By Leather Asylum
published November 15, 2018

A Mysterious Trip To The Institute

You are not required to give a sample. But they are allowed to try to get one and to use any means necessary. If you do end up giving one, they’ll most definitely request you back.

The waiting area was plush. Giant leather couches with extensive built in ottomans dominated the space from wall to wall and hid most signs of any floor.

I perched on a sofa only to sink deeply in to its folds. A really hot well built guy sat opposite me. I couldn’t believe he would ever allow his sample to be taken. I wished I could know his secret so I actually became daring and asked.

He sort of chuckled and said it wasn’t entirely about his size and strength. “The key,” he said, “is to resist.”

I said “No way. They’ll just strap you down until you give in.”

He chuckled. Then answered, “You have to be comfortable in all those restraints. You’ve got to be comfortable with being completely hard and yet, still not cum.”

I paused unsure of how to challenge his lofty assertions.

“I can show you how,” he offered.

As he said it, he leaned towards me causing the massive leather couch beneath him to creak against his weight.

I was desperate and willing to try anything.

“OK,” I consented.

He pulled a blindfold out of his pocket. “First, I always make sure my mind is clear.”

"No way they let you wear that,"I dared.

“They are always cocky enough to let me wear it,” he reassured as he sunk in next to me and manipulated a device on the side of the couch to cause my ottoman section to jet further outward effectively causing my back to sink down further.

“By the time I’m finished, you’ll be out of here faster than I,” he soothed while slipping the blindfold over my eyes.

It was made of padded leather and made me feel light as well as safe – as if I were floating on top of the leather while still very much sinking in to it’s cushioned folds.

“Now, just clear your mind,” he soothed again.

“For this to work, we need to get you hard,” he whispered while unbuckling my belt and snapping open my pants.

He easily slipped in his overly thick yet smooth hand down in to the underside of my underwear. My zipper moved down a bit and he used his other hand to guide it further.

Instinctively, I arched my hips forward and he effectively grabbed on to my entire shaft.

I could have cum then and there. If he was this good at arousing me, he must know how to help me stop myself from cumming once I ended up in the exam room.

“Is your mind clear?” he asked as he gently began rubbing my shaft up and down.

“No!” I managed to plea.

“Alright, you need more focus, I think I can ….” he trailed off as I felt hands on either side of me manipulate my arms in to various parts of the overly thick leather couch.

I was strapped down.

“Is this part of it?” I quizzically asked.

“They’ll strap you down once inside. I need to show you how to master this while restrained - yes,” he answered.

I was too afraid to ask who had helped strap me down. There were at least three people in the room now including him. Had he friends nearby or had some of the technicians come out? Either way, if i didn’t learn how to resist cumming now, I certainly wouldn’t be able to resist once inside.

“Focus your mind,” he began again. “Focus on a single point: the leather perhaps.”

“How it holds you….resist the restraints….resist the leather….resist the padding…resist my hand,” he softly ordered while continuing to stroke me just the same.

It was all too much. I tried pulling my hips back but the leather beneath me held tight. I tried bucking my hips forward but the restraints around my arms and the weight of this guy’s massive body combined with the force of his arm, kept me in a state of bliss locked between a rock and a hard place.

I could feel myself shooting before I even came. I erupted.

“There ya go!” I heard him shout. “Fill it up bud,” he continued.

It was then that the other guys in the room finally spoke.

“Now that’s a nice sample…” one began.

“Fill it up past the line,” the other instructed.

“Nah nah, he’s already there,” the other informed.

“Cap it off,” the first said.

“Get that to the lab,” the second answered.

I was spent.

I felt my restraints loosen and give. I lay there breathless.

The massively muscular thick expert guy howled out and then lay back as I struggled to extend my arm to my face to remove the blindfold.

“That didn’t work,” I sighed.

"HA- it sure did kid,’ he howled. “Works every time with you newbies,” he explained.

I had been duped. I realized now that this guy was part of the collection team. I stupidly thought the test wouldn’t start until I had entered the exam room. I guess they were allowed to use any means necessary.

“See you next week,” the guy hollered as he sauntered to the next room. And as I struggled to get up from my leather prison, I knew, even next week, I would surely fail again.

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