Andrew's Dad

By Willie Cici
published December 4, 2018

Andrew’s employer offers him an opportunity … unexplained

Andrew could not believe his eyes. “Use about two ounces of serum. Lace his alcohol. The serum, mixed with the accelerant, goes through the blood stream at a faster rate, and attacks the cerebral cortex and cerebellum. From there you can start.”, he remembered Josh saying to him. It sounded so farfetched. “How can a serum change behavior?”, Andrew pondered.

Josh Williams, Andrew’s employer, worked in the private sector, conducting covert activities for the government. As part of the covert operations, Josh and the scientists at his company developed many products designed to improve the quality of the government’s efforts in its fight against international terrorism. For example, one product, which the 40+ year old men of the company were testing, was a formula designed to restore testosterone levels to that of an 18-year-old without suffering the cardiac consequences. Another product was a serum that rendered a person in trance. “Why would Josh give me the power to control Jason?”, Andrew questioned. Jason Carlton, the chief financial officer of the company, was a glorified bean counter, a paper pusher, completely unaware of the company’s doings. Jason was also the company asshole. No one wanted to work for him or with him. Josh, when he hired Andrew, said, “Andrew, do this for me and you will be rewarded.” Andrew suspected that Josh knew his secret; hopefully, Josh did not know too many of Andrew’s secrets.

Josh hired Andrew to serve as Jason’s administrative assistant. The 44-year-old Jason abused Andrew from the first day. Andrew made the mistake of confessing his sexual orientation to Jason. Jason did not take well to Andrew’s admission. “Josh hired a faggot to work for me.”, Jason often complained. When Andrew reported Jason’s reproachable behavior, Josh said, “Andrew, do me this favor. Put up with it. It will pay off in the end.”

Andrew now understood Josh’s admonition. “Jason, can you hear me?”, he said to the still and quiet Jason. The glass tumbler had fallen out of his hands onto the leather couch in Jason’s office.

“Yes.”, Jason mumbled.

Andrew smiled. The hour struck 5pm. Dutifully, especially on Fridays, Andrew walked into Jason’s office, poured Jason two fingers of bourbon and served the cocktail to his superior. Today, he spiked the bourbon with the two ounces of serum. Luckily, Jason preferred his bourbon neat. Once he gulped the spiked bourbon, Jason said to Andrew, “Who or what are you doing this weekend? A pride march, per …?”, Jason asked. He never finished the word, perhaps. Like a statute, Jason froze. His eyes glazed, his body fell limp, his head leaning against the back of the couch.

Andrew sat next to Jason and whispered into his ears. “Jason, why are you so mean to me?”

“Because you’re gay. I hate homos.”, Jason replied.

“How can you hate someone like you? You’re gay. You’re in the closet, but you’re still a gay. Say it with me: I am a gay man in the closet. I am a fag.”

“I am a gay man in the closet. I am a fag.”, Jason said.

“Say it again.”, Andrew insisted.

“I am a gay man in the closet. I am a fag.”, Jason repeated.

“You’ve been mean to me because you secretly have a crush on me. Say it: I have a crush on Andrew.”

“I have a crush on Andrew.”, Jason repeated.

“I want to have sex with Andrew.”

“I want to have sex with Andrew.”

“I want to be Andrew’s little boy.”

“I want to be Andrew’s little boy.”

“I obey Andrew because I’m his little boy.”

“I obey Andrew because I’m his little boy.”

“Say it: I will obey Andrew because I’m his little boy.”

“I will obey Andrew because I’m his little boy.”, Jason repeated.

“Say it again: I will obey Andrew because I’m his little boy.”

“I will obey Andrew because I’m his good little boy.”

“How old are you, good little boy?”


“No. Good little boys are not that old. They are 10. You’re 10 years old. Say it: I’m 10 years old.”

“I’m 10 years old.”

“You are my 10-year-old good little boy. 10-year-old good little boys obey their daddy. Since you obey me, then who am I?”

“You’re … my … Daddy.”, Jason stammered.

“Say it: Andrew is my Daddy. I obey my daddy.”

“Andrew is my Daddy. I obey my daddy.”

“Say it: Andrew is my Daddy. I obey my daddy.”

“Andrew is my Daddy. I obey my daddy.”

Andrew smiled. “Daddy is going to take his good little boy home. Whenever you hear my voice, you will obey Daddy. No matter where. No matter what. Do you understand?”

“Yes … Daddy.”, Jason said.

Andrew smiled. “It can’t be this easy.”, he thought to himself. He held the vial of serum in his hand and looked at the clear liquid. There were least two more doses in the vial. Andrew rose from the couch, walked over and studied Jason’s laptop, reviewing Jason’s calendar for the weekend and Monday morning. “Good.”, Andrew muttered to himself. “Nothing on the calendar. I have the weekend.”

Andrew walked over to Jason and asked, “Can you get up?” Jason rose from the couch. “Hand me your keys. I’ll drive to your home. When we reach the car, you’ll tell me the address.”

“Yes … Daddy.”, Jason said.

“When we walk out, I’m going to grab you by the waist. We’re going to pretend that you are not feeling well and that I’m taking you home.”, Andrew explained.

“Yes … Daddy.”, Jason replied.

Andrew took Jason by the hand. At the threshold of the door to Jason’s office, Andrew took Jason by the waist and pretended to escort Jason to the parking garage. As they walked by Josh’s office, Josh stared at Andrew and smiled. Andrew gave Josh a thumbs-up. Josh nodded ‘yes’, approving Andrew’s tactics. From there to the elevator to the parking garage to Jason’s Mercedes SUV, Andrew kept a firm grip upon Jason. He did not know how relaxed Jason was. He did not feel like dead weight, but clearly, Andrew was guiding Jason’s every step.

As Andrew drove out of the garage, he turned to stare at Jason, who sat still and quiet in the passenger seat. Andrew faced forward and smiled. “Now, we begin.”

The narcotic effects of the serum wore off after ninety minutes. Jason the insufferable returned for a moment. With Andrew’s first command, Jason exhibited the long-term effects of the induction and returned to the compliant, entranced state.

“Jason, who am I?”

“Andrew.”, Jason answered. He paused for a moment. “Daddy.”, he added. The synapses linked.

“And who does Jason obey?”, Andrew asked.

“Daddy.”, Jason replied.

“Good little boy. Now, it’s time for bed. So, let’s go up and take your shower.”

“No. I don’t want to.”, Jason replied.

Andrew paused for a moment. “Why is he being disobedient?”, he thought to himself. It then dawned on Andrew: Jason was behaving like a bratty 10-year-old.

“Jason”, Andrew said sternly, “it’s time for bed and your shower. Listen to Daddy.”

“I don’t wanna take a shower.”, Jason complained as he climbed the imposing modern spiral staircase of his home. Andrew followed Jason to the master bedroom suite.

“Okay. Let’s take off your clothes.”, Andrew said. He helped Jason undress. He wanted to press the flesh and feel Jason’s physique. Andrew knew that all the older executives, Jason included, were testing Josh’s testosterone supplement wonder drug. As Jason removed his dress shirt, Andrew caressed Jason’s sculpted chest and rippled core. He looked incredible. “All that hair covering that incredible body.”, he whispered. He smiled. “I’ll take care of that.” Andrew undressed. The 44-year-old and the 23-year-old stood naked in the middle of Jason’s bedroom. Andrew led Jason to the bathroom. In the massive granite walk-in shower, Jason stood facing the shower. Andrew searched for a razor and shaving gel in the medicine cabinet, near the basin. When he found the razor and shaving gel, Andrew entered the shower, adjusted the water and applied the shaving gel to Jason’s chest. Slowly and methodically, Andrew shaved every inch and crevice of Jason’s hairy body, from his neck to his belly button, front and back.

When he tried to shave Jason’s groin and pubic region, Jason objected. “It tickles, Daddy.”

“Jason, Daddy has to shave you because the hair can make little boys sick. You don’t wanna be sick, do you?”

“No, Daddy.”, Jason replied.

“So, we have to get all the hair from your body so that you won’t get sick.”, Andrew said.

“Okay, Daddy.”, Jason said.

Andrew applied the cool blue gel to Jason’s crotch, his flaccid shaft and his dangling balls. Jason’s cock grew erect, allowing Andrew the ease of shaving the gnarly, veined shaft. He stretched Jason’s ball sack to make sure every hair was shaved. “Okay, Jason. Now, kneel on the bench, and spread your butt cheeks. Daddy has to get the hairs out of your ass.”

“Okay, Daddy.”, Jason answered.

Andrew spread the blue shaving gel on Jason’s tight, firm buttocks. He spread open the cheeks of Jason’s ass and shaved the messy hair that covered his buttocks. As he inspected the area, Andrew opted to remove all of Jason’s hair, down to his ankles. He left Jason’s facial hair. On Monday, Jason would return to work. He needed Jason to appear normal to the office personnel. With all of Jason’s body hair removed, Andrew grabbed some shower gel and lathered Jason’s taut physique. Andrew’s firm hands aroused the studly Jason. His cock hardened and lengthened. Andrew stared at Jason. “Daddy’s little boy has a big peepee.”

“Yes, Daddy.”, Jason answered, practically moaning from the pleasure of Andrew’s stroking hands.

Andrew did not relent and stroked Jason’s cock until he climaxed, spraying his seed upon the shower floor. “Can you wash Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy.”, Jason answered.

Andrew squirted some shower gel on Jason’s hands and said, “Just like I bathed you.”

“Okay, Daddy.”, Jason said. He lathered his hands and bathed Andrew. As his hands drew close to Andrew’s cock, Andrew said, “Don’t forget Daddy’s peepee.” Jason stroked Andrew’s cock with his wet, soapy hands. Andrew was already semi-hard. With Jason’s stroking hands, Andrew’s cock swelled and grew long. “Faster, Jason.”

“Okay, Daddy.”, Jason replied. His tug and pull became faster. When Andrew began to moan, Jason asked, “Are you okay, Daddy?”

“Don’t stop. Keep stroking.”, Andrew ordered. Jason stroked all the faster until Andrew but his nut, spraying Jason’s groin and core with his jizz. Andrew grabbed some soap and finished bathing himself and Jason. Once they rinsed and toweled each other dry, Andrew applied a cooling lotion upon Jason’s entire body. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”, Jason replied.

Andrew led Jason into the bedroom where the happy couple reclined upon the king-sized bed and fell asleep, spooning in each other’s arms, with Andrew nestling his flaccid member between the smooth ass cheeks of his good little boy.

The next morning, Andrew arose from the bed and walked into the bathroom. Before he reached the bathroom, Andrew heard his cell phone beep. He grabbed his cell phone to check for messages. As he stood in the bathroom, Andrew noticed a call from Josh. He hit the ‘call’ button to return Josh’s call. (To see Andrew in the bathroom, click here).

“Hey, Josh!”, Andrew said.

“I saw you leaving with Jason. How did things work out?”, Josh asked.

“As you said. I’m at his house. We …”, Andrew answered.

“Make sure you give him another dose. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”, Andrew replied.

“Good. Don’t forget: do what I told you to do.”

“Yes, Sir.”, Andrew answered.

When Josh ended the call, Andrew looked in the mirror. He looked at his body. He located the shaving gel and spread the gel upon his body. He found the razor left in the shower and groomed his body. Andrew knew he needed to keep his body smooth. Good little boys need to keep their bodies smooth. Andrew was a good little boy. He knew he had to listen to Josh and do what he had been told to do.

Josh smiled as he ended his call with Andrew.

Josh sired Andrew out of wedlock, before his marriage to his first wife, Trish. He supported his child, but he never told his wife or Caryn, his second wife. When Andrew earned his Master’s Degree, Josh offered Andrew a position at his company. Josh tested the serum on Andrew. When Andrew succumbed to the serum, Josh questioned Andrew about his background. When he learned that Andrew was gay and had a thing for older men, Josh knew that he had the perfect puppet to handle his upstart CFO, Jason, who was snooping too much in the affairs of his company. Josh decided to use Andrew to his advantage. Andrew would execute his plan and take out Jason. Jason would become Andrew’s little bitch. With Jason out of the way, Josh could continue his company’s work and develop the serum without Jason’s interference.

Jason was Andrew’s boy – and Andrew was Josh’s boy. Everything was going as planned.

On Sunday morning, Andrew awoke. Jason was not in the bed. He grabbed a pair of boxer briefs and searched for Jason. Andre opened the door of the courtyard that lay in the middle of the mansion. He found Jason standing outside, wearing a pair of black briefs. Andrew smiled as he observed his handiwork. Jason’s taut, ripped physique looked incredible once Andrew removed all of the unwanted hair from his body.

Jason smiled at Andrew. It was the grin of a youngster. (To see Jason, click here). “Why are you outside?”, Andrew asked.

“I wanted to get some sun.”, Jason said. He sounded so puerile.

Andrew smiled. He knew that would have to feed Jason another dose of serum and rewrite Jason’s personality. At the office, Jason would be Jason, the obedient financial expert who never questioned Josh. At home, Jason would become Andrew’s bitch, subservient, docile and dependent upon Andrew’s cock and cum.

Jason was Andrew’s boy. Everything was going as planned.

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