The Jockstrap Transformation - Nico and Collin

By JockBoy published November 8, 2018
When Nico and Collin get a new package their lives change for the better.

The Jockstrap Transformation Nico and Collin sat in Nico’s apartment after their college lecture on the Ethics of Colonial United States. They had taken the class to get the credit and get to their football practice. They were just here on a football scholarship. They had went to high school together. They even played high school football together. Nico was of Italian descent with brown curly hair with blue eyes due and tan skin due to his Irish descent as well. Nico had a nice ass but he was known as the fuck boy of the college never staying with a girl more than a week. He was the definition of toxic masculinity. Collin was the otherwise. He had a long term relationship with a girl that he never really talked about to his friends. He was of polish descent with pale skin and ashy blond hair with brown eyes.

The TV played in the background of the apartment.“Dude, practice today is gonna be harsh..” Collin said eating a protein bar. “Coach, is gonna have our asses on the bench anyway.” Nico said. “Yeah, because were Freshmen in college.” Collin said rolling his eyes. “That shouldn’t matter!” Nico said debating back to Collin in a way friends do.

The arrival of a package at Nico’s door interrupted them. “I’ll get it?” Nico said as he knew he shouldn’t be expecting packages. Nico opened the door and grabbed the package. It was a small orange package with bubble wrap on the inside. It was addressed to ‘Nico Colombo and Collin Kowalski’ Nico stared at it heavily confused. “Dude, what?” Collin said. “It’s addressed to the b-both of us..” He said gravely. “Dude, you gotta be kidding..?” Collin said questioning as he got up from the couch running towards Nico. Collin inspected the package and read it. Nico opened the package and brought out two jockstraps and a note.

Nico read it over and it stated. ‘Hello Nico Colombo and Collin Kowalski with these jockstraps you’ll get all the women you want and your bulges or asses will look bigger than ever! - JST’ “What the fuck bro!” Nico took the crossed out letter on women to a mistake with printing. He was mad who the fuck would send him a jockstrap. Nico said looking at Collin with hatred. “Is this a fucking prank?” He continued to Collin becoming blind with rage. Nico threw the jockstraps on the floor. He closed the apartment door heading into his room. Collin was left there stunned. Collin picked up a jockstrap. It was labelled with a T. He went to the bathroom yelling to Nico. “I’m going to the bathroom.” The silence was grave“Okay..?” He yelled back.

Collin went into the bathroom and took his pants and underwear off. His flaccid member hit his leg as he put the jockstrap on. Suddenly, his mind started to feel fuzzy as he felt something change about him. His member grew hard in the jockstrap. He felt his abs harden and become more washboard like. Collin’s muscles started to swell and become bigger. His voice became deeper. Suddenly, his dick expanded and became wider. Collin felt weird after whole thing. He didn’t notice anything weird about his body. He only felt normal. He had realized his purpose. He was to find find his soulmate. But, for one second he had broken free. He threw the jockstrap off but the damage was done. He put his pants and underwear back on. But, he felt uncomfortable. Collin realized his underwear was too loose. Collin tried to fight it. He started to notice how big his muscles looked in his v-neck. His voice sounded deeper and more baritone. His clothes felt tighter and shorter than what they were.

Collin felt dizzy all of a sudden. He went back into the bathroom and put the jockstrap back on feeling more comfortable immediately. Any and all resistance he felt before was slowly disappearing. ‘POP’ Gone. Collin felt him chub thinking of Nico’s ass. The sweet bubble butt so jiggly and huge. Maybe, Nico would let him smash. Collin waited for Nico to come back out to the living room. Little, did he notice that the other jockstrap was missing.

Nico held the jockstrap labelled B in his small apartment room. Collin was probably waiting for him. But he felt so attracted to put this on. Any resistance went ‘POP’ just like it did for Collin. ‘POP’Nico’s mind went. He suddenly felt a buzzing in his head as he resisted. The buzzing grew stronger as he moved away until it felt unbearable. As Nico, moved closer to the jockstrap the buzzing grew quieter and quieter. He grabbed it and took his clothes and underwear off. He put the jockstrap on and suddenly felt dizzy as he felt his ass expand. Oh, it felt so good to wear the jockstrap. His voice became higher and his abs grew softer and softer and then his stomach was flat abs no more. Nico shaked his ass a bit and watched it jiggle. Nico had not noticed any changes about him. His dick did seem smaller but who cared it was all about his ass. Nico walked out of his room and looked at the snack that was Collin

Collin looked at Nico in his jockstrap.He felt a growing bulge in his pants. Nico started to sit onto Collin’s bulge grinding against it. Collin stopped to free his hard member from his pants. He kissed Nico as he stood up and bent Nico over. He shoved his cock into Nico’s hole slowly making sure it was pleasurable. He pushed his new width and length in fully and waited for Nico’s hole to adjust. “D-Daddy..” Nico said moaning. “H-Harder.” He continued. Collin grunted and started pumping in and out of Nico’s ass. “You like that baby?” Collin said as he grunted as he continued to go faster. Nico nodded moaning loudly. The more Collin pumped in and out the changes became more complete settling them in to their new lives. The more their lives changed. They still did football but their world would never be the same. No man would ever be the same. Collin spurted his hot white liquid into Nico’s ass as Nico came in his jockstrap. Their fates sealed. Who would fall victim next to the Jockstrap Transformation? Find out next time.

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