FAGPET 5: Construction Site Mayhem

By Behaven published November 8, 2018
Collins put the ring to the test at the construction site.

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Without further delay, here you have part 5.

Tuesday arrived with a very wonderful sunny day, of course when someone wakes you up every morning caressing your cock or sucking you off it could be rain flooding outside and still be a wonderful day.

“Good morning master, time to rise and shine, remember today is a great day!” Said FP as he gently stroked Collin´s cock. The master yawned as he let FP do his morning magic, Collins wasn´t planning on letting him drive him to the edge of orgasm today he needed to be at his full capacities for his little field trip.

“You are really enjoying this aren´t you whore?”said Collinswatching his pet service him with extreme devotion.

“Of course master, I don´t really know why but I think deep down I’ve come to love helping you to enslave others, it turns me on a lot, also helping you to enhance the ring has pushed my mental abilities as nothing had ever before” FP said with a playful smile on his face.

“Good, then go make me some breakfast and after that start to work on the enhanced ring, we are going to need as much power as we can if this is going to be the party of the century” replied Collins once again imagining his plan coming to fruition.

FP bowed his head in submission and went on all fours to do his morning chores. Collin was quick in taking a shower and getting dressed, as much as he wanted he could not hide his enthusiasm, today he was taking a big step in his road of total domination of that god forsaken town and that night his dreams were filled with new ideas of what he was about to accomplish.

After eating a really good breakfast Collins waved goodbye to his pet, leaving him working on the computer with one hand and the other thrusting a dildo up his hole to “increase his creativity” and headed downstairs where his big fagbaby was waiting for him.

“Hewo master daddy” he said in a hilarious baby tone, he was dressed as he normally would for his job with a lumberjack shirt and jeans, but if one was sharp-sighted enough one would see that he wasn’t wearing his normal undergarments but a diaper that made his ass look puffier.

“Hello baby, how is fagchimp treating you? Has he been feeding you well?” Collins said letting out a smirk.

“Monkey wud, monkey giwes waby milk ad nite” He answered with a dumb baby smile.

“Good, good, shall we go to your workplace then?” Collins retorted but then realized there was no car parked in the lot “Tell me again baby, how are we gonna get there?”

“Rower takes us there, he’ll be heed any minute”

Collin gave an understanding look to his mind fucked slave, “The conquests would begin sooner than he expected” was his first thought as he clenched his right hand feeling the vibration of the ring starting to appear again like a second heart beating, he even felt another beat coming this time from his cock, he was starting to get horny again, he chuckled accommodating his erection in his pants.

Not five minute had passed when a black car appeared in front of their eyes, it looked a bit outdated, Collins wasn´t expecting anything fancy, they were after all construction workers not successful businessman. Robert was a tall bulky man, brown hair, brown eyes a very masculine beard that made Collins let out a little bit of pre on his boxers, he waved for them to get in the car.

“Well hello there Raj you didn´t told me we would have someone else on board, otherwise I would’ve cleaned this pigsty” Said the man very cheerfully as his passengers entered the vehicle.

“Oh don´t worry Rob I’ll let this one slip but next time I’ll be expecting something better, if you are going to be my private chauffeur I want this to be on point, well of course at least until we get you something better, worthy of your lord master” Said Collins as he got comfy into the back of the car “Oh, and don’t mind the big baby here, everything around you is completely normal”

“Of course sir, sorry I’m late sir” Robert started with a hint of fear and apology, how could he be so clumsy and have forgotten he was on driving duty for his master? he was the chauffeur after all and he was driving his master to the construction, even though he didn´t seemed to remember his master name he knew better than to ask stupid questions, he was probably the Construction site owner so without further chit chat Robert just hit the gas and started rolling.

As they drove to the construction site Collins had an Idea, he reached for Fagbaby’s pockets and found what he was looking for, his wallet. Five minutes on the road Collins signaled Robert to make a stop at a Party Store and got out of the car signaling both individuals to stay put, ten minutes later he was back with a bag in hand. Collins got back into the car and took the contents out of the bag, it was two pieces of headdress for party costumes; the first one was a chauffeur cap that he handed towards Robert who quickly proceeded to put it on, there would be time later to get him a complete chauffeur suit with a nice opening in the back of his pants for a quick fuck, and the second one was a baby hood and a pacifier that went straight to Fagbaby.

“Let’s go, soon Fagbaby will be hungry and we’ll have to feed him” Said Collin as the engine started running again “Let’s see what you are packing driver boy, show me your cock and balls”

At first Robert was perplex by his employer request, but seeing his master face of impatience through the rearview set him straight, if his master wanted to see him naked he would, he couldn’t afford to get fired,he needed the job so doing the best as he could without lowering his driving speed too much Robert managed to unzip his jeans.

Robert’s cock came to view along with his balls, they were both covered by a good fuzzy patch of brown pubes, this was particularly comical on his generously big and round testicles that looked like a set of mini coconuts hanging from Robert’s crotch “Come on Rob don’t be shy, get it hard for us, remember that keeping me entertained it’s part of your job as my chauffeur and slave, it gives you pleasure”

Of course it did gave Rob pleasure to entertain his master, it was one of the main reasons he gave up his free will and became a chauffeur slave. In a matter of seconds Robert’s cock was hard in its full glory, while he was certainly not as big as the enslaved members of the Rakhmavahli family he seemed to lubricate like crazy, his cock was all slimy and pouring pre as a faucet by the time it was hard, Collins got up a little and started to play with the pre circling his slave cockhead, this caused Robert to moan loudly, after sometime Collins signaled to Fagbaby to crawl to the front seat to enjoy his second meal of the day.

Fifteen minutes went by as Robert drove them with the sound of his moaning as ambience music till they finally got to Collins new playground. The construction site was as any other, a good square of dirt filled with machinery, construction workers, beams, concrete columns, trucks and trailers that was concealed in a 9 feet wooden fence. They were building a new set of office buildings and they were hard at work, everywhere Collins looked at there was someone carrying something heavy or handling heavy machinery, some of the workers were young, some old and sporting grey hair, some ripped, some with beer belly… the possibilities were endless.

“Well Fagbaby take me to the construction manager office” Fagbaby let out a giggle and led Collins towards one little building in particular.

At first Collins thought he would have to manipulate some people lightly since Fagbaby was still wearing his baby headdress and after the substantial meal provided by (now completely faggyfied) Fagdriver he was sporting proudly his newly bought pacifier too making sucking sounds every once in a while, however since everyone was so into their own thing no one even crossed sights with them. When they got to the office building they knocked on the door and where greeted by the manager, a white man, head shaved bald and with a silver short beard, his eyes were blue and he looked like he never missed a day at the gym.

“Who the fuck are you?” he said with a very angry tone, in a certain way he reminded Collins to a big angry bulldog his grandma used to have.

“I’m the new owner of this place, let me in we need to talk” Collins quickly answered feeling the ring vibrating a lot, for a second the man stood in the door processing the mental reprogramming then he quietly moved aside and motioned Collins and Fagbaby to enter.

“What can I do for you mister…”

“Law, but you’ll address me as sir or master, since I’m the new owner of the construction is only natural I own you and every other worker in here too” once again the man processed the info and nodded.

“Of course master, what can I do for you?”

The manager, named Mike, moved towards his chair but Collins was faster and sat in it, he had made himself very clear, he was the one in charge and Mike had to learn his place. Collins nodded towards the guest chair for him to sit and ordered Fagbaby to play on the floor with some of the office supplies.

“Well Mike I’ve a party to plan and I’m doing the arrangements for it, you’ll see the party is the coming of age of a young boy, he is turning 18” Collin started putting his feet on the top of the desk asserting his dominance in a very smug way “I figured out that since it is such an important event we’ll need a big place to do the party and after hours of thinking which would be the best place to throw the party it hit me!! Why not do it here on my newly acquired construction site? It’ll be the party of a century right?”

Mike nodded with interest as if he was a party planner too, Collin continued.

“Also since I’m the owner of all the poor souls currently working here I’m planning on putting them to good use, they’ll be part of my party planner team, they’ll serve food, provide entertainment, clean, all of those stuff you get me?”

“Of course I do master” Mike started, the guy was a genius, after all he owned them, what better thing to do than gave them all those extenuating tasks “And let me say it Master you couldn´t have picked up a better crew for the job, we have some very festive lads up here”

“I like that enthusiasm Mike” said Collins with a smile as he got even more comfortable in his chair “In fact we shall start by seeing what we YOU can do slave, this is a coming of age party after all so we’ll need a little bit of a more…mature entertainment if you know what I mean, strip your clothes off and make it sexy” he finished this last bit with a smirk.

Slave Mike stood and started to undress to the sounds of imaginary music, Collins had to give it to him the man knew how to give a show, he started by ripping apart the buttons of his shirt as he danced in a very hot way giving a good look to his defined abs, he also took his belt out and made a gesture as if the belt was a whip and threw it up to the corner, then he unbuttoned his pant and slowly lowered his zipper leaving at plain sight a pair of bright orange brief. Collins stood up and switched chairs so that the striptease would be more interactive.

Slave Mike kept the pace and lightly pushed Collins to his seat, then he sat at his lap and guided one of the now very amused Collins toward his chest. Mike chest was perfectly sculpted, it was covered in a very light patch of silver hair and his prominent pink nipples were completely erect, at the touch of his master hands Mike gave a soft moan and Collins took the chance to hump the ass that was directly over his crotch. Mike moved a little farther and took his button-ripped shirt off, then turned around and put his hands on his former desk giving Collins a clear view of his slave ass. Mike proceeded to wiggle his butt in a very suggestive way, a second later he had taken off his shoes and was lowering his pants and brief slowly, as he did he got closer and closer to Collins giving him the perfect view of his buttcheeks.

“Freeze” said Collins as he stood up once more and Mike complied. Collins got closer to his slave and gave him a hard slap in his right ass cheek, Mike’s butt was perfectly round and smooth, not a single hair on it. Now that gave Collins a suspicion, he was too good for this to just be a coincidence.

“Tell me something slave, how is your love life, are you dating someone?” Collins started to run his hand into Mike’s crack.

“My love life is good master, I not into a serious relationship but I’m seeing a guy, I like him very much” That’s all Collins needed to hear, this macho guy was gay.

“That explains your asshole, so much for you being a virgin but I gotta tell you, I’ve never had figured you out for a bottom” Collins started to circle the old man’s pink hole.

“I’m not a bottom master, the guy I’m currently dating likes me to be shaved there, said it makes me look hot, but I’m a top, real men don’t take it up the ass” That was rich, Collin just had to do something about this, it was one thing for a straight homophobic to say that kind of things, but he couldn´t believe someone gay would say that!

“Oh I see, I guess then you are just proud of your physique, a gym macho closeted gay guy, am I right?”

“I…yes master, I take proud in my fit body and I…I am closeted” Said Mike starting to blush and also panting since Collins was starting to finger him.

“I see, I wonder what the other guys in the construction site would think if they knew that you are just another gay fairy” Retorted Collin moving his finger in and out of his slave ass.

“They’ll probably would lose all respect for me boss” started Slave Mike between pants “That would be horrible” Just as Collins thought, it was time for punishment.

“Figures, nevertheless now that I get a closer look at you I think I’m changing my mind” Collins located that bulbous point inside Mike’s rectum and started to massage it as the conversation continued causing Mike to shiver in pleasure “You do seem like the bottom type to me, I mean look at you, you are enjoying me fingering your sorry ass, moaning as I fingerfuck you” Collin was now fixated in smashing Mike’s pleasure button “In fact I think you are more than a bottom, you are a sissy power bottom!!”

“Yes….ow….yes, oh yes” was Mike answer as he started to wiggle his butt wildly a trail of drool starting to run from his mouth to his chin due to the aggressive programming smashing his brain cells into slave mush “I’m…a…ow god it feels so good…I’m a power bottom slave”.

“I knew it, what can I say? I know how to recognize a sissy power bottom when I see one, you claim to be a macho man, but deep inside you are nothing more than a just a repressed little gay man that finds deep pleasure in being feminine for his man, submissive and pleasant, you want nothing more than to be taken aggressively and hard by a big hunk, just a sissy cock addict” as Collins said that he could see Mike’s dick getting rock hard, sadly for Mike (And the guy he was dating) it was just above 4 and a half inches at full mast “HA!! Even your pathetic excuse for a cock says I’m right, if you ever have a doubt you are a fag whore just look at that little nub you have for a dick”

Mike’s destiny was sealed then, by that moment his pants and brief were down, Collins turned him and pushed him towards the desk where Mike fell on his back raising his legs giving a best access to Collins who was already unbuckling his pant.

“See? You can’t possibly be a top, no guy could find pleasure in having that miniature excuse of a genital being rammed in their assholes” said Collin chuckling at Mike’s 4 incher “THIS is what a real man cock looks like” he said signaling to his proudly erect cock “And it’s gonna make you my bitch”

Then started a senseless fucking that not lasted long, since Mike was a virgin in his hole he was really tight, it just took some thrust for Mike’s inexperienced hole to give him the sensory overload needed to make his dicklet spurt three pathetic volleys of cum. Mike’s cumming and feminine moans drove Collins to the edge and his first load of the day was deposited inside the sissy, then he withdrew his cock from the ravaged hole and marveled seeing how a trail of cum and a little bit of blood started to drip “Come on bitch, it is time to start calling my employees for a one on one interview”.

Mike’s stood as he could and re-dressed himself, after he started to call the employees one by one Collins finished his indoctrination on him, from now own Mike (Going now by the name Michelle) would start to become more and more feminine as the time went by, while he would be still going to the gym he would start to work on his bubble butt more ferociously while starting to use increasingly tight cloths to show it. As the now mandatory kink Michelle would wear his normal day clothes at work where he would still be the angry faced manager, however he would start to wear panties and other lady underwear under his normal attire, he would be ashamed of his little pecker since it was the definitive proof he was not a real man however there wouldn´t be a thing he could do about it, also as a bonus he would spent most of his time at job daydreaming about becoming his co-workers bitch, in fact he would try to even get into the pants of some of them who (By Collins instruction) at first would refuse him insulting him and calling him a faggot sissy but then would find a secluded place to fuck him senseless “That will boost work morale and productivity” finally said Collins when he was done.

The rest of the day went as a flash, one by one the construction workers passed by the manager (Now Collins) office and one by one became Collin’s slaves, some of them would become part of the entertainment at the party, others would be assigned to the food stations, some of them would be the cleaning party and another group would be in charge of the security of the party, those that were most physically adequate became Collin’s personal guard composed of three adonises: Lebron a bulky black man who had been in prison before being a construction worker, Enrique a Puerto Rican boy in his 20’s that was sculpted as if he was out of an underwear catalog and finally Olaf that was an Irish red haired giant that according to Collins extensive interrogatory used to compete in tree trunk tossing.

As always Collins marveled in putting some kinky hidden dark side to the workers, for example one of them would be irresistibly aroused by sweat, armpits and masculine musk, every day he would have to lick at least one of his co-workers sweaty pits and sweaty balls. Another co-worker became a leather slave, the mere contact of leather would get him hard and ready to be fucked, the more brutal the fuck the better, he would be frequenting some bars in town that’s for sure.

There was even this guy that started to adulate the manager as soon as he got to the office, there were few things that Collins despised more than a bootlicker so he made him a literal one, of course he wouldn’t feel only the need to lick the other worker boots after the day was over and all those boots were dirty and muddy but since he liked to lick butts so much he would spent his lunch break licking the other construction workers asses and praising them for letting him do it, having a butt licker would certainly help them to bond as a construction team.

After the day was over the whole construction site was completely and undeniably under Collins control, it had been a gargantuan task, he even had to program some of the workers to change and feed Fagbaby, it was a very hot sight as Fagbaby was a greedy baby and wanted all the milk those bottles could produce, Collins even made a Fagdoctor out of one of the workers so he would give Fagbaby (And soon many others) an immunization shot from his cock syringe, obviously this shot was better absorbed through the rectum cavity walls so he had to fuck Fagbaby for his cum vaccine to be properly delivered, he cried a little bit a first “Nooo daddy, no wants dottor, no wants vazine” but after he was distracted with another baby bottle full of milk he took the shot like a champ.

By the time Collins was done the construction site seemed more a twisted palace dedicated to depravation than it was the future place for an office building set, there’s no need to say that he was utterly delighted, the party planning was going smoothly so after the last sad fucker was completely enslaved Collins headed out of his office along with his baby boy and guard entourage and whistled for his Slave Driver to get him home.

Fagdriver came to sight immediately now driving the former manager’s SUV, the sissy had been such a darling in donating it to his master cause in a futile attempt to correct his feminine ways, the entourage stood solemnly and opened the door for his master.

“Get me home dipshit” said Master Collins as he entered the car along with Fagbaby who now sported only his diaper and headdress. “Right away master!” said the Robert with glee, Collins took the chance to tweak Rob’s mind a little more, since he had all the back seat for himself (Fagbaby was on the front seats too) he put his feet over the backseat of the driver and programmed Rob to had an irresistible fetish for feet and feet smell, this made the ride home all the more fun, Robert just couldn’t get his sight from the road ahead, that would’ve made him a bad slave driver but he could feel the (Now bare) feet of his master tingling his neck and ear, he even once pathetically tried to get a taste of Collin’s sweaty feet sticking his tongue out, however the object of his desire was too far for him to be able to reach it and in his pants an obscene puddle started to form.

The master was laughing at his little pet suffering when something took his mind out of his slave performance, a red and blue flash accompanied by the sounds of sirens filled the air only to be followed by the apparition of a police car.

“Shit” Was all Collins could say, he had been careless of course, putting his slave through such and emotional dilemma made him to go at unsettling speed driving the attention of a nearby patrol “What to do? What to do…” said Collin to himself as he tapped his cheek with his right hand, then an idea came to his twisted mind. Slave driver pulled over along with the patrol, Collin turned to see the man coming out from the patrol, a policeman in his early 40’s; at the patrol Collins could see another man, probably his partner, nothing to be afraid of.

“Good evening” said the officer knocking on the driver’s seat window. Both the driver’s window and the back seat window opened.

“Good evening officer…” Said Collins with a smug smile.

This was gonna be a hell of a party.

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