Remote Lust

By WhatAnInterestingSurprise published December 4, 2018
Jackson finds a remote on his bed with very intriguing functionalities.

To Jackson, the remote was a godsend. As a horny gay college student he couldn’t think of a better piece of “technology”. He had found it laying on his dorm room bed one day with a vague instructional sticky note taped to it. “Use on dudes, the dial is intensity.” The device in question had the appearance of an off-brand slimmed down iPhone. A screen covered the top half of the surface, and three smaller buttons detailed on the first, a cartoon bone, the second a few curled lines which Jackson interpreted as a ram’s horn, and the final button showed the squirting water emoji. Below the three buttons lay a turning dial ranging from 1 to 10.

Jackson had decided to leave the remote where it lay, by the time Jackson had returned from the day of classes he had completely forgotten about the remote, shucking everything but his underpants he flopped onto his bed, remembering the remote instantly as he felt the cold plastic press into his bare skin. Fishing out the curious device he turned it over in his hands a few times, inspecting all the features, the dial was currently set to six. Without a thought he pressed the button labeled with the bone. He recoiled slightly as a small shock zapped his right index finger, pulling it away he realized he had covered the end of the remote where the laser came out, similar to television remote.

As Jackson continued to inspect the remote, he involuntarily let out a grunt of pleasure as a peculiar sensation overtook his groin. Looking down at his briefs, he saw his cock inside suddenly pulse and swell, rapidly hardening, stretching his underwear away from his skin. Before steadying at an almost full erection, throbbing insistently against the fabric. It didn’t take long for Jackson to connect the dots, there was no way his dick could get that hard in 5 seconds, the remote had something to do with it. Intrigued he turned the dial on the remote from 6 up to 8, aimed the remote at his crotch and pressed the bone button again.

He instantly felt blood rush into his cock, forcing it to swell once more, the meaty pole was quickly maneuvering its way to full hardness, his briefs strained against his now vertical cock, he could see it throbbing insistently inside the grey fabric. Coaxing him to let it out of its cloth cage.

Out of curiosity Jackson dialed the remote down to number one and fired at his throbbing dick. Within seconds the felt the heat rush out of his dick as is deflated and softened back down to a completely flaccid state. Jackson rubbed his temples, there was no way this remote could control his erections, yet here was proof. And why was it given to him of all people? Deciding not to overthink things Jackson snapped the dial up to 10 and once again fired it at his crotch.

The following sensations were unlike anything Jackson had felt before, his dick shot into a rock hard state instantly, however it didn’t stop there, his prick continued to pulse harder and larger as his body involuntarily pumped more blood into its rock hard length. Jackson looked down in disbelief, his dick was bigger and harder than he’d ever seen it before, and it continued to swell larger. 10 seconds passed by Jackson’s cock was now visible through the overstretched fabric. The sounds of threads snapping only lasted a few moments before his underwear gave way exposing his rigid member to the open air. The head of his prick had turned a deep purple, unfamiliar veins webbed their way up and down the fat shaft. In bewilderment Jackson reached down and attempted to squeeze the head, there was almost no give, it’s only response was to suddenly pulse once more, pushing a further inch or so into the air. Jackson could only stare in awe at his cock for a few more seconds before passing out into a lustful slumber.

After a week Jackson had managed to solve what each button did on the remote. From his first encounter with the remote Jackson had deduced the button with the symbol of a bone controlled how hard guys erections or “boners” got. The second button with the symbol of a ram’s horn altered dudes libido or “horniness”. Jackson figured this after he accidentally set the dial to 10 and spent 12 hours feverishly masturbating before his brain finally cleared enough to release and relieve his sore hand and cock. The third and final button decorated with the spraying water emoji controlled how much a guy came. He also realised that if he held a button down and turned the dial the remotes screen would light up and show how many minutes, hours or even days the effect would last.

Jackson had ‘loads’ of fun in the college toilets, using the remote on whichever hot guy walked in. Turns out the remote worked through thin walls and doors allowing him to have all the fun but none of the attention, as guys suddenly found their dicks straining against the pants or uncontrollably orgasming into the urinal. The screen on the remote allowed Jackson to see what was happening to the men he zapped, meaning he didn’t even have to leave the cubicle to enjoy the show.

He was in the middle of watching a young hunk he had zapped with an intensity 6 libido ray uncontrollably beat his meat in the next cubicle over when the bathroom door creaked open. Peeking over the top of the cubicle door Jackson stared in awe and joy as the hottest stud on campus, Jordan, strolled into the men’s room. He was wearing a tank top which left little of his muscular physique to the imagination, he was sweating which Jackson figured was due to his morning jog around campus, he was probably in here to wash off his face as the showers were always busy.

“Oh I have got to see you spray” Jackson murmured to himself as he set the dial to 10 and held down the orgasm button. Turning the dial again until the screen read: “2 hours 30 minute effect time release button to activate.” Consumed by the possibility of seeing his crush orgasm in front of him Jackson opened the cubicle door and fired. Realising too late that Jordan had bent down to wash his face in the sink and the laser had shot straight through where his head had been, bouncing off the mirror and back into Jackson’s forehead. The tingle instantly shot through Jackson’s body and enveloped his cock and balls with the most orgasmic sensation he had ever felt. He let out an involuntary moan of pleasure before bucking his hips forward as the sensation of a warm cumshot blasted out the end of his already hardening dick.

Hearing the moan Jordan lifted his face from the sink to see Jackson’s flushed form standing behind him in the door of one of the toilet stalls. Jackson let out another moan as the rapidly swelling damp patch in the front of his sweatpants turned white and released a glob of cum which fell to the floor.

“Dude, what the fuck!” Jordan yelled,

“I’m sorry, I can’t sto- Oooh God!” Jackson managed to pant out before another shot launched through the material of his sweatpants and splatted onto the floor. Embarrassed and shocked Jackson sprinted out of the bathroom trying to cover his face and crotch, quickly choosing to take the stairs back up to his room instead of risking an encounter in the elevator. Running along the corridor, Jackson’s now rigid prick lead the way, rapidly ejaculating Jackson’s cream onto the floor in front of him.

Jackson shuddered up two flights of stairs in orgasmic pleasure, glancing down he saw that at least a little drop of his cum had landed on every single step up the two flights to his floor. The damp patch on the front now extended down to his knees, people might think he’d have wet himself if it weren’t for the marbled pattern of his cum, and the still spewing boner eagerly pushing against the fabric. Sprinting down the 2nd floor hallway Jackson finally made it to his room, struggling with the lock for a moment, ample time for his cock to spew a load over the handle.

As soon as he made it inside Jackson ripped down his sweatpants allowing his cock to squirt the near constant stream of jizz out the bottom of his boxers. After a few moments soaking in the pleasure Jackson remembered he could stop this with the remote. Glancing down he pushed his sodden sweatpants out of the way attempting to find the remote buried underneath the cum soaked mound. He quickly found it laying face up.

Just as he was about to reach down to pick it up a sudden orgasmic shock caused his leg to spasm pressing against the remote. In the half a second that followed Jackson realised three things. 1: He had hit all three buttons with his foot. 2: The laser had hit is toe. 3: The dial was still set to 10. Immediately after he thought this his mind lost all rational concerns. The only things running through his brain were cock, cum, and masturbation. With an orgasmic roar he ripped off his boxers barely noticing as his cock rapidly swelled to its intensity 10 size, thick veins webbed the now almost purple shaft, The spurts of jizz accelerated becoming a constant spray of white. Jumping onto his bed, Jackson wildly jacked his cock and plowed it into the sheets, quickly dousing the bed with inhuman levels of cum. His brain addled by his skyrocketing libido, Jackson aimed the spray into his mouth eagerly swallowing the salty shots, as he wildly jerked his hands up and down the thick shaft.

It would be 2 and a half hours before Jackson would return to a rational mindset, questioning why the remote didn’t have a cleanup function.

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