Blackened Catalyst: A Chance Encounter

By ChaoticDjinn
published November 28, 2018

Keith’s a pretty shy guy, but he still wants the same things as everyone else

Keith sighed, his eyes following yet another hunky looking guy as they pass him by. The latest morsel to stroll past his perch on the rickety park bench was a six-foot blonde number clad in baby blue gym shorts and a crisp, white tank top. A quiet voice deep inside Keith urged for him to get up and talk to the guy. Like always, Keith just watched the man pass by without doing anything about it. As he always did once the smoking hot potential lay had walked out of sight, Keith began the barrage of self-deprecation. He hated how painfully shy and passive he was. Whether it was due to his upbringing or some kind of genetic flaw, Keith didn’t know, but he hated it all the same. What was worse, so far as his sexuality was concerned, Keith sat squarely in the category of a total top. He didn’t enjoy being penetrated in the slightest and found the idea of being passive with a guy in bed about as appealing as chewing on a nice square wad of tinfoil.

In Keith’s experience, bottoms didn’t exactly throw themselves at guys who looked like he did. It didn’t matter that he was a beast between the sheets. With his passive personality and average looks combined, the only attention he got was from other tops looking to score. It wasn’t that he was bad looking, just that nothing about him stood out in any distinct way. Standing at five foot ten and a hundred sixty-five pounds, he was hardly a striking Adonis in the physique department. His mousy brown hair and just slightly too thin lips didn’t help the situation either.

Despite his best attempts at summoning up a more aggressive and confident side, Keith found himself habitually pulling away when he saw a hot looking guy that he thought had some nice potential as a bottom. Shamefully, he had an entire shelf of books pertaining to the subject of being a more confident and actualized person. The only thing they had really done for him was make him feel a little like some kind of basic bitch who put all their hopes into vision boards and The Secret.

“It can be a little disappointing, can’t it? When our inner and outer selves don’t match up as much as we’d wish.”

Keith almost leapt up off the bench when the voice that appeared beside him suddenly. He had been a little lost in thought, sure, but he didn’t understand how he hadn’t noticed someone sit down on the bench right next to him. If he was remotely interested in the fairer sex, Keith would have likely thought the woman was a full-on knockout of a woman. Shining, emerald green eyes, dark raven hair that fell in a waterfall of natural cascading waves past her shoulders and rich skin the colour of burnt caramel.

With as beautiful and as strangely dressed for the middle of summer as she was, Keith was surprised she wasn’t pulling the gazes of the strangers who walked past the bench. Her head was wrapped in a deep purple scarf while a black looking shawl was wrapped around the flowing ebony dress that seemed to waft around her body on its own accord. Several necklaces were wrapped around her neck, some looking like they were made of fraying rope while others shone like liquid silver.

“I’m sorry, what?” Asked Keith, thinking he may have heard her wrong.

“I don’t often seek anyone out like this. The men have always flocked to me you see. But, I was out on a walk and your self-loathing reached out to me like a cry in the night.”

“Excuse me?” Asked Keith, sliding away from the strange woman slowly.

“Well, there isn’t anything I can do unless you ask for my help. That’s a very important part of the whole thing.” Continued the woman, seeming to have not heard anything Keith had said. “So, what about it? Do you want things to be different?”

“Look, I don’t know if you’re trying to sell me drugs, religion or sex, but I’m not interested.” Said Keith.

“You lie awake at night and wonder why you can’t just fix yourself. Why you can’t just have the kind of relationship you crave, one where you get to strut your manly pride as often as you want. All those years of self-hate and worry and you won’t even give an answer when someone is offering help?”

Keith stared into the woman’s glittering emerald eyes. Something in the way they shone and shimmered in the mid-afternoon sun made the hair on the back of Keith’s neck stand up. A fear registered in the pit of his stomach, primal and powerful, telling him to get up off the bench and leave as quickly as he could. At the same time, the shimmering emeralds told him that the woman’s words, though seemingly impossible, were completely true. She could give him exactly what he had always wanted.

He sat frozen on the bench, his eyes locked with the woman’s. On the surface, he looked to be the picture of calm and collected, but below the calm, a silent war was raging. The primal sense of fear deep in his stomach was banging against the walls in an attempt to move his body far, far away from the woman. His conscious mind, however, was thinking of all the time he had spent wishing things were different. All the times he had tried to get over his shyness and live the life he had always wanted. This woman was offering him exactly that, and somehow, he knew she could deliver.

“Yes. Please. I want things to be different. I want to be able to be with people.”

The woman pressed her lips together and smiled, a wide, cruel smile. Her shining green eyes suddenly erupted into an unnaturally vivid blue that danced like crackling fire. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, flat circle of metal. Twisting, glowing symbols the same unearthly blue as her piercing eyes adorned the metal disc. Looking at the symbols made Keith’s brain feel like a railroad spike was being driven through his skull, but he dared not look back at the woman’s transformed gaze. She held the talisman out with an open hand, stopping inches from Keith’s chest.

Keith’s trembling hand rose from his lap and stopped inches from the glowing talisman. He knew that if he touched the charm that things would indeed be different, but the knowledge didn’t extend into just how things would change. He thought one last time of getting up and leaving, just walking away and forgetting about the woman and her piercing eyes. A lifetime of wondering and “what ifs” bubbled up to the surface, hardening his resolve.

In one smooth and confident motion, Keith reached out his hand and grabbed the glowing talisman then pressed it tightly to his chest. The sound of searing flesh filled his ears while the chilling sensation of pins and needles bloomed beneath the ice-cold trinket. The world around him wavered, the woman smiled and everything disappeared.

The soft sound of distant traffic and the cheerful warble of fluttering summer birds rose up around Keith as he pulled himself from his slumped position on the bench. His heart was racing a mile a minute as his mind frantically tried to explain what he had just witnessed. Keith jerked his head to the side and let out a soft gasp when he saw that the strange, unearthly woman had completely vanished. With another jerking movement, Keith rose to his feet and pulled off his shirt at the remembrance of the cold sear that the talisman had left there.

For a fleeting instant, Keith saw the swirling patterns of runes glowing on his chest in the same impossibly intense blue as the woman’s transformed eyes. In the time it took for Keith to blink, the glowing runes vanished entirely, leaving him looking at his flat, pale chest. Suddenly, aware that he was standing shirtless in a public place, Keith quickly pulled his plain grey shirt back over this pitifully undefined torso. He extended his hands in front of him, flexing and relaxing his fingers in a slow repetition.

Something had happened after he pressed the talisman to his chest, he was sure of that. Just what that something was, he couldn’t say. His body felt the same as it always had, and what he had seen of his body, he still looked exactly the same. Keith pulled out his phone and snapped a quick selfie. The picture confirmed his suspicions, nothing had changed. His lips remained too thin, his nose just a little too large and his hair the most unremarkable shade of brown with a simple Supercuts trim.

Keith let out a loud sigh and slumped back down onto the park bench. He was hoping that whatever changes had occurred would have come with a better-looking face, or at least a tighter, more toned body. Even if the woman’s strange talisman had given him more confidence, he doubted that he would make much headway with the kinds of guys he wanted with such mundanity at his disposal. Keith looked inward and tried to discern if anything had been changed there either. Much to his disappointment, he came up blank there as well. He felt the same nagging drive to get up and talk to guys, but knew that it would fade the second the opportunity presented itself.

As if on cue, a pair of guys came around the corner and what a pair they were. Keith was actually a little shocked at how perfectly attractive and well muscled the duo were. Each man was clad in a sweat-soaked muscle shirt and flowing, shiny basketball shorts. Both wore the easy sort of smile that only came with true confidence.

“I still don’t think that last shot counted man. Pretty sure throwing your elbow into another dude’s gut is a personal foul.” Said the blonde one, giving his friend a playful shove.

“Whatever, man. You were the one throwing yourself at me. Not my fault you leaned into my pivot.” Replied his black haired friend.

The closer the two men got, the more impressed and, frankly, confused Keith was in regard to their bodies. Each one of them looked like they could have competed in the professional bodybuilding circuit. Not only that, with the heft of their bodies and the protruding muscle-gutts that peaked out from the bottom of their muscle shirts, they looked like they would have placed in the top tier of competitors. In all his time going to the park, Keith had only seen one other guy who rivalled their builds, so seeing two such men at once was definitely out of the normal for Keith.

Looking at the way the two men displayed their muscular bodies with such casual ease sent an instant surge of lust through Keith’s body. He desperately wanted to walk over and strike up a conversation with the two men, but felt the same flood of negative feelings smother the excitement that he felt. People like that wouldn’t give him the time of day. Best case scenario, they ignore him. Worse case, they would take offence and beat the shit out of him. Either way, his mind told him that it wasn’t worth the effort.

Keith pretended to fiddle with his phone when the two hulking men crossed his path in hopes of getting to watch their wet-dream causing bodies for as long as possible before they left. Curiously, the duo stopped their chatter when they drew closer to Keith. The blonde man nudged his buddy softly in the side and pointed towards Keith subtly. His raven-haired friend just gave a solemn nod and astonishingly gave his pecs a playful little bounce.

Keith snapped his attention back to his phone. He knew that he was creeping on the two men pretty hard and the last thing he wanted was for them to call him out on it. He pulled up a news article on his phone and started reading it in the hopes that the two men would see that he was actually engaging in his phone rather than just pretending. A shadow fell over Keith’s phone and he let out a soft gulp. The sound of footsteps had stopped and he knew he had been caught.

Keith looked up from his phone and into the faces of the muscled out duo, fully expecting to see their faces curled into scowls. Instead of the leering disdain that Keith expected, each man wore a wide and genuine smile.

“Hey man, I’m Brent and my little friend over there’s Todd. I was wondering if we could get your opinion on something.” Began the blonde, nodding back to his raven-haired friend with a little smirk.

“Oh? I-I’ll help if I can.” Stammered Keith, not believing that the two men had actually stopped to to talk with him.

“Tight!” Cried the blonde, backing up a few steps from Keith to join his friend. “Todd here thinks his arms are bigger than mine and I just wanted you to tell him that he’s totally delusional.”

Both men flexed their arms in a classic double gun pose, their smiles wide and glittering as though they were posing for judges at a contest. Keith’s eyes fluttered and looked back and forth between the two posing men. Each one of them had arms that looked as though they were about the same size as Keith’s head. If there was a clear winner between the two, Keith coldn’t tell.

“I-I think they both look pretty huge. About the same size, I think. Way more than I have.” Said Keith, feeling his cheeks burn.

Even though the two men were actively asking him to essentially leer at and judge them, Keith felt like he was somehow out of bounds. There was something in the way that they were smiling at him that made him a little more nervous than he already was, as bizarre as that sounded.

“See man? Dude like that says you aren’t any bigger than me. No arguing with that.” Said Brent, giving his friend a triumphant smile.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right there. But, I’m still hotter than you, even if my arms aren’t bigger.”

“Get the fuck out of there with that.” Retorted Brent, giving his ass a rub with both his hands. “I get WAY more dick than you do.”

“In your fuckin’ dreams, man. Once guy’s see an ass like mine, there isn’t any going back to guys like you.” Replied Todd, pushing his ass out behind him.

Keith’s jaw hung open at the sight of the two men and their shocking display. Whenever he saw huge guys like Todd and Brent, he always liked to think of them as being big ol’ bottoms behind closed doors. It was one of the only benefits of being too shy to get up and talk to people. He could picture them as whatever he wanted and never have the fantasy ruined. Like some kind of sad and lusty version of Schrodinger’s cat, every man he lusted after was simultaneously a bottom who wanted his dick and a straight guy with zero interest in him at the same time.

As much as he had hoped it was true when he saw them, Keith had never actually thought that Brent and Todd would turn out to actually both bottom. He looked back and forth between their bodies and saw that his original comparison of their bodies was right. The two of them were matched muscle for muscle so far as size and tone were concerned. Apart from their faces and the slight difference in skin tone, there was very little difference between them.

“You’ve both got really great, uh, glutes, but I think they’re about the same size, like your arms.” Said Keith honestly.

“Well, I guess that only leaves one option then.” Said Brent, taking a step towards Keith once more.

“Yeah, man. I won’t be able to sleep at night unless we solve this thing, and this guy looks like the PERFECT judge.” Added Todd.

“Oh, uh, my name’s Keith,” Began Keith, realizing he had never introduced himself. “I’m sorry guys, but I really can’t decide which one of you is more muscular.”

Brent just smiled and shrugged his shoulder. “I can deal with being the same size as limp dick over there, but I don’t like people thinking he’s a better lay than me. So, how about you pull down those pants and let me show you how good I am with my ass? You can do Todd after, but I gotta warn you. After you’ve been inside me, he’ll probably underwhelm you.”

Keith leapt up off of the bench with a cry of surprise. His heart started to hammer in his chest at the idea of being with not one, but two muscle-bound strangers in the middle of a public park. His cock twitched in his pants and he felt his hand almost start to reach out towards Brent’s bulging body. The same force that kept him in the role of a wallflower for his entire life piped up and forced his hand back to his side. They were strangers, it was a public park. Even if it wasn’t some kind of elaborate trick, it would still end badly. Excitement turned to anxiety and Keith began to turn to leave while offering up a lame excuse.

“Uh, sorry. That sounds fun, but I really gotta get going. I got somewhere to be.” Stammered Keith, doing his best to stop starting at the beefy bros.

“What? Come on, you gotta help me out, man. Limp dick over there’s gonna keep thinking he’s better in bed unless I actually show him he’s wrong. We’re all young healthy adults, why not have some fun? There’s bushes right over there.”

The realness of the situation hit Keith like a ton of bricks. Both men wanted him in a very real way, with no cruel joke or mocking in mind. The only thing standing between him and some hot, sweaty fun in the bushes was his own hesitation and doubt. He cursed himself for his own doubts but knew that there was nothing he could do about it at the moment. Between his own reservation, the sudden eagerness of the two muscle studs and the strange woman’s unearthly eyes, Keith was overwhelmed.

“Sorry. I really gotta go. It was nice talking to you though.” Blurted Keith and quickly hurried away from the bench.

Neither man followed him or called for him to stop. Looking over his shoulder, he saw the two of them exchange confused looks before shrugging and continuing down the path at their original casual cadence. Keith looked forward and kept his eyes on his own feet as he walked out of the park as quickly as he could. He needed to get somewhere to think about what had just happened, and what it might mean for his future. There was no doubt in his mind that the two men had been interested in him only because of the woman and her strange talisman, but there was still so much about the situation that he didn’t know.

Hearing the bustling of the city around him, Keith looked up from his feet and let out yet another gasp of disbelief. The city itself was the same as it had always been, with towering buildings and people coming and going in all directions. It was the people who had been changed, and Keith knew that it had to be in relation to his encounter with the woman on the park bench.

Every man that walked by looked to be no less firm and muscular than an amateur fitness model. Some men were burly and beefy with impressive piston arms, barrel chests and muscle guts. Others were slimmer, with more compact and trim muscles clearly visible under their stretched clothing. Not a single man in view was out of shape and overly heavy, or thin and mediocre looking, except, of course, for Keith himself. As he walked, with his heart beating out of his chest, Keith couldn’t help but notice men stopping and turning their heads to look at him.

With his anxiety, he had always felt like people were stopping to stare at him and judging him poorly. His own worst fear was being realized, at least in part, but the looks and expressions on the men’s faces were anything but judgemental. On the contrary, the men were looking at him as though he were the one with the stunning looks and impressive body. Construction workers cat called him, men in stretched out business suits stopped talking on their phones to look at him with their mouth open. He was desired by everyone who saw him and he didn’t know how to even begin to deal with that.

“Excuse me, sir. Is everything all right?”

Keith looked away from the gazes of the passing muscle men and towards the sound of the voice. He hadn’t realized it, but he had been so caught up in the stares of the other people around him that he hadn’t been paying attention to where he was going. He was standing a few feet from a parked cop car, just staring with a glassy look in his eyes. Keith was kicking himself. With his rapidly rising and falling chest and pale clammy skin, the cop probably thought he was some kind of druggy on a bad trip.

“Oh. I’m fine. I’m just having a bit of a weird day.” Keith Said, eyes widening as he got a better look at the cop.

The uniform he was wearing was the same navy blue getup that the police in his city had always worn, but the body beneath it certainly wasn’t. Every inch of the near black outfit was stretched out to the max, looking as though it were body paint rather than actual fabric. Despite his cannonball arms and redwood thighs, the cop’s face was surprisingly boyish and friendly looking. Keith was reminded of the eager rookie cop trope that was featured in so many buddy cop movies, just with a body that looked like it had been downing roids since puberty.

“Well, I think we can all understand that. I’m actually just about to get off duty myself. Would you like me to give you a ride home or something? I wouldn’t feel right leaving a guy who looks like he’s about to drop dead from a panic attack.”

Keith watched the cop adjust his trousers as he spoke and noticed the slowly growing outline in the front of his pants. Despite the clear erection, the cop did seem honest in his concern for him, and Keith desperately needed someplace to sit that was away from everyone’s lusty gaze.

“Sure. I mean, yeah, that would be great. Thanks.” Said Keith as he tried to stop his head from spinning.

The stacked officer grabbed his radio and mumbled something that Keith couldn’t quite understand into it before getting into the driver’s side of the car. A moment later, the front passenger door popped open and the cop waved him in with his thick, powerful looking arm. Keith took another quick look around at the men leering at him and got into the police cruiser.

“Oh, I’m Officer Willson, but you can call me Steve.” Said the cop, extending a meaty hand towards Keith.

“I’m Keith.” He replied, grabbing the man’s hand and wincing when Steve grasped it to shake.

“Oh, sorry. Don’t know my own strength sometimes. Thought you might be able to take it though, you look the type.” Replied Steve with a laugh.

Keith looked into Steve’s deep blue eyes with confusion. He looked the type? The type for what? Someone strong enough to match a bodybuilder in terms of grip strength? The idea sounded ludicrous to Keith like it was some kind of joke, but there wasn’t a hint of deception in Steve’s expression.

“So, where am I taking you? Or, now that you’ve sat down, do you just want to drive around? I called in a favour with the sarge, so I’m all yours.”

Keith picked up on the meaning behind Steve’s words instantly. Like the guys in the park, Steve was not so subtly offering his ass up for a good time. Unlike the park though, Keith found himself actually considering the offer. He wasn’t sure what it was about Steve, but the officer made him feel much safer and at ease than he had in the park. Whether it was the uniform, his deep blue eyes or trustworthy smile, Keith didn’t know, but he actually felt at ease for the first time since the world had changed around him.

“Driving around sounds nice. Maybe away from downtown, it’s a little much right now.” Said Keith.

Steve gave a wide smile like he had won some kind of contest and pulled the squad car out into the flow of traffic. Keith watched, his mind still hanging on to a trace of disbelief at what he was seeing. Every single man that they drove past looked like they could have featured on any fitness magazine they chose at the drop of a hat. The idea that he might be the only thin and unremarkable person on the planet filled Keith with a strange sensation that was equal parts dread and excitement.

“Well, if you want, I think I know a nice little place to park and talk. If you want to do more than talk, I’m down for that too. Guys like you drive me fuckin’ wild.”

Keith’s voice caught in his throat when he tried to reply to Steve. Just like the two men in the park, he proposed sex with such casual ease that it had caught him completely off guard. This time however, he felt himself excited by the proposition. In the park, it had been two men at the same time, in a public place, and while his mind had only just woken from the blackness that had surrounded him after his encounter with the woman on the bench. Something about a nice private little road with the muscle-bound officer spoke to Keith in a very real way.

“Oh…what were you thinking of doing? If we found a nice little place away from everyone else.”

Steve laughed and adjusted his throbbing erection. “Well, I was thinking you’d bend me over the hood of this car and see how hard we can get it rockin’. Or, if you want me to do all the work, you could sit on the hood and let me milk that thick cock of yours. I don’t like to brag, but the guys down at the precinct are all jealous of my glutes. I’ve been giving them special attention since high school.”

Keith felt his cock grow as hard as he had ever felt it. There he was, talking in relative comfort to a hot hunk of man who didn’t only humour him, but rather, acted as though he was the lucky one in the situation. It was exactly what he had always wanted.

“That sounds pretty good to me.” Said Keith, placing his hand on Steve’s thigh nervously.

He felt his heart pounding out of his chest again, but this time the force driving it was excitement rather than uncontrollable anxiety and dread. The few minutes that it took Steve to drive away from the bustle of the city and down a dusty, secluded road felt like an eternity to Keith. He had been waiting his whole life to find a nice, eager power bottom whom he felt comfortable with and he didn’t want to wait another second more than necessary.

“Here we are man. Pretty nice, don’t you think?” Asked Steve as the car pulled under a drooping willow tree.

“Yeah, it really kind of is. You take a lot of guys here?” Keith asked, coyly sussing out just how much of a player Steve was.

“You kidding me? Guys like you are really fuckin’ hard to come by. Most nights, it’s just me, the internet and my dildos. What about you? I’m surprised you don’t already have plans to meet up with some lucky bottom.”

Keith baulked at how frankly Steve was speaking about his position as a dedicated bottom. In his experience, people who looked like he did were seldom bottoms, and if they were, they always treated it with a certain sense of shame and secrecy. Steve didn’t seem overly proud of the fact, but at the same time, Keith didn’t sense even a shred of self-loathing or embarrassment.

“Me? No, It’s safe to say I don’t have any plans after this.” Replied Keith.

“Hey, awesome! If you want, we could keep the good times rolling. Take you down to the station and make the other guys jealous while I change into my civvies, then let me take you out for a night on the town. Sorry if I’m being forward, but you gotta grab hold of the good ones when you find ’em, you know?”

Everything Steve was saying sounded backwards to Keith, but he forced himself to just smile and nod along. There would be time for him to figure things out and consider Steve’s proposal later. For now, Keith just wanted to do as Steve had originally suggested and relax by getting his rocks off.

“We’ll see. It might depend on how good you are.” Said Keith, surprising himself with his tone.

“Hell yeah, that’s all I ask man. That you give me a fair chance.”

Steve and Keith got out of the car an walked around to the front. Keith stood up on the tips of his toes to reach Steve’s lips and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. With their tongues playfully swirling around the other’s mouth, Steve gave a surprisingly high pitched moan. No matter where Keith touched on Steve’s body, the big man shuddered and moaned in response, as though Keith had magic hands.

“I don’t want to be too pushy and scare you off,” began Steve after pulling away from the kiss. “But, can I ride you now? I want to show you what I can do before you get bored and write me off.”

“Oh, uh, sure.” Said Keith, not expecting the cop to want to move onto desert so soon.

Keith wiggled out of his pants and pulled his underwear down to reveal his long eight-inch cock. He couldn’t help but notice the difference in the size of his thighs when compared to Steve’s. But, if it bothered the officer, he certainly didn’t say. The cop simply grinned from ear to ear and peeled his skin-tight pants down, revealing a throbbing six-incher. Steve did a little half spin and revealed his ass to Keith with a playful wiggle. It was tanned and muscular like the rest of his body, but with a significantly larger amount of fat covering the rock-hard muscle beneath it.

A gasp escaped Keith’s mouth when the cop sat down on his rock hard dick. Not only was his ass the perfect muscular bubble, but his hole was the tightest that Keith had ever felt in his life.

“Fuck mannn, you weren’t lying about that ass.” Said moaned Keith.

Steve turned his head and pulled Keith into a quick kiss as he sat all the way down on his lap. The second his butt cheeks pressed against Keith’s crotch, Steve began to bounce up and down at a furious pace. Keith’s mind was blown, Steve was an absolute pro. The muscled cop alternated between slowly bouncing up and down to take the entire length of Keith’s cock and doing little short bounces with the majority of the cock deep in his hole.

Steve let out long, loud moans while he impaled himself on Keith’s throbbing cock, flexing his arms in an alluring display. By all accounts, Keith was the lucky one and Steve the one doing more or less an act of charity by stooping to be with him, but the cop certainly didn’t see it that way. He moaned Keith’s name loud and proud, flexed his body, worked his cheeks to milk Keith’s cock. It was clear that he was doing everything he could to give Keith as much pleasure as possible. All Keith had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride.

With his hands running over the officer’s body and making quick work at undoing his shirt’s buttons, Keith finally found himself at peace. It wasn’t how he had expected it, and he was hardly through wrapping his head around the situation, but he finally felt as though, for the first time in his life, he might finally be comfortable.

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