This little Daddy

By Hypnoverse published November 6, 2018
Ed finally made his made to Rick's place and more importantly Rick's daddy.

I started pumping my cock faster trying to keep my balance on the hood of Jeff’s truck. The sun was beaming bright giving the whole backyard a show. Sadly, none of the neighbors were home to see. If I remembered correctly Rick’s neighbor Mr. Miller was hot. The things I would like to do to that stud muffin. The thought was turning me on so much.

“Bitch you ready yet!?”

Still no response form Jeff. I’m getting real sick of waiting. What’s the point of enslaving a man if I couldn’t play with him right away. I sighed.

“Damn you Hugh! When you said it would be a slight delay, I thought a few seconds not an eternity.”

I stopped pumping my cock and got off the truck. I laid on the ground letting the sun give me a nice tan. I took this moment to take off my shirt and flex my bicep.

“It’s so nice to be muscular.”

You see back in my hay day I was what you called the fat kid. I never let it really brother me, expect for when Rick’s dad Jeff called me a little piggy. Normally I would be a smart ass about it, but since I thought he was fucking hot, I took it as an insult. After high school when we all left our separate ways, I made it my personal goal to get in shape and show Jeff how much I grown, and 4 pack don’t lie. The backyard door opened.

“Oh sir! You look so heavenly!”

I turned my head towards his voice and I beamed. He was dressed just like I told him too. wearing shades, shorts, and holding a cigar in his mouth. Didn’t much care for the flip flops but I guess he can easily slip them off.

“Bitch your late, and I’m honry.”

“I’m so sorry sir!”

The older man dropped to knees and started to grovel. My dick sky rocketed, showing my snake tattoo. I fucking love tattoos, and I think guys with tattoos are fucking sexy above all others! If your wondering I got one like a snake on my cock, one that says heart breaker on my left bicep and an asterisk on my ankle. Jeff started to moan in pleasure as he groveled to me.

“Get up Bitch your master forgives you.”

He got up smiling. I took that moment to admire my handy work. Jeff back in his younger days was a wild child. He used to go out late drinking, doing drugs, and fucking hookers, sadly they were the female kind. It went on like that until he hooked up with Rick’s mom and got her pregnant. He had lots of nice tat’s all over his hairy beer gut, arms and legs. His bread was nice and unkempt like when I was a kid. He whined a bit fidgeting with his cock.

“Hey, no touching yourself bitch!”

He put his arms back to his side.

“I’m sorry sir. I’m just so horny. Pelase fuck me or at least let me suck you off.”

I snickered, enjoying his whining. When I ran up to his door earlier, I barely caught him coming home. When Rick was born Jeff gave up all the craziness to get a respectable job and support his family. That was all well and good, but it really turned him into a bitch. He was so dressed up before, wearing a pink long-sleeved dress shirt, and black slacks. I wanted to fuck his mouth before I took him. He had the audacity to act tough when I came up to him with my boner. Two quick flashes from my MIND thing, put him into his proper place. Since he was now a bitch due to being a family man I figured I become and be his dom.

“Good Bitch now come suck your master’s cock.”

“Yes Sir!”

He dropped to all fours spiting out the cigar and begin sucking my cock like a pro. When I took him, I made sure to have him remember how all those hookers used to suck his cock, and that’s how he would suck cock. Funny enough we was never going to get his cock sucked again, he would only stoke when I told him. Excited to finally be put in his place he started fingering his ass hole making happy pig sounds.

“Oh yeah you love my cock don’t you little piggy.”

He snorted in agreement mouth full of my cock. He continued to make grunts and snorts as I started to face fuck him. I fell into a rhythm, edging myself with his mouth. I wanted todays 3rd cum to be in his ass, marking him mine forever. I would have saved up all my cum for his ass, but that ass hat Hugh didn’t mention we were going to fuck each other’s dads today. Speaking of which. I pushed him off my cock. He squeaked as his fat ass hit the grass.


“Present your ass.”

“Oink Oink Master!”

My little piggy remembered his phase. When I say present your ass, he will stop being a man, and he will only exist to be my fuck pig. He ripped off his shorts reveling his hungry hole and nice long dribble of pre-cum. He oinked waving his hole waiting for me to fuck it. Before I took my bitch in his backyard I walked to his ear.

“Who’s the little piggy now.”

“Oink, Oink, Me Master!”

I nodded my head as he started snorting like a good piggy. I walked behind him and rubbed my hands together. With a nice loud smack, I spat on my hand and lightly spared it over my rock hard dick. I wanted this to hurt a little cause this would help him get ready for all the dick his ass was going to take. I shoved my cock right into his hole. He squealed like a real hog. I thrusted deep in his ass powered by a sex filled frenzy. He began and grunt in pure joy as I fucked him. Each grunt sent a wave of pleasure of my cock giving me the strength to fuck harder with each thrust. It went it on like this forever. It was true bliss, being able to fuck and fuck as my bitch spurred me on with his oinks and snorts.


I felt my cock ready to implode on itself. Bitch was in a made frenzy of lust. One look in his eyes and I could tell he would love it if I fucked him forever. I started gasping for air.

“Bitch, that will do pig.”

I clenched my jaw. Bitch grunted, but I didn’t know if it was in his obedience of his cum phrase, joy of being fucked mindless, or just being happy from hearing his master. I didn’t much care and cummed all up in his ass. I started to hyperventilate a little. I thought I wouldn’t ever stop cumming. Bitch let out a high-pitched squeal and seaman rained upon us both. My soft dick popped out his ass, and I collapsed on the ground. I could barely catch my breath, so I laid there. I’m not sure when but Bitch clawed up next to me and laid down. He didn’t say anything, he just moved in close and placed one arm around me. I blushed not expecting that out of.

“Bitch, I…”

He went in for a kiss, steeling my breath away. I thought I was going to suffocate, but I didn’t care if I did. We finally broke apart.

“Sorry Sir, I just had to kiss you. I love you so much.”

I blushed and looked away for a second. That’s very odd. I looked back over at him. He had cum all over his face, stuck in very sexy places and some how he was rock hard again. I took a breath and cleared my throat.

“Good bitch I love you too, now clean up this mess.”

“Yes Sir!”

He got up on all fours and crawled around leaping up cum, like my good dog. I got hard again. I guess when he’s done I will fuck him again. I was excited at the idea but, doubted I could pull this off.

“Jeff the hell you doing!?”

I turned my head surprised.

“Jeff why the hell are you naked and crawling around your backyard!?”

The voice seemed slightly familiar, the man looked to be Bitch’s age. He continued to ask questions at Bitch who promptly ignored him to obey me. I took my chance to ask a question.

“Mr. Miller?”

“Yes… Why the hell are you naked too?”

I smiled as Mr. Miller kept looking back between me to Bitch, confused. I reached for my MIND.

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