Double roomate downfall : Jace

By sneakerdom published November 8, 2018
Top dog Jace and his roommate get brainwashed into submission without them realising by the neighbours

Jace’s point of view :

My name is Jace. I am 23 years old and live with my buddy Kurt. We’re flatmates while we are at Uni together, and share the same interests like rugby, the gym, and messing around. We are definitely the jocks at the top of the food chain.

Unlike the two gay geeks across the hall. Both thin and nerdy in their baggy clothes. In a relationship : disgusting. Kurt and I mess about with them every occasion we get, they probably get hard being around males like us. Either way it makes us laugh.

It was even more hilarious when they left us a batch of fitness drinks outside our door with a note saying it was a peace offering. How stupid do you have to be? Nevertheless it was good quality, an expensive brand, so we used it gladly for at least a month. Didn’t stop us bullying them though. Had to make sure they gave the next months worth too.

It was really working too, our bodies were really sculpted. I had started taking photos of me in the mirror, really suggestive ones too. I like sending them too. Not sure why, the number never responds, but it gives me thrills anyway.

Me and Kurt love going down to the bar. Chatting up the ladies. We always get lucky. We are the kings around here after all. Their is a blond sitting on my lap right now. I think she’s called Cindy… maybe Claire… who cares ! We went to the bathroom where she eagerly blew me off. It wasn’t that exciting though. In fact I deflated well before I came. Weird, must be the beer, never happened before. Kurt excited his cubicle moments later. He didn’t look too great either.

Just as suspected the gay boys opposite brought us the second months supply. I left a spare key in exchange so they can just fill our fridge any time. They’re so pathetic. I grabbed another shake out of the fridge and guzzled it down.

Haven’t got a lot of action lately, the girls just aren’t interesting at the moment. I prefer to jerk off with Kurt on the couch. Sometimes we jerk each other off, it feels so manly.

Once we’re done jerking off Kurt does all of the chores while I curl up on the floor and lick myself. The flat is very tidy now we go out to the bars less. So tidy in fact that I usually curl up on the rug to sleep. Why bother going to bed?

Kurt’s behaviour these past few weeks has been a bit weird. I caught him sniffing my sneakers while jerking off, or licking out my jock cup. I haven’t said anything, because I don’t want to embarrass him.

Kurt and I are still great friends though, yesterday we were in the corridor and the two dweebs were there. We had great fun bullying them, it had been a long time and it felt good to be asserting some dominance. We pushed them against the wall so they couldn’t move and gropped them all over against their will. I even groped his balls. He moaned so much, I was in total control, I even jerked him off a bit to show who was boss.

I found a leather collar in the fridge this morning. It was looped around my protein shake. I tried it on. I looked in the mirror. It was a big thick leather collar with metal loops, the kind you might see on a dog. It looked great on me though. It even had a tag with Jace written on it. Neat !

If anything though, Kurt’s behaviour had become even more peculiar. Some evenings he wasn’t at the flat, and couldn’t account for his whereabouts. He has changed his look too. He always has a buzzcut, and often wears a leather harness with some Nike tracksuit bottoms and Nike TN trainers. It’s really hot and sexy. Not sure why I just said that…

On a more positive note Kurt had also taken up the cooking. It was good too, he really devoted himself too it. So tasty I usually can’t help myself and lunge in mouth first. I can’t wait for a knife and fork, they are irrelevant because I like licking my plate clean anyway. It is a bit messy sometimes, like tonight : spaghetti Bolognaise. So I took my plate and put it on the floor and ate it on all fours. It was a great idea, I felt so relaxed.

We were still on the protein shakes. We took the gym more seriously than ever. We had buff bods. We had a ritual now where after working out I would get on my knees and lick his sweat off. Kurt would take one of my sweaty sneakers and worship it. We both jerked off at the same time. It was great team bonding for our muscle sessions.

Every now and then there was another treat waiting for me with my protein shake. Today it was what looked like boxing gloves, they were soft leather. I put them on. They reminded me of paws. In fact they were perfect for roaming around on the floor which had become my favourite hobby.

I liked my gloves so much I took to wearing them all the time when I was in the flat. It was a bit constraining but Kurt puts my plate of food on the floor now straight away. I should probably ask it to put it in a bowl for me to eat out of.

Tonight Kurt brought me over to the two gays flat, he said he had to cook there. I decided to follow him because I was hungry. I insisted on taking my paws though and my bowl. I took it between my teeth and crossed the corridor and into their flat.

Last night was a blur, maybe I drunk too much. I kept trying to remember what I had done, the only clue I had was the salty taste in my mouth. Very weird. I was quickly distracted by what was waiting in the fridge with my morning shake. I had even thought about getting some myself; some kneepads. I strapped them on. Falling to the floor on all fours.

This was bliss. with my paws and kneepads I felt so complete. I tried to jerk off but my paws were too constraining. I ended up rubbing my dick against the couch. Kurt came in and watched me hump the couch. He had a tattoo. On his right ab. I couldn’t seem to read it though… B… E… T… and A… I think. But I couldn’t string the letters together to make a word. It looked good on his inflated muscle with his leather harness.

As time went by my life got better and better. Finally I dropped out of Uni, it made my head hurt. I was content just working out and feeling free on the floor with my gear on. I did feel a bit uneasy when I found a dogstail in the fridge, it had a funny bulge on the end of it. I pawed it with my gloves. Kurt appeared and took it from me. I got back down on all fours. I felt him pushing something up my arse. I yelped but he held on to my collar. Once it was in however I barked with joy it felt so good. I went up and licked him to show my affection.

We went over quite ofter to the nerds next door now. I had my bowl there too as well as my patch of carpet. I would have my way while licking their legs under the table. No one could stop me, I was now verging on bodybuilder size. I could assert my dominance whenever I wanted. Sometimes I would even lick and suck their dicks when they sat naked on the couch. All they could do was pat my head after.

Kurt however had really lost sense of reality, he had moved into the flat but had only a cupboard big enough for a bed. He did all the house chores. He was a bit slutty too worshiping the two gays, he looked so wimpy when he did. He would walk around the house in a jock strap and when he went out he dressed like some scally bad boy. Maybe to impress the gay couple.

He did bring a ball sometimes and we played together. He would throw it, but I fetched it every time, he couldn’t outsmart me. I barked at him whenever I wanted something. In a way our friendship was even better than before, he served my every whim, and the gays gave in to all my desires. I’m top dog after all.

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