Lucky Jinx: Part 10

By M. Greene
published November 29, 2018

Finale - Todd’s fate…

Chapter 10.

Todd had only been up for around half an hour when Antoine arrived to see him at exactly four o’clock on Saturday afternoon. Friday had been such a fucking wild night… He had drunk far too much, met a stunning girl at the club, danced with her like crazy and had eventually staggered home at seven in the morning after three hours of mad sex at her place accompanied by various recreational drugs. He had finally crawled out of his bed, grossly hungover, just after three and was only just out of the shower when the buzzer sounded.

Fuck… Who the hell was this? Then he remembered his arrangement with Marc, or ‘Antoine’ as he was calling himself these days. Damn… His head was splitting and he really did not feel up to talking to anyone right now… Throwing on his towelling dressing gown, he lurched towards the front door and pressed the button next to the small speaker on the wall. “Yeah?”

“Hi Todd – it’s me; Antoine.”

“Okay, come right up…” Todd groaned softly to himself, buzzed Antoine into the building and went to put on some fresh coffee for them both.

Two minutes later, Todd heard a tentative knock on his front door. He left the kitchen and went to open it expecting to see his old friend standing outside. Instead, three huge black guys dressed in formal dress suits and dark sunglasses burst in, pushing him down to the floor. Todd was too hungover and caught by surprise to offer much resistance. His assailants were so well-trained and strong that, before he could even think of defending himself, his wrists were handcuffed behind his back, his ankles were shackled together and a ball-gag had been slipped over his head and pushed into his mouth. A sharp pain pricked his right bicep. Had they injected him with something? The thugs laid him down on what looked like a body bag and zipped him up inside the thing. The sudden darkness caused Todd to panic totally. He struggled and tried to scream, but it was hopeless; he could not escape or be heard. He felt himself being lifted up, thrown over the shoulder of one of his attackers and then carried along for a while, presumably towards the elevators. As they laid him down flat on his back again, his consciousness began slipping away…

Downstairs, in the quiet street outside the apartment block, Antoine was waiting in the driver’s seat of a gleaming black hearse. His long blond hair was tied into a neat pony tail and, like the three guards, he was dressed as a mortician in a dark suit with long tails at the back. As soon as he saw the steel gurney being wheeled out of the main entrance with the body bag strapped to it, he jumped out and opened the doors at the back of the sombre vehicle. Two of the guards pushed the trolley over to the funeral car, lifted it up, folded away the wheels and slid their prize into the hidden compartment which ran the length of the vehicle. The third guard handed Antoine a grip containing Todd’s phone, laptop and a collection of USB sticks he had retrieved from the apartment. Antoine placed the bag in the trunk next to Todd’s unconscious, immobilised body and shut the heavy door. In case anyone might be watching, he and the other ‘undertakers’ bowed in silent respect towards their precious cargo and then walked to the front of the vehicle and climbed in.

Antoine drove the hearse to a garage in the industrial zone of the city which Lucien owned. As soon as they were parked inside, Antoine and the three black slaves transferred everything from the funeral car to a plain, unmarked, white work van. They then stripped out of their mourning suits and donned their more usual attire; paramilitary uniforms and boots for the guards and tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers for Antoine.

On the way home, Antoine parked by the river so that one of the guards could get out and toss Todd’s phone into the muddy water. Master had ordered this precaution to be taken to prevent any possible tracking software leading investigators back to his house.

As Antoine restarted the van and drove through the city streets towards the Jacques mansion, he felt a momentary pang of pity for his friend Todd, lying sedated in the back sealed inside a body bag, but his dominant emotions were pleasure and relief that he and the other slaves had obeyed all their Master’s commands to the letter…

Baron Samedi leaned over at the naked and unconscious figure lying face up on top of the granite altar. “Yet another white slave?” he questioned.

Lucien shrugged. He was sitting naked, in the lotus position, on the marble tiles of his subterranean temple. He was trying to meditate to draw energy for the forthcoming ritual, but the Loa would keep interrupting him…

“How many is that we have to date?” Baron Samedi enquired. “It’s got to be over fifty by now…”

“We possess fifty-eight slaves in total, including our six African brothers.”

“Those African slaves don’t count,” Baron Samedi said. “We only made them into zombies to save them from certain death. What we’ve done to all these white boys is just plain vindictiveness…”

“They need to pay for what they did,” Lucien stated flatly. “Even a few score of European slaves is scant recompense for over four hundred years of their savage abuse of our people…”

The Baron’s fleshless jaws clattered together for a few seconds in his version of a laugh. “The Atlantic slave trade has been over for almost two centuries,” he said. “Don’t you think it’s time by now for us to forgive and forget?”

Lucien slowly shook his head. “Ask yourself, Loa… Do people dare to tell the Jews to forget the Holocaust?”

Baron Samedi flicked some cigar ash onto the floor and sighed. “I suppose not…” He peered again through his empty eye sockets at the unconscious young white man lying before him. “He’s a handsome one, I have to grant you… Nice muscles on him… A worthy addition to our collection…”

“So you approve, then?”

The Baron raised his rum bottle in salute. “Know that I always approve of everything you do, Monsieur Lucien. You are my physical embodiment in the Material Plane. We are one and the same entity. Remember that…” His skeletal frame retreated somewhere into the shadows of the room and vanished.

Lucien sighed, resumed his deep breathing and concentrated on clearing his mind for the ceremony he was about to perform. In his lap lay the wax doll he had made with several strands of Todd’s brown hair tied tightly around its neck…

Todd opened his light green eyes. For a few seconds, he could not focus them properly, but then he saw a tall black guy standing over him. He had extremely penetrating dark brown eyes, a shaved head and a thick beard which reached down to the top of his chest. He was not wearing any clothes…

“Good, you are awake… It is necessary that you are conscious for this part of the rite…"

Todd was lying on his back on some kind of hard surface. He tried to sit up, but found that he could not move his head or any of his limbs. It was as though he was paralysed. What had happened to him? He could not remember anything since being in that sexy girl’s apartment…

The black man, who he now recognised as Lucky Jinx the rap-artist, held what looked like a small wax figure in front of his face for a moment. It was a crudely made thing with holes for eyes and it looked as though it was soaking wet. Was that blood he could see dripping off it? It was difficult to tell in the dim light…

Jinx intoned some words in what sounded like French and placed the doll, or whatever it was, in the middle of Todd’s chest. It was very light and he could hardly feel the thing sitting there over his heart.

Jinx stepped closer and Todd saw that he was holding his flaccid brown dick in his right hand. A splash of warm liquid hit first the doll on his chest and then ran over the rest of his supine body. Oh fuck… The guy was pissing on him… Jinx aimed the spray carefully, making sure that every inch of Todd’s exposed skin was thoroughly soaked. Unable to move, Todd felt the hot urine trickling into his mouth, nose and ears. For some unknown reason, he was not as disturbed by this as he would have thought he would be…

Next, Jinx began jacking on his dick until it became hard. Todd looked at the man’s member with something close to awe. It looked like a fucking black mamba, it was so long… He kind of knew what was going to happen next and was unsurprised when a gout of thick cum smacked him right between the eyes and dribbled down his upturned face. Jinx ejaculated quite a few heavy wads of sperm over his body and then, once he had finished, used both his hands to rub the creamy mess into Todd’s skin.

Jinx closed his eyes, spread out his arms and began chanting some more completely unintelligible French-sounding words. Weirdly, even though he was unable to move a single muscle, Todd still felt very calm lying there listening to the rapper’s sonorous voice. Almost peaceful, in fact…

Todd became aware of a warm sensation gradually spreading over his chest. He stared along his body at the doll and saw that it was starting to melt. Drips of wax were beginning to run slowly down the sides of his torso and some of the wax appeared to be spreading towards his head. Entranced, he felt it inch across his neck, flow up to cover his chin, then mouth, nose and eyes. Now blind and deaf, Todd was still aware of the thin layer of wax creeping over his skin to coat his entire body from head to foot. Still feeling very relaxed and peaceful, he slept…

Once the initial ritual was complete, the white man’s soul-spark emerged slowly from his body and floated in the air just above his head. Lucien grabbed hold of this spark with his right hand and intoned one of the great words of power, binding it to his will forever. He loosened his fingers again to reveal a tiny crystal sitting on his palm which now imprisoned the tiny flickering light. Placing the little ball carefully on a corner of the altar stone, Lucien looked down at the life-sized wax figure spread out before him and smiled. This one would be a strong and useful servant… He concentrated hard and spoke another series of incantations, compressing and shrinking the figure, watching it get gradually smaller and smaller until it was once again a doll about eight inches in length.

Lucien carried the doll and the little crystal ball through to his store room and placed them both carefully in the armoire next to all the others. Whenever he required this one for work, it would be enlarged, reanimated and given precise instructions. At present, he had more than enough slaves to run the house efficiently, but he liked to rotate them from time to time. It provided a nice change…

The magic ritual Lucien used to create zombie slaves like Todd was much simpler and cruder than the rite he had performed to enslave Antoine and Knowles. Even though his lover and butler were similarly bound to him by wax effigies and their soul-sparks were also locked in crystal shells, their bodies were flesh and blood and they still needed to eat, drink, breathe and sleep. Bending Knowles and Antoine to his will had taken four full phases of the moon to complete. The vast majority of his slaves, like this latest addition to his collection, were true zombies and their making only necessitated a few minutes of mystical toil. Neither fully alive nor dead, they could work forever without the need to rest, had no use for food or water and did not even require air. They were merely animated objects…

Taking the private elevator back upstairs to his bedroom, Lucien had his two favourite body slaves assist him to bathe and then dress for dinner. Although, in life, Edmund had been a blond haired Englishman and Sean a red-headed Irish lad, now, like all his zombies, they were completely hairless and almost indistinguishable from each other. Even their eyes looked the same. Lucien vaguely remembered that originally, Edmund’s had been grey and Sean’s hazel. A side-effect of the zombies’ half-life was that their irises and pupils faded to white, which was one of the reasons why those exposed to the outside world had to be provided with dark sunglasses. While Lucien was quite used to his zombies’ blank white eyes, outsiders found it profoundly disturbing…

Edmund and Sean both dated back to the late eighteenth century and Lucien’s first sojourn in Great Britain. Edmund had been the only son and heir of a wealthy English industrialist and it was the acquisition of his fortune which had begun Lucien’s transformation from a penniless ex-slave to one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Completely mute and expressionless now, like all the zombie slaves, Edmund assisted him into a clean robe and knelt down to fasten his sandals. Once Lucien went downstairs, and Edmund and Sean were no longer required, they would move to the corners of the bedroom and become as still as statues, waiting for their Master’s return.

It was a sunny but cold morning in late September. Magdalena finished her article on the recent wedding of Lucien and Antoine Jacques and sat back in her chair with a self-congratulatory sigh of satisfaction. It was a good piece, if she said so herself, and the photographs were truly spectacular; particularly the one of Lucien and Antoine standing next to their enormous tiered wedding cake kissing each other on the lips. Antoine, or Marc, as he had been when she still knew him, looked radiant in all the photos. Although she had never suspected him of being gay during the time she worked with him, she was pleased that he had found happiness in his new life…

Magdalena printed off her article and walked to Baxter’s office to get his approval for it to be tomorrow’s lead story. To her surprise, she found two uniformed police officers sitting in front of the Editor’s desk. “Oh – I’m so sorry – I’ll come back later…”

Baxter shook his head. “It’s okay Magda – these guys are here again about Todd’s disappearance. “You worked with him as well, so you might be able to help them too. Please, grab a chair…”

“Todd disappearing like this is so awful,” Magdalena said, once she was seated. “I just hope he comes back to us soon.”

Baxter lit up a cigar. “I’m sorry, Magda, but I don’t think that’s very likely,” he said, sorrowfully. “The guy had just dished the dirt on the mayor – we were just about to run a big corruption story and then, suddenly, he goes missing along with all the evidence he’s collected… I say that it’s too much of a fucking coincidence. It’s obvious - they bumped him off because he knew too much. It was probably a Mafia job…”

The senior detective, who had heard Craig Baxter’s theory several times already, turned to Magdalena. “Can you throw any light on your colleague’s disappearance, Ma’am?”

Magdalena thought for a few moments. “To be honest, I think that Craig is probably right. Todd was working day and night to expose local government corruption and people in high places don’t generally like that kind of thing…”

“Was he working on any other stories before his disappearance?”

“Well…” Magdalena glanced towards Baxter. “You don’t know this, Craig - it was kind of unofficial - but just before he went missing, Todd was investigating Lucky Jinx the rap-artist.” She slid her article onto Baxter’s desk. “By ironic coincidence, I’ve just written this piece about the guy’s gay wedding. He married Marc Lewis, one of our ex-colleagues, yesterday afternoon…”

“Why was Mr Murray investigating Lucky Jinx?” the detective asked.

“Todd knew Jinx’s new husband, Marc for years. He and Marc went back a long way. They were great buddies. They worked here together at the newspaper. Todd swore that Marc wasn’t gay before he met Jinx and tried to dig up some dirt on the rap-artist.”

“Did he find anything?”

Magdalena smiled. “Not really. He had this crackpot theory that Jinx is much older than folks think he is – that he was a silent film star way back when and that he somehow turned Marc gay.”

Baxter shook his head and the two detectives politely looked down at their laps.

“Do you really think that’s likely, Ma’am?”

“No, not really…” Magdalena shook her head and smiled. “Todd was always a little bit homophobic. He took Marc’s coming out as gay real hard. He just couldn’t accept it. I’d say he was trying to turn Jinx into some kind of bogyman because he could not accept his best friend’s sexuality.”

“Okay Magda, thanks for your time,” Baxter said. He picked up her article and waved it in the air. “I’ll check this and, if there’s nothing wrong, it’ll be our front page feature tomorrow…”

Meanwhile, just a few blocks away from his old newspaper office, Antoine was buying some new clothes. He felt incredibly elated. Not only was there now a gold wedding band next to the sapphire engagement ring on his finger, but as soon as Master’s farewell music tour was over, they were going to spend their honeymoon together in a luxury gated hotel complex someplace in the Caribbean. He needed to ensure that he had plenty of gorgeous outfits for their exotic trip… His heart brimming over with happiness, he handed a third designer shopping bag to his bodyguard and entered yet another expensive store.

Todd, dressed in heavy black combat boots and a security uniform with JINX emblazoned across the shoulders, trudged obediently behind, his expressionless blank eyes shaded by dark shades and his waxy bald head gleaming in the late summer sunshine.

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