Tribal Lust

By Willie Cici published December 4, 2018
Connor learns that masks do not necessarily hide your emotions . . .

“Why do you insist on pursuing this … theory?”, the student asked.

“Because I don’t believe homosexuals sprung into existence in the 1800s. Gay and lesbians have populated this world since the Garden of Eden.”, Professor James replied.

“That may be true, but …”

“Connor, for the good of society, organized peoples needed to slander homosexual relations because they were not fruitful. In Roman times, men fornicated outside of marriage all the time, but they still fucked their wives to create more Romans. Some men went to brothels. Some men went to the baths. Patricians fucked their slaves. Plebeians fucked each other.”, the Professor James answered.

“But, in Africa, tribal culture could never tolerate homosexuality.”, Connor stated.

“Well, that’s not accurate. Professor James Bieber, at the turn of the 20th century, during his exploration, encountered the Harari tribe who practiced sodomy. He found it, albeit not as common, in the Oromo and among the Somalis. They practiced, by his eyewitness account, mutual masturbation by both sexes and sodomy between men and adolescents who had attained the status of a man, not a mere boy. However, in the societies that punished such behavior, tribes used ‘Scarlet Letter’-like punishments.” The Professor James rose from his desk and retrieved a book from his library. “Quote. Among the Maale of southern Ethiopia, a small minority of men, called ‘ashtime’ dressed like women, meaning no clothes, performed female tasks, and had sexual relations with men. These men, however, were forced to wear masks when they had contact with the other members of the tribe. Unquote.”

“The masks were tribal military apparel. You said so in class.”, Connor said.

“No. I said that some of the masks that anthropologists have found suggest a military purpose.”, the Professor James corrected. He walked over to the unopened shipping container and said, “Hand me the box cutter. In my desk.”

Connor handed the Professor James the box cutters located in the Professor James’s desk. Connor watched the Professor James carefully open the padded cardboard box. The markings on the outside of the box suggested that the contents had traveled far to reach its current destination. Slowly, the Professor James unpacked the ancient wooden artifact: an African carved mask that resembled some type of horned animal.

“What is it?”, Connor asked.

“This is a ‘shame mask’. It’s the artist’s conception of a ram. The person wearing the mask would walk naked, as did the women. It was sarcasm, punctuated with irony. The horned ram who would perform the female’s duties.”, the Professor James explained.

“Can I hold it?”, Connor asked. The Professor James handed Connor a pair of cotton gloves and handed the mask to Connor. “It’s not painted, but the colors are like … wood-stain.”

“They used pigments from plants and vegetables to paint their faces and their artwork.”, the Professor James said. “They were not primitive. They simply did not have a ‘Home Depot’ in the bush.”

Connor stared at the Professor James and said, “No kidding.” In the packing crate, the Professor James found an envelope. He opened the envelope and read the note inside. The Professor James started to laugh. “What’s so funny?”, Connor asked.

“My colleague who forwarded the mask warns that the mask is cursed, according to legend. He urges me to make sure that no one puts on the mask.”, the Professor James said.

“Cursed? That’s bullshit.”, Connor said. Connor continued to inspect the mask. It weighed less than a pound, but felt heavy. Connor inspected the front and the back of the helmet. There were no straps to the back of the helmet. “How does it stay in place?”, Connor muttered. He lifted the mask to his face and slowly placed it on his face.

Connor felt the mask mold to his face. When he tried to remove the mask, he found that he could not. “Professor James, something’s wrong.”, Connor shouted. “I … can’t.”, Connor tried to say, but then muted.

Professor James tried to pull the mask off of Connor but could not remove the mask. “Something’s wrong.” He inspected the packing crate looking for some other information.

When Professor James turned around, he was stunned to find Connor holding the mask to his face but standing naked in his office. “Connor, what happened to your clothes?” (To see Connor wearing the mask, click here).

“Furka igu.”, Connor shouted.

Professor James looked at the naked stud. “Connor, take off that mask and put on your clothes.”

“Furka igu. Hadda ii shaki.”, Connor shouted again.

Professor James did not understand what Connor was shouted. He knew that the language and the tone was tribal, but did not understand his babel.

Suddenly, flashes of bright white light bolted from the eye sockets of Connor’s mask. The flashes of light blinded Professor James, freezing him in place. When the flashes of bright white light ended, Professor James stood naked. The professor’s body had morphed into the body of a tribal warrior, muscled, ripped, lean and strong. His cock rose like a lightning rod, easily 10” hard. James and Connor stood there, facing each other, stroking their cocks.

Professor James shouted, “Jilbahaaga qaado.” Immediately, Connor fell to his knees. Professor James approached the kneeling Connor and rammed his rock-hard cock down Connor’s throat. Connor swallowed and engulfed his professor’s cock, licking the shaft, playing with James’ dangling balls. “Dhibaato, adigu waad dhillowday.” Connor bobbed his mouth faster and faster upon the professor’s genitals, as he demanded.

“I tusi dameerka.”, Professor James demanded. Connor rose to his feet and turned around, bending over and exposing his rosebud. Professor James slid two fingers into Connor’s hole. “Wiil aad u jilicsan.”, Professor James complimented.

Connor leaned over the Professor’s desk and said, “Nabar dameerkeyga. Feel adag igu qabo.” The Professor spit on his rock-hard cock and slid his massive erection into Connor’s tight little hole. Connor howled with the pleasurable pain. Connor’s cock rubbed against the papers that littered the professor’s desk. He could feel his cock thickening as the rubbing friction made him hard. Soon, Professor James pulled his cock out Connor’s ass. He spun the naked stud around, causing him to drop to his knees. Professor James stroked his cock, shoved his cock down Connor’s throat and filled Connor’s mouth and throat with ounces of his cum.

Connor stared at Professor James through the eyes of the wooden mask. He grabbed the mask and removed it from his face. The two men stared at each other, saying nothing.

“What just happened?”, Connor asked Professor James.

“I don’t know, but …”, Professor James said, as he took the mask and pressed it against Connor’s face. The bolts of flashing white lights buzzed around the office. Professor James smiled. “Nuugay cawsgayga. Uma heleysid tan fudud.”

Professor James forced Connor to his knees and shoved his slightly flaccid member into Connor’s mouth. He would not be denied the pleasure of Connor’s mouth and ass. He fucked Connor the remainder of the afternoon, that evening and that night. Professor James fucked Connor repeatedly, shooting ounces of his creamy goo down Connor’s throat.

The professor and his student awoke the next morning, spooning upon the professor’s couch in his office. They stared into each other’s eyes. Connor kissed the professor. Professor James smiled. He felt his cock pressing against Connor’s buttocks. He slid his morning wood deep into Connor’s wanting hole. Connor moaned and rode the professor’s cock, grinding his hips on the professor’s cock.

The professor closed his eyes. He had secretly lusted for the young stud. Now, the curse of the mask became his blessing. Connor was his and he would do everything he could to keep the stud in his bed. There were regulations against professors having relations with students. The professor would have to well mask his affair with Connor.

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