Trust Us 3

By Leather Asylum
published November 19, 2018

The conclusion of the leather and strait jacket themed trilogy.

Trust Us 3: Trust Us Both Forever

Supple leather slid from side to side as they both worked the shiny smooth material of their jackets down over their backs. “Why did you wish to see us, Mr. Director?” one asked as they both plopped themselves down in to one of the multitude of thick black leather couches that filled the executive’s plush office.

“Brian, Joey, I have a serious matter to discuss with you,” stated the young director of Calm Crescent Psychiatric Hospital for the Mentally Ill. Having been thrown in to the job since his father’s recent passing, Mike tried to sound authoritative, but his fear of not being able to live up to his father’s role showed around the edges. His calves slightly shook with nervousness and Brian noticed.

With a slight smirk on his face, Brian moved his glance from Mike’s calves to his eyes and asked, “What’s this all about?”

Now slightly more uncomfortable with having to give Brian and Joey orders, the director tried to hold composure and began, “Well, uh, how do I put this?” As he started to nervously pace in front of the two hunks, who were so solidly and comfortably hugged inside the plush leather cushions of the leather couch, the director continued, “some of your paper work, well, it just doesn’t add up.”

Joey extended his lower lip over his upper lip in defiance. Mike continued, “I’m not exactly sure what you guys have been up too, but I’m confident that you know what recent admittances you’ve processed that I’m talking about.” Mike stopped pacing to look directly at Brian and Joey in order to gauge their reaction. They were calm and as self-assured as ever. Mike continued, “Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue because I trust you guys, but I’ve got some state legal officials that have been snooping around, requesting records, and such. So we need to fix the situation as soon as possible. Make it right. Understand?” After an awkward pause, Mike began to regret giving such a direct order.

But soon Joey smiled at him and said, “Of course we understand bud. We’ll take care of everything. Don’t you worry.”

“So you’ll make sure they get released?” Mike passive aggressively delivered the order.

“First thing tomorrow,” Brian uttered.

In relief, Mike sighed, “Great.” Mike began walking back to his large mahogany desk while stating, “So unless there is anything else that we need to discuss, you guys are free to leave.”

“Well, actually there is one thing we’d like to bring to your attention, Mr. Director,” Brian interjected.

“Yeah,” Joey added, “We thought since we had to come in here, that we’d show you something that we’re, well frankly, pretty disturbed about.”

Mike raised his eyebrows in anticipation. He wanted everything at Calm Crescent under his new leadership to be perfect and did not like to hear about something that was amiss.

“It’s the new restraints you’ve ordered,” Brian informed as he effortlessly raised his body up from the deep sunken cushions of the couch.

“What about them?” defended the director as Joey slid his body across the leather couch towards his thick black leather duffel bag that sat near his feet.

“They’re shotty and useless,” Joey explained as he unzipped his duffel bag and wedged out a mass of thick shiny black and brown leather with shiny steel buckles and thick straps coiling in all directions. Mike immediately recognized the restraint. It was one of the new extra high security model straight jackets he had ordered. He’d spent weeks researching new and better restraints and had paid thousands of dollars for the new items.

Brian added, “The craftsmanship on the new jackets is, well, ‘poor’ would be giving them too much credit. We can’t use them.”

Mike was shocked: “But these jackets are more extensive than the old ones. They’ve got extra reinforced layers and more straps.”

Joey now had the straight jacket fully out of his duffel bag and said, “Sure there are more layers and straps, but the stitching is laughable. Anyone can easily get out of this jacket.” The director moved up to Joey and the jacket and started inspecting the stitching and the reinforced extra layers of leather. Like the old jackets, the strait jacket was primarily black, but brown patches of leather reinforced the areas where the patient’s elbows, hands, and chest would be.

“Well there doesn’t look like there is anything wrong with it to me guys,” the director stated in astonishment.

Joey laughed, “You’re kidding us dude.”

“No, no,” the director explained, “I mean just look at it! There has to be three layers of leather here on the patient’s chest alone. The company said it would deter the patient from trying to bite their way through. They wouldn’t get past the first layer.

Brian bullied, “You believe everything you hear? Since when is biting through a strait jacket a concern? You know most of our patients are fully gagged.”

Mike was insulted with their doubts and asked himself, “Did I really misjudge the new jackets?” But the jacket was so thick and heavy and as he pulled on the straps, they seemed so secure and unyielding. His arm muscles began to tire from handling the massive jacket and he wasn’t even in it. “This jacket looks more secure than the old ones for sure. I can’t see how you guys think its not,” the director spoke.

“You think this could hold someone? Ha-ha,” Joey taunted, “There is no way man! No way!”

Mike began to get really discouraged and frustrated. He had to make them see the jacket was unbeatable. Why couldn’t they see that this was not only very capable of holding someone, but also that it was the most heavy duty straight jacket that he knew existed? “Well have you tried putting someone in it?” Mike asked.

“Huh, and let them escape? No way,” Brian informed, “We may as well escort them past security ourselves.”

“You’re crazier than the guys that are in here,” Joey mocked, “if you think we’d be able to restrain someone with these things.”

Mike was so frustrated now. “Put me in it,” Mike demanded, “I won’t be able to get out, you’ll see!”

Joey laughed hysterically.

“What man?” Brian asked in disbelief, “Why waste our time with this thing? It’s a joke.”

Mike struggled to find the openings of the sleeves for his hands: “C’mon, just help me get in to it. You’ll see, I swear, I’ll prove that these jackets are good.” Brian hesitantly moved over to Joey, whose abs were hunched inwards still laughing hysterically at the director’s request. Brian slowly grabbed on to the massive contraption of leather and easily wedged the sleeves up to Mike’s hands. He was so much more capable of maneuvering the thick leather than the director.

“This is stupid. This jacket will practically be falling off of you before we even start strapping it up bud,” Brian predicted. Mike furiously struggled to wedge his arms toward the sleeves. Just as Mike’s hands reached the holes, Brian quickly tugged the strait jacket away from Mike stating, “No, no, this isn’t right. If you’re going to try to prove that this thing can hold someone, then you have to loose the shirt just like all the rest of the patients. I’m not going to let your clothes snag you in and let you try to say the jacket works.” Frantic to prove Brian and Joey wrong, Mike consented and yanked at the bottom of his shirt and swiftly pulled it up over his head revealing his washboard-abs stomach and ample pecs. “That’s it,” Brian soothed as he repositioned the sleeve holes back against Mike’s hands. Mike firmly pressed his arms deep down in to the sleeves. He wanted nothing more than to prove these meat-heads wrong. He was so frustrated at their doubts. He loved the new jackets and he couldn’t stand to see them taunted so badly. “C’mon Joey, give me a hand,” Brian requested, “I’m going to need someone to help me keep this jacket from falling apart on us, ha-ha.” Joey laughed even harder and slowly began maneuvering himself to Mike’s back. Both Brian and Joey continued laughing at the director and his prized strait jacket. Brian slowly pressed the leather up over the director’s chest and Joey helped maneuver it around his back. The weight of the jacket was heavy and as the thick brown yolk of the chest region planted itself firmly below Mike’s chin, Mike realized how impossible it would be to try to chew on the leather. The thick layers on his chest pressed heavily against his rib cage and caused him to need to work hard at expanding his lungs for air. Joey tugged at the back straps to secure them in place.

“See how tight and heavy this is going on me?” Mike asked.

“Whatever,” Joey mocked, “You’ll be out of this thing in no time.”

“Yeah,” Brian added as he firmly grabbed hold of Mike’s wrists holding the thick leather sleeves in place, “this is a complete waste of our time.” Joey finished tugging and restraining all four back straps and Brian forcefully crossed Mike’s arms around his chest still holding tight on to the sleeves encapsulating Mike’s wrists. Brian was effectively hugging Mike as Joey strapped the sleeves in to place at the back. Next, Brian looped and locked a strap that vertically wrapped around Mike’s arms in the front. He then strapped a belt that ran horizontally along his arms in the front. The new jacket’s design prevented Mike from moving his arms too far up or down.

“This thing is so soft. It’s just like butter,” Brian stated, “You could press past the leather right now if you wanted.” Mike defiantly tried pressing his hands past the butter soft sleeves but they held him in to place. Brian began tugging at the crotch straps and looping them around Mike’s crotch.

Joey saw this and said, “Nah Brian, just like the shirt, we have to do this right.” Brian cocked his head and smiled at Joey and moved his hands away from the crotch straps and on to Mike’s waist. As Brian’s fingers found the button on Mike’s pants, Mike jerked his hips.

Brian stated, “Joey’s right, we can’t let your pants snag up the jacket and let you think the jacket works.” Brian unsnapped the button, slid down the zipper, and began wedging Mike’s pants down his ample thighs. Brian then placed his hands on to the upper edge of Mike’s boxers and tugged them straight down exposing Mike’s cock and balls to the crisp air.

“Hey man, not my boxers too!” Mike exclaimed.

As Brian cupped Mike’s balls with one hand and began wedging one of the crotch straps between Mike’s balls and right thigh, Brian responded, “You know the routine; man, if I had a dime for every boy’s balls I’ve had to handle…” Joey immediately grabbed hold of the end of the crotch strap and securely buckled it in the rear. The vulnerability of his tool being handled by Brian sparked a more intense fiery in Mike’s struggles and he bucked and squirmed in the jacket.

As Brian and Joey completed the second crotch strap, Mike protested, “It’s not budging for me guys, can’t you see?”

“Nah, you’re putting us on; you’re not even trying,” Brian mocked. Mike began tugging and straining his arms forcefully but they went no where. The jacket held them firm in its embrace. Brian put his hands around Mike’s biceps and squeezed. “C’mon, squeeze back. Just squeeze back and you’ll press past the weak stitching,” Brian instructed. Mike struggled to flex his bicep which slightly pressed the three leather layers of skin against Brian’s hand. “You’re not flexing back, Mike; don’t put us on,” Brian ordered as he greatly increased his hand’s firm squeeze around Mike’s bicep causing it to de-flex.

“I can’t flex when you’re doing that,” Mike squealed.

“Stop lying,” Brian ordered, “This jacket sucks and you known it.” Joey started tugging on the final strap: a thick leather collar belt.

“I can’t believe you’ve let us get this far Mike,” Joey taunted as he firmly pressed the leather belt around Mike’s neck locking it in to place. “You better stop playing and get out,” he continued as he slapped Mike’s chest playfully. Both Joey and Brian stepped back and watched Mike struggle. He strained his arms in all directions but nothing budged. The leather simply stretched minimally and pulled him back in to place. The crotch straps were wedged up Mike’s ass and he could not get them to slide down. His fingers could not feel anything except soft supple leather. The three layers of leather around his fingers were just too much. Mike twisted and contorted in all directions, but nothing helped. He was stuck. He was so glad that the jacket was not breaking but so mad that neither Brian nor Joey had conceded defeat. Surely they must see how strong and powerful the jacket was. “Oh man, you’re unbelievable, “Joey explained, “I can’t believe you’re not letting yourself out yet!”

Brian added, “If I was in that thing, I would have been out before all the straps were even done up.”

Joey eyed Brian: “Not that you’d let anyone put you in a strait jacket man! You’re not that stupid.” Brian moved over to Joey’s side and punched him in the gut.

“Watch what you say Joe,” Brian ordered. Joey’s side recoiled. Brian reached down in to Joey’s leather duffel bag and pulled out a massive leather gag.

“What are you doing?” Mike weakly asked. Brian moved over to him surely and steadily and raised the gag up to Mike.

“Now this, Mr. Director, is something tried and true. Unlike the strait jacket, you won’t be able to get it out. So if you don’t want this in, you better get your hands out and stop us. I’m tired of you playing like your strait jacket isn’t anything less than mediocre and low quality,” explained Brian. Joey moved behind the director and held his body steady. Brian pressed the thick gag up to the director’s lips and Mike began shaking his head back and forth. Joey clipped Mike’s nose closed from behind and soon he had to open for air. Instead, he got a mouth full of leather as Brian firmly pressed the gag deep inside. Joey tightly jerked and strapped the gag’s belt to the back of Mike’s head. As Mike began suckling on the gag in order to prevent choking on his own saliva, he heard a soft knock at the door. Joey anxiously opened it and in walked Rob.

“Is he ready?” Rob asked.

“See for yourself,” Brian motioned towards Mike. Rob eyed Mike from head to toe. The rough brown leather contrasted with the thick black shiny material.

“Damn,” Rob commented, “these new strait jackets really do the trick.”

“Our new director really knows how to pick um, don’t you Mike?” Brian asked as he rubbed Mike’s shoulders.

Joey added, “I thought two layers of leather was enough, and these new hard core jackets have three! Man oh man!”

“You brought the stretcher?” Brian asked Rob.

“Yeah, the new ones,” Rob winked at Mike, who was beginning to panic big time. He tried to scream and yell for the three to un-restrain him, but all they could hear was a soft muffling. He tried to kick and scream as the three moved him over to the stretcher, but the jacket held his arms firmly in place. Brian alone could have handled him, but all three securely strapped him down. Once Mike was firmly tied down, the three wheeled him down in to a leather cocoon room. The walls were thick black leather and had deep brown reinforced patches. He had been so stupid to let Joey and Brian get the better of him and Mike soon realized that Calm Crescent was, once again, under new leadership.

Joey kicked back on a leather couch in Mike’s office as Brian methodologically sorted through various folders and stacks of paper. Joey commented, “You think Mike’s realizing that it’ll take a whole hell of a lot more than he was able to do to get us to give those two up?”

Brian smiled as he placed the papers he was working on back in to a filing cabinet and answered, “Definitely. Mike would be happy with us though. I’ve made everything ‘right’.”

Joey chuckled, “You is ‘da Man, bro!”

Brian walked up to Joey and straddled the over-sized leather armrest next to him. Kneading his hands in to Joey’s shoulders, Brian suggested, “Now, let’s go have some fun.”

Tucked deep inside their leather prison of thickly padded black leather walls and tucked tightly inside the newly styled black thick leather strait jackets with brown leather reinforcing laid Mark and Ryan. Once they heard the sound of the three deadbolts swinging open, they both began to stir inside of their strait jackets, which were even more frustrating to try to deal with than the old ones. The thick brown reinforcing made the already tight jackets even tighter. The contrasted brown color psychologically made them both feel more helpless. It was as if they had even more to deal with than before and served to make them both feel like they should give-up. They both knew they would not be able to work past the first layer of black leather, let alone the second black layer and third brown layer. Their fingers felt even more wedged together inside the deep thick padding of the sleeves because the third layer of brown leather around their hands was stitched tighter than the previous jacket’s version. The wide yolk that encompassed the area around their neck and tapered down to their stomach glistened against the black leather and weighed heavy on their lungs. The jacket was just too much to bear and they had both become more submissive in their states of mind.

As usual, Joey and Brian struggled against the thickly padded unsteady floor to get to Ryan and Mark. Joey picked up Ryan; Brian picked up Mark. They secured them both in to wheel chairs and took them down the hallway. It was Joey who stopped first and began unlocking a door. Brian stopped Mark’s chair two doors down and began unlocking a similar door. “Goodnight Joe,” Brian smiled.

Joey gleamed, “Have fun.”

Brian swung open his door and glided Mark inside. Brian switched on a light, dead bolted the door, put the brake on Mark’s wheel chair, and disappeared through a doorway at the opposite end of the room. Mark took in his new surroundings. The room was not your standard Calm Crescent room. It was more like a normal bedroom that you’d find in any normal house. The floor was carpeted, the lower half of the walls were wood paneled, and the upper half was covered in solid burgundy wallpaper. There were wooden framed pictures along the walls showing majestic scenes that featured animals such as deer and bears. There was a large bed with a large soft burgundy comforter with a night-stand at each end. A mahogany chest of drawers sat perpendicular to and a vanity chest sat opposite the bed. There was a large burgundy leather couch and chair at the opposite side of the room with a sturdy chest in between them that served as a coffee table. There were burgundy throw rugs at various locations around the room. Mark soon heard the sound of water and started to see steam coming from the door Brian had existed. Mark soon realized that Brian was taking a shower and that this room must be his personal bedroom. Mark couldn’t help but feel a sense of privilege to be inside Brian’s personal space. Despite the complete control and trickery that Brian and Joey put Mark through, Mark still possessed admiration towards his “fixation.” Nonetheless, Mark was unsupervised at the moment and couldn’t stop himself from trying to escape. He struggled and strained with his jacket as well as the restraints holding him sunken in to the wheel chair. As always, the leather gave a fraction of an inch, squeaked a little here and there, and gently pulled Mark back in a firm embrace.

Brian returned to the bedroom with a large burgundy towel wrapped snuggly around his waist, which emphasized his supple six-pack. He held a smaller towel up to his head to finish drying off his hair. “Still trying to get out, huh, buddy?” Brian smiled at Mark. Fully gagged, Mark could not respond. Brian turned his back to Mark as he neared the chest of drawers and began pulling out various articles of clothing. Mark was surprised as Brian let his towel fall to the floor exposing his smooth bare naked ample butt. Brian stepped in to a pair of black boxer briefs and pulled on a black tank top, which hugged his body and further emphasized the mass of his biceps. Brian then turned to Mark with a smile, “Ready for bed, kido?” Brian moved towards Mark and patted his head with his hand before placing both his hands on Mark’s shoulders firmly kneading them as he had down countless times before. Brian then crouched down in front of Mark and began tugging off his restraints. Once Mark was free of the wheel chair’s straps, Brian pulled Mark up from the wheel chair and positioned him alongside his bed and began un-strapping the back of Mark’s strait jacket. Once all the back and crotch straps were released, Brian extended his arms around to Mark’s front and undid the straps holding his arms in place. Finally, Brian helped Mark pull his arms out of the jacket. Brian then un-strapped Mark’s gag and gently pulled it out. Mark was not sure what to do. He knew he would not be able to get past the locked door and was too happy to be out of the strait jacket to try to give Brian a reason to re-restrain him. Brian then opened up his comforter and said, “Go ahead Mark, climb in.” Mark did as he was told and Brian entered the bed behind Mark. Once Brian was on the bed, he began pushing Mark towards the center of the bed. Brian began tugging in to the bed’s sheets and soon wrapped his arm firmly around Mark’s waist. Mark closed his eyes and took in the nice feeling of Brian’s arm as well as the soft sheets. He was so glad to be out of the sticky hot straight jacket. Mark soon realized that Brian was again tugging in to the sheets and had pulled a belt around Mark’s waist. Mark heard some clicking and Brian next gently grabbed hold of one of Mark’s wrists and guided it to his side. Soon Brian locked a belt around it and began tugging at Mark’s other wrist. Brian locked a belt around this one as well. Mark was now strapped to the inside of Brian’s bed via built in leather cuffs. Brian next crouched down over Mark and belted his ankles before finally returning to clasp his arm once again around Mark’s waist. With Brian gently snuggling against Mark, the two soon feel fast asleep.

Upon waking up, Mark soon realized that he was being wedged back inside his strait jacket. Upon fully restraining Mark in to the jacket, Brian then picked Mark up and placed him back inside the wheel chair. Brian took Mark back to his leather cell which was already holding Ryan as well. Once Brian had left and locked the deadbolts, Mark asked, “How you doing Ryan?”

Ryan responded, “Oh, I’m okay.” He continued, “It was so weird. Joey let me sleep with him last night and didn’t even keep me in the strait jacket.” Ryan tugged against his strait jacket. Mark soon discovered that Ryan had undergone the same experience. He too had been released from his strait jacket and had been allowed to sleep with Joey. He had also been restrained in to belts that were built in to Joey’s bed. Ryan described Joey’s room similar to Brian’s, although the color was done in blue, not burgundy. Mark and Ryan both tried to brainstorm ways to escape from Calm Crescent, but no new plans came to mind. Nothing they had ever thought of worked.

That afternoon, inside a plush downtown office with sunken black leather couches sat a restless young unshaven man. Above him stood an older composed cleanly shaven man in a neatly pressed suit who stated, “I’m sorry; my unofficial efforts just are not working. I thought we’d be able to get them released but the director stopped returning my phone calls. It’s like he’s avoiding me now.”

“So what do we do now?” exclaimed the young man.

“Look Rick,” the lawyer answered, “we’ll just have to go through the legal process. Remember those forms you filled out?”

Rick nodded.

The lawyer continued, “Well, I had filed them as our back-up plan. And, I just got word that the courts have accepted our case. We meet with Calm Crescent’s representatives before a judge tomorrow morning. Now, let’s go over all the details of our case.”

That night, once again Brian and Joey took Mark and Ryan to their bedrooms. Once again, Mark saw Brian take his shower and change in to his underwear. This time, Brian put on his white boxer briefs and a white tank top. Brian again removed Mark’s strait jacket and helped him up in to his warm bed. Soon Brian’s arm was once again wrapped tightly around Mark’s waist. Brian began moving Mark’s wrist in to the leather built in cuff. Mark was expecting Brian to loop the buckle which would lock his wrist in to place. Instead, Brian moved his lips next to Mark’s ear and whispered, “Can I trust you tonight?” Mark lay still before nodding, “Yes.” Brian pressed his forehead in to the side of Mark’s head and gently nibbled on his ear. Mark slowly moved his head away and lowered it near Brian’s ample chest. Mark gently nestled his head in to Brian’s pectorals and Brian smiled. He firmly pressed his chest back against Mark’s head and gently wrapped his arms around Mark’s body. The two feel fast asleep in a firm supple embrace.

Hearing somebody knocking, Mark began to wake. His head was still gently resting on Brian’s bare chest. Brian soon also began to wake becoming conscious of the knocking at his door. Brian gently eased his body away from Mark stating, “Stay put.”

Brian stepped out of bed and unlocked and opened the door. In stepped Joey, who, upon immediately seeing Mark, stated, “What’s he doing out of restraints?”

“It’s okay,’ Brian informed, “What’s going on?”

“Well, I wasn’t so lucky with Ryan last night. He tried to escape so I had to put him in high stress seclusion.”

“The pressure cooker?” Brian laughed.

“Yeah, but he’s all ready to go now,” Joey stated as he reached back in to the hallway and pulled out a regulation looking strait jacket. It was cream canvas with brown straps. It was the least heavy duty looking strait jacket that Mark had ever seen. It was definitely more “standard issue” than the black all leather strait jackets.

Brian turned to Mark: “Bud, we’ve got some business to take care of today. Will you go willingly for me?”

Mark slowly got up out of bed and walked towards the two. He started to extend his arms and Joey eagerly raised the thick canvas up to him.

“That’s it buddy. Such a good boy,” Brian commented as he pulled the canvas around Mark’s back and securely began fastening the thick leather straps. Soon they folded Mark’s arms around his body and restrained the single crotch strap. The jacket was definitely looser than any strait jacket he had ever been in before; yet, Mark could still feel a sense of vulnerability. He didn’t think he’d be able to get out of the jacket if he tried. And, he was feeling a special bond with Brian and Joey and felt glad to be given the chance to show them that he could be trusted. He wasn’t about to risk loosing that trust by tugging on his restraint.

Brian and Joey guided Mark in to the hallway where a leather wheel chair awaited him. After Mark sat down in to the chair, he was surprised that neither of them restrained any of the multitude of straps that dangled from all directions of the chair. They simply began wheeling him down the hallway.

They passed through several corridors and took an elevator up before entering the main lobby area that Mark and Ryan had unsuccessfully used to try to escape. Rob once again was sitting behind the front desk. Tightly restrained an in identical wheelchair to Mark’s, in an identically looking strait jacket sat Ryan. Rob was gently rubbing Ryan’s thighs as he looked up at Brian and Joey. “All set?” Rob asked.

Brian nodded.

Rob wheeled Ryan down a back hallway and Brian and Joey followed with Mark. Rob stopped at a massive door and proceeded to unlock several deadbolts. Once the door was open, Mark could see that the space outside resembled a loading dock. The back of an ambulance awaited them. Rob unlocked and opened ambulance’s rear doors. Inside, all Mark could see were thick white canvas walls. The entire space was a padded cell. Joey began helping Rob un-strap Ryan from his wheel chair and then lift Ryan up in to the ambulance. Brian guided Mark up in to the ambulance also before closing the doors and locking them shut. Mark and Ryan could hear the three entering the front of the ambulance and began feeling their new padded cell moving. Mark tried to talk to Ryan but Ryan did not respond. His eyes were glossy and drool ran down the side of his mouth. “He must have been sedated,” thought Mark.

About a half an hour later, the ambulance stopped and the doors opened. Rob, Brian, and Joey helped Mark and Ryan out of the ambulance. The new environment made Mark extremely conscious of his strait jacket because he appeared to be in a public space of a city. They were in a back parking lot with tall buildings surrounding them. Brian grabbed hold of Mark’s shoulders and escorted him towards the back entrance of a nearby building. Joey and Rob helped Ryan to follow. Mark noticed Joey was carrying his usual thick black leather duffel bag over his shoulder.

Soon they were all inside the building and entered a small room with several chairs and a small table. Brian left the room and returned several minutes later. “We’re all set to go,” he informed. They all re-entered the hallway and made their way towards a larger main hall. Rob propped open a large door and Brian and Joey escorted Mark and Ryan in to a room. It was a medium sized court room.

Brian veered Mark towards one side stopping just short of the front row. As Brian firmly pushed Mark down the second row of seating, it was then that Mark noticed a familiar face in the front row of the adjacent side of the court room. It was Rick. Rick darted up out of his seat and anxiously eyed Mark and Ryan. Once he realized they were both in strait jackets, anguish crossed his face. “Ryan!” Rick shouted. But Ryan remained silent. His eyes were still glossed over. Rob, Brian, and Joey paid no attention to Rick. Rob and Joey pushed Ryan down the second row of seating and sat him down between the two of them. Rick’s lawyer placed his hand on Rick’s shoulder and motioned for him to sit back down.

Several minutes later, the court session began with the usual standard court room proceedings. The judge entered and performed several court room formalities. Soon Mark realized that Rick had filed a case against Calm Crescent and the judge was going to determine if Mark and Ryan were legally and medically bound to remain at Calm Crescent or if there was some wrong doing and should be released. A lawyer representing Calm Crescent as well as Rick’s lawyer presented various types of information to the judge, who finally said that she wished to speak with Mark and Ryan independently and alone. She returned to her chambers and a police guard neared the end of the second row next to Mark and Brian. Brian helped Mark out of the seating and escorted Mark back to the judge’s chambers. Brian helped Mark sit down in a chair before the judge’s desk and the police guard escorted Brian out of the room. Returning back inside of the room, the guard closed the door and stood next to it. The judge faced Mark and began, “I’m going to make this quick and simple. I am here to keep your best interest in mind. I just want you to tell me your version of what is going on here. Why are you in Calm Crescent; are you being fairly treated there; do you think you should be released?”

Mark wanted Brian to be in the room. He wanted to be back in his bed with his head on his chest and Brian’s arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

Mark finally answered, “I think I am there because they found something wrong with me concerning my mental health. I like Calm Crescent and am treated fairly. I think I should be released when they say I am better.”

“So you are not mistreated?” the judge asked.

Mark shook his head, “No.”

“Do you know of any instances where patients are mistreated?” the judge added.

Again, Mark shook his head, “No.”

“Is there anything else you wish to add that I should know about before I make my ruling?”

For the third time, Mark shook his head, “No.”

“Very well, see him out,” the judged finished. With that the police officer opened the door and in walked Brian. Mark was surprised at Brian’s stance. Within the judge’s chamber, Brian’s stance was no longer authoritative and self-assured. Instead, Brian appeared to be carrying a small sense of vulnerability on his shoulders. It was small, but it was still there. Mark was relieved to have Brian clasp on to his arms through the jacket and help guide him upwards and out of the room. They passed Joey, who was escorting Ryan to the chambers. As Brian guided mark back down in to the second row of seating inside the court room, Mark noticed the nervous anticipation in Rick’s eyes.

Ryan and Joey did not return for some time. Mark had only visited with the judge for about five minutes. It seemed like Ryan was in there forever. Finally, Joey and Ryan returned to the second row. Moments later, the judge returned.

She began, “I have received all of the evidence the two sides have wished to present in addition to all comments the patients would like to submit. I do not take such a case lightly. I have nothing but great respect to our city’s psychiatric establishment and do not like to see complaints against the institution, which has until now held a spotless record of excellence. Further – “

“Excellence?” Rick screamed as he stood up and continued to shout: “What the fuck? You call this –“

Rob immediately stood up and charged towards Rick as Rick’s lawyer tried to calm Rick down. The judge immediately began pounding her gavel and ordered Rick to silence his outburst. Joey followed Rob as they both darted towards Rick. Brian grabbed on to Ryan to make sure he’d stay seated.

Rick continued, “Calm Crescent has been nothing but –,” and Rob tackled him forcefully pinning one of his arms up behind his back. Joey grabbed hold of Rick’s second arm with one hand and wrapped his other arm around Rick’s neck.

“Calm down,” Rob ordered, “or we’ll have to put you in restraints.”

“That is enough,” the judge demanded, “Need I remind you that this is a court of law. I will have no further outbursts. Is that understood?”

Joey responded, “We can put him in to standard restraints your honor. We’ve got ‘um with us. It’s no problem to us at all.”

“That will not be necessary. Will it?” the judge asked Rick.

Rick began to settle down and nodded his head, “No.”

As Joey and Rob began releasing their firm holds on Rick, Rob whispered in Rick’s ear, “Keep it up and we’ll drag you off with your brother.”

Rick greatly resisted the urge to sock Rob square in the jaw. Rob’s prophecy was one Rick did not wish to help fulfill.

Joey and Rob returned to their seats on either side of Ryan. Brian returned his attention to making sure Mark was safe. Rick hesitantly sat back down and the judge continued, “As I was saying, Calm Crescent has had a spotless record and should not be labeled as having any part in any wrongdoing without sufficient evidence. At the same time, patient rights are something that the courts must work hard to ensure. Thus, I will need to carefully go over all that has been submitted. You will have my ruling tomorrow morning. This court is adjourned.”

Once the judge had left, Rick tried to approach his brother, but Rob stopped him short. Joey and Brian swiftly escorted Mark and Ryan away from him. “You’re really asking for it, aren’t you Rick,” Rob taunted. Rick noticed the police officer eyeing him and hesitantly backed away. Rob followed behind Joey out of the courtroom.

Once back at Calm Crescent, Joey and Rob disappeared with Ryan. Brian wheeled Mark down a familiar corridor. Mark recognized it as the one that led to the leather cocoon padded cell. Brian unlocked the door and pulled out one of the heavy duty new leather strait jackets: black with reinforced brown leather. Brian silently began un-restraining Mark from the standard more innocently looking strait jacket and placing him in to the new heavy duty one. Mark could have tried to dart down the hallway; he could have put up a fight. He could have protested. But Mark went willingly. He eased his arms deep in to the leather sleeves of the strait jacket. Mark couldn’t help but notice Brian’s stance. Much like inside the judge’s chambers, Brian’s stance was somber. There was a small sense that Brian had lost a small amount of self-assuredness even though his masculinity still shown through in every way. His white shirt stretched across his pectoral muscles and Mark’s gaze got lost in Brian’s body much like the time he had passed Brian in the hallway at school. Mark had been transfixed by Brian’s leather jacket, which had been unzipped revealing his pectorals stretched tightly across his chest. Mark had looked up from Brian’s chest in to his eyes; Brian’s eyes had held Mark tightly. Just like that day at school, now halfway in to his heavy duty strait jacket, Mark once again moved his gaze from Brian’s sculptured pecs up to his eyes. Brian’s dark brown eyes locked on to Mark’s. Ironically, Mark felt that this time, Brian was trapped by Mark’s gaze. Mark could sense Brian breaking. Brian’s eyes quivered and his lips slowly moved as he released: “I might loose you, Mark.”

Immediately, Mark outstretched his leather-covered arms and clasped them around Brian in a firm hug. Brian felt taken aback and surprised, but slowly began to return the embrace. Slowly and softly, Mark released: “Brian, I love you.”

Brian nudged his head against Mark’s to contort Mark’s neck towards Brian. Brian managed to get Mark’s head in the exact position he wanted. Mark closed his eyes as he felt the soft supple lips of Brian meet his own. Innocently and slowly, Brian began sucking. Mark dared only a slight suck on to Brian’s lower lip. Upon feeling Mark’s mutual return, Brian took off like a tiger. He swiftly picked Mark up holding his ass against his crotch. Mark’s legs dangled behind Brian’s back. Brian swiftly took Mark down the hallway and up the elevator to his room. Brian lowered Mark on to his bed and swiftly tugged the thick leather strait jacket off of Mark’s arms followed by Mark’s shirt and pants and let them drop to the floor. Brian removed his own shirt and pants. He only stood in white boxer briefs. Brian gently pushed Mark down on to the bed and planted himself on to Mark’s chest. Brian bent his knees placing his thigh muscles on either side of Mark’s face. “I’m not going to force you,” Brian informed as he stroked Mark’s hair. Mark raised his chin and gently kissed Brian’s cockhead through his underwear, which caused Brian’s underwear to massively stretch. Brian smiled and slowly lowered his hips down to Mark’s. He scooted Mark towards the center of the bed and gently pressed his underwear covered cock up against Mark’s butt. Brian gently hugged Mark’s body resting his hands on the outside of Mark’s underwear. His hands cupped Mark’s balls and cock through Mark’s underwear. Mark found his favorite spot against Brian’s chest and Brian pressed his chest firmly against Mark’s head. In their firm supple embrace, they both, for the fist time ever felt truly at home. Brian felt completely in control. Mark felt completely controlled. Like leather, their embrace was firm and supple soft. Playfully, Mark tried to arch his hips away from Brian’s cock. Brian’s hands, still firmly holding Mark’s package, allowed Mark to move a fraction of an inch away before they gently pulled him back closer than ever. They both felt they could completely trust the other and fell peacefully in to a deep sleep.

“After careful consideration, I’ve made my decision,” the judge informed the next morning before Calm Crescent’s and Rick’s lawyers, “I hold nothing but respect towards Calm Crescent. Going against them as an institution is not something I ever want to do. Ryan’s testimony was strong. I also feel that Rick is sincere and has nothing but love towards his brother. My decision stands as follows: Mark and Ryan are to be immediately released from Calm Crescent. Case closed.”

“Hell yes!” Rick exclaimed to his lawyer in the main hallway.

“This police officer will escort you to Calm Crescent immediately,” the lawyer informed Rick.

The police officer wasted no time in getting Rick to Calm Crescent. He even fired up his police sirens to expedite the trip. The guard hut at Calm Crescent presented not one problem. The guard who had strip searched Rick during his very first visit smugly rushed open the main gate and the police officer and Rick trotted up the hill to Calm Crescent’s main entrance. Through the glass doors, Rick could see Rob get up from behind the front desk and walk over to the entrance. He took his keychain from his belt and unlocked the two deadbolts of the doors. “I have a court order to pick up Ryan and Mark!” Rick ordered.

“I understand,” smugly stated Rob. “But they are not here,” he continued.

“The hell they aren’t!” Rick demanded.

“I am sorry Rick; they are not here. Now, don’t make a scene Rick or we’ll have to restrain you,” Rob continued as a beefy orderly approached them from behind the desk with a massive strait jacket dangling in his arms.

“Where the hell are they?” Rick demanded.

“They were released this morning,” explained Rob, “Before any court ordered them to be released, Calm Crescent found them to no longer be in need of our care.”

“Where did they go? Where are they?” Rick demanded.

“I don’t know Rick. I assume they went home. You should go home. Your brother will probably be at home waiting for you,” Rob predicted.

“Where is Joey?” Rick further demanded.

“Rick, he’s not here,” Rob further explained, “Joey and Brian gave their notice of resignation this morning.”

“What?” Rick searched for words, “They didn’t leave with my bro did they?”

Rob hesitated and eyed the orderly with the thick leather strait jacket. Rob continued, “As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, they did.” Rob returned his gaze to Rick’s eyes, which were now filled with a combination of fear and sadness. Rob finished, “They said they were going to take them home.”


Two years later a young man on a motorcycle pulled in to the driveway of a modest split level suburban home. As he removed his helmet, the man neatly tugged off his leather gloves and folded them up in to a small compartment. Next, he emptied out all his pockets placing his loose change, wallet, and pocketknife in to the compartment alongside the gloves.

The man took a moment to reflect on all the events that had happened over the last two years. Most notably, how he had struggled and dealt with his sexuality and how lucky he had been to meet the guy of his dreams. With a smile on his face, he dismounted his bike.

Crossing the driveway to approach the front door, he took note of the black jeep Cherokee parked in the driveway, the three deadbolts on the front door, the lack of windows on the lower level, and that if he looked closely in to the double glass of the front window, he could see the faint image of a sofa: oversized, thick, black, and made completely out of leather.

He was anxious and excited to see his little brother as well as his brother’s best friend, who had become a second little brother to him. Hell, the guys who they both trusted were beginning to grow on him too.


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