Greener on the Other Side - Part 6

By Sieg
published June 29, 2016

A sheltered, closeted, engineering student finds out how green the grass is on the other side.

Chapter 6: Greener on the Other Side

Upon returning upstairs, Sam found the club had really come to life. Upstairs bars were packed and the music was pounding. They had even filled the dance floor with fog and laser lights to complete the effect. Sam walked up to the bar, and when he finally squeezed past the patrons, Abel placed a cherry vodka sour in front of him with a smirk. Sam graciously accepted the drink and noticed two cherries this time. He ate both and tied both stems in the blink of an eye causing Abel to let out a brief “wow” before Sam sashayed off with his drink.

As Sam was scoping out the dance floor, he spotted Heather and Brad dancing off to the side. The longer he watched the more he realized Brad was clearly more stoned than he appeared on arrival. He was half heartedly swaying while Heather did all the dancing and grinding. Sam ran up to heather and gave her a hug.

“Hey hon! Where you been? Playing with boys downstairs?” She joked and leaned over to sip on his drink.

“You know it!” He shouted in his Scooter voice.

Looking around, Sam didn’t see any immediately desirable guys so he took up dancing with Heather. He had to admit the music was catchy, and he definitely loved thrusting his ass for everyone to see. He realized it was difficult with a drink in his hand so he chugged it and set it down near other empty glasses. Then he made a Heather sandwich with Brand and Sam on either side of her. Sam began to gyrate his hips in time with the music and grinding his ass on Heather’s crotch. It felt so good to dance with the music, but Sam kept his eye out in case he saw anyone attractive passed by, but eventually his worries faded away. The world blurred into sounds and colors as Sam focused on just moving his body with the music until Heather snapped him out of it.

She suggested that they go get another drink at the bar. All three of them walked over towards the bar, and Heather ordered around of shots for everyone. The three of them took a shot and then right as Sam was about to order another drink Abel came by with yet another cherry vodka sour for him.

"Must be nice to have a personal servant " Heather joked winking at Sam.

Sam looked down at the drink to realize that there are even more cherries this time, but he knew he was up to the challenge so he went ahead and tied all the stems. By the time he finished this time, a couple people around him applauded at his tongue skills. He did a mock bow and then stuck his tongue out showing off his bright green tongue ring.

Heather and Brad paid for their drinks from a different bartender, and the three of them headed downstairs out of the pounding music and flashing lights. When he got downstairs, Sam walked past a couple smokers and immediately realize he hadn’t had a cig since he had arrived. He whipped out the pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one up before offering cigarettes to Brad and Heather who politely refused.

"More for me I guess! "

The three sat in silence for a while with Brad eyeing Sam up-and-down. In response Sam spread his leg so Brad could get a better view of his overstuffed Daisy Dukes. Immediately, Brad’s focus was drawn straight to Sam’s package so Sam waited a couple minutes before crossing his legs and pointing up towards his eyes jokingly. Sam didn’t know why, but he really enjoyed teasing Brad for some reason. As soon as the three had finished up their drinks Heather suggested they get back up on the dance floor. Sam quickly agreed and put out his cigarette.

In the back of his mind Sam was thinking that Heather should’ve noticed something off by now, but it was overridden by the delight that he was pulling off his night out as Scooter. Sam was less worried about looking like Scooter at this point, and more worried about acting like Scooter. He was determined to have as much fun as Scooter would, and what better way than to constantly ask himself what would Scooter do in every situation. It appeared to be working since no one could tell any difference, and that really pleased Sam.

When they got back on the dance floor, Sam took the opportunity to dance with Brad while Heather danced in front. Sam took up his position behind Brad and slipped a hand under Brad’s shirt and pinched Brad’s nipple. Sam breathed hotly on Brad’s neck before sucking lightly as he worked his way around to Brad’s lips. Sam’s other hand found it’s way onto Brad’s ass and Sam squeezed tightly. Brad was starting to get worked up and it was pretty obvious that aside from some muffled moaning and his continual dry humping, Brad could barely respond. He must be stoned out of his mind, thought Sam.

In the midst of teasing Brad, Sam scanned the room and noticed people dancing on the boxes around the room. He kept fondling Brad until he saw someone preparing to jump off the box and then grabbed Brad’s arm and dragged him over to the box. He jumped up on top and practically dragged a zonked out Brad up onto the stand. The pair took up dancing while fondling each other and giving everyone around a show.
Suddenly, a Ke$ha song came on and even though Sam didn’t know the lyrics, he started singing along. The song started a chorus of “take it off” and people started jokingly pulling at Brad and Sam’s clothes. Brad immediately whipped off his shirt and got cheers from everyone. Sam chose to leave his shirt on until someone came up and slid a few dollars into his shorts. Sam turned and saw a cute twinky guy smile and shout “take it off!” Not wanting to let the cutie down, or turn down cash, Sam sexually slid his sleeveless shirt off and began rubbing his pecs through his tight muscle shirt. Hands immediately shot up offering plenty more money and Sam accepted it graciously. Next, Sam pulled his muscle shirt up and over his head which elicited a cheer from the crowd when they saw the harness Sam was wearing beneath his shirt. Plenty of guys and several of girls started rubbing his chest and a few even pinched his ass.

One incredibly brave individual reached up with a massive hand to stick a 50 in Sam’s waistband before grabbing and unbuttoning the front of his Daisy Dukes before sliding down the zipper. Sam was shocked initially, but when everyone let out a cry of excitement he just went with the flow. Everyone was staring at Sam’s rainbow clad crotch. Sam looked down and saw the massive man who had just unzipped his shorts and the guy gave him a wink. Sam continued to dance with Brad, but at some point, however, Brad must’ve gotten tired, because Sam realized he was dancing solo on the podium. This only encouraged Sam to let loose, so he faced the wall, braced himself and worked his massive ass for all he was worth.

Sam was so lost in the music and didn’t notice someone had joined him until the person slid their arm on his thigh and started grinding up against his butt. Sam glanced behind himself to discover it was the big tipper from earlier. The mountain of a man reached up and tweak one of Sam’s nipples while holding Sam’s waist with the other hand. Sam let out a soft moan that no one could hear over the music but the guy definitely noticed. Sam reached his arm up around behind the guy’s head to pull him in for a kiss. The two made out while grinding up against each other on the stand. Sam made sure to use his tongue ring a little as they locked lips to emphasize his oral skills. The guy reached out and gave Scooter’s crotch a good squeeze. At this, the adonis slid away from Scooter to jump off the box before motioning for Sam to follow. Sam followed the guy downstairs to the bathroom he had just used earlier.

As soon as the door was closed behind them, the guy started ripping off his own plaid button up shirt and sliding down his skin tight jeans. Sam could finally see the intense beast of a man clearly. He had a mop of brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He clearly worked out all the time and towered over Sam with his massive muscled thighs and sculpted physique. Sam also noticed the man’s underwear seemed plastered over his package that he could only assume was on par with his own.

“Quit staring and get over here boy!” the giant beckoned.

“I’m S.. Scooter by the way…” Sam mumbled suddenly nervous.

“Eric, now quit gawking and get over here!” He pulled Sam in so as to resume making out.

Shortly after they started, the guy quickly forced Sam down on his knees in front of his cock. Sam briefly struggled against him, but his flawed logic regarding “helping people out” with his mouth won out. Eric whipped out his engorged cock, and Sam noted with pride it was shorter, but definitely thicker. Sam expertly caught the meat in his mouth. Sam used all the techniques he had learned from the previous times to improve his performance. He licked up and down the shaft lubricating the uncut meat so he could slide his mouth even further down each time he inhaled the man’s rod. Sam grabbed the guy’s ass to pull himself in closer while handling his balls in his other hand. Sam attempted to utilize his tongue as much as possible to max out Eric’s pleasure. Eric was also leaking pre-cum the entire time and Sam was enjoying the taste of the salty liquid in his mouth.

Sam was doing an expert job and he could feel the guy tense up but before the guy was about to cum he stopped himself. Eric slid Sam off his dick and looked him in the eye. Eric pulled Sam up and slid down Sam’s briefs before turning him around. Unaware of what Eric had in mind, Sam did his best to follow the man’s lead. Eric bent Sam over the sink and started massaging Sam’s backside. He moved his massive hands down towards Sam’s ass and slid towards his hole before giving it a quick flick. Shivers ran up Sam’s spine and he let out a slight moan. That was all the encouragement the man needed before lubing up his other hand using his mouth and sliding a finger down into Sam’s ass and all around the outside of the hole. Sam had never felt pleasure like this before and it was nearly paralyzing to him. The man grabbed Sam’s hips and kept lubing up Sam’s hole by spitting into his hand and applying it everywhere.

Sam had to brace and self against the wall as his body was shaking each time the man put his lengthy finger around or in his hole. The man went into a frenzy while working his finger in and out of Sam’s hole. Eventually he added another, and another until he was using three powerful fingers in and out of Sam’s hole and he couldn’t help but moan every thrust of Eric’s hand. Just when he thought it wouldn’t get any better, the man pulled away and then slammed his fingers into Sam’s hole. Sam was caught so off guard that he slipped momentarily and had to catch himself back up against the sink. It was one thing when he was fingering himself, but this was 10 times better. Sam was just standing there enjoying the feeling while moving his ass in time with Eric’s finger as much as he could without falling. With one final deep thrust the man finally pushed up against Sam’s prostate and Sam lost it. He let out a copious amount of pre-come inside his briefs while moaning wildly.

Taking the opportunity Eric suddenly pulled out all his fingers. Sam was taken aback by how emptied his ass suddenly felt, and turned around to see why Eric had stopped. Eric was rubbing his thick cock as he lined it up for Sam’s ass. A soft moan escaped Sam’s lips as he pictured Eric sliding into him. The man put a condom on, and placed his dick up against Sam’s hungry rosebud. Sam braced up against the sink and looked up at himself in the mirror.

It was then that Sam’s mind snapped back to reality. Sam caught sight of himself with the man looming over him. Sam looked amazing with his shaved brunette hair, tattoos, and brown eyes, not to mention, that farmer’s build and amazing assets. Sam looked and felt just like Scooter, but he knew he wasn’t. He was Sam, a virgin, and someone who cared very much about relationships and not sex. His first time was supposed to be a special night with someone he cared about. This dingy bathroom with a complete stranger weren’t what he considered special. This was anything but special! The sudden realization brought him back to the current moment. As the man was about to slide into him, Sam pulled away.

“No, no,uh just this isn’t right…” Sam stammered as he backed away.

The man got a puzzled look that quickly gave way to anger. “What do you mean no?”

“I don’t want this, not this way atleast! I’m sorry!”

“Oh don’t be a fucking tease!”

In his frustration, the larger man grabbed Sam by his wrist and the back of his neck and pushed him back down over the sink so Eric could line his dick back up with Sam’s ass. Sam began shouting

"No! No! I said no! "And with strength he didn’t realize he had, forced Eric off of him and caused Eric to stumble and fall backwards long enough for Sam to pull up his Daisy Dukes and flee the restroom. Sam looked over his shoulder and saw Eric about to give chase, but thinking better of it, pulled his pants back up and attempted to casually exit the restroom half naked. As Sam made it further toward the stairs, several people got in Eric’s way so he couldn’t follow after Sam.

Sam made his way upstairs incredibly shaken. He stopped by the bar, and Abel took notice of his favorite customer. His face quickly turned to worry as he approached.

"What’s wrong? "

Still shaking Sam replied "Nothing I won’t get over with a stiff drink and a shot! "

Not completely convinced, Abel placed a steadying hand on Sam’s.

"Are you sure you’re OK? "

Sam blushed a little before responding “Just some asshole who wouldn’t take no for an answer!” Abel sighed and poured a pair of double shots before sliding one of them across the counter to Sam.

“Well I’m glad you’re OK then.” At this Abel raised a shot to toast with Sam and the two of them downed it in sync.

Abel proceeded to make Sam yet another drink and handed it to him this time with just one cherry.

“If you ever need any help or if that guy bothers you again just let me know! I’m here for you if need”

Once again Sam blushed taken aback by the genuine smile on Abel’s face and the words of concern. Sam took the drink and once again, almost on autopilot, tied the cherry stem with his tongue before placing it back on the counter and heading off. He made his way downstairs with his hand still shaking and glad to see that he didn’t see that freak Eric anywhere.

Sam grabbed a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it up while enjoying the relaxing nicotine. Sam sat down and pondered his night; he realized how crazy he had acted. When someone sat next to him, he looked up and realized that Brad and Heather had come back downstairs to join him. They noticed Sam was shaking and with worried expressions made sure he was OK.

Sam took a sip of his drink before nodding and saying "I’ll be OK just a rough encounter. " Looking over at Brad he noticed that the high was finally wearing off, and he seemed a little more alert.

“Mind if we just head home now? I’m feeling too drunk to have any fun.”

Brad nodded and Heather got up to give him a hug before they left. When they had finally made it back to Scooter’s apartment, Brad dug out Scooter’s pipe, a bag of weed, and lit up once more. As Brad occupied himself smoking in the chair, Sam pulled out Scooter’s phone to make sure he had saved Abel’s number. Then, almost on autopilot, Sam started checking his text messages and noticed quite a few from Brad. He opened them up and quickly sobered up with a realization as he read through them. Sam re-read them several times just to be sure of what he had read before he looked up with the accusatory stare at Brad.

"What the fuck does this mean? "

Brad was shocked by the sudden anger in Sam’s tone and looked up not fully understanding what was going on.

"What is this nonsense!?” “Did the weed work?” “Did you notice any change in Sam?” “I think it worked I just saw him at your apartment and he definitely looked more RELAXED! hehe ” Sam shouted as he read off the text messages.

Sam walked over to loom over Brad, but Brad shook his head weakly still not fully comprehending the situation and his eyes had begun to glaze over. Sam yanked the pipe away from Brad and gave him a slap across the face. It seemed to barely register to Brad, but it still got the point across.

“I….I didn’t know what would happen! I just got this crazy shit from some guy that I buy from! I told him about our uptight friend and he gave me that stuff! He didn’t actually say what it did!”.

"What do you mean? What stuff? What this stuff supposed to do? " Brad’s brow furrowed in concentration trying to figure out and process exactly what his dealer had told him.

"The guy said that if we had such an uptight friend, make sure our least uptight friend gave him some of the weed!” He smiled like he had just won an award for remembering, and then he remembered the second half. “He also told us: If for some reason your friend is too uptight to smoke the weed, Scooter will just have to just blow the smoke in his face.”

"So you thought it was OK to change someone just because you didn’t like their personality? "

"It wasn’t supposed to change your personality just make you let loose! Or at least as loose as Scooter was! You needed it! You were too uptight! You never have fun! " Brad retorted in a pleading voice.

“That doesn’t give your right to change people! Because of you I almost got raped tonight! It’s all your fault!” Just remembering the incident made Sam upset all over again. Sam realized he had been puffing on the pipe between sentences, but he also realized it was keeping him from breaking down.

"We didn’t think it would change you this much! We thought you would just enjoy going out every once in a great while! "

"Don’t act like you’re not pleased with how it turned out! I didn’t hear you complaining earlier! "He tore off his shirt to emphasize the leather harness he was wearing. "I would’ve never worn anything so ridiculous in my life! " Sam yelled while motioning toward the harness and the Daisy Dukes. "And…And…. I never would’ve got addicted to these damn cigarettes!” he exclaimed taking the cigarettes out and throwing them across the room all the while taking tokes from the pipe in his hand.

"And because of you I’m constantly horny, I can’t even think straight! I had a promising career as a Che….civ…. Whatever the fuck engineer! ". He noticed Brad was staring at his package now a few feet from Brad’s face. Sam also noticed that he was getting harder with each complaint and now thinking of Brad sucking him off again was making him so much harder. Sam slapped Brad once more, this time harder than before.

"Look at me when I’m yelling at you! "

Sam grabbed Brad’s head by the chin and forced Brad’s gaze upwards so that they were staring at each other’s eyes. Sam tried to process what he wanted to say, and even what he was so angry about, but the more he tried to process everything, the more turned on Sam got. Thoughts of Brad sucking him off filled his mind as he intensely stared into Brad’s eyes.

“I’m sorry Sam I di-”

And another unexpected fit of rage Sam slapped Brad one more time. “My name is Scooter bitch and you’re going to pay for doing this to me!”

With that Sam pulled back the hair on Brad’s head which elicited a gasp before crying in pain. Sam expertly undid the button on his Daisy Dukes and pulled out his massive cock which he shoved in the objecting mouth. Brad’s eyes opened wide initially in fear which quickly transmuted into lust as Brad started servicing the cock filling his mouth. Sam used Brad’s long brown hair to force Brad up and down his cock until he finally started doing it on his own. Sam had to admit that Brad was pretty amazing at the blowjob, but he didn’t want to give Brad the satisfaction of making Sam blow his load. So after a few more thrusts, he whipped Brad off his dick, only for Brad to give him a begging look. Sam grabbed Brad and pulled him up to eye level before slamming him up against the closest wall with a hand on his throat half choking Brad.

At first Brad looked scared but gradually realized Sam wasn’t trying to kill him, and once more fear turned into lust. Sam slid a hand down Brad’s pants and fondled his dick while making out with the restrained bitch in front of him. Sam slid off Brad’s shirt before yanking down his tight skater pants and his brightly colored underwear. Sam was surprised when out swung Brad’s rather large dick, but even more surprisingly, his gigantic sack. Sam’s was impressed, but even more so angry and Brad still had to be punished. Suddenly anger flashed in Sam’s eyes and he roughly bit Brad’s neck to leave a large hickey on his neck.

Sam’s hand reached up and pulled sharply on Brad’s nipple causing a moan of pain and pleasure that reflected the conflicted feelings on Brad’s face. In another rapid motion Sam reached behind Brad’s back to grab his ass as tightly as he could so as to once more inflict pain and pleasure. Sam’s mind was fogging over and he couldn’t tell if it was from the weed or the lust, but he kept repeating mentally “Brad must be punished! He must be punished” until he was actually whispering it in Brad’s ear. You’ve been a bad boy Brad, you must be punished!”

Sam lifted Brad up and carried him into the bedroom where he threw Brad on the bed. Brad realized that he couldn’t stop Sam if he wanted to. Sam was now a much larger man, with enough strength to stop him if he tried to escape. Sam flipped Brad over on the bed so that he was lying face first into the pillows. Sam yanked Brad’s arms up around the headboard and started sucking on his neck and working his way downward. Sam made his way down to Brad’s ass and quickly took over doing what he pleased with Brad’s ass. He licked the crease between Brad’s ass and worked his way towards the hole. It tasted slightly musky, but not as bad as he assumed. As soon as Sam’s tongue flicked across Brad’s rosebud, Brad shook almost violently. At this, Sam held down Brad’s arms where they were and began to aggressively attack Brad’s hole with his pierced and strong tongue. Sam continued thrusting his tongue deep within Brad who could merely moan in response as he attempted to pull away from his powerful and sensual assailant.

Sam pulled away from the moistened hole and slid Brad’s arms together as he held them down with just one hand. Sam slid his finger into Brad’s wet ass, but Brad began to resist and protest. Once more on autopilot, Sam opened a nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of cuffs, and before Brad even realized what was happening, Sam had cuffed him to the headboard. Sam returned to fingering Brad with one finger as aggressively as he could, but from the moans of pleasure, it clearly wasn’t too much pain for Brad to handle. Without further loosening, Sam grabbed the lube off the nightstand and covered his engorged dick before plunging it into Brad’s ass. Brad let out a shocked gasp and resumed his struggle against Sam. Sam was focused on one thing and one thing alone: punishing Brad. He kept repeating his mantra till it engulfed his entire thought process. “Punish Brad” was all he could think or say over and over again. As he chanted his mantra, he slid his dick further inside Brad. Sam met plenty of resistance as Brad tried to clinch, but Sam pushed harder in response. He wanted this to hurt the bitch who hurt him. Sam continued working his way in and out despite Brad’s tight hole. Brad, in response, finally stopped clenching and tried to open up. Even with Brad’s attempt to open up, Sam’s massive dick was pushing the limits of Brad’s ass. Determined to make Brad suffer, Sam did his best to fuck Brad’s brains out, he slid his dick in all the way and thrived under the moans mixed with exclamations of pain. Sam slid all the way back out of Brad only to slam back inside Brad’s ass. Sam’s thoughts transitioned from punishment to getting off. He wasn’t concerned how much punishment Brad received so much as getting himself off. Sam worked up his momentum and got into a full bucking frenzy in Brad’s rapidly loosening ass. Eventually, Brad’s body began to adjust and he once more started moaning in pleasure as Sam neared climax. Sam grabbed both sides of Brad’s slender hips to give a few final thrusts with all his might. Sam was grunting and groaning as he fucked and fucked making sure that Brad was receiving a proper punishment. He finally came and collapse on top of Brad.

As Sam lay there panting for breath with his dick still inside Brad, his mind started to clear as the gravity of his actions finally hit him like a ton of bricks. Sam had been so caught up in his revenge against the guy who a transformed him, that he had given up his virginity. It was the one thing he was holding onto that separated him from Scooter. Sam lifted himself up and out of Brad in disgust at himself. Brad was lying there still handcuffed and clearly exhausted as well. Cum was leaking out of Brad’s ass and Sam got turned on once more, but shook his head and walked into the other room to clean himself up.

When Sam returned Brad was still laying in the same pose as when he left. Sam reached back in the nightstand and found the key for the handcuffs and undid them. After releasing Brad, Brad laid there a few more seconds before getting up and making his way to the bathroom to clean himself up as well. Sam saw a stain from where Brad had apparently came in the sheets. In response, almost as if it were his nightly ritual, Sam cleaned off the sheets and grabbed a fresh pair from inside the hall closet to replace the dirty ones. Brad came back in the room, and Sam turned around expecting him to be upset. He was supremely shocked when Brad smiled at him leaned in and kissed him and said “That was great!” Sam had intended to punish him, but apparently Brad just really enjoyed it.

Sam wasn’t expecting this at all, and he was standing there in shocked silence until Brad started putting on his clothes.

"I’ve got to be up early for work tomorrow, so I’m going to head out thanks for the lay! "

Sam’s head was still spinning from the booze and from finally coming to terms with what had just transpired. Brad gave him one last peck on the cheek and walked out the door, before he even realized Brad’s departure. Sam’s mind was racing and slowing down at the same time. It was becoming harder to think with each passing second as he relived the past hour in his head. To calm himself, Sam grabbed another cigarette went outside as he lit up and tried to piece together everything that happened up to this point.

Sam knew he was Scooter… no wait! Sam! He was still Sam somewhere inside, but everything else was Scooter. He couldn’t even remember which thoughts were from Sam and which parts were from Scooter at this point. Sam finished off a cigarette and wandered back inside. He hadn’t even realized he had been outside barefoot again at this point, but when he looked down and noticed the tattoo’s and callouses on his feet from walking everywhere barefoot, he remembered that part was definitely a Scooter thing. At this point Sam was too tired to care, he knew he was still Sam even if Scooter was the only part showing. Sam grabbed Scooter’s phone on his way to the bed. Sam tried to sleep so he could put it all behind him, but he kept tossing and turning. The bed felt so empty and cold. He really wished there was someone there to comfort him right now. Immediately Sam got an idea and texted Abel.

"Hey this is Scooter! "

To Sam’s surprise, despite the late hour, Abel responded

"Hey good-looking! Feeling any better? "

"Not tremendously, I could use a friend… Are you free? "

“Sure! I just finished up cleaning the bar! I’ll head right over” Sam quickly sent his location and jumped up to prepare for Abel’s visit.

The next morning, Sam stirred from his sleep only to be awoken again with a hangover. The first thing he really noticed, however, was the amazing feeling of the silk sheets wrapped around his body as well as the large muscled arm wrapped around him. Despite the headache, Sam turned around and planted a kiss on Abel’s amazing lips. Able woke only long enough to pull Sam in tighter. Sam’s head swam for a second as he tried to think through the hangover. He had the strangest dream last night! He had been some nerdy engineering kid like Sam. Poor Sam he thought, he was always so stressed out, he wish he could help him more. The more he thought about Sam, the more turned on he got as he thought about Sam’s nerdy but cute t-shirts. Plus, he thought to himself, Sam was a virgin and he would totally love to take that from him. Sam fought his hangover and slid out from Abel’s grasp to sneak off to the kitchen for some water. Sam downed one bottle almost immediately and brought two more back to the bedroom so he could share one with Abel.

Abel was just beginning to wake up, and through partially closed eyes looked up at Sam. "Hey handsome, why are you up so early? "

"Well, hot stuff, I figured we would go get some breakfast! How does IHOP sound? "

“Sounds tasty!” The pair got dressed and Sam drove them to IHOP in his truck.

As they were waiting in line at IHOP, Sam looked over and saw someone that he swore looked familiar but couldn’t quite place who it was from behind. When the waiter finally placed them at their table, he got a better glance of the guy. He had medium length blond hair, was slightly chubby but still not too thick, and was hunched over a book that he could only assumed to be a textbook. It was Sam and he look like he had been up all night working or studying or some combination of the two.

The real Sam walked over and startled “Sam”. Sam no longer recognized him for who he used to be, the former stoner party boy was now a closeted nerdy engineer.

"Hey kiddo! Long time no see! "

"Oh hey Scooter! How was the club last night? "

As soon as “Sam” had called him Scooter, the pair of them paused and shook their heads almost as if it seemed odd calling each other by their names. Both of them shrugged it off and just continued the conversation.

"It was amazing! You should have come! "

"I’m sure it was! Maybe someday I’ll come. Who’s your friend? "

"Just last night’s… Conquest! " Sam winked at his replacement. "Well I definitely approve, Scooter! I need to get back to studying, I have a test coming up! "

"I could tell, you look incredibly stressed! You should relax sometime! "

"It’s OK! I’ll relax when I’m done with school and have a nice job. It’ll all be worth it someday so I don’t mind. "

“Well I’ll let you get back to studying, have a nice breakfast!”

At that, the new Scooter waved farewell and went to go sit with Abel at the other table. While they were waiting on their drinks, Sam looked through his phone and realized how many grindr and text messages he had received since yesterday from all the boys in or around College Station. He looked back up at the hunk sitting across from him, and placed his phone down. He could check them out later, he was happy with who he was with and who he was right now. Sam didn’t want to change a thing.

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