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Darren decides to try hypnotising Steve

Darren stared across the room. Yesterday, he noticed Steve ordering around Neil and Lee. They were doing exactly what he was saying without question. He approached Steve and asked him straight out.

“I hypnotized them and now they do whatever I say” Steve smiled.

Darren looked at the other guys. They guys were present but didn’t seem to be all there. Could he actually be telling the truth? Could Steve really have been able to do that?

Steve was no longer on the soccer team but Darren remembered when they were younger and went abroad for a match. Darren and Steve shared a room and it was then that Darren realised he wasn’t only interested in girls. Steve had taken a shower and came into the room in just a towel, which caused something inside Darren to stir.

That night, Darren waited for Steve to fall asleep first. He remembers lying in bed and ‘accidentally’ touching off him. He had his headphones with music playing, which he placed over Steve’s ears. He saw the use of subliminal messaging in movies and wanted to see if this would make Steve sing the song the next day. It didn’t work - Steve woke up and looked at Darren with ‘what the hell are you doing?’ eyes.

Since then, Darren looked into subliminal messaging and hypnosis a few times. Maybe he could try it out again.

“I believe you. Do you know I’ve read a bit about hypnosis too. I bet I could hypnotise you…” Darren said, testing the water.

Steve was still smiling but it was obvious from his face that he was thinking.

“Yeah okay. Go ahead” he finally said.

Darren couldn’t believe it. He was going to hypnotise Steve. It made his dick tingle slightly. His heart was beating quickly at the thought that have him doing whatever he wanted. He would have Steve and his subjects under his control.

“Okay, let me just grab something to do it with”

Darren went to his school bag. He had a chain inside it with some dog tags. They weren’t real, just for show, but they would do for this. He raised them in front of Steve’s eyes.

“I’m going to swing these dog tags and you’re going to have to follow them”

“Yeah okay, no problem”

Darren began to slowly swing the dog tags. He was making sure to start off slowly. He concentrated on making the movement slow and steady. Steve’s eyes followed and then stopped, followed and then stopped. He wasn’t doing it correctly.

“You have to follow it with your eyes…” Darren encouraged.

“Follow it with eyes” Steve repeated.

Darren wasn’t sure if he was repeating on purpose or not. Maybe he was going into a trance… and his words were hitting home. He focused on making the movements of the dog tags slow and steady.

“Yes… focus on the dog tags” Darren continued.

“The dog tags have focus on them…” Steve said.

What was that? He must be getting mixed up. This must be putting him under!

“That’s it… you can’t take your eyes off them…”

“Eyes are glued to the dog tags” Steve added.

Wait… what? Darren hadn’t mentioned anything about glue. Maybe subjects start creating images to put themselves into a trance. He must already be hooked on the swinging, Darren couldn’t even help himself from following. He must have been doing a good job.

“Your -”

“eyes can’t look away from the dog tags” Steve interjected.

Darren was caught off guard but continued swinging the dogs. He should continue the induction.

“You’re -”

“enjoying looking at the dog tags… you like following them… you like how relaxed you’re beginning to feel.”

Darren was beginning to relax. He didn’t realise how tense he’d been. He’s sure he’ll be a good hypnotist in this relaxed state. He continued.

“You’re -”

“beginning to feel tired… you still can’t take your eyes off the dog tags… you’re now enjoying the sound of my voice… you want to listen to me… and keep swinging the dog tags…”

Darren kept swinging the dog tags. Is this how you hypnotise someone? You start by talking and then you start listening?

“As you continue looking at the dog tags, your mind feels foggy… everything is out of focus except the dog tags… and my voice…”

True… the only clear thing in front of him were the dog tags… swinging back and forth… and Steve’s voice… so clear…

“Keep swinging those tags… following them… and listening to my voice… it feels so good…”

Darren felt good. He was concentrated on the chain swinging left to right… left to right…

“That’s it, Darren…. you’re feeling so relaxed, so happy to follow it back and forth…”

Back and forth… back and forth… it is so easy to follow…

“Now Darren, you realise that you’re beginning to feel even more relaxed… and sleepy…”

A wave a relaxation swept over Darren… he felt like yawning too. But maybe later… the dog tags were still moving back and forth…

“Let me just take that off you…”

Darren felt Steve’s hand touch his and his grip on the chain loosened. In that moment, the fog rolled back a bit. Was this supposed to be happening? No! Darren shook his head, trying to clear it.

“Just relax…” Steve continue as he started to swing the dog tags again.

Darren’s eyes immediately followed them… the relaxation returned… what was he thinking?

“Don’t think… just relax and let that sleepiness take over…”

Oh… he wasn’t meant to think… he was so tired now anyway… his eyes kept drooping… but he didn’t want to look away from the dog tags…

“That’s it… just let your mind go blank… free… and let my words take over…”

The dog tags…. Steve’s voice…. Steve’s words….

“You are hypnotised, Darren… you’re hypnotised and you love it… you don’t want to be in control… you want to be under my control…”

Hypnotised… under control… Steve’s words… Steve’s voice… dog tags…

“You want to obey… it makes you happy to obey… answer me…”

“…yes” Darren replied. His lips parted without him having any control over it… it is good… he doesn’t want control.

“When I snap my fingers… you will close your eyes and fall into a deep trance… completely under my control”

Deep trance… completely under Snap. It was dark… Darren could hear a voice but could make sense of it. He felt a hand on his shoulder… then on his torso… then he felt more relaxed. He felt the hand opening his shirt and rubbing along his body and around to his back. He heard the voice again… and breath on his ear… someone whispering… he suddenly felt aroused… it’s what the voice wants… the voice is his master… it just told him… Steve is his master… the owner of the voice… the owner of Darren.

Steve looked at his new subject. He hadn’t known Darren was learning to hypnotise. It’s a good thing that he had been practicing so that he could turn it around on him. He continued caressing Darren’s body in his open shirt.

“Good slave… you’re mine and you’ll do whatever I tell you without question…”

“I’m yours and I’ll do whatever you tell me… without question” Darren repeated obediently.

Steve smiled and looked around at the other guys he had under his control. These guys had been fun and good practice… but he still had to get Brendan.

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