Office Spells - Dream Girl

By Oddballs
published November 18, 2018

[FURRIES] Mr Bongo has joined the company, to more than one dismay. Greg has a way to make sure things go well for both parties.

One week later after Garrett signed the deal with Mr Bongo a part of the company, the lion is still clueless as to how and why the meeting went as it did.

A SKIRT?! A little heart shirt, a flower barrette, even some panties and a bra??! He does NOT remember putting on any lady undergarments at ALL before he entered the building on that day. He distinctly recalls one of the interns informing him of putting a spare suit in his brief case, not something that looks like it came straight out of his niece’s closet! And why was he acting like a girl at all?! None of that makes ANY sense!

Before a month ago when his penis unexpectedly reduced to a knob, Garrett was a freaking TOP! Nowadays he gets by with a vibrator, but ever since his member went pecker, he’s been hitting alternate gay clubs than the ones he usually goes to, where the guys there don’t mind a fun-sized dick to suck on.

He even asked about the surveillance cameras and wiretaps that were placed in the room, the only thing he could have used to convict Mr Bongo of doing anything. Unfortunately though the tech guys said there was a sudden virus mid-way through the meeting, and everything got cut off and distorted. When asked as to why he wanted the footage, Garrett suddenly decided they weren’t so important… Maybe nobody needs to know that he was literally acting like a little girl for a sleazy boss.

At any rate, Mr Bongo is now legitimately signed on with Man/Edger and his actions are being scrutinized periodically. If he tries ANYTHING, and he gets caught on camera or reasonable doubt, it’s going to cost him more than just his commission.

“Watch it, Mr Bongo.” Says a red panda wearing some ski clothes. He had just slapped the monkey’s hand away from his hips, “I’m seeing someone, and I don’t put up with that conduct.”

“Heh, awww, ya sure?” The gorilla smirked, “Those clothes are skin tight. You sure you won’t tell me how ya get in them? Ya know… In case I wanna try’em out sometime?” He says with a wink.

“Ulgh.” The red panda leaves with a huff, brushing off past Greg’s shoulder as he walks off. The boar raises his brow as he goes to the gorilla.

“Kids, right?” Greg asks the primate.

“Yeah. I mean, why dress like that if they don’t want the attention?”

“Well with all due respect, sirs,” Says an attractive buck nearby without looking up from his work, “This is a model agency for male fashion. The models are here to WORK not to tease.”

“Coulda fooled me.” Mr Bongo sneered.

“Igh,” The buck walks off, shaking his head, “Why he’s still here I’ll never know…” He mumbled to himself as he goes. Just as he leaves, Garrett turns the corner and walks, his gaze avoiding the two fat and disgusting perverts by the desk. After that meeting so long ago, the lion’s interest in overweight men had quickly waned. They’re as greedy and hedonistic as they’ve always been in his opinion. Heck, he almost felt like he needed to go to the gym to “cleanse” himself than anything else.

Now he has to go about his job avoiding that dirty old ape; how rumors haven’t spread about his time as some skirt-flashing bimbo hasn’t spread, he’ll never know. At lease Mr Bongo was good about keeping quiet about the whole thing.

“Hey, Garrett,” The ape greets with open arms, “How’s it ha-”

“Fuck.” The lion snarled sharply as he glares at him, “Off.” Mr Bongo freezes before the lion continued walking off.

After a brief pause, Greg puffs his cheeks and blew out a breath, “Damn, he’s got some problems…”

“You’re telling me, it’s freaking weird.”

“Something happened between you two? The guy’s been especially prickly the past few days.”

“Uh- er…” Mr Bongo hesitates, “I er nothing that concerns no one!” He says with a freaked-out grin and holding his hands out and open, “We just went about the meeting, signed the deal, and everything went smoothly! I’m legit.”

“Heh.” Greg smirks, “You’re lookin awfully sweaty for a guy who’s got nuthin to hide.”

“U-Uh, look, just.” The primate looks around and back at the boar, “Keep it to yourself, if I ain’t”

“Calm down, Mr Bongo, I git it.” Greg nods to the hallway, “Lets step into my office.” The seasoned boar leads the boss gorilla down the hall and into Greg’s office. He closes the blinds and locks the door. “Ok, we’re all clear.”

“Alright. Where is this going?” Mr Bongo says with his persistent paranoia.

“Look, pal. I get it.” The boar says as he half-hugs the suited monkey, “You and I? We’re both zesty guys with broad tastes and we get in over our heads.”

“You mean… Feeling like ya gotta grab a feel of a feisty boy in tight pants?” Mr Bongo says with a growing smile.

“Exactly. See, I used to get in a lot of trouble too for getting handsy and thirsty. I’m telling ya, there wasn’t a day that went by where I H.R. didn’t have my ass on a roast for looking in on the models here.”

“Hah, how’d you get such a high chair in the company then?” The gorilla smirked. Greg returns the smile as he pats the ape’s back.

“I found a few cracks to slip… And not just the ones the models are smuggling in their speedos.”

“Hahahahaha, classic.” Mr Bongo snickers as he digs his coat and draws out a pack of his cigars, “Myst-Cig?”

“No thanks, I don’t vape.” Greg declined.

“Got ya,” The monkey puts them back away.

“So, now that we’re back cut from the same cloth,” Greg sits down behind his desk, “I’m curious, what’s got that ol pussy cat all pissed?”

“To tell ya the truth, I got no idea.” Mr Bongo says as he takes the seat in front of the desk, “It’s like somethin just flipped a 360 with that guy.”


Garrett stands at the urinal while doing his business. His ears quirk as the bathroom door opens and in comes Mr Bongo. The lion frowns right when the gorilla stands right next to him and unzips his fly to start trickling his fluids.

“Heh. Standing up today?” The ape jested. Garrett ignores him with a disapproving wince, trying to pretend that this pseudo-boss isn’t here. “Thought you’d be sitting down… Or at the very least, in the ladies room.”

“Don’t know what you mean.” Garrett retorts without turning his head right before yanking his zipper up and walking off. Seconds later when Garrett reaches the sinks, Bongo zips himself up and goes to the lion. Garrett snarls quietly as he sees the ape’s reflection in the mirror.

“Oh you know exactly what I mean…” Bongo grins as he gets close.

“Back. Off.” Garrett snarls threateningly.

“Heh… Since when do lil kitties have fangs?” Bongo says as he starts to rub and trace his fingers under Garrett’s bottom.

“Fuck OFF! Alright?!” The lion snarls out loud at the monkey, who looks suddenly baffled, “Touch me again, and I’ll burn your dick off with our own cigars!”

“Goddamn, boy, take it easy-”

“Look, whatever you THOUGHT happened,” The lion says before he hushed a bit. He takes a second to adjust his tie and straighten his coat, “Hands off, ok?? You may be an executive now, but it’s my word against yours.” Garrett then storms off after snagging a few paper towels.


“I don’t get it, what was he so fucked up about?” Greg asked, slightly confused.

“Well… I don’t know, when we were at the meeting, he seemed into it.”

“Into what?”

“Well uh…” The gorilla chuckles, flustered a bit, “I don’t think I should say it out loud…”

“Hey, it’s alright, I won’t judge.” Greg holds his arms up, “Besides, we’re in my office. No one’s listening.”

“Yeah?” Mr Bongo gives a cynical raise of his brow, “I’ve heard that one before.”

“Hah, hahah, I’m sure you have. But uh… Just between you and me…” He looks around some, and then leans in a bit and directed Mr Bongo’s eyes at the door window, “You see that Dalmatian over there?” He points out to the intern.


“Let’s just say he’s got a thing for porking old pigs like me.”

Mr Bongo raises his brows as he looks at the smug boar, “No kidding?”


“Hah, you dog.” The gorilla sneered, “In a manner of speaking.”

“Sure am. So spill it, what’s your thing on Garrett?”

“Well uh… See, I like doing guys, I like to dominate and tease, that’s no secret. But sometimes, when I get someone who’s all muscular, built, handsome, manly and what not…” The monkey’s face gets hot as he awkwardly gets to the point, “Sometimes I like’em a little… Elegant?”

“Elegant? Like, leotards?”

“Sometimes. I mean like… You know how Japanese cartoons have them school girls dress up in short skirts or tight shirts?”

“Wait… Wait, you’re saying that Garrett dressed up like a girl or something?”

“Heh heh… Yep…” Mr Bongo said with some sweat on his face.

“Hah! That’s spectacular.” The boar slaps his own thigh and chortles, “Looking at him, I never woulda guessed!”

“Yeah, that’s what’s so hot about it.” Mr Bongo says, “I like beefy or else athletic men put in feminine clothing. And goddamn, did that lion push all of my buttons. The meeting was over before I could do anything else, though.”

“Hm…” The pig thought. Since Mr Bongo joined up, he has already gotten into trouble, just like Greg in the past. They’re both a couple of horny old men in an office, and when you don’t get enough of activity, it’s only natural that that stuff comes out in bad behavior. Ever since Greg started dabbling in his magicks, he hasn’t had a problem since. Maybe Mr Bongo just needs some sort of… Outlet.

“I think I got just the thing for ya, Mr Bongo.” The pig then opens a drawer and takes out a little silver treasure chest. The ape watches as Greg fishes out a dainty gold chain necklace with a pendant resembling a small teardrop shaped potion vial with a bunch of glittering purple crystals contained inside, with the tiny cork on top sealed and waxed shut. “Here, take this.” He hands over the amulet to the curious looking gorilla.

“Ooook, but what is this?”

“Lil something I picked up.” Greg smiles, “Put it on, but keep it under your shirt.”

“Eh, I’m not really into wearing stuff like this.” Mr Bongo says skeptically, “Besides, necklaces just pinch at my fur.”

“That chain won’t, I guarantee it. Trust me, if you wear that, Garrett will be all over you.”

“Why, is this some kinda weird hippy thing?”

“You COULD say that.” Greg says, “It’s like one of those ‘chakra crystal’ things you get at an incense shop or something, but these actually work.”

“I don’t know, I don’t like this.” Mr Bongo shakes his head and tries to give it back, “This is starting to sound like a set-up an assistant once used on me.”

“No no no no, I swear,” Greg laughs as he pushes it back, “Look, I promise, it’s no trick like that. I’ve tried it myself, it really works.”

“Are you sure…?” The ape says with a cynical look. “You realize my ass is fried to hell if I get into serious trouble.”

“Swear to God, you put that on, that lion will be your dream girl any day of the week.”

“Hhhnnn…” The gorilla leers skeptically at the pendant.


Mr Bongo looks at himself in the mirror of the bathroom, his shirt open at the top to show the gold chain carrying the glass vial with tiny violet diamonds twinkling, the amulet nestled on the wiry field of his chest hair. Huffing with a ‘here goes nothing’ look on his face, the ape buttons up his shirt and fastened his tie back around his neck and closing his jacket.

He goes into the elevator on his way to his new office wing; maybe he can test it by calling Garrett into his office.


Speak of the devil, his eyes widen as the doors open for said lion to appear. Garrett grimaces that same disgusted look on his face before he goes right in. Ignoring the sleaze of an ape, Garrett presses his finger on the button of his desired floor before the elevator closes and operates.

Letting out a long huff of breath, Mr Bongo makes his move. He moves his hand down and starts to stroke that part of Garrett’s inner thigh, the spot that is able to trigger instant purring in felines.

“… RrrrRRrrrRRrr, a-ahem!” Garrett coughs slightly, clearing his throat as it begins to rattle. Mr Bongo then comes close and puts his big hands onto the lion’s sides and then giving a hot breath onto the lion’s ears.

“Hey, baby… You got something tingling ya?” He muttered lowly.

“H-Hohhh, a-ah…” Garrett staggers as a sudden swoon came about. “A-Achem! Agh, hm…” The lion’s face feels oddly flustered, ‘What the?? I feel weird… Why’s it…’ “No, I’m fine, Mr Bongo”

“Lemme ask you something…” The seductive executive hummed into the lion’s ear. “You been a good little girl?”

“Ohhhhh” The lion catches himself from letting out a lazy squeal as he finds himself blushing and his thighs rubbing together. “W-What are you talking about now?”

“Oh you know what I’m talkin about…” The ape then starts to twirl his fingers over Garrett’s chest, where his nipples are under his office attire.

“Hehehehe –Ah! Pff! Ahem!” Garrett irked and coughs harder, his face beat red at the girlish giggle he just uttered.

“Get the fuck out…” Mr Bongo mouths silently with a look of sheer astonishment on his face. He reaches up and starts scratching the back of Garrett’s ears.

“Ohnnnhhh…” The lion sighs as he tilts his back. “RrrRRrrRRrrRRrrRRrr” He purrs openly as both of his ears are rubbed tenderly from behind.

“Holy fuckin shit…” Mr Bongo mumbles.


“Uh…” He licks his leathery lips as he puts his hands on the businessman’s hips, his thumbs pressing on the small of Garrett’s back.

“A-Ah” Garrett puts his paws on the elevator door before looking over his shoulder. ‘Fffffuck, what’s going on with me…’ The lion pants and gasps gently as he feels a very subtle push in the hidden spot in his undercarriage – between his balls and his taint.

“I need to make sure you’ve been a good little kitty…” Mr Bongo was about to reach down to toy with the lion’s loins when the elevator suddenly DINGS. “Ooop!”

“Hulh!” Garrett backs up just as the door slides open. The ape then walks off, but then turns to the flustered feline.

“So Garrett. I’m going to need to talk to you about those files in my office.”

“I- Whe- I g-”

“I want to see you in my office in one hour.” He said firmly as he points a finger at the lion. Garrett gulped and nodded right before the primate walks off.

“Whew…” Garrett sighs, “For a moment I thought I was going to cream my pants…”


“EEP!” Garrett jumps as he looks at the short but stout panda who suddenly appeared in the elevator with him.

“I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” The black and white ursine says.

“Yep! Sure, ok…” Garrett says, his face as red as a tomato.

As Mr Bongo goes, he picks up his phone and pages his assistant, “… Yeah, Carson? Get my “dress fancy” presentation and have it ready as soon as possible…” Mr Bongo frowns and snarls “YES it is “legitimate”! Don’t be stupid! Now hurry it up before it goes on YOU! And get the C-H one, if you please. Thank you.” He hangs up and grumbles about his cheeky assistant.


Garrett adjusts his necktie as he looks at the door of Mr Bongo’s office. He’s in a suit, with pants, and a tie, and polyester… And some man-made boxers. Nothing effeminate about him, no! Just two men in an office here to discuss matters, and NOTHING else.

Taking a deep breath and a quick puff of air, the lion turns the knob, and opens the door. The office is as almost as spacious and regal as the one in Mr Bongo’s company – with the exception of a rich and lush bathroom and a huge couch with a plasma screen.

“Ah, Garrett, ya made it.” Says the gorilla.

“Yeah- Yes, I’m here.” The lion says as he nods and walks in with his briefcase. “I have the files for-”

“Shh shh shhhhh” The ape shushes him as he presses a thick finger to Garrett’s lips. The lion irks as he feels a compulsion to shut up. The ape chuckles as he loosens the feline’s tie.

“M-Mr Bongo, we uh, we should just ah-”

“Wha, ah, oh, ah, uh, wha, ah.” The fat monkey teasingly mocked him. “Now. If we’re going to talk business, you need to be dressed for business.”

The next thing he knew, Garrett is handed a medium-sized white briefcase pushed into his paws. The lion gulps as an inkling whispered as to what this could possibly be.

“Go ahead and get changed in the bathroom.” The ape points with his thumb, “Take your time if you need some eh… Adjustment.” He gives a very dirty wink, “I like my girls to look their best.”

“…” Garrett doesn’t talk, just nodding before striding away, both of his paws holding the handle of the case as he goes, leaving his work case behind.

Behind the closed door, Garrett gulps as he puts the case on the sink and clicks the locks open. He pushes the lid up, and his pupils shrink, “You have GOT to be kidding me…” He whimpers.

Minutes later, Mr Bongo is taking the liberty to sign off on the forms Garrett needed him to sort through, only needing to skim the important bits before signing his John Hancock on each one.

Then he hears the door of his bathroom open and shut.

Mr Bongo turns and grins, “Oh hoh hoh hoh hoh…”

Garret’s golden thighs rub delicately together. His manly fists hover over his lap. His feet are in dainty white shoes with smooth socks that reached up to his calves. The lion feels every draft below his dainty skirt – this one is white with yellow trims and waist stripe, and it’s even shorter than the pink skirt he wore LAST time! He’s even leaning forward a bit, wincing that if he straightens his posture, the skirt will show a preview of his sunshine yellow panties. On his buff pecs Garrett wears a very scant cheerleader top that shows off his athletic arms and holding his chest in the satin bra underneath. The letters PBG is printed on the shirt hugging his torso. Just like last time, a pretty little bow is perched at the brush of his tail and a glittering flower barrette sits at one of his ears on his mane.

“Nice. Very nice.” Mr Bongo nods and grins in approval. “Now, let’s get started…” With the lion’s lips tasting of the provided cherry chapstick, Garrett comes forth. The lion blushes hard as he can feel the light billowing of his skirt wafting about his muscular bum before he sits back down. He irks and winces a bit as the ape’s thirsty gaze leers at him.

“Ok, Garrett,” Bongo licks his lips and leans in, “Tell me why you’re here.”

“B-Because…” Garrett says. He feels a very sharp race up his spine. At the same time, the tiny jewels inside of the unique vial twinkle within the confines of Bongo’s thick chest hair. Microscopic fairy dust starts to disintegrate from one of the many crystals as the magic goes into the atmosphere around the sissified lion. “I’ve been a very bad girl since the meeting…” He says, unable to say anything different.

“Oh?” Mr Bongo raises a brow as he grins, “What have you done?”

“I’ve been messing with the other girls, I haven’t been doing my homework, and I uh…” The lion blushes as he looks at his ‘principal’ “I’ve been cheating on my boyfriend with a few guys.”

“Tsk tsk tsk.” The ape shakes his head before he gets up.

“…RrrRRRrrrRRRrrrRRRrrr…” Garrett starts purring loudly as his eyes looks at that fat boss. His golden thighs push harder together as his bulge squirms in his panties, his fists pressing into his knees as his face grows hot – and that’s just from LOOKING at Mr Bongo!

“I expected better from you, young lady…” The ape says as he comes around to behind the lion and planted his meaty hands onto the lion’s broad shoulders.

“O-Ohhhh…” Garrett moans a little as those thick fingers grasp onto his shoulders.

“You know how hard I work to keep you girls behaving?” The ape says as he grinds his palms into Garrett’s shoulders, “Then you keep acting up like one of those petty ‘Mean Girls’.”

“OoooOOOoooHHhhhhh” Then, the monkey’s hands grab onto the buff lion’s sides and yank him out of his chair! “Errhh!” The lion eeps as he’s forced onto the desk. His face goes red as his tail instinctual flops behind him, making his skirt flap above his bright and shiny satin panties!

“You put me in a very difficult position, little lady…” Mr Bongo growled as he forces one hand onto Garrett’s back and the other one firmly stroking the base of the lion’s tail.

“MnnnhhHHhhh…” Garrett is unable to control himself as he’s manhandled by the primate. His arms tuck under him as his paws grasp onto the edge of the desk. “MEEP!” The manly lioness squeals and jumps as he felt a deft flick at the underspot between his sac and his anus…

“You make things so… Damn… Hard…” Mr Bongo says lowly as he teases the lion’s gooch delicately, “Why can’t you learn to behave for once, eh?”

“Oh! A-Ah! … Eep!” The lion whines as he all but presents himself like a lioness in heat. His tippy-toes tap on the floor as his private area goes aflame with lust.

“You know what I have to do to little girls who don’t behave…”

“Ohhh…” The lion moans and gives a small gasp as he can sense the large gorilla behind him. He looks over his shoulder a bit just as the hot mass hovers behind him. Garrett’s legs weaken again as he feels Mr Bongo’s lap press in on his booty, his eyes widening from a rather firm tent poking at his buttcrack.

“Mmmhhyeeaahh” The ape growls.

“Ah- Mmph!” Garrett’s maw is then cupped into Mr Bongo’s thick hand. Just his snout going into that palm and sealing his lips makes the lion’s flaccid penis pulse with desire and excitement, unable to get erect as he becomes even more aroused

“Mnnnfuck yeah…” The gorilla’s big gut pushes on the lion’s back as his hot breath flows on the side of Garrett’s cheek, “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you…”

“Mnnhhhhh!” Garrett squeals through that hand as the tent drives up his ‘pussy’ and up his crack. It feels so good to be touched there! To have a hard object brush up his nether regions before it glides down and drives up again. Each time the gorilla dry humps him, Garrett moans under the hand, squirming harder and becoming so much more horny than he’s ever been.

He wants to be this man’s dainty little girl. He wants to be fucked in the ‘pussy’ and moan out like a little slut. He wants to worship every inch of this ape’s round fat and muscle and drink in every wisp of scent. He wants him to reach up his dress and fondle him at every angle.

All of this somehow is in direct contrast to how he usually is – before Garrett’s penis inexplicably shrank to a cute 2.5 inches, he was a fierce top and guys would line up to get on their knees and guzzle his cum. Now here he is, almost begging for this rich sleaze to violate him like the dirty slut he’s so desperate to be!

“Ok now…” The gorilla says with a lustful gleam in his eye, “Let’s see if I can make this kitty wild…”

“What do you mean?” The lion asks as he turns his head to look at him. He sees the fat pervert adjust his stance right before the dull but thick hard object starts to push at his gooch. “A-Ahhh!”

“Mnnhh!” Mr Bongo starts to shove and really grind his tent into that oddly hot spot in the feline’s undercarriage.

“Ohh, ohhh! Ohh, ohhh, a-awww!” Garrett whines loudly as he squirms, his ‘pussy’ shielded only in his panties, the sensations of very hot passion are nearly exploding in his perineum! “M-Mr Bongo! D-Don’t, nooooo!” Despite his protests, the lion can’t help but open his legs wider to allow further access for the dirty monkey to dry hump deeper into him, with this tent only grinding on his gooch.

“Mmnnn yeah… That’s my girl…” Mr Bongo just loves this. Having sex is one thing – a guy like him can get his ass pegged or have his cock serviced by anyone any time of day. What he REALLY gets off on is making a buff and manly specimen squirm like a horny flower girl. He loves them to be teased and act all coy and bubbly, to take advantage on their weakest spot and make them melt. And it’s extremely rare to find a guy who is genuinely able to make that happen – sure, he’s paid to have a stud play dress-up before and even act the part, though only on rare occasions the other guy would be as into the scenario as Mr Bongo is. But Garrett’s the first in a long, LONG time to be just about everything the sleazy boss drools for.

“Ohhh! Ohh! OhhhhHHHH!” The lion whines louder and louder, his very sweet spot blooming with bliss as it’s rubbed repeatedly.


“Ah goddammit,” The ape snarls before he backs off from Garrett’s pristine behind. The lion pants and moans lowly as Mr Bongo walks around the desk, feeling as if his rump is giving off an area of heat, his thighs tenderly rubbing against each other from the bizarre aftermath.

“Bongo here.” The gorilla says as he picks up the phone. As he listens, Garrett eyes that very pronounced boner pushing the monkey’s pants forward. The front of it is pretty clean and try, considering he just dry-humped the lion to the point of ecstasy; he must have some fairly thick underwear if his precum hasn’t already seeped through. Though he can still smell the manly aroma coming Mr Bongo’s happy bulge. The masculine odor that real men exude from sweat and hard work… And from extensive arousal… Lust-driven excitement producing a very whetting scent…

Garrett’s tongue licks his muzzle as he looks at that standing ovation of a lap with hungry eyes.

“Alright fine, I’ll be there right away.” Mr Bongo hangs up and then proceeds to stick his hand down his pants.


“I have to leave for a minute, Garrett.” He says as Mr Bongo manages to stifle his erection within the confines of his undergarments, repositioning it so it goes unnoticed.

“O-Oh, I see…” The lion says as he gets up. He turns and sits on the desk as the horny boss walks about with a few files, “Should I just…”

“You sit your pretty little taint down.” Mr Bongo points, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Yessir.” The door opens and closes. At first, Garrett turns to take a seat, but then he stops. He looks at the door then at the floor, and then the image of Mr Bongo’s hard-on comes to mind.

The cheerleader lion moves the chair to the wall and then kneels down in front of the desk, putting his paws on his knees and his panty-covered bottom on his heels,

Moments later, his ears perk as he sees the primate’s silhouette and his rough sass from behind the door just before it clicks open. “Right, I’m back, sweetie…” Mr Bongo looks and gives a very toothy grin at the waiting feline. “Well look at you.” Garrett chuckles sheepishly and blushes as the monkey closes the door, “Gettin yourself all set for daddy…”

“U-Uh-huh…” The lion nodded. Mr Bongo walks to the sissified lion and brushes the front of his pants onto his muzzle, “Mnnhhhh…”

“Yeah… Kitty need a little protein shake before she goes for cheer practice?” The ape sneers as he starts to mush his package around Garrett’s face.

“Ohhhmmm…” The lion’s face gets warmer as he nuzzles his lap. Mr Bongo can’t stop grinning as he unbuckles his belt and pulls down his zipper. Garrett’s chest pounds in his bra as his mouth waters from seeing those semi hairy hands fumble with his open pants and his underwear. “RrrrRRRrrrRRRrrr” The lion purrs loudly as Mr Bongo gets close, fishing out his stout but thick cock out of his underwear. The lion opens his mouth a bit just before the ape starts batting his meat on the cheerleader’s snout.

“Little kitty like that?” The fat sleaze asks as he smears his penis around the lion’s muzzle. His hand grabs the back of Garrett’s head and proceeds to shove his face into his patch of wiry pubes.

“Ohhh, ohhh,” Garrett moans as he sniffs deep, taking in a thick dose of Mr Bongo’s musk. His lower jaw twitches a bit before his tongue pushes up and glides up the base of the ape’s thick black cock.

“That’s it, baby girl…” The ape says as Garrett nurses the underside of his half-baked penis, “Take your time… I’m a bit bigger than the football team…” He says as his short but wide member bobs slightly with the buff kitten smooching its underbelly and giving his meat starting licks. “How bout you stop tickling it and start sucking it.”

“Mhm,” The lion takes the hardening dick and puts his lips around the uncut head. His tongue licks and rubs around the hooded manhood before he slides his muzzle down. Mr Bongo’s foreskin sides with the wet interior of Garrett’s mouth until the head rubs along the roof of his mouth just as his lips meet that mound of pudge and hair.

“OoOOoh…” A shiver goes up the smug monkey’s dazed face. Feeling the first roll of his member in a blowjob always makes him jitter.

“Mffff” Garrett slurps back and goes back down. This cock is REALLY thick. It’s totally prying his jaws open to go all the way in, but he does so obediently with his hands placed daintly onto the gorilla’s legs.

“Ooooh yeeeaaah baby” Mr Bongo grins as he twirls his own hips a little, stirring his hard meat into Garrett’s maw as the lioness slurps around his dick, “You’re doing great so far.”

“Mnn-NNHhhh” The lion feels a rush up his own spine – the praise is actually pushing the pre right into his panties!

“Christ, yesss…” The sleaze of a boss gets even hornier as the lion looks up at him. His pupils and irises dilate and expand to make his golden face even cuter than it was before, paired with his adorable pink blush across his cheeks. The sweet kitty puts his paws onto Mr Bongo’s massive gut and started to knead into his fat, digging his palms and fingers into that warm and squishy bowl of monkey dough. “You have very cute eyes, sweetie.” The lion suckles hungrily more as his paws tuck under his big round belly and massages his hot girth. “Yeah, you’re such a good dirty girl…” The sleaze growled as he hints his pelvis back and forth to bob the lion’s face a bit.

“SchLLLcckk… Gggllsslllkk” Garrett slurps and grunts wet sounds as his small pecker starts to get more and more excited as the gorilla pulls up the chair, his cock coming out of the feline’s mouth with a wet pop. “A-Awwhhhll” Garrett’s tongue lushes forward a bit when the meat suddenly leaves his lips. As soon as Mr Bongo sits down the lion crawls right up to him. Purring nonstop, the masculine cheerleader nudges forth as the gorilla adjusts himself to let his balls roll out of their tight confines.

“That’s right, baby, play with my balls, play with mah balls,” The gorilla puckers his thick lips as the lion’s tongue rolls and bobs his fat nuts around his laps, taking the lower hanging of the two into his mouth before one slurping to the other one, kissing either ball with his soft lips before bathing the underside of his sac.

While Garrett feasts carefully on Mr Bongo’s babymakers, the lion’s left arm reaches down. The lion moans through his drooling mouth as his paw sneaks into his tight flat skirt and started to rub his bulge. “Mmnnhhhhffff” The lion licks lavishly from the loose orbs to the standing and throbbing pole while he fondles himself, rubbing the precum dripping from his nestled penis onto the round pouch of his panties. His fingers then start to slip beneath the satin to toy with his little peen.

“Mhhh yeahhh… Good girl…” The gorilla lazily mutters as the handsome jungle king bobs his head up and down his hard meat, his tongue rushing on the underbelly of that fat girth, “Yeeeaahhh suck daddy’s cock, honey. Suck daddy’s cock.” Mr Bongo starts to hump up and down to bounce the lion’s face against his pelvis.

Another tiny gem inside of the hidden vial starts to vanish in fleeting glitter – the lion’s gag reflex starts to permanently leave his gullet, just as Mr Bongo’s hand grabbed the back of Garrett’s head and shoves him right into his crotch! “Take it all in, you beautiful little slut…!”

“Mmllggg!” The lion’s lips glue to the thick forest of gorilla pubes, his nose literally digging into that thick bush, the head of Mr Bongo’s raging member invading his innermost sanction of his throat, yet not a single cough occurs.

“Yeah, eat it, girl. Eat it hard, sunshine.” Mr Bongo’s hefty butt levitates from his seat for several seconds before he sits back down, “Damn, you’re a thirsty little girl.”

“Mllggpphh” The lion slurps as he starts to dip his mouth in and out faster, burying his face into Mr Bongo’s groin before going back up while his paw is still stashed in his panties, rubbing his little pecker in the best way possible. It feels so good to massage his flaccid member in his undies, every push and rub makes his dicklette ooze more pre.

“Yeah, I bet you waited for this all your life…” The ape says as he shrugs off his office coat and opens his polyester shirt, “You’re out there with all the other pretty girls, cheering for your team and flashing your fluffy pompoms…” Mr Bongo’s cock spurts out a dab of pre when the lion licks up his pole.

“Mllggkk, schllppp” The lion slurps loudly up and down, gulping down the gorilla’s dick before smothering his have back into that patch of hair.

“You love wigglin that butt for the football players too, don’t you?” The gorilla says with his manboobs and his big gut on full display, his arms up to start rolling and playing with his nipples, “Mnnnhhyeah…” His pelvis grooves up and down before the lion started to slobber around his fat balls boiling with his thick gravy, “Waiting for each player to line up and use your hole after the big game…” He growls as Garrett really goes to town on his junk, “Just imagine you squealing and mewing out loud everytime they shoved their young high-school dongs up your soaked pussy…” The filthy boss licks his lips as his cock throbs constantly, “Your pink tight little cunt dripping with cum, you begging for more athletic cock shoved up your starving taint…”

“Mnngghh! Mnnggkk” The lion’s mouth seriously gobbles into Mr Bongo’s scrotum as the images flash in his head, his hand still in his panties and masturbating furiously. Garrett can’t imagine a time when he was THIS horny! The more Mr Bongo talks, the hotter he gets! And back in high school, Garrett played on the baseball team! He was one of the best hitters! And now he’s a cock-sucking cheerleader just like Monica was back in his younger years.

“Yeaahh, little cute slutty lioness,” The fat sweaty gorilla growls as he feels his climax building up as he humps up and down along the lion’s attentive tongue, “You pressing your sweet bubble butt onto the gloryhole and cooing like the horny kitten you are when you let the team blow off some steam by blowing in your ass.”

“Mnngghhh!” The lion’s paw presses all around his little member, just as his small dicklette starts to pulse and get wild in his panties! His thumb presses and his two first fingers curl around it as he gushes with hot cum into his feminine undergarments, his eyes going cross as he unloads right there.

“Damn, sweetie,” Mr Bongo snickers at the lion’s somewhat sudden change in frequency, “You just cream your panties?”

“Awwrrrrr… Uh-huh…” Garrett nods in a daze.

“Hegh hegh hegh, you ARE a dirty little girl…” The gorilla pulls his dripping manhood out of the lion’s maw and starts jerking off, “Open wide for daddy, sweetie,” The perverted boss grins as he jerks.

“Awwhhh, haaahhh,” Garrett opens his mouth wide with his tongue laid out before him.

“I’m gonna paint your face nice and pretty.” Mr Bongo twirls and teases his cock in the right spots to easily trigger his orgasm. The fat boss hisses and puckers his large lips as he masturbates, “FFFFFF… Hhhhhooooohhhhhhh ffffffffuck yeeesssss! MNH! UMPH!” His member then starts to shoot as his overweight body jerks.

“A-Awwll,” Garrett tastes a glob of thick white cum land on his tongue, then at the inside of his cheek, and then his right eye had to close just before a white stripe lands across his face.

“Mnnhh yeah, take it you beautiful whore.” Mr Bongo growls as he squeezes the cum right out of his penis, coating the lion’s face, parts of his mane, and even on his shoulders with his potent babybatter.

“Ahhhlllll” The lion purrs in a daze as he looks up at the sleaze of a boss. The fat, sexy, filthy, dominant, glorious gorilla with his thick black fingers curled around his monster meat, coated with the remaining dribble of his cum.


“Whoa shit.” Greg says he swipes to the next picture, of one the thick spunk is rolling from his cheek. And then to another one of Garrett leaning on the desk in his cheerleader outfit, his tail holding the skirt up to reveal his nude rump.

“It was unbelievable.” Mr Bongo says, “I thought for sure you were shitting me about this thing.” The ape says as he twirls the dainty chain of the vial of crystal shards, “But soon as I put it on, he just completely became a pussy boy.”

“He’s always been a cocky son of a bitch,” Greg chuckles as he sees another picture of the beefy lion posing in the cute uniform, “I think he had this comin.”

“Which brings me to my next point.”


“I’m guessing you’re going to want this back?” The ape says as he shakes the little bottle a bit.

“Naw, you keep it.” The boar shakes his head, “It’s only gonna work for you.”

“I don’t git it though…” Mr Bongo says with a hint of suspicion, “Why me? Why just hand me something that turns a masculine fat-shamer into a giddy little lady? What’s the catch?”

“Call it a ‘compensation package’.” Greg smiles, “Since you got here, just about everyone’s been giving you the cold shoulder. I mean, come on, guys like us need a break every once in a while, yeah?”

“I guess…” Mr Bongo says with a hint of cynicism “But why wouldn’t you want to use this for yourself?”

“I just said – It only works for you.” The pig snorted, “Trust me, I tried and I asked.”

“I’m still not sure about this…”

“Look, sir.” Greg says, “At some point, you’re eventually going to get your ass strung up when the monkey starts gettin on your back… Er, no pun intended.”

“Uh-huh.” Mr Bongo says with a half-lidded look in his eyes.

“If you keep this thing, the chances of you getting fired or sued are kept down, right? Just give it a shot.”

“I suppose you raise a good point…” The hesitant primate says, “So no catch? Or any strings attached?”

“As long as you keep your contributions juicy and your act together, make sure Man/Edger is the best company in the biz…”

“Ya make a good argument there, Pugger.” The gorilla says as he puts the charm into his coat pocket and gets up. “If you’ll excuse me, I do have some work to get to.”

“Same here, sir.” Greg gets up and shakes his hand, “Remember though, it only works when you’re wearing it.”

“I got ya.” The ape says, “Thank you for your business, Pugger.”

“Likewise.” After the ape left, Greg gets back to his computer.

The amulet Greg gave Mr Bongo is a crystal vial containing Resonance Crystals, or nicknamed “echo stones”. They are a sort of residue from the special ritual candles that are used in casting spells, like the one Greg set up in his office when Garrett went to that meeting. When one of those particular candles burns out all of its wax – which takes up to weeks or even months, depending on how often they are lit – the fluids solidify into jewel-like fragments. When gathered and preserved in specific containers, they have the power to resonate the same phenomena as the ritual they were last used for; in this case, the vial itself makes Garrett into Mr Bongo’s “Dream Girl”. They are not powerful enough to conjure up anything too unrealistic - like replacing Garrett’s boxers with a thong, but they do have enough influence to have the lion go in heat like a good little kitten, even going so far as to affecting his psyche and pattern of behavior.

The boar snickers as he types away for his scheduled back massage.

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