Mr. Red (part 14)

By gymmuscle published November 8, 2018
There are many entrances into the Maze.

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Patrick Avery was walking his dog before dinner as he always did.

The air was crisp. The slightest hint of Autumn could be felt just around the corner. Soon the nights will turn cold and the snow will come, the news said a cold-front was approaching and should be here in a couple of days. Back home, Sarah was probably already finishing cooking and the kids would be almost done with their homework. After 15 years of marriage, life was good. Patrick knew he should be going home but it was such a beautiful night, the stars were coming out and he wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country road a little while longer before heading back. The last few weeks had been tough, he had met Bill for the last time at the convention center in Washington a couple of months ago. Bill wanted them to leave their wives and run away together. Patrick couldn’t do that, for him the time spent with Bill on business trips and conventions was fun, but that was all it was. Fun. Nothing serious. Just a welcome distraction from the pressures of everyday life. When he was with Bill, he could just forget all his troubles, his high-pressure job, the pretending, and relax. He loved Sarah and believed he had made the right choice all those years ago marrying her. He didn’t understand her, hell, he didn’t really understand any woman. Men were fun, hanging out with your buds watching the game or horsing around made him feel happy but spending his life with a man was out of the question. His parents and brothers would never accept such a thing, he had been groomed all his life to take over the family business. He loved Bill and it broke his heart to see him cry but he had to end things with him as they were getting serious and, once, he thought Sarah might have seen the texts on his phone, she never mentioned anything but had been cold towards him for a couple of weeks after that.

Sex with Bill was hot, Bill sucked his cock and he sucked Bill’s and swallowed his seed. Sarah never did that, she thought oral sex was disgusting. He and Bill did plenty of things Sarah wouldn’t like. Anal sex for instance, he loved feeling Bill fucking him. Once he had asked Bill to piss on him, that had been hot. Patrick felt his cock start plumping and was adjusting himself when Chester started barking and ran off into the woods. Patrick stood by the side of the road and called after him - damn dog, probably saw a squirrel – Patrick was left cussing at the dog by the side of the road for a couple of minutes as the last of the light faded away. Patrick was debating whether to go back home when he saw movement in the woods. He took a couple of steps in and called Chester again.

The night had gone silent.

Ahead of him he could see shadows moving about. There were no big animals in these parts, but it never hurt to be too careful, Patrick tried to backtrack towards the road but saw it wasn’t there anymore. For a moment he panicked, but then calmed himself, he had grown up here and it wasn’t the first time he had been alone at night in the forest, he knew it was tricky, the shadows formed by the moonlight through the branches could confuse anyone. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and he saw everything illuminated by a reddish glow, like that from a harvest moon. In the red moonlight he saw figures moving about.


One of them was leaning against a tree while another sucked his cock. A third man was kissing the standing man and stroking himself. Patrick had seen man porn with Bill, but he had never seen men having sex for real in front of him. He blushed and wanted to look away but couldn’t. His cock was so hard, he started fondling himself. The air felt charged with electricity. To the right of the men there were other men, some looking at the ones having sex, others had their big dicks out and were stroking themselves. Patrick had been in these woods many times before in daylight, but he had never imagined that men came here at night to have sex. Inside his slacks his cock was hard and a wet stain had begun to form as precum leaked from the tip.

The sound of a branch snapping brought Patrick out of his reverie, embarrassed, he silently turned around and slipped back into the woods. The darkness made everything confusing. Patrick didn’t want to admit it, but he thought he might be lost. He looked up but not even the stars were visible. The compass app in his cell-phone spinned around and around and there was no reception. He cursed at Chester and closed his eyes, gathering his thoughts, trying to calm himself.

In the silence Patrick heard barking – Chester! He would know how to get out of here. - Walking towards the barking sound he came to another clearing, in it there were several men, dressed in leather gear and casually having a conversation while at their feet were men in all fours. Each of the crawling men was dressed in some kind of shiny material, like leather, in red, white or black. They wore gloves without fingers and chaps or knee-pads. They had dog-collars on with chains that were held by the standing men. The heads of the crawling men had hoods with ears and muzzle extensions over their mouths and near their exposed butts a short tail wagged every time they moved. One of the men was completely covered by that material. From their neck collars, chains extended towards the hands of the standing men. In the gloom, Patrick thought that the bodies of the dog-men were somehow wrong. The proportions were off, and they walked effortlessly on all fours. Their bodies were not proportioned like a dog, but they were not entirely human either. One of the dog-men barked and the man holding the chain petted him on the head, the dog man happily wagged his butt at that, his tail moving. The standing men were drinking beers and further down the clearing Patrick saw more men with dog-men standing around a bar area with light pop music. Patrick felt dizzy all of a sudden and he lowered his head fearing to faint, he was sure the bar had not been there a couple of minutes before. Laughter from the clearing made him look up and Patrick saw one of the standing men unzip his fly, take out his semi-hard cock and start peeing as the man-dog whose chain he was holding rushed in to hungrily drink the urine from its master. Another man-dog was humping away, on top of one of the other man-dogs, trying to fuck it. Its master pulled hard on the neck chain and the man-dog whimpered as it dismounted and fell to the ground, Patrick saw the man-dog’s hard, thick cock bounce a couple of times before receding into a sleeve made from the same material as the suits.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?”

Patrick turned his head around and Bill was there, dressed in jeans and black leather chaps, an “X” shaped harness crossing his naked chest. “What? Bill? What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you. I knew it the moment you came in here Ricky”, using his pet name for Patrick. Do you like what you see?”

“What? Like it? Those men. What’s happening here Bill?”

“Look at you Ricky, all worked up…” Patrick looked down and saw he had his cock out and was masturbating to the sight of the dog-men and their owners. He couldn’t remember taking his cock out. Bill put his gloved hand over Patrick’s and started jacking him off, Patrick moaned, Bill’s grip felt just like he remembered. Hard. Tough. So different from Sarah’s. Bill hugged Patrick from behind and Patrick could feel Bill’s hard dick against his ass, he pushed back against it. Bill reached around Patrick and started to play with his nipple while he whispered in his ear. “I’ve missed you Ricky. When you left me in Washington, I was broken hearted. I drank a lot. I was lost. One night I found myself at a gay bar, a leather one. For the first time in my life I saw men with other men. Men fucking other men. Men pissing on other men. Men doing things to other men… things I didn’t know I wanted to do until I saw the men doing them. Then I met him, Mr. Black. He showed me things Ricky. Things I knew I wanted but was too… trapped in my boring married life to realize it. Mr. Black showed me things, men using other men and men desiring to be used… and owned. And something clicked. I knew I wanted that, I’ve always wanted that. It was like an awakening. Mr. Black said I wasn’t an Alpha but a Beta but still I could be of service, that my job in the government made me useful to him. He and I made a bargain Ricky, he told me if I served him, he would give me anything I wanted… and what I wanted was you.” Bill licked Ricky’s ear, Patrick closed his eyes, Bill smelled so nice. “Look at them Ricky. Look at the men with their dogs. You like that don’t you? Yeah, I can feel you do. You’re all wet Ricky, your cock is leaking like crazy. I always loved that about you, the way you wet yourself when you felt my cock against your ass. The way you always follower my orders.” Patrick was moaning and grinding his butt against the hardness inside Bill’s pants.

“But. But. We… We can’t Bill… We can’t. we’re married…”

“What we are is unhappy Ricky. Living in secret is no life. Don’t you agree?”

Patrick trembled, he was so close to cumming. “I. I love my kids Bill…”

“I love mine too, but I had to make a choice. The same choice I’m offering you Ricky. What about you? What about your happiness? What do you want for the future? A boring life in a boring marriage? Your kids will soon go to college and make their own lives and you will be left alone with Sarah, working at your family’s business…”

“This. This is wrong…” Patrick felt Bills cock enter him, he moaned. – My clothes. Where are they? Why am I naked? –

Bill shushed Patrick by inserting his fingers in Patrick’s mouth. The pleasure was more than the other times they had fucked. Patrick was sweating. Bill was sweating too, and the smell coming off him was driving Patrick crazy with lust. Patrick opened his eyes and saw they were surrounded by the men from the clearing and their man-dogs. Some were stroking their cocks, others were receiving blowjobs from the man-dogs. Patrick felt warm piss fall upon him, he moaned. Bill mounted Patrick and started fucking him harder, his gloved hand on Patrick’s throat. “Do you like this Ricky? I can tell you do. Why go back to your life when you can have this every day, all the time? Why Ricky when you can stay here with me?” Patrick moaned and tightened his ass. “Stay here with me Ricky. Stay. I’ll take care of you. All your worries will be gone… Just stay.”

In the immense pleasure emanating from his hole, Patrick said “yes”.

Bill came with a roar, filling Patrick’s guts with molten lava. Patrick came too, and his cock spasmed, shooting ropes of cum. He felt Bill tighten his grip and the material from Bill’s gloved hand on his throat start to flow. Ricky felt his intellect drop, his memories of his life with Sarah vanish and his body change as the black rubber/leather covered him… Bill dismounted Ricky and looked at him. Ricky now had fingerless mitts on, a dog-collar, knee pads and a hood with dog-ears and a muzzle, his tongue hung from his mouth, twice as long as a human tongue. A black jock in the form of a cock sleeve and balls covered his genitals and his balls hung low. On the small of Ricky’s back the jock had a tail. The black accessories were now connected to Ricky’s nervous system, his musculature, and the shape of his arms and legs had changed to allow for effortless movement in all fours. Ricky barked. Bill smiled and stroked Ricky’s head. Ricky wagged his new tail. “Who’s a good boy? Are you my good boy?” Ricky barked again. Patrick zipped up, then took out a chain from his belt and affixed it to Ricky’s collar. He petted Ricky again.

From now on, on command, Ricky would transform between human and dog forms but in either form he would remain submissive, obedient and loyal to Bill. In a few days Patrick would call his wife and tell her he wanted a divorce, that he had met a man and fallen in love. It would be bitter, his parents and brothers would disown him, but Patrick wouldn’t care. Bill smiled. Patrick’s old life was over, only Ricky remained. “Come on boy. Let me show you around.”

Ricky barked again.

Above them, up in the sky, swaying in the wind in his red cocoon, lit up from the inside, Craig experienced the sex between Bill and Ricky in this corner of the Maze and was nourished by it.

A long time ago.

The little man was walking the streets of Manhattan humming to himself. The sidewalks were crowded but the pedestrians steered clear of him. It was rush hour, late in the day and he had work to do. The little man arrived at a spot across the street from an alley and stopped. He pulled back the sleeve of his corduroy jacket and checked the time. On his left wrist were seven watches, each with different numerals and a different number of hands. Each of the watches also moved at different speed, in one the hands were almost still while in another they moved so fast you could barely see them. While he hummed, he adjusted his glasses and pulled a small crystal sphere on a chain from one of his pockets, inside the sphere were three metal bands, like a gyroscope, each spinning in a different direction and engraved with different numbers and runes. He put the sphere away and stood watching the alley from the sidewalk, waiting. After a few minutes he checked his watches again, nodded and raised his empty right hand into a fist, movement on the street slowed down to a stop as he unhinged himself from the local timestream. When he opened his right hand three small spheres the size of marbles floated from it, hovering over his hand. He smiled, three was a good number, not as good as seven but at least it wasn’t four, or six, or chance forbid, thirteen. As he started to twirl his fingers the three spheres started moving in a circle in the air and, as the moved, they changed from one color to another, from one material to another: wood, metal, glass, , stone, engraved, with texture, smooth… Energy crackled in the air around the little man. Then he saw it. In the alley in front of him space puckered up as reality teared and a naked man fell to the ground. For a moment he was just laying there, still. Clothes appeared from thin air around the naked man, then he started raising himself from the ground where he had fallen. The man looked disoriented, and why wouldn’t he be after traversing the space between universes? For a moment their eyes met. The little man stopped moving the fingers of his right hand and the three spheres shot out at superluminal speeds striking the confused man. Namkuzu fell down in pain, clutching his chest.

By the time Namkuzu recovered, the little man was a few blocks away, walking and humming to himself. He stopped. There in front of him, in the middle of the sidewalk, was a mirrored sphere big enough to fill a two-car garage. The mirrored sphere reflected everything on the street save for the little man and people didn’t see it of feel it as they walked through it. The little man smiled and clapped his hands. More work to do! He stepped into the mirrored sphere and came out of it in the past, a few years back, in California, on the hallways of the University of California’s Computer Lab. It was late at night. He looked around, but no one was there, and the mirrored sphere was gone. The little man opened the door in front of him to a room full of computer equipment. Inside, two men were arguing in front of a computer screen, they didn’t notice anyone had come into the room. The little man was uninterested in whatever they were discussing. He walked about the room, looking around, and saw diagrams filled with schematics and whiteboards full of numbers. On one of the walls there was a poster of Picasso´s Peace Dove. The little mas smiled and raised his right hand into a fist again. This time, when he opened it, two spheres came out. Two was also a good number. He twirled his fingers and the spheres floated above his hand, circling and changing. This time each of the spheres struck the head of one of the men. For a moment there was silence in the room. Then the men started talking over each other as solutions for design problems for their new quantum computer prototype spilled into their heads. The little man left them to their little epiphanies and, as he was walking the corridor outside, he saw a vending machine. He loved sweets. He touched the vending machine with a finger and the machine malfunctioned, spewing candy all over the floor. He was tempted to fill the pockets of his jacket with candy but decided to be prudent and chose three chocolate bars and two packets of sour drops. When he raised himself and turned around the mirrored sphere was there again, filling the hallway. He smiled and entered it, then the sphere popped like a soap bubble and he was gone.

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