The Adventures of Batman and Batboi: Part 2

By published December 5, 2018
What a horrible nightmare that had been for our hero. Thankfully everything is JUST as it should be.

Thank you all for the feedback! I had a blast…or two ;) writing about Batman’s transformation into Batboi, the slutty sidekick to our new Dark Knight. Re-reading it I may go back and close some loopholes/Grammar stuff I found. FYI For the sake of a break in using “Batman” each time I describe the Joker, I am including his name (Jack Napier) in this story.

Our hero woke with a start! He had had the worst nightmare where he was transformed into some comical version of himself. It was terrifying. Covered in sweat he ran to his large oranate bathroom and sighed with relief. There before him was his usual self. Fat ass, large puffy nipples, sensual pouty lips. The perfect twink. “Whew” the Boi wonder audibly sighed.

“Babe where did you go?” A voice rumbled from the bedroom. “I’ve got a present for you.”

A present?! Brucie dashed back into the bedroom he now shared with the greatest crime fighter in the world. A present was indeed waiting for him. His boipussy began to moisten at the sight of the large tent in front of him. Like, if he ever went camping he wouldn’t need to even buy a tent. He could just keep stroking his lover’s hot daddy dick. The thought made him weak at the knees. He was so horny looking at that massive meat. Slowly he sauntered over, swaying his thick hips from side to. His nipples began to ooze as he tweaked them and as he leapt onto the California king bed, his ass jiggling, he brought his wet fingers to the Bat’s lips. With a smile the new Batman slowly licked the erotic liquid from his boi’s fingers.

“What a slutty, naughty boi you’ve been, running away before sucking your daddy off” Brucie moaned at the name calling and his pussy began to drip in earnest.

“Punish my daddy, oh please-Ohhhh” The once Joker ripped the blanket revealing his 13" dick, pearly white jizz leaking steadily from its tip.

“Oh I plan on it” With that, his massive guns lifted the petite boi up and in a swift motion impaled him on his proud cock. He bounced that fat ass up and down using Brucie like a human fleshlight and Batboi loved every second of it.

“Oh. Dont. Stop. Daddy. MAKE. ME. YOUR. BITCHHHH!!” Batboi quickly came, which wasn’t uncommon these days. His little dick and balls couldn’t keep up with the fat cock and huge egg sized balls crashing into his pussy. Batman fucked him harder and harder slapping his fat ass and tweaking his dripping nipples. The newly christened Batman loved what he made Bruce Wayne into. A simpering slut who couldn’t control his sexual urges. Brucie kept moaning and cumming and with each and every time he came more nipple juice poured forth. Batman fed his sleazy sidekick his own juices forcing the Batboi into a sexual delirium of his own making.

Batman flipped Brucie onto his back, lifting his legs onto his shoulders and continued to piston the boitoy below him. As Brucie came for the seventh time, screaming to the heavens, Batman realized Brucie’s pathetic twig and berries had no sperm left to produce. It drove him wild seeing his nemesis reduced to this. The Bat’s huge balls begin to tighten. This was it. His favorite way to start each morning. “You asked for it. NOW TAKE MY CUM, BATBOI!” And with that a geyser erupted in his ass. Brucie squealed in ecstasy as the Bat pumped what felt like twenty loads into the well used pussy.

Exhausted from their fucking the two caped crusaders fell into post coital bliss. The manly Batman pulling his little spoon up tight, his hard dick still lodged up Brucie’s dripping pussy. He sighed a contented sigh, lazily thrusting into his slut.

Life was good for Jack Napier AKA the Joker AKA the new and improved Batman. After the transformation of Bruce Wayne into the harmless, insatiable bottom known as Batboi, he made a promise to Nightwing to destroy the Miracle Machine that granted their desires. But not before making some changes. Wayne Enterprises was now Napier Enterprises. To everyone, Jack was and has always been the handsome Billionaire playboy that Bruce once was. He also gained all of Bruce’s knowledge, business know how and power, draining the boitoy of his brains. Brucie was left an empty airhead with dick on the brain 24/7, something that both Jack and Nightwing exploited often. They also retired Alfred for his own sake. Brucie now took up the cooking and cleaning of Napier Manor. Normally he wore heels, a thong and nothing else whilst doing so. His little dick hard as a rock at the sheer humiliation of it all.

“Daddy Jack…After I make you breakfast I was wondering if you could finally take me on a mission? I can help!” Brucie paused…like, he had an odd sense of Deja vu.

“I know you can little guy, but if something ever happened to you, I don’t know if I could live with myself.”

“Hmphhh!” Brucie pouted, putting on his best puppy dog face.

“Oh come on…who can say no to that slutty face” Jack laughed slapping Brucie’s fat ass. “I’ll tell you what. Nightwing and I have been working on something that I know you will love. After breakfast why don’t we test it out?”

“Oh thank you daddy Jack!” Brucie was so overcome with joy he began to giggle.

“Now get to work, slut.”

“Yes sir.” Brucie happily complied, feeling his nipples start to get wet at being called slut.

The rest of the morning was spent with Jack running his company and Brucie fixing them meals and sucking Jack’s dick while he was on conference calls. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to live in such an illustrious mansion with such a god of a man. like #blessed he sighed swallowing Jack’s third load of the day.

Finally it was time for hero work and Brucie could not be more excited. His brain was all fireworks and lollipops when Jack unveiled his surprise: his very own super suit.

“Not just any super suit my Boiwonder. This suit is designed to amplify your powers to their fullest extent.” Brucie came on the spot as he gazed upon the latex suit, thinking of how slutty he would look.

“Ohhhh. Oh thank you daddy Jack, thank you!” He quickly put on the suit and found it to be exactly how he imagined. Picture Catwoman in assless chaps and you’re halfway their, but when it came to his chest he wore a cutoff to reveal his soft tummy and sported black suction cups that siphoned off his sweet, erotic juice. This way he could squirt any unruly badguy with his hot nipples, rendering them into horny, seduced men.

“Now why don’t we give it a test ride Batboi.” Brucie was so into his new suit he hadn’t even registered Batman’s updated equipment. Rather than his signature black compression thong he now sported a ribbed latex sleeve to hold his manhood. It was stretched to capacity, encasing his enormous 13" dick. Jack loved the way it felt as he entered the wet and waiting Boiwonder’s hole from behind.

“Ohhhh fuck. Fuck daddy. You always know just what I need.” Batboi built in the perfect rhythm to milk his daddy’s dick. Batman swiftly pulled his head around and shoved his tongue down Brucie’s throating, eliciting a girly moan from his sidekick. He simultaneously began twisting Batboi’s nipples in just the right way, forcing Brucie into an orgasmic, sexual state. Batman released him from his kiss and maneuvered his nipple cups, aiming them directly at his tongue. Batboi moaned uncontrollably as his daddy squirted his juices all over. Their fucking continued when suddenly-

Beeep Beeeeep Beeeeeeep

“Fuck, I was close to!” Batman swore releasing his boitoy from his grip. “Until later sweetcheeks. For now it is hero time.” Batboi tried to hold onto the Dark Knight’s dick with his pussy lips, but relinquished with a wet smack.

The two caped crusaders made their way to the Bat Cave. The dank cave looked a lot different than how Brucie had pictured it. There before him was every leather daddy’s dream dungeon. Complete with several slings, restraints, all manners of dildos, cock cages and collars. Brucie stifled a moan as Batman smiled above him.

“Oh Brucie, you ain’t seen nothin yet.” Batman rumbled, slapping him on his fat booty, eliciting a high pitched squeak from him.

There before the two of them stood an object covered by a black sheet. Batman ripped away the protective case revealing the most gorgeous motorcycle Brucie had ever laid eyes on. Black unicorns and penis’ adorned the seductive and shapely bike. There on the seat was the crown jewel: A 10" black dildo protruding from the padded seat making Brucie giggle in glee, his nipples beginning to drip.

“Oh daddy Jack…it’s perfect” Little Brucie said climbing aboard. It was just what he needed to take his mind off the empty feeling in his hole. He slowly lowered himself onto the thick piece. It was, warm almost life-like.

“Safety first Batboi. This bike used to belong to Nightwing…the dildo you’ve just impaled yourself on is an exact replica of his dick and it will keep you in place while you ride.”

“Like, I KNEW it felt familiar!” Brucie never forgot a dick. Especially one as nice as Nightwing’s. Without warning Batman pulled out a remote and punched out a command. As he did so the dildo began to vibrate and pulse in Batboi’s pussy, eliciting girly moans from the Boiwonder.

“I know how ornery you get without anything in your holes. Hopefully this tides you over.”

Batboi could only moan in response as he revved his bike to life. Batman hopped on his own bike, a manly chopper fit for a daddy like him.  He pulled out a thick cigar and with a quick burst of flame he lit it. Brucie thought it was so hot how his daddy road while smoking. The two sped off down one of the many tunnels underneath Napier manor, Batboi moaning all the while. They had a villain to seduce! As they rode through the tunnels a high-tech looking watch appeared around Batman’s wrist accompanied by a seductive knowing smirk…this was going to be fun.

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