Lonely no more

By Stroppy Author published November 7, 2018
An accountant visits a self improvement site

Harold had been a star accounting major at University. People loved or loathed him as one would love or loath a Jock or musical star. Harold could calculate statistical means or progressive amortization rates while chewing his salad or typing an enclosure for a tax audit. Yep; he was a star accounting major. He’d go places!

The problem was he didn’t’ understand vicarious joys or spontaneity. He was puzzled as to why he was so alone. Surely there was some woman who loved numbers as he did. He often fantasised about having a wife to cook and clean as his mother had but still have the mind to calculate a one-way Anova while making pancakes. Sighhhh.

Harold couldn’t claim any real friends. There were people he felt comfortable enough with as long as they didn’t use more than 9 words in a sentence and no more than three sentences in a one-hour increments. Usually he would reply in the form of an email with a verification of receipt. One day one of his co-workers came over to his cubicle and said “I saw this ad on line and I thought of you” (He went two words over.. I’ll deduct those from his next sentences but this could cost him in my opinion) Harold thought.

He looked at the paper his cubicle buddy held. “Someone for every one” in bold letters. in lower case were more words “Do you find yourself wondering why you’re alone? So do thousands of other people across this great nation. You’re not alone; you just haven’t met”. Harold didn’t know why but this ad spoke to him. His cubicle mate just stood there, not speaking. Two sentences and 16 words remained. “He really did understand me” thought Harold. For the first time in his six years he smiled and gratefully accepted the print out. Well.. not really for the first time. He did smile out of smug satisfaction when he accurately located the missing six cents on a $1.1 billion dollar contract

Harold considered the document for a moment as he returned to his work. At 11:29, Harold looked up at his desk chronometer. It was unusual for him to stop for lunch early. He wasn’t due until 11:30: He must have been distracted by the paper his cubicle mate had given him. He threw caution to the wind and took his lunch early hoping no one would notice. He’d never hear the end of it. He read through the brief document. It was well written, concise and to the point he approved. At the end of the day and after returning from lunch one minute early to balance the books, Harold headed home.

He entered his bungalow with a sense of relief. Everything was as he had planed it. Every magazine (professional trade journals and crossword puzzles without black space boxes) were stacked neatly. Everything was binary and sanitised, as he liked them to be. Harold opened the refrigerator and made a sandwich. Once slice of Bologna centred on white bread with lettuce (not hanging over the edge, a single wipe of Mayo and Mustard then using a T-Square he bought and sanitised, he trimmed his bread neatly of all crust then into four equal and bite sized pieces. He brought his square plate (Honestly, why would you make dishes round when most things are linear and straight edge, not circular) to his table and opened his computer.

Harold logged on to the site where he was met with a dim screen. He had to concentrate to see the images. Occasionally a message would flash “Internet connection interrupted please contact your provider” but then he would see strobing flashes, flickering in the centre of the screen. Maybe the size of a pinpoint and not harsh in any way but he began waiting; anticipating the flash. Words came through his built in speakers as he watched the presentation. Strange, he couldn’t remember the presentation but there was a questionnaire and he did love questionnaires. He would certainly leave a comment on the pentameter of the presentation and the poor internet connection.

Initially he found the wording of the questions themselves questionable. “How do you identify: Gay, Straight, Bisexual”. Granted it was to the point and a good conservation of words but a little more decorum, please" thought the prude. He smoothed his strands of comb over across the top of his otherwise prematurely bald head and continued.

The remaining questions were much better: Favourite colours (Beiges, Black, White), multiple answer, fill in the blank. Choose a picture of what the viewer finds beautiful (EXCEL Spreadsheets) or offensive (Mispaired Sequences, for sure… Ughhhh Repulsive). Every time Harold answered accurately and truthfully Harold felt a quick but intense sense of pleasure and pride. Was that a semi forming in his gabardine pants? Was his stick of shame happy? He tried to answer the personal attributes with a bit of embellishment recognising his own lack of presentability but answering untruthfully caused a slight belly ache and angst. He quickly changed the answer and was rewarded with more pleasure.

Finally done, Harold felt a ruble of hunger. When he looked up at the clock he was shocked to see it was almost midnight! How could that be? He had only just finished his sandwich. He stood a little concerned but a wave of calm washed over him as he remembered " Future Partners web site is important. I had a good time viewing the site". He stood and went off to bed. Donning his ‘Dr. Who’ Pajamas (He would die if anyone saw them) he climbed into bed and slept better than he had in years. He awoke precisely at 6am as he had every day of his life. He proceeded to make breakfast for himself as he did every morning, then to the shower. He used his dial soap and lathered himself up leaving his body clean and un-perfumed. He exited the shower and this long strands of hair hung to the right shoulder. He stood looking at the strands, picking them up in his fingers and sighed.

With decisive fashion Harold took his razor and shaved the lone strands plus the ring that frankly had always reminded him of the U shaped toilet seat in the men’s room, then shaved his face. He arrived at work and all of his coworkers looked at him in shock. Was that change they saw on Harold? Who is this imposter?! Consistently, watching their word count, all commented “Very Handsome, Harold” or You look so much younger" as he passed cubicle after cubicle.

Harold dove into work as his cubicle buddy came over. “So you logged on to the site”? Harold nodded sheepishly as if caught doing something naughty and said “Thank you”. The cubicle worker grinned, patted Harold on the back and said “Good Boy”. Harold sucked air in and closed his eyes. That comment went straight to his stick of shame. Harold gathered himself and immersed himself in his work. At precisely 11:30 Harold looked up and smiling in satisfaction that things were back to normal. Pulled out his lunch and clicked on the website. The Lonely No More (LNM) website popped up. This time the shadowed people were sitting on a couch behind the presenter. They seemed so comfortable with each other. Hands on each others thigh or around each others shoulders. Harold again saw the pinpoint strobing and placing ear buds in listened to the static and whispers behind the speaker. One hour later, as if on autopilot Harold took his ear buds out and returned to work as if he had never logged on to the computer. Now, however, there was still the pinpoint light flashing in the centre of the screen and though he didn’t acknowledge it, a hiss and whispers coming from his ear buds. Hadn’t he taken them out at lunch? He shrugged. They’ll keep the peripheral distractions out.

Harold returned home after a brief trip to Whole foods carrying in five bags of fish, poultry, grains and tubs of supplements. He didn’t remember where he learned to cook in healthy portions but he did. Sitting down to eat , he logged in to the LNM website and this time the presenter stood in front of the couple on the couch. They seemed intimate and their hands disappeared hidden by the hosts body but he could see legs spreading further open. Harold pulse raced a bit as he shoveled his supper and supplements into his gob.

The whispers made it difficult to hear the speaker and he found he had to concentrate on each word. Again, the session ended at Midnight but this time it did not alarm Harold. He stood and headed to his bedroom. He was, however, anxious about getting into bed. Skipping his Dr. Who pajamas he dropped to the floor and gave only ten pushups and six sit-ups before his body was exhausted. Satisfied, he climbed into bed and fell promptly to a deep sleep. He rose at 5:30am and again dropped to the floor. Pushing through his barrier he was able to perform 15 pushups and ten sit ups. He went to the bathroom and shaved his head and face. But the razor was still sharp.. why not remove more. Harold entered the shower and dragged the razor over his chest.

Harold had never paid much attention to his cock before, but with all the changes he felt it fill. Sure he’d sported erections before but this was different. It was full of hope and, dare he say it? anticipation. He’d never really measured himself but now by all calculations he was a full 9.25 inches. He was uncut which Harold had always thought made his stick of shame look angry and unkempt but now he really appreciated it. His head was pink and so tight. And the veins gave it a firm rough appearance. His balls were always heavy but one would never know for the baggy pants held up by a plastic belt. ‘Schick Schick’ went the razor manscaping to perfection

Exiting the shower, he felt good. Really Good. He was hopeful and anxious to get to the office and see his buddy. He really must learn is name! Harold smiled at everyone as the passed their cubicle. It was as if an alien had substituted this creature for their Harold. Everyone smiled back and returned his Good morning but they would certainly talk about this in the break room!

Harold sat at his desk not noticing his buddy walk up behind him until Harold felt the buddy’s hand on his neck. Harold shuddered and no doubt, there was a woody in his pants. “You’re doing so well, buddy. Keep doing whatever your doing, it makes me happy” At those words Harold came. Hard. He gasped and shook. He had made his buddy happy. Oh God! Oh Joy!! not noticing the wet spot in his pants Harold returned to work but once an hour he looked at the clock hoping it was time for lunch. When it came around he quickly took his supplements, devoured his Quinoa and Salmon and plugged in to his speakers to watch more LNM. This time the image was clear. There were two men on the couch behind the speaker. They were physically intimate and this time both were in wife-beaters and board shorts. Harold had to focus on the speaker’s words as they and the voices coming from behind the speaker were the same volume. That flashing light seemed to keep pace with Harolds heart beat or the pulsation of his cock.

The day ended and Harold returned home to make another healthy supper and prepare tomorrows lunch. Sitting again at the computer, Harold plugged in and this time the two on the couch were naked. Harold had to focus hard on the speakers words because the couple on the couch seemed so much louder. The flashing light in the centre of Harold’s screen seemed to change colour. Still only a pinpoint, was it red Blue? Yellow? White? The words from the couple were clear now. The one speaker was giving orders to the other man in the video. “You look so hot with muscles. You love to keep fit. It makes me Happy”. Harold agreed.. He wanted to make his partner Happy. He needed to be fit.. He would try harder tonight. The man pushed the other down on his knees and the other man began to tongue bathe the older mans balls and slowly suck the engorging cock into is mouth. “I would pull him closer… pull him in” Moaned Harold under his breath. Harold was visibly sweating and panting. His pupils dilated. HIs mouth making “O” shapes. Finally the video ended and Harold roused himself. Not remembering where the time went, he quickly consumed his lunch and supplements. Hmmmm.. where did the blue, Yellow and White pills come from?

Harold returned to work and staying late to make up for his excess lunch time and because the now permanent flash of his monitor told him it was a good idea, he headed home. Once he entered the apartment he stripped off all of his clothes. He turned on the laptop and logged in to LNM website turning the volume up so he could hear as he performed his pushups and sit ups. He added deep knee bends and with the aide of two chairs began doing dips.

After an hour of non stop work out, Harold went to the kitchen to make supper then tomorrows lunch. Two new pill bottles appeared on his counter and he knew he took one blue pill every day, one yellow and White pill in the morning and one in the evening. That night he located a gym near the office and joined without entering the facility. He slept with his ear buds in and woke at 5am to his new routine: Exercise, shower and shave, and this morning head to the gym.

Yes, it was close to work but it was in a questionable area. Rainbow flags everywhere. “Steamworks”? What a strange gym this was. He paid his registration fee, gave them his license and was handed a towel. He entered and saw dozens of men walking around in towels only. It was dark and some kind of disco music was playing. Harold was more than a little anxious but wandering past steam rooms and an indoor Jacuzzi he saw a weight room. Relieved, he approached a muscle bound man with thick legs, massive chest and no apparent neck. The man wore a shirt that said MASTER on the Front and TRAINER on the back. He was HUGE. He looked like a Viking Berserker with shaved head and thick red/blond beard, His arms were straight out of a body builder magazine or an anatomy book. Strange though, he had a leather and ringed band on his left arm and a length of chain around his neck with a little padlock.

Harold approached him and haltingly spoke: “I…I think I’m supposed to ask you to train me”. The man replied “Are you Harold”? Harold nodded his head. The man looked at him with disgust and open contempt which made Harold cringe. The trainer caught himself and said “I looked worse than you. You just reminded me of that”. Harold looked at him in disbelief. The man brought out a picture of himself at his College Graduation. My Lordy, he did look worse than me! There is hope". Harold looked at him again. The man clapped Harold on the back and said “Lets get you measured and we’ll start tomorrow. Every day at 5:30. You can shower here and be at work with 15 minutes to spare”. Harold nodded enthusiastically.

Every day ran as the others had. Every morning he worked and plugged in. Every Day he did his work with the flashing pinpoint keeping him company. Every day the voices in his ear buds reinforced what he had always know: Master must be pleased. Master must be pleased. Service is pleasure. Every day, Harold woke, took his supplements and even began giving himself injections. Initially that was a challenge to give in his buttocks when he didn’t have one but thats not a problem now. Thanks to squats and dedication he has a pleasant mound going. His pants and shirts fitting tighter.

Women in the office began tittering about how he’s filling out. “He must be on dugs” whispered one harpy but quickly dismissed by the others who stated his work is still impeccable. She thinks it’s Love. Indeed it was. For his yet unseen Master but the ladies needn’t concern themselves with that. Truthfully, his weight gain and confident gait made him the office darling. He even smiled frequently. No wonder they thought he was on drugs.

His cubicle buddy walked by Harold’s space and clapping him on the back said, “You’re looking good Buddy. A couple of months from now and even a Master Body builder would be envious”. At the mention of “MASTER”, Harold again shot a load in his pants and his breathing remained jagged. His cubicle buddy noticed this time and said “We need to work on that control: no one wants an early gift”. The criticism caused Harold’s belly to ache. He wanted to crawl under the desk in a ball and cry. His buddy patted his head and said: That wasn’t a criticism. It’s direction. Work on your endurance". Harold never even noticed that was five words over the allotted 18, and it was an order. He needed to obey orders. As soon as he accepted that as the truth the pain went away but he needed to know how. He looked pleadingly to his buddy who looked back at him and said “What? Don’t look at me. I’ve never had a hair trigger. Ask someone you trust to train you” and he returned to his cubicle.

Of course! Harold would ask his trainer: Such relief and a small amount of pleasure for thinking of a new way to please his Master. The end of the day came and Harold packed up. Heading to the gym rather than home Harold explained his dilemma to his trainer who grinned and nodded his head.

He led Harold into the back and brought out a Lucite looking thing. He told Harold to strip which Harold did. “Hands behind your back and kneel on the ground”. Harold complied. The trainer came back with a baggie of ice which he crushed into Harold’s balls and cock. Harold sucked air in and gasped but the trainer said “SILENCE” and quickly slid the rings and cage around Harold’s cock stretching his balls inches below their normal place. “This will take the chill off” he said to Harold, rubbing Ben Gay on his balls. At first it was pleasant and the feel of his fingers on the stretched taut balls was heaven but then the burning began. “You’ll come here every day for lunch and on the way home. Now Go Home” the trainer told Harold who dressed and left.

Harold had forgotten about the gym and the cage until it was time to go to bed when he undressed and saw the Lucite cage he panicked. As quickly as the panic rose, it abated. "This is normal. Someone could only love someone who saved himself for her…HIM.. no, Her.. " Harold was confused. He did what any normal person would do: he put his ear buds in and tuned in to his favourite site where he remained for the rest of the night. Several more weeks and many more CC’s amped up in meds, supplements and injections and Harold was definitely built. He was a walking wet dream but all of the attention to himself was causing problems at work. He would zone out at his work station; His numbers were off consistently and worse yet, he didn’t care. When his supervisors, managers and Corporate owners approached him he barely registered their presence.

Three months into his self improvement and is employers called him in to give him his walking papers. Harold was crushed. In a momentary clarity he realised how radically he had changed. All of his mistakes rose to the surface and he knew exactly which ones they were and offered to repair them for free. On his own time. No need to pay; it was all a dreadful mistake but the owners wouldn’t have it. He’d crossed the line and he was done. Security escorted him to his desk to clear out his personals. Where would he go? How would he pay for his apartment? Sure he had savings. He had been smart but one never touches principle.

Harold’s co workers saw security flanking the tearful Harold. The women were heartbroken. Finally when he was interesting and eye candy.. Shoot!. His cubicle buddy came over and asked Harold what had happened. Harold was beyond speech. He just cried as he emptied his desk. His buddy took the box from Harold and said" You’ll take a couple of days to debrief then we’ll talk about your future. You’re more than qualified to work anywhere you want but I have some ideas", and led Harold to the entrance. The buddy had asked permission to take the afternoon off to situate Harold and the managers approved. They drove home in his cubicle buddy’s new jaguar F Type convertible. Arriving, Harold let them in to his apartment. Somehow his buddy had expected Harolds apartment to be linear and clean but instead there were empty supplement canisters and dishes everywhere. Laundry was in a pile but in the centre of the living room. “Humphhh… You never know, I guess” he thought to himself.

Harold plugged himself in and watched his favourite website when he noticed there was only one man on the couch behind the presenter. How curious. With no competing voices, he focused on the speakers words and soon enough he garnered that one of the co-hosts had quit and they needed a replacement. Anyone whose life had been positively changed by this series was encouraged to apply. Oh My God!! That was Harold. He immediately sent his resume and pictures of himself before and after the series. They must have been so impressed that they sent back an immediate reply" Can you come tomorrow morning for an interview". Oh Hell yeah, he could and Would!

His audition was simple, just sit behind the speaker and follow the lead of his co-host. Harold sat in perfect relaxation as a bright flashing light was aimed at his face. He fell onto a trance just watching it flash. His mind emptied as his co-host handled his leg, then felt back towards his groin. Harold was in such a blissful state. The hand landed on his cock cage. “Good Boy.. master loves seeing his slaves caged and full, ready for his use. Harold was drooling at this point but hearing “Love” and Master” in the same sentence was almost too much for him.

Harold was so focused on the light that when it was off, the interviewer asked how he felt. “Great” thought Harold, “And full”. The interviewer said he was so impressed by Harold that he not only had the job but he’ll be paid for todays performance. That puzzled Harold. What Performance? But he was pleased. He rose to his feet suddenly realising a large something inserted up his bum.

Post interview, Harold walked to he parking garage to leave when he saw his cubicle buddy who returned the glance with a double take. "What are you doing here, Harold?. Harold explained about the interview and how impressed they were with him and all because of his cubicle buddy. He still didn’t know his name but he felt incredible and swelling pride in knowing him and dare he say it, Love?

His buddy placed a gym bag in the car and asked Harold if he’d like a ride somewhere and Harold nodded yes. They rode off. Harold placed his ear buds in and they rode in silence. His buddy looking over furtively then elbowing Harold asked what he was listening to. Harold just said “Motivational speeches”. He asked of his buddy wanted to hear but he politely declined. “Well they must be working. Youre looking positive and you look great. I’m envious of your body. you could be on the cover of a magazine”. Harold blushed. He truly didn’t see it but he was flattered. “Thats one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. I know you’re a private person but I have some friends who run a publishing company. You were in their building. I thought you could model for them. They’re rather unconventional so I don’t know how you’d feel wearing Roman Guard outfits or wrestlers singlet’s or even pose nude but they pay well: As much in one session as you made in a week at the office”. Harold looked up in interest. “depending on your comfort, there are other things you could do to earn double that and more than once a week”. Harold nodded his head. Already in his mind he was thinking of how he could continue investing in his 401 and other retirement savings.

“I’ll make some calls and email you the information this week” and dropped Harold off at his apartment complex. Harold resumed his home exercises, made a supper and went to bed plugged in. Morning came and his trainer worked him to the max. He was physically exhausted but every vein showed; every muscle bulged and he looked ripped. He made his way to the studio and was led on to the stage where he was told to strip and sat on the couch. His co-host entered and Harold began the scene he had seen before only this time HE was the co-star. The other man lowered Harold to his knees saying “Yeah Buddy, you look good in muscles. Yeah. you’re making me feel good. It’s important to make your Master feel good”. Harold was so lost in the moment he hadn’t registered that this is the same speech he was listening to every night or that he had seen this acted out on the laptop computer. He was in heaven. He felt perfectly at home. He sucked and worshiped the cock in front of him. He ran his tongue over the mushroom head and along the shaft. It went deep into his throat until he thought he’d pass out from lack of oxygen.

When the man pulled his cock out Harold whimpered his need for the cock inside of him. The man stood Harold and bent him over the couch. He reached behind and pulled, with some difficulty, a thick long butt plug form Harold’s arse. Harold moaned at the loss never realising it was there. The man began an earnest rimming and tongue fucking. Harold was shaking from the intensity of the feeling. The man stood and without pause or lube entered Harold whose head shot up, His mouth gaping open he began a deep low moan that crescendoed with each thrust. It was pure animal lust and intensity. The man sat down on the couch still embedded in Harold who sat square on his cock. Harold’s legs draped over the other mans legs and he bounced as the man held him down by his nipples. Harold’s cock cage bounced obscenely as he was fucked within an inch of his life.

“And that’s a wrap” said the camera man who walked over and threw a towel over Harolds lap. “Now you can thank me” and Harold pulled himself off the mans cock leaving a gaping hole and kneeled down to suck the Camera mans lovely white and pink cock. The man from the couch kneeled down behind Harold and began pounding his arse again. driving Harold into the other mans cock. He was in animal heaven as camera man and gaffer and assistant and set construction worker then landscaper and men in all sorts of labour outfits came in to use him. I guess it really wasn;t a wrap since they were still filming the action. Finally spent, all of the actors had cum and covered or filled Harold complimenting him on his body and purpose. Harold was in heaven. He made his Masters happy.

He woke in the morning in his own bed, not remembering how he got there. He was covered in cum and most had leaked out of his arse during the night but he felt more at peace and content than he ever had in his life. He heard the sound of the shower being turned off and out came his cubicle buddy.

“Heyyy.. good morning sleepy head” he said. Harold looked at him in confusion. His buddy knelt on the bed and planted a deep open mouth kiss on Harold who responded in kind. "You didn’t tell me you already worked for the studio I was going to refer you to. No problem; I still get my commission for referring you, a bonus for your induction and even a third because you turned out so hot. Oh, and I negotiated a contract for you. You have a five year exclusive and an additional five if you progress to kink and maintain your shape. I’ll be your new manager and power of attorney for 60% cut of course. Harold tried to do the math in his head but there was nothing. He looked up as his cubicle buddy leaned over and stroked Harolds free’d cock, planted another kiss on him and placed the ear buds back in his ears saying “You’ve made Master so happy” which made Harold cum so hard he passed out.

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