Do I Keep Him?

By Willie Cici published November 5, 2018
Luke has a difficult choice to make: do I keep him or not?

Luke Strasser heard the buzzer. He walked to the door of his studio/apartment and pressed the speaker button. “Yeah.”

“It’s Anton Guzman. My agent sent me to see you.”, the voice said.

“Okay. I’ll buzz you in. I’m on the 14th floor.”, Luke replied.

Anton Guzman, the latest face of male fashion, opened the door of the street-level entrance and walked into the hallway of the sooty, dirty midtown Manhattan building. The model, slated to front Luke’s fashion line, rode the elevator to Luke’s 14th floor studio. His agent had agreed that Anton would become the face of the up-and-coming new designer. Anton did not agree with his agent. He had heard stories of Luke’s ‘orientation’. He intended to meet Luke and hopefully bow out of the commitment. Anton walked along the hallway, searching for the door. He found Luke’s insignia on the door of the studio. Anton knocked on the door and waited for Luke to answer.

When Luke opened the door, he greeted Anton. “I’m glad you could come.”

“I wanted to see who I’m working with.”, Anton asked.

“You want something to drink?”, Luke offered.

“I’m on a schedule. You go the swatches?”, Anton asked.

“I have some of the clothes ready for first cut. If you’ve got the time …”, Luke said.

“Sure. Whatever.”, Anton replied. Anton removed his t-shirt and waited for Luke to bring the semi-finished apparel. When he noticed Luke not moving, Anton asked, “What?”

“You going to change? Right here in the middle of the studio?”, Luke asked.

“Is anyone else here?”, Anton asked. Luke nodded ‘no’. “So, it’s private. Yeah. I’m going change here. I ain’t got much time. Bring me the clothes.”, Anton said. Luke walked into another room of the studio and retrieved the items that he wanted Anton to model. When he returned, Luke found Anton wearing a pair of tight bikini briefs. His cock nestled in the tight basket of the underwear. Luke found himself staring at the stud’s impressive bulge. “What?”, Anton said, his tone disrespectful. Luke did not answer, as he lusted for Anton’s stunning, sexy physique. “Faggot, what are you staring at?”

Luke heard that word. He hated that word. He hated people who used that word. Like Doctor Jekyll, Luke became an avenging Mr. Hyde. Anton would suffer his wrath.

“Anton, that underwear looks uncomfortable. You should take it off.”, Luke said.

Anton stared at Luke. “What are you talking about, faggot?”, he said. Before he finished the thought, Anton kicked off the underwear and stood in the middle of the studio naked, still and immobile like a statue.

Luke grinned. He had attended a fashion show about three months ago. He met Anton Guzman at that show. His lust for the Latin stud grew with every outfit he modeled on the runway. The sorcerer hoped he could snare the young stud under the right circumstances, without the use of his powers. Anton’s insult indicated otherwise. “No time like the present.”, Luke pondered. He walked around the still, naked Anton, scanning Anton’s mind and thoughts. “Why did you tell your agent that you don’t want to do this modeling gig?”

“Because I heard you were a faggot. I hate faggots.”, Anton answered.

“That’s not true. You did not want this gig because you think I’m hot. Say it: Luke is hot. I want him to fuck me.”

“Luke is hot. I want him to fuck me.”, Anton repeated.

“I want to model all of Luke’s clothes line, be the face of his clothing line.”

“I want to model all of Luke’s clothes line, be the face of his clothing line.”, Anton repeated.

Luke caressed Anton’s ripped, sexy physique. (To see Luke and Anton, click here). “You love it when Luke touches your body.”, Luke said. “Say it.”

“I love it when Luke touches my body.”, Anton repeated.

Luke could not stop fondling Anton’s naked, warm body. Luke knew that Anton hated Luke. Anton’s reputation as the over-the-top macho-hetero only made Luke’s lust for Anton soar all the more. He lowered his hand and stroked Anton’s cock. Slowly, Anton’s cock thickened, hardened and throbbed in Luke’s hand.

“For me, and only me, you will suck my cock and let me fuck you. For the world, you will always be straight. Do you understand?”, Luke said.

“Yes.”, Anton replied.

“You will have sex with women, but you won’t enjoy it. You’ll only enjoy having sex with me. You will only enjoy the orgasms you experience with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Anton answered.

“Good. Now, let’s try on the clothes.”, Luke ordered. Anton tried on the five outfits that Luke had ready. He snapped some pics on his cell phone to capture the look. He positioned Anton’s hard-on down the leg of the trousers, except for the surfing board shorts. Luke positioned Anton’s cock, northward, pointing to the ceiling and peeking out the top of the shorts. When Luke finished taking the photos, he said to Anton, “Take off the shorts and stroke your cock.”

Anton removed the board shorts and stroked his cock. He stood there slowly gliding his hand upon his engorged shaft. Luke watched his new stud toy masturbate, removing his clothes and enjoying the show. Naked, Luke took a seat upon the couch and watched Anton stroke his cock. Slowly, Luke’s 10” monster with a thick mushroom knob that crowned his cock began leaking precum. In a steady motion, Luke bobbed his hand up and down the length of his shaft, mimicking the speed of Anton’s stroke.

"Get over here and suck this cock. You know you want it.”, Luke demanded.

“Yes. I want it. Please let me suck it. I need it.”, Anton begged.

Luke smiled as he watched Anton kneel and slowly lick the bulbous mushroom head of his leaking cock. Anton coursed the tip of his tongue upon Luke’s cock, savoring Luke’s sweet precum. “Serve the cock, boy.” Anton swallowed Luke’s cock, taking as much of the hard, erect member. "Very good, boy. Keep going.”, Luke whispered. He enjoyed Anton’s warm, wet mouth. Luke closed his eyes and let the good sensations pulse throughout his body. Anton licked up and down the length of Luke’s shaft, taking in his mouth as much as he could, forcing it down his throat. He gagged repeatedly, but insisted on deepthroating as much of Luke’s cock as possible. Luke opened his eyes and stared at Anton. "You’re doing fine. Enjoy.”, Luke said. “You’re a good boy. Enjoy.”

Anton smiled and resumed his sucking. He fed upon Luke’s cock for minutes, maybe an hour. Luke let Anton suck for as long as he wanted. Luke had not enjoyed the company of a lover for two weeks. He had plenty of cum for his new boy toy. "Get ready. I’m ready to cum.”, Luke said. Anton smiled. He opened his mouth and waited for Luke to blast his wad down his throat. Luke stroked his cock and shot his jizz upon Anton’s lips and chin. Luke wiped the cum from Anton’s face and fed the dripping cum to Anton. “Tastes good, doesn’t it, boy?”

“Yes. Good.”, Anton mumbled, Luke’s fingers still in Anton’s mouth. Anton suckled upon Luke’s fingers getting every drop. Anton stared at Luke and said, “I feel like my body is on fire.” He collapsed on to the carpeted floor. Luke rose from the couch. Anton looked up into Luke’s eyes. His face bore a childish grin, evidence of the waves of pleasure that coursed about his body.

“How do you feel, boy?”, Luke asked.

“Great.”, Anton said.

Luke nodded ‘yes.’ “Why don’t you hop on the couch and bend over?”

Anton looked at Luke. “Whatever you say.”, he replied, obeying Luke’s command. As he watched Anton position himself on the couch, Anton stroked his cock, licking his lips and grinning.

"All fours. Head down.”, Luke said, as he slapped Anton’s beefy cheeks, the sound echoing through the apartment.

“Owwww,” Anton whimpered. The hunky model lowered his head.

"Spread your legs.”, Luke ordered. Anton spread his legs. Luke grabbed some lube and tickled Anton’s rosebud. Anton cooed as Luke stimulated his prostate. He could feel his cock getting hard. Anton moved his hand to stroke his cock. “Stop. Don’t touch yourself.” Anton wanted to stroke his cock, but he obeyed Luke. “Nice hot stud on all fours.” Luke stroked his cock with more lube and pressed his massive cock near Anton’s wet rosebud.

"Please, don’t.”, Anton said. Luke ignored Anton’s pleas. “Please, don’t’ fuck me. I … I can’t.”, Anton struggled to repel Luke’s pending assault.

"Relax. You don’t know it but you want me to fuck you. It gets you hot. Your dick is getting hard just with my fingers tickling your ass.”, Luke said.

Anton looked down. His cock was hard, pressing into the backrest of the couch. “How could Luke be right?”, Anton thought to himself. He fucked women, and yet, he was enjoying Luke’s fingers sliding back and forth in his ass.

Slowly, Luke slid his erect member into Anton’s hole. "Oh, damn!”, Anton shouted, as Luke plowed the stud’s tight ass. “You’re … in … side … me!”, Anton spoke, his breaths shallow and stuttering. “Don’t stop. Feels so good.”, Anton begged.

"Good, boy.”, Luke said, in a calm, relaxed tone. He increased the speed of his thrusts, then slowed down, slamming his cock as deeply into Anton’s ass as possible. His groin slap against Anton’s buttocks. “You can’t wait for me to do this again.”, Luke said. Anton turned to stare at Luke. The confused expression on Anton’s face amused Luke.

"What … do … you mean … again?”, Anton asked. Luke turned Anton’s face forward. “Yes… . fuck me … harder.”, Anton begged.

"Now for the main course.”, Luke thought to himself. He formed a thought and expanded the girth of his cock, filling Anton’s hole. Anton hollered as the painful pleasure soared throughout Anton’s body. “Going to make you mine, bitch boy,” Luke whispered into Anton’s ears.

"Fuck!!!!”, Anton moaned. Luke’s thick as a bottle massive cock rammed Anton’s ass like the piston of an engine. Luke loved the sounds that Anton made. The macho ladies’ man bragged about his seductions. Now, face down, ass up, Anton was the seduced, enjoying Luke’s cock. Luke closed his eyes. Anton clinched his butt muscles, held them tight and then slackened his butt muscles. “Fuck!!!”, Anton said. “Do that again.”

“It’ll feel incredible if you wiggle your ass on my cock.”, Luke said. On demand, Anton did what he was told. That motion intensified the arousing pleasure of Luke’s cock on his sweet spot. “Yeah, bitch boy. Feels good.”, Luke whispered. Finally, Luke could not hold out any longer. He pulled his cock out of Anton’s ass and blast his wad on Anton’s pert buttocks.

Luke walked around his loft. Anton did not move. He pondered his situation. Did he want Anton for occasional romps, or, did he want Anton permanently? What to do? He walked around the couch and faced Anton. His cock dangled in front of Anton’s lips. On cue, Anton placed his lips upon the still sensitive tip of Luke’s mushroom head cock. Luke shuttered. He eased his cock from Anton’s mouth and took him by the hand, leading him into the bathroom. Anton was still hard. Luke bid Anton to enter the shower. He regulated the water to a steamy pulse of hot, entered the shower and lovingly caressed Anton’s body with his soapy hands. As he bathed the studly model, Luke fondled Anton’s still hard cock. With his soapy hands, Luke stroked Anton’s cock, slowly at first and then faster and faster and faster until Anton moaned and sprayed his cum upon the shower floor. “Thank you.”, Anton said, offering Luke a kiss.

Luke smiled as he stared into Anton’s eyes. “Do I keep him?”, he thought to himself. “For now.”

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