he noticed something strange. His compression shorts weren’t here. He went through the bag again, but couldn’t find them. There was something though, he pulled it out, and then pulled a face. It was a jockstrap. Not even a jockstrap, it was like a pair of briefs with a hole in the back. Where the hell did this come from? he thought, annoyed. He turned it over in his hands.

It clicked. It’s a team thing. Must be new. It made sense. On the waistband was the team logo, and the team name: Bayside Grove Bum-bandits. Glossing over the absurdity of the thought, he pulled on the jockbrief, quickly followed by the rest of the football gear. He frowned slightly, his shorts seemed a little shorter than usual, but he quickly realised they were just being hiked up slightly by his arse. The jock seemed to be lifting his cheeks slightly, making the back of his shorts a bit perkier than usual. His guernsey seemed a little tighter than usual too, but he ignored it. He stuffed his other clothes back into bag, and pulled his socks up his knees, and put on his shoes. He finished it off with a cap he’d gotten from somewhere. It said BGB on the front, so he assumed it was for the team.

He headed back out to the bar, seeing Mike and Dennis chatting with the bartender who was bringing them another drink.

“Yeah I know, it’s pretty boiling in here, but the aircon’s buggered, can’t do much about it.”

“Well what can you do?” Asked Mike, irritated.

“We’ve relaxed the no shoes, no shirt policy,” the bartender replied, gesturing to his own shirtless frame. “tonight only. Enjoy it while it lasts.” He whipped back to the bar to serve the other patrons.

Mike frowned, and thinking for a moment, pulled his shirt off, lifting from the bottom. As though pointed out by a camera, Robin felt his eyes follow the movement, taking in the hard stomach, dusted with blond hair and the firm pecs of his friend. Snapping out of it, he sat down, grabbing at the fresh beer he’d been brought.

“What’s with the getup?” Mike asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Nah, it’s smart.” Interjected Dennis, before Robin could answer. “It’s hot as balls in here, ‘sides, girls’ll be frothing for him in that.” Dennis fanned himself weakly with one hand, with the other gesturing to the bar, despite the lack of women to gesture to.

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot, I guess.” Agreed Mike. “Jesus. It’s still boiling in here.” With a glance over at the bar, he twisted his mouth slightly. “Fuck it.” He kicked off his shoes, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, and unceremoniously wriggled out of them, leaving him in a pair of black trunks. “That’s better.”

Robin’s eyes were so focused on his friend’s impromptu striptease he didn’t even register his hand movement until he’d knocked over his beer. The contents spilled out, drenching Dennis.

“Eugh, fuck!” Swore Dennis, jumping up and urgently fishing his phone out of his pocket. He quickly pulled off the soaked shirt he was wearing. Robin could see that his pants had been splashed too, and so stood up to help. He unbuttoned Dennis’ pant’s for him, and kneeled, pulling them down with him. He was face-to-face with Dennis’ bulging green briefs. He stood, dusted himself off and sat back down at the table. The bartender had come over, wiping up the table with his own pants, which he’d removed at some point, leaving him in a black and gold jockstrap.

“Sorry about that.” Apologised Robin.

“No worries,” said Dennis, rubbing at his chest. Robin could see that his chest hair was slightly damp from the beer.

“All good.” Said the bartender. “And we’ve opened up the table at the back, help yourself to whatever you need.” he gestured over to the rear of the room at a large table. On it were a number of normal things you’d find in a bar, snacks, dildos and other toys, self-serve water, a large bowl of condoms, a bunch of BGB caps, darts for the dartboard, release forms, lube, etc. Pretty standard thought Robin.

“Ooh, free stuff!” Said Mike, sidling over to the table. He returned with a cap in hand for Dennis, wearing one already, a handful of condoms and one of the bottles of lube. He put the cap on Dennis’ head, biting his lip slightly as he did.

“They got any towels over there? Dennis is still a bit damp.” Robin asked. Mike frowned, looking at Dennis.

“They do, but no worries. I’ll clean him up, no point it going to waste.” And with that, Mike leaned over, licking lightly at Dennis’ nipple. Robin watched, bemused, seeing nothing unusual with the situation. He looked over into the camera and winked, though how he knew there was a camera, or where it was for that matter, is a mystery,

Finally thought Gareth. Panning in to where two of the footballers were making out. He leaned in slightly, adjusting their backwards caps. Before panning across their torsos pressed together. He floated over behind the third one, all kitted up, and prodded him in the back.

Robin felt a little electric shock, and stood quickly up off his chair. Pulling at the bottom of his own guernsey he pulled it off, tucking it into the waistband of his jock under his shorts. Reaching out he tapped the shoulders of his friends, and they pulled him between them. The three of them kissed, swapping partners every few seconds as their tongues battled for dominance. Robin felt behind him as Dennis’ tugged at his shorts, pulling them down. He kissed Mike, tongue probing his mouth, and as he did, he felt a tongue probing somewhere else. Dennis was pulling his cheeks apart, licking and teasing at his exposed hole.

This is crazy he thought, making out with his friend. Mike stepped back, and Robin felt as he put a hand on his head, insistently pushing him down. Robin got on all fours, arching his back to allow Dennis full access. Mike pulled down his underwear, kicking it off to the side. Robin looked, somehow surprised to be seeing an erect cock full in the face. But a light cock slap later, he’d begun tentatively licking at the head and shaft.

Robin felt Mike throw his head back, and encouraged, he took the cock in his mouth. It was a strange sensation, sucking a cock. It was warm and he could almost feel Mike’s heartbeat in it, as it pulsed. He felt as Dennis stood up, and the warm tongue was replaced with wet fingers. He felt, as he sucked, Dennis lubing him up. Slowly, slowly swirling a finger on his hole, one way, and then the other. Yes he thought. And then in Yess. Two fingers followed Oh, yesss, and as he got used to that, three Mmm, fuck, yes. Mike was shuddering with each bob of Robin’s head at this point, and pushed him back, further onto Dennis’ fingers. Robin gave a yelp of surprise and pleasure OH FUCK., feeling a tingling from his arse that made his own erect cock jump.

Mike turned around, presenting his arse to Robin. Robin, pushed his face forwards, hesitantly at first, but becoming more eager, remembering the sensations his own arse had been given by Dennis. He nuzzled at the hole infront of him with his nose, then licked delicately at it. Mike moaned, curving his back to push his arse into Robin’s face. Robin poked and prodded at the hole with his tongue, inexpertly attempting to tongue-fuck his friend.

Robin’s hole, now properly warmed up, felt it’s newest pleasure. Robin could feel Dennis’ cock, thicker than the three fingers had been, slowly opening his hole further Fuck.. He tried to relax his hole slightly, And, surprisingly, he felt Dennis deftly slide in. Despite having never done anything of the sort before, it was almost as though Robin was a truly experienced slut. He felt Dennis, work into a rhythm, before feeling a powerful sensation building inside him. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. He thought to himself. The thoughts came unbidden to his mind, as though whispered in his ear.

He yelled in pleasure, muffled by the hole of his friend, who, based on his own yelp, appreciated the vibrations. He waggled his tongue, rimming his friend, pausing occasionally to rub at it with his stubble. Whenever his tongue wasn’t otherwise occupied he called out “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” each time with increasingly ragged breathing. He could hear the others calling out, but it was just background noise to him. He couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the sensations racing through his body. It was like he was possessed.

Gareth whipped in for a closeup of the face of the tall blond one.

“God, yes, eat that fucking hole!” He called out.

He swirled around to get an angle of the Asian man, hands gripping onto the straps of the arse he was fucking like reins.

“Fuck yes, you fucking like that, don’t you! Fuck!”

He panned over the three of them, getting his angles right. A closeup of a sweaty chest, heaving from the exertion. Panning up the arched back of the man in the middle, finishing on a closeup of him, where his muffled calls to be fucked could be heard. He could see that the three of them were getting close, but he couldn’t have his actors spent this early in the shoot. If more people didn’t show up soon he’d still need them for background noise. With a couple of slight adjustments and prodding he started winding them down from their highs. After all, it wouldn’t be very crazy of them to stick with their friends tonight, and Gareth needed these blokes to get downright barmy.

Hearing a very promising moan from the burlier of the two hipsters who’d been at the bar, he scooted off to catch the scene. It was going to be a long night.

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