Lover Boy

By anonymous4ox published November 7, 2018
Jake falls in love. Or really he's pushed in.

Lover Boy

Sammy rubbed his muscled back against Jake’s large body as Jake slowly brought his hand up and down the stripper’s shaft. He was finding it difficult to stay quiet as he had been ordered to as pleasure pulsated through his body. Especially now that this new suited man had been staring at his naked body for the past few minuets. Somewhere deep in his mind he recognised this thick older gentleman, but now that familiarity could only be expressed through a desire to have sex with him.

“Shhhhhhh” Jake growled again. “We men are trying to talk”

“Ok master, I’l try to, try tooohhhhhhh”

The suited gentleman known as Sebastian now spoke.

“He’s totally gone isn’t he, there’s not a thought left in that dumb little sluts head”

Sammy laughed happily.

“Yep” answered Jake “but you don’t seem as mad as I thought his uncle might be”

“Well I did always think his methods were risky, he seems to have got what was coming to him. Plus-” Sebastian snapped his fingers, drawing Sammy’s attention. “You always secretly wanted this didn’t you”

Sammy nodded vigorously and finally got some relief as he orgasmed. His body slumped into Jake who then let him fall to the other side of the velvet room’s couch.

Charlie came into the room with a large bottle of Sam’s special drink, along with some glasses for the gentlemen.

“What took you so long, boy” Jake feigned anger and bared is pearly whites in a large grin as Charlie began to beg to make up for it by sucking Jake off. Jake accepted his offer “this one time” and allowed Charlie to work on him as he and Sebastian continued their discussion.

“To think you can control them fully without knowing a bit of hypnosis, I guess Sammy’s drink does have some good uses”

“Speaking of that, you want some?” Jake asked as he held out a glass.

“I’m not an idiot, but thank you” Sebastian held up his hand in refusal.

“More for me then” Jake said as he downed the glass and poured himself another.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “So you’ve had control of the club for the last few days then, after transforming Sam into, that.”

“yep, done pretty well for myself I think” He said this as he massaged his growing chest, the top button of his shirt popping open.

“and you’ve pretty much got by off of brute force and a resistance to Sammy’s hypnosis”

“I’ve done this cuz I’m a man, dude. All these sluts-” He gestured to the boy sucking him off and Sammy still drunk with bliss. “they aren’t strong like me, can’t handle the drink.”

“You mean to say the drink doesn’t affect you? I’m skeptical”

Jake smirked, and then brought the nearly full bottle to his mouth, swallowing it all and enjoying the feeling of his mucles swelling up.

“See? That was enough to turn your nephew into that dumb slut, all it does is give me a buzz and make me hotter”

“So you can resist a few different kinds of mind control, I’ve got to say I’m impressed. In fact, I could use a man like you”

“Sorry bro, I don’t get used by other me-” Jake was inturuppted as Sebastian took out a bottle and popped off the cork, filling the room with a deep pink fog.

“Take deep breaths, boy, and let the fog fill your chest.”

Jake did breath in deep and laughed as the fog cleared. “Was that supposed to do something?”

“Don’t worry about it”

“Oh uh, ok” Suddenly Jake felt like he could trust this man a lot more, he could always fill him with jock juice if he tried anything right?

“Now you seem a bit in over your head, if you don’t mind me saying”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked as he finally came into Charlie’s hungry mouth.

“Well you don’t know much about the Swinger family do you, us being the one’s who actually own this club chain”

“Haha, I guess not yeah”

“So wouldn’t it be helpful if I explained it all to you, it isn’t really for a man of your greatness to do too much thinking is it?”

“aww thanks” Jake was happy to be complimented, especially by a man as handsome as Sebastian.

“So our family isn’t exactly like a traditional one, in fact most of us aren’t even related”

“Uh-huh” Jake was finding it difficult to listen, Sebastian’s eyes were so deep and piercing.

“We’re more like an orginisation of sexual deviants, who had to leave their original homes and families in order to find … satisfaction”

“Right, right” Jake was now focusing on Sebastian’s hair, it was so beautiful, and if beard framed is red lips perfectly.

“Though to the law we seem to be a family, and a prestigous one at that, which is why you’re starting to feel pretty bad about being so rude to me so far”

Jake’s heart was pounding, he couldn’t believe how rude he was to such a great man, he had to make it up to him.

“Umm, hey, I’ve been kind of rude, I should have offered one of the boys to suck you off”

Sebastian smiled knowingly, the brain may be inpenetrable but the heart is always a target, as well as the dick. “I’d rather have you do it”

Jake blushed heavily, this man wanted him to kneel before him and give him pleasure? That was such a … such an honour! “Of course sir”

Jake instantly fell off of the couch and came toward the beautiful man before him. Sebastian had helpfully unzipped his pants and revealed his long cock so Jake could wrap his mouth around it as fast as possible. He was just so thoughtful! As Jake licked all over the cock carefully he breathed in Sebastian’s scent and was reminded of that fog from before. The scent felt like it went straight to his soul, he felt so deeply connected to Sebastian and began to imagine his life from now on. He was meant to serve Sebastian and knew that now. He had to serve this man because he loved him, more deeply than he loved anything else, even himself.

Jake opened his eyes and stared up into Sebastian’s gaze with a loving look. He then noticed the boys, Sam and Charlie, coming up to Seb from either side and burying their faces in his neck and chest. Jake began to feel supremely jealous and pushed himself off of the cock so he could speak up.

“Now now, Jakey” Sebastian said as he pushed Jake’s face back into his crotch. “A man as perfect as me you cant expect that I limit myself to one lover do you?”

Jake supposed that made sense, and even more as he took another deep breath of Sebastian’s musk.

“And now that you think about it, if you love me just as much as these boys then you must be just like them right?”

Jake could’t quite wrap his head around how that made sense, but accepted that Sebastian must be right. After all, Sebastian was so much smarter than him.

“So as you accept your place, just as much of a dumb slut as all my boys, you’ll feel so fufilled because that’s exactly what I want you to be. And you want whatever I want don’t you?”

Sebastian was so right, Jake knew that much. In fact, he knew little else as he sucked Sebastian to completion.

Sebastian stepped out on the stage, microphone in hand, a few of the crowd whistling and yelling for him to strip. “Sorry boys, I’m not a stripper, I actually own this fine club. And now I’d like to introduce you all to our newest dancer, a big guy with a big heart. LOVER BOY!”

Sebastian walked off and watched as Jakey came on stage, wings strapped to his back, a bow with dick-arrow, and a tight cloth being all that was stuggling to cover his sizable junk. The crowd cheered at the sight of such a big, muscled dancer. Jake smiled, he knew this was what Sebastian wanted of him and so doing it filled his heart, and his cock.

Sammy came out next, in his full suit and tie, ready to be shot by Lover Boy’s arrow.

Sebastian watched his boys’ dance but was interupted as he got a call. He answered to his brother, Stephan, asking about if Sam was alright.

Sebastian looked back over to his boys, as they grinded together and Jake tore off Sammy’s shirt. “Oh he’s doing alright, though uh, he wanted me to take over for him”

Sammy’s daddy started getting mad and Sebastian hung up. It was about time he gained some more respect in this family.

As before, I’d love to hear where you’d like me to go next. There was one comment about having a reporter getting involved which I think I’ll definitely use sometime soon.

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