Big Surf II

By Stroppy Author published November 7, 2018
Students research changes the world


“Mother Fuck, It’s Hot” should be the new State motto on the Arizona License Plates. At 118 degrees and 6% humidity people were truly suffering. The one plus was that most of the babes shirts would be wet with sweat. “This really is Gods Wet Tee Shirt country” reflected Ruben. Fuck, He hated that name as much as he hated this heat. Thats why all of his friends called him Wretch. He loved that name. It was hard earned for his weekend proclivity; drinking and wretching. Despite the heat he really did love Arizona State. He loved the High desert and the cool music venues along the way. Hell, even his fellow students were cool.

Wretch hated hippies. Though he smelled no better than his imagined unhygienic opponents at least he maintained good grades and on the weekends Skank danced and mosh pitted with the best of them. Some of hi best concerts were here in Arizona. Motorhead was so taken by his style, Lemey brought him up on stage.

One morning on his way to his business 120 class Wretch saw a flyer for free admission to Marquee Theatre. Someone was testing a new deodorant and they needed samples of perspirations. AND OH MY GOD… STOOPID WAS PLAYING! SICK!! Wretch called all of his party buds, who in turn called theirs and soon the night was upon them. They had never seen such a large crowd before. Sure it was a 2500 person venue but people were lined up around the corner. Assured that there was plenty of room the concert was allowed to spill out into the smoking patio and front entry way.

The promoters had about 100 volunteers walking around with swabs and test tubes. One by one they made their way around swabbing arm pits and chests. “THAT’S why I’m staying in school” thought Wretch. “Dull as it is, what kind of job is wiping stinky is for a living”?! He saw one of his bros actually drop his pants and tell the woman to get a good sample as he lifted his balls. Wretch laughed so hard and so did the others in the line. The girl friends were disgusted, but sure as shite they swabbed and wiped. A few even turned around and shined their moons as volunteers swabbed their pink holes. High Fives were flying. One long hair approached Wretch grinning with gap teeth and piercings everywhere. He extended his hand and hey did a bro shake and fist bump as he said “Excuse me Sir, I couldn’t help but notice the way you lifted your balls for that stranger” and broke into a laugh. “Names Skag” said his new buddy. OMG,HE’s SO COOL!!

The heat was terrible but those thoughtful promoters brought out cool mist fans and the promised free beers. soon we had relief. The music started and in no time it looked like a seizure party. Hands were flying and mosh pits formed in a dozen places. Hands pushed and slapped and fists pushed us deeper into the pit. By now all shirts were off and girls shirts were soaked and clung to their braless skin. Fuck it was so horny!

Wretch didn’t think he had ever had such a good time. He never wanted this to end. There was so much sweat people were slipping and sliding against each other. No one left the mosh pits which had grown in number and some merged. Within an hour of drinks and misters every one was dancing. Strange though; almost all of the women had left and no one noticed. Wretch got a text saying “When you’re done with your new best friends and stop ignoring me I’ll be at my dorm”. From the number of text alerts going off, Wretch wasn’t the only one. Whatever. The party went on until 2AM. Things seemed to go back to normal… well, as normal as could be with a massive hangover. Everyone was sore and for those who still had a memory, satisfied from a good time. Girlfriends reconciled and life went back to normal for the next two school weeks when another flyer appeared:


OH HELL YEAH! Another night like the last? Every single person had found their way bck together so the message was spread within an hour. Even the band who played was invited back to perform but also party, “FUKIN-A!! We’re GOING TO PARTY WITH STOOPID!!” Not all of the women were placated by the promise of a night of their own. Most didn’t want their boyfriends to go but come on… A Party with STOOPID? no contest! The night arrived and this time by reputation of the first party and the promise of a great time, 3200 people attended. All men and all ready to party.

The misters were again brought out but this time it smelled like a locker room before the dancing even began. Well.. it was going to smell bad at some point so no one paid attention. Some of the guys were actually getting into it sniffing their own pits and wrinkling their noses when Wretch looked across and saw Skag, his gap toothed longhaired friend from the last concert. They Bro-hugged and fist pumped and headed to the bar. A no-name start up band began playing and they moved to the centre of venue right in front of the stage. They weren’t very good but Wretch loved start up bands because of their passion and he wishes he had the balls to get up and head bang his music like these guys.

A dance floor began and all shirts came off. Wretch was really getting into the sound and movements when he noticed he had popped a boner. Every time someone slid against his slick skin he would moan in pleasure. Once in a while he’d run smack into someone’s raised arm and do a face plant in their pit. His head was spinning as he licked his pit soaked face. His Gap toothed buddy was in a similar heat. Someone was spitting straight up in the air and others stood with their mouths open trying to catch it. Shouldn’t that be gross? Something seemed wrong but Fuck they were all so horned. Wretch made it a point to rub against people as much as he could.

The dancing continued as the men grappled and slammed against each other. Men were grabbing each other pulling themselves into Bro hugs; joining hands making a chain to whip through the bystanders; head butting and even good old Greco wrestling. One dude wrestled Wretch and forced him into a submission hold forcing his face into his pit. Strangely though, Wretch didn’t try and tap out. He became still as he breathed his new brother deeply and stuck his tongue out to suck in that incredible narsty smell. Both popped boners as the winner ground his rock hard cock into Wretches thigh.

Dazed, Wretch and the wrestler looked around and sure as shite others were doing the same.

With renewed lust the wrestler grabbed Wretch and forced his face into his crotch. Security watched; their LED flashlights illuminating the scene as man after man grabbed a victim and forced them into an embrace. One bare chested Skinhead grabbed a smaller man from behind and put him in a chokehold. The smaller man struggled and fought but not to escape. He wanted to turn around. The Skinhead wouldn’t give him that much control. With his free hand he tore the victims pants down and gobbed into his hand slicking his long thick cock and rammed it home in one vicious attack. The new bottom screamed out in pain which drove the skinhead into a more aggressive fuck.

a small crown gathered around to watch the rape but it wasn’t rape if the victim humped back, was it? The skinhead pulled out, blood and semen on the shaft as he wiped it on the victims face. Someone else came over and forced his face into the ravaged hole, sniffing and sucking on the source of that incredible scent. That scene played out again and again. Once in a while you could see a skinny long dicked Sk8er slow and long dicking a bear of a man when another larger man would put a paw on the skinny dudes back. The skinny dude would pull out, kiss the bear who interrupted them and give the arse up to a new partner while the skinny dude watched and stroked the arse of the man long dicking the hole he had just surrendered.

The debauchery spilled out into the smoking patio, under the stage and in the bathrooms. The parking lot was empty; all 3200 people had stuffed themselves into the building. People were three or four deep in the groping frenzy. There was no thought, just rutting instinct. This went on until the fans went off and the lights came up at 3AM. Fresh air fans were brought in and the venue cleared. Most went home. Some stayed and slept in the park behind the venue. Other couples went back to the dorms only a mile away. Wrench woke up in his dorm room with Skag draped sideways along the bottom of his bed. Wrench smiled, sniffing Skag, closed his eyes and thought “Safe” and fell asleep again.

The next few days were a mystery to the men who attended. They remembered partying but little else. They knew they had a great time again and thanks to well placed and manipulated photographs of the event before the serious fucking began Facebook, twitter and instagram were brimming with pictures of dancing and drinking madmen. Strange though, none of the men called their girlfriends. They all seemed to be in a daze; as if something were missing.

Everyone was on the quad or on their way to class but there was an edginess. The men who had partied so hard seemed distant; distracted. Sitting in class, an observant student could see one of the partiers pupils dilate and his nostrils flare as he looked around the classroom trying to find the source of something erotic. A lump would form in the students pants and a need to find the source pulling his attention away from the lecture. Sometimes in the hallway one of the partiers would find another by accident. Some looked quite preppy unlike the night when they were all bare chested, torn jeans and sketchers.

They would find their way next to each other. Some women were mid sentence when they noticed their boyfriends had abandoned them and was standing next to some other guy; not talking, just sanding. All through the M.U. and on the grass one would see clusters of men grouped together. It was weird: not talking, just sitting bodies against bodies, sitting. This behaviour went on for a week until another flyer appeared on the quad:


The day arrived and the parking lot was full. Big Surf had never hosted this many people! You could smell the salt air of the ocean in the middle of the fukin desert! This was going to be Rad!. There were no money changers so the lines entered quickly. The misters were on for those waiting in line and once in a while a woman would show up but quickly turned away as this was a private event.

Once inside there was no need to line up for beer. Vendors were in booths and walking round with trays and buckets passing them out. The noise of men hollering and singing was deafening! Wretch, Skag and a few other Bros downed a hot dog and their fourth beer then headed to the top of the three story slide. Held into each other, they sat cock to butt, arms wrapped around each other. As they sat n the water it somehow felt wetter than normal. Like baby oil. They sniffed it and even tasted it: Salty and it made their tongues tingle but normal I suppose for sea water. Down the slide they went with the form making them hump each other on the way down. By the time they reached the bottom all could feel their muscles spasming and tightening. It was like a post Skate park burn. Fuck they felt good and the man they were pulled into smelled fukin Fantastic!

They stayed in the water, other men coming off the slide landing on them dunking them into the water. Their thoughts clouded and they were hungry; all seemed to want the same thing: To taste each other. Fuck everyone looked good. Muscles inflated before their eyes and hair was sprouting everywhere. This wasn’t normal. Some showed confusion but it was quickly replaced by arousal. Shorts were shredded by the expanding flesh. Cocks were standing out on every person. Even that fat lump of flesh in the guard tower looked hungry.

Security stood on the dry land holding batons and face shields watching. No skin to look at so everyone turned to what skin, muscle and fur they could see. Now Wretch was seriously hungry. He sniffed the air localising his mate. His eyes fell on Skag and a couple of other new bros. He jumped up and down catching their attention. As a group they tried to make their way to the food trucks but with their new height and muscles they kept tripping. Resting some of their weight on their knuckles, they ran like Werewolves or bears, always keeping a hand on each other. It was easy grabbing hair, which seemed to be everywhere.

Packages of food were being thrown up in the air and the crowd scattered to gather as many as possible then squat in groups to eat. Some were so clouded they tried to eat the foil wrap and everything. Others tore them open with their newly hardened teeth and snaked their longer tongues into the pack pulling food out. Wretch looked at his friends tongue uncoil from his mouth and grabbed him into a kiss. they fed each other with food in their thick pink tongues. They were so hot!

As their heads began to clear a little they again noticed the fully clothes and shielded men. Being new alphas they desired conquest. Without thought they surrounded the men. Before the security could grab a hold of their microphones they were swarmed and held in place. Supermen holding them as if they were rag dolls, dragging them towards the water. Gasping and plunging, each had swallowed large amounts of the polluted waters causing their changes to occur even faster than they had for the others. Uniform parts were floating having been shredded by their sudden growth.

Beginning as Alphas already, the Military men dressed as security quickly subdued their captors. Their muscles were stunning! Where everyone else sprouted hair all over their bodies, these already fit men just gained a true fur on their backs, shoulders, and legs. Their chests and cocks were on proud bare display. All the other subjects knew immediately that these were superior but brothers non-the less.

Man after man fell to cocks and tongues. The water looked like a river churning with piranhas in a feeding frenzy. From the shore wretch watched as some swimmers had made their way to the top of the pool house. Radio antenna were ripped off their posts and fully dressed men were being thrown out of the doors directly into the water. “Mmmmm.. More Alphas” thought Wrench, or he would have if he still had the words in his addled brain.

One of the new Alphas jumped into the water so Skag and Wretch followed. They made their way to the Pool house which had been cleared of everyone but a kid who looked like a fellow Skater. He smelled familiar; Good! Alpha grabbed him by the waist and we all noticed a huge hard on. No conscious thought as Skag dropped to his knees and pulled the kids crotch into his face. Skag looked at Wretch who joined him on his knees and licked the now exposed cock. He knew that scent. He was a brother. Why did he look different? The kid began an earnest sucking of pits and deep kissing the alpha. We soaked the kid with water running off our fur and we saw the kid begin to change. He was becoming bulkier, though not as fast as we had.

His scent changed and we recognised it as need. He was hungry! like we had been. There was food on the desk behind him so Skag and Wretch chewed food up and fed it to him with their enhanced tongue. The kid sucked on it greedily. At some point the kid shot a load and as if a trigger had been pulled his muscles popped his shirt and pants. It had been an hour since the change and now minds were beginning to clear. All began to recognise each other by face and name. It was hard to talk with their new jawlines and thicker tongues. The testosterone still controlled them and now that they could smell each other they knew they would only trust another who smelled like them.

We looked at the kid who was now a tall hunk. His brow had thickened and his height doubled. No longer a Kid, all looked at him with the clear understanding that he was the source: Father! Father had a little trouble standing and moving smoothly so he directed the others to lift boxes that had Military writing on them. Though their minds had cleared somewhat they were still confused but they complied emptying all of the contents into a big vat several of us could have fit in. Father placed a lid on the vat and moved some levers. We watched as water filled the Lucite vat sucking hundreds of pounds of chemicals into the pipes and disappear.

All looked out and saw the water on the beach disappear. The heavy petting began again and everyone was soaked in cum or saliva. Father pulled his face away from the furry hole he had been sucking on when he went back to the controls. Half of the water had disappeared and he was refilling the beach. Father ordered a few men to open the gates to Big Surf and let only men in.

All of a sudden music started playing from down below. Huge Furry muscle beasts picked up guitars and sat behind drums dwarfing them looking like giants playing with their kids toys but everyone recognised “With Odin on our Side”! Fukin hell.. It was AMON AMARTH!! Thousands of new deep baritone voices cheered the band on. This is going to be one hell of a mosh pit! Father looked at several of the bare chested Alphas and said “Enjoy yourselves… Soon we’re going on a world tour”

Everyone was so glad they decided on Arizona State! This could never have happened in Iowa!

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