Wet Dream

By Stroppy Author
published November 26, 2018
6629 words

An olympic swimmer gets his cumuppence

Not my normal genre but by special request:

Wet Dream

David was on the University Swim Team. He and his best friend Jason were vying for the top spot for the U.S. Olympics. Barring injury, they were both clear to beat both Greg Louganis and Michael Phelps records. They ate together and studied together. What’s so unusual is that individual sports like track, bicycling and swimming tend to be isolated and competitive, but they seemed inseparable. Both were 22 years old and both had similar builds, David three inches taller at 6’ 3 but Jason had 15 pounds on him at 195 pounds. Jason was always talking about the women he had conquered. He threw their names around dropping their names without discretion or respect. Often, David wondered why they were friends.

One day, after a 3 mile warm up run, they were in the University gym doing their work out before swim class when Campus Security, Georgetown Police, the College Dean and the Swim Coach interrupted their work out. They were asked to accompany the police to their lockers and asked to open them. Thinking this was just a standard Olympic screening David complied, as did Jason. Searching through the bags, Campus police pulled out a syringe and a prescription bottle. All looked at David when Jason piped in “Oh David.. Why Dude? You’re a natural. Why would you dope up”?

Blood rushed to his face. David was numb in disbelief. “I swear! That’s not mine. I don’t do anything! Test my blood. I swear”. The coach said “We intend to, son”. One of the police phlebotomists swabbed and drew David’s blood. The Dean spoke: "Because of the drugs in your personal equipment and pending the results of your blood test, you are hereby suspended from the swim team and on academic probation. David looked at Jason who had a smirk on his face but suddenly looked sad as he said to David “I’m so sorry Bro… it didn’t have to be like this”. and left.

Only a day later and David was notified by the Dean that his blood came up positive for Oxandrolone, Androgel and Erythropoetin: all banned by the international Olympic committee. David was ordered to report to the police to give his statement. He was numb and crushed. How would he explain this to his parents? Where would he go? He was crushed. David reported to the Campus Police as ordered. He swore he had no idea of anything. The police seemed indifferent. “None of these substances show up in the right concentration and together without intent. You had to apply androgel topically and you have to ingest or inject the others”.

David was expelled in bad standing which meant no University would take him. He’d be ruined. HIs parents were sympathetic but they didn’t believe him either. Jason, however, was on cloud nine. “You have the sole spotlight. You have the greatest chance for the number one and two spots”. everyone told him. Jason was on top of the world. It was so easy to slip the androgen into David’s body lotion and hair gel and crushing up the pills into his food or drinks was amateur stuff. He had plenty of practice on the women he bedded. Even his parents, who had always been distant because of his selfishness and “Do anything to get ahead” mindset praised him.

Four years had passed and Jason had indeed won Four Gold medals, One Silver and One Bronze at the Olympics. He had just finished shooting a Subway Sandwiches commercial. All he had to do was a few laps of Butterfly’s and he had earned another $70,000. Man, Life was good. It was 7:00 PM on his last day in New York filming the commercial and he was returning to the hotel when he heard a cry for help. It was weak and low and whom ever it was seemed to be in pain. "This will be so cool! Imagine the headlines: ‘Olympic swimmer saves local’ ". Jason didn’t see anything as he wandered into the shrubbery when he heard a noise then blinding pain. He felt as if his skin were on fire and his organs were exploding. Whiteness shot through his brain as he collapsed silently.

He awoke. His skin was still crawling and he had trouble moving. He opened his eyes but saw nothing. and his face felt heavy. His hands were stiff but he was mostly numb still. There was a stiffness preventing him from craning his neck and his throat couldn’t make any sound. “Well, Good morning sleepyhead” came a voice. He knew that voice. It was deep and harsh. Jason tried to form words but nothing came out. “I know buddy.. Most Tasers carry 50,000 volts but deliver only 1200. I fixed mine. I can give you all 65K at once. You only got 18! Stings like a bitch, don’t it”?

Suddenly Jason was blinded by white light. He reached to shield his eyes but his hands were bent into a “C” and felt so heavy. Slowly as his eyes adjusted to the light he saw electronic images. Like he was looking through an iPhone camera. He was wearing Virtual Reality glasses. Jason also realised the voice was coming through ear buds. The VR mask focused on wherever he moved his head so he searched the room but the clarity was set for immediate proximity. He saw a shadow which seemed to come closer. It became clearer until he was within view. It was Huge, whatever it was. Suddenly lurching at Jason, his face came into view. Jason recoiled into the bed. "DAVID!!! OH MY GOD.. THANK GOD.. Dude, What happened to you.

Jason reached up but as his hand came close to Davids face another painful wave of electricity hot through his throat. He gurgled and thrashed as David spoke: “That’s 12,000 volts in your shock collar”. Come near me and ZAaaaaaP". David laughed. “I’ve waited a long time for this, Jason. I’m so glad you’re here”. Jason was still reeling from the shock to his system. It was hard to form words let alone say them but he tried: “Whh…Whaaa hap..”?

“What happened? you mean, Like After I was kicked out of the University or after I was sued by my sponsors? or after my parents kicked me out of the house and cut me off? Or do you mean after I was on the streets? Well.. I found people who would pay to use my body. One in particular was a construction worker with a thing for transforming people. I was his whore and he gave me a place to sleep. And since I didn’t have to worry about piss tests anymore he helped me become this. David struck pose after pose. My Biceps are 22”. My Waist is 46" and my chest is 65". Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. David looked stronger than Mr. Olympus. He was unrecognisable. He was bigger than Hafthor Bjornsson. “Speaking of which, I hear my honey coming up the stairs now”.

Jasons ears were plugged. Everything was coming through ear buds and his vision was limited to the small screen in his visor but he took a moment to look around. Everything seemed dingy and old. The curtains were sheets nailed to the window frame. The furniture looked like old Goodwill rejects. The bed he was on was a mattress on the floor. Jason suddenly realised he was naked. Feeling so vulnerable, he shivered and tried to open his hands to sit up but they were locked around a pole or a wedge of some kind. Looking over his body he saw he was wearing Leather ankle restraints with thick D Rings in them. Holding up his hands he had similar wrist restraints but he also had gloves with what looked like a piece of piping locking his fingers in a C-Shape. David watched in great amusement and said “Thats to help you work out once we start your training. There’s another on the back of your collar too”.

“You can’t do this! This is immor…Agggggghh” Jason gurggled and spasmed as his speech was cut off by another jolt of electricity. "David Spat in his face: “You’re going to talk to me about morality? You who set me up? Yeah.. I found out about it.. .Who do you think you got your drugs from”? David and Jason turned to the opening door and the monster Body Builder Jason had bought the steroids from entered the room. “Meet my lover, my pimp and my savior, Chopper Don”.

Jason was struck silent. He had seen this guy working out and knew it couldn’t be natural. He lifted impossible weights and had a build that was unachievable without. Jason thought of the moment he made the decision to ask when he was in the locker room and saw Chopper injecting into his rear. HIs lats were so big and his arms so thick he literally had to arch his back and stab blindly. He was a brutish looking man with his thinning hair shaved off, scars across his left cheek and neck. Surgical repair scars on the left side of his belly and lower rib cage. His body was thick and leathery and every vein looked like snakes under the tight skin. His belly was round and hard.

Chopper moved behind David and brought his huge paw around to Davids chest and pulled him backwards. They exchanged a backwards over the shoulder wet kiss as Chopper humped Davids rear. Chopper moved around and over to Jason. He brought his face close and removed the VR Goggles. Jason felt even more vulnerable now. At least the lens made for a surreal disconnected experience but here was the undeniable reality of a monster inches from his face. Chopper took Jasons entire jaw line and throat in his palm and brought it closer as he licked a long strip up Jasons face. His hand made jasons head look doll sized.

“Isn’t life a merry coincidence”? David asked. Well. That’s the past and here we are now". Jason had recovered enough to ask “Wha.. what are y..you going to do to me”? ZZZZzaaaappp!! Jason spasmed… “What are you going to do to me.. MASTER”! David corrected. Jason whimpered and slumped. He was exhausted and beaten. Not a very brave man to begin with… he croaked “What … are.. y, y,you going to do to me, Master”? David hadn’t expected him to crumble so quickly. Hiding his smile he looked up to Chopper Dan who looked at them both hungrily. Jason saw the smile and whimpered again.

You’ve had a big day so I’m going to let you rest. Just think about this: It’s impractical for us to keep you long term. Chopper and I are heading to Australia in a month. If you please us, we’ll let you go at the end of that time. I wanted you to feel what my life has been, even if it’s only a short time". Jason felt immediate relief. They weren’t going to kill him. All he had to do was play along for a month and he would be free. “Tonight you sleep. Tomorrows a big day”. Jason’s heart skipped as David rolled him over and jabbed a syringe into his butt. Rolling him over, David’s huge calloused hand immobilised his arm at the elbow and jabbed another needle in. Jason’s vision began to cloud but he thinks he heard David call him “Baby girl”.

Jason started to come around. His ear buds back in place whispering something in the background of sounds like men fucking women. He heard moans and whimpers and grunts along with words like “Fuck, Push out, submit, good bitch, cum dump”. He was so thirsty and parched. He couldn’t even vocalise. He stirred in bed but his balls ached terribly and he felt weak. “Good morning Sleepyhead.” David chirped. David lifted Jason up in bed which made Jason flinch. Pain shot through his balls and his arse clenched against something hard. He tried to speak but couldn’t. Jason propped him up and said “You’ve been out for a while. Sip, dont gulp.” Jason did gratefully.

“Hurt” was all Jason could get out. “I know” said David. “We’ve been working on your cock and balls pretty hard. and there’s a plug in your arse, though I’m sure you’ve already felt it.. try this”. and David played with a switch. All of a sudden Jasons arse began to pulsate and clamp down on the plug on it’s own. at the same time the inside of his guts started pulsing and ripping. He moaned at the feeling. He had never felt anything like this. He started humping the air. David chuckled and replaced the V.R. goggles and ear buds. Through the buds he heard David say: “Pay attention to the women getting fucked. Watch how they love the feel of a cock inside of them. This was my favourite part of the training”.

Something had been in the drink David gave him. Jasons skin tingled and his arse felt SO Good! He watched as man after man took the woman. Her arms flayed and clawed at every back and bum inside of her. He seemed to float for hours as he was given sips of drink through a straw and watched women being used like cum dumps. Every time the massive cocks plowed into her, his own butt plug seemed to make his own arse pulse and squeeze. Soon, he was predicting her reactions. DAMN! You whore" David said. “At least I lasted a week before I started fucking back”. for some reason Jason was pleased he had accepted this so quickly. How weird.

Another injection but this time in his ball sack. His nuts still hurt but oddly he only felt a pinch in his sack as the needle went into his testicle. No pain as he had imagined would be in the balls themselves. “David told Jason " I have to go to work, Baby girl, but you’ll be fine for a few hours”. He gave Jason a kiss on the lips which Jason just allowed passively, unregistering. His collar was chained to the headboard. His wrists were shacked to the bed as were his legs bent at the knee. A straw was placed in his mouth leading to a one litre bag of protein shake above him.

He lay there watching the videos play on continuous loop all day. Six hours later Chopper had entered unseen by Jason who changed out the bag of protein, added some crushed up pills and serum then fed back to Jason. He deftly changed Jason’s Diaper without him knowing he was wearing one and gave Jason a bed bath, finishing with a lotion Chopper rubbed all over Jasons body then changed the video to several men using one femme man on loop play. One more injection and earbuds back in place with new messages then Chopper went back to work.

Jason was so stupified and drugged up he concentrated on the programming and videos never realising Chopper had been there. The scene repeated it’s self throughout the week. The pain in Jasons balls had disappeared, not that his addled brain could tell anymore. It was the weekend and the weekend was made for partying!

A week later, Jason woke up groggy but clear. Thinking it was the next day, he shivered when David and Chopper approached the end of the bed. “Fuck” thought Jason, seeing them in day light for the first time and without the visor. David and Chopper were wearing tight leather masks revealing only their crooked noses and square jaws. Both wore Leather straps framing their massive pecs and scapula. A similar strap ran down to their crotches and disappeared under their brown and yellow stained jock straps. “They’re so fucking built… WooF!” thought Jason. He studied David who was a wall of muscles. His neck had disappeared: his head was bolted directly to his boulder shoulders. HIs back looked like rounded marble stones in a perfect V and his skin was so white causing what few red hairs he could see of his bush peeking out of his jock strap.

And Chopper Don was so terrifyingly hot. Both had obscene bulges. One of David’s balls was hanging out in the loose pink skin of his scrotum while the other was nestled under the biggest cock Jason had ever seen. Chopper was near naked. His cock stuck out of the jock and was as terrifying as his scarred body. Thicker than Jason’s wrist and the head covered by a thin foreskin. A string of clear pre hung about a foot down. His balls hung suspended in a brown bag inches below his half hard 14" cock. Six chrome rings pulled his balls down almost to his knees, while another leather strap kept his cock half chubbed. Why was Jason so taken with their cocks?

Time to start your training. David pulled out another syringe. Jason hadn’t realised he had rolled over on his own presenting his butt to.. to… MASTER!. One short sting to both cheeks and David checked the new larger plug, pulling out the 7"X 3" plug and added some lube before replacing it. Jason moaned softly humping back. he rolled back over.

David spoke softly, “Does baby like that”? Jason head was spinning. He felt so good! He moaned and said “Yes Daddy”. David presented his thumb and jason sucked on it. David pulled out another syringe and said “Here.. you know how…”. Jason stared at the syringe. He knew he shouldn’t but images of the films played in his mind. They all seemed so hot and horned when they injected themselves. They felt so good. Jasons arse pulsed and clamped on the newly slippery and large object in his arse. He took the needle and Chopper tied off his arm. David stood to the side as Jason found his vein and pulled the plunger back. Seeing the flash of red, pushed the plunger down. Chopper raised his arm and released the tourniquet feeling a hot flash then gave a huge cough. ZIiiiiiiNG! He was flying. He needed to be fucked! “FUFUKFUK”! He pounded his restricted hand into the plug in his arse.

David asked “What do you want, Baby Doll”? Jason panted “Oh God!! Fuck me , Please.. I need you in me.. Fuck me”!!! “Glad to help Baby girl” David said then presented his glorious cock to Jason. At the same time Chopper helped Jason into a kneeling position and pulled the plug out long and slowly, feeding it back in then pulling out again slowly fucking Jason who was moaning again. Once the toy was out Chopper moved Jason’s arse to the end of the bed, pulling it apart so the gaping hole was seen.

Hocking spit into the gape, Chopper slapped the eager arse before slowly sliding his cock tip in and out a few times. Jason tried to push back but Chopper just teased the hole until Jason screamed.. “PLEEEEASE”! Chopper held Jason’s small hips in his big bear paws, pausing for a moment then suddenly slammed into him driving him onto into the bed and on to David’s thick cock. Choppers body completely covered Jasons body. All one could see was a patch of hair through Choppers big arms holding his head down on Davids cock. The floor sounded as if it would give way under the pounding Jason took on the mattress.

The scene played out for twenty minutes until Chopper and David had cum twice each in a grand show of pulling out, showing the cum squirt before plunging in to finish the orgasm inside Jason. “Cut” announced David as he stood and pulled the two cell phones recording the whole injecting and begging session. Jason was so wiped out and residually high he never noticed. David made sure to capture his Olympic rings tattoo on his chest. That Tattoo appeared in every cereal and Nike ad Jason shot. “Did you like that Baby Girl”? David asked. Jason nodded sleepily in a post orgasm buzz, “Yes Daddy.. Baby girl so full”. Chopper presented the cock that had been in Jasons arse. Still covered in cum and wet looking, Jason sucked and licked the shaft and dripping balls clean. Jasons visor and ear buds back in place, he slept… kind of.

Jason woke. Still thinking it was day two. He had no idea how many hits on XTube and Twitter his porn video has had. “Wake up baby girl.. time to start your work out routine” announced David, “but first things first” and produced a syringe. Jason rolled over so David could access his cheek, Jason didn’t understand why he was moaning as David worked the contents into his butt but Damn it felt good. A finger would slip in his crack and run along his now loose pucker sending shivers up Jason’s spine.

“What are you giving me”? Jason asked. David just smirked and said “Hormones. Lets get you something to eat and start your routine”. David brought a bowl of lettuce and tuna fish, some capers and a bread stick. A protein shake during his workout would give him electrolyte replacement and amino acids. David slid a pole through the tubes in Jason’s gloved hands and had Jason lifting endlessly, 10 to 20 pound weights. A pole through the back of his collar and through his gloves and he was doing trunk twists and weighted back hyper-extensions. Locking his ankle restraints in, he did endless sit ups. Towards the end of the day another protein shake with lavender pill spreckles through out it.

Another shot and he was led through Yoga poses. Of course neither David or Chopper could perform them. Their muscles were way too bulky. Hell, they had to turn their bodies to look around. Finally after six hours of continuous workout David announced he did well for the day. Chopper came home as David lay Jason on his belly propped up with a pillow. Jason had resigned himself to this humiliation but had he been honest with himself, he was loving it. As David backed off his rimming Jason would push his arse up in the air. He was moaning shamelessly as did the women and twinks in the videos he had listened to every night: the sounds of fucking and pounding and to the demeaning and humiliating speech of the tops destroying the moaning whore underneath them. Not realising he had been there 25 days, In Jasons mind he had only been there two. How the hell would he survive a month if it always felt like this?

Chopper came over to the mattress. Jason shook, half from anticipation and half from fear. Chopper placed one huge paw on the back of Jasons head and pulled it forward. Jason closed his eyes and moaned. He wanted to feel that massive cock inside of him not remembering it had been in there… a lot! Chopper held his hand over Jason’s mouth until Jason thought he would pass out. As soon as he removed his hand and as Jason was taking a huge breath in, Chopper sprayed a bitterness in his nose. Jason gagged for a second but looked at Chopper with a surprised expression then felt like he had fallen down a tunnel. He could barely see Chopper sitting there grinning. “OHHhhhhh” moaned Jason. Chopper again held Jason’s mouth closed and forced another spray into his other nostril. Jason was flying!

David brought out the cell phones again capturing the Olympic rings and Jason’s face obviously drugged up hoarsely begging to be fucked. This time Chopper had brought some of his buddies home from the construction site. One Latino pulled his uncut and obviously unwashed cock out. Smearing his cheesy head along Jason’s face leaving a snail trail, David caught Jason’s tongue darting out to lick the smelly bits. He caught Jason licking the head and moaning as he was brutally face fucked. A second worker came over. This man was Fat. By all measures; his chest draped floppily on his beach ball belly He lay on top of Jason moaning and unable to push beyond the fat, rubbed himself to orgasm as Jason took a hit of poppers presented to him. One after another Construction worker after construction worker used his body.

Jason awoke and thought: "Oh Fuck.. I feel like crap. Whatever he gave me, I itch and ache. What the fuck is crawling under my skin. This is only the second day, how the fuk am I going to make a month? David spoke sympathetically… “Awwww buddy, feeling badly”? Jason nodded with chicken head movements. “Baby girl need a day off”? Jason sniffled and nodded. “OK.. no workout today but you still need your shots”. Jason rolled over. David jiggled and squeezed Jasons growing arse. It was filling out nicely. 70 days of double estrogen and testosterone blockers were doing their work. David injected the contents and kneaded the jelly butt.

Jason rolled over and David started playing with Jasons nipples. His breasts were filling out nicely. Soon he would have some work done to compliment them. Jason moaned under the attention to his nipples. David pulled out the depillitory lotion and began massaging Jason whose eyes closed under the massage. Still jittery and still itching this only helped a little. David pulled out a syringe and handed it to Jason.

Jason looked at it then at David. Why was he injecting himself and with what. “David had his cell phone set up and asked Jason: You want to feel good again”? Jason nodded, “Yeah.. I do. I really do”. David replied “I wont help you do this to yourself. Do what you want”. Jason seemed puzzled. Hadn’t he filled the syringe and handed it to him? Didn’t he tie the tourniquet? Whatever, Jason chose the vein and injected. He raised his arm over his head and releasng the band, sucked in and coughed as it hit. David threw a huge snake Dildo to him. It had to be three feet long and as wide around as a wrist.

Jason didnt hesitate. He pulled his arse up in the air. His feet lay on the pillow next to his ears. The Yoga had paid off. He could actually pull his legs behind his head. He fed the snake in bit by bit. He made a show of feeding it in then pulling it half way out then more in until he had bottomed out. At one point he sucked the back end into his mouth as he fucked the other half into his arse. Filling himself again, David stood over Jason and allowed Jason to suck his balls into his mouth as Jason came again and again. Jason handed him two pills: One was lavender and the other was heart shaped. David licked them off Davids palm then licked Davids hand and sucked on the fingers until he fell asleep.

Jason woke. He felt so full and crazy horny!! he reached down to scratch his balls not noticing his gloves were off. How long had he been here? He thinks a couple of days? He scratched his face but there was no stubble. He hadn’t shaved and he sure didnt smell clean so it couldn’t have been more than a couple of day. He reached down to scratch his balls but something was wrong. Instead of a Fuck stick and low hanging eggs, he had little robins eggs and a tiny prick. He stood on the mattress but his collar was connected to c chain keeping him from going far.

There was a full length mirror near the bed. He screamed a high pitched scream at the image. Where he once had a handsome well built swimmers body stood a twink like girl. His nipples were obscenely plump and his chest was mounded. He had a six pack but it looked like a young girls, tapering into wide hips and a huge bubble butt. His months of Yoga and low weight, high rep workouts absent from his drugged up mind. Listening to induction tapes 14 hours a day had made him absent. In his mind he had only been there a few days. The tapes made him believe it. Every night they taught him how horny he was and how he could please men then forget what he had been.

Chopper walked up behind him and he looked at the beast towering over. Jason barely came up to his chest. He looked like a straw in front of a bear. Chopper pulled Jason into his body; his hands grabbing each breasts from behind and pinched the nipples hard. Jason fell into Choppers belly. Chopper loved this part: where they break down and he re-makes them.

“Shhhhh baby Girl.. shhhhhh.. I’m gonna take care of you. All you have to do is take care of my friends. Shhhhh”. Jason was confused and scared but felt so safe leaning into this magnificent man. His little cock stood on end as Chopper stroked his shoulder length hair and cupped his soft full breasts. David walked up and Chopper lifted Jason up in the air. Clipping Jason’s ankles into the Receiving rings on Davids collar, Jason wrapped his arms around Davids neck as David started bouncing Jason up and down on his cock. Jason was making sqeals and high pitched grunts as David fucker him. Chopper appeared behind Jason and slowly fed his cock into Jasons hole already hosting David. Uhhhhhhh.. OhhHHhh" Jason moaned as the two see sawed in and out of his hole.

This would make great footage for their website. Jason’s arms were flopping and his toes were curling as he grunted and rode the two monster cocks. Finally all three came. They released Jason and lay him down. Good timing as a knock on the door interrupted them. Laying Jason face down on the mattress. Still flying from the snorts, David fed Jason another small protein shake with an extra shpritz of Lavender, blue and heart shaped pills (Valium). .

Chopper led two new clients in as they saw the passed out femme on the mattress. No grace in horniness, the first man pulled his flannel shirt off revealing the hard earned muscles of a dirty blue collar construction worker. His pants pulled down and his hard erect 10" cock bouncing as he plunged right in. Jason’s head flew up and back as he started his whimpering moans again. The second man kneeled on the mattress in front of his buddy plowing Jason. His pants also down around the ankles fed his 9" uncut cock into Jasons greedy little mouth. Poor Jason was sandwiched in between the two studs arched in an impossible arc as they plowed and pounded. The man fucking Jason’s mouth pulling mercilessly on Jasons nipples. The other pulling on the second strangers nips.

Another knock on the door and another three people appeared. Each handed Chopper Don or David money then stripped revealing sweaty greasy bodies. There was the smell of cement and grass as labourer after labourer used Jason again and again. After several hours of abuse and cum dumping, there was a break. Jason’s hole was gaping without promise it would ever close again. David produced a straw which he placed in Jason’s nose. When Jason had exhaled, David blew into the straw sending something wonderful into Jason’s brain. Soon he was begging for more: more cock! More Drugs. More Cum! He needed it. He was so empty.

Another knock as David finished another blow for Jason and the line up started again. This time someone had greased up their arm and wrist as they pushed into Jason. Jason started shaking, realising something too big was trying to fill him. He tried resisting but with some poppers and a little nipple play the mans’ fist went in. Jason’s mouth opened in a silent scream as his arse went into overdrive! Another anal orgasm and he was flopping around on the man’s arm like a broken puppet. The string of men was non-stop. Even though they had started at 10AM it was near 3AM and still they came.

Finally laid to sleep, ear buds in place, David started an I.V. with a pinkish fluid in Jason’s arm. Two litres later Jason was sleeping soundly. Electrolytes and amino acids as well as a strong hypnotic worked in tandem with the ear buds. 10 hours later Jason’s eyes fluttered. He was so comfortable. The butt plug in is arse humming and holding a hundred mens cum inside. This time he remembered the nights events as his hands found his nipples and played while he thought back on the men who had taken him. Yummy!! Each was hotter than the other.

David and Chopper were sleeping on either side of him; the sheets sticking to all three bodies with dried cum. without thought Jason’s mouth found Choppers nipple and started sucking and nipping at it. Chopper woke and pulled Jason’s mouth in to the nipple harder, smashing his face in his hard flat pec. David roused by the motion tried feeding his cock in along side of the plug but it wouldn’t fit. That didn’t stop Jason from pulling the plug out himself with a loud “POP” and impaling himself on David. “I think you’re ready, baby girl” said Chopper. Jason looked up at him sluttily as he finished fucking himself on David. Again, another needle and Jason was fast asleep.

Jason woke. His chest felt heavy and full. He looked around and checked himself. Ear buds in place: Check. plug expanding and strumming with electricity: Check! David tried sitting up but his centre of gravity was off. Finally propping himself up on one arm he caught site of himself in the standing mirror. Oh My God! He had D Cup Breasts. Jason sat up and the boobs shifted. One nipple was at 9:00 and the other at 2:00 but they were round and full and the nipples: Oh Fuk they were stretched and his areola dark red and angry and Oh, So sensitive! Chopper heard Jason stir and entered. Jason stared at himself wondering how this happened and hadn’t he always looked this way? He looked at chopper and wanted to ask what was happening but he forgot how to speak so he Giggled and played with his nipples looking at Chopper as if he had just asked a succinct well formed question.

Chopper moved over and said: “Not bad for a local under the table implant. now It’s time to go to work baby girl” . There was a knock at the door and a Skinhead walked in. He looked mean. His body covered in racial tattoos. He smelled of fish and grease and trash. His face was dirty and his hands rough and calloused. He looked at Jason with contempt and said, “Wot a fukin Skank… You said he was passable”. Chopper shrugged. The skinhead just said “Fukin Hell” and unzipped his Hi-Vis suit. He snorted and blew his nose clear on the mattress as he stepped onto the mattress grabbing Jason by his thin wrists, he pulled him straight upright and began rough handling his new breasts and biting into the nipple. Jason moaned like a good whore as the Skinhead pushed a finger into Jasons sloppy hole. " Fuk Mate.. His hole is a ruined mess. How many loads he got up there"? Chopper says “Enough to know he’s popular”. Jason blushed at the back handed compliment.

The skinhead threw Jason down and pulling his thick uncut cock out, pinned the back of Jason’s head into the mattress, impaling jason’s throat with his cock. He humped and gagged Jason as best he could and when he Jason stopped his thrashing, flipped him over. Plunging straight in, he fucked another load into his arse. The Skinhead presented his cock for Jason to clean before he wiped it off in his hair and re-dressed. "He aint worth more than a quid: and threw a few dollars on Jason’s resting body. Next in line were a couple of Homeless people Jason had seen around town. Strung out and filthy. He almost gagged until Chopper said “If you puke you’ll eat it and still suck them off”. Jason got down to work sucking and licking them as if they were the best tasting dish in the world. Both came in Jason’s hair and departed handing a dime bag each to Chopper.

Chopper handed the bags to David who cooked Jasons next fix and injected it as soon as the next client knocked. A fat beast of a man entered with his big arsed Rottie. The man handed Chopper a $20 as he dropped his pants. He set his dog loose who wasted no time in mounting and plugging Jason’s broken hole. The owner jacked off as his dog piston fucked Jason occasionally slipping out until Jason felt a huge hardness pounding into his hole. All of a sudden his ring gave way as the dogs knot filled and trapped the dog cock inside of him. The rottie came and came filling Jason up uncomfortable. Finally the dog turned so they were arse to arse, waiting for the knot to reduce. When the dogs cock slipped out, the owner handed Chopper a few more crumpled dollars.

David again said “Thats a cut and wrap”. Jason looked lazily at David who said, “Well buddy. Looks like you served your month completely. You’re free to go”. Jasons head cleared only slightly. Still lacking the words he wanted, Jason just shook his head furiously. He presented his arse to David who was still recording on his cell phone. “What are you saying, you want to stay here with us, Baby Girl? Don’t you want to go back to making commercials and showing off your medals”? Jason shook his head no. He lunged for Choppers cock and grabbed for Davids. Both stepped back and said “If you stay you earn your keep like everyone else does”.

Jason nodded his head yes, pleadingly at David. David hit send and put the camera down. "Well Jase Buddy.. you have almost 200,000 views each for your films. All 28 of them. A lot of hits and positive comments on the barebacking and slamming sites. You’ve been at this for six months so I guess you haven’t heard. The Olympic committee has rescinded all of your medals for unsportsman like behaviour. All of your endorsements have been cancelled and all of your sponsors are sure to sue.. Just like mine did. And there aren’t many jobs you can get as a tranny I.V. drug user. So I guess you’re stuck here with us.

Jason hardly heard what David had said.. His hole was empty. He was only drawn back to attention by the knocking at the door.

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