Office Spells - From Man To Girl

By Oddballs -
published November 12, 2018

[FURRIES] With Greg’s ritual cast, Garrett’s meeting with Mr. Bongo is about to take a rather bizarre turn.

[Apologies for the repeat of this story, but I decided I wanted to separate the sequences of this story into two different parts like I originally intended. The next installment will be submitted soon.]


“Good luck, big guy” Rocco says as he adjusts Garrett’s tie and suit, “If that jackass makes a move, you slap his big hairy face for me, ok?”

“Right after you give him a good kick in the balls.” He chuckled, kissing his hot man candy before heading off to his car. Minutes later, he arrives at the place the gorilla has him to come. He’s even prepared some queue cards incase the gorilla sidetracks him.

Equipped with a briefcase and determination, Garrett is taken to the Bongo International building. He is escorted by a zebra in a tight suit that left little to the imagination and takes the lion to an elevator, “Mr. Bongo will be meeting with you in his business lounge. Your boss, Mr. Edger, as asked that I inform you that hidden cameras and wire taps have been secured in discreet places.”

“Alright, good.” The lion nodded. He doubts the meeting will go well; and that’s what he’s counting on. A sleazy man like Mr. Bongo can’t possibly resist the wondrous charisma of a sexy lion specimen such as he is, and when that big dumb monkey makes his first and only mistake: Boom, hush-money donation with an ape facing charges.

The zebra takes Garrett to a door and opens it. They enter a big round room with a huge window for a wall with fancy circular couches and a desk with a few items provided. And then the big man himself, Mr. Bongo is sitting in his chair, smoking a clear-mist cigar (a cigar made exactly like regular ones but does not pollute the air) and cackling to Another Gay Movie, “Mr. Bongo, sir. Your 3 O’Clock is here.”

The ape turns his head and grins as he gets up and walks to them, “Very good, chief! Let’s get started.”

“Mr. Bongo, a pleasure to meet you,” Garrett says formally, “I’m Opus, Garrett Opus” He gives a winning smile with his charming sharp fangs that give a flash of charismatic masculinity before he begins his persuasion.

“Very great to meet you, Garrett, I’ve been looking forward to this all day.” The ape gives a firm handshake and pats at the feline’s shoulder before he and the lion go to the table, “Wanna drink?” Mr. Bongo offers as he pours himself a shot glass of banana scotch.

It’s been advised to Garrett to NOT eat or drink anything Bongo offers him, as he has been known to slip a little something in the libations…

“Ah, sorry but I’m cutting my alcohol intake. Had some last night so I don’t think I’ll be handling one today.” Nice shot; the lion proceeds to make his proposal with a good deliverance in his wording. Like pleasing any corporate monkey, he keeps it short and sweet with lots of big numbers.

“Ah come on,” Mr. Bongo pours a second shot, and holds the two of them up, “One little drink won’t…” He hesitates, remembering his very stern lecture from his attorney. He plays it off as a casual ‘never mind’ nod, “Yeah, alright, I got ya.” He gulps one shot down, and then the other. He winces as the strong bit of liquor hits him momentarily and then huffs loudly before they get to it.

The two of them talk for the next half hour, going over the deals and business strategies and whatnot; honestly everything Mr. Bongo has always heard. Frankly, he’s not even paying attention. This lion is very handsome and masculine, Mr. Bongo would not mind having HIM on his board of directors. He also keeps glancing down at the lion’s crotch, and giving a keen grin every time he remembers that one time at an office party when some other lion got super drunk and was bouncing his bulge around to the song ‘Sexy And I Know It’.

Of course, the leering does not go unnoticed with the lion, being very observant with body language. With the alcohol inside the ape in mind, he hopes whatever content it had made the ape more complacent to his discussion.

Soon, the initial proposal ended, probably without the ape listening, being too busy ogling at the lion. “… That’s why, in base of facts and opinions, it will benefit us if you get on board with our plans. What do you say, sir?” Calling the ape ‘sir’ might be a ticket to send the gorilla over the moon.

“Alright. Think Edger has been baiting long enough.” The ape takes the stub of his thick cigar and crushes the remains of blue-silvery ash into a small tray. “First, there is one other thing I wanna discuss…” Mr. Bongo pulls the chair from the table and holds it, “Lemme see you put a leg up on the table.”

Garrett looks at the gorilla casually, but carefully gaging the situation. “… Alright.” The lion walks over to the table and hitches up his leg and holds his hips. “Like this, right?” Garrett inwardly smirks. ‘Here he goes…’ He thought, ‘Just lure in the horny doofus.’

“Hm.” The gorilla nods as he rubs his chin, observing the posing lion, “Nice… Hm…” He walks in a half circle, and then back, and then he comes in close to the lion, “Your suit’s from Jaago Enterprises…” He says, his tone getting a little lower. Both of his meaty hands go to move onto the hitched-up leg, his palms examining the fabric… ONLY the fabric…

The lion’s guard still remains up. The trap seems to be pulling him in… The only downside is letting this fat fuck get as close to him as this. Garrett’s never been fond of overweight men, saw them as greedy losers who just can’t keep their mouths shut for several reasons.

“Cheap stuff… The people who ran it were hacks. They made their suits too… Constricting…” The ape’s hand starts to migrate to Garrett’s inner thigh, “They tore easily too… The suit you’re wearing now was one of their original makes, so of course it’s a decent quality…” He knows felines. Mr. Bongo knows cats. His large hand sneaks into the very intimate area of Garrett’s undercarriage, and started to roll his two middle fingers into Garrett’s inner thigh - that is a massage technique that triggers involuntary purring to feline species. Pushing on that spot doesn’t feel good enough to purr, but it’s a strange reflex that is connected to the throat…

“… Hurrthurrthrr- Achem, agk” Garrett caught himself purring, shaking his head and coughing, “ConstrrRRrrRRr- Arrgghh!” He frowns and coughs again, his throat vibrating involuntarily as he tries to stop, “That’s not what I-" His purring is distorted with effort as he tries to speak. He irks and groans as he coughs again, but his chest keeps rattling audibly. “A-A-Anyway, Mr. Bongo.” He moves the ape’s hairy hand away from his thigh, “Our deal?”

Yep. Just like any other huge tub of goo, all this fatass cares about is what he can get his meaty hands on. The cameras probably have enough footage to screw over the horny sleaze, but he wants to see if Mr. Bongo can really get in over his fat head… Though there’s only so much thick slob Garrett is comfortable with putting up with.

“Heh, sure… I’ll deal…” The filthy gorilla grins as he continues to slowly molest the lion. “After all… I can’t have a client walking around in a cheap-ass suit… Kittens need real clothing…” After each sentence, Mr. Bongo gives a very deep growl, his nostrils flaring, his tongue licking his lips, his hot breath reaching Garrett’s fur as he nears his face to his, “How about I get you out of those trashy pants… And into mine?” He starts to grope and hold down on Garrett’s rump. The lion’s eyes widen up, feeling that big hand grab onto his ass. The ape puckers his big thick lips as he coos like a child to the lion, “Would yo baby peepee like dat? Wanna wear some real daddy pants?”

“Alright, deal’s off, you sack of shit!” Garrett suddenly snarls and shoves the monkey off of him. God, what that gorilla just said, it’s disgusting! Not only that, but several months ago, Garrett’s penis was as thick as a beer can and at least a foot long, and then it shrank over night! NO ONE is supposed to know that! Only the doctor he consulted – even Rocco doesn’t know, he’s just been fooling round with him with a sock stuffed in his underpants. “First you get a good look at my suit, then you grabbed my ass, and now I have enough testimony out of you to open up a private investigation!”

“What- what the hell you talking about?!”

“You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, you disgusting blob!” No one else knows about Garrett’s ‘little’ secret, Mr. Bongo HAS to have some sort of spy camera or something put somewhere in Garrett’s vicinity – either at home or in the office or the gym, or somewhere! “I’m having your bloated hairy ass thrown in prison!”

“What did you say, boy?!” The villainous gorilla says with his own teeth baring.

“You’re spying on my private life, and I’m going to have it proven and have you being a jail bird bitch for the rest of your life!” Garrett then turns around and storms away.

“Hey! We are not done yet, where are you going?!” The ape calls out, forgetting that what he just did will land him in HUGE trouble!

“Oh we’re done alright!” Garrett shouts, his vocal cords threatening with his roaring muscles. He turns around and points a threatening claw at him, “LOOK, even if I WASN’T going to report you for your disgusting conduct, there is no way on EARTH I would EVER let some obese billionaire like you to have your way with me!”

“Oh, you are so going to get it for that, Opus.” Mr. Bongo frowns, his temper really overlapping his crimes. Obese?? He is perfectly built and round for an ape!

“Yeah, you can send my charts and briefcase along with your check, Mr. Bongo,” Garrett’s fist grabs the door knob, and jerks it. It’s locked. He jerks it again and snarls as he jiggles at the handle, “Would you unlock the fucking door?!”

“Nothing’s stopping you, pussycat.” The ape says with an angry frown; he really is a loose canon that can’t think right when a sexy man is near, “The door’s not locked, my lawyers forbade it.”

“Bullshit! You locked it, you fuckin rapist!”

“Get out of the way.” Mr. Bongo says as he shoves over. Right at that moment of pushing Garrett away, the lion’s pocket gets snagged on the handle.

“Ah!” The lion would attempt to walk away when,


The handle of the door yanks at Garrett’s pants in half! A huge tear spreads across the lion’s left leg down to his knee and off of his left hip, leaving the right side of his pants intact. “AH! What did you do!?”

“I didn’t do…” The ape looks down as he sees a colorful glimpse, even giving a stare. The lion would soon catch wind of what Bongo was staring at. Instead of Garrett’s lucky sun and moon pattern boxer shorts he put on this morning, both men would see a shiny pink strip along the lion’s hip. “U-Uh, the door is uh, stuck, I didn’t do it…” The gorilla tries to talk. An awkward 10 second pause goes by, and it occurs to Garrett that he has a few more charts that he forgot to show Mr. Bongo.

“I uh, fuck, fine. Call the fire department. We can’t both be stuck here.” He gathers up his phone and the side of his pants and tries to text for help, but just then his phone’s battery dies. “Sssshit, dammit.”

The magic kicks in a little more as the two of them walk back to the table. Garrett will now feel slightly… Intimidated by the gorilla’s stature. One might say almost submissive. He knows he shouldn’t be talking to the gorilla like an angry man anymore unless he wants to get in hot water.

Garrett glances around and spots a hidden camera and another one. Whatever happens next, if Bongo tries to make a move, it’ll get recorded and he’s finished. He looks back to the table, where his presentation is still set up, and remembered there are some charts he has not used as of yet,

“I guess while we wait… We still have things to discuss.. but you better put an effort on controlling yourself.” He says, somehow having cooled down as he points another threatening finger at the sleazy ape.

“Uh, yeah, sure, of course…” Bongo says. Something feels odd, but not suspicious. As they walk back to the set-up, the ape looks at the tattered flap of the left side of Garrett’s pants, seeing the pink satin shine as they walk. No doubt… Those are Delicette Mehn panties, the most expensive brand of male lingerie. A few fashion companies do have experimental garments of bras, panties, nighties, garters, and other effeminate undergarments for men to wear…

“And um…” The lion continues, picking up his pointer-stick and putting up one of the unused charts, As-as you can see here…” Garrett’s cheeks flush a little, feeling embarrassed. Why does he feel embarrassed? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s wearing some lady’s underwear instead of his boxers?

“Stop.” The ape says as holds up a hand. He takes the banana scotch and pours into one of the shot glasses, “How about you have a drink now?” He says with that filthy smirk.

Garrett becomes confused by the lewd expression, not afraid or offended, but slightly bewildered. Before, Garret knew EXACTLY to watch out for this kind of move, but now he seems clueless about its hidden intent. “Yessir,”

Just as the lion would reach for the shot, Mr. Bongo moves his arm up, “Allow me…” He says before he moves the shot to the lion’s lips.

“U-Uh…” Before he could protest, the lion’s lips are already puckering while the monkey pushes the glass and tipping the drink down…

“You know what? How about another one?” The ape grins as he pours the scotch into the glass again, and delivers it to the kitty’s lips and lets the fluid pour into the lion’s gullet.

“Mmngh,” Garrett swallows and clenches his eyes shut and shuddered from the strong liquor, “Thank you, Mr. Bongo, um… A-As I was saying…”

“Here.” He then brings the bottle itself to the lion, “How about a little more? You look thirsty…” Garrett somehow doesn’t protest as the top of the bottle is delivered to the lion’s mouth before Garrett could answer. Those lips would reluctantly seal around the bottle and the ape would watch with lewd eyes as the lion gulps it down, little by little. “Thaaaaat’s right. That’s a good kitty…”

The ape lets the lion nurse the bottle until it he pulls it back. With a soft -pop- the scotch splatters at the shirt and pants! “Ahhh shit!” The ape scowls,

“Ah! Dang it!” The lion jumbles a little.

“Shit, shit shit!” He puts the drink down and gets a few towels.

“H-Hang on, I have a spare set of clothes in my luggage.” Garrett scrambles to get his gear.

“Agh, goddammit, fine.” That scotch was very expensive, the moment is ruined, “Go ahead and change in the bathroom over there.” He says as he points to the door to the restroom of the business lounge.

The lion rushes away, pulling up the torn side of his pants while his polyester shirt is dripping with the alcohol, and entered the bathroom. It’s a rather fancy and elegant washroom - it even has a shower and a very large hot tub.

He sighs a breath of relief. “What’s going on with me??” He mutters, “I HAD him! He touched me in my…” He blushes and shudders, “Ok ok ok, calm down… This can still go well. If he signs over to Man/Edge, then I can walk out scott free. Now…”

He opens up the compartment of his luggage that holds his clothes, and pulls open the zipper.

However, to the lion’s dismay upon opening the clothing pouch, he would not see the trousers, shirt, and jacket he left with. First to meet his paws as he brings it up is… Some sort of pink-colored material. “WHAT??” He squeaks in panic. He rifles through the luggage, finding more and more shocking articles. “Is this some kind of joke?!” He yanks item after item out, tearing through it. After a minute of searching, he strains with anxiety as he plucks up at what looks like a sparkly flower, “Whaaaaaaat?” He whines pathetically.

Mr. Bongo huffs impatiently, grumbling as he tries to call the fire department again to try and unlock the door. Next he tries calling security, no answer. Then he attempts to phone up his assistant. Instantly cut off, “I’m right in the middle of my building, how is there no goddamn signal??”

His ears hear the bathroom door creak and he swerves around in his chair, “Alright, are you ready to keep taaalll…” He trails off.

A buff golden-tan lion that could easily be recruited as a start football player stands there… Looking completely sheepish, Garrett’s impressive pecks and abdomen is contained in a comfortable, stretchy pink shirt that covers halfway his biceps and down to his waist. On the center of the shirt is a big red heart with elaborate designs around in it. At the lion’s waist dangles a wafty magenta skirt that reaches down to halfway down his thighs. His tail swerves awkwardly behind him, sporting an adorable yellow bow at the brush of the tail while his feet stand him awkwardly in small white shoes with neon pink laces along with some thin and semi-frilly socks pulled up a few inches about his ankles. The lion’s ear twitches as the glittered flower barrette twinkles in the light in his manly-groomed mane.

With his paws holding awkwardly in front of his lap, as if trying to cover up the fact that he’s wearing a short dress, Garrett walks over to the chart and fumbles for his pointer, “Alright, so, um, I… Eh, uh, in the quarters that come-”

“Hold right there…” Mr. Bongo interrupted. He pointed and gestured to the girly lion, “What uh… What’s with the get-up here?”

“Uh… M-My suit was ruined so…”

“Yeah?” The gorilla raised a brow and then gets up, his hairy hand tracing on the table, “I thought you had another suit…?”

The lion gulps as the monkey gets closer, “Yeah, well, uh, see, sometimes my coworkers kinda pull pranks? But uh, I dunno, I kinda didn’t want to…” The lion looks with intimidation as the gorilla gets up-close and personal with him. Those nostrils are flaring as he leers at the bright and flowery clothing, “I uh-uh-uh-uh… I needed to uh…”

“You know what I think, Opus?” Bongo sneers as he strokes a single fat finger on Garrett’s left cheek.

“Ohhhhhhh…” The lion swoons a bit. ‘Why am I swooning?!’ He asks in his head, ‘This is so freaking off! I had nothing else to wear!! I had a suit! I didn’t have these… These things… Packed.’ He can’t even think straight.

“I think you’re actually a huge, pink, playful, flirty,” The ape’s hand then cups under the lion’s chin with his thumb pushing one cheek with this other four fingers pushing the other cheek, making the lion lightly pucker his muzzle, “Fluffy, cutsie, dancy little fairy girl, aren’t you?”

“N-Nooo,” Garrett pushes his hand away, “Really, someone set me up, I just…”

“Nope. Not buying it.” The ape grins as he tugs at the end of the skirt. “I think you secretly love to play dress-up and dance around in your best little outfit so you can show a big man like me how much of a prissly little girl you are.”

“Mnnhhh…” The lion winces as the seductive primate gets more assertive. Bongo puts his face in, and widens his nostrils as he breathes the lion’s neck deeply, “Ohhhhh…” Garrett’s leg fidgets as he resists the urge to raise it backwards.

“Mhhhhhhnnnnn… Cotton candy breeze…” The ape smirks as he looks at the lion’s fretful eyes, “Secret’s out. Big boy Garrett Opus is a big gorgeous pussycat.”

“Mr. Bongooooo…” Garrett’s knees rub together as the hungry boss stares him down, “You’re not going to blabaahhllbb,”

“Shhhhhh.” The ape hushes as he pushes his finger onto the lion’s mouth. Bongo’s finger mushes his lips around before pushing past them and onto those teeth. Garrett reluctantly allows his jaws to open while his lips seal more and over around the entering figure. While his paws move onto Bongo’s arm, Garrett’s tongue brushes up against the finger, his lips slurping sweetly as he nurses on the ape’s digit. Bongo is loving this, especially since the lion’s eyes seem to dilate and the irises expand as he looks up at him, his lips making soft suckling sounds while he looks up with those big, cub-like eyes.

The banana scotch that Bongo drinks is an expensive vintage that tastes like a rich libation to any primate or otherwise animal who enjoys fruit-produced liquor. But Bongo tends to spice his scotch with exotic chemicals and ingredients including estrogen, pheromones, muscle relaxant, and other subtle and strange additives.

“Gooooooood kitty.” Bongo sneers before removing his finger. The magic mixes with the liquor inside of Garrett’s stomach, making the effects start to intensify sooner than usual, and Bongo can smell it as his thick nostrils flare and a starving grin curls on those big black lips.

“Ahh… Nnnnhh…” The lion rubs his thighs together, his butt feeling very tingly as his tail and ears twitch. His fists curl and anchor down in front of him as his knees bend, acting as if he’s undergoing some internal change.

“Like I always say…” The ape says as he steps behind the lion and rubs at those thick, manly hips, “It takes a big man to be a little girl”

“Nnnhhhh,” Garrett whines as his tail absentmindedly goes to reach around the ape, while the big guy is moved to the table. Feeling like he’s still weakening, the lion looks over his shoulder as Bongo plants his big hands on the table.

“Yeah… Here’s how I see it…” Bongo’s breaths are very, VERY hot and heavy on Garrett’s ear.

“Ohhnnh,” Garrett’s rear pops backward, almost thrusting himself backward onto the ape. ‘What’s going on? I don’t get it…’ He thinks to himself, ‘I never wanted to be a little girl before… I… I wanna be though… I wanna be a little girl’

“You thought you were gonna be a big shot and get me to sign up to work for your company… Then you got yourself groomed…” His meaty hand rubs over the exposed fur of Garrett’s arm, “Very soft… Like a dainty kitten…”

“Mnnhh” Garrett moans as his cheeks go hot. He feels something firm and hard rub into the backside of his skirt.

“And you thought you would surprise me by dressing up like a boy and doing your grown-up talk… When really… Hegghhhhhh…” The fat monkey grinds his front against the muscular lion’s backside, “You knew what a big, big man I am… And what a little girl like you needs to do for a real man like me…”

“Ohhhh… Ohhhhh…” Every time Garrett opens his mouth to protest, a girlish mewl rides out of his throat as the ape seduces him.

“Go on…” The gorilla sneers as he grinds against the pathetic feline, “Tell me I’m wrong…”

“Iiiiii…” The magic starts to seep into the lion’s mouth, “Iiiii’m a little giiirrrll…” He lets out, his face burning hot.

“Yeah you are…” Bongo whispers hotly.

“I’m your little giiirrrrlll.” The once proud gay man mewls as he stands there in his feminine ensemble. “I wanna be a little girl…”

“Good kitty…” Moments later, the horny gorilla lights up another eco-friendly cigar and keeps it in his mouth before sitting in his big cushioned rolling chair while enchanted lion does as he’s told and sits on the monkey’s lap. Clearly embarrassed, Garrett’s paws are on the ape’s suit-clad moobs as the boss’s hair hands explore his girl.

“Ohhh…” Garrett looks over his shoulder, his eyes going to his skirt and the boss’s big black hand going down to his tail. The lion shudders as his tail twitches up just as those thick sausages start to fold into his inner sanction, “Oh!” He jumps a little as he feels his cheeks pushed and touched on the middle.

“Heh heh,” The ape smirks as he traces his thick fingers along the satin-covered crevice. The lion’s cheeks match his clothes in pinkness, the manly stud of a lion arching his back to curve into the fondling.

“A-Ah… Ooh…” Garrett mews as he watches the gorilla’s hands search in his skirt, a fingertip circling his buns, dipping into the lower crease of his ass and moving the finger up his crack, “M-Mr. Bongo…”

“Hegh… You sure are a shy little girl…” The ape sneers as he slowly frames the lion’s concealed booty. Garrett closes his eyes and winces and blushes as his butt is molded and cupped fully, his arousal growing more as he gets more embarrassed.

‘Oh don’t stop touching my ass…’ Garrett thinks, ‘It feels so good… He’s making so horny… Why am I still soft?’ The lion pushes his chin into his plump shirt-covered pecs, seeing part of his skirt covering Bongo’s lap and covering his bulge. Garrett’s penis, safely nestled in his panties with his balls, feels a very harsh yearning to be touched, yet it is not erect at all.

Before he can think too much, Garrett is repositioned, his arms and paws sidebyside together as he holds onto the chair and he’s looking over his shoulder as he sits on Mr. Bongo’s lap, his beautiful bottom resting on the gorilla’s jutting crotch. “Your seat feel comfortable, little lady?” The ape growls as his strong hands grip those hips, almost forcing Garrett’s rear into his lap.

“Nnnngghhh…” Garrett purrs uncontrollably as the big tent traces and shoves under his little dress and into his lower extremities.

“Yeeeaahh… You’re such a daddy’s girl…” Mr. Bongo smirks as the lion’s hips eventually figured out how to whirl on their own, mushing his bubble butt into the primate’s lap. “I bet you dance in the mirror every night… Wigglin your big needy behind and blowing kisses at your reflection, winking and strip teasing… Wanting so bad for a real man to say how pretty you are.”

“Nnnhhh,” Garrett’s fur fluffs on end as he says these words. The more he says them, the more they turn him on; heck, he’s even willing to believe that he rehearsed his dainty routine in a mirror last night instead of having that fox suck his cock at the nightclub.

“Come on.” Bongo says as he teases the lion’s tail, his lips curling around his cigar and blowing a cloud of silvery mist out, “Talk to me, sweetheart.”

“Nnhhh…” Garrett feels an odd chill again. The magic mixes into the quick-clearing vapor of the cigar that channels into the lion’s mouth, “You’re making me so wet, Mr. Bongoooo…”

“Hah! Ahahahah,” The monkey laughs as he slaps at the lion’s thigh, “Heh, so the kitty’s getting nice and moist, eh?” He puffs a bit before he has Garrett stand up, turn around, and places the effeminate lion sit his muscular, pristine butt on the table. The feline blushes as his paws play on the flat surface behind him to really emphasize his pecs while his legs are semi spread. The cigar swerves from one side to the other as he grins at the blushing lion, taking it from his mouth placing it in the ashtray.

“Now, I only do this for the PRETTY girls…” The ape says as he huffs at the lion. Bongo then squats down and spreads those manly legs some more. Garrett’s paws ball into dainty fists and go to his mouth as he gives a small gasp as those hairy hands delicately lay the skirt up a bit higher.

“M-M-Mister Bongo, you’re not gonna,” Garrett pants, “You’re gonna, you’re not, eeeeee!” He gives as small squeal as the gorilla puckers his fat lips and lays one right onto the wet blotch on the round bulge of the lion’s panties!


“Oooooh!” Garrett mewls as he hears and feels the wet pop of those lips. A rush goes up his spine as his legs spread wider. He jumps and shudders as the ape kisses and laps at his panty. “Oh myyyyy” The lion whines and gasps as Mr. Bongo starts to slurp and suckle the lion girl’s package.

Those thick lips smack and fumble down further, right before he presses down under the round girth of the pouch, “OOH!” Garrett jumps as a very weird and foreign pleasure peeks on his perineum.

“Heeehhhh…” The sleazy monkey sneers as he sees the lion’s gooch in his panties, “What’s the matter, pussycat?” The ape then lifts one of the lion’s legs, and starts to rub his finger into that spot between the lion’s thighs, “You like being a little pussy girl?”

“Oh my goooosh” Garrett’s face goes hotter as he comes more aroused as he feels the dull pressure circle around on his gooch.

“Yeah, feels good, don’t it?” The ape goads as he strokes the feline’s ‘pussy’.

“Ohhhhhhh,” The lion moans weakly as he keeps his leg up to keep his ‘area’ exposed. That banana scotch also works to create temporary pleasure stimulation on a male’s perineum.

The monkey sneers as he mushes hips into that gooch and gives it a kiss. The dirty pervert starts to make-out and smooch that tender spot, each time making the lion flinch and gasp. “Oh my, Mr. Bongo…” Garrett whines as his tail hovers lowly as he lets this fat sleaze take advantage of him.

He’s rolled onto his back and brought to the edge of the table. He pants and whines as he watches that gorilla grab his hips and push his pelvis towards him. He hears the clinking of metal, indicating that Bongo is removing his own trousers. Letting his pants pool to his ankles, Mr. Bongo presses the thick tent of his briefs with bright yellow seams. “

“Yeah…” The gorilla huffs as he pushes the wet summit of his tent into Garrett’s gooch.

“Nnnyaaahh…” The lion moans as the ape starts to roll his thick frame back and forth into the kitty’s tenders.

“You waited this yo whole life, huh?” The partially dressed gorilla growls as he dry humps smoothly against Garrett. “Waitin for a big man to make you feel like a real girl…”

“Ohhhh, ohhhhh,” Garrett moans weakly as his perineum gushes with pleasure. The more he squirms before the monkey the hotter Bongo gets. “Ahhhh! Eeiiiii, mmnnhh!”

“Yeah, moan for me, baby girl” The filthy pervert nearly drools as he rubs and shoves his clothed cock into the covered ‘vagina’.

“AhhhhHHhh! OoooOOOoooOOoohhhHHH!” Garrett thrashes his head side to side as he continues moan out, his small and soft penis being tightly contained in his panties oozing precum like crazy as his gooch feels like it’s about to explode with bliss.

What started out at a disgusting confrontation has turned into one of the hottest times of his life.

Soon, the lion is turned back around to lie on his stomach. With his feet tipping the floor while his upper body his laid on the table, with his buxom bottom his being unveiled of his skirt. Garrett blushes hard as he watches over his shoulder, his shiny, pink, fancy lace panties in full view of the sleaze of a gorilla.

“Mnnggghh, good girl.” Bongo smirks as he rubs that ass. With his chin resting on the table as he looks at the room with the monkey behind him, Garrett gasps and his rump slightly elevates as those fingers take the waist of those feminine underwear and peels them down. The lion nearly squeals as he can feel his golden buns get exposed as his delicates are pulled down, and shortly passing down his knees and even removed from his white shoes.

“Now, I think it’s about time we discussed your very bad behavior.” Bongo sneers. Garrett gives a gasp as he widens his eyes in horror.

“Oh no…”

“Oh yes. Get over here.” Bongo forces Garrett to the couch with him. Garrett purrs loudly as he feels himself free-bird in his little dress before the buff lion is laying down across the ape’s lap after they get on the couch.

“Please, Mr. Bongo, I’m sorry,” Garrett whines as his face goes on fire when his skirt is moved from off of his behind and his tail pulled back.

“Oh no. We need to discuss how you disrespected me.” The ape scolds him. If Garrett was told that Bongo was honestly furious right now, he would believe it. But the huge boner shoving in his abs tells him different. “Before you started kissing up to me, I had wanted to take a moment to look at your clothes. And what did you do?”

“I…” The lion gulps, “I… Let you make me purr?”

“And how did you respond when I made you feel good enough to purr?”

“I… I uh…” The lion breaks a sweat as the breeze on his naked butt feels like a death threat, “Pushed you off?”

SPANK! The ape’s hand delivers a hard slap across that ass!

“MEEP!” The lion squeaked as his fingers clutched the pillow of the couch.

“Try again.” Bongo says.

“Errgg…” The lion’s buttcheeks are burning with the initial pain. His thighs rub against each other, probably making his butt shift for the monkey, “I-I-I told you to get off…”


“MAWRR!” Garrett lets out a big meow as another explosive slap.

“You called me a ‘sack of shit’!” SPANK


“Yeah, is this what a sack of shit does??” SPANK! SPANK!

“AH! Oh MY!” Garrett tenses and yowls with each spank on his buns. The gorilla’s ass slaps are so hard and painful. But it hurts so fucking good!

“Then what? Tell me what you did next, you bad little girl.”

“Mnnhh!” Just the last line alone made Garrett’s flaccid peen spurt with pre, “I-I… I stormed out?”

“RIGHT in the middle of a meeting!” SPANK!


“Is that what they teach you in business school?!” SPANK! With each hard slap on his rump, the lion’s cheeks bounced from the impact with a very lewd jiggle before they shift back into place, “HUH?!” SPANK!

“NNhhhh! I’m sorry, Mr. Bongo!” Garrett yowled, squirming while his rear almost begs for more.

“Ya DON’T walk out on a meeting, you little brat!” SPANK! SPANK! “Alright. Last chance. What else did you say to me?!”

“Nnhhh…” The lion whines, his mounds glowing rosy red through his butt fur.

“And then you called me a ‘rapist’?? I don’t remember raping ANYbody!” He says as he gives another hard SPANK across those wobbling buns.


“I bet you were gonna tattle to your bosses about me, weren’t you??” SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

“AWWwwwrrr!” The lion meows as his butt cheeks bounces with wonderful pain.

“Answer me now, little lady.” The ape demanded as he gives another SPANK!

“Nnnyyyes!” The lion says. The ape relents and he looks over his shoulder, “I was gonna tell them you grabbed my butt and made fun of my uh…” He blushes as he looks to the side.

“See? Ain’t it better to tell the truth?” The gorilla gives a few pats on Garrett’s buttcheeks before letting his skirt back down. “Now… We-”


“What?? Ah Jesus.” The gorilla frowns as he gets up and goes to answer the door. He gets his pants hastily back on and peeks at the door, “What is it?”

“Your next appointment is waiting for you, Mr. Bongo.” Says the zebra from before.

“Agghh, fine. Tell them I’ll be with them in 10. And uh… Send Chett up with a suit, my currently client got his all wet.”

“Yessir.” The zebra nodded and walks off.

“Huh?” The gorilla looked down at the handle. That’s odd, now the door’s unlocked?

“Uh… Mr. Bongo?” Says the meek stud on the couch. Mr. Bongo turns and goes over to him.

“Time’s up, Garrett. Time for you to go.”

“Oh… Ah- But wait!” The lion staggers up and trots to him. Mr. Bongo huffs as he only gets hornier from seeing the athletic lion run around in that outfit. The lion gets his panties and pulls them back up. “The deal??”

“Ah, yes, well…” The gorilla huffs as he looks either way and puts a big hand onto the lion’s shoulder, “I’ll sign on. Right now, I’m on board. IF.” He holds up a finger, “You do something for me…”

“Er… What’s that?” The lion asked with a nervous and shy chuckle.

“Well…” The ape then dips his other hand down. Garrett gasps as he looks down and sees the monkey’s hand travel up his little dress.

“M-Mr. Bongo?? I duh…”

“Shhhhhh” The sleazy gorilla hushes him with a grin as he then starts to molest and fondle the lion.

“Oh Mr. Bongooooo.” The lion’s knees get weak as those strong fingers fold and dig into his gooch, “O-OH my GoOOosh!”

“Yeeaah you like that?” The nasty boss asks with a grin. In a time like this, what Mr. Bongo REALLY loves is toying and messing with his specimen, just watching them squirm and react gets him very randy.

“AHhhh, ahhh, ahhhh”

“Yeah, you like fat men playing with your pussy?” The gorilla asks while the lion’s legs spread themselves, his hips wiggling a bit and wafting his skirt a bit.

“Ohh, oh, oh, ohhh” The lion moans as those fingers really dig in there. The gorilla then starts to grab and roll the feline’s bulge, cupping and playing with the pink satin pouch of his balls and his penis, smearing the precum over the exquisite fabric. “Mr. Bongooo, this is naughty…”

“Yeah, you LIKE it naughty.” The lewd primate sneers as he pushes every button down there, “Tell you love it…”

The magic brings out the inner lioness in Garret once again, “Play with my wet little pussy… Oh my gosh, don’t stop, don’t stop” He whines, his tail lifting up, “I’m so wet, oh my gosh!”

“That’s my girl…” Bongo’s hand grabs the whole undercarriage, groping hard and pushing his genitals about, right before he pushes his middle and index fingers into his perineum and really shoves them on that spot!

“Ohh! Oooohh! Ohh!” The lion’s voice pitch goes higher and higher, closing his eyes and puckering his muzzle, “OHHHHHHhhhhhhooooohhhh!” The lion howls weakly just then. Bongo grins as he feels a sudden and hot pool of cum flood his palm, with thick white drops dripping from under the skirt and between Garrett’s petite white shoes.

“Good giiiirrl…” The ape says as he cleans the cum up with a handkerchief. “Now…” Bongo takes Garrett by the tail and gently guides the masculine lioness to the table. The ape then takes one of the documents, and signs his fancy signature onto it. And then Garrett takes a pen and signs his own signature on a clause of the contract, instigating that nothing inappropriate transpired in the meeting.

“Oh? So you DON’T want to tell your bosses how much of a good girl you’ve been?” The ape asked with a raised brow.

“N-No! That… That’s embarrassing…” Garrett blushes brightly.

“Heh… alright then…” He smirks as he then gives the lion a kiss on the nose. “Go clean up in the bathroom, and get dressed when I tell you.”

“Ok, Mr. Bongo.” The lion turns and swiftly gets a hard slap on the behind, “EEP!” He jumps as he goes, blushing more as his skirt billows around him still.


“Ah, looks like the candles I used in the ritual were old.” Greg says after checking up on the magic ritual he cast, “It finished itself too soon. This was supposed to last long” He sighs as he sits down on his big hefty bottom and reaches in to start cleaning it up, “At least I’ve got some jewels out of it.”

At the puddle of each melted candle, there is some small shards of glowing violet crystals keeping the wax hot and melted.

“Still, better preserve these while they’re fresh…” The boar mutters as he starts collecting the jewels.


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