Turned: Eddie Gets Better

By Wonder Bread
published November 28, 2018

Jacie from the previous story has become a stone cold muscle fairy, and has inherited the ability to turn any straight man irrevocably gay. Jacie sets his eyes on straight college boy Eddie, and ruins his life before making it much better.

Anna was a shapely girl. Red hair, big tits, a decent ass for a white girl. The old me would have loved her, would have cornered her and made her feel small and cheated on my wife. But that’s not me anymore. No wife to cheat on. No ogling. I just wanted to know if she’d do a decent job as my cleaning lady. Anna was a pre-law student at Fordham, and was enamored at the size of my place. It’s true, I’d done pretty well for myself since my boss turned me into a preening faggot. I’d been truly loving my life. And I could tell she would be into me if she could be into me. My new six pack was visible through my shirt, and my short shorts left little to the imagination. But I was no threat, and it made things easy.

“So can you come Mondays and Fridays?” I asked.

“That’s perfect actually,” she said as she answered a call. “Hold on, it’s my boyfriend.”

She asked if he could come up. She had his house keys. Two minutes of idle chatter later - she and I shared an intimate knowledge of Adele’s early work - he had arrived. And I was very interested. He was good looking, if a little plain, but he had a nice body and a shelf of a butt. You know how straight guys are – they have no idea they have enormous butts. It’s hilarious. He was a pre-law student too, she said. He seemed a little skeeved out by me, which was okay. Straight guys struggle with gay guys before they get to know them.

“And what’s your name?” I asked him as they left together, having promised Anna that she had the job.

“Eddie,” I said with a cute intonation. “Pleasure to met you.”

“Yeah,” he said.

It had been a while since I turned anyone. Maybe two weeks, and the last guy was kind of a dud. He’d gotten very into BDSM after he left his wife and it was not my scene at all. Eddie would be my prey, and he would do just nicely. My cock twitched at the very thought. It had grown substantially since Andy first turned me out, and now it was more like his, about nine inches long and wider than a paper towel tube, with handsome veins running up and down. It was magical. When I pumped new converts with cum, I could feel it rush all the way through me. And there was a lot of it now, too. It was almost an unwieldy amount of semen. I never spooged any less than a beer mug’s full (I know because I’d developed a habit of drinking all my product. It’s easier than cleaning up and it’s delicious). It had become truly beautiful, too. Pearlescent and thicker than maple syrup, and as white as a freshly cleaned sheet every time.

A month or so prior a doctor had told me that I had enough sperm in my sample for five men. Well, I mean, he was my doctor. I heard after I made him take a lick of my specimen (or maybe a shot of it, heh) he sort of lost his mind and became a muscle sissy with nipples the length of safety pins.

It takes all kinds, I suppose.

The house was perfectly clean for Eddie’s visit. I mean, it didn’t need to be clean, but I had cleaned it. I like a conversion to be tidy. I had snuck a credit card out of Anna’s purse the week before, and figured out when she had school so she would send Eddie to pick it up. I waited on the couch for him, trying to act nonchalant. As lame as this had come, and as easy, I was still excited.

“Hey,” he said curtly as he came in.

“Hi Eddie!” I squeaked. Perhaps I was putting it on a little too much. I was wearing a pair of tights through which my enormous halfie could be seen and a pride shirt with a male love symbol on it. But it wouldn’t matter. It never mattered. I could open the door naked as a jaybird and the result would be the same.

“Uh, do you have Anna’s card?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s over here,” I said as I beckoned him to the bedroom. He was nervous. He should have been. But I was about to fix that.

I handed it to him as he looked around my bedroom. My bed was a California king and I was very proud of the room’s fashionable minimalism. With the exception, of course, of the massive rainbow horse dildo at my bedside. His eyes ricocheted off of it and I decided to act fast. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a kiss as he turned. He resisted at first, but I pulled him in, and he relaxed in my strong arms.

“What - what the fuck was that?” he asked, red as a beet when I let him go.

“The first step,” I said with a giggle. Eddie was frozen with curiosity and terror. I rolled down my tights to reveal my monster, its veins pulsing and head growing. He stared in awe, and his little prick grew in his pants.

“Touch it, Eddie,” I commanded.

“I can’t. I’m straight. This is cheating,” he said, frightened.

“Oh honey, you’re not straight. And you’ve already cheated,” I said sweetly. He smiled, entranced and stupid.

“Hahaha, you’re right, I’m a cheater and I’m not straight,” he said before reaching out and grabbing my mostly-erect cock by its middle.

“Is this the first cock you’ve ever touched, sweetie?” I asked him.

“Yes sir,” he said.

“How does it feel in your hands?” I asked.

“I love it,” he responded, happily.

“Tell him you love him,” I said.

Eddie bit his lip. Part of him was fighting back, but decided to give up pretty quickly. He got on his knees and stared admiringly at my big fat cock.

“I love you,” he whispered to its head.

“Prove you love him,” I said. “Kiss him. Swallow him.”

And just like that, Eddie gave my bone the sweetest little peck, like a schoolgirls first kiss. And as quickly and as cheerfully as he did that, he swallowed my cock. No, he didn’t suck it, and he didn’t work his way down. He swallowed it. I could feel the crown of my dick in the back of his throat. Eddie’s transformation was happening quickly, more quickly than I had expected.

Guess it was a pretty good kiss. A drop of my precum trickled down to his gullet. His fate was sealed, just like mine had been. Now I just needed to finish the job. I swear, his eyelashes grew as he sat there, licking my knob. He was truly pathetic. Maybe he’d been a little queer the whole time. I ordered him to remove his clothes and to strike a sassy pose for me, with his hips cocked and his eyes aflutter. His cock was a silly little thing, the kind of six incher that makes straight guys all insecure and makes gay bottoms very happy. His ass was impressive. I’d heard Anna mention something about him being a baseball player; it was thick and muscular and nicely round.

“Your cock is kind of small,” I said, knowing that he would take it in stride now that he was shifting.

“Yeah, I know,” he said with a giggle. “I know Anna doesn’t like it. It’s ugly too. I hate the way it curves. Not like yours.”

We both laughed at that.

“Nah, It’s cute,” I said as I grabbed his dick and rubbed it against mine. He shuddered at the pleasant warmth.

“I-I should go, I think. Anna’s called me like a dozen times. I’ve heard the phone go off a bunch,” he said as I played with his pink little head. I didn’t even respond to him. I simply spun him around, bent him over and stuck my tongue between his cheeks. Struggling for a minute, he tried to escape, but I pulled him tight and ate him out hard. I dropped him down on all fours on my carpeted floor.

“PLEASE STO - ohh - stop pleaaase,” he tried to say as he moaned with delight.

“Oh, shut the fuck up,” I said as I pulled my face away. “You love it.

“Yes I do,” he said happily as he began to rock his ass into my tongue. I swear, I felt as though his ass was growing around my tongue. His hole was definitely getting looser as he wiggled his ass on my face. His change was happening so much faster than mine did. Eddie was already developing a cute little lisp, and it had only been 10 minutes. I began to rub my cock head on his aching man pussy and working the head in very gently.

“Oh my god, I don’t know if I want this,” he said.

“I don’t care if you want this,” I said back. “It’s happening.”

Mercilessly, I plunged seven of my eight massive inches into his cunt. The scream he let out was indescribable. I was much less gentle than Marcus had been with me, and I began to pump, pump, pump Eddie until his sobbing turned into begging.

“MORE,” he screamed after five minutes. “HARDER HARDER HARDER OH MY FUCKING GOD PLEASE, SIR!”

“I’m not sir,” I growled, stopping for a moment. “I’m daddy. No wait… dad.”

“Dad, more please, and harder,” he cooed. I gave it to him harder, and gave it to him more, until the room reeked of sex, until his hole had become a pussy. When I felt the rush, I did him the first courtesy I had given him so far, and asked his opinion.

“Where do you want it, babe,” I asked, holding myself back for a second. I knew where he wanted it. I just wanted to hear the new bitch say it.

“I WANT IT IN MY ASS DAD,” he screamed. So I obliged. I could actually hear the spurting sound as my seed poured into his cunt. It felt like a bucket full. He yelled as it came in, something indecipherable. It was beautiful. He was one of us now, one of ours. Gay as the day is long. My cum poured out of him as he grinned wildly. Without prompting, he reached down, grabbed some in his fingers and drank it down, greedily.

Eddie’s phone rang a few more times as he sucked the juice off my cock. I gave him a too-small pink shirt that said “SLUT” in glitter and a matching jockstrap, and fucked one or two more times before bed. He fell asleep with my cock in his cunt.

He was gone before I woke the next day, but he’d left his card behind, and his number on my night stand. ‘Eddie’ had a little heart over the ‘i.’ I wondered if he’d done that before. I texted him with a simple “Hey.” The conversation went like this:

Hey Hi dad:) How do you feel about last night? Kind of weird, but I like it. Nah bitch, you love it. Yeah I love it lol. But I love Anna too I know you do. How about you come back and we can talk about it again. When? Tonight What do I tell Anna You won’t tell Anna. Wear that jock again. Okay. Hey, is it normal to feel a little different after your first time? I feel kind of swollen Yup. See you tonight Okay Okay what? Okay, dad.

Eddie did look different when he came back. It wasn’t a massive change yet, not as stark as mine had been since I’d been with Marcus, but it was surprising. His eyelashes were bigger, as was his chest. His ass had ballooned and his legs looked like they were going to bust out of his jeans.

He stepped in and I gave him a kiss. He stepped back, shyly.

“Can we talk about Anna?” he asked. I slapped him, then and there. He was fighting back too much.

“You don’t mention that bitch in my house. You came here for my dick. Admit it, you queer,” I demanded.

Before he even responded, Eddie was slurping on my half-hard cock. Smelling its musk. Slapping it on his forehead and tongue, hard enough that it left an imprint. His lips had become more pronounced since our first meeting.

“I’m here for dick, daddy,” he said between slurps. He did a fantastic job, slurping my massive balls and licking my taint, savoring every second. Daddy was very proud. I pumped what must have been two gallons of cum down his eager throat. He literally gulped it down, like a fratboy on Friday, legs spread out, in front of him, his now-growing cock laying on the floor.

“Am I a good boy, daddy?” he asked without prompting.

“Well, you’re getting better,” I told him.

“How can I be better?” he asked, crawling to me.

“Tell Anna that you’ve got some new feelings, and that you’re changing,” I told him. Gosh I was such a bitch.

“Yes, daddy,” he said, fondling my nuts.

“Oh, you don’t say yes like that anymore. You say it like ‘yaaaaas.’ That’ll make you a little better, at least in my book,” I said. I couldn’t help it. Eddie needed some extremely faggy touches, just like Andy had given me. After he turned me out. He decided that I needed a silly little sache when I walked, a switch in the hips, and I walked everywhere like that now.

“Yaaaaas, daddy!” he said with a happy lisp. He looked beautiful, with his plumping lips and developing muscular body and inflating cock. But he was fighting back; deep down, his soul was on fire. Maybe he loved Anna enough to fight back. Maybe I didn’t love my wife - what was her name? - enough to fight back at all.

“Tell Anna that you’ve been coming here, and tell her what you’ve been doing. Every bit of it. The fucking. The sucking. Tell her what you’re becoming. Tell her you’re gay,” I commanded. He was barely listening, but I think he got the gist. He was eyeing himself in my full length mirror, admiring himself happily.

“Hey daddy, does my booty look bigger? And my cock? And chest?”

“Yeah, they all do sweetie. But we call our pecs our tits,” I said.

“Good, big tits look better on me than any girl,” he giggled.

Anna tried to call me more than 20 times two hours after Eddie had left. I listened to the voicemails. They were rambling. Incoherent. She wanted to kill me. She wanted to know what I had done to him. I sent her a text, and only one before blocking her for good.

-I fixed him, bitch.

I told Dan the Doorman to make sure she never came in, and he nodded happily. Dan was one of my first conversions here. He was a happy family man - five kids - and one of those old Bronx types, gruff and blue eyed, but welcoming. Like Eddie, he had been skeeved out by me at first, and like Eddie, he had seen the light.

Dan had grown from 5’7” to nearly 6 and a half feet since he took my cock, and had grown enormous, freakish traps and biceps and a happy muscle gut, the bottom of which jutted out of his doorman’s uniform. He himself had converted dozens of the building’s residents, and had taken particular glee in turning out college freshmen. Dan claimed that he had even sent men to turn out his own sons, and watched with pride as they all developed into pathetic, limpwristed bottoms. Dan himself was a top, with a cock the width and length of a Natty Ice tallboy.

“Gladly, sir,” he said.

It didn’t take long before Eddie made his next appearance. And boy, was it a new appearance. I entered the house quietly, and found him impaled on my silly horse dildo, squatting on it and yelling for daddy. He cut himself off when he heard me behind him. The toy my the sweetest sound as it slid out of him. Eddie stared at me for a moment, before bowing his head in shame and confusion.

“Please,” he said with tears in his eyes. “Just tell me what’s going on.”

Genuinely, I felt a bit bad for the kid. I had to hold myself back a little. But I knew that I was doing the right thing for him, because it was the right thing for me. And hopefully, soon, he would be doing the right thing for someone else.

“Eddie, honey, when you tried my cock you made a decision. You cheated, and you indulged yourself. And you’re paying the price for that,” I said. “You’re going to be one of us now. You’re going to change. It happened to me, it happened to my friend. You’re going to get a little dumber, but much, much hotter.”

Eddie smiled. “Really?”

His package grew in his jeans. I was so proud of him. His frame had already changed, but he was only halfway there. He slouched forward, his shirt no longer fit him and his jeans couldn’t contain his new lower half.

“Oh yes sweetie. You seem to be shaping up into a bottom. Your ass is getting bigger, no?”

“Oh yeah, much bigger. It’s so weird, but it’s so nice to sit on.”

“Yeah,” I said with a laugh. “Other things will feel better soon too. Your cock, I can see it, it’s much bigger now, huh.”

“Oh yeah,” he said with a dopey laugh. “Inches bigger. And fatter. But it’s softer now.”

“Mhm, guys love it when a muscle bottom has a big useless cock that bops around,” I said.

Eddie snapped back to. He was fighting. Good for him. But he didn’t know that he was going to lose. It was pathetic, but in the most endearing way. Eddie’s so cute like that.

“But what about Anna? What about school?” he asked, petrified.

“You’ll find new things,” I said, confidently. “I mean, when I came in you were eight inches deep on a pink horse dildo, babe. And if my nose doesn’t trick me, the big round doorknob to my room smells a little bit like lube.”

At that, Eddie tore out of the room and down the hallway, presumably to fight back against his conversion, some way, somehow. Eddie wasn’t the first guy who hadn’t taken it well, but they all ended up at the same spot, just like I did. It takes you over. It corrupts you. It makes things better.

Really a shame. I thought Eddie would be at least be versatile.

Two weeks later, Eddie was coming over every day. He said it was getting hard to focus on his homework ever since going through his change, and that our apartment was the best place for him to get it done. I could tell that he was a little dimmer than he was before, and I think he knew too, but he didn’t seem to care. His face was relatively unchanged these days, although a bit wider and stronger, but the rest of him had become much… better.

His stone-like muscle gut shot out over his waist and touched the tippy top of his cock when he sat down and bent over, and his massive pecs and nipples lay on top of it. His new front side had changed the way he walked. Previously, he slouched. Now, my handsome boy walked with his front side out, sometimes with his hand on his hips or just above his now gargantuan ass. His jaw flares out a tad, and his brow is a bit more primitive, but he’s still Eddie. He’s just the Eddie I knew he could be.

He got over his crying after a few weeks. Eddie knew what he had lost, and for a brief while, a part of him had wanted it back. He even told me he called Anna a few times after his personal shift, and convinced her to go on a date. Apparently, they saw A Star Is Born (he cried, natch, like any true bitch) and couldn’t stop gabbing about Bradley Cooper’s bod at dinner after. He somehow convinced Anna to come back to his place where - get this - he couldn’t even get his new, massive slug kind of hard. Eddie says she left angry, and hasn’t texted him since. It didn’t take long for him to figure out his place, though. I’m pretty sure that night, he started his Grindr career, and it’s been soaring ever since. Our boy is pretty exclusively into black cocks, and has asked me what I think of a spade tattoo. I told him to go for it!

I don’t think Eddie really likes doing his homework at our place. He’s not really into law anymore, and he says he’s failing the hell out of his tort class, which he was dominating before. His parents have disowned him, and he has no way to pay for school anyway, so he’s considering cosmetology school (so cute, I know).

Nah, Eddie comes by to pretend like he’s doing his homework, but he really just likes to sit on my dildos and use our spare room for fucking. He’s a creative little monkey, and getting faggier by the day. The other afternoon as I was leaving for a manicure I saw him decked out in a lacey thong, nipple tassles and a pair of Playboy bunny ears. He asked me if I had any lipstick. Charming.

I’m proud of Eddie. This is who he was meant to be. He has given in. He has accepted his gay fate. I think maybe we’re all meant to be this way, and it’s the job of me and people like me to set things right. But we’re not going to get this done unless we begin in our own back yard. H

I’m sending Eddie to meet my son.

Hi fellas. Former-straight 20 something here. Tell me what you think or get at me! Wanna hear feedback - and stories - from other former straights. Huge fan of @wiki, @baralai and @DerekWilliams’ writing.

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