Juan's Baby Brother

By Willie Cici published December 4, 2018
The final phase of testing and Josh's plan would take off . . .

Joaquin parked his Jeep Wrangler in front of the shore house of his friend, Juan Córneo. Juan owed Joaquin a sizable amount of cash. He had ducked Joaquin for weeks, but Joaquin would not be denied today. He climbed the steps of the front entrance and knocked on the door. No one answered. He knew Juan was home. His supped-up Hummer was parked in the drive-way.

Joaquin walked down the steps and along the side of the home, to the rear entrance. He climbed the stairs of the deck and stopped when he saw a man seated on the railing of the deck.

“Who are you?”, Joaquin asked.

“Javier. I’m Juan’s baby brother.”, the stud replied.

Joaquin stared Juan’s brother. Nothing about the handsome muscled stud said ‘baby’. Perched upon the metal rail that bordered the deck, Javier literally blocked the sunlight. He had strong developed limbs. His chest and arms were magnificently curved and carved. His cobbled core and waist formed the point of his broad shoulders. In his fluorescent pink shorts, Javier’s deep well tanned physique screamed sexy. His black hair and Latin sexiness punctuated the overall impression. “How many bitches does he fuck a month?”, Joaquin thought to himself. He was no slouch, but Juan was incredible. Words failed to capture the essence, the virility, the studliness of Juan’s baby brother. (To see Javier, click here).

Javier hopped off of the railing of the deck and extended his hand. Joaquin shook Javier’s hand and said, “Juan told me you would be coming over. You up for a drink?”

“I’m here to get my money.”, Joaquin said.

“I ain’t got your money. You up for a drink? While you wait?”, Javier said. When Joaquin complained, Javier said, “Juan left a bottle of some wicked liquor. He got it in the islands. You gotta mix with some juice.”, Javier said.

“What is it?”, Joaquin said.

“Apulla. It’s like tequila. But it’s stronger.”, Javier said. “The juice helps.”

“Sure. Whatever.”, Joaquin said. Javier walked into the kitchen from the deck. He returned with two glasses. He handed Joaquin the glass of Apulla, on the rocks. Joaquin downed the first glass of Apulla. He looked at his watch. He was running late for another appointment, a little brunette that he intended to seduce. He was there for his money. The time for Juan to pay had arrived.

“I don’t know what your rush is. You got time. Juan told me to make sure that you relax and have fun.”, Javier said. “Let me get you a refill.” Javier took Joaquin’s glass, walked back into the kitchen and returned with another glass of Apulla. Joaquin gulped the tart and sweet beverage. “Just relax.”

Joaquin heard Javier’s words. “Yeah. Just relax.”

“Yes. Relax and have fun.”, Javier repeated.

“Relax and have fun.”, Joaquin said. The effects of the serum slowly infiltrated his mind, leaving him dazed and entranced.

“Relax, have fun and do everything I say.”, Javier insisted.

“Relax, have fun and do everything you say.”, Joaquin replied, dazed, entranced and submissive.

“Relax, have fun and obey.”, Javier insisted.

“Relax, have fun and obey.”, Joaquin repeated.

When Javier felt that he had Joaquin under control, Javier said, “Follow me into the house.” Joaquin followed Javier into the house. “Sit down.” Joaquin sat on padded chair. Javier knelt before the studly Joaquin and lowered his shorts. His massive cock, hard and erect, sprung from his short and underwear. (To see Joaquin, click here). Javier knelt before the sitting Joaquin and sucked his massive cock. His head bobbed back and forth like a machine that would not stop. Joaquin moaned as he enjoyed the pleasure Javier offered.

In the master bedroom of Juan’s modest shore house, Josh and Juan sat in front of the computer laptop and watched Javier fellate the serum-entranced Joaquin. “You didn’t believe me.”

Juan shook his head. “No. I didn’t. So, your people can supply me with this serum?”

“Yeah. Four liters a week. $500,000.”, Josh replied.

“That’s too much.”, Juan muttered.

“That’s the price.”, Josh said. “You’ll earn that in two days. With the expansion of your distribution and control, you’ll …”

“Okay. It’s a deal.”, Juan said, as he extended his hand. Josh shook the Columbian king pin’s hand. Juan stared at the laptop and said, “In my country, Joaquin and Javier would live in shame.”

Josh listened to Juan as he narrated the plight of the gay in his native land. Josh asked, “Would you like to …”

Juan stared at Josh and said, “I want those boys as my putos.” He said it with authority and entitlement.

Using the microphone attached to the laptop, Josh said, “Javier, stop. Prepare two glasses of Apulla, one for you, one for Joaquin.” Javier rose from his kneeling crouch and prepared two glasses of the serum-laced juice. When Josh saw the boys fall deeper into trance, Josh said to Juan, “Follow me.”

Josh led Juan to the living room. He said to the boys, “Get naked.” Javier and Joaquin removed their clothes and stood naked. “Now, get on your knees.” The studs knelt before Juan and Josh. Josh stared at the boys and said, “Juan is your master. From now on, you obey Juan. Whatever Juan says, you will obey him. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, the boys answered.

“Say it: I will obey Juan.”, Josh ordered.

“I will obey Juan.”, the boys repeated.


“I will obey Juan.”, the boys said.

Josh turned and faced Juan. “And Juan obeys who?”

“Joshua.”, Juan replied.

“That’s right. Joshua.”, Josh replied, a wry smile on his lips. “Get naked and join your puto friends.” Juan removed his clothes and knelt next to Javier and Joaquin.

Josh grabbed his cell phone and placed a call. “Done. Okay.” Josh ended the call. “Now, the final phase.”, he thought to himself. “Lie on the rug and form a triangle and suck each other’s cocks until you cum. Don’t take your mouth off cock. You’re going to swallow each other’s cum. Understand?”

“Yes.”, the entranced naked studs replied. They reclined upon the carpet, and positioned themselves in a triangle, cocks swallowed. They bobbed their heads back and forth making sure that their lips never left their partner’s cock.

Josh’s serum, in its final form, had a new kick: swallowing the serum-laced cum renders the changes permanent. He needed permanent changes for these three putos. Juan and his underlings would operate a drug distribution operation that would fund the covert activities of Josh’s company. A tangled web of deception and money required such desperate tactics.

Josh had long abandoned his morals. His work required absolutes. If it was good for the nation, it was good, no matter what the cost, no matter what the impact. Who cared if these three men would suck cock for the rest of their days? Who cared if drugs would destroy our inner cities? As long as Josh profited, he would pursue whatever and whenever.

Josh watched the studly trio suck each other’s cocks. He was annoyed that he had not joined the trio. Perhaps, when they were finished, Josh would take Javier. It was only fair. He was Juan’s baby brother.

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