Desmonds' Rules

By EdIam -
published November 29, 2018

Frank likes structure and rules in his home. Desmond likes corrupting families. This is what happens when they two meet.

(Strongly recommend reading chapter one first…but, hey, I enjoy this chapter on its’ own too :P)


I truly loved having breakfast with my family. It was one of the best moments of my day, honestly. I was a firm believer in rules and a well-structured schedule, and breakfast at 6:30 every morning was probably my favorite of these rules. My family had an opportunity to check in on one another before the day started and we could gear up for another well thought out day.

As was usual, I was sitting in my seat with my back facing the living room. I was enjoying the plate of bacon and sausage that had been prepared for me, ensuring I had enough protein to continue building my muscular body. Honestly, in the past week, the nightly work outs my boys and I had placed on our schedule had really started making my already fit form bulge out nicely. My masculine scent, too, was particularly strong today, considering we hadn’t showered since last Saturday.

As was also usual, Clay and Jeff weren’t where they sat for the other all the other meals we had at home. Not because they were missing their breakfast, which I would never allow them to do, but because they were underneath the table sucking my rock hard dick and fighting over my morning load, which actually was their breakfast. It was a great way to start the day, for sure. I got the pleasure of my sexy, slutty boys worshipping the cock and balls that made them and they got the pleasure of fighting for the load my nuts built up while fantasizing about me fucking their tight, dirty boyholes.

“Pass the jam, please,” I heard Desmond say from behind the newspaper I was casually reading through. Adjusting my butt slightly to reach over the paper to grab the jam, I felt one of my boys moist mouths wetting my left testicle so sensually. I knew they were likely going wild this morning, as moist and smelly my balls and cock must be today. Almost a full week without showering made quite the sexy man musk and, in a way, I was jealous of my boys being able to drown in mine this morning.

Handing the jam to my young friend and getting back to the paper, I allowed my boys to continuing working for their daily nourishment as I continued reading about the goings on of the world, just like we did every morning. I did make a passing glance at the strange state Desmond was in compared to me and my boys much more common-sensical and natural state. As he’d been doing all week, as strange as it was to me, he actually wore his clothes in the house, which, honestly, just made absolutely blew my mind. While in the house, you had to be completely nude. Period. I had no idea how he was even remotely comfortable like that, but he’d amusingly told me a few days ago he enjoyed being a rule breaker. He really was such a sexy rebel. My cock throbbed as I thought about it and one of my boys felt and it renewed their eager, slutty cock worshipping.

The nameless woman who lived in our basement and helped pay the bills busied herself in the kitchen, cleaning and prepping a bit more food for me and Desmond before we had to get ready for the rest of the day. She wore her normal sweater, pants, and looked to be as plain as she was supposed to look, being the nameless servant. She’d head to work at some bakery after finishing her housework to help ensure we could continue to pay our bills and our dues to Desmond.

During the course of the week, there were a couple moments when I’d seen the nameless servant and I’d thought it strange that I didn’t have a wife or even a girlfriend. Not that I was even remotely interested in her in the slightest. She was so plain and boring and was really only good for her housework and her money. I mean, the nameless servant had always been here with us and was a woman and so I’d decided that’s why I’d occasionally consider that I might want to find a mother for my boys. But, at the end of the day, being a single father suited me just fine. It wasn’t strange that I’d have the thought from time to time, being a relatively young heterosexual man, sure, but at the end of the day, did I really need anything other than my two boys? They filled me with so much pride and love becoming such responsible, respectable, and polite young men. And they also filled my hole so perfectly with their cocks when I needed it.

My boys and I ignored the nameless servant completely, as was usual. Who had time to talk with someone so unworthy of regard when we had a schedule to stick to? I didn’t spare her a thought pretty much ever, as focused as I was on my job, our schedule, and the boys. My boys, too, didn’t think of her much at all, especially right now. They were obsessed with being the one to get me to shoot every morning and truly felt an immense amount of pride to receive the glory of my seed.

After working hard to earn it for a good half an hour or so, I started spewing my load down the throat of whichever boy was lucky enough to bring me to orgasm this morning while their mouth was attached to my swollen cockhead. Without even missing a word I was reading or reacting to the insane amount of cum I’d just spewed, I allowed my boys to stand up and make out, sharing the load I’d gifted them. Stealing a quick glance, I saw that Clay was the lucky receiver of the initial load this time. I smiled proudly as my two sexy boys began making out, Clay ensuring Jeff got the precious semen he needed to get through the day.

Finished with their meal, my boys went up to our shared room to get ready for the day while I finished the final article I was interested in.

“Anything interesting today, Frank?” I heard Desmond ask.

“Not particularly. Same old same old,” I said with a smile and a sigh as I set the newspaper down next to my meal. I began to scratch at my ever growing facial hair, attempting to tease Desmond by drawing attention to it. I knew Desmond had a big thing for hairy guys and their facial hair so I didn’t mind putting on a bit of a show for him now and then.

I’d decided a week ago to stop shaving. Honestly, a man looked so much sexier with facial hair. Heck, a hairy man was just drop dead gorgeous, honestly. It probably comes as no surprise that I realized this after a discussion with Desmond. There was literally nothing that Desmond couldn’t just nail right on the head. I had no idea why I’d spent so much time wasted shaving my face. I loved how the dark hair contrasted with my pale white skin and how rugged and masculine it made me.

Seeing Desmond stroking his cock as he stared at me, I decided my teasing was a success. So I finished up my last piece of bacon and excused myself from the table to go get ready for work. I wasn’t too surprised when Desmond took his fingers off his cock and tapped his glossy glans three times. I knew what that meant all too well and I laughed to myself a bit, completely accepting the rules of the three times tapped dick.

Desmond had been a fairly consistent presence in our house in the past week, and I was incredibly happy that Clay had brought him over when he did. He truly was the sexiest human being I’d ever seen. Even sexier than my Jeff and Clay, if you could believe it. There were brief moments where I thought it strange that I knew this pudgy 18 year old teenager was the sexiest man on Earth despite me being a straight man in my 40s. But, honestly, you don’t have to be gay to know that many of the male celebrities in Hollywood were attractive, and so this really wasn’t much different.

Beyond that, I knew my sons were pretty fucking sexy too. I mean, if I had to be honest, my boys kept me hard pretty constantly, knowing their sexy bodies, beautiful faces, and constantly hard and leaking cocks came from my own spunk. I couldn’t really recall who their mother was, but I recalled a short conversation with Desmond about a week ago where we talked about it and, him being as amazing, perfect, and intelligent as he was, I instantly knew it wasn’t something I had to worry much about any more when he told me I didn’t.

Getting on my knees, I started blowing him. He’d told me a couple days ago that it made sense that when he tapped his cock head three times, that meant I was expected to blow him. To not do it would be ill mannered. To be honest, Desmond just made sense and I didn’t want to be rude, so I did it, stroking my own cock as I did it.

His incredibly pungent crotch smell attacked my nose as I breathed in heavily trying to fill my entire lungs with it. I had to admit, to most people, he probably smelled awful. But his funk was so sexy to me. He told me that a mans’ natural smell was so sexy to him and he encouraged me to give into my love of the smell of a hardworking, sweaty man as well. I was so grateful for him being that thoughtful to help me realize how amazing a pungent dick sweat was I licked and sucked the stench and sweat from his balls and shaft.

My boys and I, too, decided we’d stop showering as regularly as we had been. Desmond had been right; smelling our rank ‘dick sweat’, as Desmond humorously called it, throughout the house helped us all stay hard. I knew that I took it upon myself to sniff my boys balls, cocks, and armpits as frequently as I could. It was so hot to me that we’d let our smell become so powerful that we couldn’t escape it throughout the entirety of our home. And, I mean, who else were we trying to impress? The nameless servant? Sure, I’d noticed some of my coworkers standing a bit farther away from me than normal yesterday and the day before and one my nurses whom I’d worked with for years and years and considered a close friend had even asked me to wear more deodorant after a particularly long surgery. But that didn’t matter much, because I knew I was building up an odor that my boys would lick off my moist armpit and intensely pungent genitals when I got home. I’d have had to punish Jeff and Clay if they showered too much and so I’d have to be a good father and do what I expected from them too.

At this point, we really didn’t have many guests beyond Desmond any way. Although, tonight, Desmond said he’d finally introduce us to his dad and his brothers. I was eagerly anticipating it and imagining how amazing they must be if they were related to this sex god as I eagerly swallowed the young mans’ wonderful load. Finishing up sucking up every part of my tasty treat, I headed upstairs to get ready for work. Today was a Friday, so it wasn’t shower day, which was tomorrow, so I knew I was so sexily smelly because Jeff and Clay smelled unbelievably manly this morning too. I slipped on my standard clothes for work knowing I’d get into scrubs in the locker room at the hospital. Honestly, I hated this part of my day. I felt so overdressed whenever I had to leave the house, but society’s rules were much different than ours and, unfortunately, I had to match their rules. I did, however, cheat slightly and go without underwear, as I’d done all week. I loved knowing my bulge would be so noticeable during surgeries in my scrubs without underwear. Desmond and I had actually discussed how erotic it was to know that my coworkers might see my huge cock tenting out. There was particular level of sexiness to it that I hadn’t noticed before my talk with him, but that was how a lot of things had gone this week. Desmond just made so much sense when he talked. How had I lived without him in my life?

Heading downstairs, I saw Clay with his school clothes on and Jeff, still nude as he had the day off, standing next to the front door. They knew I was heading to work and, like the good little slutty boys they were, they wanted to say goodbye to their dad in our normal way.

Jeff immediately turned around and bent over as Clay worked his pants down and did the same. I loved that Clay, too, was going commando. Like father, like son, right?

Seeing them bend over and grab their ankles exposing their slutty boypussies for their Daddy got my constantly hard cock even harder. I felt a small burp of pre ooze out as I got on my knees behind Jeff. He was older, so he got his messy goodbye rimjob first.

As I’d done every other day before heading to work, I extended my eager tongue into my sons’ moist asshole with excitement. Without showering, all three of us had fairly dirty holes, and today would be the dirtiest being the day before our shower. My tongue did what came naturally and explored every part of his outer pink rectum and inner colon, looking for any of those wet, coppery tasting areas that I loved the most. Jeff moaned the entire time, loving how much I enjoyed our standard farewell. After a few minutes, the coppery taste began to dissipate and I knew that I’d done an amazing job cleaning my boys’ hole. Leaning back and preparing to do the same to my younger son, my heart swelled with pride seeing a bit of my own saliva drip down his leg. My boys’ slutty hole got me so hungry, I’d drooled considerably more than I had any other day this week! Our manly scented Friday drove me wild. I made a mental note to try to taste his pits later today too; or at least before we showered tomorrow.

I stood and moved over to Clay and started tasting his sweet hole as Jeff prepared to get on with his day, content with his daddy’s goodbye.

“Hold up, Jeff, I need to fuck your disgusting sloppy wet slutty boy hole.”

I jumped, not realizing Desmond had been watching us say goodbye from across the room. Not that that mattered in the slightest; Desmond watched us perform our boring routine all week. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why he cared so much about what we did on a day to day basis, but if it excited him, I didn’t really care. Desmond was basically family at this point.

I was a little taken aback at him cutting into our schedule in such a demanding way, but, honestly, Desmond could do whatever he wanted in my mind. Despite the fact that Jeff likely had to get to his studying or maybe calling his girlfriend to grab lunch later today, Jeff, too, couldn’t resist Desmond’s request to fuck his slutty butthole.

I seemed to recall a time that felt a millennia ago where I didn’t like the young man at all. I couldn’t believe right now that I could ever feel that way as I continued drenching Clays hole in my greedy saliva-soaked tongue feeling the sexy young man next to me line his perfect dick up with my boys ass. I renewed my vigor for my sons’ hole feeling Desmonds’ presence right there next to me, lapping and moaning into his salty sweet asshole as he moaned in return. I knew that Desmond fucking Jeff right next to me would be insanely erotic, despite it not really a part of our regular schedule. Desmond truly was the only person I’d allow to mess with our routine, but who could blame me? He was perfection in a human being. His actions were above a silly family schedule. And right now, that action was slowly inserting his beautiful dick into my slutty boys’ hole.

Despite being clothed and just having his cock hanging out of his pants, I could see his beautifully wonderful gut colliding with the muscular lower back of my older son. I could only smell the man musk in this sexy scene as I tried to focus on licking Clays’ butthole clean while also watching Desmond fuck Jeff silly. In and out, his cock seemed to be hitting all the right spots for Jeff, much like I know it did when Desmond would randomly fuck me.

Jeff moaned in ecstasy feeling the amazing specimen of a man milk his prostate with his cock. I saw a bit of pre dripping down from his cockhead onto the entryway floor as I dived back into the puckering pink hole of Clay. Clay, too, moaned and began stroking his own cock, clearly enjoying both my rimjob and the fucking his brother was getting next to him. At some point, I felt the door behind us open and close, indicating it was time for the nameless servant to go to her job at the bakery.

Not even giving her another thought, I kept licking every part of my boys’ ass, making sure he knew that I loved him and wanted to send him to school with a fantastic good-bye. Finishing up and watching his wet hole pucker a bit more, practicially begging me to continue licking it, I stood up, my own pants damp with my precum.

Clay and I stood up, him pulling up his pants, and both of us stealing several glances at Desmond fucking the hell out of Jeff right there by our front door. I desperately wanted to stay and watch the amazingly plump, smelly, sexy Desmond fuck my slutty oldest child, but I did have to get to work. Clay, too, seemed to want to stay as I saw the front of his jeans bulged out after he zipped up. Grabbing his backpack, Clay followed me out the front door, leaving the two of them to fuck as long as Desmond wanted.

Work was standard, I suppose. Only had a few minor surgeries scheduled for the day, so I knew that all I would be thinking about today would be Desmond and my two sexy sons. My coworkers did seem to give me a wide radius during most of the day. Towards the end of my shift, the same nurse that had asked me to use deodorant pulled me aside again. She said that my hygiene appeared to be suffering and that she was concerned about my mental and emotional health. I assured her that I was better than I’d ever been, to be honest, and that she didn’t have to worry. I’d be showering tomorrow. I even told her that if it made her feel better, I’d use the deodorant she had helpfully brought for me, knowing full well there was zero chance I’d ever use the stupid stuff. My man smell was sexy as fuck and my boys would never allow me to not treat them with it; just as I’d be upset if they showered too soon. My cock hardened as I talked with her thinking about the musky odor that must be emanating from both of their balls right now, wherever they were: Clay was most likely in one of his last classes for the day and Jeff could be hanging out with his girlfriend somewhere.

The work day eventually came to an end and I hurried home, as per usual. I never really had to worry about any other errands beyond getting home to my boys because the nameless servant handled all of the household chores and needs. So I pulled into the driveway with eagerness to be back with my sexy family. I glanced at the dash quickly: almost 5 pm. Right on time!

I rushed into the house and instantly stripped out of all my clothes, feeling that erotic relief at getting my cock and balls hanging free again. I just threw my clothes there by the front door, knowing the nameless servant would handle then and took in a nice deep whiff, smelling the intense masculinity that had become the normal stench of our home. Responding, my cock hardened, as it always did.

I hurried into the living room, knowing the nameless servant would be prepping dinner for us all. I was excited to see that Clay was already riding Jeffs’ big cock while the nightly news played on the TV. It was so nice for us to get a moment after the day to reconnect and catch up before dinner. Every day, at around 5, we gathered in the living to fuck in as many positions we could think of and chat about our day, no exceptions.

Because I was the last to arrive, I supposed the best way to get our required fuck session started would be to attempt to hop onto Clays’ wonderful erection as he bobbed up and down on his brother. It wasn’t what I would call the most comfortable way to get his dick in me, but I knew that we had to have supper in about 30-45 minutes, and so I needed to get a few loads in my ass from each of my boys before then. Best way is to just start getting fucked now. I noticed his cock was already glistening heavily, indicating he was lubed and ready for me to insert him immediately, just like I knew I wanted him to.

The two of them were sweating heavily and clearly getting into their wonderfully slutty incestuous fuck session. Evidently, before I’d gotten there, they’d swapped places three times already, so Jeff was already leaking two full loads from Clays cock all over the sofa he was sitting in and Clay was looking to add his second. Luckily for all of us, the overwhelming musk from our constantly erect, sweaty, and pre-soaked genitals just added to our horniness combined with my arrival helped Jeff unload a few seconds after I’d already hopped on, which triggered Clay to cum almost after only a couple bounces on his teenage dick.

Feeling the glorious cum inside him, I was slightly saddened to remove Clay’s perfect penis so soon after having it inside me, but I knew I needed a load from Jeff as well and each of them needed me to shoot up their ass at least once too before we could even think about going to dinner, so I got up, Clay bent over in front of me, allowing enough room for him to see the TV, and Jeff lined his own dick up to my hole to add to the load Clay had already gifted me with.

We tried to fuck in unison as best we could, but it was a difficult thing to do. Clay kept his eye on the TV listening to some story about an upcoming storm while I reached around and stroked his dick and molested his balls. He was leaking pretty constantly, so I brought my hand up to lick it clean and sniff the wonderful sent his balls were emitting. I even tried to reposition him slightly from time to time to lick at and inhale his amazing armpit sweat.

“So what did you end up doing with your day off, Jeff?” I asked after reaching back around to get my hand drenched with Clay’s precum and wonderful smell again.

“I, uh, mmm…fuck…let Desmond finish fucking me this morning. He told me when we were done that I had to cum in every room of the house at least once before you all got home this afternoon so I spent most of the morning just masturbating in all the rooms. I used the dildo that Desmond gave each of us. You know, the fucking amazing one that’s shaped like his dick so it didn’t take too long to cum in one room and then go to another room and cum. I just took my anatomy textbook with me so I could study and actually did end up hanging out with Becky a bit for lunch, which cut into my masturbating pretty heavily. She was kind of boring, honestly. And she was upset that we hadn’t been hanging out much at all this past week. God, Dad, you’re so fucking tight, I love it.”

“Thanks, slut. Did you and Becky make up? Or is she still…mmm…mad at you?”

“Well, she said I’d been more distant, not responding to her texts, not wanting to hang out nearly as much, and even complained that I smelled bad. Honestly, that was bullshit…ugh…oh God, I might cum soon…mmm. So I kind of kept the rest of the date short. Not even sure if, mmm…I’m that interested in her anymore.”

“I understand son. And for what it’s worth, I think you smell unbelievably fucking sexy, you dirty perverted…ugh…oh God…SLUT!”

And then I came just as I felt the warm pulse from his cock deep within my ass. He collapsed into my back as I did the same into Clay, sticking my nose right into his hairy, moist armpit, simply loving the post-ejaculation bliss that hit me so frequently in the past week.

Having filled both of our holes, Jeff only needed my seed injected deep within him and then we’d be ready for dinner. So Jeff got in Clays’ position and Clay kept watching TV but stayed next to me to allow me to continue licking at and tasting his fucking sexy hairy pits.

Despite fucking one another every night this week prior to dinner, I couldn’t help but find it so erotic and sexy. I just loved my boys so much and they smelled so manly tonight. My nose was smashed deep within Clays’ wet right armpit and my cock was shoved to the brim inside Jeff when I realized a huge part of me dreaded the shower we had to take tomorrow. But, well, that was our schedule.

In the middle of our final pre-dinner fuck session, we heard a knock at the front door. Despite it being time to fill one anothers’ holes, we also knew full well that people from outside our home may not understand our schedule and rules, so we continued fucking as the nameless servant answered the door, ready to quickly place the uncomfortable clothes back on, depending on who may be at the door.

After a moment, however, we saw that the nameless servant walked back without a word indicating it was likely Desmond, someone that we could continue sticking to our rules and schedule in front of. If it had been one of my boys’ girlfriends or a random stranger, she would have told us to act abnormally while they were present. But, luckily, confirming my suspicion: in walked Desmond and three men. They walked into the room and towards us as we continued fucking, knowing that if Desmond was here, there was no reason to change our normal routine. I assumed the other three men were his father and his brothers. The three of them were still stripping off some of their clothing to become completely nude by the time they made their way into the living room to greet us and Desmond remained fully dressed, oddly enough. I giggled slightly to myself as my cock throbbed in Jeffs’ hole thinking about how bizarre he must feel being fully clothed in our home. But he was a sexy rebel, so he could stay as clothed as he wanted.

“Hey Desmond! I assume this…mmm…is your family?” I jovially greeted my favorite person. “We’re just finishing up the last of our nightly pre-dinner anal loads and then dinner should be ready, I’d assume.”

Desmond sat on the couch where he wouldn’t be able to see the TV, but would have quite the good view of the three of us as I fucked Jeff and worshipped Clays’ pits simultaneously. Stripped naked, I saw that the other three men began to sit on the ground at Desmond’s feet, also looking up at us, dicks hard as steel.

The oldest one was clearly Desmonds’ father. He was every bit as thick as his son was, with a large gut hanging over a sizably thick but not too long erection. Where Desmonds’ perfect body was all glorious fat and perfect curves, his father seemed to be more of a stereotypical solid muscle linebacker type. His entire body also seemed to be covered in a similar dark hair to his perfect son and his other two sons. Where Desmond was relatively hairy on his face, chest, arms and legs, I knew he literally had not a single hair in an imperfect place on his perfect god-like body; whereas his father had hairy arms, legs, chest, back, feet, knuckles, neck, and face. He was maybe slightly taller than his son, but looked to be built like a freight train. While thick in the waist, it was clearly due to age fortifying his already hard and muscular body.

The other two appeared to be quite a bit taller than both their father and their younger brother. They, too, had the hairy chest and facial hair that Desmond had, but even seeing it on the supposedly more stereotypically attractive men, I knew that Desmond was far more perfect. I could tell, despite being a straight man, that the two of them were very fit and athletic, much like my boys. They were a bit hairier than my boys, however, with darker and thicker hair covering their chests and face, like the other men in their family. I imagined they probably broke a lot of girls’ hearts at one time, but now they appeared to have an unkempt look to them: their facial hair grew out in all directions and their oily hair matted on their heads awkwardly. I had to admit, the musk that Desmond loved so much radiated off them to the point that I could practically see cartoon lines hanging above them. The moment they entered the room, the masculine stench was overpowering and my cock surged in response. God, I adored sweaty, dirty, disgusting man smell. Even with my nose buried in Clays’ moist pits, I picked up on the three new male scents easily.

Desmond finally answered my question as he got situated. “Yup, this is my family. We don’t want to intrude on your normal family schedule though, so feel free to continue. I’m sure we’ll find a way to entertain ourselves in the meantime,” Desmond responded as he worked his erection out the front of his pants. Despite only releasing his cock and balls through the small hole of his blue jeans, I got a sudden whiff of his gloriously dirty dick sweat that, quite frankly, was absolutely my favorite and I couldn’t help but renew my savage fucking of my boys’ hole.

Desmond continued as one of his hands stroked his cock, “This is my Daddy, Lance, and Joe. They’ve learned their place, as you can see, and don’t give me shit any more. I’m sure you smelled my brothers here. I haven’t let them shower in months. I love how disgusting they are now. They used to be such prim and proper popular jocks fucking a different chick every week. They took such good care of themselves and made sure they looked amazing for the girls they confidently wooed and their other dudebro friends. I much prefer them as the disgusting loyal pigboys they are now. All they care about is working out and serving me. Literally that’s it. They only think of me, my sexy body, and being mine. What do you think of that, Frank? Do you like that I made them mindless drones who serve me and smell like months and months of sweat constantly?”

“Honestly, I’m not really even sure how you could have done that or why you would want to considering they’re your own brothers. But, at the end of the day, I can’t help but feel like anything you decided to do just makes sense. So, honestly, I may not understand it. But I support you in whatever you do, Desmond.”

“Oh yeah, I honestly forgot that I made you forget that I ever controlled you in any way or that I can control other people, including my own family. Heck, even me saying that probably doesn’t mean much to you. And beyond that, you probably don’t even really realize that I’m a fucking perverted gay fag. Or that what you’re doing is disgustingly perverted and gay. But, well, there are some families I’ve corrupted where I make them know what they’re doing is fucked up and know that I made them do it. Sometimes, it all blurs together despite you being the first family I’ve taken over here in this new town. Tell me, real fast, how do you feel about everything I just said, Frank? I’m curious,” Desmond asked me with a smirk as he continued stroking his wonderful cock.

I thought about what he said. He’d controlled me? He’d corrupted other families? He was gay and I was doing gay stuff? None of that made any sense to me really. Especially considering I knew being gay was most definitely a sin and I could never look up to a gay man as much as I looked up to Desmond. Granted, I was slightly distracted feeling Clays’ amazing armpit filling my nostrils with sweaty pleasure while also focusing in on Jeffs’ slutty boypussy to ensure both he and I were maximizing our pleasure.

“Honestly, Desmond. I hear what you said, but it doesn’t really make much sense. I can’t really think of how you may have controlled me considering my boys and I live by a pretty well maintained schedule and set of rules that, and I mean this as politely as I can say it, not even you could change on a massive level. It’s why I’ve been so successful my whole life and why my boys are as popular and intelligent as they are. So…mmmm…yeah Clay, right there…mmmm…sorry, that just felt so fucking good for a moment…anyway, yeah, I don’t really understand or care what you mean be us being the first family you, uh, took over, or whatever you said. Regardless, I think the world of you, young man. So you just keep being the perfect specimen of a man you are. But, honestly, don’t talk down about yourself. You’re not a fag. You’re too perfect and amazing to be a sinful faggot.”

Desmond laughed as I finished my thoughts and said something along the lines of ‘this will never get old’ but I didn’t really understand what he meant. He then asked his brothers to start masturbating on their father. For some reason, Desmond demanded they cover him in their semen by the end of the night. “It’s funny, you know,” Desmond started. “They used to barely even acknowledge me. They were so focused on their fucking girlfriends and their sports and their jock buddies that I barely registered on their radar. I was nothing but their creepy younger brother that they didn’t really even care about in the slightest. Even though I knew they were sexy beasts of men, they didn’t give their own little bro a second thought. But, to be fair, they treated much differently than this asshole,” Desmond kicked his father rather roughly. The beast of a man didn’t make a sound and just sat back up after the assault. He merely looked up at Desmond as his other sons started beating their meat in his direction.

“The two of them would just ignore me, but he was a huge asshat. He used to call me faggot and belittle me for not doing sports and working on my chemistry and experiments. He was the first person I used my special brew on. I find it so hilarious now that he used to think I was just a little faggot. But as you can see…” Desmond snapped his finger, getting the older mans’ attention and pointed to his wonderfully pungent dick, “…he’s the faggot now.”

The oldest of the slaves took his scruffy, muscular body onto his knees before his son and swallowed his cock greedily. He groaned, moaned, slobbered, and whimpered as he bobbed up and down on his sons’ meat like it was the best thing that had ever been in his mouth. Considering I knew it was the best cock in the universe too, I couldn’t really blame him.

“That’s it, Daddy. Suck it.” As Desmond finished telling his father to suck his dick, Lance…or was it Joe…honestly, I didn’t even know which was which…started cumming on his fathers’ back. The thick semen coated the hairy back and created a stark contrast between the dark black hairs of the older man and the creamy juices of the slave-brother.

It wasn’t long after the brother had ejaculated on his dad that I saw Clays’ cock throb as I worshipped his left armpit like a mad man and spew forth his sexy slutty teenage spunk. I couldn’t really blame him: he was a bit younger and the amazing stench of all the men in the room and sight of Desmond just had to have been too much for him to contain it. Considering we were all in a constant state of arousal just smelling each other, it was surprising that he’d cum from all the new stimulation, despite him not even touching his cock. He kept watching TV and allowing my tongue to explore every crevice of his pit. After a few moments, however, Desmond asked him to go sit by him as his father continued worshipping his balls. Unsurprisingly, considering he was going to sit by Desmond, Clay was still rock hard even after erupting hands free.

Even though I was sad that my tongue couldn’t explore his pungent teenage armpits anymore, I watched Desmond reach over and grab Clays’ slutty teen dick. It suddenly struck me as odd that we’d never had guests come into our home and behave like this and that I’d probably be embarrassed about pretty much anyone behaving as brazenly as Desmond. But because it was Desmond, it just seemed so completely normal. I didn’t think much more on it as my mind became distracted with the moans from Jeff taking my cock like a champ.

We all continued doing what we were doing and enjoying ourselves for a few more minutes. I found it even more erotic watching Desmond play with Clay and so I knew I’d be filling Jeff up soon; not only because I was horny as fuck but because I was getting hungry and I was sure the other men in the room were feeling the same. So I quickened my pace again. Even though I felt the cum building within a few minutes of deciding it was time to move on to dinner, both of Desmonds’ brothers had deposited another load on their cock-crazed father.

I screamed as I let out a massive load into my sons’ willing hole; glob after glob filling his insides. My stomach grumbled with need for dinner as Jeff, satisfied with my semen overwhelming his rectum, slipped off in an orgasmic bliss. I laughed heartily as I saw a wet load on the floor beneath him. He’d cum yet again just from feeling his old mans’ seed breeding him. What a good whorish son I had.

I started heading over to the table, knowing the nameless servant set it for the four of us already. Now that Clay, Jeff, and I had each other loads in our ass, we could finally eat. I wasn’t sure what Desmond planned to do with his family, but was also pretty sure he’d told me that only he had to be at the table. I took my seat and my boys followed close behind and Desmond took up the final seat right across from me where he’d sat for many of our meals this past week.

His father had followed close behind and instantly got under the table to resume sucking him off and Desmond told his brothers to have their meal, but I wasn’t sure what he meant. His brothers, however, instantly got on the ground, grabbed each other’s cocks, and started 69ing right there on the dining room floor.

I looked at Desmond almost instinctively hoping he’d clue me in on his brothers’ behavior. “Oh, don’t mind them. Their main source of sustenance these days is one anothers’ dick cream. They still prepare themselves a nutrient and vitamin rich drink every morning to maintain their muscular build but for real flavor, they really only get to lick one anothers’ disgusting sweaty dicks for their creamy rewards. They were so full of themselves before…what better way for them to continue being such big fans of one another than to literally provide the other with their sustenance!”

I couldn’t really wrap my mind around that line of reasoning, but if Desmond thought that was the right way for his brothers to behave, well then I couldn’t help but agree.

Ignoring the grunting from Desmonds’ brothers and the continued moaning and slurping from his father, the four of us ate. The nameless servant knew that we needed a lot of protein for our after dinner workout routine so she’d provided plenty of meat for us to eat. Throughout the meal, Clay, Jeff, and I occasionally reached under the table to grab a bit of our own and each other’s pre cum from our constantly hard and leaking cocks to rub on the meat we ate to provide a bit of extra seasoning. Honestly, it gave the food an extra kick that I never could really go without.

The four of us chatted a bit about our days as we ate our food. Clay said that his girlfriend, Mary, decided they should go their separate ways. He said it was slightly difficult for him, but she was getting a bit upset about him needing to be home every evening and even told him she thought he was starting to smell terrible. Jeff and I both laughed at the ridiculous claim. I knew, first hand, that my boy smelled like heaven. If Mary couldn’t appreciate him for all his quirks, including his need to make his junk and pits smell, well, he could find a girl that would love him for him.

Jeff talked a bit more about his issues with Becky. I told him to tell her that she had to love every aspect of him while I got a particularly large glob of my pre-cum rubbed into my steak. I mean, honestly, between him and Clay finding these insane women who couldn’t appreciate a masculine smelling man, I just thought I should give up on women even more.

Clay then mentioned that even some of his friends had started asking him if he was ok because he was starting to smell so bad. Desmond laughed a bit and asked how he handled the situation. Clay just smiled at him, “Honestly, I don’t care what they think. I’m a fucking sexy man and deserve to smell like one; just like you, Desmond.”

“Thanks, buddy,” Desmond gave his trademark smirk as his father continued blowing him. Glancing over at his brothers, I thought they had to have been getting at least a little tired of blowing one another. But they were going just as passionately at one another as they had when they started. Clearly they appreciated the meal their brother was allowing them to have.

As we got towards the end of our meal and we prepared to stay on schedule by going to our post-dinner/pre-bedtime work out, Desmond stood, pulling his wet cock from his fathers’ greedy lips.

“So, gentlemen, I have to say you’ve been very exciting to watch this past week. It seems the schedule you’ve been living is pretty set in stone at this point. How do you three like the life you’re leading?”

All three of us responded that our lives were pretty much golden at this point. I didn’t know why he even really asked us about it considering our day to day was likely pretty boring and regimented compared to his. It didn’t seem like something to ask us about or even point out considering it seemed his family was more of the ‘live life in the moment’ types rather than the well-structured family my boys and I were. Luckily, my confusion left my mind quickly as I saw Desmonds’ father hilariously and rather pathetically try to stretch up awkwardly from under the table to get his boys’ cock back down his throat. All four of us noticed him and gave a hearty chuckle.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. What’s next for you boys? Want to go work out now?” Desmond asked, clearly rhetorically. He’d watched us perform our nightly work out the past week and even gave us pointers when we were doing exercises incorrectly. So he knew full well after dinner, we’d be working out until bedtime.

“Yup. Meet you upstairs?” I responded.

Desmond indicated that he’d be up shortly as he looked down at his father continuing to struggle to get his prize back where he wanted it: his mouth.

My boys and I finished our meals and immediately walked up towards our work out room, knowing the nameless servant would clear the table and clean. I knew that tonight was shoulder/chest day, so the three of us would be working on building up our manly, hairy pecs.

Last week, when we started working out at home more regularly again, Desmond had suggested we move our workout equipment upstairs into a spare room that opened up after Clay moved into my room with me. It made sense, after all. We’d been storing the machines in the basement, which was the nameless servants’ quarters. Why we’d been so daft as to keep stuff down in that disgusting place other than her and her worthless belongings was confusing to me now, but luckily, Desmond was here to help us see how stupid we’d been.

In the past six days, we’d gone through several different work outs, with the direction of Desmond guiding us through. At first, we basically just each used a couple machines and tried to share them and take turns so we could all focus on the body parts we were working out for that evening. But as each night went on, Desmond suggested better ways to really maximize our work outs. For instance, to truly inspire us to work as hard as we could, we’d keep track of our reps and whoever ended up doing the most, got to decide how we’d sleep for the evening. It was really fun to throw in a small amount of randomness to our very well thought out days, and the friendly competition really helped push us to our limits.

Desmond also suggested that we help each other out by randomly sucking each other off, licking our sweaty assholes, and burying out slutty faces into one anothers’ overwhelmingly sweaty pits so we don’t get too distracted by our constantly horny, leaking cocks. It didn’t really help all that much, if I had to be honest, as horny as I constantly was around my boys regardless. But, well, any way to take the edge off for even a few seconds so I could focus on my work out was very appreciated; and if I could provide the same assistance for either of my boys, my throat was eager to lighten the load on their hairy, sweaty balls.

We’d been working out for a good hour or two when Desmond finally made his way to our work out room. Clay was sucking off Jeff as Jeff did a few bench-presses with me spotting him. This was always a fun position for us because after he completed every rep, I was generous enough to lean my cock down towards his lips and nostrils so he can get a lick and a whiff of my dick sweat, as Desmond so famously called it. It really kept us wanting to sweat more, honestly, and kept our cocks nice and hard, as they should be.

“Well, my boys, I think my family and I are going to head home,” Desmond said after watching us for a few moments. “I just fucked my stupid faggot dad and then had my brothers cover him with even more layers of their thick slave semen. I’m thinking I’ll make him stay covered in it for at least a few days. Anyway, I’m going to be on my way and head back home with them.”

I was slightly shocked to hear him say he was going to go back to his own home. This past week, he’d basically become part of the family. He stayed in our bed with us, had all our meals with us. Heck, he even showered with us last Saturday. So it was with a little sadness when I asked, “Really? You’re leaving us tonight?”

“Yeah. I’ll be honest. My interest in these corrupted families wanes pretty quickly. I mean, I get all this power so quickly and control you so fully that, well, I get eager to go do it to another family pretty fast. I got you all where you need to be and I think I’m going to start on a new project next week. I’m thinking it’ll be your best friend Ian and his dad next, Clay.”

Clay looked up at Desmond, mouth still full of Jeff’s dick. Pulling out slightly, “You mean Ian Welling? His dad is pretty strict. I’m not sure he’ll even let you come over. I mean, like, Ian generally has to come over here when we hang out. Besides that, Ian thinks you’re a faggot, Desmond. So he’d probably kick your ass before hanging out with you. I defend you, naturally, but he doesn’t really believe me.” As he finished speaking, Clay lunged back onto Jeffs’ cock, like the helpful brother he was.

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll find a way to charm my way into Ians’ life. You might even be able to help slightly. But, well, this is goodbye for now, Hawking family. I might swing by from time to time, but, well, honestly, at this point, you’re all relatively boring now that your schedule is pretty set in stone.”

I couldn’t argue with him there; as I’d thought earlier in the evening, I didn’t even really understand why he even was interested in us as much as he had been this last week to begin with. We were just a dad and two sons who liked to live life without worrying about random accidents and being late and missing our routine. Our structure ensured we’d stay on top of the things we needed to, kept up with our chores, and stayed close with one another. All in all, we were just a normal, if somewhat overly regulated family. Why in the world Desmond even took the slightest of interest in us was still beyond me.

Desmond stood there for a moment, his cock still hanging out of his pants, as Jeff finished his final rep. He was dripping with sweat at this point and I knew he looked and smelled so fucking sexy. I had to have him suck me off before I took the same position he was in so I angled my cock down slightly as I shoved my cock in his throat and Clay, in turn, started swallowing the load that instantly sprayed out of Jeff when my cock touched his tongue and my balls rested on his nose, alloying my smell to overwhelm his nostrils.

“Well, I’ll certainly miss you, Desmond. Thanks so much for spending the week with us and feel free to come over any time. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss you, uhhhmmmm, yeah…Jeff. Right there…mmmmm,” I said, meaning every word.

Clay, for his part, finished swallowing his brothers’ seed, got up, went over and hugged Desmond and instantly fell on his knees, greedy for another load to fill him up. Desmond laughed, “Oh, I guess one more won’t hurt.”

Clay sucked off our guest like the deranged slutty cocksucker I knew he was and my heart beamed with pride. He was just so polite. I shot my load not long after and Jeff, naturally, swallowed it. We swapped positions as I started doing my reps. I wanted to try to outdo Jeff because I knew that I wanted to choose the sleeping arrangement tonight, but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to. Not long after I’d started my reps, I heard Desmond moan loudly. I assumed he was spraying his semen in my youngest son and kept on counting, licking at Jeffs’ cock between reps like he’d done for me.

Eventually, I felt Clay come back over and, like the greedy cockslut he was, attached himself to my dick. I giggled a bit at how much Clay loved the cocks of the three of us to so eagerly jump from Jeff to Desmond and then to me in such quick succession, but I didn’t want to think much about that considering I needed to beat Jeffs’ number of reps if I wanted to control our sleeping arrangement tonight.

Eventually I came in Clays’ mouth and heard the front door slam not long after. I assumed it was Desmond leaving with his family, but with my new more focused, less horny mind, I wanted to keep going and not think on it too much. Clay started working out on one of the other machines, much to my delight considering his greedy cocksucking had gotten him pretty behind on his work out. It was neck and neck between Jeff on who’d win for the evening.

After I finished my reps, three more than Jeff, to my surprise, it hit me that Desmond wasn’t coming back and wouldn’t be there for his constant advice and support. I couldn’t lie, our family would miss him dearly, but at this point, we knew what we had to do. Our schedule was pretty much set in stone now and, to be honest, without Desmond constantly there to distract us, we’d likely be able to keep to the plans better than we’d really been able to this entire week. As sad as it was to see that perfect, beautiful, pudgy, smelly man go, we could now focus solely on each other.

We finished our work out not long after and I boasted to the two of them about beating them tonight. They both took it in stride and we all knew it would only renew their desire to beat me tomorrow so they could plan the night’s sleeping arrangement. I even demanded each of them pick one of my armpits and lick it clean, knowing full well I’d love their sweaty young tongues exploring my hairy pits and they’d probably cum from the overwhelming stench I knew I’d give off.

After a fantastic 30 minutes of my arms stretched over my heads and each of my boys supplying me with a heavenly armpit worship, we headed into our bedroom and to our king size bed. The past six nights had been rather crowded with Desmond present too, and now, with just the three of us, there’d be more room. But, honestly, considering how close we all liked to sleep, that extra space didn’t mean much.

I decided that for our sleeping arrangement tonight, I wanted to be a bit greedy. It was Friday night, which meant all three of us would be smelling at our absolute fucking worst/best for the week because we’d be showering in the morning. That meant that I wanted the sexy, horny, disgusting, sweaty smells of both my boys cocks and balls all to myself. So I instructed the two of them how they were to sleep so that I could fall asleep in heaven: both of their crotches right on my face rich with their amazing dick sweat that I loved so much.

I laid about halfway down the bed at an angle, allowing my legs to dangle off the edges of the bed near the lower right corner. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, but that didn’t matter in the slightest. I then told Clay, who had done the worst tonight, to lay down with his amazingly pungent cock and balls dangling right on my forehead so his hard cock and low hanging, hairy balls would dangle down on my nostrils. He spread his legs out to allow Jeff to lay on top of me the opposite direction as Clay so Jeffs’ cock and balls would rest enticingly on my lips. I knew the two of them wouldn’t be very comfortable in the bizarre positions for them, but I wanted both of their ripe crotches strangulating my face. Plus, in this position, Jeff, who did second best, got to have his face shoved into my crotch. His legs, however, was angled awkwardly in the air, resting atop Clay’s.

Clay whined a bit that he didn’t get to smell me or Jeff from where he was lying, but I laughed and told him it was his own fault for not working hard enough tonight. Besides, I didn’t like it when he’d whined last week at breakfast for Desmond to come over and I didn’t want him whining this week, even though his whining lead to me meeting my favorite person in the universe. Clay would just have to try harder tomorrow so he could stuff his nose in my junk like he wanted to.

I breathed in heavily, literally suffocating so erotically on the overwhelming stench of my boys’ moist hairy balls and hard cocks. I licked what I could from the strange position I’d forced them into, but I didn’t care how comfortable I was or even how comfortable they were. The smell was perfection, erotic, and amazing. I had never experienced such a heavenly feeling. This, truly, was pure bliss.

I said a silent prayer thanking God for such perfect sons with perfect cocks and perfect masculine musk and perfect dick sweat. I truly was blessed to have their raging hard-ons and hefty hairy balls resting so comfortable on my face.

I desperately wanted to lie there for hours and hours just enjoying the feel of my amazing sons’ genitals on my face and perfect, pungent, sticky, and beautiful smells of my boys; but I also knew I had to get to sleep relatively soon.

After all, all three of us did have a very tight schedule to stick to and I wouldn’t dream of ruining our normal routine.

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